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Writing Rubric

4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Focus Writing is Focus Writing is Focus Displays Focus Displays no
clearly focused on partially on topic but minimal awareness of understanding of the
the topic and the contains unrelated or the topic. Contains topic.
topic is explained minimal details. many unrelated or
completely. missing details.
Support Writing has Support Writing uses Support Writing has Support Few details
details to support the some details and few details and word or examples and
main idea and word predictable word choice is basic. limited word choice.
choice is specific and choices.
Organization Writing Organization Writing Organization Includes Organization Includes
is organized, with a shows some either a sentence or either picture only,
clear beginning, organization or phrase and left to scribbles or letter
middle, and end, and connection between right progression. strings, or simple left
using transition words. ideas. Ideas are expressed to right progression.
in some identifiable
Conventions Conventions Conventions Conventions Minimal
Sentences are Sentences contain Numerous spelling understanding of
complete and contain some spelling, and grammatical letter/sound
mostly correct grammar, and errors. Basic correspondence, little
spelling, grammar, punctuation errors. understanding of use of capitalization
and punctuation. Writing has no sentence structure. or punctuation.
Writing has a variety variety in sentence
of sentence structure.

Overall Grading
Advanced (4)- Score of 14-16
Proficient (3)- Score of 11-13
Basic (2)- Score of 8-10
Below Basic (1)-Score of 7 and below