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18 BI16/ST. 6:15/No, 7868586403 PZ FROM Michael H, Lavine oe can, AFRIDIUN 8 2003 RST, 8:16 No er BEFORE HE CHEATS Words and Music by JOSH KEAR and CHRIS TOMPKINS a Stendy country Swing-Rock (S]=1'3) d Fh B Daj? Ne, & Ef Fn E D ch D A a i Right now Frob-'ly slow dane-ing with a bleach-blonde wana” —and She's Right now, Frobs'ly vp singing some while wash version ‘of Stan getting feck =, Right now, he's prob="ly buy ing her some Oo; ke, Right now, she's prob 'ly say = ing, “I'm — énunk”™ oi ©2005 Sonny Tyner AE hy Una (FRIDJUN 6 2008 6: 16/ST, 6!15/No. 7969566403 PS Cerra eereetece re tener eset tee peal erage To: 12127694875 Pe & = = == Ss == fit - y ee et "eaaio she asi done wie - Right now, t's td he's a inkeing that he's gon-aa gerne YY Right now, he's ; SS = vag _S = 2S SSS ff ot =z i 5 ii rob ty up behind her with 2 poo! stick, shows fog her how 9 shoot a com - BIL Prob-"ly dab-ting on" “three "iol - tars’ or of dhe ay 2 MOO 8 SOM = logne.. oer o> And he don't krow —_ pret - ty lit ~ Ue souped - up FROM Nichael H, Lavine (FRI)JUN 6 2008 6:18/ST. 6: 15/No. 7380586403 P 4 Fe sree ec au sree ee To: 42127634675 P.3 ‘ ! Fhe D Fem ct a Ea = B = — — i SS Pec eres four « wheel driver carved my name in ~ (0 his leatheer sea, ; ft spe — a | = SS SS SS = ! r F : = = Z SS D Fem {took a Loo ie ville Slug-ger to both head - tight D> Fin Tocote Ed EJ & ar &. slashed hole in all. four tires. and maybe next time — he'll FROWN Hichael H. Lavine (FRIDJUN 6 2008 6:16/ST. 6: 15/No, 7360588403 PS SOL SE nes nm MOL SOREL RUBLE SeS-LSU=1392 70: 12127694675 P.a ct ete A YY’ B i Ey saved a fit- tle wourble fo the next git, “eause the next time that he cheat you know— it won't be on FROM Michael H. Lavine Sa Te Serre SMRE! PULL Se 5-85-1352 7 “ & & | Oh, DS. al Coda = oe (FRIDJUN 6 2008 6:17/ST, 6115/No, 7869566409 P 6 To: 12127694875 PS D> ch . @ rmay-bonext ime he" think —— be fore bem ch Fa may-be next Ue. he'll think be- fore he be - fore