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As per my previous instruction, you shall recite two (2) offenses by drawing two (2) cards from the

bowl which contained the fifteen (15) cards with corresponding number/offense or punishable acts in
Cybercrime as mentioned in RA10175.

1. Illegal Access
2. Illegal Interception
3. Data Interference
4. System Interference
5. Misuse of Devices
6. Cyber-squatting
7. Computer-related Forgery
8. Computer-related Fraud
9. Computer-related Identity Theft
10. Cybersex
11. Child Pornography
12. Unsolicited Commercial Communications (Spamming)
13. Libel
14. Aiding or Abetting in the Commission of Cybercrime
15. Attempt in the Commission of Cybercrime

Should you draw the Child Pornography offense, you shall recite the punishable acts found at the end of
the book as read last week.

Should you draw Libel, you shall recite the elements of libel.

Elements of Libel:

1. That there must be an imputation of a crime or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act,
omission, condition, status, or circumstance
2. That the imputation must be made public
3. That it must be malicious
4. That the imputation must be directed to a natural or juridical person, or one who is dead
5. That the imputation must tend to cause dishonor, discredit or contempt of the person defamed

This topic is very essential in your specific academic discipline and is equivalent to two (2) oral recitations
to be reflected in your classcard.

A well-prepared student does not need luck this time.