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Section A

(Time suggested: 15 minutes)

Answer all the questions in this paper.

The text below is about civets.

Question 1

Read the text below. There are grammatical errors in the text. The errors have been underlined
for you. Write one word to correct the error in the space provided. An example has been
given. The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence.

The civets are nocturnal creatures which looks like long-nosed cat.
e.g look

They has long tails and often, patterned coats. Belonging to the same family
a) _________

as the mongoose, civets are mostly found on forest habitats. These habitats
b) _________

are located throughout West Malaysia, as well as Sabah with Sarawak. The
c) __________

colour of the civets fur and strong odour they discharge form its natural
d) _________

defence mechanism. It is also largerly possible that their odour are a form of
e) _________

communication with other civets. Meanwhile, the bearcat is the large of the
f) _________

civet species. It is slow-moving and spend a lot of its time on trees. It also
g) ________

makes its home in tree branch and trunks. Bearcats and civets come out
h) _________

at night to hunt for food. They main feed on small animals and fruits. The
i) __________

civets are a protected species. Therefore, people who hunting them can be
j) __________