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The project I am doing for photo is called a photo collage. The
purpose of a photo collage is to make a photo out of many images
over lapping each other ending as a final picture. The purpose of my
collage is to show my audience the community in which I grew up

The collage is made of more than one picture, with this in mind it
means that it might contain symbols. in my collage there are 3 very
important symbols which give meaning to the art work. The first
symbol is the two students playing basketball. The meaning of this
symbol is both friendship and peace mixed together due to the fact
that two teenagers are playing some street basketball together during
school. The second symbol is the court in the upper right corner. The
meaning to this symbol is community since its the place where many
students gather up to play basketball during their free time in high
school. The last symbol in the picture is the smile on each of the
students face. The smile represents joy and happiness, this can prove
that a small game of basketball can bring joy to anyone at school.
These are the 3 most important symbols from my collage to my
audience. The inspiration of this image was that everyone can get
along with a simple game of basketball now a days.

I created this work to demonstrate the life of high school students

during their free time which for example is lunch. My collage is
pretty much two students playing basketball in lunch just for fun,
inside the collage there is 3 symbols which represent community, joy,
and peace. The vision of my artwork is that it can help my audience
gain knowledge from what a normal high school life is like, people of
all ages will see it. The place and time is important because we live
in the 21st century which means everything is starting to get modern
except for some things like for example basketball. My overall vision
of my work is that this can help my audience understand how a
student acts inside a high school during the modern era. My work fits
with photo because it captures moments in time and has meaning to it,
which is pretty much a purpose of a picture.

In conclusion my collage was influenced by the famous Romare

Bearden who was known for his collages during the jazz age. The of
my collage was to show my audience what modern life is like and
how it can still bring us together as a whole or community.

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