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Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology


In the year 1970, I was travelling to Mumbai on my official work. In the train I got introduced to a
gentleman who was studying astrology book. Out of curiosity I interacted with him and being
totally unaware of anything in astrology, I could only grasp that there is this divine tools by which
future of any person can be analysed precisely. In the absence of working tools he could not
however study my horoscope and he was kind enough to guide me to an astrologer at Mumbai
subsequently. Amazingly, this new Astrologer at Mumbai baffled me with his astonishing
predictions about my past and details about my parents, brothers, and sisters precisely. I was so
convinced that this science must be learnt by me.

In the later years I brought some books on astrology for beginners and tried my best to grasp
them. It took some time for me to grasp the fundamentals of astrology. Then I approached
advanced books on the subjects and also many other methods such as Krishnamurthy system
etc. Awfully, I gathered more or less same information from the hoard of collection of
astrological books. But none of these systems could provide me with a convincing principle to
analyse the horoscope to predict the results and timing of events. I then resorted to study some
of the original treatise on the traditional astrology. This gave me some level of confidence and
to a certain extent I could read few points in horoscopes.

By this time I had come across some of the works learned authors who have triggered my
interest in astrology. It would be unfair on my part if I do not pay my regard to them through this
writing. Among them I offer my special gratitude is to Late Sri J.N.Bahasin, who wrote number of
books wherein he had cleared many doubts and cleared confusion existing in many astrological
texts claimed to have been great works. Despite the fact that I could get some convincing
methods, I could not match these tools, to the precise prediction level of the astrologer at
Mumbai. His sequence of precise predictions had made me to visit him again and enquire about
the method he uses to delineate the horoscope. I was told that this gentleman uses the Naadi
principles for predictions. Beyond this information I was not given further details.

I have wasted money on many books titled with phrase NAADI all of them have either talks of
inclusion of nakshatra system, or Sub lord or sub-sub lord. Some of them simply indicate
Parasara method with inclusion of many components which make no sense and gets published
under heading Naadi.

Ultimately through some favouring resources I came across books of Sri R.G.Rao and after that
its all history. The wonder part of this system is that even subtle matters, such as whether the
person is affected with Black magic, if so by whom, and the remedies to it. There are instances

traced in the horoscope, where a person was administered with poisonous liquid for submission
to a particular lady and the person was asked to get remedied for the same.

Especially, in this system, the characteristics of matching couple can easily be made and marital
hazards can be avoided to a great extent. Past lives and future life can be explained. Most
wonderful part of this system is it does not advocate Sign, Cusp and Divisional chart analysis.
Thus this system avoids most of the calculations and the entire system is based on Karakatwas
of planets and the Rasi. The strength of the planets is based on their position in the house and
its association with other planets. The Retrograde and Exchanged planets have dual role in
forming combination.

The unique controlling tool in this system is how best you combine the Karakatwas
(signification) of planet in relation with other planets as per the rules of combinations. Once this
logic is understood clearly, many matters can be delineated through this system.

Most important thing in this prediction method is to have planetary position at Birth chart and
also transit chart at the time of consultation. The timing of the events is based on slow moving
planets and fast moving planets over natal planets in different positions. The combination in the
birth chart forms yoga and the transit will indicate the fructification of this yoga. Both Natal and
Transit planets strength and weakness are to be considered for giving predictions.

I am sure this Revised Version of PREDICTION SECRETS-NAADI ASTROLOGY will be a hand

book of every astrologer and astrology student.



Introduction to Naadi astrology

I wanted to be precise and forthright in predictive part of Naadi astrology for which I wrote the
first edition of this book in a non-conventional method giving information in tabular format. The
idea of writing the book came to me when the books of astrology which are hitting every year
have similar fundamentals and with one or two point proven in selective horoscopes and in
some of them constructed horoscopes to prove the authors point of view have also been
noticed. When practically the students apply in prediction part it fails.

Until the first publication in 2004, the Naadi astrology with this method was not so widely known
to across the world. The founder of this method of astrology Guru Late Sri R.G. Rao of
Bangalore has decoded the system making research study on the south Indian Tamil Naadi
systems. In many of the horoscopes collected during his research he found that the predictions
given by these Naadi systems well matched with the combination of planets with their logical
mixing of significations. Through research and taking clues from Varahamihiras great work Hora
shastram he has developed workable significations which deviated a bit from the traditional
scriptures. Though he based timing of events on the Saturn transit being adopted in Tamil
Naadu palm leaf astrological system he has used four major planets in his experiments and
fantastically successful to a maximum extent. The fast moving planets results are also helps in
timing event and modify the core results. Instead of only Lagna he preferred to have different
reference points based on Karakatwa of planet which is also a system of analysis existing in
conventional astrology. However he simply modified the positional terminology not taking
sequentially but arranging it in Trikona Stana (Tines) from a particular planets significations and
for combinations, marked Dwirdwadasha Trikona, Saptama Trikona by which all the 12
reference points are covered. (This covers 12 houses in traditional astrology as 1, 5, 9, 2,6,10,
4,8,12 and 3, 7, 11). To establish his research rules, he has collected a few horoscopes from
Brighu Naadi and a few from Nandi Naadi in both the system the methodology of analysis is
only on house and sign system. He has adopted his research rules to these horoscopes and
written his magnum opus book Brighu Nanadi Naadi Later on he wrote many books on
combination of planets, Transits, Vastu, face reading, Palmistry in all these he applied the same
principles of combination of planets and proved that Naadi is not simply a system of birth chart
astrology it is a divine connectivity for which any visible, available, conceivable objects whether
living or non-living, whether beneath or above the heavens can be combined for that moment
and prediction can be given. Because of its abstract nature his woks were appreciated only by a
few intellects who could apply the logic from these abstract medium. Despite the fact that these
books were having precious predictive values, it was not in a structured format for common
astrological students to understand. I took his permission to write a guide to his works and that
is how the earlier version of Prediction Secretes Naadi Astrology was published. This book has
created wonders across the world and many old school astrologers have started adopting this
method, though some of them even claim that superior Naadi secret works are with them in a
vernacular language and teach their half-versions with some traditional technical jargons and
make tall claims, though they did not publish a single paper on such secrets when the Brighu
Nandi Naadi was printed or at a later date when other works of Late Sri R.G. Rao were

published subsequently. In fact his works were challenged and termed as unscientific (not as
shastram) by the noted institutions and similar astrological community.

After the release of Prediction Secrets- Naadi Astrology across the country, in many languages
Naadi authors have sprung in action. Some claimed that this system they learnt from family
hereditary. It could be true if their ancestors read Brighu Nandi Naadi because their works have
no change in the style of language or punctuation in many cases and at some cases they could
not differentiate Nandi Naadi.

No it is not a comment on authors who have written books on Naadi or commenting on authors
on Naadi. It hurts to know that the due credits to an honest contributor to the astrologer is being
stolen away during his life time, and after his departure, the works are commented as inferior to
the non-existing works with them much before the Brighu Nandi Naadi published that to by
persons who claims to be contemporary astrologers. When such respectable person can
behave like this why comment about half-baked Naadi astrologers writing books sticking to rules
explained in this book.

The word Naadi has been used in many other system of astrology, where ever any deviation
with regard to position of planets is differently termed. I proudly call Brighu Nandi Naadi system
as Naadi Shastram because it considers planetary position differently from Karaka Trikona and
Dwirdwadasha, Saptama Stana and their trines from Karaka Planet. What beautiful concept?
The meaning of this I am giving in this edition which of-course I have elaborately dealt in
Revelation from Naadi- Jyotisha- which is my research work. In my book Roots of Naadi
Astrology I have explained other works relating to Naadi based on such unique consideration of
planetary position and their relationships with dignities considering their stellar position
synchronising with other dignities of astrology and muhurtha. They are really genuine research
contributors and hijackers. I am not an original author; I am simply an author of guide who
experiments with the truths and preach, practice and publish it.

In my research I found out that the information my guru wanted to give through his works are
hidden and therefore I have written, Celestial matrix, Orbital providence, Prashna Hora to give
insight into his works.

However on observations and experience the fundamental rule book that is PREDICTION
SECRETS NAADI ASTROLOGY needed some modification. Thus this book is being
published with modifications and re-presented through reputed publisher Sagar Publications
Delhi who has been publishing all my books.

Despite the fact that the rules are simple it is not that easy for prediction unless the person
develops logical approach in combination and transit of planets in addition possessing a quality
of astrologer as prescribed by sacred texts.

The wonderful part is those who institutionally discarded this system of astrology in its early
years of its invention have now claiming champions of this subject and have taken up coaching
in this subject at different places across the country world. Thanks to the Almighty that the
dream of late Guru has come true.

There are books with titles embedded with word Naadi but generally using conventional
method with star level or some other divisional components which does not have this method of
prediction using only Karakatwas of planets.

It is absolutely wrong to say that Naadi system deviates from traditional method of Parasara or
other well-known methods. No doubt the combination of planet will take you to the deeper level
of prediction with unimaginable details but precision is possible when the traditional system is
synchronized with thorough understanding of Parasara.

Naadi Astrology is not a system but it is an experience of ever changing significations indicated
by planets. In astrology we cannot translate rules in application word by word. There is lots of
inner meaning and this comes only by dedication, devotion and truthful approach without
commercial attachment. Thus sticking to a particular rule may not yield similar results always.
There is a divinity which evolves being in constant touch with planets and their significations. In
an Advanced stage even horoscope becomes irrelevant. The significations that trigger the five
senses will be sufficient to decode the subjects life process.

This is however are done through certain structured reference steps. They are
A. Naadi Face reading
B. Naadi Palmistry
C. Naadi through Prashna chart
D. Naadi Numerology
E. Naadi through colours
Apart from these, many wonderful predictions can be given taking the significations of the
objects, persons, animals, trees, season, month, week day, thithi, nakshatra, anything and
everything you see and sense around you. We give some hits about these methods

A. Face reading

SUN Right Eye

MOO Left Eye
MAR - Eye brows, Nose Bridge, Teeth
MER Forehead
JUP - Nose
VEN Cheeks
SAT - Chin
RAH Nostrils, Mouth, Ears
KET Hair

The following deviation needs observation on the above face parts

SUN Brilliance-Charm
MOO Softness, oily shining, change factors
MAR Prominent, Projection, Sharp Scars
MER Tender-smooth-attracting element
JUP Fatty-Plump
VEN Gracious-Rich appearing factors
SAT Dull-darkened-Marks making weak look
RAH Big opened up, Reversed, displaced, black patches
KET Shrink-Small-Obstructing-ugly growth Red marks

These deviations on the parts of the face will indicate the influence of other planets on the main
planets indicating the parts.

There may be certain curvatures which might be linking the above parts. This will indicate the
links between the planets.

Once the link established we have to simply combine the planetary significations to derive at the

B. Naadi Palmistry
There are many books which talks about astro-palmistry. In fact Naadi Astrology the palmistry is
also based on the significations of planets. Though the mounts, line and markings are similar
but they are named after planets in Naadi Palmistry. In this work an introduction to Naadi
palmistry is given.

Naadi Fields The planetary influencing zones

The Vertical lines starting from the each Mount of Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter fingers running
down on either side: Horizontally enclosing both the Mars mount. The entire thumb mounts till
the Line of Saturn near the Wrist. The entire moon mounts till the line of Saturn are called fields
of planetary influencing zones. This is the unique contribution from Naadi Palmistry. .

For Timing events experimentally the divisions of each planetary area are shown below:

From Right top edge of thumb commencement or ending of Venus mount draw lines in equal
angles that would cover the finger and wrist on the side of little finger.

Each of this division is considered as one Kala that is 16. We consider this as years. That is
each division is 16 years. This will also cover the planetary fields, mounts, lines. The markings
will indicate the age at which these marking are found. It covers a span of 80 years. Normally
palmistry is considered only after 16 years of age. Thus barring the first 16 years it goes up to
96 years of age.

For Jupiter and Mars line the counting age in ascending order starts from index finger side.

For Venus line it starts from beginning of thumb and runs downward toward writs in age
ascending order.

For Saturn line the age counting starts from Wrist in an ascending order and reaches to the top

With these principles it is will give a fair idea about Naadi Palmistry.

The Star (SUN) On the lines or in the respective fields (the proximity of other line,
mount, or field will indicate the influence the other planets significations causing)
To achieve great fame, name and success

Chains (KET) - On the lines or in the respective fields (the proximity of other line,
mount, or field will indicate the influence the other planets significations causing)
Worries, Irking situations, Disputes/ Bonding with the persons denoted by the planets relating to
respective field or line.

Islands (RAH) - On the lines or in the respective fields (the proximity of other line,

mount, or field will indicate the influence the other planets significations causing)
Unexpected Dangers, Difficulties, Hardships & Challenge with regard to respective field or line

Dots: (RAH) - On the lines or in the respective fields (the proximity of other line,
mount, or field will indicate the influence the other planets significations causing)
Surprises, Shocking events with regard to respective field or line

Branches: - Up ward Positive (SAT)

1. Branching towards fingers side (upward) indicates fortune or prosperity -SAT

a. Sun line or field of Sun having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates
the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or field.

b. Moon mount or field of Moon having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or

c. Mars mount or field of Mars having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or

d. Mercury line or field of Mercury having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or

e. Jupiter line or field of Jupiter having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or

f. Venus line or field of Venus having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or

g. Saturn line or field of Saturn having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or

Branches Down wards Negative SAT

2. Branching towards writs (downward) indicates misfortunes, obstructions and

blocks - KET

h. Sun line or field of Sun having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates
the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and blocks other
line or field.

i. Moon mount or field of Moon having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and
blocks other line or field.

j. Mars mount or field of Mars having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and
blocks other line or field.

k. Mercury line or field of Mercury having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and
blocks other line or field.

l. Jupiter line or field of Jupiter having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and
blocks other line or field.

m. Venus line or field of Venus having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and
blocks other line or field.

n. Saturn line or field of Saturn having branching orienting towards other line or field
indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and
blocks other line or field.

o. The resultant factors of misfortune, obstructions and blocks in respective fields

and lines:

SUN - misfortune, obstructions and blocks Recognition, Constitution, Elite circles

MOO - misfortune, obstructions, and blocks Travel, Changes, Thought process, selling

MAR - misfortune, obstructions, and blocks Self actions, Enthusiasm,

MER - misfortune, obstructions and blocks in Learning, Commerce, Communication, and


JUP - misfortune, obstructions and blocks Life orientation, ambitions, aims

VEN - misfortune, obstructions and blocks Family oriented -Wife Luxuries, -


SAT - misfortune, obstructions and blocks Fate, Fortune, Profession,


(The V also indicates Ketu i.e. this shape opening towards fingers side
The results is same as above)

(The cross also indicates Ketu ireespective of its orientation, the proximity to a
particular line, field or mount is to be seen and then the negative results are to be attributed to
the placment with the resource of proximity planets signification.

(The Grill also Ketu but it indicates more worry and obstructions in commencement or
completion of targets. It also indicates worries)

(The Inverted V indicates Rahu i.e. this shape opening towards wrist side)

( Rahu indicates Dangers, Sickness but is good for unehtical material matters and

Same principles can be adopted to find out their influence

The Forks/Trident (Moon) Changes or deviation or options relating to particular

line or mount
In the field it will indicate circumstances which attribute for such changes and deviation and the
source is seen by the orientation indicating he field, line, mount etc.

Circles: - Venus - Usually, circles predict great fame and fortune (A repeating effort-

Focused Venus) in the filed the nearness to a particular field or mount will decide the nature
or resource of such fortune.

Triangles: (Mars) positive (Determined Mantra Shakti) Portend great psychic

or spiritual abilities in field it indicates the particular cosmic deity or power and the resource is
seen by the orientation of nearest angle to another field, line or mount..
Squares (Jupiter) Ability to teach, motivates, or inspires others and also

prosperity factor the matter and related details are indicated by the field, line or mount closely
linked or oriented.

Ultimately the significations of the planets are combined by taking the Mount, Field, Line, and
other marking relationships. The afflictions or affluence by the marks are included to modify the
significations of the planetary combinations constructed through palm lines, mount and fields. .

C. Naadi through Prashna chart

This is based on the planetary hours, which is commences at the sunrise of a selected place
with the planet ruling on that weak day. For example Sunday at sun rise the first hour is ruled by
Sun 2nd by Venus, 3rd by Mercury, 4th by Moon, 5th by Saturn, 6th by Jupiter 7th by Mars. Again
the sequence repeats and after 3rd round 21 hours will be completed and Sun starts at 22nd hour,
23rd will be Venus, 24th is Mercury. It will be next day at 25th house which is of Moon i.e. Monday
the Hora lord for that day at Sun rise shall be Moon. All the seven days of the week the same
pattern will continue. The Sun rise at the place of Prashna is to be considered and 24 hours
method is to be taken.

The Hora lord of that moment will be reference point, we have cast the horoscope for that
moment and from the this hora lord we have to make planetary combination and give
predictions for a particular matter or the entire life history can be given for those who do not
have horoscope.

This is a different subject dealt in Prashna Hora Naadi a separate book by the same author.

D. Naadi numerology

In Western the Numerology is different, they have numbers which have significations and
the date of birth is considered vital. But later on the numbers were allotted to planets on
a permanent basis.

In Naadi the system is little different, No planets have permanent number allotted to them.
Sequence changes based on the importance of either day lord or hora lord and from there the
sequence of Dasha system is considered. For example To day is Monday and the NO 1 Moo,
No: 2 is Mars, No: 3 Rahu, No: 4, Jupiter, No: 5, Saturn, No: 6 Mercury, No: 7 Ketu, No: 8,
Venus, 9 is Sun. To days date is 28th so the day is ruled by no 1 incidentally it is Moon. Today
being Monday at Hyderabad the Sun rise today is at 5.50 am and now the time is 13.19 and up
to 13.50 the hora lord is again Moo. Therefore now the present condition showing a harmonious
vibration of moon that is mind. The present formula or the method is harmonious. This is how
the certain questions can be answered about harmony or disharmony for matters. The balance
of moon time is at present 31 minutes. Considering 1 hours equalling to 1year period of Moon,
the balance of 31 minutes equals approximately to 6 months. This work will get published within
6 month period from now. (Today is 28-4-2014). There are number of other procedures
explained in Prashna Hora Naadi by the scribe.

E. Naadi through colours

Most of the students of Astrology must be familiar with colours allotted to Planets.
SUN = Orange
MOO = Cream White
MAR = Red
Mercury = Green
Jupiter = Yellow
Venus = White (at times violet)
Saturn = Blue

Rahu = Black
Ketu = Mixed with more than 3 colours or designed.

We can observe the colours of any object or the dress of the person and then make
combination of planets. With the combination of signification of these planets questions can be
predicted or events can be predicted to the surprise of clients. In our class many students who
have mastered these arts will be giving instant prediction based on these combinations of object
colours, dress etc. All these will definitely workout provided, the person attempting such
methods is well versed with signification of planets and is sincere in his approach.

Example of prediction using face and moment chart

A couple had come to me for consultation and unfortunately both of them were doubtful about
their year of birth. They were married since 5 years and they were deprived of child birth till
date. They wanted to know the future chances if any to have a child. I thought of horary, but
something prompted me to look at the face of the boy. On observing I found he has a wide
mouth, and has full grown moustache his eyes are gloomy and dull and his cheeks are flat. This
has given me RAH, SUN, MOO, VEN and KET dominance which indicates a combination for
childlessness. I did not pronounce my observation but immediately drew a horary chart that was
on 3rd Jan 2000. This chart surprised me: Jup and Sat in Aries, Cancer having Rah Scorpio
the 5th sign from Rah having Venus and Sun in the same Nakshatra pada. Next sign
Sagittarius having Sun and Mer followed by Ketu in Maraka and again the Retro Sat casting his
aspect on Sun in Scorpio. What I observed in the face at that moment has reflected and
confirmed by prediction by horary and I conveyed them to drop the idea of having child and
instead go ahead with adaptation of a female child which was also there wish. Such indications
will come from all corners at given time, we must only be alert to recognize them and properly
interpret them.
Thus Naadi system is not just a horoscope analysis, it covers every signification we come
across in the day to day life represented by everything above & beneath the sky and earth.
There are several hints in about Naadi predictions in the great scriptures of Sanathana Dharma.
In fact there are people who can give prediction and solutions to the problems just referring to a
random page from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads and Veda related books. At the
present moment I have a book of Brahma sutra and I just turned a random page and the first
Heading is : The Abode of Heaven, Earth etc., This is just co-relating with what is said in the
earlier sentences that Naadi relates to significations of all things relating to Heaven and Earth .
This confirms that Naadi is beyond the human specified rules.
Not understanding the philosophy behind the Naadi, many give half-baked explanations in
different media and claim as experts. Much before the publication of the first edition of this book
the so called stalwarts of traditional astrology condemned this system Naadi and discarded it as
not being a Sastra. To-day you find most of them claiming to be Naadi experts and even those
who have little knowledge of signs and planets have become researchers on this subject. It is
no doubt a welcome sign that this is being accepted across the world as a best predictive tool.

The rules appear to be simple, but it needs lots of logical explanations before concluding the
right significations. For example Saturn and Mercury combination, may indicate Karma Buddhi

Manda Buddhi, Vyapaara Buddhi, Jyestha Bratha Buddhi karma, Kanistha bratha manda yoga.

We are engaged in training of Naadi astrology for the last 10 years and many from our training
centres have achieved great success in predicting using all the above techniques. We have also
developed Naadi Cowrie Prashna through which we read past misdeeds and evil spells and
find the remedies through it.




Fundamental of Naadi Astrology- The Sings

Zodiac significations

SUN Exalted, SAT Debilitate, Lord MAR

Nature Energetic, Courageous, Confident, Self-Cantered, Short Tempered, Hasty.

House of (Jeeva is Sagittarius 5th sign Sun exalted - Mars body) Son (Planet SUN)
(Aries house of Mars- 7th to wife Libra) Husband (Planet MAR)
Qualities Short, Male, Sun Trine, Barren, Hind Rising Future, Moving
Movements Moving (Good for Progressive, Growth, Travel Not for permanent natures)
Material Competitive, Gov., Machinery, Technical, Manufacturing/Mining, Controlling
Direction East
Places Mountains, Hills, Forests, Hot Countries, Villages

Biology Skull, Head, Pitta, Fire,

Remedial Subramanya, /Ganesha -Kshetra, Dhatu, Blood Red

MOO Exalted, RAH Debilitated Lord is VEN

Nature Physical & Emotional Strength, Stubborn, Forceful, Dependable, Caring,

Reliable, Luxurious,
House of (Moos exalted place) 2nd Daughter (Planet MOO)
Qualities Short Female, Moo Karma Trine, Semi-Fruitful, Hind Rising - Present,
Movements Fixed (Good for Stable/Permanent Nature-Not for Changing-Growing, Travel)
Material Service, Luxury, Beauty Related, Arts, Entertainments
Direction South
Places Cattle Sheds, Agricultural Lands, Feeding Grounds
Biology Occipital, Face, Throat, Kapha, Earth,
Remedial Kamakshi, Vishalakshi, Meenakshi, Mula, White

Lord - MER

Nature Jovial, Talkative, Adjustable, Curious, Clever Selfish, Restless, Confused

House of Younger brother/sister (male female) and Elder Daughter (Planet MER) (sister
also like daughter)
Qualities Medium, Male, Sun Karma Trine, Barren, Head Rising - Present,
Movements Dual (Treat 1st half Moving, 2nd half Fixed)
Material Commerce, Knowledge, Communication, Media
Direction West
Places Park, Gardens, Gambling House, Bed Rooms, Big Halls
Biology Cervical, Neck, Arms, Shoulders, Vata , Air,
Remedial Vishnu /Krishna - Kshetra - Jeeva, Yellow

JUP-Exalted, MAR-Debilitated, Lord- MOO

Nature Emotional, Moody, Sensitive, Unstable, Indecisive, Escaping

House of (House of Moon) Mother (Planet MOO)
Qualities Medium, Female, Moo Trine, Fruitful, Hind Rising - Present,
Movements Moving (Good for Progressive, Growth, Travel Not for permanent natures)
Material Advising, Travel, Transport, Agriculture, Food, Export, Import
Direction North
Places Watery Places, Agricultural Lands
Biology Spine 1 Chest, Lungs, Oesophagus, Kapha, Water,
Remedial Parvathi - Lalitha - Kshetra, Dhatu, Pink

Lord - SUN

Nature Optimistic, Honesty, Royal, Loyal, Impartial, Ruling, Dominative, Energetic

House of (Behind Sagittarius Jeeva 9th sign - Sun house) Father (Planet SUN)
Qualities Long, Male, Sun Trine, Barren, Head Rising - Past,
Movements Fixed (Good for Stable/Permanent Nature-Not for Changing-Growing, Travel)

Material Competitive, Gov., Politics, Administration, Societal, Elite, Bright

Direction East
Places Caves, Mountains, Jungles, Forests, Rocky Area
Biology Spine 2, Heart, Upper Belly, Pitta, Fire,
Remedial Rudra/Shiva Kshetra, Mula, Smoke Colour

MER Exalted, VEN Debilitate, Lord - MER

Nature Perfectionist, Practical, Sincere, Intelligent, Critic, Insistence, Tolerance,

House of (Being 12th to house of wife) 2nd wife (Planet MER)
Qualities Long, Female, Moon Karma Trine, Barren, Head Rising - Future
Movements Dual (Treat 1st half Moving, 2nd half Fixed)
Material Service, Trade, Commerce, Planning and Execution
Direction South
Places Bed Room, Work Shops, Towns
Biology Spine Disk, 3lower Stomach, Waist, Vata, Earth,
Remedial Saraswati - Kshetra, Jeeva, Mixed or Colour Designs

SAT Exalted, SUN Debilitated, Lord is -VEN

Nature Loving, Cheerful, Enthusiastic, Patient, Balanced, Indulgence, Sensitive, Casual

House of Female Native & Wife (Being 7th to Husband) (being 7th to exalted sun place Aries
that is her parents house is female native house) Daughter in law
Qualities Long, Male, Sun Karma Trine, Semi-Fruitful, Head Rising -Future,
Movements Moving (Good for Progressive, Growth, Travel Not for permanent natures)
Material Commerce, Marketing, Business Houses, Trade, High Value/Entertainment
Direction West
Places Place of Business
Biology Kidneys, Hips Kapha, Air,
Remedial Mahalakshmi - Kshetra, Dhatu, Black

RAH Exalted MOO Debilitated, Lord - MAR

Nature Mystifying, Sensitive, Sinful, Suppressed Ego, Coward, Jealous, Hatred,

Relatives (Other house of Mars 6/8 axis) 2ND Husband
Qualities Long, Female, Moo Trine, Fruitful, Hind Rising - Past,
Movements Fixed (Good for Stable/Permanent Nature-Not for Changing-Growing, Travel)
Material Manpowered Machines works, Labour oriented, Hard works, Secretive/ Occult
Direction North

Places Snake Holes, Ant Hills, Underground, Villages

Biology Generative Organs, Urinary, Pitta, Water,
Remedial Sarpa Kshetra, Mula Golden Colour

Lord is JUP
Nature Truthful, Religious, Honest, Wise, Straightforward, Risking
House of (Jeeva karaka) Male Native
Qualities Medium, Male, Sun Trine, Semi-Fruitful, Hind Rising - Present,
Movements Dual (Treat 1st half Moving, 2nd half Fixed)
Material Competitive, Forest, Military, Bank, Audit, Consultants, Religious-Trust/Institution
Direction East
Places War Field, Forest
Biology Thighs, Sciatica, Vata, Fire,
Remedial Rama Kshetra, Jeeva, Original Leather Colour

MAR Exalted, JUP Debilitated, Lord is SAT

Nature Loyal, Responsible, Sincere, Strong willed, Serving, Shy, Tensed, Hates bossism
Relatives (spouses mother 4th from Libra) Mother in law
Qualities Medium, Female, Moo Karma Trine, Semi-Fruitful, Hind Rising -Past,
Movements Moving (Good for Progressive, Growth, Travel Not for permanent natures)
Material Service, Service Industries, Ancillary Units, Contracts
Direction South
Places Watery Areas.
Biology Knees, Joints, Vata, and Earth
Remedial Anjaneya Kshetra Dhatu, Grey Colour

Lord is SAT

Nature Friendly, Noncommittal, Inquisitive, Unexposed, Spiritual, Higher Thinking

House of (Natural 11th) Elder Brother
Qualities Short, Male, Sun Karma Trine, Semi-Fruitful, Head Rising - Past,
Movements Fixed (Good for Stable/Permanent Nature-Not for Changing-Growing, Travel)
Material Commerce, Secret Services, Research Oriented, Space/Occult Sciences
Direction West
Places Secret Place, Village, Toddy Shop, Gambling House
Biology Calf Muscles, Varicose Veins, Vata, Air,
Remedial Durga - Chandi - Kali Kshetra, Mula, Shining Brown

VEN Exalted, MER Debilitated, Lord is JUP

Nature Intuitive, Moody, Sensitive, Philanthropic, Regretting, Rectifying, Preaching

House of Gods, Pilgrims
Qualities Short, Female, Moo Trine, Fruitful, Dual Rising - Future,
Movements Dual (Treat 1st half Moving, 2nd half Fixed)
Material Advising, Educational, Insurance, Endowments

Direction North
Places Rivers, Oceans, Pilgrims, Holy Places, Temples
Biology Feet, Vata, Water,
Remedial Ritualistic Pilgrims Gaya Etc, Jeeva, Transparent White (Shell)

Extra information of Rasi used in Naadi

Signs Gender Pos/Neg Fruit Rises Entry

1 Aries Male Positive barren Hind Entrance
2 Taurus Female Negative Semi Hind Exit
3 Gemini Male Positive barren Head Inside
4 Cancer Female Positive Fruit hind Entrance
5 Leo Male Negative barren Head Exit
6 Virgo Female Positive barren Head Inside
7 Libra Male Positive Semi Head Entrance
8 Scorpio Female Negative Fruit Hind Exit
9 Sagittarius Male Positive Semi Hind Inside
10 Capricorn Female Positive Semi Hind Entrance
11 Aquarius Male Negative Semi Head Exit
12 Pisces Female Positive Fruit Head Inside

Extra information of Rasi used in Naadi

Signs Cast type Direction Element Mineral Quality Duties

1 Aries East Fire Dhatu Movable Warrior
Milk vendor-
2 Taurus South Earth Moola Fixed Service
3 Gemini West Air Jeeva Both Trader
Bras smith
4 Cancer North Water Dhatu Movable Advisor
5 Leo Barber - Alert East Fire Moola Fixed Warrior
6 Virgo Businessman South Earth Jeeva Both Service
Money lender-
7 Libra West Air Dhatu Movable Trader
8 Scorpio North Water Moola Fixed Advisor
9 Sagittarius East Fire Jeeva Both Warrior

Washer man-
10 Capricorn South Earth Dhatu Movable Service
11 Aquarius West Air Moola Fixed Trader
Low worker-
12 Pisces North Water Jeeva Both Advisor


Fundamental of Naadi Astrology- The Planets

Similar to conventional astrology nine planets commencing from Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury,
Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered in Naadi Astrology.

Planetary strengths and weakness

Exalted Planets
Planets get exalted in certain Rasis exalted planets indicate the self-centeredness of the person
denoted by it and the strong desire for the rest of the signification the planet indicates. Exalted
planet may over rule the negative effect of sign significations.

Debilitated Planets
It indicates troubles to the person indicated by the planet. It also indicates that the matters
signified by the planets are far away and there needs more exertion to achieve it.

Winning Planets
Any Planet associated with Enemy planet if ahead of the enemy planet by degrees it is a
winning planet. A winning planet will be able to trust its signification to the defeated planet. In
other words a planet that is approaching another planet will get the signification of the
approached planet.
Defeated Planet

In fact the defeated planet will indicate the past effects of the winning planet. This is most
important. The same is applied when you take planet in previous sign. This in fact shows the
experiences of the significations or left behind matters.
In a Friends House
The lord of the sign where a planet posited happens to be a friend then the posited planet can
give positive effects of the sign signification along with its own significations. Thus it is
considered strong.
In an Enemy house the planets will become weak and it will be ruled by the negative
significations of the sign and the positive significations of the planet will get destroyed.

Hemmed between friends

A planet when hemmed between two Friendly planets either in a Rasi degree-wise or posited in
a Rasi with a friendly planet is and will give good results of its signification along with the good
effect of significations of planets hemming it.

If it is hemmed between enemies then it may lose its positive aspect and it will be blocked by
the enemy planets and the progress is stopped.

A planet in its own sign

In its own sign it is a boss and if it not a destiny breaker then it will good effect of sign and self-
significations. A destiny breaker in its own place will have full power and such breaker if linked
to good planet the results may get affected.
The Friendship and Enmity of Planets:
In fact the terminologies we use here absolutely not correct, as there is no such question of
enmity among planets. It is the opposing forces of human wavelengths produced by his actions
and thought for which we attribute the amicable and inimical band width. In order to make it a
perceivable matrix we attribute the friendship and enmity to them.
There are no clear cut enmity factors among planets. The subject being philosophical in nature,
the friendship and enmity has to be considered in different contexts. Therefore we need to have
the clear understanding as to what matters they exhibit their enmity and to which they co-

Sun is Atma, it does not like Bogha, and Therefore Venus is its enemy.

Saturn is karma karaka; the Sun is Atma which does not like to get entangled to Karma.
Therefore they are treated as enemy. But this is not applicable when it comes to materialistic
matters. The success, name, Governing factors are all helping factor to Karma.

Rahu is illusion, and it is also eclipsing force to Sun. Therefore it is enemy to Sun.

For All Jeeva karaka it gives mental imbalance and disturbs all planets with blemish, Fraud,
Loss and changes. But moon itself gets disturbed and goes imbalance when contacts Mars,
Rahu and Ketu.


This can be assessed and logically understood by astronomical phenomenon. The Rahu and
Ketu are two nodes having their sensitive points at the intersection of Moon path and the
equator along with which the planets revolve. The Northern node point falls before Mars belt
and the Southern Nodes falls before Venus belt. The Northern node is Rahu and the Southern
Node is Ketu. Therefore they are the immediate obstructive forces moving in reverse direction
as compared to movement of other planets. Since it is the immediate opposing force to the
Mars, the Rahu is a blockade to Mars influence. Similarly at the Southern Node Ketu blocks
Venus influence.
We have to bow hour head to the logic of our great sages. Intelligently they have shifted the
sequence of Dasha after Mars instead of going to Jupiter; they have reversed the sequence and
attributed Rahu. On the other side the Ketu was inducted in between Mer and Ven in
accordance with the sensitive point formation. Therefore all the outer Planets including Sun, the
Rahu is swallowing planet. For the inner planet Mer and Ven Ketu is obstructive planet.

Mars is a fiery planet in the outer circle and the Mercury is an Airy planet in the inner circle
supported by watery planet Venus which creates storm. Mercury is intelligence and Venus is
higher knowledge (Panditya), Mars is Ego which will mar the intelligence. But the enmity does
not exist if Mars ego is turned to knowledge. Mars turns helps mercury, if he is comfortable, i.e.
in own house, or in Venus house, in Moon or Suns House and house of exaltation of Mercury.
Since Venus and Moon Turns him cool, they both are not enemies to him.
Due to his egoistic nature, he does not like to be serving nature. Therefore he does not like to
surrender to Karma planet Saturn and troubles Karma. But as in the case of Mercury if well
placed he would support karma with his Karakatwas.

It is a Bogha planet, does not like to cease from the materialistic world. The Sun is Atma karaka.
Moreover the Sun is very close to Venus waiting to convert the ojas (Ojas is energy, vitality,
immunity, fertility) of Venus Tejus (everlasting radiance). Venus is not prepared for it. Therefore
Venus and Sun are enemies for biological changing reason. But materialistic part there seems
to be abundance cooperation among these two.

Moon is a fickleness, changing, blemish and fraudulent in nature while Venus represents higher
knowledge. These two will not go together. Therefore Moon is enemy to Venus.
Rahu as Jeeva karaka is not a life supporting planet, and in this Links Venus scared of Rahu.
Ketu is non-materialistic planet. Venus is fully materialistic in nature. Therefore they are not
conducive to each other. If materialistic benefits are coming through Ketu by karma then it will
not be an enmity factor.

Jupiter is always eager to get Mukti. But Venus is materialistic in nature. When Venus
establishes connection with Jupiter excluding the conjunction, then Jeevakaraka is forced to
enjoy the materialistic benefits. But if they are in close conjunction in the places where Jeeva
karaka is helped for his aim of Mukti then Venus fails to give him the materialistic benefits. But
in close conjunction the biological relationship is not affected both as Jeeva karakas. Saturn is a
karma karaka, he has no problem with Venus except that he allows the materialistic benefits to
come by karma thus it may cause delay for such benefits. There is no enmity as such between
these two planets. Mars is a counter part of Venus. For Mars represent the masculine power
and the Venus the feminine power. But in conjunction it develops ego to Venus thus creating

problems in co-operation between two Jeeva karakas. Materialistically, Mars converts the
luxuries in to technical nature.

Intelligence should not have dejections; Ketu is a planet of dejection. But in religious, serving,
and metaphysical activities, Ketu supports mercury. Intelligence with ego, hatred, and haste
qualities is not appreciated; hence Mars and mercury will not go hand in hand in that matter. But
if the intelligence is of Mars activity, he will support Mercury. But for all Jeeva karakas Mars will
give his temperament qualities which will result in developing enmity. With fickle mind and
changing attitude the intelligence gets drifted away, similarly the materialistic Links of Mercury
get dwindled. Therefore Moon with his fickleness, changing, fraudulent and Loss inflicting
qualities is enemy to Mercury. Again Moon will support Mercury if the matters are related to
Moons activity. However, Sun and Mercury are not enemies. Saturn is karma karaka and
therefore the knowledge earned will be due to past karma. When Saturn is involved it matters
are delayed but not denied. There is no enmity factor between Saturn and Mercury. Rahu is
repetitive in nature, creates illusions, and prompts towards unethical approach (because his
path is reverse). These factors may result in marred intellect, repeated efforts or result in
unethical learning. Rahu is swallowing planet and therefore not conduce to living matters
represented by Mercury. Any destiny braking planet, if its Karakatwas is attached with the
destiny makers, that Links they will support. For example, Rahu will support education in foreign
land, Air travel, or crime branch related subjects when associated with mer. But the relevant
relatives represented by Mercury face problems in life.

Saturn, the very name has been condemned by the general mass and in particular the less
informed astrological counsellors and the priests. Even the many texts attribute dire malefic
effects to Saturn. In fact it is through Saturns Karakatwas a human being is recognized in this
modern world. You are what you are professionally present. But unfortunately, the Saturn is
tagged with such fearsome qualities, that his name is used to abuse some body in our culture.
But still we expect him to do good to us, which of-course without any malice this noble planet is
performing. He has been degraded to such low profile in temples that, his statue is disfigured
with oil, till and what not. Why only Saturn for that matter all the Navagraha statues are given
this step motherly treatment in temples. If you prostrate to Navagraha temple, you are asked to
wash your leg before entering to other deities as if they are untouchables. Almighty himself
declares in scriptures that he is the embodiment of these Navagraha. It is well known fact. Still,
the fear complexes created by a sect of selfish religious heads are so much that people are
scared to think rationally the facts behind this.

In Naadi, we are stating that the planets are part and parcel of our existence. They are with in
and around us every moment. Why fear who are actually cause for our existence. We need to
recognize them, adore them and continue the karma and be blessed by them.

Coming back to subject, the Saturn represents our accumulated, karma and who will be giving
the results at the appropriate time whether good or bad according to our past deeds.

In the materialistic world the karma is considered as profession. A work needs concentration,
The Moon is fickleness, changing factor, which Saturn does not like. Therefore, there is an
enmity between them. But if the karma itself is of Moons Karakatwas then there will be no
problem yet there would be blames and changes in Karma. The Sun we have discussed
already. The Mars is a harassment and enmity factor and therefore there will be problems in
profession. However, the technical or professional Links of Mars will not have trouble. Rahu is

apasavya karma and this would give last rites are dealing with unethical matters to karma. But
the professional Karakatwas of Rahu will flourish.

Ketu is Mukti karaka. Mukti means karma Mukti. This will prompt the native to end his karma or
change in karma. Ketu karma may not get afflicted.

Rahu is Kala purusha who swallow life and trouble with diseases. Ketu who is Mukti karaka will
drive the native to philosophical life, and if he is destined for karma then it makes Jupiter
immobile to experience ill health or pain. Ketu is also a Bandana planet which will indicate the
Bandana yoga to Jeeva. However all planet will indicate the life character and life orientation of
Native in general and the Jeeva karaka will be prone to disease indicated by these planets.
Except this we do not attribute any enmity to Jupiter among other planets.

However we need to have some definite friendship and enmity among planets. Therefore, we
give a table below of Friendship, Equals, and Enmity among planets. Please note that there is a
difference between destiny breakers and enmity and equal factor. This below table is also used
in Naadi in certain mattes. For example Venus treats Jupiter as equal that is as a challenger.
Therefore it may expect health problems relating to Jupiter to Females if there is Venus and
Jupiter combination. But Venus may also indicate female being more luxurious and a noble





Modified moods of Planets

Planetary exchange: It will occur when the Lords of two different signs occupy each others
house. For example Pisces is the House of Jupiter and Scorpio is the house of Mars. If Jupiter
occupies Scorpio and Mars occupy Pisces it is called Planetary Exchange. Under these
circumstances, first part we have to take the combinations of Jupiter for self from Scorpio and
analyse the aspects to it and arrive at results. Again, consider Jupiter from Pisces and take the

combination of Planets from that Position and arrive at results. The first part of life will have
results relating Jupiter from Scorpio and the 2nd part will modify the results after exchange
considering from Pisces. Similarly the Mars results are to be arrived at, for results of Brother.

Combust Planet will not give much good results. Combustion takes place when any planet is
located within the same pada (a pada = 3O 20) of Sun.

If a combust planet is associated or in aspect or in exchange with friendly planet it will give good
results and if involved with enemy planets it will give bad results.

The debilitated planet if involved in exchange it will lose its debilitated nature. It will give good or
bad results based upon friendly or enemy planet association after exchange.

The debilitation will get cancelled if the Planet has aspect from 1, 5, 9, 3,7,11, 2, and 12. The
results will be based on nature of combination of aspecting planets.

Similarly the Exaltation will also nullify if there is planetary exchange or aspect as said above
and the results will vary according to the association of aspecting planets.

A Retrograde planet will have half aspect to its rear sign and the results will be based on the
planet in the rear sign. The retrograde planet may lose its entity as exaltation or debilitation

A planet having association of Rahu will lose its strength, even though exalted.

Planetary significations karakatwa

The planetary significations are most important in Naadi prediction. Significations are
categorized into 1 Character, 2 Knowledge Profession & Material Experience, 3 Disease, and 4
Effect in transit.

These are given in table format for easy grasping. It is better to memorize these significations to
be proficient in Naadi prediction. We recommend ritualistic reading of these significations every
day at least 10 times. Over a period of time you will be conversant with the significations of
planets and you find it easy to link the significations and give right predictions.

Thought process-Expression-Acton
Philanthropic, Royal- Pious, Dignified- Able, Administrator, Fair & Firm, Generous, Reliable,

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
A. Nature of Learning-Earning
Political science, Social science, IAS/IFS studies, Medicine, Language of Vedas-Earnings:
Govt, Politics, Medical, High status, Elite professions, Gold/Diamond dealings, Social
Service, IAS, IFS Services
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Success, Promotion, Name & Fame, Punishment for betterment

C. Wealth Asset VEN/MER

Honest, Govt, Repute, Prime

Marriage & Progeny

(For male marriage link VEN for female marriage Mars is husband)
Marital life male horoscope if linked to Venus Wifes pride - Marital life female if linked to Mars
Proud & Status husband -Supports Male progeny

(Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets)

Effect on Marriage, Progeny

Does not support marriage, Supports Male progeny

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}
{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}
Skeletal & Cardio System, Spinal card, Head, Heart, Right Eye, Ring finger, Bone, Eye Disease,
Headache, Fever, Loss of Appetite, Diarrhoea, Heart disease, Bile, Thirst, Sun stroke

Father (Take Leo character) Son (take Aries character)
(Relational Discard Influence of (Sat) Rah or Ket or in between Sun and other Planets)

Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet

(Subject to influence of other planets)
Other Persons
Govt Officials (Aries), Politicians (Leo), Authorities (Scorpio)
Vastu-Material & places
Circle shape, East, Fire element, Copper metal, Ruby, Orange colour. Right side window Lamp -
Other Places: Forests Shiva temples, Open fields, Courtyards allowing plenty of light, deserts,
Food Masala
Chapatti, Roti, Pori, Upma, Bun, Bread, Biscuits Pungent, Saffron, Pepper, Ginger, Cloves,
Cinnamon, Cumin seeds
Animal, Birds
Tiger, deer, lion, bull. Goose
Tree, Plants
Caltrops procera: Swethaarka / Tella Jilledu /Aak, bhilva tree
Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Shiva, Garuda, and Father) (After remedial measure to visit Surya
temple and Varanasi, Gaya, recite Adityahridaya hridaya) Gandham, Red Lotus flower,
Rudraksha, Wheat

Thought process-Expression-Acton
Imaginative, Charitable, Artistic, Calm- Fickle, Adulterous, Deceptive- Unpredictable, Changing

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
A. Nature of Learning-Earning
Arts, Astrology, Psychology, Chemistry, Hotel, Liquid /water related, South Indian
Languages- Dairy/Grass/Grocery Medicine/Chemical/Food /Agriculture Hawker, Juices,
Water Vegetable, Wine shop, , Animal feeds, Washer Sewerage, Sea related
Messenger, Travel agent, Pearl dealings
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Changes, Shifting, Travel, Blames, Cheating, Loss, Failures
C. Wealth Asset VEN/MER
Dissatisfied, Changing, Artistic, Water bound, Modifications, Loss-Cheat

Marriage & Progeny

(For male marriage link VEN for female marriage Mars is husband)
Marriage of male: Moo if linked to Venus indicates distant place of wife and her fickle minded or
spiritual inclinations. She will be conscious about her appearance and expensive. Female
marriage: She will be capricious in nature and will have interest in arts beauty and self-concern
If moon is linked to Mars the husband will unfocused and travelling and fickle minded.
Effect on Marriage, Progeny
Indicates affairs, partially support marriage, Progeny problem and female progeny

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}
{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}
Arteries (supply good blood to Body) Urinary system, Lungs, Left eye, Breast, Blood, Infections,
Cold Sinus cough, Bronchitis, Measles, Mental disorder, Epilepsy, Typhoid, edema (excess fluid
between cells), swellings, loss of Potency

Mother (Cancer), Elder sister (Scorpio) 2nd Daughter (Pisces), Mother in law (Capricorn)
(Relational Discard (Rah-Ket-Mar) more planets in between Moo and others)
Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet

(Subject to influence of other planets)

Other Persons
Plumber (Capricorn), Washer man (Pisces), Milk supplier (Cancer), Grocery trader (Virgo), Food
supplier (Taurus) Lover (Leo)
Vastu-Material & places
Square shape North West, Water element, Bell metal, Pearl, half white Left side windows,
Bathroom, Tap Store-room, Vessels, Soap, Washing machine, Fridge- Other places: Hotels,
Wash places, Rivers, Ponds, Well Canals, tanks, Parvathi temple, Kitchen, Distilleries,
Swimming pools
Food Masala
Idly, Dosa, Rice items, Ice food, and tea, Salt
Animal, Birds
Aquatic creatures, creepers, fish, hare, Crane, Colour birds
Tree, Plants
Butea monospermous: Palash/ Moduga/Banana tree, Drum stick, Paddy Vegetables Medicinal
Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Female Goddess (Shiva), Mother) after remedial measure to visit
Tirupati and Meenakshi temple recite Lalitha) Agarbathi, White lily flower Banana, Rice

Thought process-Expression-Acton
Egoistic, Selfish, Hasty, fall for flatteries-Emotions, Anger, Stubborn, Harass, Hasty, Fight,
Tension- Courageous, Aggressive, Dominating, Quarrelsome, Foolish spendthrift

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
A. Nature of Learning-Earning
Technical, Engineering, Instrumentation, Mathematics, Agriculture Bengali and
Mongolian languages- Engineer, Mining, Granite, Manufacturing, Construction, Surgeon,
Dentist, Army, Police, Security, Fire services, Bricks, Printing, Mechanic, Carpenter,
Blacksmith, Barber, Athlete, Body stamina-sports,
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Irritation, Agitation, Enmity, Failures, Harassments, Obstruction, Litigation, Exertion
C. Wealth Assets VEN/MER
Expenses, Debts, Construction, Litigations

Marriage & Progeny

(For male marriage link VEN for female marriage Mars is husband)

Male Marriage: It indicates the Vigour & ego of the person in marital life Female Marriage: This
indicates husband and his nature - Progeny: In both male and female this indicates surgical
needs and medical aids, if this is related Jupiter/Saturn and Sun/Venus

(Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets)

Effect on Marriage, Progeny

Supports Female Marriage Problems in Progeny

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}
{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}
Red blood cells, (blood Prod) Muscles, Capillaries (filter- Arteries & Veins /supply good blood
to Body)Tooth, Muscle, Bone-marrow, Anaemia, Eyebrow, Nose Bridge Testicles, B.P, Cuts, Bile,
Wounds, Cancer, Cardiac, Piles, Constipation Thirst, Accidents, Dog bite

Brother (Gem), Husband (Aries)
(Relational Discard (Rah-Ket-Sat-Mer) more planets in between Mar and others)
Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet

(Subject to influence of other planets)

Other Persons
Uniformed men, Agitators (Scorpio), Enemy (Virgo)
Vastu-Material & places
Triangle shape, South, Fire element, Mined Metals, Coral Red colour, Bedroom, Bricks
Compound wall, Beams, Sharp Items, Oven/stove Electric items Match box - Other places:
Factory, Mines Printing, Defense Fire Gym, Hotel-Kitchen, Furnace Battle fields, Operation
theatre, Butcher shop
Food Masala
Spicy food, Dal, Bitter, Red Chilly, Onion, Garlic, Hot chutney
Animal, Birds
Dogs, Bull. Ram, Monkey, Sheep & Goat, Horned animal, Vultures, Cock
Tree, Plants
Acacia catechu: Kadhira / Nalla-Sandra, Neem-tree Thorn tree
Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Kartikeya, village deity) (After remedial measures to visit Subramanian
kshetra and recite Subramanian stotra) Kumkum, Oleander (Champak), Red gram

Thought process-Expression-Acton
Discriminating, Calculative, Inquisitive, Cunning- Friendly, Humorous, Romantic- Intelligent,
Diplomatic, Adaptable, Soft spoken

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
A. Nature of Learning-Earning
Programming, Statistics, Planning, Commerce, Astrology Teaching, Exams Pali/North
Indian languages- Commerce, Media, Passport Communication, Teaching ,
Ambassador, Intelligence agencies/commissions, Broker/ Agents, Writing
Publishing/Books Stationery/ Book binding, P & T office Gift articles
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Support, Cooperation, Interviews Communication, Meeting, Gain of knowledge, Help,
smooth conditions
C. Wealth Assets VEN/MER
Mercury- Intellectual, Commercial, and Lands-Intellectual, Business Greenery, Lands
House liked by others

Marriage & Progeny

(For male marriage link VEN for female marriage Mars is husband)
Mercury If linked to KET+VEN +JUP/SAT it will be lover marriage. In a female horoscope if this
links to Mars/Jupiter/Saturn it indicates love marriage -In both the cases it indicates dual
(Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets)

Effect on Marriage, Progeny

Indicates affairs, partially support marriage, Problems in progeny

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}
{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}
Nerves system, Brain, Memory, Little finger, hands, arm shoulder, Neck, throat, Tongue,
Speech, forehead Skin & Problems to above Weakness, Mental disorder, Allergy, Bronchitis,
Leukoderma, Baldness, Sweating, Childlessness, Leprosy

Younger siblings (Gem), 2nd Spouse (Cap)
(Relational Discard (Rah-Ket-Mar-Moo) more planets in between Mer and others
Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet

(Subject to influence of other planets)

Other Persons
Friend (Aqua), Teacher (Virgo), Trader (Lib), Arbitrator (Gem)
Vastu-Material & places
Arrow shape, North, Air element, Quick Silver, Emerald, Green colour Hall, Guest room,
Drawing room, Study room, and Kubera stana. Books, pens, pencils, papers, photographs, wall
paintings, and book shelves, reading table- Other places: Educational, Commercial places,
libraries, Recreation clubs, Vishnu temple, book stalls, Registration/Passport office
Food Masala
Vegetables, Green dal and Salads, Sprouts, Mixed, Curry leaves
Animal, Birds

Cat, Jackal, Peacock

Tree, Plants
Achyranthus aspera: Apamarga / Uttareni / Creepers, green leaves, Brahmi
Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Vishnu, youngsters, Plants) (After remedial measure to visit Krishna
temple and recite Vishnu sahasranama) Karpuram, White colour flowers, Tulsi, Green gram

Thought process-Expression-Acton
Religious, Philosophical- Respectable, Noble, Humble- Honourable, Independent and Dutiful

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
Nature of Learning-Earning
A. Audit, Banking, Legal, H.R.D, Sanskrit Language, Religious study- Trusts, Temples
Treasuries, Planning, Budgeting, H.R.D Audit/Cash/Deposit/Saving/ Life Insurance
Institutions or Sections, Ministerial, Judge, C.E.Os., Professors, Advisory, Religious
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Success, Promotion, Progress, Additions, Ventures
C. Wealth Assets VEN/MER
Honest, Self efforts, fulfils requirement Compact & Comfort

Marriage & Progeny

(For male marriage link VEN for female marriage Mars is husband)
Jupiter is the ideal planet to bestow marital bliss if linked to Venus in male horoscope and Mars
in female horoscope. Similarly he also indicates prospective male progeny if linked to Sun and
female progeny if linked to Venus
(Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets)

Effect on Marriage, Progeny

Bestows Marriage and Progeny

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}
{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}
Lymphatic System (Immune System), Fat, Index Finger, Thighs, Nose, Nostril, Hernia, Liver
Complaints, Jaundice, Hepatitis, Spleen, Obesity, Immune system disorders

The self, Male Native)
Relational Discard (Rah-Ket-Mar) more planets in between Jup and others
Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet


(Subject to influence of other planets)

Other Persons
Preacher, Guru, Guide, Priest (Pisces)
Vastu-Material & places
Rectangle shape, North East, Ether, Tin element, Sapphire, Yellow colour, Puja room Deitys
idol/photos, Puja articles & tools- Other Places: Treasury, ATM, Peepal trees, Temples, Ashram,
Mutts, Yoga centres, Meditation hall Veda patashala
Food Masala
Satwik meals, Sweet, Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Fatty food, Turmeric Chana
Animal, Birds
Cow, Swan
Tree, Plants
Ficus religiosa: Ashwatha / Raavi/ Peepal/Sandalwood, Coconut, Sweet-fruit/Sugarcane/Flower
plants, Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Gurus, Preachers, and Trees) (After remedial measures to visit the
place of Guru, and recite the Guru mantra) Turmeric, Coconut, Betel leaf, Fruits Jasmine (malli)
flower, Bengal gram

Thought process-Expression-Acton
Sensual, Artistic, Passion- Desirous, Luxurious, Beauty- Loving, Systematic

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
Nature of Learning-Earning
A. Masters Degrees Expertise, Performing Arts, Interiors Beauty Parlour Language of Arts
and Poetry - Performing Artists, Moneylenders, Jewellers, Pleasure dealings (like Malls,
Luxury hotels, theatres, Marriage/Function halls), Arts/Artistic/Decorative
/Cosmetics/Entertainment Vehicles/Flower dealings
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Ease, Expertise, Gain and Financial supports, Pleasures
C. Wealth Assets VEN/MER
Venus indicates assets, Luxuries-Finance - With Mercury indicate rich land or fertile land

Marriage & Progeny

(For male marriage link VEN for female marriage Mars is husband)
Venus indicates the wife factor in male horoscope:-In female horoscope it indicate the native
and her nature -Venus indicate female progeny
(Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets)

Effect on Marriage, Progeny

Male Marriage and Female Progeny

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}

{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}

Endocrine system (All glands producing different hormones) Womb, ovaries cheeks, face,
semen, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hormonal defects Metabolic problems affecting body. Sexual/Uterus
Reproductive defects, swinging moods Venereal diseases, eye diseases

(Libra) Female Native, Wife, 1st Daughter (Aqua), Daughter in law (Cap), younger sister (Gem)
Relational Discard (Rah-Ket-Mer-Moo) more planets in between Ven and others
Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet

(Subject to influence of other planets)

Other Persons
Bankers, Beauticians (Tau), Female Celebrities, Dancers/Actors (Libra)
Vastu-Material & places
Pentagon, South east, Water element, Silver, Diamond, White colour Kitchen, Bed, Pillow, Dress
& Dressing table, Furniture, Decorative, Cosmetics, Mirror, Show Case, Jewellery, Wardrobe,
almiarah- Other places: Bedrooms, recreation/dance clubs, hotels, Cinema Theatre, Brothel
house, marriage hall
Food Masala
Luxurious Meals/Drinks, Sour, Pickles, Tamarind, Amla, Lemon, Lima beans
Animal, Birds
Horse (Race/Army) Parrot, Nightingale
Tree, Plants
Ficus racemosa: Oudumbara/Medi, Mango/ Lemon /Sour fruit trees
Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Lakshmi, Woman, and Cow) (After remedial measures to visit
Tripurasundari temple and recite Khadgamala) Ilachi, Betel Nut, White Lotus, Brown/White

Thought process-Expression-Acton
Slow, Lethargic- Studious, Steady- Service, Work

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
Nature of Learning-Earning
A. Practical oriented studies, Work related subjects and examinations. Languages used in
Profession or work- Coal industries, Servicing industries, Labor contracting, Watchman,
Cleaners, Peon, Sweeper, Cobbler, Brick Layers. 2nd Hand/Old /Used goods dealing
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Work load, Straightforward, Slow, Delayed benefits. Karmic results
C. Wealth Assets VEN/MER
Fate based Wealth-Assets

Marriage & Progeny

(For male marriage link VEN for female marriage Mars is husband)
Saturn is a delay planet and it indicates delayed marriage if linked to Venus in male horoscope.
In female horoscope it indicates the same if linked to Mars. However Saturn also acts like 2nd
marriage planet for females
(Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets)

Effect on Marriage, Progeny

Supports Marriage and Progeny by fate

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}
{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}

Respiratory system, Veins (Return deoxygenated blood to heart) Calf muscles, Feet, Heel,
Middle finger, Chin, Buttocks, Knees, Digestive organs, Varicose veins, Breathing/Asthma
trouble, Gas problems, Rheumatism/arthritis, , Indigestion, Stomach ache

Elder Brother (Aqua)
Relational Discard (Sun-Rah-Ket-Moo) more planets in between Sat and others
Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet

(Subject to influence of other planets)

Other Persons
Co-workers (Virgo), Labourers (Scorpio)
Vastu-Material & places
Bow shape, West, Air element, Iron Blue sapphire, Blue colour Dining hall, Steps of front of the
house, Box, container, carry bags, doormat, dustbin, dining table-Other places: Factories, work
places, offices, Muniswara temples, Huts, Shops, garbage dustbins, dilapidated/remote places
Food Masala
Oil foods, Astringent, Oil, Till, Coffee, Fried Items
Animal, Birds
Buffalo, Donkey, bear Camel, Crow, and Sparrow
Tree, Plants
Prosopis cineraria/Sami/Jammi/ Blue colour flowers & leaves plants, Palm/Bitter fruit/ oil plants
Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Pitrus, Peepal tree) (After remedial measures to visit famous Shani
temple and recite Sundarakanda) Vibhoothi, Blue colour flowers, Black till

Thought process-Expression-Acton
Illusions, Artistic Imaginations, Dishonest, Sins- Doubts, Reversals, Fraud, False- Adventurous,
Hardships, Shadow deals, Spontaneous

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
Nature of Learning-Earning
A. Nuclear Physics, Furious Acids/Poisons, Electronics, Secret/evil energy, Cinema
Foreign/Computer language- Foreign , Research/ Secret services /Cinema field ,
Explosive/Detonators, Distilleries, Petroleum, Plastic TV, Computer, Import and export,
Pesticide, Toxins Drug Trucks/Heavy vehicles, Unethical/Shadow, Tobacco
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Imaginations, Fear, Eclipsed, Repeat or Reversals, Fraudulent/Shadow deals
C. Wealth Assets VEN/MER
Unethical, Foreign, Big, Vast Dark Subjected to cheat, Fraud

Marriage & Progeny

(For male marriage link VEN for female marriage Mars is husband)
Rahu + Ven in males =delay or denial of marriage or untruthful wife and if linked to Mar it
indicates weakness in marital life/henpecked. Rahu + Mars in females delay or denial of
marriage/dislikes husband, Rahu linked to Venus in females= secretive/ill health to her causing
marital displeasures. Rahu & Sun link =denial of male progeny or short lived male child. If linked
to Ven=denial/short life to female progeny
(Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets)

Effect on Marriage, Progeny

Fraudulent and questionable relationships - Problem Progeny dosha to be remedied

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}
{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}

Intestine, Lips, Mouth, Ear, Rectum, Cavities, Disturb all systems, Dry lip Mouth ulcer
Inflammations, Aggravation, Intestine, Pains Cataract, Eruptions, Black Patch, Stammer,
Seizure /Death, Accidents, Pervert, past sins, Poison-bites, Insanity, Non-diagnosable diseases

Maternal Grand Father, (Aries)
Relational Discard (Mars-Ket-Moo) falling between Rahu and Jup indicate delinking of
Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet

(Subject to influence of other planets)

Other Persons
Foreigner, Other religion person, Cinema actors, Eccentrics, Imposter (Scorpio)
Vastu-Material & places
Winnow (of bamboo strips-Chaata) South west, Air/fire element, Lead, Kerosene Gomed, Black,
Go-down, Latrine, Sack, Broom, Blanket, Umbrella, Curtain Electronic gadgets, Big
Items/Vessels, Plastic /Artificial items -Muslim Gosha- Other places: Foreign embassy, Airport
tombs, caves, Durga Open/terrace, Garage/Big roads, temple, mosque, and gurudwaras

Food Masala
Non veg, foreign food, Vada, artificial/fizzy/ intoxicating drinks, Hing, Mustered, and Puppy seed
Animal, Birds
Cobra, Street dog, Reptiles, Wolf, Pig, Pigeon, Eagle
Tree, Plants
Cynodon dactylon: Durva / Garika Bamboo/Babul/Sarpagandha
Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Heritage of family sings, Durga) (After remedies visit any dwadasha
linga Kshetra and recite Rudram) Sambrani, Amber (scent), Black flowers, night lily flowers,
Udad gram


Thought process-Expression-Acton
Unworldly, Superstitious- Fault finding, Recluse, Depression- Reject, Adamant, Quit

(Material support (Sat-Mer-Ven) Material Obstruct (Ket Mar- Moo) Rah - Unethical/extreme)
Nature of Learning-Earning
A. Medical, Theology, Occult subjects, Law, Pathology, Handicrafts, Tailor, Weaving,
Knitting, Painting/Drawing, Sanskrit grammar- Doctors, Lawyer, Pathologist,
Ayurveda/Energy healers, Astrologers, Divine service, Draftsman, Leather industries,
Herbal Sculpture, Coir industry, Cable/Pipes Telephone/mobile units
B. Effects on Learning & Earning
Depressed moods, Obstruction, Block, Failure, Quit, Suicidal
C. Wealth Assets VEN/MER
Little, Blocked, Small, Discomfort, Disputed (Assets)

Marriage & Progeny

Ket +Ven= in males wife unworldly, dejected. In females same nature with traditional values,
economical Ket +Mar in male native stubborn stupid cause marital problems In Females it
indicates adamant and struggles of husband disturbs marital life. Jupiter Link gives relief with
remedies. Ketu in between two planets always creates discard in relation matters. Ketu is not a
good planet for progeny matters if linked to Sun or Ven
(Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets)

Effect on Marriage, Progeny

Supports a bondage, Marriage discard, Delink, Progeny Blocked Dosha to be remedied

Afflictions by {MER Druta (Rapid) Vata + SAT Anushna (Cold/Dead) Vata + RAH Visha
(Infectious) Vata}
{SUN Jwara (Fever) Pitta) + MAR Vipareeta (Adverse) Pitta + KET Vrana (Ulcer) Pitta}
{MOO Sleshma (Phlegm) Kafa + JUP Aapa (Water) Kafa + VEN Drava (Fluids) Kafa}

Excretory system, Waste, Nail, Hair, Private parts, Joints Beard/Moustache, Immobility/Pains,
Cuts, Wounds, Leprosy, Itches/Skin eruptions, Piles, Growths, Cancer, Depressions, Suicide,
Insect bites/Dengue/ Chikungunya
Maternal Grand Father (Libra)
Relational Discard (Mars-Rah-Moo-Sat) falling between Ketu and Jup indicate delinking of
Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets

Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet

(Subject to influence of other planets)

Other Persons
Doctors, Lawyers, Painters, Tailors, Handicrafts men, Mutt Adhipathis, Monks, Padri (Pisces)
Vastu-Material & places
Flag shape (Dwaja), Central portion,(brahmastana), Fire element Mica Cats-eye, Multiple-
colour, Staircase, Narrow entries/paces/roads, Rope/Thread, Chain/String, Wick/Candle, Phone,
Cradle, Tailoring, Mud pots, Straw/pipe- Other Places: Medical shop Hospital, Jail, Court,
Anthills Graveyards, Snake holes, Tunnels, Vinayaka /Buddhist /Jain temple, Church
Food Masala
Chinese food/ Roots/Soda Seasoning/salts, Pepper Animal, Birds
Insects, Lizard, Rats, Pet dog, Deer, Elephant, Horse, Mongoose, Squirrel
Tree, Plants
Imperata cylindrica: Darbha Gaddi Thatch Grass, Aloe (Brahma kamala) Banyan, Asoka-Snake
Deity Temples
Who can bless or curse (Saints, Monks, Ganesha) after remedies visit Ganesha temple and
recite Atarva sheersha) (With Mars - visit Hanuman) Sindhoor, Hibiscus (Mandara/Dasavala)
flowers, Horse


Planetary Alignments

Planets are grouped into three categories as shown below:

Karma (work), Jeeva (Self), Deha (Body) SAT, JUP, MAR

Manah (Mind) Maya (Illusion) Mukti (Liberation) MOO, RAH, KET
Atma (Inner soul) Buddhi (Intellect) Bogha (pleasures) SUN, MER, VEN

It is the connection of Jeeva to Atma and Buddhi and Bogha in materialistic senses becomes
destiny maker for which the Jeeva is linked.

If Karma is connected these destinies are due to past deeds and will get at the benefits
appropriate period Bhagya or Bhoga

If both Saturn and Jupiter are linked the Jeeva is supported by Karma also and therefore, it will
be Dharma Karmadhi Yoga.

The Mars link will denote the efforts required to achieve the destiny. The Moon indicates the
changes, the Rahu the illusions and Dangers and the Ketu will reject the materialistic matters.

This metaphysical approach in Naadi is unique approach to study the chart of a person. This will
enable to know the journey of Jeeva, the karma theory behind this birth, and his orientation of

For the purpose of materialistic matters we group the planets: Sun, Mer, Venus or Destiny
Makers: Indicating, Esteem, Eminence for Sun, Intellect for Mercury and Affluence for Venus.

Jup if linked to above any one or more, these factors of destiny are enjoyable by Jeeva in this
birth due to his free will.

If it is linked by Saturn then the destiny makers offer the enjoyable material benefits due to his
past deeds. This is we call it as Fortune.

If Both Jeeva and Karma i.e. Jup and Saturn are linked then the free will and karma are
supporting each other to enjoy these benefits. But there could be something which is obstructing
in getting the desired effects: This can happen by:

Egoistic efforts of Mars A destiny breaker who creates enmity and hardships

The Mental condition The Moon which deprives or changes the effect, which acts according
to the involvement of Rahu or Ketu in the combination

If Rahu is involved, it is the illusions, reversals, and unethical means being forced upon to get
the results. This will be irksome for mind.

If Ketu is involved There will be rejections, dissatisfaction, depression and disputable effects
the significations relating to material benefits. This may force the native to think of metaphysical

Ultimately, to be short, Moon, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu will be destiny breakers. With above
classifications we get the following grouping which is necessary for horoscope analysis.

Jeeva Karaka is Jupiter:

Karma Karaka is Saturn for every other Jeeva karaka, except when Saturn is considered as
elder brother the Jupiter becomes karma karaka.
Destiny makers are, Sun, Mer, Venus
Destiny breaker in relations to Changes, Loss and Blames Moon
Destiny breaker due to hastiness, Ego, Enmity and harassments = Mars
Destiny breaker due to illusion & hardships = Rahu
Destiny breaker due to dejection, disputes, obstruction = Ketu.

When the affluent planets encounter destiny breakers, the matters are subjected negative
effects as said above.

However the Destiny breakers too have certain material benefiting factors which are to be
For example Moon represents distant travel and change and liquid related affluence.

Mars represent power/authority, technical etc.

Rahu represent secret deals, foreign affluence.

Ketu deals with service oriented affluences.

These affluences may have to be logically included for modified results. For instance, Sun
+Moo, The success or Status may undergo change, or father may have change of place.

It is the next planet which will decide the nature of results. Sun +Moo+ Mar may indicate. After
change in status there could be problems. Father after changing place may face hurdles due to
enmity. Parents may face problems due to brother. Of-course these will have to be studied with
reference to Rasi Karakatwas also.

eeva karakas verses Destiny Breakers

When destiny breakers encounter, Jeeva karakas, then the characteristics of the person will
change accordingly. In case of Rahu this may also indicate dangers and disease. Ketu will
make Jeeva karakas immobile and may cause physical problems.

Karma Karaka Saturn verses Destiny breakers:

The destiny breakers will obstruct the karma in accordance with their karakatwa while with
support of Jeeva karakas; they may compel the Saturn to perform such karmas represented by

Sequence of combinations:

In planetary combination, planets in the same sign needs to be sequentially organized degree
wise indicating order of planets. Then according to directions they need to be grouped.
If a planet under study has an enemy planet next to it, it offers its negative characteristics to the
planet under study, and if it is a friendly planet it offers positive characteristics.

Apply this in the sequence of more than two planet combination. For example: Jup + Mer+
Moo, the Moon is a destiny breaker with the effect of cheating and unfocused signification
influencing the intelligence Mercury. Mercury who does not treat Moon a friend will not accept
the negativity and therefore will not give the nature its capricious nature to Native being placed
after a positive planet. But Moon has cheating effect on Mer representing Land. Therefore
Native will get cheated in Land issue.

Moon indicate change, native will have changes in educational matters. Mercury being a friend
being with female planet, the native (Jupiter) will befriend a fickle minded or blemish character
woman. Moon being enemy to Venus the karaka for wife, naturally create problems in marital
life of the native. Jup+ Mer+ Moo combination at the personal level in relation to knowledge
indicate, Jeeva Buddhi, Rasayana Kalaranga. Native will have knowledge and interest in,
Liquids and Arts. However if the Combination is altered Jup + Moo + Mer then there will be
fickleness and cheating activity supported by intelligence from an enemy planet. Thus the native
will be cunning and diplomatic.

One is sequential grouping of planet another is friendship and enmity factor are the Key to study
the combinations. Therefore, we need to understand the relationship of planets.


Rules for Prediction

Before getting into the simplest rules set in Naadi prediction I wanted the traditional astrology
students to understand a few facts about Astrology.

In traditional method like Parasara, Jaimini, Hora shastram etc., there is concept of Bhava apart
from the signs. There are several computational differences in considering the Bhava separate
from the Sings. These Bhava are nothing but the classifications of planetary significations
divided into 12 department of life and are assigned each one to one Bhava. For example the
Mars represents ego (Body) and the Natural zodiac sign commences with Aries as its sign and
the signification of Body is or self that is ego is allotted to Aries Sign as First house. Now as per
traditional astrology each individual has his own traits of Body and self, this needs considerable
changes in qualities. These qualities can change only when the signs are different but indicating
the same Bhava for Body. Therefore, the system of Lagna or Ascendant is brought into
computation for considering the commencing point for different categories of people born at
different places and time. This commencing point computed based on the monthly position of
Sun in different time. This considered based position of Sun and Earth considered in contrast
astrologically. The entire stars and planetary motion is considered in contrast to the actual
spinning of earth in 24 hours. This gives an illusion that every sign is rising at 2 hours interval
commencing from Sun rise for a given place and time. From this reference point as Ascendant
or Lagna other 11 signs are determined and considered as 12 Bhava. However due to elliptical
orbital movements the signs may not have exact 30 degrees span, hence there could be
different lengths for each Bhava, while the signs remain at fixed length of 30 degrees. This
system of computation of Bhava is where there could be some drifting of commencing points
may cause double Bhava in one sign and making two or more signs covering a Bhava.

Anyway this complication computational aspect is not required in Naadi, as the all the Bhava
significations are derived from Planets and studying planets would give all the predictions
covering 12 Bhava. Therefore, in Naadi, the Bhava system and the Lagna are not considered
by experts as they have the logic of interpretation to differentiate the matters of life by planetary
significations. However it is not the ultimate truth. In advanced predictive techniques, this
system of planetary significations is superimposed on the conventional system of prediction and
more detailed reading of horoscope can be derived. For this the present system of traditional
approach is insufficient. There needs to be some Naadi inputs in conventional method of Bhava
system and the dignities of planets are to be modified based on certain in-depth meaning of
lordships. Though many claim having introduced the mixing of two systems, being a half-baked
knowledge based those do not work as claimed.

I want the conventional astrological students to unlearn the system of traditional for a while
studying this book. (No not to discard what you have learnt, but not to compare with what you
have learnt) The present system of analysis needs full fledge knowledge about planets, and we
need to know the matter for which we need predictions. I am now proceeding with the details.

1. First and foremost rule is to select a person to delineate the horoscope or a matter for

2. For this we have given below two tables showing the relationship government by each
planet and matters represented by them.


1 For Male (character analysis) JUPITER Native male
2 For Female (character analysis) VENUS Native female
3 Elder Brother (1) SATURN
4 Younger Brother (2) MARS
5 Younger Brother (3) MERCURY
6 Elder Sister (1) MOON
7 Younger Sister (2) VENUS
8 Younger Sister (3) MERCURY
9 Wife VENUS
10 Husband MARS
11 Father SUN
12 Mother MOON
13 Son SUN
14 Daughter/Daughter in law VENUS
15 Male children Male planets
16 Female children Female Planets
17 Girl/Boy Friend MERCURY
18 Mother In law MOON
19 Father in Law MERCURY
20 Paternal Grand Father RAHU
21 Maternal Grand Father KETU
22 Maternal Uncle MERCURY

1 Education MERCURY
2 Profession SATURN
5 Vehicles VENUS
6 House VENUS
7 Finance VENUS

3. From the above table select the matter for which prediction is to be given and choose
the planet against it.

4. Now cast the birth chart for the person and locate the planet for which you need

Note: Carefully understand this procedure: these are the main rules:

5. Write down the planets in the ascending order of degrees that are with the SELECTED
planet in the same sign.

6. Next is from the sign where the SELECTED PLANET count 5 houses and write down the
planets just next to the planets already noted as per rule 5.

7. Next count 9 signs from the SELECTED PLANET count 9 signs and write down the
planets just next to the planets already noted as per rule 6.

8. Now re-organize or regroup them degree wise. You may any number of planets between
1 to 7 who will are linked to the SELECTED PLANET as per Rules 5, 6, 7.

9. This procedure is simply called planets in 1, 5, and 9. In Naadi planets in these signs are
considered as one group

10. From the SELECTED PLANET go to 2nd sign. Write down the planet in the next line
similarly as you wrote earlier with ascending order of degrees. From this 2nd sign again
count 5th sign and write down the planets. Now go the 9th sign from the 2nd sign and write
down the planets. Now re-group all of them degree wise.

11. This Group of planets is called PLANETS IN 2ND to SELECTED PLANET. This group of
planets in Naadi indicates the plan of action or progress ahead or pushing of matters
relating to the selected Planet.

12. From the SELECTED PLANET go to 12th sign. Write down the planets in the next line as
you did in rule 10. From this 12th sign count 5th and 9th signs and write down the planets
degree wise and re organize them sequentially. This group is called PLANET IN 12TH to
SELECTED PLANET. This group indicates the back ground of the matter or the past
experiences or pulling effect SELECTED PLANET.

13. From the SELECTED PLANET go to 7th sign. Write down the planets in the ascending
order of degrees. From this 7th sign count 5th sign and add the planets sequentially. Next
go to 9th sign from this 7th sign and write down the planets in sequence. This group is
called PLANETS IN 7th to SELECTED PLANET. This group is a modifier to the

14. This entire exercise can be easily down without any confusion by the following method.

Signs are allotted with four directions. Thus Aries, Leo, Sagittarius fall in Eastern Direction,
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn fall in Southern Direction. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius fall in
Western Direction and lastly Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces fall in Northern Direction. Mark in
the Birth chart these signs with Letters, NORTH.EEAST.SOUTH.WEST.

The birth chart taken out from computer is to be marked as shown in the example


We have planets in certain signs and these signs have some direction allotted. The same are to
be grouped according to Direction which is very easy. We have simply make four blocks and
allot a direction to each block as shown below:

This Plus mark tool is a wonder tool for prediction however for clarity we give how planets are
grouped in each direction is dipicted below:

Northern Direction Planets: = VEN +MOO

Eastern Direction Planets = KET + SUN+ MER

Southern Direction Planets = MAR 18 (ASC 5)

Western Direction Planets = RAH 4 + JUP 20 + SAT 29

The symbol Means planet is in retrograde motion

From these groups you have to choose the matter relating to a particular planet to predict the

For example if want to know the character of a male native. The native is represented by JUP.
Jupiter is in Western Direction. In the same direction it has crossed Rahu a planet of Danger
and sickness. Rahu is behind Jup indicating past. That means The Jeeva karaka that is Jupiter
in other words the Native had faced endangering situation in the past. He has some sin factors
attached to him in the past. Next Jupiter has Saturn; Jupiter will face the Karma planet and
hence will have to get into Job that will clear his past sins. 7th is Modifying factor that is 7th group
is East in which KET, SUN, MER are posited. The native will get the spiritual knowledge from
others like father and friends and through them he will also get some recognition. With this
modification he goes ahead towards his end group. It is north which has Venus and then Moon.
The native will earn money and also spends it. He may lose the property also. He may have to
travel after losing money. However we must take 12th sign where Mars is posited Mars indicate
at the backdrop there is some hardships and tensions. This is related to father and brother
because Mars is Retrograde and going towards Eastern Direction where Sun and Mercury are
posited with Ketu.

We need to take retrograde planets into previous sign. Saturn is also retrograde and going to
southern side and reaching Mars. The Native will often face professional problems.

This is the simple method of prediction; where in the significations of the planets are linked to
make prediction.

One more example is given below to understand the combination of planet to predict profession.

Step 1

Cast the Horoscope either with the help of computer or manually.

Step 2
Arrange the Planet in each sign sequentially according to their degrees.

Step 3
Organize these planets according to Directions North, East, South and West in the following

Step 4

Select a Planet in the Group and analyse.

We will select Sat for analysing the Profession (Karma) of this Person.
Saturn is alone in the West. He is in the Sign Gemini. Gemini is Air sign. It is also Trade sign.

Step 5
Now see the 2nd group from West. It is North Sign. Rah alone in North Sign. He is Retro
motion. He will travel towards Sat and Sat is approaching him. That is Sat will carry effects of
Rah is also a foreign indicator and Air indicator.

Step 6
Now see the opposite Group i.e. Eastern direction. Sun, Jup, Moo, Ven and Mer are situated
giving their Karakatwas to Sat Karma Karaka. Sun a Government - Authority - indicator. He is in
Leo - A sign indicating Service. This Sign also indicate Govt. and authority.

Jup is Jeeva karaka - Self-involved in Karma. Jup is with many planets - Many Jeevas are also
involved in this karma. Moo Indicates - Changes - Travel. Ven Indicates Luxurious. Mer
indicates - Intelligence.

Step 7
The opposite group is having a planet in its 2nd Group i.e. south. This would have effect
indirectly on Sat karma karaka. Therefore take the South group planets. Mar is in Virgo a South
sign. It is a Business class sign. Mar is power - Shakti - Yantra Machinery. Mar is also an
enemy of Saturn creating problems. Ket is in Capricorn a South sign. It is an action class -
lazy and slow
Ket is Mukti karaka
Therefore, the Karma karaka Sat is having connection with Retro Rah and in opposite Direction
he has connection with Sun, Jup, Moo, Ven, and Mer and in turn these planets are connected to
Mar and Ket.

Step 8
Combine the Karakatwas results
Karma Air Authority Self Travel Luxury Intelligent Yantra Mukti
Foreign Govt. Jeeva Change Rich Power End
with Defence

Therefore his karma is of Authority Air Travel carrying many people are luxurious and elite
people through powerful machinery which is risky where he may end karma of everybody.
This native is a Pilot.

Since Moo Mar Ket are involved: Due to reasons connected with Mind or Mother this Karma will
Therefore, this person will take up a pilot job and later on changes his profession.

How the Naadi system works

Planets have many significations. By combination of planets, the lesser degree planet will be
approaching the higher degree planet. That is the approached planet will give its Karakatwa
effects to the approaching planet. This will either be good or bad based on two qualities of
approached planet.

1. Whether that planet is an Enemy or Friend to the approaching planet.

2. Whether is it a destiny breaker to the matter indicated by the approaching planet?

3. The qualities of Rasi will modify the results.

4. Similarly a planet in the next sign will give its Karakatwa to the planet behind it. However
there is a mutual link between them. For the planet in behind sign the planet in front sign acts as
planning and future actions. For the planet in front sign the planet in behind sign indicates the
past or history of the matter.

5. Planet in 7th modifies the signification of the planet.

6. In a nut shell, the planets are combined to a selected planet from 1, 5, 9, and from 2, 12 7th
and their trines thereof.

7. The houses and Ascendants are not considered at this stage in the Naadi system. (However
at a later stage of advanced study of Naadi these are very much considered)

8. In this method calculation part is absolutely negligible.

9. Since there are many significations for each planet, with the simple rules the logic needs to
be applied for combining the right combinations to arrive at precise prediction.

10. For example Mercury is considered for intelligence, Business, Sister, Friends and Land etc.,
in applying the Karakatwas we must take what exactly we need to predict and use the right
combination of Karakatwas of other planets to get right prediction. Similarly, the Planet Venus is
indicator of wife and also daughter/daughter-in-law and also House and Wealth. What we want
to predict will be more important and then associate the concerned planet with its appropriate

11. Predictive matters have been tabled and given above against the planets. Simply select the
matter and mark the planet against it and look for directional combination using the direction

12. You can sequentially predict every aspect of life selecting, Jeeva karakas, like native, father,
mother, sister, daughter, Son Etc from the above list and select the material matter using
Mercury, Venus, etc.,

In-depth predictions can be made by enhancing your vision and logic in application of
Karakatwas of planets. It is evident that the predictions are based on only planetary positions
and the birth time factor has negligible influence. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a
horary chart made at the time of consultation, and compare the birth chart with that of horary

You will come across many hidden secrets of delicate nature. You must be careful in not
disclosing the matters bluntly and hurt the feelings of the native. It is better to avoid matter
which would hurt the feelings of the native. Certain clues with regard to health matters, loss, and
other involvement of non-personal nature can be warned.



Jup takes approximately 12 years to complete one round and reach his Natal position. This
amounts to an average stay of 1 year in each sign.
Wider the Gap between them and having More number of planets (Except Ket) between them
ensures good Longevity.
Transit and Natal simultaneous conjunction of Rah, Jup and Ket and Sat will be a matter of
concern with regard to health and longevity.


From 1st year to 12th year - 1st ROUND OF JUPITER CHILD HOOD STAGE
During this period look for position of Sun, Moo (Father and Mother) their economic growth
and environment. This will have a say in up-bringing of the child. Next look for Rah, Ket, Mar,
Moo, Sat in particular and Ven and Mer in general for the Health Matters. Next we look for Mar
and Ket in relation to Mer for his scope of learning. Sat may not cause disturbances in
education but may cause delay or give diseases if ill-disposed either by Natal or Transit

From 12th to 24th Year - 2ND ROUND OF JUPITER

Look for his Health matters as stated above and then:
Give more importance to Mer and its association in relation to Jup which will give the
educational success or failures to the native. During this period Mer being a planet indicating
friends, look for its disposition and see whether Ket is associated in some manner either with
transit or Natal Mer which will indicate love affairs etc., this period will also at times, may have
early marriage by natal association of Jup and Ven without Sat or Rah or Ket influence. Such
powerful combination of Jup and Ven may give early marriage. This period will have a say for
Sat to decide his career. Look for Jup and Sat relation in Natal chart and if this position is well
disposed without any inimical influence, the native may settle down in career, if transit Sat or
Jup associates with Natal position. By looking up at Sun and Moo you can see the position of

Father and Mother at this stage. If family economic condition and environment is good, this
may make the native settle down in life and marriage prospects can also be decided upon.
Certain business community and well placed families prefer early marriage of their children.
Categorize them with the topographical culture and rituals. In general middle and upper middle
class educated and employment oriented families may not hurry up for early marriage, as they
would normally be looking for completion of higher education and settlement in life of their
children. This category mostly will be planning the marriage etc., in the next round of Jup.


This period will have higher Learning - Settlements in life - Financial stability.
Collectively and severally look for combinations of Mer-Ven-Sat in relation to Jup for higher
education, wealth, land, and profession. Adverse combination in Natal Chart may produce bad
results. Transit Jup may try to give some of the good results, the adverse planets combined in
Natal chart may cause obstructions.


This period is of family matters, wealth and properties, position, honour.
Look for Ven, Mer, Sat-Sun, Moo, Ket, Rah. Native may gain or lose in the matters of property,
land, professional, status and honour. Here the assessment should be more on wealth,
property and children welfare matters. You should also look for health matters of family and
native, as this is the stage where the pleasure and pains will tell upon the life of native.
Travels, change of place and philosophical life to be noted here.

From 48 to 60 years of AGE- 5TH ROUND

This stage is of dependent nature, as native needs to consult, depend or at least consider
views of other family members to take decisions. The disposition of Planets connected with
Sun, Mer, Ven, Mar is of more predominance, in relation to Jup, unless the native is having
combination of Jup +Mar +Ven or Jup +Mer+ Sun etc., The property matters has to be
checked at this stage, Ket and Moo with Mer and Ven has to be checked, in relation to, Mar
(Brother), Sun, Mer, Ven (Children), Ket (Disputes) Rah and Ket for diseases.

From 60th onwards-6TH ROUND

Rah and Ket and other combination of disease giving planets. Planets indicating relatives,
wife, children etc., are to be studied in relation to Jup to decide whether he will spend his life
under their care, or study Ket, Sat, Sun etc., to see whether he would lead a renounced life.

Mer + Ven operating at this stage would turn the Native active living and Ket would turn him
philosophical. Plus Sat would lead to Sanyasa. Look for Sanyasa and Moksha Yogas in the
Chart. If exists will tune his life accordingly.


Friendly combinations of Planets in Natal chart would ensure good results by transit of Jup.
Transiting inimical planets may cause hindrance temporary short term hindrances. Rah and
Ket may cause hindrance in their transit during the period they approach a planet and relived
when they move apart from the planet considered in question.

The word transit used in the above paragraphs is a Naadi system for timing of events. This is
separately dealt.

Matters of Life
Please go through the rules of Naadi Prediction. The same rules are now simplified for analysis
purposes. The combination of planets are turned into directional chart a given below.

(Combination in the same sign or same direction which has full effects, if it is 2 nd sign to
the main selected planet then the effect will be 75% and will be of futuristic effect. If it is
in the direction of 2nd (i.e. 6th or 10th) then the futuristic effect is 50%. In the opposite sign
it has full modifying effect and in the opposite direction that is 3rd or 11th sign it has
supporting or withdrawal effect of 50%. In the 12th sign it shows the inheritance or
genetically prone. In the 12th direction that is (4th and 8th) it has 50% of past and the rest
could be due to self-negligence.)

Directional chart

Explanation: For any direction clockwise it will be 2, 7 and 12 directions.

Next sign will be 2nd and its trine will be Directional
7th sign is opposite 180 Degrees and its trine is Directional
A sign behind a sign is 12th sign and its tine is Directional
Same sign is full power Same direction is 75%
2nd Sign 75% and its trine is 50% effect
12th sign is 75% support or back ground its trine is 50%.
7th Sign is 100% modification its trine is 50% modification
These are general prescription; this may vary based on sign and planetary strength for
a given signification.
How to Predict Education?

Education-planet to be selected is Mercury:

Will be bright in studies-interested in Political Science, Social Science and Medicine.

Will have change of place or change in subjects during Education- Interested in Food & Dairy
related-Chemical, Interested in Astrology and related matters.

Will face hardships in education - Breaks - Will be interested in technical related subjects.

Will have successful educational career- Will be interested in Accounts, Audit and Commerce
related subjects or Communication related subjects - Teaching related.

Will be interested in higher commerce-Sales-Administration related subjects - Higher studies
Post graduation etc.

Mining related - Lazy at studies - Slow.

Chemical-Nuclear Physics-Photography or shadow related.

Law-Medicine-Theology-Astrology - Will have breaks in Education.

In most of the cases the Education will be relating to Profession. Therefore, we must see the
professional combination first and the present educational level, before finally advising the
suitable line of education. Sometimes, the person may be interested to pursue different line
of education irrespective of his profession. In such cases, the above combinations must be
given importance and the right educational combination must be arrived.
Normally MER-Aspecting Jupiter will indicate the good educational prospects - We must look
for other combination of planes with Mercury and logically combine to arrive at the right line
of Education.
During these days the education has many branches and it will be difficult to pin point exact
subject. Therefore it is always better to maintain the broad category as shown below to
indicate the Education-Comparing with his professional combination.




The Zodiac signs will also help in deciding the nature of study and work. Please refer to
Orbital providence for more details.

Aries Technical Virgo Trade-Commerce

Scorpio Libra Finance & Market
Taurus Artistic Sagittarius Uniformed related
Gemini Communication Capri Chemical-Mining
Cancer Food-Dairy-Occult Aquarius Philosophy-
Leo Admin-Medical Pisces Religious-Finance-

Note: Please see the significations (Karakatwa) of planets the heading Learning and Earning
which gives some details about the educational matters. These significations along with the
sign significations are to be considered for educational matters. We give below some examples
of Education.

Examples of Education
Engineer 1

Sat 19 Ket 25

Engineer: 1 24-12-1938

Jup 7
Marine Mechanical Engineer
Computer system analyst
Computer programmer
Astrology Author
Moo 8

Ven 1 Mar 16 Asc 18

Sun 10
Mer Rah 25

1. Mer with Sat and Venus linking to Moo in opposite direction

2. Mar and Jup in exchange linking to Mer

3. Mer Retro linking Mar and Rahu Computers

Mer linking to Ketu and Sun in 2nd direction and Mer by Retro Linking Jup, Mar, Rah and
ex-Ven & Ex-Sat

Example 2 Engineer

Jup 4 Sat 20

Ket 16,
Ven 11
Moo 28
Mechanical Engineer
Space engineering
Sun 9
Rah 16 Mar 5
Mer 27

As 27

1. Mer Linking Retro Mar with Moo and Ket, Jup Engineering mechanical
2. Mer with Sun Rah and Sat - Space related application of engineering

Example Astronomer 1

Ket 5
Jup 4 As 25

Astronomer 1
Mer 5
Sun 28 Male: 11-3-1981 10 am -
North 49-07, West 01-05

Ven 12

Sat 4 Mar' 10 Rah 5 Moo 11


Example Astronomer 2

Sun 1 Rah 5 Mer

Jup 8 As 24

Astronomer 2

Male:16 June 1927 at 03:50 am - Mar 13 Ve 16

47n36, 122w19

Ket 5 Moo 15 Sat 10


SUN + MER + RAH = in the same West direction as earlier. Subject related to
Sun - Rahu Vast, secrets to know This having Jup, Mar (Math) and Ven in Next
group indicates expertise Sat + Jup indicate the profession in the same line of
teaching. Ket and Moo being next to Jup and Sat indicates several recognition
or titles. He won medals and was president to several astronomical societies.

Example - Chemistry 1

Jup 0- Mar 2
Sat 19 Mer 28
Ket 25- Ve 27

Chemistry 1

27 July 1881 at 08:45 am Sun24

Rah 25 As 4

MER - in west direction is again western direction indicating research. Mer by

retro connects to Jupiter (Jeeva karaka) then it connects to mars a fury planet
and then Ketu the cell structure and Venus expertise. Then Mercury links to
Sun and Moo Rahu, Liquid of Soul and imitation. This indicates the Organic
Chemistry. Saturn approaching this with Jupiter effect also indicates profession
as teaching in Chemistry


Example Doctor 1

Rah 11 Moo 28

Doctor 1
17 December 1872
at 03:00

Ven 11 Jup 9

MER 1 +
Sun 3 -Sat Ket 11 As 6 Mar ' 20

Mer Retro + Ket + Sun = Doctor. Jup + Sat

Jeeva profession. Rah + Ven is female
orientation - gynaecological problems + Mar is
Surgery. The involvement of Sun Moo and
Rahu indicates the parents also being in the
same line of education and profession

Example Doctor 2

As 20 Mer 21
Ven 3 Jup 4
Sun 21

Doctor 2

3 April 1860 at 05:15 Ket 17 +Sat 27

Rah 17 Moo 12

Mar ' 13

Ket Mer Sun indicates Medical Education. Saturn indicates same profession.
Next sign Moo and Mar having Retro Mercury in opposition indicate the mind
related medical study. This combination of also changes the profession and
Jup Retro Mer and Mar and Moon indicates arts in writing psycho friction
books. He then wrote well known books.

Example Geography 1

Jup 25 Moo 5

Geography 1

25 October 1869 at 13:00 Rah 10

Ket 10

Mar 13, Ven 22,

As 18 Sun 10 Mer 29
Sat 22

Mer, Ket, Jup = Geography - Mer itself is land, Ket is magnetic field of earth
and Jup is Jeeva living. Mercury is with Ket and by retro links to Jup. Jup
linking to Saturn and Mercury indicates teaching profession.

Example - Geography 2

Sat 9 Ket 16

Geography 2

10 September 1937 7 00 AM Ven 18

Sun 24

Jup 24 Rah 16, Mar 24 Moo 28 As 1 Mer 2


Mer + Ket + Retro Mer linking Jup - Geography, Saturn Mar Jup, and Mercury
link made him to write books. Mercury linking to Sun also made him to get
recognition among nobles.

Example History 1

SUN 11 MOO 15
MAR '13 JUP 9
VEN 20 MER 26


SAT 16 25 March 1906 at 09:00 RAH 27

KET 27

Mer, Sun, Moo, Mar - Story or event, of well-known Sun, Mar the events and
Moo the memories = History. The Moon Rahu with mercury made him a
journalist. He was known historian. Naturally Mars Mercury and Sun makes them
to write books or submit papers on this subject.

Example - History 2

MOO 14 KET 3


SUN 11 MER 28 23 February 1901 at 17:45

VEN 25 AS 2 MAR 9

JUP 14 SAT 21 RAH 3


SUN, MER OPPOST MOO AND MAR = History. Mar in Sun house with Jupiter
and Sat linking Sun - Political influence. Jup with Saturn having Ketu and
Venus next group made him to achieve successful synthesis of traditional
narrative history with French social history

Example -Law

MOO 19 SAT 24 KET 29

MAR 22
JUP 4 15 August 1938 at 07:40 San SUN 29
Francisco, California,

MER 19 As 25

RAH 29 VEN 13


house of Mars Ket = Law confirmed. Mer retro linking Saturn and Sun with
Mars and Moo. Having opposite direction Venus supported by Jupiter Retro
gave him highly paid supreme court job. He also made money with other
avenues like stocks and bonds.

Mathematics -Pure geometry

SUN 16 MOO 27
VEN 26 RAH 2 AS 22
MER 28

Mathematics 1

29 March 1873 at 09:00 JUP 29

45n25, 11e53


KET 2 MAR 22

KET indicates drawing Mer and Mar indicate mathematics. Thu the linking Ketu
to Mercury indicates Pure geometry. The Moon link shows the hydro dynamics,
The Retrograde Mars and Mercury with Retro Jupiter and being 2nd to Sat and

Rahu indicates differential calculus etc. The Mer Mars and Sun link also shows
about publishing of books.

Mathematics -Algebra

SUN 10 VEN 18 SAT 18 MAR' 16

Mathematics 2

MER 13 23 March 1882 at 20:00

49n36, 11e01

RAH 9 AS 27

Algebra in its origin means reunion of broken parts. In Astrology Union

signified by Venus. Therefore, Mer + Mar having relation to Venus will indicate
Algebra. However other links may also give details about the mathematics

involved in algebra. NATIVE HAS COMBINATINO MER + MAR + VEN. The

Rahu indicates troubles and Sun
Guidelines the Recognition.
to predict profession Saturn

Saturn signifies profession or work, when you select this planet look for the sign qualities and
then from Directional chart link the planets. The general planetary signification of each planet for
profession is given below and the positive or negative on profession due to combination of other
planets with Saturn is indicated.

SUN Government related Jobs, IAS Officers, Ruling political personalities, Medical
profession, Social Services, Fathers Profession, Medical Surgeon, Social service,
due recognition for efforts and works and Light related.
It also indicates the troubles from officer or troubles in office. Native has to
put lot of efforts
He will ultimately get the success and recognition though not satisfactory.

MOON Story writing, Astrology, Salt related, Food Related, Water related, Dairy products,
Agriculture and irrigation related, Animal feeds, Liquids and chemicals, Dry cleaning,
Fruit juices, Vegetable shop, grocery shop, edible oils.
Moon makes shifts, transfers, blames and travels in profession. Unfocused
efforts are also attributed

MARS Uniformed services, Fire services, Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
services, Metal industries, Mining Industries including Gold, precious stone mining.
Mineral industries, Stone crushing & Granite industries, Arms and Ammunitions,
Agriculture Industries.
Mars indicates enemies in the professional field. It also indicates harassment
from the higher ups or with colleagues. Tensions and unrest are main
indications in profession.

MERCURY Intellectual pursuits, like Teacher, Writer, Mathematics, Accounts, Audit, Commerce,
Business, Publisher, Media, Communications, Public transport system, Brokerage,
Astrology, Psychology, Gardening, and Sports related.
This indicates communication, meeting, training, interviews and business
aspect in profession. A debilitated planet indicates problem or struggle of the
person associated with the profession. It indicates more efforts in the
significations of Mercury matters.

JUPITER Priest, Advisory, Legal profession, Noble post in Education, Preacher, Religious
and endowment related, LIC department, Meditation related. More than One
Planet with Saturn the sources of income will be from different directions as per
the combinations of planet. This has to be assessed considering Karakatwas of
each planet associated with Saturn.
It is a planet of benefactor of profession, hence it will indicate promotion,
progress or smooth running of profession

VENUS Bank & Finance, Performing Arts, Comforts related, Vehicle, Luxury related.
Entertainment related, Beauty related, Visual Media & Music related. Women
Professional matters well organized and it indicates the comforts and benefits
of profession

RAHU Foreign related, Secret related dealings or professions, Atomic energy, Air related,
Poisons Chemical industries, Intoxication related, Explosive related, Shadow
related, Vehicle related, Unsocial activity related, menial works, 2nd hand goods
dealing, Black magic and witch craft.
Rahu is a reversal planet hence, there may repetition of work, and being an
unethical planet it may force unethical activities. It is also foreign, hence
foreign transactions are possible

KETU Handicrafts, Low paid works, Tailoring, Weaving, Spinning Mills, Healing and
medicine related, Occult related, Argumentative works, Wire, rope and pipe
related, Alternative therapy, Faith healing, Other than these, it may cause
obstructions in any other works
This is a planet of depression, dejection and quitting nature planet. The
work may be blocked and mood of working may be spoiled and quitting
attitude may be developed

In general planetary combination will indicate the nature of profession but more precisely it can
be derived by taking sign significations (Refer orbital providence by the Author).
Therefore in these examples we are highlighting the signs participated in different professions.

The Rule: The planet of higher intelligence, Venus must participate. Mercury is a planet of
intelligence which is essential. To bring the applied intelligence to light Sun must be linked.
Moon is mind. The technicality of the matter is represented by Mars. Rahu and Ketu are subject
modifiers. One indicates vastness or space related and the other indicates deep rooted. In
science, knowledge is applied and therefore, one of the Mercury sign Virgo being applied
science must participate

We give below the examples - for Scientists, establishing the destiny direction.

Example 1
A scientist with research subject on Light

Male born on 01
7-11-1888 SAT-28
08 -18 MER
MAR- VEN -10
19 24 SUN-

Mercury linked to Sun in Libra and having Venus and Jupiter in 2nd satisfies the involvement of
Sun and Venus. Moon is 2nd to Venus in Sagittarius. Venus is having Saturn in 9th in Cancer.
Saturn is having retro Mercury in 3rd. Saturn is with Rahu and Mercury by retrograde, links to
All the conditions to become a scientist are satisfied. The Mercury, the planet of intelligence is
linked to Sun and carrying the effect of Sun to applied intelligence and linking to Ketu, the deep
rooted knowledge of Sun. Sun is light and therefore, the subject of research was on light.

Example 2 Scientist
Not only scientist but also a Visionary with Industrial set up

MAR-03 MOO-02
SAT-26 RAH-15

Male born on 30-10-


KET-15 JUP-11
VEN-28 MER-25

The link of Rahu and Moon to Mercury in applied intelligence house indicates the matter relating
to Atomic energy. Mercury is having Sun and Venus in its succeeding signs. Saturn is linked to

Mars indicating the technical nature of work. Mercury indicates the business and Jupiter having
Sun in the next sign indicates success in business. Rahu and Moon linked to Jupiter and
Mercury indicates the business/commercial vision. No doubt this great scientist has established
industrial units relating to the subject of research.

Example 3 Scientist Plants and Metals also have feeling


Male born on 30-11-1858 20.24

MAR-21 KET-12

MER-03 SUN 16 MOO-1608


Moon establishes link to Mars and Mars In turn links to Saturn. Mars represents metals and
Moon the feeling. Moon links to Jupiter and Jupiter by retrograde goes to Aries and links to
Mercury. Ketu indicates root Mercury indicates plant. Mercury is linked to Ketu from the house of
Jeevakaraka. Venus gets exchanged with Jupiter and Jupiter now gets conjunction with
Mercury, being Jeeva karaka, and with the influence of Moon, goes to Atma karaka, the Sun.
Obviously the research subject was to establish that the plants and metals too have feelings.
Saturn is in Sun kala linking Jupiter and Jupiter is linked to Moon and by retro, Venus is linked to

Sign Gemini is Kathana- which means Narration of all kinds. Mercury is knowledge, Ketu
represents de-linking factor. A writer gets the thought and he wants to de-link the thought from
the mind and put it on paper. Mars represents printing and Sun represents bringing the same
to light. Involvement of other planets indicates the nature of such writings.

Example-1 Writer
Romance, Historical, Rebellion, and political stories

RAH-17 SUN-13

Male born on 27-06-

1838 MOO-11


Gemini is having Sun and it is next to Mercury. Mercury is having Ketu in Virgo and Saturn by
retro is linked both with Ketu and Sun.

Mercury is in the house of Venus, who is behind Mercury in the same sign, Taurus, Mars and
above Mars, Venus is posited in the same sign. Venus is the first planet in Taurus to get the
effect of Saturn. In the initial stages, the author was writing on Romance.

Venus is in 2 degrees in Taurus when the combination of planet in 2nd house is considered, Sun
is in 13 Degrees, and therefore, Venus and Sun forms a combination which Saturn would be
encountering. Subsequent works were based on historical matters.

Now the Martian effect starts. Mars is 16 degrees and Ketu falls in 17 degrees approaching
Mars which is an indication of rebellion in nature. The karma planet shifts its activity of writing to
rebellion issues. Saturn by retro goes to Libra and is linked to Sun. Thus there will be a double
effect of Sun i.e. one immediately after Venus and the other is the Suns 5th link to Saturn.
Naturally, the subsequent works had political background.

Example-2 Writer Book based on Problems of Zamindari,

Realistic lives and Rural and urban problems

JUP-27 SAT-7 MOO-9


Male born on 31-07-1880 SUN-16




Mercury is with Venus and Sun and by retro is linked to Ketu. Very next sign Leo has Mars.
Mars is linked to Rahu.

Zamindari means the land holders who used to create problems to the poor. Mercury is land in
the house of Moon and by Retro going to Ketu who is a planet of Bandana. Sun and Venus in
the house of Moon indicate the wealthy persons with nature of cheating and Mars and Rahu link
indicate the atrocities to be committed by them. Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu indicate the low paid
persons or poor persons. This also indicates the realistic lives existed in those periods. Ketu
represents lanes and gullies surrounded by water, which in turn indicates rural areas. Sun and
Venus linked to Jupiter through Moon house indicate the dynamic (Moon being moving planet)
urban people. The works of author were based on the above matters.

Example-3 Writer Novels, Story, Poetry,

Musical play and Patriotic songs

MOO-24 VEN-23 Mar-0.19
SUN-25 KET-24


Male born on 07-05-1861



Mars and Ketu linked to Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is linked to Moon in Pisces and Saturn is
linked to Rahu in 5th and Mercury, Venus & Sun are in Aries to which Mars and Ketu fall in 3rd
sign. There is an exchange of Moon with Jupiter.

Saturn, Rahu and Sun having Mars in 11th indicate the struggle by mass and exchange between
Jupiter the Jeeva karaka, and Moon the mind desiring to go to their own places indicates

Mars, Ketu, Jupiter and Moon before exchange and Mars Ketu Moon Jupiter after exchange
Indicate two types of emotional bondages. To this group Saturn falls in the next sign which is
the house of governing and authority and Rahu influencing in the house of righteousness and
in turn linking to exalted Sun, the Mercury and the Venus. This shows secular riots.

Ketu, Jupiter and Moon involved in the sign Pisces, indicates the religious institution.
Jupiter having link with Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Sun acts as one family and after exchange
Moon having link with Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Sun acts as another family. The effect of
Mars and Ketu, Saturn and Rahu indicates the rivalry between the two families.

Mars, Ketu and Moon indicate critics and the indulgence of Jupiter indicate the author himself.
Saturn and Rahu indicate the illusionary personalities in the work. He has authored a book
where the main character in the story criticizes the poet who is the author himself.
Rahu and Saturn indicate a different religion and Venus represents fruits, having Moon behind
indicates selling. The author wrote a story on fruit vendor of foreign origin. Ketu Jupiter
and Moon indicate the metaphysical matters.

Saturn is in the house of Sun with Sun in its exalted position and in exchange Moon joining
Saturn in the house of emotion all leads to indicate the patriotic works of the author in the
shape of songs which have become regional and national anthem.

This great author has to his credit the works based on the matters indicated in bold letters
above paragraphs. .

The Sun being a ruling class planet must be strong and if it is weak - must be supported by
another exalted planet or Jupiter. Saturn being the planet of Karma should link to Sun and
Jupiter representing Jeevakaraka and also planet nobility must support the combination.

Mercury represents intelligence and Rahu the hard work and maintaining secrecy. The link of
Ketu indicates fame. Mars, the planet of power is optional for a politician to exercise power. The
effect of Moon and Rahu circumstantially change either good or bad nature of the politician.

Example 1 Top politician -President

ASC 20
VEN-14 MAR-22


Male Born on 08/02/1897

SUN-28 15:15 Hyderabad
RAH-23 JUP-15


Planets Moon and Jupiter are linking together. Saturn is linked to Mars who in turn is linked to
Sun, Rahu and mercury. Saturn is also linked to Jupiter and Jupiter by retro links to Ketu
representing Keerti - fame/award/reward. Venus in its exalted position links to Ketu indicating
highest award.

3rd President of India with Bharat Ratna award


Example -2 Female politician with Royal background



Female 12/10/1919 -

RAH-2 SUN-23

Jeeva Planet for female Venus, Karma planet Saturn posited in Royal sign Leo which is a
prerequisite for ruling class. She hails from the royal family of Gwalior. The chain link of Jupiter
through Mercury which is called graha malika yoga involves all the planets related to politics.

She won seven consecutive parliamentary elections. She played a key role in propagating the
party's Ramjanmabhoomi agenda and was considered a hardliner. She remained a BJP vice-
president until 1998.

Cancer is considered as the ascendant of Rama. Jupiter being there and seized by Rahu from
the debilitated house of Moon, Sun Joining Mercury opposing Rahu indicates the relationship
with the agenda of Ramjanmabhoomi. Moon with exalted Ketu and linking to Sun indicate the
Royal credits and the retreat from her children.

Example -3 Politician Short term Prime Minster

VEN-19 SUN-10

Male 25-06-1931 07:00


MOO-6 KET-18

Saturn and Mars are in Leo and Sagittarius. Saturn is directly linked to Sun and Mercury in
Gemini. But Saturn by retro moves away from Sun and falls next to Moon with the effect of Ketu
influenced Mars. There are disputable events and change in Karma.

In the first part of the life he had made name due to effect of Sun and Mercury he was well
known in Congress party. He was also served as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh during the
period of Indira Gandhi. During his tenure as chief minister he has tackled the dacoit problems
and became famous. Mars Ketu Venus Moon represents dacoits. Saturn linked with Sun Mer

and Mars indicate the powered action and Saturn retro linking Rahu blocking Moon the action
taken by the Authority.

Saturn linking to Sun Mercury and Mars has given him the post of Prime Minister Ship and due
to effect of Retrograde Saturn and Ketu approaching Mars his term was short lived.

Legal Heads
Sign Libra is the legal sign and its lord equally represents the sign effect. Ketu is an
argumentative planet. Sun and Mercury indicate Intelligence and righteousness. Jupiter is
human dignity and advisory nature and Saturn indicates the profession.

Example 1 Legal Head


MER-13 SAT-26
Chief Justice Madras High
court born on 13-02-1948


Ketu is in Libra. Sun and Mercury are linked to Saturn, who is linked to Venus. He was the
chief justice of Madras high court. His Grandfather (Rahu) approaches Venus and getting all
the links, his father (Sun) getting links of Mer, Ketu Mars, which also indicate the same legal

matters. Planets, his uncles (Mercury) linking to all the required planets, indicate that the entire
family was into legal profession.

Example 2 Legal Head


Chief Justice supreme court
born on 01-11-1936

VEN-19 MER-6

Sign Libra is linked to Ketu, Mercury, Sun and Saturn. Saturn by retro goes to Capricorn which
is 2nd to Jupiter.

He was unanimously elected President of the International Institute of Human Rights Society
due to the combination of Jupiter, Rahu and Mars. He became the first Indian to be awarded the
Fellowship of University College and was nominated as the Executive Chairman of the National
Legal Services Authority (India), a statutory body, due to Ketu, Mercury and Sun. He authored
the book, The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir - Its Development and Comments due to
the combination of Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Ketu and Sun. Ketu and Sun gave him Padma

Example -3 Legal Head

SAT-8 SUN-23
VEN-27 MER-29

Chief Justice
born on 6-05-1937


Mars is retrograde and goes to Sign Libra and links to Moon. Mars directly links to Saturn, who
is with Venus and by retro goes to Moon falling 2nd to Jupiter. Jupiter is exchanged with Saturn
and links to Venus in Pisces. Jupiter, from his original position, links to Ketu. Mars itself is in
the axis of Rahu and Ketu.

Sign Scorpio is Rahasya (Secretive) Danda (punishment) and Sagittarius is Abhaya, Rakshana
(fearlessness, protection).

Saturn is work, Mars is Parakrama (daring); Sun is governing planet, Rahu (Violence) and Ketu
(Stubbornness). Sign Scorpio is Rakshana.

Defence-Field Marshal


MER-7 General K M
MAR-12 Cariappa

SAT-8 JUP-14
MOO-8 RAH-27

1. Saturn is in Sagittarius. 2. Saturn has Sun and Mars in 2nd house which is another
condition for defence personnel. Mars is linked to Ketu, which satisfies the third
condition. Native was field Marshal.

Example 2 Defence General

SUN-24 VEN-15

SAT-21 RAH-24
General Pran Nath Thapar


Saturn is having planets continuously till Jupiter - Mercury (linked by Rahu) Sun, Mars and the
Jupiter. Jupiter, Mars and Venus are influencing the sign Scorpio from the 7th place. Mercury is
influencing from Pisces and Rahu is influencing from Cancer. Sun is influencing Sagittarius,
where Ketu is approaching Sagittarius. Native was a Defence General.

Example 3 Defence Air Marshal

VEN-14 15 RAH-19

Air Marshal
Shubroto Mukharji


Moon the planet of movement is between two airy planets Saturn and Rahu indicating
Movement in the Air and having Jupiter in the opposite sign of Libra which has Mer and Sun in
its 5th sign. Jupiter by Retro links to Mars and Venus. By exchange, Saturn comes to Capricorn
where Mercury and Sun are posited in 2nd to it. Jupiter Ketu and Sun indicate the Keerti (title or
fame). He has to his credit the title - Father of Indian Air force.

Aries and Leo relate to Government. Libra is a sign of policy -societal transactions. Sun is
Government. Mercury is intelligence and policies. Saturn is karma and Jupiter is Jeevakaraka.
IAS Officers are immediate functionaries next to Ministers. They govern many departments by
making policies in tune with the planning and policies of the respective ministries.

IAS Officer

MOO-14 KET-12


MER-6 Male born on 02-



Saturn is in Libra linking to Jupiter in Gemini. Saturn is linked to Mercury in Aquarius. By retro,
Jupiter goes to Taurus and links with Sun. All the requisite conditions are fulfilled for an IAS

Example -2 IAS Officer


Male born on 08-05-1957


SAT--19 RAH-26

Saturn, by retro, joins Rahu and will get the link of Mercury and Sun. Mercury also links with
Saturn, by retro, from Pisces. Jupiter also links to Saturn from Cancer by its retrograde position.
Jupiter also links to Sun and Mercury. This is a perfect combination for an IAS officer.

Example -3 IAS Officer


Male born on 03-12-1956

VEN-16 JUP-6
17 MOO-22

Sign Libra is participating, having Venus in it. Jupiter is having a malika-yoga (continuous
planets) and is linked with Venus, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. Native was an IAS Officer. From
the vegetative house Jupiter is linking to Venus who is in trade house having Mercury and Moon
in Scorpio indicating agricultural production, sericulture etc. for which the native was a
Commissioner and a Principal Secretary respectively.

Insurance Personnel
Being a house of pilgrims the sign Pisces can be termed as house of Yogakshema (i.e. safety
after relinquishing). Jupiter is Jeevakaraka, Ketu the end of life and Venus is Money. Saturn is

Karma, Rahu is Apasavya karma. This indicates "Jeevanmukti Dravya- Apasavya Karma
(Apasavya karma is done after death) this can be termed as Life Insurance also.

Earlier, Life Insurance Corporation of India was the only organization which was handling Life
insurance. But in the 21st century many corporate and multinationals have entered the life
insurance market. The personnel involved in these organizations might take care of/discharging
duties connected to this particular branch of insuring lives directly or may take up other
branches/departments/functions of the company. Therefore, there could be tricky combinations
in the horoscopes of the personnel working in such organizations. However, with regard to
personnel working in Life Insurance Corporation, we may have lesser complications in finding
the signification in accordance with the orbital providence.

Example -1 Sales Manager in a corporate sector handling life insurance

Note: Study this carefully there are important points in this analysis.

KET-11 MER-13 SUN-6 VEN-5

Male born on 21-05-1978
01:20 - Madras

MOO-12 RAH-11

Ketu is in the sign Pisces. Jupiter is with Venus in Gemini. In the next sign to Jupiter there is
Mars which is linked to Ketu and Saturn is in the next sign. In another way Saturn is having
Mars in 12th linked to Ketu in Pisces and Venus and Jupiter are in 11th. The condition is anyway

The Saturn is linked to Rahu and next Moon indicates a foreign relationship and Moon is linked
to Venus and Jupiter, which indicates Jeeva Dravya. Jupiter and Venus are linked to Mars and
Ketu indicating that this money relates to Deha Mukti. This company is a joint venture of UK
and Indian firms. Not considering Rahu and Moon ahead, the Saturn as Indian company is in
the house of Sun and links to Mercury placed between Ketu and Sun, indicating that this
company is linked to health care products. This is not the first job of native, as Saturn links to
Mercury in Aries and Mars behind, forcing ahead with Rahu, a menial job provider and then
meeting Moon, a changing planet, which links to Venus and Jupiter - indicate that this native
has started his career at a lower level and reached high with his intelligence. He will have
change in profession further in a couple of years and then he will settle down in life after 2011.
It is due to transit Saturn reaching Moon during that time linking Jupiter and Venus. We have
given so many of details to explain that the cosmic plan has to include many matters pertaining
to karma in detail and therefore, the orbital providence will have twists and turns which needs to
be understood and find the means and ways to decode them. Therefore, we need to forge
many methods to find ways and means to link the planets and signs with appropriate
significations to derive at the matter. The famous Naadi rule of linking planets from 1, 5, 9, 2,
12, & 7 is a generalized theory. This helps in generalized study of horoscope. For deeper study
we need to move the required planet through the zodiac and find how they get linked to signs
and influence a planet form the above positions. We need to split or Join the combinations to
get the details. The exchange of planets, the retrogression of a planet is to be considered

Example-2 Insurance Personnel

MER-28 JUP-10
4 SUN-6

Male born on 20-05-1966 18

hrs Chittoor


Saturn is in Pisces along with Venus having links with all the planets in Graha malika. Here also
Saturn is getting linked to Rahu and Moon indicating the foreign relation. He is a Sales manager
in a Joint venture Insurance company as said in the earlier chart.

Example 3 financial planning officer in an Insurance Company


MOO-14 17 MAR-19

Male born on 14-04-1972
22:30 hrs KGF

JUP-15 ASC-28

Mercury is in the house of Pisces linking Jupiter through Moon and Sun in the next house and
Ketu is in Cancer proceeding towards Saturn and Venus. All - the planets and sign -
requirement is fulfilled. This link has definitely a different meaning.

Note the fact that this gentleman is a financial planner for the Company. The intelligent planet
Mercury is in the sign of Insurance Pisces. It is having Moon and Sun in 2nd which are linked to
Jupiter in Sagittarius. Mercury is linked to Ketu in Cancer. Mercury is carrying all the effects of
other planets reaching Saturn who is with Venus and Mars in the house of Sekarana (Taurus
sign of accumulation). The Karma is of Venus, the money, and Mars is spending judicially
having Moon in 12th and Mercury in Insurance house linking Ketu. The funds generated out of
Insurance business are being managed by the native. Let us go further deep to find out why
this tricky combination has occurred here.

At the first place Saturn with Venus and Mars in the house of treasury linking Rahu indicate it is
a bank employment. Now move this bank ahead. This combination has no planet in 2nd sign
but gets the influence of Jupiter supported by Rahu. But, even Moon and Sun also join along
with Jupiter. In the very next sign there is Ketu indicating trouble to Bank. But, due to Sun
having Mercury in Pisces and linking with Jupiter and Rahu indicate the foreign institution back
up lending its name to support the name of this bank. Now let us see what this foreign
company is. Jupiter is having Rahu, approaching, linking to Sun and Moon indicate the same.
Sun and Moon are children of Jupiter and Rahu indicate troubled children; the support of
Mercury behind children is education to children. This institution is engaged in the global
programming to educate underprivileged children. With this institutions support the Indian bank
collaborated prefixing its name to the banks. It is now a joint venture bank handling life
insurance as a different branch. All this history has to be covered and then match the orbital
providence for insurance. That is why we cannot find rules directly applicable but if studied in
deep, every rule will be applicable.

Example 4 Insurance personnel - Area Manger

MER-13 JUP-3
KET-12 MOO-2 ASC-9
VEN-12 MAR-29

Male born on 14-3-1978
12:20 hrs. Jaipur


Saturn, by retro motion, falls in 2nd house to Jupiter and links to Venus and Ketu in Pisces and
by exchange with Sun goes to Aquarius and links directly to Jupiter. The condition for Insurance
is fulfilled. Here also there is a link of Moon, Rahu to Saturn indicating the foreign relation but
this foreign relation is also linked to insurance formula. Sun linking Saturn and Jupiter indicate
the prefixed name of this company of a foreign nation/origin to the name of the Indian company.
Jupiter linking to Sun and Saturn falling in 2nd to this combination indicate the successful Indian
company involved in this business of life insurance with foreign collaboration.

Pisces is the sign of relief. Leo is the sign of Sun (Dhanvantari) Saturn is karma Jupiter
is adviser Sun is medicine Ketu is Mukti form diseases.

Example-1 Cardiac Surgeon

SUN-24 MAR-12

Male born on 08-05-1953
Cardiac Surgeon


Jupiter and Venus exchange places. Thus, Jupiter Comes to Pisces and Links with Saturn and
with Mercury, Sun and Ketu in Cancer. Saturn from Virgo links with Jupiter, Mars and Venus
and by retro links to Mercury and Sun. Jupiter by exchange with Venus links to Ketu, which is
the cause for getting many awards. Sun and Mars indicate Surgery and Ketu indicates removal
of a part and Mercury indicates replacement. The native is a Cardiac Surgeon.

Example -2 Doctor turned politician


Male born on 15-10-1952
Doctor turned politician
RAH-27 MOO-15

MER-12 SAT-25 SUN-

VEN-28 28

Sign Leo has Moon in it. Jupiter by retro goes to Pisces. Saturn, Sun and Ketu are linked to
Jupiter. All the necessary sign and planetary participation for Doctors are fulfilled. Saturn is with
Sun and links retro Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter is in Aries and links Moon in Leo who is 12th to
Saturn. The essentials for politician are also fulfilled. He is a Doctor turned politician with
ministerial posts to his credit.

Example -3 Doctor a convicted criminal

Moo-11 Ket-16

Male born on 21-01-1899 A Mar-5

doctor convicted criminal


Mer-17 rah- Ven-24 sat-

16 27

Saturn is linked to Mars and Mars is having Sun in 7th, in Capricorn, and by Retro, Mars links to
Ketu and in turn Ketu links to Jupiter. The combination needed for a Doctor is perfect. But Rahu
is approaching Saturn, who is linked to Mars and Moon. Jupiter is linking to Ketu which is
having combination of Saturn, Rahu, Moon and Mars. The Jeeva karaka is in the bandana yoga
due to Apasavya (wrong deeds) karma.

He was a convicted fraudster and a suspected serial killer. Between the years 1946-1956, more
than 160 of his patients died under suspicious circumstances and he was found guilty in a
subsequent trial for 13 offences.

Combination for Engineer

Saturn + Mars and other planets will indicate the branches of engineering.

Example-1 Engineer

Ven-11 mar-
11 rah-27

Sun-14 mer-
16 moo-21
Male born on 29-07-1870
Mechanical Engineer

Ket-27 sat-

Saturn is with Ketu and is having Mars, Venus and Rahu in Gemini to which Sun, Mercury and
Moon are in Cancer, which is 2nd to the Venus group. By retro, Saturn goes to Scorpio and
links to Moon, Mercury and Sun in Cancer.

Mars is technical, Rahu is smoke and Ketu is tail. Jupiter having Rahu in the next sign indicate
the number of Jeevakarakas. The planet of profession Saturn not only links this combination but
also links with Moon in Cancer indicating travel. This technical subject is related to something
smoke emitting mechanical device to facilitate people to travel. He was a Mechanical Engineer
in Railways.

Example-2 Engineer

Jup -6

Male born on 01-10-1821
Civil Engineer

Moo-8 Ven-20

Mars, the technical planet gets the link of Saturn and Jupiter by their retro motion from Pisces.
Saturn and Jupiter are linked to Mercury in Virgo. Saturn and Jupiter also link with Venus in
Libra who has link with Rahu in Aquarius. Next to Mars Ketu is linked. Mercury and Venus link
with Mars, which indicates civil engineering. Mars linked to Moon and Ketu in Leo with the
Rahu and Venus effect falling next to Moon who is linked to Mars indicate Railways. This native
has worked as a civil engineer in Railways.

Example-3 Engineer
Mer-2 sat-6
Ket-8 Mar-10 sun-8 ven-

Male born on 22-06-1885

Electrical Engineer

Moo-8 Rah-8

Mars is energy or power and Rahu is hidden. Moon is liquid, Saturn is coal. Rahu is
approaching Mars with liquid behind and coal ahead to generate power represented by Mars.
Saturn is profession, which is ahead of Mars, - indicates the profession relating to Power or
electricity. The native is an electrical engineer. Jupiter coming towards Rahu, who is in applied
intelligence house, having Moon in Libra - indicate high planning linked to Mercury, indicating
the planning in playing. This native was also a chess player, intelligence and planning is vital in
this game.

Astrologers and Occultist

Example -1 Astrologer from Ireland

Mar-8 Ven-27 Sun-10 Mer-0.23

Male born on 22-05-1896


Sat-22 Moo-13

Saturn is Libra linking Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Aries. Venus is linking Ketu in Leo.
Saturn by retro linking Moon in Virgo Sign of Mercury and Jupiter are participating.
He was a foreign astrologer who also introduced his own Ayanamsha.

Example 2 Foreign Astrologer

Ket-28 sat-

Male born on 12-12-1882

Moo-25 mer-26 mar- Rah-28
28 sun-28

Saturn is with Ketu and links to Moon in Sagittarius. Venus who is with Mercury by retro links
Moon. Saturn also by Retro goes to Pisces and links Mercury directly. Saturn, Ketu, Moon
Mercury combinations established. And Jupiter signs are participating.

Example 3 Indian Astrologer writer of variety of novels and short stores, children literature, poems and

Jup-3 Sat-19

Ven-10 Ket-15

Male born on 22-01-1916

Mer-27 rah- Moo-3
15 sun-8 Mar-

Saturn is in the Gemini having Ketu and Moon in subsequent houses. Saturn by retro links
Mercury in Capricorn. This made him an Astrologer. Note the Planet Saturn is in house of
Kathana Mars by retro joins Ketu and links Mercury indicating his writing and publishing. Moon
and Sun link indicate the children and Historical, Social matters. Moon, Sun and Mercury
indicate children also. He wrote books on children literature. Linking of Venus along with Moon
to Saturn indicates the artistic nature and he wrote poems also.

Intelligence applied is equally essential for business; hence Virgo participation is a must.
Libra is the house of Trade either of the houses must participate. Saturn is Karma,
Mercury is commercial, Venus is Money, and Sun is success.

Example-1 Industrialist

Asc-20 MOO-10

Male born on 27-10-1923
17:00:00 Bombay

Jup-1 Sun-10 Ven-

Mar and Mercury are in Virgo and in the 2nd sign Libra Saturn, Sun and Venus are posited. The
combination required for industrialist is satisfied.

A leading Industrialist held positions in RBI, IDBI, Bombay Port Trust, National Chemical
Laboratory etc.

Saturn and Venus with Sun having Ketu in the Aquarius

He was awarded with Gold medals and many awards from various institutions.
Sun linked to Ketu and having Jupiter next to Sun
He was also involved in humanitarian services helping draught victims. He was also involved in
cattle development program.

Saturn, Sun Ketu for humanitarian services and Moon is Milk, Mars is Horn, Ketu is tail with
Venus it is cattle.

Example-2 Industrialist

Rah-17 Male born on 28-12-1932

06:37 Vervela


Moo-21 Sun- Ven-15 Mer-

13 Asc-2 22

Jupiter is in Virgo linking Saturn in Capricorn. Venus and Mercury are in 11th to Saturn. Sun is
hemmed between Saturn and Venus, Mercury.

Rahu from the house of hidden sign approaching Saturn and this combination is linked by Mars
and Ketu. Moon and Sun are approaching Saturn. Jupiter is linked to Saturn. Rahu is
petroleum, Moon is liquid, and Sun is cloth. This great industrialist is known for petroleum
products. Venus and Mercury are approaching Moon, Sun who are linked to Ketu and Mars and
he has also involved in communication and many other business.

Example-3 Industrialist

Rah-18 Mer-4 Sun-2 Jup-10

Ven-16 Male Born On 14-04-1894 Moo-13

02:54 Pilani

Mar-19 Asc-

Ket-18 Sat-

Saturn is in the house of Virgo and is with Ketu. Saturn is directly linking Mercury in Pisces.
Saturn by retro goes to Leo and Links Sun and Venus.

Apart from business this industrialist is known for religious acts. This is due to association of
Ketu with Saturn in business house. The Sun is light, Mars is machinery, Mercury is
communication etc., He has established a big group companies which is one of the top groups
in India dealing in different products.

Rules for foreign travel

Following combination happening especially in the same sign or group will indicate
foreign visits. However sometimes if these planets are found in 2, 12, and 7 or in their
trine also possible provided the planets are strongly linked to Karma or Jeeva karakas.


This wills i8ndicate the Natives intention and opportunities due to his self-effort to travel abroad.


The native will have professional interest with foreign relationships


This may indicate that the native may have some sponsors to visit foreign place or his Father or
Son will visit foreign countries.


The native may have problems in going to foreign countries. He will have problems in travel
also. Or one of his Brothers will have foreign travel. In a female horoscope - if Female Husband
may go to foreign countries.


Female native, Wife, sister, or daughter may visit foreign countries. The native may spend
money for the sake of foreign travel.


Short travels or pilgrims are indicated it can be nearest place though out of country. He may go
on short visit to nearest foreign place.


Native may have some travel work in a nearest foreign place or he may go on short visit to a
short distance foreign place or a may go on short visit.


Father or Son will have short foreign travel or may go on pilgrim. .


Brother/Husband may visit short foreign visit or may face problems in profession


Female native, wife, daughter, sister may have foreign visit of short nature. This combination
indicates blocking and loss of money to native.

Combination should be according to rules. But Mostly Rahu indicate foreign place, Mars and
Ketu may not allow for foreign place for native. .

Examples for Foreign Travel:

Some horoscopes are given below showing the combinations for foreign travel.

The very first example will show the matter explained in the notes in the above rules. Wherein
the native do not have direct foreign rule combination. It has a link through her husband. Please
see the example

Example 1 Foreign visit

Mar 2 Sat 8
Sun 6 Mer 22 Ven 21
Moo 16

Ket 10
Female Born on
20th March 1972
Foreign Trip After Marriage
Rah 10

Jup 12 Asc 9

Native is female hence Planet Venus to be considered. It is in the sign of Mars. Mars is in the
house of Venus. There is an exchange between Venus and Mars. That means there is an
exchange of matters between wife and husband. Venus is linked to Jup that is to her Luxury
matters ( because when you take Venus as female karaka, the Jupiter will indicate the Venus
matters) Therefore her luxury matters are being approached Rah a foreign planet. That is she
has a wish of going to foreign place. This Foreign planet Rahu is in the group of Mars who is
husband karaka. That is Mars + Rahu + Moo. Indicating her which of going foreign is linked to
the husband who has the opportunity of going to husband. This Lady after marriage left for
countries along with her husband.

Example -2 Foreign settled

Sat 13 Rah 2

Born on 22-12-1967 A male

Settled in Foreign
Jup 13
Mar-23 Moo 16
Asc 21

Sun 7 Mer 3 Ven 25 Ket 2


1. Rah + Mer + Sun = Foreign Education success,

2. Jup retro linking Sat = Job in that place.

3. Venus in opposite direction in his own house with Ketu = Small house in foreign
Rahu is Aries having Moon in Leo is 2nd to Saturn who is in Pisces. In the other house of
Jupiter Sun and Mer are placed in the Sun trine. Moon the travel planet is also in Sun trine
along with Jupiter who is connecting Sun and Mer. Jup by retro goes to Cancer and connects to
Saturn. Venus is also in his own house of Sun trine sign and throwing his influence on Rahu.

Example 3 Foreign settled (Education and settlement at foreign)

Moo 6 Sat
Ket 23

Female Born on 15-1-1973

Settled in Foreign

Sun 1

Jup 28 Rah
23 Mer 22 Mar-17 Asc 26
Ven 10

Ven= Female, Mer = Education, Rah = Foreign, Jup Luxury and Success (for females) Sat with
Moo retro, Job travel linking to Rahu is Foreign. Foreign planet is linked to Jupiter (which is
luxury for female and also represents house). She is settled in foreign who have visited for
educational purposes. Similarly there could be other matters for which parsons may visit foreign

We give below the rules for Marriage and Child birth followed by examples for both marriage
and child birth

This will indicate that either Jeeva karaka himself or according to karma he will get married. .
This shows the urgency for Jeeva karaka to get married hence he may get married at an early
Saturn is a delay planet and therefore the event will be delayed
Ket is an obstruction or a wall like planet that will prevent anything material to happen and this
may cause dispute with wife or obstacles in marriage.
If JUP aspects this combination there can be some relief or compromise
It can be either delayed marriage or denial of Marriage. If he gets married the wife will not be
faithful to him.

Marriage and married life: female


Definitely the native will get married.

This combination indicates early Marriage.
These two planets indicate delayed Marriage.
Ketu obstructive, mars is husband hence it indicates obstacles in Marriage, if married, Disputes
with Husband.
If JUP aspects this combination then there will be compromise.
Marriage denial or delayed-If married, will not like the Husband.

Marriage and married life: divorce/separation

Ket being in between wife and husband signifying plants it indicates separation or Divorce.
If JUP aspects this combinationthen there will be compromise.
A planet of illusion and eccentricity being in the middles of Wife and husband planets indicates
unhappy Married life.
If female native
Wife Ill-treat Husband.

KET By aspect or position between VEN-MAR or VEN-JUP or VEN-SAT Separation

Marriage and married life: love/adultery etc.,

It is called a bandana yoga that is love affair. (One planet must be in MER/VEN or MOO house)
If aspect by JUP or VEN
Then Love affair will turn into Marriage.
If aspect by MAR
Mars is like scissors therefore cuts of love; hence it results in Failure of Love affair.
If aspect by MOO
The native will get blame from society.

Sex and pregnancy before marriage & runaway with lover
If JUP aspects this combination
-This will cause mental adultery
Hemmed by MAR & MER Wife will have relationship with lover and Husband.
Hemmed by MER & VEN Will have relation with wife and another Lady.
Hemmed by MAR & MER Will have relation with two Ladies.
Will have extra martial relationships - two wives - blames.
Will have extra martial relationships - earns bad name.
Native will have attraction to other women Misunderstandings between wife and husband
He may have attraction to other women and he may also have friendly relationship with wife.
Native may get mental solace from females.


Wife gets blames from the people helped by her.


Wife will be happy with Lover.
Venus having Rahu which shadows her from the signification of Mars as husband this might
cause her to become widow.


Native will have girlfriend other than wife.

Marriage and married life: denial


Any two Planets aspect will cause denial of marriage for MALE

MAR SAT RAH OR KETANY two Planets aspect will cause denial of marriage. For
If JUP aspects this combination
By remedial measures the marriage can take place.

Marriage and married life: loose character


This combination either in Male or Female horoscope they are loose in

character and can have sex with anybody if opportunity arises.

Description of wife by combination of planets in a male horoscope

VEN SUN a respectable woman with dignity, hailing from good house having qualities of
accumulating wealth, and forgiving nature, she might suffer from biles complaints. She will be
an administrator; she will be a philanthropist, kind hearted and social worker.

VEN MOO hailing from a distant place will be whimsical in nature with an interest in
travelling & arts. She will lend her Ears for hearsay, unsteady in mind and blame-worthy. She
suffers from cold related problems besides undergoing misunderstandings with in-laws house.

VEN MAR Proud in nature not bending to anybody, hot tempered and dominating in nature,
she is very straight forward, at times picks up quarrel with husband, yields to flattery, may suffer
from cardiac problems.

VEN MER Social, fun seeking and good at speech, with a capacity to overcome difficult
situations, and will have a generous quality of treating everybody equally and yet she will be
subjected to accusation and face troubles. Academic qualifications may not be to a marked
degree but will be quite intelligent. In later stages she may develop some skin problems. Her
husband will have business acumen.

Polite, Religious minded and pious with guiding qualities, she will enjoy a respectable status and
will get honour for both side of the family. She may suffer due to obesity.

She might express laziness at times, but she will be inclined to take up some profession or other
for earnings.

This combination makes her very attractive and beautiful, but secretive, sometimes liar and lazy
too. She sums up money. Husband gains vehicles. She will have luxurious life with storied
building to live in. Health may create some problem due to heat and gastric troubles.

Divine contemplating person, interested in gathering money and wealth with charitable
disposition at her will.


A respectable lady with a travelling interest;



Fortune at heights, proud and stubborn does not like to be instructed.


Intelligent and good person bringing honour to both the families;


Her possessed qualities to help settle others dispute with justice and efficiency. She is Bold and
getting help from influenced persons. She may involve in social activities. Her children will have
good fortune. She will have respectable marital home.


With a respectable family background, where in her father must have faced hardships at her
birth time. She may have problems in male progeny to surpass with divine grace.


Father must have overcome enemies and situations of endangering life. This woman is destined
to enjoy more benefits at her marital home compared to her parental house. Unless some good
planet aspects from 5th sign there will be problems for male issue.


Father must have had property litigations in her child hood.
This combination does not assure a significant fortune. It would be just average.


Father must have settled in some other place. She has a variable nature with an artistic bent of


An intelligent woman who likes travelling, though artistic in nature at times becomes adamant;
She will have troubles through elders in the family and even from her brother in law. Her
husband will have change of place and prospers through travelling. After selling a house
property she buys another.


Intelligent enough to grasp things quickly, with a social bent of mind, very active and gains
knowledge in various artistic fields. She will have brothers and sisters. She will visit many holy
places. She loves nature and treats guests fairly. One of her sister will be whimsical in nature.
The fortune of the husband is greatly influenced by her good luck and he will gain assets and
even gets compensate the losses if any suffered by him. Despite he will suspect her due to her
smiling and social nature. Persons helped by her will take advantage of her generosity and
blame her at a later date making her a scapegoat.


A respectable lady enjoys food, will be yellow and red tint complexion. Hails from a good family
background she was born at a holy place. She has the quality of respecting elders and treating
guests fairly. She will have interest in performing divine deeds. She will enjoy wealth and
fortune. Her influence will also greatly promote her husbands prosperity despite some change
of place. She may suffer due to intestinal problems.

Fairly good looking lady with oily red colour, a good house wife at times expressing laziness, will
suffer from cold related problems. After marriage the husband will have changes in career.


This is a very bad combination for wife. She is fair looking will be interested in munching food. At
time her innocent behaviour creates unhappy situations and her husband mistakes her and
rebuffs her causing mental disturbance to her which may even call for neurosis treatment. Her
husband may not have fair conjugal bliss and seeks outside pleasures. He would feel it is his
karma to lead a married life with such problematic wife. The wife should not be allowed to
wander in late evenings in lonely place; water bound areas as they are prone to catch evil


With a good fortune at birth place, she will develop intuitional powers and will incline towards
self-realization and liberation. She might contemplate on renouncing the world. She might
expressively pride and adamant and believes in over cleanliness by dipping in holy water or
sacred baths for prosperity. She lacks confidence in her own doings causing repetitive efforts.


She is good natured wife, quite intelligent and respectable. After marriage influences husbands
luck wherein he enjoys Land, property Etc,


By her good talks can attract anybody. She is Very adjusting in nature, social. She will be
inclined towards artistic talents. Persons helped by her will cheat her. She may suffer from
tonsils. She may have more female issues. After marriage husband prospers with lands garden
and other properties. Her sister or a friend may fall in love with her husband who will be craving
for such relationships.


Though education is average she will have an ambition to continue her education as she is quite
intelligent. Her nature will be good but little short tempered. She must have skipped a marriage
alliance before this marriage.


With an aptitude for talent and fairly good education, she can be a guide or teacher with little
success in intellectual pursuits having knowledge in varied fields. She has a quality to respect
leaned, elders and intellectuals with an appreciable discretion powers. She is social in nature
and will have a fairly good family life.


Quite intelligent & educated, she will be a commercial career oriented woman. She has good
behaviour. Despite the fact that her husband prospers through her fortune, he brings to her
dejection which will further be fuelled from her Mother in law side.


Despite being intelligent she suffers due to fear complex. Her husband will be fortunate because
of her luck. She can enjoy a luxury life. Her husband may face some hurdles due to enmity or
for other reasons which will be solved due to the good fortune of wife.

Gifted with intuitional powers, Inclined towards self-realisation, liberation and renunciation she
suffers from nervous debility. She will be devoted to Lord Vishnu. She may have her name
related to Goddess Saraswati. Her husband enjoys prosperity due to her fortune and will have
gains through green lands agriculture etc.


Very fortunate with name and fame reserved for later part of life, she can be a guide. She enjoys
rich food and luxurious life with accumulated jewellery etc., Luck bestowed at both, birth and
marital places because of her. This fate is destined by her past karma. She may be bit
yellowish in colour turning red cheeks when angry. She will have respects from social
institutions. One of her male progeny will earn name and fame. He may suffer due to excess of
heat and nervous debility.


With a quality to respect elders she is also respectable. She has inclinations to arts. After
marrying her, husband gets promotion, prosperity and gains further by distant travel ultimately
the whole family enjoys prosperity.


Her husband will be stubborn in nature causing her problems, though she is good and fortunate.
This would also result in unrest in family life and affect prosperity. If he modifies his nature
things may change for better.


She will be inclined towards divine contemplation, with fair looking and intelligent. Her husband
is also intelligent, but will have affairs with female and neglects his wife. Even then her luck will
influence him to gain in wealth and prosperity and good career.


She is so fortunate to bring good name and to both her birth and marital place. She has the
ability to teach and guide others with her knowledge and gets name and prosperity in her life.


She will dominate her husband in family affairs. She will be inclined towards divinity. She brings
luck to her husband after marriage that will make him enjoy prosperity and vehicular gains.


Very orthodox with good nature with charitable qualities and helping nature she is a fortunate
lady at times losing her temper and behaving adamantly.


Duty minded thou shall be career oriented. Father must have overcome difficulty at her birth


Work oriented, capricious in nature will be subjected to blames, she will have desires to travel



Family life may have disruptions due to unrest, quarrels and rifts promoting unhappy situations,
but her husband enjoys prosperity due to her luck only. There could be separation due to his
career reasons.


The whole of her luck supports her husband who gets landed gains after marriage. He will have
affairs with female during his course of career and can enjoy profits through commercial lines.


Being a career oriented woman, after marriage in later dates enjoys prosperity, name and fame.


A fair looking woman, might suffer due to problems in cardiac regions but transfer her huge luck
to her husband who enjoys enormous wealth, house properties, vehicles etc., without much


Though her husband survives because of she being fortunate, in the later dates after marriage
when some litigation crops up she is subjected to blames by him for the sufferings and
dejections in career


Father of the native faced endangering situation, before her marriage and overcame the same
at later years after her marriage due to her good luck with which the husband also enjoys
influencing factors.


In general this combination can be termed as fortunate as she is intelligent and brings luck to
her husband. There could have been endangering situations to mother before her marriage.
She may not have co-operation from mother in law even then she can handle the situation.
However, she will not be escaped from getting blames. The person may suffer from cold related
problems and rheumatism. The person is susceptible to suicidal tendencies at desperate times.
Such natives must avoid loitering at night times; water bound places, lonely places to prevent
from the spell of evil spirits, by which the person at times may become mentally disabled.


With little fortune it may help husband to enjoy vehicular gains, but time and again, there would
be arguments, disputes and quarrels in her family life by which the relation between husband
and wife will be strained.


Despite of the fact that both husband and wife can live happily as her general luck would permit,
due to peculiar behaviour of husband she will search for some other source for her pleasures
and happiness and equally the husband will also have extra marital affairs.


With an average luck during the marriage time, it will gradually improve at later years and
promotes prosperity and development.



This combination totally in support of husbands fortune by which after marriage he sees
through great prosperity wealth etc.


This combination occurs only when VEN is having Rah in front of it in the same sign or in the
next sign and if KET is alone in 7th to Rah. In such cases the person is termed as fortunate
except for the reason that some year later after marriage some major problems are to be faced
and subsequently life moves with prosperity.


She is inclined towards liberation, she respects elders and her luck will promote her husband
leading to enjoy name fame prosperity and also from benefits from Government.


Being a good housewife, she enjoys great fortune, visits holy places, and develops artistic
interest and gain knowledge in tailoring stitching embroidery.


She may have obstructions in educational matters. This combination creates disharmony
between husband and wife.


Husband suffers disappointment and later on there will be land gains. He may get into extra
martial affairs. She will overcome some disputes regarding property but later on gains it.


Inclined towards divinity, liberation, with average fortune, having her hands fortune aspect she
can take up career as a teacher or in some medical field.


After marriage will have to face some critical situations and later on situation improve.


This combination is similar to the one earlier stated in the case of Ven, Rah, Ket. This
combination does not permit her to enjoy family life. Some years later after marriage, she will
have extreme nervous debility, major ill health problems. This is not a combination for happy life.


She will be capricious and cunning by nature. But she will be a fortunate lady.


She will be generally good natured. She will be courageous. She will be egoistic and proud.
There will be ruptures in the family life. She needs philosophical guidance.


She is generally an intelligent native. She will have good education.



She hails from reputed family back ground and will be fortunate with the qualities of a guide.
She will have people to receive her command and will be at her service at any time.


She hails from a good family background and she is quite fortunate. She is in general a good
lady but she may not be obedient to her husband. She has the capacity to compete the work
unfinished by her husband.


She hails from a good family. Husband may not get happiness from her and he cannot express
his pride before her.


She will be a miser with fair discretional powers. She will have inclination towards renunciation
with least interest in Sex.

Description of husband in a female horoscope

Husband is respectable and powerful. He will enjoy benefits and influencing factors from
Government. He may suffer from intestine problems. He is an administrator, Kind hearted and
Philanthropist a social worker.

Husband will be a good person. He will have extensive travelling. He will be interested in
Liquors and sexual affairs with other women. He may be brass eared, unsteady in mind, artistic
may earn ill fame and he is blame-worthy.

Husband will be inclined towards commercial aspects. Female folk will try to cajole him and he
enjoys such treatment from other women as he does his with his wife. Intelligent, fun seeking
and soft spoken.

Husband is respectable, educated person. He will be emotional in nature. Religious minded with
good qualities.

Husband enjoys prospects only after marriage. He will be harmonious and pious in nature and
loves to be luxurious.

Husband will have average education. Before marriage he might change his profession and
after marriage gradually settles up in a good career. He enjoys prosperity. He may have an
elder brother. He may be in technical line. At times may act lazily.


Husband in general a good person. At times he becomes emotional. He will worry for petty
things. He suffers due to his greediness and lacks discretional power. He may be secretive and
at times may be lazy and liar.

Husband will be inclined towards metaphysical world and relinquish mundane activities but
however, the quantum of attachment towards worldly affair and saintly life is a matter of debate
as he is inclined towards liberation.


He is a respectable person. He will have travelling aspects and gains prosperity. He will be a
proud man and looks fairly good.


Husband hails from a good family. He is quite intelligent. He will be short tempered. He has
some discretional power. He will maintain harmonious relationship with other members of family.


He will have gradual progress in his prosperity and as the time passes he will gain influencing
factors from Government related matters and enjoys prosperity. He will be proud and egoistic.
He does not like others rebuffing him. He is short tempered. He enjoys good status in
comparison with others in the family. He desires to associate with big people and enjoys
respectability honour in social circles. He will have persons to serve him. He will have vehicles.
He respects elders. Helping others is a choice of his will.


He will be generally a respectable person with good fortune. He will develop egoistic nature as
he grows wealthy. After marriage he will improve position, status and prosperity.


He will enjoy a good career with good earnings only after 30 years of age. He is in general


He will be adamant in nature and self-boasting type. He is fair looking. Only his wife can calm
him whenever he gets angry. In spite of this he may encounter strained family relationship due
to his uncontrollable angry mood. He will also pose problem to his father and brothers.


He will have inclination towards metaphysical world. He may have career related to
Government. However his activities will be of renouncing nature. His wife will have to
compromise and adjust with him otherwise there will be family disrupt.


He will have extensive travel. He will have average fortune.


He will be good speaker. He will have travel related career. He enjoys landed property gains.
He can also work in food grains department or any such related field. When he gets angry and if

his wife abandons him, he will get cajoled by some other women. He will not be having dearth
for sexual pleasures.


He will have artistic knowledge. He enjoys prosperity after marriage and he will also have
change of place.


He is intelligent, fortunate and by nature a good person. He will have artistic bent of mind. For
his career he may choose to be an Architect, Financier or he can deal with luxurious and
beautification goods. He is whimsical in nature.


He is basically a good person but not of duty minded. Unfortunately he gives up many
opportunities in life and ultimately ends up doing odd jobs. He is also subjected to blames and


He will be a fair looking person. He will have artistic bent of mind. He will have to overcome
endangering situations in water bound areas while travelling etc., He is a brass eared person
and yielding to such ear bites by others and due to his poor intelligence and lack of discretion
power he even abandon his wife. Ironically, both husband and wife together will revenge upon
the person who interferes in their family matters. This combination indicates late marriage, slow
prosperity. Wife may get bored up with him and seek happiness from other source neglecting
her husband. Husband will be inclined towards liquor habit.


Wife of the native suffers due to late marriage and with difficulty when marriage takes place,
there may not be family happiness due to dejections etc.
Her husband will be an intelligent person, quite knowledgeable, enjoys considerable degree of


Husband will be a good speaker he will be a fair looking man. Besides his formal education he
will gain knowledge in arts. He will have affairs of love. He may have extensive travelling career
and may relate to decorative and luxurious materials.


Husband will be intelligent will have good education, enjoys respectable career, enjoys social
status, will have association with learned people. He is an active person with generosity. He is
capable to set right disputes and misunderstandings in family.


He will be an adjustable person. He will have friends from both sex predominantly female
friends. He will attract people. He will enjoy career with additional income. He also speaks well.
Ultimately he is a fortunate person with vehicular gains.


Husband will be intelligent and will have more than two sources of income. He may also be
inclined towards commercial pursuits. He enjoys great prosperity.


He is quite an intelligent man. At time he may behave like a mad man. He must have surpassed
an unpleasant situation with regard to marriage after which this marriage will take place and life
gets settled. For this female native if marriage takes place before 28 years of age there could
some situation where in she may not be able to adjust with one man and may have to seek
second man in life.


In this case both husband and wife would have had some affair with opposite sex which failed
and this marriage took place.


Husband will be a capable person with courage. He enjoys good fortune with a career in
Government related fields. He is fair looking.


He will be respectable person. He may have career in medical line. He has an artistic bent of
mind. He enjoys prosperity at different/distant places.


Husband will be respectable and inclined towards commercial line. He will enjoy social status.
He will excel his wife in intelligent.


He is an intelligent man. He loves his wife. He enjoys prosperity because of his wifes fortune.
He is very nice at talk. He will gain knowledge in secret things.


Husband will be inclined towards the path of righteousness and can become guide and earns
respect in the society. He is adjustable, affectionate, social and pious in nature.


He will be generally a good man. He is a bit greedy. He will have bad association. He may have
some bruises in the body needing surgical treatment. It is better to perform Mrithyunjaya Japa
for survival.


Generally he is a good person with in inclination for charity. He is of metaphysical thinking. He
has helping hands for needy. He will be in the path of liberation. He enjoys good status in


Husband will be a man of patience. He is a pious man. He is also a good speaker. He enjoys
good position and respectability after marriage. He is from a good family.



He enjoys fortune after marriage. There will be some changes before attaining prosperity. He is
a person of artistic nature. He can deal in financial transactions.


Husband will be a good speaker. He enjoys social status and he is amicable in nature.


He will have good affection towards his wife. He enjoys good status in life. He has a fair fortune.
His wife will be proud by nature.


Female native becomes a career woman after marriage and her husband is generally a good


Husband enjoys luxury. He will have good fortune. He may have his career related to wheel
machinery etc., He may gain vehicles etc., but there will be family disputes.


He will be a good person. But he may cause some irksome situation to wife. He may at times
feel relinquished. Ultimately she may not be able to enjoy a happy family life.


Husband will have career of average but respectable one.


He will have career related to extensive travelling.


He may have inclination towards commercial lines which may not bring him much prosperity. He
can have general fortune.


He will have career as Manager, teacher, guide or an engineer or such equivalent positions. He
will enjoy respectable career.


After marriage he will gain great financial prospects good career connected with large
establishments. He is a good natured person.


In spite of having a good wife, he may not enjoy significant prosperity. He will be at times lazy.
There will be a disparity between work and returns. It is advised for him to meditate on Lord


He is fair looking person. He is a good man. He does not heed for advices. He may not have
any specific career. He may have knowledge in tailoring, weaving. But never sticks to a job
which often ends with a quarrel. This person has no guaranteed career.


He will have erratic nature. After marriage his father in law may have some suffering.


Husband is not a good person. He will have bad habits. He will have much travelling aspects.
He has a nature to humiliate his wife. He often regrets for having married this person. Husband
may also have to live separately from his wife. At times he will lose his balance of mind and
behaves abnormally. Totally there will not be a cordial relationship between husband and wife.
After marriage her mother faces some suffering. It is better to perform Navagraha shanti.


Husband is quite an intelligent person. There will not be mutual trust between husband and wife.
At a later date wife may have to seek extra marital relationship to satisfy her pleasures.
Husband will have activities in a big concern he will be adamant by nature. There will be
disputes in family life.


Husband will be a fortunate person. He enjoys his luck and luxury with vehicles. But between
husband and wife there will be rupture in family matters. MAR RAH shanti is must to enjoy fair
and happy life. Maha lakshmi pooja is also essential.


Husband will have a career pertaining to Light and shadow related like Photography, computers
and machinery side. He is in general a fortunate person.


This combination is possible if Mars is with Rahu in a sign and up to Dragon tail no other planet
is placed in any successive sign. Such native will not have a fair relationship with husband for a
period up to 9 years.


Husband will turn towards spiritual liberation. He may have Government related prosperity.


Husband will have metaphysical attitude and renunciation mentality. He is capricious by nature
and he may keep himself away from family.


Husband will be intelligent and will have literary knowledge. But wife will go selfish and self-


Husband comes from a good family. He will have inclination towards divinity. He will be of
helping nature.



He will be of orthodox type. He will have delicate mind, will have secret knowledge. He will be
stingy and accumulates money.


Husband cannot enjoy any significant or specific career.


Husband will be inclined towards the path of liberation and salvation.


It is an indication of male progeny prospects

This combination indicates female orientation in progeny matters.

Problem to get Male Child or Child short lived.

Problems in getting children for female or wife

Obstacles health problems or gynaecological problems

Obstruction in having a child

Males Sperm Count will be less- Wife may not conceive. .
Even if she conceives abortion may take place.

In Same Pada of a Nakshatra chances are remote to have progeny

Delay in begetting Children

Examples - marriage-married life and child birth

Example 1 - Married happily with children\

Jup 2

Moo 10 Ket 3 Asc 9

Born on 14-11-1953
Female Happily married
with children
Rah 3

Mer 29
Sun 28 Ven Mar' 15
10 Sat 10

Despite Saturn being in the same group of Venus, he did not delay the marriage as there are
two enemy planets affecting him. That is Sun and Ketu. This opportunity Jupiter tried to utilize to
give early marriage by linking Venus through his Retro position from Taurus. However despite

the weak Saturn some delay cannot be avoided and therefore native got married at the age of

Jupiter linking female planet Moon in Aquarius and by retro linking to Venus another Female
planet But Due to presence of Sun the Venus effect could not be positive. Where the Sun effect
along with Mercury which has become male due to Suns proximity has given him two sons and
one Daughter

Example 2 Married with 3 male and 1 female child

Sun 2 Rah 12

Mar 16
Female Born on Sat 9
Mer 2
17 Mar 1947
Married happily
with 3 male and 1
Ven 20 female child

Asc 26
Moo 24 Ket 12
Jup 4

Jupiter and Saturn both are linking Mars by retro. The strongest among them will decide early or
delayed marriage in the female chart. Here Saturn is in enemy house, Jupiter by retro that is
the place from where he links Mars is also enemy place. In such circumstances the marriage
neither delayed or it will be too early. The native got married at her 25th year. Venus will be
having Rahu effect and behind it has Moon. This makes her doubting character which will cause
small disturbances in marital life.

Jupiter is linking 3 male planets Sun, Mer and Mars. Due to retro effect of Mercury there will be
a gap for a 3rd male child. Venus the female child Indicators is in Saturns house Capricorn
which Saturn is aspecting from Moon house. This caused a delayed female child.

Example- 3 Love Marriage No Children


Rah 13
Sat 25

Male Born on 13-

12-1968 Love
Marriage No
Asc 4, children
Moo 29
Ven 10

Jup 10
Mer 1 Sun 28 Ket 13
Mar 27

There is an exchange of houses between Jupiter and Mercury by which Ket will be linked to
Mercury and this will lead to a love affair. Jupiter linking Venus with these Mercury and Ketu will
result in Marriage. Thus this is a love marriage.

Child birth:

Ket and Mars link to Venus, Rahu and Saturn both afflicting Sun- indicates problems with
progeny for both and female. Thus the native deprived of progeny

Example- 4 Love Marriage No Children

Mer 22 Ven 1 Sat

Asc 23
Sun 16 14 Mar 23

Rah 18
Female born on 30-03-
1970 Love marriage No
Ket 18

Moo 13 Jup 10

Complex combinations leads to logical thinking and will help in giving wonderful
prediction in Naadi astrology. This is one such example.

In the house of Sun planet Ketu is posited having Mars next to it. This is having link of karma
karaka Saturn that is driven by the female native with a fickle nature. The leader of this house
Sun is with Mercury now making the connection as love and an affair. The entire Dram is being
seen by Jupiter by direct and retro motion confirming this as marriage as Mars is involved in
Suns house.

The Naadi Rule says if Moon is involved the native will run away with lover and if Jupiter
supports will get married to the lover.

Moon is involved here. This native was in love affair and then eloped with him and got married.
Note the sing of temples Pisces involved with affair of Love. They got married in temple.

Child birth:
Saturn is Dispositer of Rahu and is with Ketu. Jupiter is being eclipsed by Rahu. Both Jeeva and
Karma are blocked to for the purpose of progeny as the progeny planets Sun is with Mercury in
Jupiters house while the Jupiter having no strength to support male progeny. Similarly Venus is
in enemy sign with enemy planet moon Ket and Mars an abortive planet. Since Rahu supports
secret affairs and also a planet that makes a person to suffer for previous karmas it allows
affairs and bondages and gives troubles in those matter.

Example: 5 Marriage 1st Marriage failure, 2nd Marriage twin birth children

Mar 4
Ven 9

Mer 10

Asc 1 Jup
Ket 21
Female Born on 8
13-05-1979 First
Marriage failure 2nd
Marriage Sat 13
Rah 21

Moo 12

Most important observation in this horoscope is Venus is hemmed between Mars and Mercury
and this combination is supported by Sun who is the Dispositer for Saturn and Rahu. This is an
indication of Mars being afflicted by Rahu and Saturn getting the support of Mercury. But Mars
is in his own house, and Rahu from Sun house is not powerful enough to kill the Mars. But it will
isolate the Mars and Saturn with the help of Mercury meets the Venus.

If Jupiter participates in this combination, there are two alternates:

1) The marriage alliance may come closer and get dropped. Saturn may perform late marriage
which would be good for the native.

2) The marriage may be solemnized, but it will be short lived and end in divorce. Then Saturn
may perform 2nd marriage which would be fine.

Let us see if Jupiter is participating to celebrate the Marriage:

Jupiter is in the house of Cancer and in no way links to Mars. It is here we should see the
importance of Dispositer changing the situation. Jupiter is exalted in Moon house and the Moon
is in the house of Venus. Venus is the Dispositer of Moon who is hemmed between the planets
as stated above. It is an indication that Moon as a mother being in the house of Marriage Libra,
influencing the Venus for marriage. But this Moon is linked to Ketu which is indicating the
separation. That is this forced marriage through mothers urgency is destined to break as it is
going against the Karma.

This marriage took place at an early age, and the same day evening the girl was ill treated by
husband and sent back. The divorce case prolonged for over 5 years and ultimately divorce was
granted to the girl. Saturn was ready to perform the 2nd marriage as per Karma, and the 2nd
marriage took place.

Rahu effect is blocked by Sun being in exalted sign and Rahu itself in the Suns house. Normally
Rahu or Ketu will not affect their sign lords. This is the rule. Sun is with Mercury and Mars in a
strong male house. Therefore, the native delivered twins one male and another female due to
Sun Mer and Venus combination.

Example: 6 Love affairs failed Love affair had physical relationship

marital life spoiled.

Moo 20 Mar-14

Ket 22
Female - Born 7th Oct
1960 Lover failure,
Martial life spoiled - Pre
marital physical relation.
Asc 7 Rah 22

Sat 19 Mer 14
Sun 21
Jup 4 Ven 19

Mer Ket if indicates Love affair the Mars breaks the love. Here in this case this is what
happened. Unfortunately both Jupiter and Saturn are in opposition but eclipsed by Rahu.
But the Moon is having the secret planets association and opposite to it, there is a meeting of
male and female with intimate planets Mer and Ketu. This indicates secret affairs and two
bodies meeting with bondage. Especially when Ven having Ketu in front and Mars at the Bank
having Mercury attached to Mars and if this having link to Moo Rahu. It indicates physical
relationship before marital sanction when this combination does not have Saturn or Jupiters
direct linking factor.
We can give you more detailed narration about the physical relationship, however to be
maintain the dcor and serenity of the work, we restrict ourselves to the above narration.

If you go through the kawakawa of planets you can easily find out the deeper meaning of this
type of combination.

The Ketu affecting Venus and Mercury affecting Mars and this combination not supported by
either Saturn or Jupiter, instead affected by eccentric Moon (that is Rahu + Moo) results in
marital unhappiness.
This has spoiled the marriage life of native.

Example - 7 Delayed marriage: - Wife is sick

Sat 13 Rah 1 Asc 20

Mar' 2
Moo 1
Male Born on 3-01-1968
Delayed Marriage Wife
Jup 12

Mer 22
Ven 8 Ket 1
Sun 19

Saturn Venus link is delayed marriage which is evident being in the same group. Next group
Rahu apart from it has Sun an enemy planet and Jupiter is also not good for health. This has
caused wife to be sick. Venus hemmed between Sun and Ketu this is another point of ill health
problem. Ket is linked to Mars and Moon. Ket Ven both are in the urinary and ovaries signs. This
is indicating gynaecological problem.

Example 8: Marriage denied illicit relationship


Sat 29 Moo 7 Asc 14

Rah 9 Mar-29
Female Born on 24-08-
1970 Marriage denied
illicit relationship
Sun 7 Ket 9

Mer 3 Ven
Jup 8

Mars is totally blocked by Rahu effect behind and Ket Sat effect in front. He cannot reach the
female native Venus who is in the opposite direction which as a matter fact should have helped
Mars to reach Venus but Venus has Moon an enemy with it and Mer an enemy to Rah. This has
prevented the Marriage.

At the back drop of debilitated Venus there is friend and mental pleasure. Rahu is linking
through Jupiter Retro and certifying secret enjoyment with a friend Moon, Rahu, Mercury.
Jupiter helps to maintain the secret and also sanctions to proceed with unethical bondage.

Debilitation is a state of mind of the Venus which is with moon who is also going towards
debilitation. They will be craving for low level mental satisfactions.

Example 9 - ill-treatment by husband - Divorce

Sat 2

Mar' 1 Ket 17

Female - ill treatment by

husband - Divorced
Rah 17
Moo 7

Asc 9 Sun
Jup 14 9 Mer 21
Ven 25

Mar has Sun and Mercury in front of it Sun is of authority and Mer an enemy will restrict his ego
and authority. Besides this in Front there is Moo Rah combination of eccentricity. Behind there is
adamant and restrictive effect through Saturn and Ketu. Thus Mars is totally a sadistic person.
He exercises all these on Venus posited in front of him in the same sign. She suffered for all the
atrocities done by him. Later on she had to resort to Divorce. Planet Ketu and Rahu with Saturn
effect is the cause for divorce.

Example 10 Husband Characterless - Forced wife to go to others:


Ven 12 Rah
Moo 25 As 10

Sun 29 Mer
2 Female Born on 13-3-
1948 Characterless
husband. Forces wife to
go to others Sat 24
Mar 27

Jup 4 Ket 22

Ven Rah Sat Mar = Wife secret karma and troubles. Back drop Moo opposite Mer Ket Sun,
those who are rich and want friendly affairs. Mar is Retro and Saturn is also retro. That is
husband follows this profession of pleasing high class people with woman pleasure. Venus is
also his wife. Therefore he even uses his wife for this purpose.

Only in Naadi astrology these sorts of secrets can be predicted. However we warn you not to
reveal such predictions to clients as it may cause problems to them and also to you.

Naadi medical astrology - combination for diseases


Sun and Moon are light planets and Saturn is darkness. This may cause diminished sight and
it may gradually lead to blindness.
Rahu is a shadow planet and it casts its shadow on light planets Sun or Moon. This will cause
troubled or defects in eye sight.
Ket is a planet of pulling or contract effect. This cause small eyes or squint, depth and life less
eyes (Ket signify death). They mostly do not see eye to eye contact but sees sideways.
Venus Moo it indicates Beautiful eyes, Rahu Moon or Venus big eyes
Rahu indicate the external part of Ears, Mercury indicates the hearing sense. Rahu is an
eclipsing planet therefore; the sense of hearing may get eclipsed. However if Mercury is
afflicted hearing may be impaired or cause deafness. .

Generally it will be exposed nostrils which may look ugly. Intensity is reduced if either Rahu is
blocked or Jupiter is supported by other planets.
There could be some twist or dent which may look little disfigured nose. It may look differently.
The nostrils may be small or the nose may be small. The bridge of the nose is not prominent.
Running nose or quick cold catching
Nose making irritating sound of suction at regular intervals

Infections to throat or harassing voice
Hormonal defect connected with throat or thyroid defects


Tooth ache or tooth decaying. Weak tooth
Gaps between teeth or uneven teeth, protruding ugly teeth

Quick infections and weak teeth, fall of teeth

Skin diseases due to allergy
Black marks on body
Red marks or pimples type on body
Skin related problems
MAR is Blood cells; affliction by enemy planets creates blood related problems
Polluted Blood
Defective Blood circulation
Impurity of Blood
Blood pressure



All of them are kafa planet; therefore there will be more cold related problems. This will cause
breathing, lungs and sinus problems. .
Breathing problems

If Saturn or Rahu is involved the problem will be chronic or serious.




Heart diseases due to Blood related problems
Heart diseases due to irregular habits and due to past deeds
Heart diseases due narrow valves or deposits in arteries
Heart problem due to Blocked blood cells or thickening of blood and also valves problem
Heart problem erratic blood flow and blood defects
Heart attack or stroke
Heart seizure or stroke
(Diabetes, Uterus, Urinary infection Kidney/Bladder problems)

(Rheumatic pain and related problems)


In the same sign or direction Piles complaint is possible.

If MOO is also involved leads to Cancer

Spinal cord problems

Accident prone or sudden sickness which may cause seriousness leading to surgery

Immobility due to sickness or hospitalization

Suicidal tendencies or attempts even may die
Suicidal trial out of fear may withdraw or dramatize by self-hurting.

Mental imbalance or eccentricity
Combination in the same sign or direction or having in

Examples of diseases
Example: 1 -Heart Problems

Mer 2 Ven
Sat 5
9 Sun 24

Rah 5 Mar
'16 Jup 28
Female Born on 8th
Jun 1914 Major Heart
Ket 5

Asc 26
Moo 16

Whenever there is a link of Saturn and Moon it is an indication that there will be health problems
due to past Karma. In this case Saturn and Moon are in opposition. Then the Karma karaka
Saturn is linking to Rah and Mars and Jupiter and in opposition to Rahu and Mars there is Ketu
who is linking to Sun and Mercury who are with female body karaka.

It is because of the Karma the native (Venus) had to suffer the heart problem. Jup as Jeeva due
to own uncontrolled mind Rah, Mar in Moon house with Jup, has supported the karma to
aggravate the disease, which has resulted in heart transplantation. Sun and Ketu represents
removal of heart. Mars and Rah in Moo house Links Ket indicate transplantation.

Example 2 Deafness or Diseases of Ears A Sculptor

Ven 3 Jup
Mer 22 Sun 18

Ket 14
Sat 27
Male Born on1st
May 1860. Famous
Sculptor Deaf at the
age of 5
Rah 14 Moo 17


Mercury not only hemmed between Ket and Saturn and it is linked to Rah as Mer at 22 degrees
has crossed Ketu which is 14 degrees and therefore Rahu will have influence on Mercury.
Mercury is also in a debilitated sign. This has made the native deaf. Sat is with Mer and Ket
having artistic planet Moo in 2nd group. Mars is stones and Sun exhibition. This combination is
having Venus and Jupiter link in opposition. Ketu is Chitra, Mer Buddhi Sat is Karma. Chitra
Buddhi karma and Mars is Shilpa Moo is Kala, Sun is prakasha thus it is Shilpa kala prakasha
Venus is Sringara Jupiter is Jeeva. It amounts to Chitra kala Buddhi, Shilpa kala prakasha
Sringara Jeeva. Thus this native a Sculptor

Example -3 Blindness

Jup 18

Mar' 29 Rah 18

Male born on 9-12-1608 blind

Sat 9
Ket 18

Mer 19
moo 23
Sun 29
Ven 27
Asc 27

SUN Afflicted by Rahu from Cancer, With Saturn effect Ketu afflicts Moon in next sign that is
with an Enemy planet Venus. Jupiter by Retro brings the effect of Rahu. Both Sun and Moo are
afflicted by non-light planets. This is the chart of man who became blind.

Cold Related Problems

Moon is the planet indicating cold: Moon combination with Jup will indicate cold related
problems to Male native. In female the Moon combination with Venus will indicate this
Based on the other planets and Sign combinations different diseases relating cold are decided.
The sign significations, their humour whether Fire, Earth, Air, Water, the body portions, and the
dignity the planets gets in that place (Exalted, Debilitated, Friendly, Enemy sign) are all to be
considered in arriving at the diagnosis of particular disease.

Complicated case related to:

Example: 4 Sinus, Asthma, Head ache, Cancer

Ket 13 Jup 2

Mar 2

Female Born on 6th Feb 1978

Ven 27 Sun
24 Moo 11 Sat 4
Mer 9

Rah 13 Asc 18

It is a female horoscope. Moo is with Ven in Sat house. Cold problems confirmed.
Rah is Links Moo; It is a chronic undetectable allergy case. Rahu from Mercury house and Mer
also with Moon indicate this undetectable allergy. Saturn by retro goes to Moon house that is an
Air plane in Water place and Links Ven, Moo & Mer. From Cancer the Retro Saturn gets
connected to Ketu in Pisces in water sign. Mar representing Bone marrow is also in water sign
afflicted by sat combination. Mar by retro goes to Mer house which is his enemy place. Sun is
also participating in the entire combination.

Sat Air, Moo, Water, Mer & Mar allergy, Ketu Blocking, all these have resulted in chronic asthma
and Sinus. Cancer represents, Lung and Mar there represents chest bones. Sun representing
fever & Head and Ketu representing pains and wounds and growth has resulted in first
diagnosis as tuberculosis. This is because the involvement of Rahu a planet of confusion and
Maya. Jup is also retro in Mercury house & gone to Taurus and links Ven & gang. Jupiter when
in Mercury house gets the effect of Rahu. Due this the first Doctor has failed in right diagnosis.
By retro Jupiter goes to Venus house which is enemy place (for living matters), but from here
also Rahu catches him from Virgo. The Doctors again failed in diagnosis and feared acute
pneumonia etc. From December 89 this girl was bed ridden and admitted in various hospital
several times. In November 92 when Jupiter entered Virgo, she was diagnosed for cancer in
chest bones and asthmatic. The proper treatment went on cancer was cured but this lady is
suffering with Sinus, Asthma and head aches and will be continuous on mediation.

Moo, Sat and Ket = Asthma, Moo, Ket, Mar, = Growths Moo,
Ket, Sun, Mar, Head ache and Sinus etc.

Example 5 Ugly Nose


Ket 10
As 12

Male born on 22 Nov 1979 with

an ugly nose

Mar 7 Rah 10
Jup 14

Mar 0 Sun 5
Moo 7 Sat 1
Ven 28

Jupiter approached by Rahu having Mar and Moo behind. This man has visible nostrils and has
out of shaped nose as Rah is also enemy to Mars causing dent on the nose bridge

Example - Dental Disease:

Mars represent Dental related matters.

Enemy to Mars are
Saturn, Rahu, Mercury & Ketu also enemy to it
Saturn: - a decaying planet delaying planet, it is labour planet hence troubles.

Rahu: - a Eclipsing planet, and will create shadow

Mer : - an Airy and duly planet, will give double teeth or flying teeth.
Ket : - Indicate growth and wounds.

Example 6- Dental problems

Asc 0 Ket 8
Jup 26

Sun 28 Mer 0

Female 13-03-1955 Dental

Disfigure - Bad smell Asthma

Ven 16

Sat 27 @
Rah 8
Moo 21

Mars connects Rahu and Sat and Moo Sat Moo is linking Ket and Jup is expansion, Ket is
gap. Sat an enemy Links Mars indicates decaying of tooth. Rahu an enemy to Mars projects
badly the dental set up. Sat with Ket influence creates gaps. Moo in enemy house with enemy,
makes blood defects in tooth gums.

This lady has ugly looking teeth unevenly set with gaps. Her gums also get infected very often
and smell badly. Over and above, Sat, Moo, Ket combination gave her Asthma.

Example: 8 Blood related Problems:

Sat 15

Rah 27 Asc 10 Ven 25

Sun 27 Ket 27

Mar' 2

Jup 17 Mer 21
Moo 21

Karma karaka Sat is in the house of Mars duly debilitated and has connection with Mars and Ket
and by retro links to Moo Mer and Jup.
This is an indication of Saturn karma karaka who is retro (means in the later part of life), will give

Jeeva karaka the blood related problems. Mars is Blood, Ketu is blocking, Jup indicating fat,
Mer and Moo allergic pollution resulting in Blood pressure, High cholesterol. Jupiter also
indicates liver, since afflicted by Ketu Sat and mars, Liver problem. Ket also acts as blocking
agent for Fat Jupiter which is trying to get burnt by Sun. This gentleman at the later part of the
life i.e. in the 2nd round of Saturn had developed these problems.

Example-9-Diabetes and Kidney problem

Ket 15
Asc 11 Sun 12
Moo 11

Mer 5
Male Born on 28-
Mar 22
06-1959 Diabetes
Ven 27
& Kidney Problem

Jup 29
Sat 10 Rah 15

Sat and Jup by retro gets connected to Ket and Moo having Mer, Mar and Ven in Cancer. Ket
and Mars affliction Mer and Mars affliction, Sat and Mars affliction, Ven in Moons house and
Moon in the house of exalted place of Ven, have all contributed not only to diabetes but also
Kidney problem.

The saving factor Mars representing the organ is protected by Sun and Jup therefore, with
surgery the problem was resolved. But it is not a permanent relief as Sat karma karaka is also
gets connected from the debilitated house of Moon, at a later stage total damage is indicated.

Body pains of any nature has to be studied from Rahu or Ketu with Sat or Jup or with both (this
happens when other planet is involved)

Example 10- Body Pains

Mar-11 Rah 17 Sat 22 Mer 1 Sun 24

Ven 7

Female born on 08-06-1911

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jup 12 Ket
17 Moo 22

She was a famous film actress, who suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis. See the Rah
connection to Sat. Jupiter is with Ketu and Moon. By retro Jupiter goes to Virgo and connects
Mars who has Venus in 5th to it in Cancer a Moon house.

Example -11 Piles example

Rah 7

Asc 27 Moo

Male 16 Jan 1949 Mild pile


Mer 21 Mar
Sat 12
16 Sun 3

Jup 20 Ven 11 Ket 7


Sat + Rah, Jup + Rah, Linking Mer, Moo, Mar.

A Male horoscope, the visible horoscope has only Rahu indicating the carry forward bad karma,
relating to Jup and Ven. Rahu is Links Sat and Jup. Ket is not connected. Moon is connected
to Saturn retro. Mer & Mar are linked to Sat by 7th relationship and to Jup they are in 2nd. This
native gets the pile related problem which will not turn into wound or growths. He is suffering
with irritable bowel syndrome

The first part of the Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology duly modified ends here. In the 2nd part
we deal with the Timing of event that based on Transit of planets.


Part II
Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology
Timing of Events by Transit of Planets

Chapter - 6
In the first the method of prediction based on combination of planets is explained. In astrology
the most important factor is timing of event. In conventional astrology Dasha systems are used
to time an event. In Naadi astrology in the absence of House and lordships, the system of
timing of event is based on the transit of planets as the entire prediction is based on signification
of planets. In the advanced predictive techniques of Naadi the Dasha is also considered to
qualify a particular transit results.

In Naadi system there are many techniques and the most fundamental step in transit is to take
hypothetical transit positions of Jupiter to predict general overall life sketch. This technique if
logically applied can be used to give day to day predictions.

Overall Life sketch by Jupiter Rotation 12 year cycle effect:

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years for 1 round, Saturn takes 30 years approximately, Rahu
and Ketu completes on round of zodiac in 18 years approximately. The first 12 years of Jupiter
will have the effects from the same sign from where the Jupiter is posited and the planets
posited in 1,5,9,2,7,12 from it. During this period it is being childhood period, the relative effects
on Sun and Moon and Mercury is to be studied and the effect of Rahu and Ketu should also be
studied on Jupiter. This will indicate the position of Father, Mother and his learning abilities.

From 13th year to 24th year Move the Jupiter to next sign and from there look for combination in
1,5,9,2,7,12. This is the age of turning point of youth, with learning and focusing on future
plans. Look for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon, and Saturn in relation to his progress of studies
and professional interests and diversions. Rahu and Ketu will play vital role here. During this
period at 18th year Move Rahu and Ketu to next sign and see their relationship with other

planets. There effects may be either good or bad in relation to planets posited in 1, 5, 9 and 2nd
position to them (i.e.12th to them).

From 25th to 36 year, move to next sign and look for combinations. It is the peak point of focus
where the life is made or marred. Look for higher knowledge and career prospects in relation to
Saturn, Mer, Venus and Rahu Moon also Ketu. This is also period for family set up give special
attention to Venus, Ketu, Sat, Mar, Rah etc., during this period there at 30th year there will be a
Saturn change. Now Move the Natal Saturn to next sign and find out the effect of Saturn, this
will indicate the fall or rise due to past deeds in the areas connected with profession, affluence,
health and relationship matters.

Form 37th year to 48 years move to next sign. It is a consolidating period. Now look for same
Venus, Mercury and Sun, Moon, in relation affluences, progeny development etc. Here again
move Rau and Ketu at 36th year and Look for their effect.

48 to 60 year move to next sign and Look for combination in relation to physical fitness and
possible health points give more stress. This is the most crucial period because at 54th year
Rahu and Ketu effects are to be seen by moving one sign ahead and at 60th year Saturn will
have to be moved. With this effect rest of the life is to be studied, on the same line.

Jupiter and Saturn will get retrograde when they are opposite to Sun. When they get retrograde
while in the beginning of the Sign may go to previous sign. When they get middle of the sign
they may retrograde but may not go to previous sign. If the chart is noted when they are in the
previous sign by retrograde motion the planet need not be moved to another previous sign.
Only when they are in the same sign and retro but not reaching the previous sign we must take
them to previous sign. Jupiters retro motion will be approximately 120 days and Saturn is
around 140 days. When we are to count them from previous sign for their retrograde motion to
consider their effect for a certain number of periods as said above, we must consider this
period. How many days lapsed since their retro motion is to be arrived and only the balance
period is to be considered. Suppose Jupiter in Taurus is and has been retro and at the time of
birth he has completed about 20 days of retro balance 100 days retro position is to be counted
for Aries. 120 days for 12 years period i.e. 10 days per year i.e. balance 10 years is to be
counted from Aries. Similarly the computation is to be done for Saturn also.

This transit gives an overall picture for a life time: but in order to pinpoint the event during
regular transit yearly basis and monthly basis we need to see the transit chart and arrive at the
results. For this purpose the following rules of transit are to be kept in mind.
Rules for Transit results
The fructification Yogaphala i.e. result from Natal direction chart will be given by a Jupiter and
Saturn. The Transit of Ketu and Rahu involving in the yoga in transit will not allow or disturb the
good results.

The Main event planet, i.e. Karaka planet, for example, Venus for Marriage, House or vehicle
purchase should in transit touch the yoga combination.

Double transit of Jupiter and Saturn is compulsory as every result is karma phala being enjoyed
by Native.

All bodily matters like marriage, diseases, relationships, accidents, etc., the transit Mars should
also be considered to figure in yoga of natal direction.

Jupiter in transit will give results when he transit over the Event planet in the same sign, or in
trines or in opposition. Jupiter while transiting in the sign of event planet will give the event if
that planet is elsewhere connected to Saturn.

The sign where the event planet is situated and if the next sign happens to be the exalted sign
or own sign of event planet, then Jupiter prefers to give result after crossing the event planet
and reaching the event planets exalted sign or own sign next to the event planet.
The same principle can also be applied to Saturn also.

When transiting Jupiter or Saturn encounters ahead a destiny breaker, like Rahu Ketu, Mars
and Moon the results will not be given during that period. Therefore when they cross over these
destiny breakers from next sign when they are retro they will pass on the results. When a
Destiny breaker is with an affluence planet say Venus in Gemini 15 degrees and Ketu is at 20
degrees, being retro Ketu casts his influence not only on Gemini but also on Taurus. If Jupiter or
Saturn transiting from Taurus to Gemini even if they enter Gemini they are blocked by Ketu and
Venus results will not be felt. Only when they cross Ketu in the same sign then only the results
will be felt. Let us consider one more example. If Jupiter is in Gemini in 15 degrees and Mars is
25 degrees but Retro. Now Mars casts his influence on Taurus also and hence when Saturn
enter Gemini, professional positive results may not be felt as Mars is enemy to Saturn who is
blocking Saturn influence to fall on Jupiter. Saturn when crosses Mars then only the prospective
effect will be felt.

1st Example: Fig

Jup 5

Ven 15
Ketu 20

Ketu always Retro his

effect is up to Taurus
covering Jup hence
Blocks its influence on

Jupiter gives result after crossing 20 Deg

2ndt Example: Fig


Sat 10
Jup 15
Mars 25

Mar Retro his effect

covers Taurus also
covering Sat hence
Blocks its influence on

Saturn gives result after crossing 25 Deg

Similarly, the results can also fructify by exchange of planet in transit chart or with the planets
between transit and natal chart or exchange in natal chart alone. The Link of transit Jupiter and
Saturn if happens by any such means the results are bound to fructify and the planets in
exchange will give the nature of such results.

The transit of slow moving planets will also be effective during their transit when touching the
Directional yoga. The results will be of short nature and useful in predicting day to day effects.

Chapter - 7

Results of slow moving planets on natal planets

(This portion of transit results are re-organised and with inputs from research points
proven from live examples at the Naadi class rooms which are going on for the last 5

Jupiters transit over same sign, trine, 2nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal
planets in the Natives Birth chart.


1. He will have professional progress, recognition and promotions.
2. He may be interested in divine matters.
3. He will meet elite persons. He may get government favours.

4. He will get cooperation from noble persons and he will have prosperity.
5. He may meet preachers or guide to lead him to success and progress.

6. Son will have good time in learning and earning.
7. He will get good guidance from well-wishers.


8. He may encounter blemish situations due to enmity factors.
9. He may contemplate to undertake travel or change the present residence.
10. He may involve with an emotional bondage with an opposite sex.
11. If married and at appropriate time this transit may grant him a female child.
12. Native may face cold related problems.

13. She may be interested in meeting religious and spiritual functions.
14. She will become more devotional.
15. She will have some fat related problems.
16. She seeks knowledge of spirituality.
17. She will have prosperous period especially in personal matters.

18. One of the daughters of the native may be good in learning and earning mattes.
19. This is also good period for matrimony matters.


20. Native becomes hasty, stubborn and due to this he keeps himself away from
21. He will try to exercise his power.
22. He may have interest in technical or construction activities.
23. He may suffer due to blood pressure and tensions.

24. One of his brothers will get success in his learning and earning.
25. He may get good position in society.

Female native:
26. This is a good period for marital mattes.
27. Marriage may take place. (subject to obstructive planets))

28. This is a good period for learning and earning aspects of husband.
29. He may get promotion.


30. It is a good period for learning and native may get success in his education.
31. He may try to get new knowledge.
32. Native may have landed transactions.
33. He may have professional training or meetings.
34. He may have interviews successful.
35. He may get in touch with some female friend.

Younger siblings:
36. This transit of Jupiter may give them prosperity and growth.
37. The may get success in their educational matters
38. If they are commercial oriented this period is very good for them


39. During this period native will develop self-confidence and freewill.
40. He will concentrate on self-development.
41. He may take proper steps to make addition to family.
42. This period may also grant male progeny.


43. May get financial support.
44. He may plan to buy some assets.
45. This transit helps native to get married if not already married.
46. This transit also indicates right time for progeny and. a female birth if already married.
47. There will be celebrations at home.

48. This is a good transit for female to have gains and prosperity.
49. She will have good time in learning and earing.

50. She will have successful educational and professional period.


51. He will get professional prosperity.
52. He may get employment or promotion.
53. This period is good for good karmas.

For female
54. For females the same results can be applied.


55. The transit Jupiter will lose power and the native enjoy the benefits of above natal
planets results and will be under illusions.
56. The other planetary disease significations may lead to seriousness.
57. May undergo operation and breaks with regard to other planetary significations.
58. If natal Jupiter also links to transit Rahu death like dangers are indicated.
59. If Saturn both natal and transit and Ketu both natal and transit also culminates, directly
or through other planet end of life and karma are indicated.

In females
60. It may lead to progeny problems and hysteria problems.


61. This may give interest in occult or spiritual matters.
62. Basically first it gives a rejection towards material benefits.
63. Later the native may develop spiritual interest.
64. This transit also causes a depressive mood and tells upon the health.
65. Native may develop joint and body pains.

Saturns transit over same sign, trine, 2nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal
planets in the Natives Birth chart.


66. He may have to face the obstructive or strictness from his boss in his professional
67. But he will get due recognition.
68. IT may be difficult for a business person to establish his brand but he will get over the
difficulties and successful in his endeavour.
69. This transit will create some sort of dispute or distance from his father.
70. He may also face some problems of health which may relate to head or heart.

71. May face health problems.
72. He may have heavy workload and suffers some sort of professional problems.
73. He may have to face some sort of dispute with his son.

74. One of the sons of the native may have to face difficulties in his learning and earnings.
75. He may face some health related problems.

Elder brother
76. Elder brother will get the association of elite persons.


77. Karma Chanchala Mana Hani yoga:
78. He will have changes in his profession.
79. He may change his place of profession or get transferred.
80. He may be subjected to blames, displeasures and worries.
81. He will face loss, failures and heavy expenses.
82. He may suffer from breathlessness and cold related problems.

83. Mother may face health problems and face difficult situations.


84. One of the daughters of the native may have problems in her life and she may have
marital problems.
85. She may even face professional problems or she may try for new professional career.

Elder brother
86. May have change of place or travel or he may get entangled with another woman.

Note: (The famous Saturns Sade Sati is based on this transit. A sign previous to the
Moon sign, On the Moon sign and sing 2nd to Moon sign is considered as 7 period of
Saturn spread over 3 signs. That is 2nd and 12th and on Moon sign. This is exactly based
on the Naadi as this phenomenon is common to all irrespective of any Lagna. This
transit is considered as most dreadful by many astrologers which are actually half baked
knowledge. The transit of Saturn in the sign 12th to Moon indicates that the previous
births Karma are approaching the mind. If the mind is not tuned to experience the stored
karma there could be friction in the mind due to mismatch of energies. In the next transit
on the Moon Saturn will push the brought forward karma and the mind gets agitated if
the same is not to the tune of his present acquired wavelength. In the next sign of
Saturn transit Moon experiences the previous karma. This if not in tune with the planned
wavelength it suffers. However the presence and link of other planets will indicate the
type of karma. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury indicates the sat-karma effect of previous birth
and therefore, the native may not feel any material or other problems during this period.
Instead of these other planets especially Mars, Ket, Rahu are linked then it indicates
effect of bad karma of previous births. Sun however does not really indicate any bad but
during this period he may be subjected punishments by higher ups however this will be
for his future benefits. There is hardly any chance not to have any planetary link in this
Saturns transit.)


87. Saturn when transit on Mars or in its trine, 2nd or 12th or 7th, there will be mental tensions,
harassment in professional life of native.
88. He may have quarrels at his work place.
89. Disputes arguments and fights are some of the indication to the native during this transit.

90. One of the brothers of the native may face health problems.
91. But he may get job and work hard.

92. Will have to face problems in the professional line and he will have accident or injuries.

Elder brother:
93. Will face enmity factors and hurdles in life it will be a difficult period for him. Or he may
engage himself in some technical work involving hard work.


94. He may have some landed benefits.
95. This period good for job interviews and he may get the job.
96. He may have successful educational period.

97. He may learn new skills in profession.

98. He may be successful in commercial activities and take up new ventures.
99. He may get good cooperation from friends.
100. He may develop good communication skills.
101. This period will also give an opportunity for the native to have friendship with an
opposite sex especially in his work field.

Younger sibling:
102. One of them will have job opportunity or self-earning capacity.
103. One of them will have some health problems.
104. If female she may have some martial and health problems.

Elder brother:
105. He may have some commercial or landed benefits. He may meet a friend in his
work sphere.


106. Native will have professional growth.
107. He may get promotion and status.
108. Native may get good opportunities, new avenues.
109. There will be appreciation for the work.
110. This transit is a life settling transit and turning point in life.
111. But due to Saturn and Jupiter combination there will be gas problems to the native.

Elder brother
112. Elder brother will have prosperity during this period; he will get help from the native.


113. Native may have marriage prospects during this period or he may meet a girlfriend.
114. He may have affluence, assets, and birth of daughter,
115. There may be celebrations at both natives and in-laws place.
116. This period is a good for financial prospects to native.

117. She may suffer due to ill health and laziness, however if she is in job she have overload
of work.
119. May face some ordeals in her personal life. She may have health problem.

Elder brother:
120. He may get financial prosperity and he may be luxurious during this period.


121. Saturn itself is a work indicating planet Transit Saturn indicates additional work.
122. Heavy work makes man tired and efficiency level may drop and may get problems.
123. However, this will indicate only hectic work and also less progress in the field of work.
124. Nerves break down and health problems may crop up

Elder brother:
125. He may face health problems with body pains. He may have little difficult periods.


126. When karma Planet links Natal Rahu, it gets the significations of Rahu.
127. Rahu signifies shadow, the native may involve in shadow activities.
128. Rahu signifies immorality; native may resort to immoral indulgence in his professional
129. Rahu represents secretive, native may maintain secrecy about many issues in his work
130. Rahu represents foreign it could mean a foreign work or work at foreign place are it may
relate to foreign country.
131. He may even travel to foreign country if travel planet Moon is associated.
132. Rahu also indicate last rites and Saturn Karma, the native may have to perform last
rites to the departed souls.
133. Rahu also indicates evil spell, the native may involve in performing black magic or he
may be subjected to such evil spells.

Elder brother
134. He may have health problems; he may suffer due to unethical encounters. He may
have foreign links


135. Unless there is good aspects from Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, transit of Saturn over
136. Ketu results in quitting tendencies towards his profession.
137. The native may face obstructions, oppositions and troubles in work sphere.
138. He may be interested in spiritual activities.
139. However if the profession or job relates to Ketu it may be give good effect and he will be
engrossed in the work and works hard in the field represented by Ketu.
140. He may due to his karma appear as careless person and may not give importance to his

Elder brother:
141. He may wander for want of direction; he may visit temples and holy places. This will not
be good for him for material matters.

Rahu transit over same sign, trine, 2 nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal planets in
the Natives Birth chart.

Rahu is an eclipsing planet and it casts its shadow over the significations of other planets. There
are certain good effect of Rahu, like it represent wheel hence when associated with
Venus it may give Vehicular benefit, and may give big bungalow, it also give an illicit
comfort in secret. It is a foreign planet it may lead to foreign job or travel. It is airborne
planet hence represents Aero planes and related significations. It represents evil works
and hence may indicate evil spell and black magic. Apart from these the following
effects on the planets are observed.


142. It is eclipsing the self-esteem of the native hence he may feel let down or lose self-
confidence. He may be subjected to ill fame.

143. Native may become irreligious

144. He may encounter ill health and even danger to life.
145. Father may not be supported or helped by government or government officials.

146. He may have bad company or develop bad habits; however he may have foreign


147. This transit indicates an eccentric nature of the native and mental disturbances due to
various reasons or without any reasons.
148. What he thinks as problem may not be the actual problem. He may think he is right but
his behaviour is unacceptable to others.
149. His pleasurable pursuits are of questionable nature yet kept in secret.
150. He may experience fantasy dream. He will be in illusions and may not think practical.
151. This will cause him worries.
152. During this transit he may spend more money or incur losses.
153. But he will be interested in arts and artistic matters.
154. Basically Rahu creates complex and confusions in the mind.

155. It may indicate ill health and danger situation to mother.

156. One of the daughters may behave differently and she may have some affair which
cannot be disclosed.
157. She may suffer ill health or dangerous situations.

Note: This also indicate some sort of evil spell being cast over mind. Native is susceptible to
black magic and hypnotic effects.


158. Mars is actually power and it also planet of violence.
159. Rahu being an enemy planet will suppress these qualities and therefore they will burst
out in events like accidents, hatred, credulity and sadism.
160. Rahu is poison and Mars represents blood therefore causes blood pollution.
161. Mars is daring and Rahu eclipses this quality therefore native may behave cowardly.

162. It indicates ill health or danger to brother.

163. Despite the fact that he might encounter endangering situation.
164. He might be interested in foreign related activities or some sort of secret activities.

For female:
165. It indicates marriage obstruction or martial problems.


166. Eclipsing quality of Rahu on intelligence planet Mercury may mar the ability factor of the
167. It may cause reversal in education or if supportive it may help to pursue education at
foreign place.
168. At times it may also shift from the existing subject to the subjects signified by Rahu (refer
to karakatwa).
169. Native may get help in foreign related business.
170. This period may also cause some bondage with opposite sex with some secret affairs.
171. Mercury is skin hence Rahu being infectious may cause skin related problems.
172. Mercury is land and Rahu being complex and confusing planet may cause problems in
landed matters.

Younger siblings:
173. This indicates dangers and ill health to younger siblings and similar to native it may help
them in foreign related learning and earnings.

174. Friends are influenced by Rahu, hence native is prone get bad company of friends and
may mislead by them.


175. Jupiter is Jeeva Rahu is death.
176. This will capture native with fear complex and may always preoccupied with fear of
177. He will register every small unpleasant incident and imagine dangers and this thought
will haunt him continuously.
178. He may have to perform last rites to close relatives death.
179. Generally such natives will have black mars on the face and dark circles under the eyes
and patches on the cheeks and forehead.
180. He might become irreligious and may discontinue performing rituals of his religion.
181. He may encounter secret activities and think at low levels.


182. There is link between material benefits and Rahu when there is a link of Venus to Rahu,
especially if Saturn Venus Rahu link is established as per Naadi in birth chart.
183. The transit Rahu is bound to bestow Vehicular benefits, upper flour or duplex houses.
184. Unless protected male native is bound to get linked with an illicit relationship.

Female folks:
185. Including wife, female native, daughter etc., will face ill health and blemish tendencies.


186. The foreign and reversal planet is getting the signification of work.

187. Therefore, the native may resort to foreign related works or seek such job or profession.
Rahu indicates repetition.
188. Native may have repetition in his works.
189. Saturn also represent persons working with the native and being eclipsed by Rahu may
not cooperate with native instead may create confusion and obstruction to smooth
190. All this again lead to native to suffer with double work.
191. This will cause him to lose his energies and will face health problems.
192. It is possible that he may encounter wicked persons in his professional sphere.


193. Being shadow planet covering another shadow, this Rahu may cause immobility
problems and also create some repetitive type of diseases like diarrhoea, acidity,
indigestion etc.


194. Ketu being a metaphysical planet, Rahu opposes it and hence it makes the native to
stop from performing good deeds.
195. In other words the Rah and Ket effect on a planet makes its significance in with reverse

KETU transit over same sign, trine, 2nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal planets in
the Natives Birth chart.


196. He may incline towards divinity.
197. This transit indicates that the native will have some recognition or name in certain field
based on his line of learning and earning or for services.
198. Native may not get support from government or higher ups.

199. He may visit holy places; he may have some instruction or order from Government or
repute institutions.

200. This will make him dull headed and may block his progress in learning and earning.


201. Ketu is like a wall. When such a wall is approaching Moon the mind of the native gets
202. Having blocked the moon Ketu will force the mind to accept its significations.
203. Its prime signification is depression and reject.
204. Native will be in a mood of rejections and develop a sort of depression.
205. Ketu represents unworldly. Native will resort to unworldly thoughts.

206. He will be under stress. This is a state of mind rejecting material world due to reason
unknown to him and it is a depressive attitude.
207. He will be seeking help from unknown sources.
208. Therefore he may visit temples, masjid and church and other holy places.
209. This aimless roaming is termed by many as spiritualty.
210. The author does not attribute philosophy to this type of attitude.
211. This is a state of mental unrest where in the emotional flow is totally blocked. This will
cause him ill health.

212. Mother may suffer due to ill health and she may also turn unworldly.

213. One of the daughters may have material and marital problems.


214. Ketu being a Wall will block the free flow of emotions.
215. This makes him stubborn.
216. Mars is blood and this blocking effect will give problems relating to blood blocking and
native may get some sort of growths due to bad blood.
217. Mars is muscles and Ketu is twisting, therefore he may get muscle pains or muscle
218. Mars is litigations and Ketu is legal hence there could be some legal complications to be
219. This affects the brother signification by which brother is obstructed in his progress
causing displeasure to native.

220. Will have impediments and will create problems to others.

221. He will face obstructions and troubles and might also have ill health problems.


222. The mind of the native will be blocked hence, he may face educational disturbances.
223. Mercury also indicates business hence there could be some blocking effect in business.
224. Unless there is link to Ketu these obstructions and blocks and quitting from activities are
to be faced by native.
225. Native may have landed disputes and legal problems.
226. This transit of Ketu will also create bondage between girl and boy and also some sort of
disputes to be resolved.

Father in law:
227. He will face litigations and ill health problems.

Younger siblings:
228. Will have marital and material obstructions.


229. Native may have immobility and body pains.
230. He will have obstructive situations in material matters.
231. He will be disinterested in social active life and wander aimlessly.
232. He may not show interest in his appearance.
233. He will have a depressed looks.
234. He may try to gain knowledge in the occult subject and metaphysical matters.
235. There will be blocks in financial and material matters.
236. There will be family disturbances. He may have problems facing due to his sister and
237. He may also get involved with a female and face problem.

238. She will make her disinterested in worldly matters and will have health problems.
239. However she will be economical during this period.
240. There could be gap in marital life.

241. She may have problems in learning and earning and face marital problems

242. Will face problems with regard to material matters and will have marital discards.


243. The natives professional life will be in depressed condition though attending work.
244. The native will be contemplating over renunciations will not care for their physical
245. He may intend to visit holy places.
246. However there will no peace of mind to him
247. They become like a laughing stock among the society.
248. At such circumstances if Mars also joins they may quit the job also.


249. Ketu indicate the rectum and Rahu indicate opening and Rahu indicate intestine and
Ketu indicate stale matters.
250. During this period there will be constipation problems causing diarrhoea


251. Ketu is a dispute and litigation planet and on its own natal position it creates
misunderstanding in entire family.
252. Double Ketu effect on any planet will block its materialistic benefits.

These are the major 4 planets which are important to consider the effect of the Yoga phala for a
given time. Jupiter transit is for approximately 1 year and based on this 1 year results can be
arrived. But to be more precise to the month the Sun rotation is to be taken. In order to get the

month result the other planets relating to a particular event must also agree in contributing their
presence during transit for yoga. Suppose if we are looking male marriage the transit of Venus
should touch the yoga combination either directly or through any link as per Naadi. Similarly for
Education Mercury and for female marriage Mars should meet the requirement in transit. In
case of profession, the other planet will indicate the details about the profession. But in the
observation made by us, Sun will indicate the moth of event while Mars is participating in all
bodily matters. However the transit results of quick moving planets are essential to define the
nature of result and the link they establish to connect to Natal yoga planet. This can also be
used to translate quick effects during a month. These are very much useful in horary as the
results of quick fructification can be told through these planets. We are giving the transit results
for these quick moving planets.

Sun transit over same sign, trine, 2nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal planets in
the Natives Birth chart

SUN Indicates the month of fructification of results of linked planets in yoga. Apart from it
Sun indicates Success and wellbeing and in horary it indicates the father, government,
promotion, and help from elite circle. This transit of Sun over Natal Sun will strengthen
the Sun significations. Native may aim for successful attempts in learning and earnings.
Father of the native may have strong hold in the society and he may get linked to
influential persons. The Natives Sun may get success in learning and earnings with
good ranks. Government employees/authorities will be under pressure from higher ups
during this period hence may not be cooperative to attend the works of native.

MOO Native may plan for change or shifting. He may even contemplate on travelling.
This will indicate travel and blames to Father. Native may think in terms of changing his
profession to get more recognition. The Natives Son may plan for pleasure trip or he
may have to travel due to learning or earning programme. One of the sisters of the
native may get support from the elite and she may excel in learning and earning. This
period may give her pride and if married this may benefit her family. Mother will have
divine contemplation and she will use her influence to better the family matters. She will
have support from the society and she is recognised by her good activities. Government
authorities and employees will be unfocused and may not be helpful to native.

MAR Native will strong determination during this period and will take up hard work to fulfil
his aims. He may encounter blood related problems or he may have high fever and
headaches. Native may become unrest and outburst for small matters. Father will be
furious during this period and he will be straightforward but adamant. His behaviour
causes tension and blood pressure. One of the brothers may have problem with the
superiors, he may find some difficulties. Native may have some blood related defects.
In a female horoscope this period will be a successful period for the husband. He may
get support from the superiors or from Government. In the family of native there
could be some tensions but there will be some construction/repair activities. The
Government authorities and employees will be haste and furry and they may not be

MER: A good period for educational success and brightness in intelligence. This period native
may have good communication skills and he may even have support from friends. There
could be some commercial activities. It indicates fathers gain in lands, success in
commercial field, meetings with inmates. The son of native will get involved with friends
and he will focus on his learning with the help of friends. The younger siblings of the

native will have good learning and earning period with due recognition. Government
employees and authorities will be cooperative and equally they will be diplomatic and

JUP Native will contemplate on some spiritual and religious activities. He will have good
relational aspect with nobles and honourable personalities. He will take up beneficiary
works. Father of the Native will meet superior souls and advisers. He will have good
promotional periods. He will be successful in his endeavours. In General the Father,
Native and Natives son all will have good period with regard to maintaining status,
contacts with nobles and they all will get cooperation from cultured persons

VEN In a male chart this transit of Sun supports the Marriage period. Native may desire for
branded luxuries during this period. He desires perfection in his actions and plans.
However there could be some friction in money matters and happiness. The native may
also have some eye problems during this period. If he is diabetic, this period may disturb
the sugar levels. The Natives son may get distracted in his learning and earning and
may involve in sensual pleasures which may result in lesser success. Father of the
native may have plans for some pleasurable pursuits. He will have some obstructive
effect on his health. However he will plan for financial and luxurious improvements. The
wife of the native may have health problems during this period.

SAT In the professional life of native there will be pressure from bosses. In a business activity
there will be a new avenue which needs help from higher ups. For some time the native
may feel ill confident. There could be some stress with regard to finance and planning.
There will be friction in transactions. However there will be success at the end with due
recognition with hard work and dedication. There could be some difference of opinion
with the father. Son of the native will be lazy in in his learning or he may take up small
earning activity. This may cause problems to native and there could be some friction
between them. Father of the native may have sickness problems. He may tend to
become dysfunctional for some time.

RAH Native may speculate for making some gain unconventionally. He may even gamble or
do some unacceptable activities to get benefits. Native may contemplate on irreligious
and non-spiritual matters. Father may become dysfunctional during this transit. The son
of the native will get into wrong circles and defocused from learning. He may get
involved in some secret and unethical activities. Grandfather will get the help and
cooperation from elite or government personalities and he may get some recognition for
his activities.

KET Native feels unworldly and contemplates on realisation. Father of the native will also turn
towards divinity. There could be problems relating to children. Son of the native may not
focus on learning or earning.

Moon transit over same sign, trine, 2nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal planets in
the Natives Birth chart

SUN Natives mind will have royal, dignified and societal thought process. He will try to be fair
and firm in his attitude. He may suffer from viral fevers. However this transit is good for
taking medicines. Mother of the native will become spiritual and dignified during this
period. She may have support from elites and well known persons including from the

father of native. If she has any avocation she will be recognised in her activities. One of
the sisters of the native will have distinctive learning and earning capabilities during this
period. Father of the native may have some changes either by travelling or shifting. Son
of the native will surpass unfocused learning process. If he is an earning member then
he may have to shift before getting success. He may be subjected to blames also.

MOO Mind of the native will be full of varied thoughts. It seeks variety in entertainment and
sensual pleasures. This may also result in meeting opposite sex

MAR Mind is given to irritations and fury and is urgency in taking decision and finalise issues
which results in tensions, stubbornness. This transit may cause fever and minor injuries.
This can also result in water bound falls. Mother may feel unrest and this may also
indicate some shifting or travel plan to mother. She may have blood related problems.
Brother and husband may have some moving aspects and also planning for future may
takes place. There will travel aspects. They should be more cautions during this period
as their actions may result in loss and bring blames. They get attracted by female folks

MER Mind focuses on learning and earning and there could be some changes in place of
learning or earning or change in the process itself. Native may involve in an affair. There
could be loss in commercial or learning activities. During this period native may get
linked to opposite sex and there is every possibility of getting blamed. Female natives
may have health related problems. Friends of the native may get cheated or blamed for
their activities.

JUP There is possibility of native getting an opportunity of travel or change the present place.
He may get vivid thoughts and may also contemplate on some celebrations of happy
moments especially with female folks. Mother gets charitable thoughts and she tries to
be more religious during this period. Mother may seek assistance from native to fulfil her
thought process. One of the sisters of the native may change her life style for bettering
her life with the help of native.

VEN Native should be careful as he lacks the financial planning and he may incur heavy
expenses during this transit. He may get duped by purchase of luxurious goods during
this transit. He may spend more on luxurious food and entertainment without returns.
He may have sensual pleasure thoughts. He may even try to borrow money on loan
basis which may mount as debt. For female native this makes her little capricious. She
may think of varieties in her vanity. This also indicates ill health to her. This also applies
to wife and other female folks in the family.
SAT Native may feel like changing the place or nature of work. There could be some
distasteful incidents at work place which may cause insult or blames to native. Native
may incur loss in transactions during this transit. Relationship with aged persons may
cause irritation and unrest. This also indicates that native may be slightly indisposed due
to ill health.

RAH Mind gets gripped by shadow thoughts, unethical pleasure pursuits and eccentric
thought process. It thinks of opposite sex involvement in sensual pleasures. Native may
be subjected hallucinations and may think of unsocial vices. Mother and some women
folks of the family may face dangers or ill health conditions during this period. Women of
weak mentality may get affected by evil spirits during this period. These also give room
to similar thought process in the mind of native to use such evil spirits for his benefits.

KET Mind is in the mood of rejections. There will some sort of depressed thought process.
This is what is called mood upset. There could some disputing factors with female folks
of the family. This transit also indicates ill health conditions to mother and other female
folks of family. One of the sisters of the native may get thought of getting attracted to
opposite sex.

Mars transit over same sign, trine, 2nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal planets in
the Natives Birth chart

SUN Native may become overconfident and this may bring him some adamant tendency in
him. However his efforts will have recognition. However he overstrains and being
combination of two heat planets therefore, it may cause fever. Due to over exertion,
there could be tensions. There is possibility of skin burns and other heat related
problems. There could some problems relating to blood. These also indicate
harassment from influential or powerful persons. Native may behave adamantly. Father
of the native may have hidden unrest and anger towards many hardships he faced in the
recent past. Husband of a female native may feel more confident. The children
(especially male) may get hurt. There is possibility that native may have to overcome
harassments from enemies but now he himself may cause trouble to them.

MOO There could be a hardship in travel aspect. The existing condition of unrest may call for
more thought process increasing the rush in adrenal glands. This will affect the health of
the native. There could travel related accident or injuries. Dry mouth and acidity
problems may arise. He may become unrest and take hasty decisions. One of the
brothers of the native may have travel aspect or face loss and blame factors. The
husband of female native may have change of place or may have link with another
woman. In a female chart she may have mental unrest due to behaviour husband.
Mother will get unrest and health problems due to hidden and past tensions.

MAR Native may become more unrest and due to over energetic feeling involves in activities
recklessly. This may harm his body due to accidents or exertions. In learning and earning
he may find obstacles and requires more efforts to overcome the hurdles. The
brother/husband will have excess work load and they become more irritant during this
period. They may encounter blood and heat related problems. .

MER This transit will create problems in Learning, Trade and friendships. There is scissors
effect in earning and learning. In avocation there is an enmity factor which disturbs the
smooth running of activities. There could be disputes with relatives and friends
Brother of the native will have good educational period. He may also shine in trade and
commerce. Husband of the female native may encounter a relationship with friends (and
an affair with opposite sex).

JUP Native may feel tensed up and irritant. He may be accident prone especially from fire,
sharp items or from fall. He may have fevers, acidity and ulcer problems. He may also
get bouts of Blood pressure. He might become stubborn. One of his brothers will have
support from the native or from nobles. He may turn religious or turn sober to resolve his
life matters. This is good period for the husband of female native. He may have
prosperity due to promotion and progress in his activities.

VEN Native may meet his relatives. He may also have some pleasurable movements with
wife or female folks. He puts his efforts to make some extra luxurious inputs to his life.
Therefore he may become spendthrift during this period. Brother gets financial comforts
from native and also from his counterpart in life. Husband of the female native will have
financial gains. Wife may get health problems due to her past hardship life. She may get
support from her husband only for his monetary gains.

SAT: Native may feel over loaded at work place and encounters hidden enemies who are
causing irksome situations in the office or work place. He may have to spend money for
others benefit and incur loss. This transit also indicates accident prone situations. He
may be hurt during this period. Brother of the native may become little lazy during this
period. However he may have to face little hardships but gains work during this period.
Husband of a female may get some job or activity after hardships. However there will be
delayed growth to him.

RAH Native may develop inexpressive anger in him and become jealous and envious about
the progress of others. He may find failures in foreign, shadow, unethical beneficial
activities. He may over indulge in every activity and lose the energy. He is also prone to
injuries. Brother may face endangering situations. Husband of the female native may be
accident prone.

KET Native becomes Stubborn and he will desire power. There could be some hard decision
with respect to relationships. There could be some immobility factors during this transit.
Native may have to quit the present activities. Brother of the native may have health
problems. There could be some disputable situations between husband and wife.
Female native the husband will have depressed feeling and he may express delinking

Mercury transit over same sign, trine, 2nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal planets
in the Natives Birth chart

SUN Educational aspect of native is on distinction track. His business activity is also leading
towards a brand image. During this period line of education may be successful in if
selected among the high ranked subjects. This also supports ranking. Subjects relating
to Government ranks, high tech studies are supported. Even technical, medical and
societal subjects are all supported. These apply to Son, siblings and friend of native.
Father of the native gets the cooperation and helping hand from the friends of native and
also relative of father.

MOO This period is not good for success in education or trade. There could be failures and
losses. However, a change in place or subject is also indicated which may later be
fruitful. However travel relating to education and trade may be good but success factors
are not satisfactory. This also brings defame and unrest due to involvement of women.
One of the sisters of the native may have some affair with her boyfriend. One among
them may get blames due to this sort of affairs. Some of such relations may even result
in eloping and getting blamed. They may even suffer in later life.

MAR Educational problems are indicated. There could be problems in business activities also.
This transit indicates disputes with younger siblings, uncles and in laws. This will cause
nerves problem to native. There could be break in relationships (especially love affair).

Brother of the native may get some educational or trade benefits. He becomes intelligent
during this period. Husband of the female native may meet a friend of opposite sex. It
may be beneficial to him. However this transit will bring unpleasant situations between
husband and wife.

MER Native becomes extra intelligent. This is good period to select right subject for higher
studies. This is very good period to get cooperation from all corners. Friends will be
amicable and this is also a good time to start a trade or join in a good vocation. This
period indicates extra learning at official levels. This supports training, input in data for
future developments. There will be good friends circle both male and female who are
helping in all aspects.

VEN This transit indicates an organised learning. This also indicates a gaining period in higher
education or expertise learning. In Trade it indicates good profit period and also good
launching muhurtha for new ventures. This period also indicates accumulation of value
added assets. This period indicates extra marital relations for the native (both male and
female). Wife may become more social during this period and she may recall old friends.
One of the daughters of the native may have some relationship with opposite sex. One
of the siblings may have luxurious life prospects through learning and earnings. There
are many merry occasions during this period where native can call for celebrations.

SAT New avenues for business and practical training session are indicated during this period.
There could be some delay in educational matters which is actually good for the future of
the native. This also indicates some landed gains. During this period, native may get
help from friends. One of the siblings may have working opportunities. However there
could be some sort of lethargic feeling for them during this period. Elder brother may
revive some commercial aspects.

RAH Native may have foreign learning opportunities or he may choose to study shadow,
petroleum, atomic and some alien subjects. There will some sort of eccentric
communication skills which gets attracted by others where by native will may have some
distinctive name. One of the siblings may stay away from him at a distant place. One of
them may have relationship with some other religious person. This also indicates skin

KET: Native may get involved with some sort of relationship with opposite sex and he may
have some attachment towards other friends. However this transit will create
obstructions in intellectual matters. This may cause disturbance in learning and trade.
However if the native chooses the subject which leads him to serve the society he may
be successful with name and fame. This also gives him opportunity to learn occult
subject like astrology and fortune telling and divine healing methods.

Venus transit over same sign, trine, 2nd 12th or 7th counted from the sign of Natal planets
in the Natives Birth chart

SUN There will be financial gain to native for his organised perfection in his work. The wife of
the native may become proud and more exhibitive of her status. She has successful
period in her learning and earning. The female native will get success orientation during
this period. Women folks may have health related problems. Native may have eye
related problems. There may be demand for more money spending for celebrations at
home front. One of the Sons of the native may involve in pleasure seeking factors. The

daughter of the native may earn distinction in her learning activities. She may also get
recognition in her profession.

MOO Native may have problems for money or he may lose. There is some pleasure seeking
factor during this period. His wife/daughter may suffer due to ill-health. They may have
unrest feeling and face financial tightness or dispute. Native may face problems with
females. One of the daughters may have some blemish tendencies. This may also affect
the wife with similar situations. Female native may be capricious in nature and they may
plan some unacceptable actions.

MAR Native may face situations involving more financial stress. There will be lots of
expenditure to meet. One of his brothers may have property gains. This transit indicates
pregnancy to wife. In a female horoscope this transit supports marriage prospects. In
married women this is a prospective transit for husband. Daughter of the native may
become little tensed up due to obstructions in learning and earning factors. However this
is a good transit for her marital prospects.

MER This adds to luxurious landed property gain to native. Especially if this is in the name of
wife this would fetch more benefits. The female folks will have good educational and
commercial benefits. Wife of the native becomes smarter and she will be social and gets
more friends during this period. One of the daughters may have some good friends or
she may get involved with opposite sex. The siblings will seek for luxurious benefits from

JUP Native may get required financial assistance. He may select a good house property
during this period (if he planned to own one this period may sanction him apt house)
However there will be ill feeling in the family circle. He may acquire some useful gadgets
during this period. There could be some celebrations at home. This may cause ill health
to female folks. Daughter may have prospective period.

VEN This transit is good for pleasure pursuits and entertainments. This is a fortune period for
female natives and it is also good for native to add up assets or open bank account.
Daughter of the native plans for higher education and she will add up her glory by
cosmetics and dress materials. Wife of the native will also accumulate some luxurious
mental and material to her credit. Good times to native and family Fortune

SAT This period is gain period for native by his profession. There could be some prospective
plans of increment in his earnings. He may plan for some good luxurious future. There
will be celebration at home. There will be some financial gain. However this may cause
some ill health problems to female folks.

RAH Native may have some irregular unexpected financial benefits. He may plan to buy
vehicles or some shadow or electronic gadgets. There could be some plan of foreign
related gains. Native may also get the thought of unethical or irreligious pleasure
pursuits. Female folks may have hard times. There could be some temporary separation
from husband for female folks. This may also cause ill health to female folks. Native may
also have problems relating to diabetes etc.

KET There may be some financial commitment which may cause little hardship. This will also
indicate marital separations. Female folks develop sense of hoarding and they start

accumulating the funds. Immobility factors are indicated to wife or female folks in the
family. This transit will cause Ill health to wife or sisters.

Transit of these quick moving planets indicate for the nearest timing of event of their
significations. But other indications are very much useful in horary chart for answering the
events of quick nature.

The transit of Saturn indicates the timing of Yogaphala being bestowed upon the native through
karma during the transit of Saturn, when Saturn is linked predominantly to the affluent planets.

If the both Jeeva and Karma are linked it becomes Dharmakarmadhi yoga and the results would
fructify when both these planets transits over affluent planets.

The transit of Rahu over affluent planet will create hardships in getting the results, besides
indicating danger to the Jeeva karaka involved in Yogaphala.

The transit of Ketu indicates Bandana and Badhaka to Yogaphala during its transit over affluent

When Jup/Sat transiting on affluent planets and if they happen to encounter Rahu, Ketu, Moo,
Mars, the affluent results are felt only when the Jeeva and Karma planets overcome the
obstructions from these destiny breakers.

Chapter 8
Methods of Transit Analysis
In this chapter we are giving he method of analysing the events of life by using transit of planets.
Though the principles here also look very simple it needs sharp intellect and also logic in
deriving at the timing factor of an event. Some of the examples given here will highlight the
different logics used in timing the event.

Transit results example:

By Jupiter rotation;

The outer box indicates the Periods of zodiacal round of major 4 planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu
and Ketu which we will be studying with other planets for overall timing of events in life. Above
the chart planets are mentioned against some signs. These are the influence of planets from
their original place counting effect for 5th, 9th and 7th places.

Jup 0-6 years; in Virgo:

Sat will be in Pisces at this period and connects Mer, Jup, and Moo in Virgo
This indicates travel to school during child hood, Mothers ill health. Slow progress in education.
Jup 6-18 years: from Libra

Jupiter here encounters Saturn with the effects of Mer, Moo and Jup. Rahu is also having its
influence on Jupiter and Sat. This period the progress in the field of education though good will
have little hurdles due to ill health and will account for slow progress.

Jup 18 30 years in Scorpio:


Jupiter gets here Sat and Ven, Saturn links to Mer, Moo, Mar, and Ven and Jupiter. This period
turns his educational success in technical field. During this Period Rahu comes to Capricorn and
links to Mer, Moo and Jup in Virgo and Mars is 2nd to Rahu. The education in technical field
continues in the foreign country. Saturn connection will also give job in foreign country. Venus
connection will give marriage. Saturn is linked to Sun also. He will have male progeny during
this period. Venus and Rahu indicate vehicles. He will have vehicle.

Jupiter 30 42 years in Sagittarius:

Jupiter encounters Sun, Ket, Mar, Saturn here. Sun and Mars connection give him another male
progeny. Saturn as earlier said since connected to Mer, Moo, Jup and Rahu is also connected.
Mars and Ketu connection to Saturn is there. Therefore during this period he will quit the job
there, sell the property, buy new property and will have vehicles etc. During this period he may
return to India. He will have break in service for some time. Later on take up the job again.
This job may have foreign trips again. During this period he will also have health problems
related to Gas, Liver, Blood related like Blood pressure etc.

Jupiter 42 54 Years in Capricorn:

He will have health problems But he will consolidate the wealth. There will be change in the
job. He may have to be away from the spouse. He will lose some of his money. However this
period will not be good for health matters. But material matters will be overall good.

Jupiter 54 66 Years in Aquarius:

Jupiter encounters Rahu here this period is not good for health. He will have opposition of Sun
with Ketu. He may have some problems with his Sons. Next to Him will Saturn which is
opposite to Saturn. This will create some disturbance between the relationship of father and
Son. However from here Rahu and Saturn effect will also be there. Health is a major point here.

Jupiter 66 72 Years in Aquarius:

From Pisces the Moon who is enemy to Saturn is opposing. Saturn is liked to Sun, Mar and
Ketu. It is indicated that there will be dispute with children and wherein he may be put to loss.
He will have immobility due to health hazards. However, he will have to rely on other relatives
or friends during this period. It is better to save for him for these rainy days.

This is the overall reading by moving Jupiter and other planets according their periods. We give
below the actual transits for each event and explain how the results will fructify during transit in
another example:


Higher Education Success at Foreign

The outer boxes indicate major Transit in capital letters and other planets during June 1994.
Transit Jupiter is in Libra which is the house of Venus which activates the Venus in Cancer
being a planet for higher education. Transit Venus is also over natal Venus. Jupiter by retro
motion connects to Natal Jup, Mer, Moo and from there Links to Retro Natal Saturn. Saturn is in
Aquarius and by Retro from Capricorn connects to Natal Jup, Mer, and Moo. Sun is in Mercury
house with Mercury in Gemini which activates Virgo. Besides Mercury also retrograde and goes
to Taurus another Venus house and links to Virgo with the effect of Sun.
Note: Natal Mars is in Sagittarius Links to Saturn in Aries and this Saturn by retro links to Jup
Mer Moon in Virgo. Transit Mars in Taurus is connected to Transit Jupiter who by retro goes to
Virgo. Transit Mars also linked to Transit retro Mercury who links to transit Jupiter and Saturn.
The Sun is also there with Mercury. Natal Sun is opposite to transit Saturn and 5th to Natal
Saturn. The linking of karaka planets is most important.

The successful completion of education at foreign land is indicated by this transit. The Ketu
transit over Natal Saturn and with Natal Mars influence indicates relinquishing of job. Saturn is
linked to Transit Jupiter therefore; new assignment will be taken up during this period.

Marriage: During Feb 1996


Natal Saturn is connected Transit Jupiter. Natal Saturn by retro goes Pisces and meets transit
Saturn who is connecting the Natal Venus in Cancer. Transit Venus is also in Pisces. Natal
Jupiter is also connected to Transit Saturn and Natal Saturn.

The Marriage took place with this double transit effect. The presence of Ketu indicates martial
displeasures. Note the link of Transit Venus, Mars and Sun they are all participating in the event.

Child Birth: Male issue


Natal Saturn Links to Sun in Leo and by retro it is linking to transit Saturn. Transit Saturn links to
Natal Jupiter and Natal Jupiter Links to Transit Jupiter and Transit Sun. The native had a male
issue during June 1997. Note: Natal Mars, Transit Mars, Natal Sun, Transit Sun are all involved
being a bodily event.

2nd Male Issue: October 2001


Transit Saturn is in Taurus connecting Natal Jupiter. By retro connects Natal Saturn and Natal
Sun. transit Jupiter is 2nd to Transit Saturn and is in the House of Mercury and in another house
Virgo Transit Sun is posited where Natal Jupiter is also there Next to Natal Jupiter there is Natal
Sun. Mars is in Sagittarius and Transit Mars also in Sagittarius linking to Transit Jupiter. Mars is
in 5th to Natal Sun. Note: Mars is disposition is important in delivery of a male child or for
caesarean birth and Venus participation in female birth. This is because these two are body
elements for Jeeva karaka Jup.

Vehicle Purchase:

Transit Saturn in Pisces and connects to Venus and Transit Jupiter in Sagittarius which is also
by retro goes to Scorpio and connects to Venus. By Retro Saturn connects to Rahu. Transit
Saturn and Natal Saturn both connect to transit Rahu in Virgo along with Jupiter. Venus is
transiting in Cancer over Natal Venus which is linked to Both Jupiter and Saturn. Venus and
Rahu indicate Vehicle: during this period the vehicle was purchased. Note: Note the Natal
position of Rahu indicator of Wheel to derive the signification of vehicle through Venus. He is in
Aquarius. The Transit and Natal Saturn by retro link to this Rahu while transit and Natal Sun link
to Rahu from Leo. Transit Rahu is with Natal Jupiter in Virgo establishes link to Saturn Jupiter
and Saturn.

House Purchase:

Transit Jupiter and Transit Saturn both retro and the Natal Saturn is also retro goes to Pisces
and links to Venus. From Aries they Link natal Mars which is 2nd to Natal Mars. Transit Venus
is over Natal Venus. The native purchased the House during this period. Note: The connection
of Rahu here indicates either Flat or big house.

In Naadi astrology the timing of event is based on transit of planets. For this purpose 4 major
planets are considered. They are Jupiter the Jeeva Karaka, Saturn the Karma Karaka, Rahu
Kala purusha, and the Ketu Mukti karaka. All the results are to be experienced either by Jeeva
Karaka or through Karma Karaka. Jeeva and Karma are without any gender classifications.
Therefore for both male and female Jupiter and Saturn transit will bestow the due results
according to yoga formed in Yogaphala by combination of planets. One of the most important
factors is the transit positions of Mars and Venus along with Sun, in the matters involving bodily
matters like, marriage, child birth, accidents and displacements. Transit Jupiter or Saturn link
may happen through these planets. As a matter of fact the relevant karaka planet transit is most
important factor for getting matter during a particular period

Another example to indicate the timing of events


Natal chart Male born on 14 November, 1911

1. Transit Jupiter is in Aries and linking Natal Moon in Leo in trine linking change of place
or shifting.
2. Same Transit Jupiter is on Natal Saturn and Rahu indicating troubles for karma, Natal
Saturn by retro links Natal Jupiter transferring the effect.
3. Transit Ketu from Gemini is on Natal Ketu and Natal Sun in Libra indicating the problems
to father.
4. Transit Rahu is in Sagittarius and links Natal Rahu and Saturn confirming the troubles in
5. Transit Saturn links Natal Jupiter and Mercury.
6. Above Natal Jupiter and Mercury is linked by Natal Retro Saturn who also links Venus in
7. Mars in Natal chart is retro and linking both Venus and Saturn Rahu.

Thus all the planets are linked indicating the troubles and disturbances factors to Family as Sun
Father, Moo Mother, Mercury siblings represents members of family.

Same horoscope: - Family Shifted to other place


1. Transit Jupiter, Saturn, Sun all are over Natal Moon in Leo indicating shifting of place
2. Transit Rahu is over Natal Su and Ketu indicating problems.
3. Transit Ketu over Moon (mental block) and changes and it is also over Rahu and Saturn
indicating total shift.
4. Natal Rahu has Transit Ketu and vice versa making it a Rahu Ketu double axis which
indicates problems to the planets in this axis.
5. Natal Sun and Natal Saturn are in this axis. Bother father and son are under difficulties
and stress

Same horoscope: - Recognition from an knowledge academy


1. Transit Jupiter Retro and going to Libra where Natal Ketu and Sun is posited indicating
name and credit
2. Transit Ketu from Pisces linking Natal retro Saturn and linking to Natal Jupiter.
3. Transit Sun and Mercury from Gemini linking Natal Sun and Ketu, indicating academy
4. Natal Saturn by retro going to Jupiter house and linking to Natal Jupiter indicating
spreading of knowledge.

This is related to some knowledge spreading academic recognition.

Same chart: Last Novel published by native 1994


1. Transit Jupiter with Mercury and Sun linking Natal Jupiter and Mercury and linking Natal
Mars. Mercury Mars printing Sun publishing.
2. Transit Ketu transiting over Natal Saturn where Natal Saturn is linked by Natal Mars and
also by Transit Mars. Natal Saturn by retro linking Jupiter, Mercury both in Natal and
transit. This is an indication: Ketu + Saturn ending of Karma relating to printing and
3. Similarly Transit Saturn also linking Ketu and Sun in Natal chart indicating ending of
karma of publication
4. Natal Saturn links all these connections.
5. Natal Mars links these connections.

This was his last novel published.

Death: 2nd March 2007

Note: In fact Longevity is a matter of divine decision. This as a rule should not be predicted
even if it can be assessed accurately. However in Naadi the life endangering situations can

be warned. However this being a transit chapter in which we are discussing post-mortem
horoscopes, we give the principles underlying to determine endangering situations which
might well be an end of life.

1. Transit Ketu is exactly on Natal Saturn that is indicating end of Karma.

2. Transit Saturn by retro goes to Gemini from their links to Natal Ketu. Indicating the end
of Karma. Next Transit Rahu is influencing sign Gemini and Saturn by retro gets this
effect. From Gemini Saturn with Rahu's effect linking Natal Jupiter. Jupiter and Rahu end
of life.
3. Transit Jupiter is on Natal Jupiter.
4. Natal Mars by retro links Natal Rahu and by his original position he is opposite to Transit
Jupiter. Thus Transit Jupiter gets the effect of Natal Rahu.
5. Saturn by retro with effect of Rahu goes to Pisces and links Jupiter both Natal and
6. Mars the Body Karaka in his Natal position is linked by transit Mars in Capricorn who is
linked approached by Rahu in transit and in Natal by retro it is linked to Rahu.

Note: Natal and transit Sun are in trines which are linked to Rahu and Ketu. Both Natal
and transit Moo are with Ketu. Thus every planet is under karma ending and life
endangering planet Rahu. This is how is death is predicted.

Example Natal chart male born on 2nd Oct 1869


1. Event Marriage: Date of event May 1883

Symbols on Borders are Transit Planets on the date of event i.e. May 1883.

The symple Rule that Jupiter must transit on Natal Venus is fulfilled. However the Rahu a friend
of Jupiter is also transting in Libra in the house of Venus. Natal Saturn is having transit Exalted
Venus along with Mars. The Sun matches with that of Natal Sun in trine. Transit Saturn is in
Venus house activatng Venus. This also links Natal Saturn.

2. Event Sailed to England for Study of Law Sept 4, 1888


Transit Rahu, Saturn, and Moo on Natual Moon Rahu and Transit Jupiter in its Trine over Natal
Saturn in the house of Mars. Transit Mars along with Jupiter in his own house on natal Saturn.
Natal Mars is with Mercury and Venus, indicating Law studies.

3. Event Joined theosophical society Mar 26, 1891

Transit Ketu a metaphysical plannet transting on Natal Saturn the karma. Transit Saturn by
Retro linking to Natal Moo and Natal Rahu ( that is at foreing place ) linking Natal Saturn and
Saturn ketu. Trnsiting Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius that is occult serets and is linked to Natal
Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Venus is a female and Mercury and Mars is analystica. This group
was headed by a female.

4. Event - Returned back to own country June 12, 1891


Ketu indicates the termination. Ketu on transitng Saturn indicating termininating of karma. Natal
Moon travel and Earler Rahu was transitng on Moon for foreing travel. Now Ketu is transitng an
opposition which indicates return. More over Rahu is being naged by transit Mars who is
approching towards Natal Rahu. Transit Jupiter links transit Mars and also transit Moon and
Saturn in Leo. This indicates return joureny on that day.

5. Event Travelled to South africa May 23, 1893

When there are multitaksing activities, the transits for a particular event will involve different
planets and sings. Here in this foregin trip to Southafria, Transit Saturn is in Virgo with Natal
Sun indicating the oppostion factor which the native is going to face and in its retro motion
covers and links Sun house that is the palce of authroties. Trnsiting Moon involvement not only
links Natal Moon and Rahu indicating the foreign travel and also it is indicating about the
reverse effets of colour racisim that is being indicated by transit Jupiter being in the house of

Mars over Natal Retro Jupiter who is linking from Pisces, Transit Saturn, Natal Sun and Natal
Rahu and Moo.

6. Event 6 Thrown out of train for siting in first class (due to rascicm) June 7,

Body is represented by Mars, Travel by Moon. Jupiter is native and Saturn is karma. Jupiter
while on his work travelling. Transit Jupiter with Rahu (in a foreign place) linking Leo where
Transit Saturn is by retro links to both natal and transit Jupiter, on work. Transit Moon in
Aquarius indicates travel. Moon is linked to Body Mars; Venus is luxurious (first class). In its
Trine again there is Mars Venus and Mer, which indicate other luxurious passengers in the
luxury compartment. Transit Ketu is in Libra links Transit Moon and Transit Mars who is in an
uncomfortable house of Mercury. Therefore the comfortable Mercury and Venus with the power
of Mars in Venus house abandon transiting Mars (Moo+Mer- Journey break). Native was
thrown out of train for sitting in first class apartment though having ticket.

7. Arrest : Arrest is a an immobility for body. Therfore in Naadi we must find out the Mars
being immbolised. This can happen when Mars is hemmed between Rahu and Ketu.
This can happen to either to Transit Mars or it can happen to Natal Mars or to both.
Rahu and Ketu may cast their hemming effect either from natal to transit or transit to
natal or it can happen in the same charts.

Transit Mars is in Pisces:

1. Transit Rahu is behind Transit Mars in Aquarius.
2. Natal Ketu is blocking Transit Mars being affecting Aries.
(Mars the body has no movement in front or back)
Natal Mars is in Libra
3. Transit Rahu Effect is on Libra blocking Mars
4. Natal Ketu is Effect is in Virgo blocking Mars from behind

Mars in both the charts are arrested from moments by Rahu and Ketu.

2nd Arrest:

Natal Ketu blocking both Natal and Transit Mars having its effect in Virgo.
Transit Rahu is throwing his effect on Libra affecting Natal Rahu and Transit Rahu.
Native was arrested.

3rd Arrest:

Natal Mars affected by Transit Rahu and Natal Ketu as in the earlier cases.
Transit mars is blocked by Transit Ketu and Natal Rahu from Cancer affecting Transit
Scorpio sign blocking Transit Mars.

4th Arrest

Transit Mars is hemmed between Natal Rahu and Ketu and Natal Mars is hemmed
between Transit Rahu and Ketu.

This is the formula for arrest and body immobility. When Natal and Transit Mars both are
blocked by Rahu and Ketu either through Natal or transit positions. The body becomes
(Note this can also happen in any events that causes immobility of body)

8. Salt Satyagarha: 12th March 1930

An irregular activity for some purpose is attributed as Satyagraha. Here Saturn karma
karaka in Natal chart is linked to Natal Moon and Rahu and he is also linked to Transit
Moon. In Transit Chart Rahu is transiting on Jupiter (to show difficult situations to Jeeva
karaka) and is linking Transit Saturn. Moon movement or walking moon also represents

9. Death

Transit Rahu is on Natal Jupiter. Natal Rahu on Transit Jupiter and Transit Mars linking Transit
Saturn and from there linking Natal Saturn. Transit Ketu is on Natal Mars. Transit Saturn is with
Ketu effect both from Natal and Transit and linking Natal Saturn and by Retro linking Natal Mars.

Native was shot dead.

One more example to show the effect

of transit for life events

Example breaks in education & shifting of place

Ketu transiting over Mer where Mars is also there and from opposition Rah and Mars with Moon
casting their influence has made native to discontinue studies. Transit Jupiter from Pisces
connects Natal Moon. Transit Saturn also connects Natal Moon. The native had to shift himself
and his activities to some other place. Since there is no yoga of foreign in the natal chart i.e.
neither Jupiter nor Saturn connects Rahu or Ketu with Moon, this shifting is not for foreign place.

Profession Example

Same native as above Outer planets are transit during January 1970.

Transit Saturn is linking Natal Jupiter and Venus and Natal Saturn. There is a link of Saturn and
Jupiter in the Natal chart. Thus both Saturn are linking Natal Jupiter. The transit Jupiter in Libra
is in opposition to Transit Saturn. The Rahu in Aries where Saturn is transiting in its debilitated
position indicates the low level job. The Moon and Venus transiting on Venus and Jupiter
indicates lesser salary. The link of Rahu to transit Saturn and the transit Sun in Sagittarius
indicates the Technical type relating to some semi government association.

Higher Education completed during 1974 while working:


Same native: - Outer planets Transit during 1974

Jupiter was transiting on Natal Mercury. Transit was Saturn in Gemini by retro from Taurus
linking to Natal Mercury. Venus was transiting on Natal Mercury. Sun also was in Capricorn with
Mercury transiting on Natal Mercury. The native completed his higher education.


Same native: Marriage: -February 1976

The special rule for transit is that the transiting planet prefers to give results in its own exalted
place, own house or in the exalted place or own sign of Karaka planet (that is planet signifying
the matter). In this case many of these are true. Jupiter is transiting in its own house. It is the
sign of exaltation for Venus who is karaka for marriage. (Therefore even though it is 4th sign to
Natal Venus the matter fructified). Saturn and Venus are linked in Natal chart. Therefore Transit
Saturn by retro links to Natal Venus. Transit Saturn directly links to Natal Mercury and by retro
goes to Mercury house. This is due to the fact that this was a love marriage. Jupiter links to
Natal Moon and Transit Saturn links Natal Mercury and Natal Moon. The husband signifying
planet Mars in transit is in Taurus and is linking to Natal Mars which is linked to Natal Mercury.
This grand transit gave marriage to Native.

Same Native - Birth of Son: October 1976


Natal Sun is linking to Transit Jupiter in Taurus. Natal Jupiter linking Retro Transit Jupiter in
Aires. Natal Sun is linking Transit Saturn in Cancer. Transit Sun is linking Transit Retro Jupiter in
Aries. This zigzag transit combination between Sun, Jupiter and Saturn gave birth to Son to

Same Native Birth of Daughter: August 1978


In natal chart Venus is linked to Saturn. The Transit Saturn is in Leo with Natal retro Saturn who
is linking to Transit Jupiter in Cancer. Thus Both Saturn and Jupiter in transit have linked to
Natal Venus to beget the daughter. Venus the signification of daughter is in exalted place of
Mercury and the lord Mercury as Dispositer of Venus is linked to Transit Jupiter who is transiting
in Cancer.

Same native: Serious study of Astrology in 1979:

Transit Jupiter is in Cancer linking Natal Mercury and by retro going to Mercury sign and from
there linking to Ketu in transit in Aquarius. Natal Ketu is in Libra duly linking Transit Retro Jupiter

in Gemini. There is a link of Natal Jupiter to Transit Jupiter in Gemini. Saturn is transiting in Leo
with Natal retro Saturn who links to Transit Jupiter by which all occult planets are linked. This
transit during 1979 made native to undertake serious study of astrology.

Life Reading Method:

By taking into consideration transit of four major planets that is Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu
on the natal chart, a series of prediction can be given age wise. Exhaustive detailed
eventualities are given to a birth chart as shown below: Apart from this some of the major events
of noted Personalities are also appended to this section for the benefit of Naadi astrology
students. This exclusive method if combined with Dasha system of Parasara, excellent results
can be obtained. This technique requires in-depth study of Parasara especially with the Yoga
analysis for every ascendant which is not in the trend of modern scholarly claimed astrological
works. The scribe may come up with this unique work separately if time permits in the next a
few years.

Date of birth 27th April 1905 18:38 hrs (Male horoscope)

Jupiter transits indicates the present experiences of Natal planetary significations

Saturn transit indicates Past results of the Natal planetary significations. It also
indicates the present karma that is profession
Rahu Indicates the past sin effects and the present sinful acts while indicating some
of the material benefits attaching sin in the present birth
Ketu Indicates the past experiences of unworldly trends and also present depression
and rejections.
(Sometimes the rejection and unworldly feelings if properly associated with
Karma and Jeeva and Atma it may account for spiritual progress).
Events age wise tabled with transit and Natal details



Joined Scout organised by Maharaja

SAT Leo Rah+Sun+Jup
of Mysore.
15 JUP Cancer Aspect Moo Went away from home
KET Aries On Mer Educational discontinued
MAR Libra Opp: Mer Educational discontinued
SAT Libra On Mar+Ket(5) Left Scout
KET Aquarius On Sat Left Scout
JUP Sagittarius Ven+Mer+Rah+Moo+Jup Joined Drama Company -
SAT Libra Opposite to Ven+Jup Earnings in Drama Company
Own Drama Company - Illicit
25 SAT Sagittarius Jup, Ven, Mer, Rah+Moo
relationships with co-stars
JUP/KET Leo Links Mer/Ven Love Marriage
28 Blamed (due Moo) by his relations
SAT Capricorn On Moo
and colleagues.
KET Gemini Links Sat+Ket Loss of Drama company
30 SAT Aquarius On Ket+Sat Lost the entire empire built
JUP Libra Linking above Bold step to join Army
31 RAH Sagittarius Links Ven Birth of Daughter
32 JUP Sagittarius Links Ven Birth of another daughter
33 JUP Capricorn On Moo Shifted place
34-35 SAT Aries On, Jup, Mer, Ven Enjoyed life with success
Also Ven in 2nd to Transit Jupiter,
34-35 JUP Pisces Exalted Place of Ven
another Daughter
KET Aquarius On Sat Left Military Job
Shifted to some other place - By
SAT Taurus Links Moo
37-39 retro again Sat links Mer
Started small earning with low type
JUP Cancer Links Moo & Ret Mer Ven
He was moving around to do the
43-44 SAT Cancer Opp: Moo
small business- He be got a son
45-46 SAT Leo Jup, Ven, Sun Got Semi Govt Job
Shifted place- worked as clerk- semi
45-46 JUP Capricorn On Moo
govt. From here little settled in life



He participated in drama activities for
JUP Aries Ven, Mer the benefit of religious up-lift and a
good name.
RAH Sagittarius On Jup, Ill health
Irritation and problems - due to Mars
50- JUP Gemini Links Ket, Sat
in Libra
Professional problems due to ill
SAT Libra On Mars
JUP Libra Opp: Sun, Jup, Ven, Mer He was in to cultural activities, and
Opp: On Sun, Jup, Ven, helped many, He gets good name-
KET Aries
53- Mer He gets credits for religious activities
54 -He gets name for his sincerity at
SAT Sagittarius links Sun, Jup, Ven, Mer work -Ears name and sufficient
SAT/JUP Sagittarius
57 links Sun, Jup, Ven, Mer Retired -But extended services
57-58 JUP/SAT Capricorn
SAT Aquarius On Ket completes assignment
JUP Aries on Jup, Ven(Daughter) Goes to Daughter's Place
He took up his favourite line of
62 Jup Cancer Aspecting Natal Moon, Drama for the sake of festival
seasons and entertained people.
Helped the native to get his eldest
64 Jup Leo Retro Jupiter
daughters marriage.
Another daughter's marriage,
65 Jup Aries Opp: Ven, Mer & Sun
Son gets job
JUP Pisces Exalted place of Ven Venus with Mer+Sun - His son got
KET Aries Linking Mer, Ven, Sun married by a lover affair.
RAH/MAR Aries Linking Jupiter, Sun
KET Tula Links Saturn
Links Nat- Ket, Sat & Tr- This transit ended journey of this life
80 SAT Scorpio
JUP Capricorn Debilitated sign

Horoscope of honourable prime minister late Smt Indira Gandhi

19-11-1917: 11:11 PM

Honourable prime minister late Smt Indira Gandhi - birth chart brief analysis

MER 13
SAT 21
Asc 27

VEN 21

JUP 15


Sun Mer and Sat, in North indicates her karma of Rajaneeti i.e. connected with Politics.
Education Planet Mer is hemmed between Sun and Saturn two enemies, which created
problems in her education. Jupiter aspect from South and Moon supported her to complete the

education, with change of place and delay in regular education. The support of Sun (father) is
clear indication of influence of father in her education.
Retro Jupiter links in the East with Mar and Rah two bitter enemies followed by Venus. This is
an indication that she had to face many hurdles in her life and even imprisonment. She has
grown and developed a stubborn nature and authority. Mar, Rah, Ven, Jup sets her political
environment where she had to face enemies time and again. Mar, Rah together indicate Sikhs
Jup and Ven indicate elite higher circle in politics. She of course in later years had these two
groups working against her.
There is an exchange of Moo and Sat, Jup and Ven, Sun and Mar. Many events have to be
considered based on this exchange of planets which have been subsequently explained in
Timing of Events. Jup and Moo combination is indicating change of place, both in her education
and career. Ket falling 2nd to Jup and Moo had given her immense divine contemplation and
intuitional powers.
Timing of events

Marriage: 26-03-1942
Both Sat and Jup in a female chart when transits over Natal Mar and with Ven connection the
marriage will take place
Transit chart

Sat, Mar, Jup transiting in Taurus over Natal Jup, and Ven exchanged with Sat. Further to this
Natal and Transit group 7th to it Natal Sun and Mer, where Sun will get exchanged with Mar
allowing Mar to have this combined transit effect from Taurus. The Mer indicates friend and Sun
indicates Fire. A mixed religion (Mer+Sun fire related) Parsi religion who is a friend, in
exchange becomes husband (Mar). The marriage took place on this day.
Child Birth: 20-08-1944 Birth of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi

Thus again Jup, Sat and Sun transits liking Jup/Sun in natal will give birth of Son provided the Natal
combination supports it.

Sun and Jup both transiting in Leo the house of Sun where Mar is placed, and by exchange the
Sun in Scorpio comes to Leo will have transit of Jup and Sun. The Natal Jup by its Retro nature
from Aries is having aspect on this Transit and Natal combination in Leo While the Natal sat will
be having this combination in his 2nd house. The Transit and Natal combination of Mar
exchanged with Sun, Jup and Transit Sun will have Natal Sat in 11th.
Natal Jup having Sun in 7th & by retro having Mar in 5th assures two male issues.
Inner boxes are Natal Position and outer is Transit position:
Natal Jup is having transit and Natal Sun and Mer from Scorpio Natal Sat is having transit Sat
over it and this transit Sat by Retro is connecting transit Jup and also Natal Retro Jup who is
aspecting transit Jup and Ven, having Sun-Mer next to them. Again Sun by exchange goes to
Leo joins Mar and by retro Jup will be connected to Leo, Libra by retro & 7th aspect to Scorpio
covering Sun and Mar.

Death of husband 08-09-1960

Kala purusha represented by Rah, end of karma represented by Ket, these two planets in transit if
linked to respective Jeeva karakas and karma karakas of Natal chart will indicate end of life of Jeeva
represented the planets.

In the Natal chart of the native there is an exchange of Mars and Sun. Thus Mars comes to
Scorpio which is being approached by Rahu from Sagittarius. Besides this originally there is a 5,
9 link to Rahu and Mars in the Natal chart. These two aspects indicate short life to the Husband.
Transit Rah along with transit Sun is transiting over Natal Mar. Transit Jupiter and Saturn both
are in Sagittarius where Natal Rahu is posited indicating apasavya karma to Native.

Death of Father 27-05-1964

We must take transit position of Rah, Ket and Relevant Planet indicating relation and with the Natal
positions should arrive at various combinations. When such Relational planet is affected by Kala
purusha Rah, and end of Karma planet Ket will indicate the end of life.

Father is represented by Sun. Transit Sun is over Natal Jup who by his Retro along with transit
Jup and Mar aspecting Natal Rah and transit Ket in Sagittarius. Thus transit Sun is under the
Kala purusha spell. Transit Sun along with Natal Jup is aspecting Natal Sun who is approaching
the mouth of Kala purusha Rah in the next sign. Transit Rah is approaching transit Sun and
Natal Jup who is aspecting Natal sun directly and by Retro the natal Jup with Mar and transit
Jup will cast his aspect to Leo where Natal Mar with exchange brings Natal Sun to Leo. This
Exchanged Sun will have both Natal Rah and transit Ket from Sagittarius.

Assuming Prime Minister Ship 13-3-1967

Sat, Jup combination with friendly planet to Jup will give professional stability, promotion and success.
When they are adversely associated by Ket Mar, and Moo there would be problems, blames and
enmity factors.

Transits: Transit Sat having Retro Jup 2nd to it and having 5th aspect to Leo sign where Natal
Mar is involved with. Sun is in exchange indicating power and authority. Simultaneously
Natal Sat having transit Jup with Natal Sun and Mer connected to Natal Jup empowered her to
be strong prime minister.
The Karma is represented by Sat. In her Natal chart 2nd to Saturn there is Mar and by
exchange Sun comes to Leo. Mar, the Power, Shakti and Sun Politics both is acquired by Sat
apart from having Mer a diplomatic planet 5th to Saturn. There is Moo in 7th to
Transiting Jupiter which would bring her blames in her political life. Mar having Rah a bitter
enemy in 5th caused enmity and troubles in her Political career.
The Transit allowed her to assume Prime Minister Post as Jup is transiting over sat. Transit sat,
Moo and Ven aspecting Natal Sat.
Retro Natal Jup will acquire 2nd place to Transit Sat but equally there will be Rah and Mar axis
for Jup indicating troubles from enemies.
During November 1969 when transit Ket came to Mar in Leo where Sun also comes in
exchange and transit Sun, Ven, Jup and Mer in Libra formed 9th aspect with Natal Ket, she
was expelled from congress party. However, due to Retro Natal Jup forming aspect transit sat
in Aries having connected to Sun, Ven and Jup she continued her position with others support
and in 1971 she captured full majority and became powerful Prime minister.

Awarded Bharata Ratna on 26-01-1972

Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Ketu link indicates some title or recognition either in work sphere or in the service
oriented activities.

Transit Sat over Natal Jup in Taurus being approached by Natal Ketu in Gemini. Both Saturn
and Jupiter in Taurus aspect Sun is Scorpio who in exchange goes to Leo in Natal chart having
Transit Ketu behind. Transit Su is with Natal Moon and in the Moon house Ketu is posited. This
links Sun Ket Saturn and Jupiter a grand combination for titles and honours.

She was arrested during December 1978.

Mars the body signifying planet and the Jupiter soul or Jeeva indicator if both are under the
influence of hemming by Rahu and Ketu it indicates for immobility or arrest.

Transit Mars is having Transit Ketu effect and In front of it there is Natal Ketu. Similarly Natal
Mars is having Natal Rahus effect in front and Transit Ketu effect at the back Natal Jupiter is
also having Ket in Gemini and the Transit Rahu effect I Taurus. Transit Jupiter is having Transit
Ketu at the back in Gemini and Natal Rahu is throwing its effect in front of it causing immobility.
This is indicates immobility of Deha and Jeeva which can be construed in this as arrest as Sun
the authorities are involve by exchanges.

Death of Son Sanjay Gandhi 23-06-1980


(Transit of Planets: Sun in Gemini, Rah in Cancer, Jup, Mar and Sat in Leo, Ket in Capricorn.)
Transit Sun was over Natal Ket. Rah was transiting over Sat and second to Sat Natal Mar
exchanged with Sun, Transit Rah in North himself was connected to Natal Sun. Natal Rah is
having Natal Sun in 2nd. The Transit Sun is casting his 7th aspect to Ven and Rah in
Sagittarius. Transit Ket casting his effect on Natal Jup who is by Retro connected to Sun.

Death of Indira Gandhi 31-10-1984


Transit Rah over Natal Jup by Retro connected Natal Ven and Rah. Transit Ven with Transit Ket
is 2nd to Natal Rah and Ven where Mar and Jup are transiting which again are connected
to Transit Rah through Retro Natal Jup.

Both Ven body and Jeevakaraka Jup are under direct effect of Kala purusha. Karma Karaka Sat
in Natal chart is under the spell of Transit Ket. Transit Sat is connecting to Natal Ket in Gemini.
Ven the Body of the native is under the grip of both Natal and Transit Mar & Rah indicating
armed men.

She was shot dead by her own security personnel.

We can still probe in details with many more matters, Like Ket indicates the barrel and the Ven
indicate the trigger which indicates the Gun, with sign details and other planetary combination,
further details can also be analysed.
Note: Transit and Natal combination of Jup and Sat simultaneously indicate danger to life.

Chapter - 9

Useful tables for transit

Every year sun transit in the following

signs on the dates given below

Aries 14-Apr 13-May

Taurus 13-May 15-Jun

Gemini 15-Jun 15-Jul

Cancer 15-Jul 16-Aug

Leo 16-Aug 16-Sep

Virgo 16-Sep 16-Oct

Libra 16-Oct 15-Nov
Scorpio 15-Nov 15-Dec

Sagittarius 15-Dec 14-Jan

Capricorn 14-Jan 13-Feb
Aquarius 13-Feb 13-Mar
Pisces 13-Mar 13-Apr

The transit results are based on the yoga formed in the natal horoscope. An event is ensured
when similar yoga is formed by either transiting planet independently and linking to the yoga
group or yoga forming with planets combined both by natal and transit planets.

Yoga is nothing but the combination of planets in signs. There is also conventional methodology
in yoga, which classifies the planets according to each Lagna. However this systems of yoga
planets being propagated in the present day texts or claimed to have translated from original
texts and some of which claimed to have research oriented dictums are all half-baked principles
to identify the right yoga in the Natal chart. The scribe has done extensive research in
Traditional Astrology especially on Parasara and has derived certain principles identify the
different dignities of planets for each Lagna and it is computable differently for each horoscope
based on their position, strength, relationship of planets. Applying these techniques to the
Transit of planets will definitely have better results.



Chapter -10
In Naadi the most important component is Karakatwa of Planets and Signs. In this part III, I am
giving the planets behaviour in each sign, results of two planets combination and results of three
planets combination. These have been modified based on my research. Planets in each sign
have been elaborated to give more meaningful predictions. The two planets combination has
been given with variation of interchanged position which was not there earlier in any books. For
example SUN + MOO results are separate from MOO+SUN. All the planets are covered in two
planets combinations. In three planets combination each planet with all planets combinations
are considered. For examples SUN+ MOO+MAR will have five more combination like
All these combinations are given one after the other to avoid searching. The predictive
narrations are limited to certain significations only. However, a table of three planets
significations are provide for each of combination to enable the reader to give prediction by
using combinations. If more than three combinations required, the three planets combination
along with two or single planetary signification in sign can be added and prediction can be

Important Note: Sign signification modifies many matters therefore, it is essential to

consider sign significations when the combinations are considered for prediction. The
directional chart is the best tool to use for prediction.


SUN Native will be self-willed person and exercise self-authority. He will do things
according to his own will. Exalted here-Father will enjoy patronage and help from Central
Government. Natives Son will also have similar privilege and he will earn name and fame,
having his profession related to Technical side.

MOO Native will have his mental stability limited due to stubbornness. More self-
cantered and cares more about his personality and looks. Mother will have only sympathy
towards people in trouble and may not help them.

MAR it is Moolatrikona for Mars and exalted sign. He will be aggressive and dashing.
Native will be bright, quite efficient and enjoys the friendship of influential people in society. He
is tall in stature, ruddy complexion and gets on in life by the dint of his own talents. He will be
gained from the Technical organisation

MER Native may be of hasty and quick thoughts and speech fast and sometimes
hurting. Native is well versed in Technical field and always engaged in work. He will stubborn in

JUP Native will have tall body, a small nose and is always engaged in work and
business affairs. He may have heat related problems.

VEN Wife hails from decent family. She is little tall having triangular face. She is
courageous. She will have her own house after marriage. Native earns well in a profession of
technical field and having some connection with Govt. He will have effortless gain.

SAT Native will have his profession related to technical nature. He may get co-
operation from Govt. In his hand, line of fortune, develops slowly.


SUN Father will be financially well off. Natives son will have his profession related to
financial administration.

MOO Native is broad minded and thinks that he/she is very great. Mother will be
influential in society, respected and loved by majority of people. Natives mind resorts to low
level thinking.

MAR Native will have patience, interested in educational pursuits. He will be of

adjusting nature and gets on well with others. He is lucky and chummy with his kith and kin. He
is of medium height and earns money with least efforts. He has a penchant for attractive things.
Further this position indicates that the person is well versed in manufacture of attractive
machine models. In a female horoscope, the husband will be of good nature.

MER Native will be good conversationalist. He is knowledgeable in occult matters. He

is affectionate.

JUP He is of medium height. He leads easy and luxurious life. He likes hard working
people. He may suffer from Gas troubles.

VEN Native may have monetary gains through financial transactions, accounts and
trade. His sisters will be well off in life. His wife is somewhat tall having a good looking face and
intelligent. His sisters and mother in-law exhibit their prestige and prowess whenever they visit
his house. The female progeny born to native may have mediocre fortune.

SAT The native is born with Saturn in this Sign will have financial improvements. He
will continue in a profession of luxury goods or financial institution.


SUN Father prospers in life through his Intelligence and Brain Power. Even his Son
will get on in life in a profession relating to art and commerce. Both Father and Natives Son are
known for their intelligence.

MOO Natives Mind gets intelligent thoughts. He is faithful and will engage in trade
pursuits. His mother is diplomatic and she is smart to get things done. She is commercial in

MAR Native is intelligent and quite patient. He is afraid to rush through in any field of
profession. One of the members of his Brothers family has come up in life from scratch after
several difficulties. Female: Her husband is intelligent and hails from the direction of west,
medium height good looking; he will have a profession of intelligence and technical in nature.

MER He is known for his intelligence. He gets name and fame in the society in the field
of authorship and trade and for his intelligence.

JUP He is intelligent and very affectionate, mixes freely with one and all. He earns
sufficient wealth, property and is of medium height. He will be a good adviser in commercial
matters. He is also good at explaining things and resolving issues.

VEN He will have gains through trade. His wife is intelligent and interested in sensual
pleasures. She is affectionate towards her kith and kin. She earns and spends well. Natives
Sisters and Daughters will be known for their sensible nature.

SAT The native has profession connected with commercial trade and accounts and
earns well by the dint of his intelligence.


SUN Father is lover of art. His son will get on in life, in a place other than his birth
place and will travel widely in life.

MOO The native is fickle minded, philanthropic in nature and a lover of art. The
Natives mother is also similar in nature and popular.

MAR Native is mild in temperament, being afraid of entering to any field of activity, he
is subjected to blames, accusations. Further he has loud talk and lacks in courage. Such
people are naturally afraid of their wives being henpecked in nature. They are often subjected to
cheat and deceit. He is fickle minded. A member of his Brothers family will have indulged in
dishonourable pursuits and suffered great infamy as a consequence. In female horoscopes, the
husband is of round face, dark complexion, hails from East and residing in north direction. He is
of tall built and suffers from anaemia and debility now and then unless MARS is influenced by
benefic planets. Husband will be in a profession full of travel and he earns through the agency
of fluids.

MER Native: Though well-educated he has to face many impediments in life. He is

known for his fickle nature as also suspicious mentality. He gets bad name on account of
women and friends. He has interest in art and artistic pursuits.

JUP He has got a semi crescent shaped nose. In his hand the heart line extends in
the area below the three fingers. He has got beautifully shaped body, somewhat stout and
attracts one and all. The power of attraction lies in the shape of his nose. He may have a side
profession either in art or medicine. He suffers from throat ailments and ill effects of cold.
Normally his casual utterances come true. In younger days he appears to be a person of no
consequence, later on in life he assumes a position of honour and prestige of considerable
magnitude in society.

VEN He achieves monetary gains through art, fluids and travel and his gain will be
considerable. In fact extensive travel earns him good money. He marries a wife outside his
relatives circle. She will be good looking and artistic in temperament. Her moods will be
sometimes of conflicting nature. She suffers from ill health and is likely to get bad name.
Natives sisters and daughters may have several impediments in life. Despite earning huge
wealth the native is known for his politeness. He may not have optimum family happiness. He
may seek sensual pleasures outside the bonds of wedlock. His cheeks are flat shaped and
almost concave in appearance.

SAT This Sign represents art, fluids, motion and water and therefore the profession of
the native may relate to these elements. He may either deceived by others or he will have
falsehood dominating his transactions.


SUN Father is stout and exercises authority over others, enjoys prestige in society and
royal favour and patronages. His talk is definite and to the point. The natives son is also like his
grandfather enjoying royal favour.

MOO The person is definite and to the point in talk. He strives to attain honour in life.
His mother enjoys and exercises authority in the family.

MAR the native is haughty, proud and stubborn in nature. He expects everyone to
respect him. A member of his brothers family will be quite influential in royal circles. If in a
female horoscope the husband hails from East and is in a profession in an organisation having
Govt. support, is given to loud talk. He is having a beautiful body. He is likely to suffer from ill
health due to bilious and over heat problems.

MER He tries to get the patronage of influential persons in society. He gets possession
of own land. He has only one younger brother. He gets Govt. support.

JUP He has a nose resembling that of the Garuda. A slender waist given to loud talks
and enjoys the co-operation and patronage of influential and elderly persons in society. He
suffers from nervous debility and over heat.

VEN He derives financial gains through royal patronage or by the co-operation and
help of government. His wife has come from prestigious family and is very strict in her conduct.
She is highly egoistic and hoards gold and jewellery. She has an overheated constitution. His
sisters are also of similar nature. His wife has a magnetic aura and her daughter marries a
person of prestigious family.

SAT The native will have his profession either in Government or prestigious
organisation. One of his elder brothers will be the court favourite or enjoying royal favour.


SUN Father is known for his intelligence, enjoying the help and co-operation of one
and all. His son will also prosper among similar lines.

MOO He is intelligent, mixes with the members of the society and engages himself in
several social activities. He will try to understand after mature deliberation. He is discreet and
his mother is wise and tries to accumulate as much money as possible.

MAR Native is mild tongued and will abhor egoism and haughtiness. His brother earns
money quite easily by making use of his intelligence. He suffers from nervous debility, over heat
and skin ailments.

MER He is extremely intelligent, gets interested in commercial transactions, and

achieves the friendship of good companions. When Mercury alone in this sign he gets the help
of lady companion. He has got lot of clout in society.

JUP He is medium height, intelligent and achieves what he desires to achieve through
careful planning. Though slight in build he is good looking, with a snub nose. He has good

VEN His sisters will have to face and overcome many hurdles and difficulties in life
including bad name. They are good conversationalists. His wife is talkative and blame worthy.
He does not believe his wife many times. His wife is of medium height not very short in stature.
She is of a calculative nature and of medium good looks. The native gains financially through
trade and allied transactions. His wife somehow accumulates and hoards considerable amount
of money, straining her every nerve to do so.

SAT He will have a profession relating to trade and commerce and he will earn well by
the dint of his intelligence making easy money.


SUN His father has come up in life from grass root level. In his later life, he gets on in
life with financial management as his profession. His son also will prosper on similar lines.

MOO This person is having financial ambitions. Though outwardly protesting that he
has no intentions to save money, he secretly tries to hoard as much money as possible. Even
his mother is of the same type of capitalistic bent of mind. She suffers from an overheated
constitution and rheumatism.

MAR: The native is mad after money, quite faithful and trustworthy. He will grab
whatever money is within his reach. His brother will also get on well in life. He will have his
profession in an organisation having financial transaction and account matters or where luxury
articles are dealt with. The natives brother will have a bright future in a profession connected
with luxury articles. If a female horoscope the husband is of medium height given to sweet talk,
resides in the Western direction and is quite fortunate. He should guard against consumption of
sour and pungent articles of food stuffs.

MER He has got knack or managing financial affairs. By this he earns money, land,
house etc.

JUP He is of medium height, fond of good food and women. He is ever interested in
accumulating wealth and guarding his honour and prestige. He is pleasure loving.

VEN Women belonging to the natives family are quite fortunate in life though his wife
is quite discreet in her behaviour; she is somewhat hasty in her talk. If she minds she can do
well to others, but indulges in haughty behaviour. However she sees to it that the family is happy
and contented with herself as the housewife. Native builds his own house and derives financial

SAT He will prosper in an institution dealing with finance, financial management or

one dealing with luxury goods.


SUN Father comes up in life after hard struggle. He has his profession related to
machinery, land dealings. His son also will get on in life adopting similar profession.

MOO This person is of a peculiar nature trying to interest in self in several matters of
unproductive nature. He is of fickle mind. His mother will keep herself aloof from activities
beneficial to the society. If Moon does not have aspect of benefic planets she will suffer
disgrace from society. The nature of such people is to instigate others and make them dance to
their tunes. These people will have developed the art of preaching philosophy to others.

MAR: The native is stubborn in nature, bides his time for giving trouble to others
according to his sweet pleasure. He is self-cantered, has blood defect. His brother is
somewhat stupid, travels over many places. He is purposely avoiding divine contemplation.

MER There will be lot of impediments for his educational career. There is a sort of
mental delusion coming in the way of his studies and diligence. In spite of his high rate of
intelligence, he has to overcome lot of hurdles to come up in life. If he has a younger brother, it
is likely that he will get on in life through the agency of machinery and hard labour.

JUP He has a symmetrically shaped body, dark red complexion, of medium height
and is ever interested in hard tasks. He cannot easily given vent to what he has inside his mind.
He is narrow minded and suffers from the evil effects of poisonous materials, over heated and
bilious complaints.

VEN His wife is somewhat ruddy in complexion and tallish in built. She is known for
her courageous and enterprising nature almost bordering on stubbornness. She will not be so
cooperative with her father in law. Even with her kith and kin she will be somewhat petulant.
The native earns profits and gains through land dealings and machinery. His wife though lean
body is quite strong and suffers from blood defects and overheats.

SAT He ekes out his livelihood with difficulty in an organisation dealing with
machinery, engineering, land management and mineral exploration etc.


SUN The father of the native is contemplative and philosophical in his outlook, having
divine contemplation as his aim in life. In his profession he is enjoying medium prestige. Even
his son will get on in life honourably.

MOO This person has critical faculties, is broad minded, pious in nature and gets
dejected due to mental worries. His mother is of good nature and gets over several obstacles.
She suffers from cold and allied complaints and gets relief by medical aid.

MAR: The native has critical faculties, somewhat given to divine contemplation. Though
loud mouthed is the kind hearted in nature. His brother is also having the same nature and
qualities. If female: the husband hails from the East, tall in stature, honest, intelligent and
attains great fame and name after his marriage. He will have happy family life. He has to guard
against the bad effects of cold and rheumatism.

MER He is intelligent, given to divine contemplation and sort of lonely voyager in the
high seas of life. His last younger brother is philanthropic and given to divine contemplation.

JUP He has a long nose, is talkative, suffers from bad effects of cold, is affectionate
and gains his ends by sheer dint of his intelligence.

VEN Wife or female native will be tall having luxurious tresses of hair. Her facial
features will be quite attractive and in spite of her high educational attainments she will be quite
mannered. Natives sisters will be intelligent and educated. The native earns well by adopting
decent means. The Natives wife suffers from ill effects of cold.

SAT He has pious and noble bent of mind and earns his livelihood without much


SUN The father of the native has come up in life slowly. Sometimes he is given to fits
of anger and outbursts. He is fond of travelling. Even his son takes after his grandfather and
adopts a profession relating to travel and machinery.

MOO He is highly emotional in nature and due to this, takes hasty decisions and
suffers in life. His mother suffers frequently from the bad effects of head, cold and ill health.
Many times he will ponder over a single desire wishing to fulfil the same.

MAR Native is self-assertive and tries to stick on to his opinions at any cost. He
speaks harshly without heeding to consequences. He does well to one and all going out of his
way too bilge them and gets only blames and abuses in return. Whatever he does, whether
good or bad attracts the ire of his enemies who will be always plotting to overthrow him. Though
he loves his wife very much, his wife will wish many times to be rid of his company. At times he
behaves as though only he and nobody else matters in the world. One of his brothers family
members is in a prestigious profession.

MER Though good natured and show in talk, he is ruled by somebody else. To
complete his educational career he has to undergo many difficulties has to face many critical
situations and harassment from others. But there is this saving grace that his younger brother
helps him to overcome all these with his expert knowledge of machinery and vehicles.

JUP He is stout and attractive, but suffers often from ill health due to the bad effects of
wind and cold and also weakness. He has a wide nose and does not enjoy the favour and
affection of his kith and kin and outsiders. Even in his pursuit of pleasure he has to face several

VEN His wife is of darkish ruddy complexion, of cold constitution, quite good looking
with broad facial features. She suffers from the ill effects of cold and wind. However much he
earns, everything will be spent with no scope for any saving. In spite of the fact that the natives
wife is constantly unwell he will be quite affectionate towards her. The natives sisters and
daughters are good looking. He derives financial benefits through fluids, art and machinery.

SAT He will have his profession relating to high class machinery power oriented
projects, failing which agriculture and fluid management and solutions


SUN The father of the native is known for his discretion. He makes use of his
intelligence in needy times and situations. He is well versed in occult matters. He enjoys
prestige in the society. So is his Son.

MOO He will always be engaged in secret mental manipulations, coming out with his
revelations at the appropriate time. His mother is good looking philanthropic and suffers from
rheumatic complaints.

MAR though he appears to be mild, when circumstances so demand he asserts

himself and appears harsh. He is liked by others and suffers from overheated constitution.

MER He is slow, good natured and tries to understand things. But it takes a long time
for him to do all this. He is very economical with words and tries to answer hundred queries
with only one word as reply. His brother behaves at first as though he is quite ignorant and then
gradually come up in life.

JUP He is of medium height and round in built. He tries to understand philosophy by

constant experimentation. He zealously guards his honour and prestige. Whatever field he
enters, he desires to establish his leadership.

VEN The Natives wife has a round face, of medium height and though slows in her
talk, talks quite meaningfully. She is darkish red in complexion and gradually attains a fortunate
status in life. His sisters will get on in life with financial stability. The native gains within 2 years
of his marriage. His wife will suffer from phlegm and vomiting and allied bilious and cold

SAT He will be interested in occult subjects and quite knowledgeable in such subjects.


SUN The father of the native is honourable and given to divine contemplation. He is
quite good looking. His son also will be similar in line enjoying favour and patronage of
influential people in society.

MOO He has got shining eyes, is well versed in metaphysical matters. He is somewhat
fickle minded and helps others in times of need. He is of romantic nature. His mother suffers
from bad effects of cold and is given to divine contemplation.

MAR: The native is given to divine contemplation. Though not much, he is given to
help others and somewhat pious in nature. In a female horoscope the husband hails from the
North, tall in stature and recites Vedic mantras. He has immense faith in his family members
and progeny. Native may have Breaks and disturbances in profession.

MER Though he completes his educational career slowly, he is given divine

contemplation. He has desire to visit holy pilgrims. He enjoys prestige in society. If he has a
brother he will be of medium educational attainments.

JUP He is tall in stature and attractive in appearance. He is an intellectual and earns

status and prestige in society. He is interested in Vedic literature and divine contemplation. He
suffers from bilious complaints.

VEN His wife will have a narrow face, of good looks, she will be known for her
patience and her sterling qualities of both head and heart. Even supposing his wife does not
command good looks, she has dame fortune smiling on her and bestowing wealth on her. Even
his sister gets on in life in a grand and luxurious scale. The native with Venus in Pisces in his
birth chart will have fish shaped cheeks. He is wealthy and leads luxurious life. Some people
though having Venus in Pisces in their birth charts will have ordinary looking wives. But still she
will be especially fortunate in life. The native has in his pal the figure of fish within the area
surrounded by the line of Venus. The sign indicates great fortune for the native.

SAT He will flourish in a profession connected with divinity, teaching of philosophy

etc., and will occupy a position of considerable authority.

Chapter -11

Two planets combination

Combination of planets in the horoscope should be considered by placement of two planets:
1. In the Same sign
2. In 5th or 9th to each other
3. One falling in 2nd or 12th to other
4. A planet in 7th to each other.
For this purpose the grouping of Planets from the horoscope is to be done as said in the
fundamental that is grouping the signs of horoscope into four directions North, East, South and

Then find out the two planets forming combination, in the same group, in 2nd or 12th group or in
7th group. Planets in the same sign indicate the fate brought forward either good or bad. The
12th group planets will indicate the History and Mystery behind the selected planets. Planets in
2nd will indicate the plan of action and facilities or obstruction to the matter indicated by the
selected planet. The 7th indicates external help or hurdles due to which modification of the
selected matter to be experienced.

1. SUN MOO in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Natives may be spiritual thinking. He may be interested in politics. He might be interested in

changes at root level. He will view thinks in right perspective.

Father may have to leave the birth place and travel around. He might overspend or incur loss in
his ventures. He might have affinity with female folks.

Son One of them at the initial stages will be unfocused and later on seeks help from others or
strangers to settle down outside his birth place. He may be interested in arts. He may have
initial problems in learning and earning.

Mother will have a respectable background and she will have support hails from a respectable
family and noted who have some spiritual background which she will also be inherited. One of
the daughters will be needing support from the father.

2. MOO SUN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native will be thinking of his success name and fame.

Father must have suffered loss and left the place for better prosperity.

Son will have to be away from the home for learning and earning.

Mother will be royal type and will be truth seeker. She will be commanding and will lead the

Daughter of the native may be successful in learning and earning but there could be problem
with personal matters like health and relational matters.

3. SUN MAR in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native will be little short tempered. Female: She will be an angry woman, stubborn in nature
and highly emotional. Husband will also be short tempered proud in nature. He may have
authority and power which he will often be exercising on her. This will be predominant if Sun in
his own house. But he will be good at heart.

Father is highly self-assertive and egoistic in nature. He is quick tempered and one of his
brothers will be co-operative with him.

Brother: One of them may have his profession related to Govt. or may get co-operation from
Govt. He will be proud and authoritative

Husband: Hails from a reputed family. He might be having good support in the society. He must
have credits in his learning and earning.

4. MAR SUN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native must have overcome tension in life. He may suffer due to his sons problems.

Father must have had litigation and problems in his life before settling down.

Son will have initial problems with learning and will have bad company.

Brother: Will have successful learning and earning life. He will be proud and noted in the

Husband is very proud and will be successful in his attempts and will have association of noted
personalities. He will be successful in his learning and earning matters.

5. SUN MER in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native, like his father the native will have sound common sense and he will be interested in
sensual pleasures. He will have bright prospects in his educational field. For this Mer should not
be afflicted by Mar and Ket.

Father is intelligent, knowledgeable, and enjoying honourable status in the society. He will be
engaged in commercial transactions. He will have many friends of intelligence and will be useful
for his learning and earnings.

Son will be intelligent and will have friends and he will be commercial oriented.

Younger siblings may have some connection with Govt. Authorities or may get help from them.
She will have bright future. This will materialize if MER is strong and not combust and having
good aspects. One of them will have support from the elite persons and get help from them.

Education: The line of education may have subjects which are having history of recognition. He
may be interested in Mathematics, Science, History and political science which are always
prominent. Or he may take up subjects of value adding to his earning ability. If computers,
multimedia or for that matter administration are prominent in earning as date of selecting subject
the native will select such subjects.

6. MER SUN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will have inherited intelligent and he exhibits this in every aspect of life

Father hails from an intellectual background. He will have friends support especially female

Son will grasp knowledge and will be proud about his intelligence. However he will be prone to
distraction by friends.

Male siblings will have good opportunities in life but will have to put his efforts to get settled.

Female siblings: will have some marital discord due to own pride and prestige.

Education: Native will have a successful educational career, He may get aid and support from
the elite institutions or government for his learning activities. He may chose subjects relating to
Authorities, Governing, Politics, Medicine, and may also get influenced by his father for
selection of education

7. SUN JUP in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Atma Jeeva Sam yoga: Soul and Life combination:

Native: Will have knowledge from accumulated merits. He will have instinct to get noted and
honoured in the society. He has the success support in all his endeavours. He will have
distinctive recognition from all. He may have supports of influential personalities. The inherited
creditworthiness of his ancestors will gradually be seen in his life.

Father: is a noble person, with wisdom and advisory capacities. He has wide knowledge in
many things. He is spiritual and has the honour and prestige in the society.

Son: will be polite and humble. His family background will help him to be successful in his life
and he will attain name and fame and will be comfortable in his learning and earnings. He will
maintain the family heritage of being philanthropic.

(Note as a matter of fact, there is no female planet involved here, but when Sun is taken for
brightness, the Jupiter becomes the Venus for female. Therefore many matters relating to Sun
and Venus is to be attributed to Females)

Female: Female native will bejewel herself with diamonds, jewellery, and gold ornaments and
will have many servants under her. She will occupy the prime position amongst all her relatives.
She will enjoy such a position of prestige in both her parents and in-laws house that her word
will be law in both the families. She will have attractive nose.

8. JUP SUN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7


Jeevatma Sam yoga: Life and soul combination:

Native: Will be a bright person always intending to establish his truth and virtue. He will be
spiritual and also royal in his nature. He exhibits his pride in all occasion. He will associate with
high status persons. He will be noted among the people.

Father: Hails from a noble family and he has accumulated merits. He is noted for his right
deeds. He has nature to help others. He might not think of his future but donate liberally to

Son: will have previous merits to his credit and will prosper in his life like his grandfather. He will
be successful in his efforts and get right help from divine grace.

9. SUN VEN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native earns money through Royal patronage and organizations dealing in luxury goods. And it
is indicated that he is not lucky to get male progeny. Least if he gets one male child he may
have to suffer on account his. He may get male progeny after lot of sacrifices pooja and
charities. If Rahu is involved in the same sign or in adjacent sign, father of the native may have
to face great miseries and sons are short lived. If Jupiter is involved in this tri-combination then
there will some relief in suffering. The reason for progeny problem is that the Sun being fiery
planet and Venus represents semen and the semen being burnt out. In a female native the
above results are same but for her it may cause uterine malfunction depriving her of attaining

Father: Father is a luxurious person and will have made money. He will be romantic and may
have some female supports through which he progresses in his life. He is luxurious in his living
status. He gives lesser importance to his male progeny.

Wife is likely to have abortions. She hoards valuable ornaments and jewellery. One of her
daughters will go into marriage to a family of prestige and honour and lives there happily ever

Daughter: One of the daughters of the native may be proud in nature and she will be materially
good and may suffer due to relational matters.

House and Luxuries: Native prefers established places to build his house and he may select
place of luxurious and posh to have his house. He likes only branded and established luxuries

10. VEN SUN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will be luxury oriented and he will have some problem with his marital relation. He
always thinks of luxurious status. Native may face progeny problems.

Father: Father will be more women oriented and he will have spent wealth for his pleasures. He
has instinct for beauty and luxuries.

Son: He may not focus on life in learning and earning and will be driven by the sensual

Wife: Will be proud and will be commanding. She may have problems in progeny matters.
Sister/Daughter: One of the sisters will face problems of health and troubles in marital life.

11. SUN SAT in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native will have to face and overcome many enemies. He follows the same profession as his
father. There will be misunderstanding with the father now and then.

Father has come up in the life with difficulty. One of his brothers gets Royal patronage. May
often have misunderstanding with his son.

Son will be lazy in his younger days and befriends low class people. Afterwards he will correct
his ways and comes up in life.

Elder brother: Will must have faced some problems before settling in his life. He will not be
amicable with the family.

Profession: The profession may relate to inherited line of working. Native may like to work with
an established institution. It may also have some link to either government or reputed institution.
Native will try to maintain self-respect in his profession matters and this may cause dispute with
his superiors.

12. SAT SUN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Thinks of name and fame in his profession, he may not have cordial relation with his
son. He will have problems with his boss or superiors.

Father: He must have suffered in his life and must have had ill health conditions due to stress
and strain.

Son: He will be lazy and will always like to look for better opportunities. He will have visibility
problem in his learning and earnings.

13. SUN RAH in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Would be more show off type. He appears to be truthful, spiritual, and religious. But he
will have obstruction in doing good things in life. He is bound to commit sins in this life.
Father will have to overcome life endangering situations. He will get male progeny after lot of
difficulties; it is likely that some of them will face untimely death

Son: One of the sons will prove to be a menace to the society indulging in fraud, injustice and
friendship with anti-social elements and ultimately meets his end being engaged in criminal

Grandfather: he must have been a noted person in the society. He must have been spiritual

Male progeny: This combination is not helpful for male progeny. This indicates some sin factors
from ancestors obstructing the male progeny. This needs full scrutiny of horoscope for remedial

14. RAH SUN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: is normally repents for the mistakes and sins done. He first commits sins and then
repents. He will have surpassed bad effects and it may take some remedial measures for him to
progress in life.

Father: He must have surpassed dangers to life or suffered a lot in life.

Son: He might have overcome the life endangering situation at birth. He will have to clear sin
effects before be progresses in life

15. SUN KET in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Native is inclined towards renouncing material aspect of life however, he will be inclined
to get some sort of recognition. The subject matter of recognition is based on the other
planetary or sign combinations. For example Mercury linking will indicate distinction in studies.
This also indicates metaphysical knowledge.

Son: attains name and fame and have a profession relating to quasi government organization
and will be dependent on others. However he will be little adamant and he will be aloof from

Father will have to face many hurdles before earning name and fame. He will be well versed in
divine contemplation and metaphysics. He likes agriculture and rural residence.

16. KET SUN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, 7

Native: will have knowledge of spirituality, he will have recognition attached to his actions. He
might be very good at serving others or such service activities.

Father: Must have had lots of material problem and then turned philosophical.

Son: Will be arrogant and he will have to overcome problems in Learning and earnings.

17. MOO MAR in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native is fickle in nature and occasionally behaves in a stupid manner. He will yield to hearsay
and suspect his wifes character. Time and again there will be unhealthy atmosphere and
restlessness in his family.

Mother will have to face danger from fire or other accident. She will be haughty and stubborn.

Brother He will undergo loss or blames and then change his place. He will be travelling over
many places or he will reside with his relatives.

Daughter: Will have hurdles in her marital life and she will have tensions and she is short

Husband: Will have affair with opposite sex and he will spend money on her. He will have
change of places and also trouble from opposite sex.

18. MAR MOO in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will be of irritating nature and changing moods, He will have sexual urge. He may not
be focused in his activities. He may seek change in his working conditions.

Brother: One of the brothers will have to move away from him to better his prospects. He will
also be initially face failures in learning and earnings

Mother: Must have overcome accidents, wounds and health problems. She must have some
problems always burning in side her mind.

Sister/Daughter: May have tension before settling in their lives. They may have this irritating
factor to tell upon their marital lives.

Husband: Will be fickle in mind and will have affairs with others. He will like to travel and always
likes changes in walks of life.

19. MOO MER in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native will have thievish tendencies. He is highly intelligent. He will have intuitive knack and can
know in advance what is stored in the future. He will have many friends to give company, both
boy and girl friends with whom he will be very cordial. He will take undue advantage of many
friends and subject them to sexual exploitation and finally desert them. He may earn bad name
due to this.

Mother is quite intelligent and commercial oriented.

Daughter: Will be intelligent and will have an affair with a boy.

Sister: One of them may have early problems of health, will stay away from the house to pursue
her learning and earnings

Education: He may not strive hard to study but scores maximum marks in each and every
subject he studies in his class. He will be well versed in several fields of knowledge.

Land: Native may inherit land from her mother side or he may gain land after some changes in

20. MER MOO IN 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Native will have knowledge of psychology and he can read others mind. He will have
changes in his learning and commercial matters.

Mother: Must hails from intellectual background and support of her relatives. She has some
landed property which might be lost

Daughter: Will change her place after studies. She may also change her view about relational

Sister: One of them will be intelligent she may face some marital issues.

Education: Native may be interested in changes in educational matters, he may like to study
arts, liquid, travel and transport.

21. MOO JUP in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native will settle away from his birth place. He must have faced ill health nearing to death
during his birth time. Native will have extensive tours once in 12 years. He will be devoted to
elders, preceptors, and rivers.

Mother will be engaged in divine contemplation and will be known for her pious nature.

Daughter: One of them will very good natured and will face some health problems.

22. JUP MOO in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will be fickle minded and will a liar. He will change according to situations. He will have
cold related problems. He may have changes in learning and earning. He may also be
subjected to blames as his character is capricious.

Mother: Hails from a noble family and she is good natured and helps everybody. She will have
obesity problem.

Daughter: Will have good education and she will settle down in life happily however there could
be some health problems.

23. MOO VEN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native will have suspicious nature. He will earn a bad name due an affair with woman and lose
money. He will gain pleasure from his wifes sister much more than from his wife and she will
develop intimacy with him. He will have occasional quarrel with his wife. Women folks in his
family will have minimum improvement in life.

Wife: Will have some health problems and she must have some blemish tendencies prior
marriage. She is reluctant in her attitude. She hails from different family circle.

Daughter/Sister: One of them will be luxury oriented and will have capricious character and
may elope to settle in life. They may have health problems and may stay away from family for
learning and earning.

24. VEN MOO in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will always think of woman, he will be spendthrift for his sensual satisfaction. He will be
artistic in nature.

Mother: Will have luxurious background with lesser comfort at this stage. Mother may have
some health problems.

Daughter/Sister: Will is more desirous in her life and she will be fickle minded and subjected to
blames. They may change their place for their settlement in life.

25. MOO SAT in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: May have changed his profession several times. He might have travelled in his
professional career. He may spend away his earnings, he might have also subjected to blames
in his career. Family peace will not be there. He is lazy and sleepy

Mother: may have problems relating to phlegm obstruction.

Profession: He may have interest in lesser effort jobs or business. He may be interested in
Hotel, liquid, travel etc.

26. SAT MOO 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Due to his past karma the native is bound to get some chronic disease or diseases. He
will not have focus on learning and earning. He might change many activities. He will have
female associations or thoughts which will disturb his focus. He might turn spiritual but will not
be consistence in his approach.

Mother: Must have suffered in her life and will undergo health problems.

Daughter: One of them will be lazy and unfocused in her life. She will have marital problems.

27. MOO RAH in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native may suffer from fear, delusion and effects of which craft very often. There may be water
well near his residence. If this combination is not having influence of benefic planets, he may
suffer from mental illness or perturbation.

Mother will have faced many hurdles in life by the time Native is born. She will face many
difficulties even at the Natives birth and may result in unnatural death within a year.

Grandfather: Migrated to the present place from a far of place.

28. RAH MOO 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will be eccentric in nature, he may have plans for distant travel, He will have cheating
mentality and adulterous. He poses to be spiritual or convincing.

Mother: Mother must have overcome life endangering situations.

Daughter: One of them will have subjected to evil spell or will have mental and relational

29. MOO KET in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7


Native: Near his birth place has a Divine Mother Goddess temple. He may face a great danger
during his life time. Native at time may resort to renouncing the life.

Mother is a charitable woman to feed poor. Though not educated she is well versed in the Art of
self-realization. She may have cold and wind problems.

Daughter: One of them will. Will be adamant in nature and will not be interested in doing any
job or work. They will be bent upon getting things done as they like.

Grand Mother: Given to divine contemplation. She is charitable woman to feed poor and

30. KET MOO in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will be gloomy and little sadistic. He will have dejection in life and depressed mentality.
He may think to quit his activities that job or profession.

Mother: Must have surpassed difficult period in her life and suffering with health problems of
pain and immobility

Daughter: Will be have displeasures and may have marital discord.

Grandmother: Will have liking for travelling and will be interested in giving charities. She will
have health problems

31. MAR MER in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native may have brother; He will face many difficulties in education. He will quarrel with his
brother very often. He has to overcome enemies regarding a land dispute. He will be deceived
by a girlfriend, this he can get over it.

Brother: One of his brothers will be intelligent and he may have technical knowledge or
commercial oriented in his activities. He may have friends of opposite sex.

Siblings: One of his siblings will have hardship in her learning and earnings. Female siblings
will have marital problems

Education: The native may have technical oriented education. He may overcome hurdles in

Land: He may have to overcome some litigation with regard to land

32. MER MAR in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: May have tensions and his thought process will be obstructed. He may act stupidly
despite being intelligent.

Brother: One of his brothers will have experience in commercial activities and may have
teaching capacity.
Sister: One of the sisters will face some problems in life and may have to suffer due to tensions.

Education: Native may face hurdles in education and may have to put lot of efforts to get
through his learning

Land: Native may face landed litigations.

33. MAR JUP in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native is very good at heart but at times he has the hidden anger which may burst out. This
may cause him rise in Blood Pressure. He is highly emotional and repent for his actions by that
time it will be too late. He has the inner ego of all knowing nature hence does not like opposition
from anyone. He helps people to support him but in vain as they turn against him. His own
people will misunderstand him and deride him. There will be misunderstanding between wife
and husband. All these happen because of his actions. Native may have some rare
experiences in life and he may be good at meditation or mantra siddhi. He has the power to
dream and at times the dream will come true. He has a quality of getting flattered and many of
his friends and others will use this tool to utilize him.

Brother: On of his brother will have prosperous life.

Husband: The husband of the female native will have prosperous future and he will be a noble

34. JUP MAR in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: is short tempered, Very harsh and adamant in his nature. He is bent upon things for
which he will put his full efforts. However he may be hasty in his actions thus many times he
may face obstructions in life. It may be difficult for him in learning and earning as he faces
hurdles in these areas. He is bound to get blood related problems. His tensions and blood
pressure may cause heart problems and disturb the immune system. Acidity, headache and BP
are indications of bad health to him.

Brother: On of them will have good support of divinity and they will overcome all ill effect in life.

Husband: He will hail from a noble family and he will have some misunderstanding with wife.

35. MAR VEN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will be inclined towards arts. He is a biological pleasure seeker and this makes him to
be affectionate towards his wife to fulfil his desire. At other times he has competitive thought
process keeping her at distance. However they live together for a long period yet there could be
some separation for reason unknown.

Brother: One of his brothers will be luxury oriented and earns well. He will be lucky after
Husband: Mars being behind Venus it indicates that in previous life also he was the husband to
this female.

Wife: Mars behind indicates the tensioned life prior to marriage. She has some egoistic instinct
and more possessive about her husband that will cause trouble in her marital life.

36. VEN MAR in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Has a comfortable background and must have lead luxurious life earlier. He might now
be trouble before settling with own efforts. He faces hurdles in professional life and will be hard
to make wealth. Whatever he earns may have to be spent for his kith and kin.

Brother: One of his brothers will have share of inherited wealth and he may spend away the
same. He will have support from his marital life.

Husband: Will be lucky after marriage and he will be passionate and luxurious in his attitude.
He may be having some artistic tendencies. He expects luck from his wife.

Wife: She will be short tempered will have good built. She may have exposing teeth set with
high nose bridge. She may have reddish eyes. She might have faced obstacle in her learning
and earning and may be technical oriented. She might have been same wife in the previous
birth who has come here to give some trouble to husband.

37. MAR SAT in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: The profession may relate to Technical and its management. He might change several
professions in his earlier days. He must have overcome many hurdles in professional life. He
would have had enemies pulling him down in his profession.

Brother: One of them will face hurdles and enmity factors in life.

Elder brother: Might have struggled hard in his life. He may have health problems. He might
not gel well with the native.

38. SAT MAR in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will have hurdles in profession, He will act hastily and commit mistakes to be pointed
out by bosses. He will not be having clarity in his work. All his intelligence will be blocked while
applying practically. To a certain extent a work relating to signification of Mars may work out. But
however this combination is not a good combination for profession unless there is some
supporting planet reducing the Mars effect.

Brother: One of the must have struggled to get good opportunities earlier and then will be
seeking for better opportunities.

Elder Brother: Is short tempered and will face many hurdles in life.

39. MAR RAH in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native puts of as if he is daring and strong. He does not exhibit his anger but suppresses it to
convert into Jealous and heartedness. He might face dangers from vehicles and metals. He
may have misunderstanding with family matters. He has less confidence but possess to be
more confident. He may have blood related problems. Such natives are in general be
henpecked but will have burning anger inside.

Brother: One of his brothers is likely to meet an untimely end. Or he may not have elder
brother. Will face great dangers in life and achieves providential escape.

Grandfather: might have struggled hard and faced enmity factors in life.

40. RAH MAR 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and

Native will be in illusions, he has great imagination power. He will rage up with fighting for which
there will no reasons at all. He might have surpassed dangers. He may have some illicit
relationship with others. He will be secretive and will not disclose any thing. He may have
interest in shadow related activities but will not be use it for his benefits. They are suspicious in
nature that will affect their marital life and the wife may resort to undue activities.

Brother: Must have had some blemish and secret affairs. He must have escaped dangerous

Grandfather: is a short tempered person and will face troubles in life.

41. MAR KET in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: is adamant and he is bent upon proving his point of view though stupid. He will have
rejections in his attitude. He may not be suitable for emotional bondage and hence may not get
quickly respond to marriages. However despite if he gets married, he may have disputes. He
may also not gel well with his kith and kin

Brother: Unless there are some supportive planets to this combination, brother generally may
have renouncing attitude. It may not be philosophical but it is due to his unworldly attitude. His
rejections are not spiritual but out of depression. He might take up jobs relating to human

Grandmother: She must have overcome health problems and troubles in life.

42. KET MAR 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Must have experienced troubles and disputes in his life. He might have quit many
unsuccessful professional activities. Normally the troubles are due to their own stupid decisions
in the past. Despite being married, they always think of getting rid of bondages.

Brother: Brother must have overcome some relational problems or he might quit such relational
bondage. He has troubles in his lively hood may resort some low level earning process unless
his profession is relating to Ketu.

Grandmother: is short tempered and suffers ill-health conditions in life

43. MER JUP in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7


Native: Native uses his knowledge to become wiser. Surrounding his birth place there will be
rich growth of plants. Knowledge earned in previous birth will come to light in this birth. He will
master over several branches of knowledge. He befriends a matured girl of good heart hailing
from good family, who is affectionate, truth seeker and practical in thinking. Despite he marries
another woman.

Female: She befriends a pious natured person interested in divine contemplation and gets bad
name due to this relationship. She will be gentle mannered, intelligent and popular. Her brother
will lead a life of honour and prestige with good educational attainments.

Brother: His last younger brother will be highly intelligent.

Education; The Native will pursue his education successfully in many fields. Mostly he will be
interested in human relationship matters or subjects dealing with Living matters.

44. JUP MER in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: is Very intelligent and will have good grasping power. He learns many subjects and he
may use the knowledge to spread to others. He will be a good teacher. He has many friends
including women as his close friends. He might even have some relationship with some of
female friends.

Female native: She hails from a noble family with lots of wisdom. She is spiritual in nature. She
might have aspired for a person of similar nature as her husband. But unfortunately she may
miss such opportunity and she may not get the right person as husband.

Brother: One of them will have good support of nobles. With this help he will be successful in
his life.

Education: The native might have past merits which will support him in his educational
activities. He may have interest in many subjects.

45. MER VEN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native talks sweetly and welcomes everybody with politeness and hearty greetings. He is
dramatic in his manners and appears extremely courteous. To achieve his object he adopts
several means and sees to it that he gets it without causing trouble to others. He will achieve
proficiency in several arts like music etc. He enjoys honour and prestige in the society. He gets
friendship of opposite sex easily. They may enjoy such relationships but also will get blamed in
the society due to it. Often there will be misunderstanding in the family. He will own houses and
landed property. Even if they are poor and face enmity of people, outwardly nobody could guess
this. He may have rich people association and gain help from them.

Brother: One of the brothers will be luxurious and leads a comfortable life.

Sister will be intelligent, with a prestige and power in life.


Wife: hails from a an intellectual and commercial background

Education: Native may be interested in finance, assets, arts etc. and he may expertise in
commercial or administration.

House: Native may prefer to have constructed house with lots of greenery around the house.

(Note unless there is a link of Saturn the affluence matters may not be fulfilled)

46. VEN MER in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Might have had comfortable back ground. He has great interest in mastering the
subjects which he learns. He might converse well only to get benefited materially. His
orientation will be towards comfort accumulation. Even in romance he might bring in commercial
attitude. Though he might have affairs outside wedlock he might handle them carefully not
giving scope for blames. He might shine well in commercial aspects.

Brother: One of them will get the support from female folks or well settled after marriage.

Sister: Very luxurious in nature and will be fond of friends and entertainment.

Wife: is social in nature and she will be intelligent. She may have many friends and will move
with elite circle.

Education: Native will have comfort zones in his education; he may enjoy his student period.

House: He may choose to have his house near by trees, commercial places.

47. MER SAT in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native is intelligent, but does not have the knack of exhibiting the same outwardly and appears
as a dull headed. He needs repeated study to understand anything. He is bit lazy. He gets on
well with transactions devoid of legal or deceit. He is fortunate in land dealing and trade
transactions. He gets friendly with a stout bodied girl of windy constitution.
Brother will get on well in ordinary professions.

Elder brother: Will have commercial background and he might have chosen his life partner

Education: Native may be slow in completion of his education. He may select subject of
practical application.

Profession: Native may be interested in profession of intelligence and commerce which he

may use in earing.

48. SAT MER 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Native may think intelligently and may have commercial attitude. He will encounter a
girlfriend in his working sphere.

Brother will be lazy and will be interested in practical type of education.


Elder brother: will be intelligent and may support the native with commercial aspects.

Education: Native may be interested in subjects of Commercial nature. He will be continuously

upgrading his knowledge.

Profession: His profession may relate to, Greenery, Trees, Commerce and teaching and
communication. Whichever field he chose he may have the commercial and communication
aspects in it.

49. MER RAH in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native though intelligent suffers from mental delusions. Nearby his residence or place of
profession there will be Muslim cemeteries. He may befriend a Muslim girl or boy. He and his
friends may get cooperation from outside community. He may have disfigured head or forehead.
He will be little dull-witted.

Brother will be engaged in unethical or huge transactions. He will be untrustworthy

Sister may have co-operation from outside community and she may have some secret affairs.

Land: Native may resort to gain landed property which has some dubious transactions.
However it will be a vast land.

Education: Native may have his studies relating to nuclear, electronics, computers, or
photography and camera techniques. Else he may pursue his studies in foreign country.

Grandfather: Hails from an intellectual background having vast landed property.

50. RAH MER in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Native thinks that he is very intelligent. But actually he uses his reverse thinking abilities
to convince people and get benefited. However his intellectual magic spell is short lived and the
soon others realize this he will be put to trouble. He will have secret affairs
.Brother: Must have overcome endangering and humiliating situations in the life.

Sister may have some relationship with a person outside her community

Land: Native may face hurdles and problems in landed property.

Education: Native will have some cheating aspect in his studies; he thinks that he knows the
subject very well.

Grandfather: Will be intelligent and will make landed property

51. MER KET in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: May be having rejections and a sort of aloofness in his attitude. He behaves unworldly
and other think of him as spiritual oriented. Gradually he may lose his sense of hearing and
become deaf. He is likely to get skin ailments also. The native will be well versed in writing,
drawing etc., there may be educational obstructions.

Sister: One of them may resort to spiritual teacher and renounce the sensual pleasures.

Brother: One of them will have problems in his learning and earning and he will not be
interested in social life.

Education: Native may have obstruction in educational matters. He may like subject like Law
and medicine.

Land: There could be some landed dispute if native purchases lands.

Grandmother: hails from an intellectual and commercial family. She will have health problems.

52. KET MER 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native is interested in divine contemplations and self-realizations. He has got a sixth sense and
can attain scholarships without much effort in any field of knowledge.

Sister: One of them may have marital discord and may have mental depression.

Brother One of them must have discounted studies before taking part in commercial approach
and suffered in life.

Education: Native may resort to complete the discontinued studies. He may be interested
subject of human services

Land: Native may have to resolve the landed dispute mattes

Grandmother: She is intelligent and very witty. She will help others.

53. JUP VEN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: is interested in arguments, disputes and is well versed in several fields of knowledge.
Native earns money with divine grace or by divine grace of his wifes personality. Despite fewer
earnings, it will suffice to meet the family needs.

Wife: Hails from a noble family and she has the support of good people in her life. She is
supported materially. She is intelligent and can support the person she marries. She is beautiful
and attractive.

Daughter: One of them will be educated virtuous and fortunate.

Native: May like to have spacious and beautiful house.

54. VEN JUP in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7


Native: Is romantic and passion in his instinct, he has some power ruling him. He gets his
knowledge through grace of female deity. He may not have sufficient earnings in life and suffers
with minimum earnings. He will be responsible towards his life and family. In general he helps
everyone in the society. He gives secondary preference to money and assets. He likes to be
undisturbed and will seek higher intelligence.

Wife: She will be a noble lady with broad mindedness. She will be family oriented yet will have
earning capacity. She will be very neat and clean. She has the charisma to attract and be
friendly with everyone and help them. She loves every one. She is strong but may suffer due to
excess fat.

Daughter: One of the daughters will be argumentative and will be lover of arts especially
performing arts. She will be earning and will like to support her family. She is more self-cantered
and gives 2nd preference to all other mattes.

House: Native may make property but he may not retain it. Else he will not own any property at
all and if he owns he will not enjoy.

(In both cases the mother may suffer due to daughter)

55. JUP SAT in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native will have beautiful nose and cheeks. He will desire only good things in life. In any
profession he will attain mastery. With a mediocre intelligence in the beginning he will attain
name and fame with in few years. He is suitable for posts like Manger, Principal, and Head of a
section or Department, a Doctor, religious head or a Judge. His words will carry lot of weight in
society. Even though such persons may not be so educated they will have under them several
people working. He suffers from gastric complaints, indigestion etc. He is calm and quite in

General: They will adopt easy means and behaves as great philanthropist, tender service to
others in exchange of money and somehow see they are well off. They achieve their objectives
with discretion.

Female: Leads a powerful, honourable, and prestigious life right from her birth. She prefers
getting things done rather than doing it herself.

56. SAT JUP in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: May have straight long thick nose. He will have medium cheeks. He will be hardworking
and efficient in his works. In any field of activity he will like to reach to the heights with
effectiveness. He is a truth seeker; hence he may go deep into matters of his professional
knowledge. He gives lesser imports to ritualistic or prescribed methodology. He deviates with his
rational approach to every Karma or work.

General: Native may not be interested in money mattes, he may like to establish his capabilities
in establishing the truth. This may cause him troubles in life. They prefer to be away from
disputes and quarrels but if essential they will put up their arguments strongly. Their objective is
to establish facts.

Female: Her husband may be helpless but due to her luck she will lead the family to prosperity
and gets co-operation from friends. She is fond of good food. She is a god believer. She will
take the family responsibility and brings up children. She loves children very much hence they
may get pampered.

57. JUP RAH in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: He might be born in a different cultured place. Within a year of his birth he would have
overcome a great danger to his life. He is having good looking round shaped body. He will be
estranged from his brother. He may have interest in different field of activities of non-traditional
nature. He may also learn some evil techniques. He is prone to lie and resort to sinful activities
or irreligious activities. He might go to different places. Uncared childhood may cause polio
attack. He seems to be incarnation of his own great-great grandfather.

Grandfather: Natives grandfather has a noble background, with this he will rule the place
where he is born and he will commit many sins for which he himself will suffer at a later stage.
This will also affect his future generation.

58. RAH JUP in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native is born in a famous place at the age of 11 years he might have serious health problem.
He is normally weak constitution. He might get involved in bad habits. He might suffer health
problems due to this. He has some power behind him which makes him to overcome all the
difficulties and get into some research activities. He likes to be in an imaginative world. He can
be good story builder or writer. He generally does not like to tell lie but out of curiosity
sometimes he creates illusions with his narratives which are far from the facts. Wonderfully
these narratives will turn into truth on many occasions.

Grandfather: Natives grandfather is noted for his religious and wisdom. He will be advisor to
many in his life. It is his deeds that take care of his future generation.

59. JUP KET in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: His birth must have been either in a lane or having nearby an anthill or born in a nursing
home. He will be well versed in occult matters. He has his own thought process which does not
allow him to desire for popularity. He is interested unworldly matters. He might be having small
lane or a noted place having tomb nearby his house at the time of birth. He is prone to
renounced life.

Grandmother (Maternal): Hails from noble and noted family and she will overcome many
hurdles in life. She may have health problems.

60. KET JUP in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7


Native: His birth must have been in a place which is either a place of pilgrim or having temple of
Divine Mother Goddess. In cancer this combination indicates Deep Ocean or river place which
has some religious sanctity. He might exhibit reluctance towards material matter but he will
have interest to hoard them. He may have obstruction in life and overcome such situations. He
will have some bonding matters which he may encounter with opposite sex. He might abandon
such bondages but will get entangled again.

Grandmother: She will be noble person with good advising capacity. She will have fat problems
and may become immovable.

61. VEN SAT in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native will have his profession in organization dealing with items that is used in regulating other
equipment or dealing with financial management or in luxury goods. He may have interest in
arts. He might even gain from trading of items relating beautification. After marriage he settles
down in life and he might acquire some properties of medium values.

Female: She will have her own means of earning. She will have misunderstandings in her family
very often.

Wife: She will have her own means of earning.

62. SAT VEN n 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will have good earning profession, he will have regular progress in his profession. It
may relate to Finance, Money, Arts, and luxury goods.

Female: She would have overcome problems in earlier life. She will be bit lazy and once she
starts to work she will finish it. She will have some marital problems due to her health.

Wife: May encounter health problems and she may have weakness. This may cause some
problem in marital life.

63. VEN RAH in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: He will have immense wealth and commands cars and motor cavalcade. There will be
fish shaped line in his palm. He will prosper in Cinema profession and secret deals. He will have
jewellery, diamonds. Without efforts he gets money from others and he improves his prospects
in life there from. He will have noiseless vehicles. He builds big and beautiful mansions of
several stories. He will have shape of cobra below the Venus line in Palm or he will have dark
wide birth mark on his body. Cobra will hide its hood at the sight of native.

Female: Husband will not trust her.


Sister: One of them will suffer from disease due to her past deeds and will not have family
happiness. This will be recurring in nature. She may have difficulties in getting male progeny. If
Sun does not get benefic aspect, male progeny cannot have longevity. But one of them will lead
a luxurious life and leads the family.

Daughter will lead a luxurious life and becomes the head of the family.

House: Will be big and spacious with unique designs. (Link of Saturn to Venus is fortune)

64. RAH VEN n 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and

Native: Will have money through unethical means, he will have. He will have secret affairs.

Female: will have secretive in her nature, she will have hidden matters in her life: She may have
health problems obstructing her in progeny matters.

Wife: Will have troubled life earlier. She must have unfocused life style before marriage. Now
also she is suspicious nature and she will not think good of her husband.

Daughter: One of them will have questionable attitude and will have out of religion thoughts.

House: The native may get house which has some irregularities or which may be having some
evil spirits.

65. VEN KET in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Natives desires are suppressed. His money and assets gets blocked. Unless he has
profession related to Ketu it is difficult for him to make wealth. Doctors, Lawyers, Painters and
Architects with this combination can make money. (In olden days, it is said that this combination
in certain signs, would indicate hidden treasure in the family estate guarded by cobra which is
rare now a days). Having financial stringency the native may turn like philosophical. However
the female in the house will have tendencies to hoard money and they may have blessings from
a female deity. He might have luxuries coming to him but he will be reluctant about it and may
not enjoy the same. Others in the family will enjoy those benefits.
Female/Wife: She will face difficulties in her younger days and even after marriage she may
have problems. She may face health problems and will develop a sort of rejections in her marital
life. She will be cautious in spending and if needs she will spend more for right purpose. She
likes to hoard wealth and money. She will be feminine oriented and likes to be religiously follow
the women hood.

Daughter: One of the daughters will face hurdles in life; she may take up medicine or law in her
learning and earnings. She may have marital problems.

House: Native may have compact house which is situated in a small lane or busy area where
there is traffic jams or he may have his house situated in lower class people.

Grandmother: is spiritual in nature and hoards money and does not part with it.

66. KET VEN in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7


Native: He may have interest in deep rooted knowledge. He may also have some specific
knowledge in roots and planets which are used in medicine. He must have had problems in
early ages for his learning and earning and later on changes to earn in different line of activity.

Female: Will have to overcome obstructions in her learning and earnings. She may even have
to face some discard in marital life. She may be involved in some relationship with other person.

Daughter: She will face some relational problems, she will overcome health problems. She has
depression in life and then rectifies herself at a later stage.

Grandmother: must have overcome difficult situations in life.

67. SAT RAH in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native earns livelihood through Shadow and light related field or film unit. He will amass money
secretly even without the knowledge of Government. In other words his earnings may be
unethical in nature. There will be a thick line of fortune line in the shape of serpent in his hand.

Elder brother: Will face hurdles in life and danger to life.

Grandfather: Must have hardships in his life and has earned without having credits to him.

68. RAH SAT in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Will have troubled professional life. He will have changed many places or he must have
visited foreign countries in his profession. However he will not get his due recognition despite
his hard work.

Elder brother: Must be staying away from the family and he may not have good relationship
with the native. He puts hard work and comes up in life

Grandfather is hard worker and a workaholic. He comes up in life with full efforts. He may have
health problems.

69. SAT KET in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: Whatever profession he engages himself in it, there will be lot of hindrances to his
progress. Always he will be interested in renouncing life altogether. He will have very little
interest in the worldly affairs and he will somehow pull on in life with absolutely no interest. By
good luck even if he gets a good profession, out of fear he will leave it and run away. There will
therefore be several hurdles for his progress in life. He will somehow eke out his livelihood by
doing odd jobs and low jobs such as weaving, tailoring, printing etc.,

Grandmother: Must have struggled in her life and she will face ill health problems.

70. KET SAT in 1, 5, 9, 2, 12, and 7

Native: may have rejection and depression and may not be interested in working. He will be
interested in non-materialistic activities. He may resort to renouncing from worldly affairs or may
take up social and human services. Such persons are good at their profession if they are
Doctors or social service activities. They may also be good at law.

Grandmother: Will be independent nature and must have her own earnings. .

Special use of the above two planets combination

These combinations can be used for answering quick Prashna (that is questions asked by
clients) or to get confirmed about the good or bad results of the on-going matter or the thought
process of some matter in the mind. These are to be done with the help of one more planet
which need to be assessed by using the Hora lord. The hora sequence is based on the
weekday lord as the first hora lord for that days sun rise in a particular place and then each
planet ruling an hour in a particular sequence commencing from that days first hora lord. For
example to day is Wednesday and at Hyderabad to day sun rise is at 5.58 and the Hora lord
Mercury rules this hour till 6.58. Next Lord from 6.58 rules Moon, then, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars,
Sun, Venus and again at 12.48 Mercury commences and this sequence repeats and at 7.48
again it is Mercury Hora. The sequence repeats the whole night and at next day i.e. Thursday
morning at sunrise it is the Jupiter Hora.

Testing the system:

1. Question Will this system of quick Prashna works?

2. Next step is to ask a number between 1 to 70 including both 1 and 70.
(Since question belongs to be I must give the number quickly thinking of this question)
Instead of thinking of number, I take a number from a book randomly - 55.
3. Jupiter and Saturn is the combination for Number 55 Dharma Karmadhi yoga.
4. I have to see the Present hora lord
5. Now the time is 7.53 am and the hora lord is Saturn Karma karaka
6. For Jeevas Dharma Karmadhi yoga the Saturn is Karma karaka is witness that is it
7. Please follow the rules of friendship and enmity based on matters selected and not
planets dignities which should be used in personal matters.

Chapter -12
Three planets combination
Note: In three planets combination as said earlier there would be total 6 permutations of
combinations. There could be many matters which need to be analysed in these
permutation and combination. A table showing major significations of what to predict
against which planetary significations are given under each planet



Father Mother Brother

WHAT Son Females Husband
Royal Divine (Jup/Sun) Furious
Character Dignified Capricious Egoistic
Bright Unfaithful Harsh
Success Change Obstruct
Support Liquid Technical
Recognition Arts Powered
Governing Travel Harass
Bright Watery Strong
Government Sell Built
Elite Cheat Construct
Renowned Loss Machinery
Diseases Heart Lung Blood
Skeletal Colds Injury
Bile Blood Muscle

Strokes Infections Marrow


Important Notes: The above table can be extensively used for delineations. However, I
am not making predictive sentences for every signification given above for three planets.
I am re grouping the predictive matters of earlier version of this book for guidance.
Based on this the above table can be used for precise predictions using the strengths,
states, Dispositer and Exchange theories combining with Sign ( and house-if already into
my coaching session) Significations.

Native may be interested in Technical subjects or agro technical fields.

Father prospers after change of place. Father will be proud & bold in his works. Father will have
agricultural and hard work at profession to prosper. Father may suffer from B.P. Fathers brother
will stay at distant place.

Mother will face hurdles in family life. Mother will have dispute with her son. Mother overcomes
Fire accident.

Son will have bad company and will have disturbed learning and earning. He is of irritant nature
and may resort to violence at times.

Daughter: One of them may have tensions in family life. She may be hot tempered and proud
due to her back ground

Brother of native will leave the house and suffers before settling in life.

Husband must have from a good family back ground and must have incurred loss and little
sufferings before changed his place and settled in life

The rest of the combination follows the same pattern of information, having a table and then a
few predictive narrations indicating the method of taking three planet combinations.


Native is also hasty and stubborn. Bold, stubborn, Agro related machinery.

Fathers Brother is traveling nature.

Mother will have worries because of Husband and Brother.


Native will have mental unrest due to constant struggle to get name and fame.

Father or his ancestors-may changes the place. Father is stubborn-fearsome to enemies-

romantic-respected in profession-B.P.

One of the Fathers brothers had fear from a scoundrel.

Mother despite learned afraid of her husband, and inexpressive.


Native earns bad name and enmity. May encounter judicial redress & turns divine

Fathers relation migrated to different place, returned & supporting father. Father is Self-
esteemed short-tempered.

Brother is hasty, stubborn and quits job as disinterest to serve.

Son will have difference of opinion with kith and kin and in professional field.


Native's hasty action calls for trouble resulting in family unrest and misunderstanding. Bold
stubborn selfish-Faced harassment from enemies and changed place for a job-earned bad

Fathers brother moved out due to irksome family problems.


Native will have hurdles and bad name in his profession and enmity-but overcomes.

Husband prospers in profession relating to electricity and arts.

Fathers profession relates to land development machinery reflective lights-Changed place due
to evilness of his kith and kin.


Father Mother Younger Sibling

WHAT Son Females Friend
Royal Divine (Jup/Sun) Intelligent
Character Dignified Capricious Diplomatic
Bright Unfaithful Sweet talk
Success Change Learning
Support Liquid Commerce
Recognition Arts Media
Governing Travel Greenery
Bright Watery Land
Government Sell Greenery
Elite Cheat Vehicle
Renowned Loss Amusing
Heart Lung Skin
Skeletal Colds Nerve
Bile Blood Allergies
Strokes Infections Baldness

Native will have knowledge in various matters and though intelligent will not be focused in
application. He may have different skills even foreign skills.

Father has discretion power, common sense and intelligent, He likes travelling, He is Soft-
spoken - achieves things easily. He may own Agricultural lands and must have some landed
problems. He has knack of talking and diplomatic in his approach. He is an able advisor. He
may visit holy places. He might be having knowledge in occult matters or astrology. He is prone
to have extra marital affairs and get blamed.

Mother hails from a prestigious background. She is quite intelligent. She is spiritual and talks
sensibly and sweetly. She has some allergic problems.

Son: one of them will be quite intelligent and will have changed educational career and he will
have travelling in his learning and earning.

Daughter: one of the daughters will have some affair and she will be commercial oriented. She
may have some family problems.
Younger Siblings: They will have some affairs in their life and they will prosper outside their birth
place. They may have initial problems in life settlement


Native is intelligent and will have fickle mind, will have knowledge of irrigation and food
processing or Liquids. He will be successful in education outside place.

Intelligent-Plans and executes work sitting at a place. Trade in Veg-fruits-medicine-Less

education more intellect.


Native will have changed his subject of education or changed the place of education.
Father or ancestors migrated from other place. Father is intelligent & calculative. Diplomatic and
lives easily.


Native may have educational success after changing his place of education. He may have
success after changing his mind to learn well established subjects. .

Female folks of family may have illicit relation and may also have diseases

Father is Intelligent and he earns living through agriculture.

Mother is intelligent.

Sister if any may have to face dangers from water or due to travel.


Father earns Landed property and change of place, will have two sisters.


Native is fickle minded-Diplomatic-calculative-Artistic-Gets betrayed by friends and gets blame.

In his family an outside woman gets pregnant. He may suffer financial loss from lover. He gets
betrayed from lover gets bad name & he may suffer with urinary track diseases.

Female folks in family may have uterine disease.

Sister gets betrayed by friends and earns bad name.


Father Mother-
Self - Native
WHAT Son Females
Royal Divine (Jup/Sun) Noble,
Character Dignified Capricious Honour
Bright Unfaithful Respect
Success Change Success
Support Liquid Promotion
Recognition Arts Preaching
Governing Travel Advisor
Bright Watery Support
Government Sell Gain
Elite Cheat Good
Renowned Loss Decent
Heart Lung Fat
Skeletal Colds Nose
Bile Blood sufferer
Strokes Infections Healer

Helps parents - Son gets influential help and earns fame in migrated place.

Change of place-Well versed in arts-respects elders -striving for divine grace.

Father gets honour in foreign place-Bright aura.


Native may have change of place and earn name and fame.

Native though have authority some time will be unstable in his thought process.

Native may have some blood defects and may suffer from cold for some time.

He is blessed with divine blessings of past lives. His son will be in a respectable profession, in a
distant locality.

Travels lot - Cold body-Changes residence.


Native may have change of place of his residence connected with authorities.
Status after migration to different place-Divine in nature-Professionally earns name and fame-
gets blessings of elders.

Natives mother is fond of gold ornaments and hoards the same-Divine nature-Charitable.
Native's son with special talents gets respect from people-travels and earns name in political


Prospers in outside birth place or foreign and gets name fame and Royal patronage.-Elite and
rich circle association-earns name.

Learns philosophy-social work and welfare activities-Wins over enemies-Enjoys previous merits
and respect and finance.

Mother is divine person-Capable and in an honourable status in life.

Travels - place to place - Divine nature - Gets prestige and co-operation from society from elite
circle - also from Government.

Settles away from Birth place and earns Royal help and patronage.

Mother is divine in nature and is powerful.



Father Mother Wife

WHAT Son Females Females
Royal Divine (Jup/Sun) Passion
Character Dignified Capricious Artistic
Bright Unfaithful Luxurious
Success Change Higher
Support Liquid Luxury
Recognition Arts Arts
Governing Travel Finance
Bright Watery House
Government Sell Vehicle
Elite Cheat Luxuries
Renowned Loss Money
Diseases Heart Lung Sexual
Skeletal Colds Semen
Bile Blood Diabetes

Strokes Infections Urinary


Native will have a good opportunity of beautiful house and plenty of water.

Father is fickle mind-moves from place to place He may be interested in illicit relation with
other woman. He must have lost wealth and honour because of a woman. He will Ill-treats wife
on others word. He is prone to get diabetes due to enmity. He may not get his paternal wealth.

Natives sister will get a decent family in wedlock but will have mental unrest

Native's daughter will improve life prospects but defect in womb.


Native may get association with prestigious persons dealing in luxury, arts and gains by similar
activity and also jewellery - Spends Money on Luxurious women.

Father loses money in useless deals. His profession relates luxury, artistic, food or cosmetics

Female/Wife: suffers from abortion and bad name and gets over the same.


Native will have financial and landed benefits from authorities after change of place.

Father prospers after change of place.

Mother: - She will lead luxurious life with ornaments.


Native profits from art travel and food related transactions. He is of suspicious nature as far as
his wife is concerned. He will prosper after change of place. He will get a couple of
opportunities to better his life.

Wife suffers from little ill health and uterine disorders.

Sisters married life will be comfort and luxurious in a prestigious family.


Wife is authoritative with helping nature, will have uterine disorder. Despite she gives birth to
son and daughter who will live long.

Either sister or daughter will have marriage in a prestigious family but troubles from in-laws.

Native wastes money on a prestigious friend.


Father migrated to other place after marriage and was duped by others resulting in loss.

Wife had to get over some deceptive situation. She will have uterine complaints. She is fond of
family and arts. She is fickle minded due to which she missed a luxurious marital life with fame
and wealth and she will lead a mediocre life.

Daughter prospers in different place with honour and respect. She avoids deceptive persons
after getting deceived by them.


Father Mother Elder Brother

WHAT Son Females Worker
Royal Divine (Jup/Sun) Lazy
Character Dignified Capricious Workaholic
Bright Unfaithful Slow
Success Change Practical
Support Liquid Delay
Recognition Arts Work load
Governing Travel Work nature
Bright Watery Delay
Government Sell Fortune
Elite Cheat Long lasting
Renowned Loss work place
Heart Lung Gas
Skeletal Colds Locomotive
Bile Blood Due to karma
Strokes Infections Digestive

Native may live apart from his children.

Father travels many places. Earns well but suffers due to debts. He changes profession again.
Mother: Ill health.

One of his male progeny will face troubles and lives in a foreign place.


Change of profession many times.

Father struggled and travelled to come up in life.


The family had peace and prosperity only after native fixed in a profession.

Father migrated and achieved progress in a different place. Faced progeny problems and got
over it by divine grace.


Native had to wander aimlessly without proper livelihood till 27 years of age. Then change of
residence good job in good organization.

Father also prospered after change of place.

Mother suffers from cold and breathing problems.


Native thrives in his fathers profession-gets blames in career. If born in bright half of lunar
month good effects will be felt.

Father has come up in life outside his family circle. He will have outside woman affair and

Mother will face little misfortune.


Native may face difficulties through relatives. Incurs financial loss-Change of place -profession
relates to ravel, energy fluids & agro related. He may have prosperity after strain and change of

Mother is having windy problems.



Father Mother
Grand Parents
WHAT Son Females
Royal Divine (Jup/Sun) Unethical
Character Dignified Capricious Cheating
Bright Unfaithful Illusionary
Success Change Foreign
Support Liquid Illusion
Recognition Arts Shadow
Governing Travel Unethical
Bright Watery Big
Government Sell Open
Elite Cheat Unethical
Renowned Loss Cheat
Diseases Heart Lung Death
Skeletal Colds Danger
Bile Blood Intestine

Strokes Infections Undiagnosed


Natives family danger to male progeny.

Father deals with shadow related profession-illicit relationship of outside woman. He will earn
Bad name due to low class people-Loss thereby-Danger from water.

Son: One of their sons will have profession related to shadows.

Grandfather Intelligent, name and fame in places-romantic life.


Native though good in nature commits unethical things - Mental delusion - Progeny problems &
difficulties to male progeny.

Father commits wicked acts.

Mother suffers up to natives youth period.


Native may have some foreign travel influence either by Gov. or father.

Father: after facing dangers and obstacles migrated from other place faced dark chapters in life,
He has prospered after shifting place, by divine grace.

Son travelled extensively-profession relates to shadow and light.

Native may commit some sort of misdeed and may have problems with authorities.


Father or Grandfather escapes accident from water or vehicle.

One of the native's sons will also escape accident from water or vehicle.

Eldest son short life can be averted by Mrithyunjaya Japa.

Grandfather had change of place and fond of travel.


Parents had to overcome many difficulties & hurdles in their life.

Native: Parents will have to suffer due to ill health problems.

Grandfather has come from a different place.



Father Mother Grand Parents

WHAT Son Females Female - (side)
Royal Divine (Jup/Sun) Dejected
Character Dignified Capricious Spiritual
Bright Unfaithful Stubborn
Success Change Quit
Support Liquid Occult
Recognition Arts Serving others
Governing Travel Petty works
Bright Watery Small
Government Sell Block
Elite Cheat Spiritual
Renowned Loss Disputed
Heart Lung Block
Skeletal Colds Growth
Bile Blood Pains
Strokes Infections Tumours

Native gains through standing green crops in abundant land.

One of his progeny follows either medical practice or preaches metaphysics.

Mother suffers due to cold, kafa & breathing.

Grandfather is divine expert-served poor.

Grandmother is philanthropist.


Native also faces many hardships before settling down.

Grandfather migrated and settled in other place. Travels extensively & faces hurdles.

Grandmother is philanthropist, feeds poor.


Native may get blames and hurdles from authorities and may cause problems to father.

Father: is a philanthropist-law-intelligent - metaphysics.

Son gets royal patronage-Govt. favours and profession.


The native is divine in nature like his father & maternal Grandfather - They had overcome many


Father is given to divine contemplation and will have changed his place of residence.


Natives parents had overcome ill health problems and sufferings in life.



Father Brother Younger Sibling

WHAT Son Husband Friend
Royal Furious Intelligent
Character Dignified Egoistic Diplomatic
Bright Harsh Sweet talk
Success Obstruct Learning
Support Technical Commerce
Recognition Powered Media
Governing Harass Greenery
Bright Strong Land
Government Build Greenery
Elite Construct Media
Renowned Machinery Amusing
Diseases Heart Blood Skin
Skeletal Injury Nerve
Bile Muscle Allergies

Strokes Marrow Baldness


Native has more than two brothers and two of them close to him-Native intelligent and
calculative-gets well in agency business.

Father has side earnings.

Brothers will get very well in town east of his birth place.


Native though not educated understands things by discussion.-unrest with brothers-more than
one brother

Father: he will gain through lands brokerage.

Native: is stubborn in nature.

Husband will have profession in govt.

Father repents for his misdeeds out of hastiness.


Native will have more than one brother-One will have versatile knowledge-one of them will have
gains through royal patronage- Misunderstanding with brothers.


Native is intelligent - faced many hurdles in education at its tail-end.

Husband is from prestigious family with good education.

Father short tempered stubborn, lived gloriously, and has BP.


Native faces slight hurdles in education. He may have relationship problems with either brother
or father.

Husband will have job in royal enterprise or co-operative firm with Gov. related. Will gain landed
property, short tempered.

Father had faced enmity with regard to land deal-short tempered.



Father Brother
Self - Native
WHAT Son Husband
Royal Furious Noble,
Character Dignified Egoistic Honour
Bright Harsh Respect
Success Obstruct Success
Support Technical Promotion
Recognition Powered Preaching
Governing Harass Advisor
Bright Strong Support
Government Built Gain
Elite Construct Good
Renowned Machinery Decent
Heart Blood Fat
Skeletal Injury Nose
Bile Muscle sufferer
Strokes Marrow Healer

Native from a prestigious family-definite in talks-proud thinks supreme-23rd years onwards


Father maintains self-prestige, holds powerful status hoards costly materials, large lands, house
servants and he is also a social worker. He overpowers his wife. He may not have good family
life and may face progeny problems.


Native may face opposition from father, he may have Blood related defect and may have some
minor hart related problems.

Husband is self-assertive -gets respect and honour-short tempered.

Father is powerful, bold and enterprising and divine in nature-Hasty-B.P-Accident by vehicle &
machinery-unhappy family life.


Except for hastiness native is excellent in other aspects. He might have taken rebirth in the
same family to complete the karma. He enjoys worldly pleasures-virtuous deeds.

Husband earns great name and fame -self-assertive-gains wealth-vehicles-govt. favours.

One of the fathers brothers is divine nature another is stubborn.-Father commits early mistakes
revises his life gets worldly wisdom -status-lustre on face.


Native gets BP - Quick temper and quick control over it. Name-fame-political life- powerful-Aura
of brilliance-attracts opposite sex-more than one brother prosperity from 25th-38th year growth -
54th year heights.

Brother will serve in a prestigious organization.


The native is powerful.

Husband hails from large prestigious family with name and fame from 2nd half of his life.

Father is good at heart harsh at speech short tempered.


Native is hot constitution-BP-Accident or operation during 13th, 25th, 36th year. Stubborn
-emotional in speech -befriends respectable elders.

Husband will be in a highly prestigious profession, commanding power and respect.

Father: Respectable, self-assertive stubborn in early days, later develops patience - gets govt.
Brother will proceed in pious manner gets help from prestigious persons.


Father Brother Wife

WHAT Son Husband Females
Royal Furious Passion
Character Dignified Egoistic Artistic
Bright Harsh Luxurious
Success Obstruct Higher
Support Technical Luxury
Recognition Powered Arts
Governing Harass Finance
Bright Strong House
Government Built Vehicle
Elite Construct Luxuries
Renowned Machinery Money
Heart Blood Sexual
Skeletal Injury Semen
Bile Muscle Diabetes
Strokes Marrow Urinary

Native may have some problem from authorities with regard to property or finance. Native may
deal and gain in Technical related field.

Father short tempered - difficulty in family life - derives pleasure from other women. Duped by
uncle and lost wealth - dispute with wife.

Wife is famous, self-assertive, from a prestigious family -magnetic aura -wealthy with

Brother will improve his life after Marriage.

Natives sister with all material comforts suffers from blood defects and abortions.-Hot
constitution - Progeny problems.


Native may have some dispute in finance matter with authorities or with brother.

Father is fortunate and owns money.

Wife is definite in her talk and strict-nerves debility-Blood defects.


Native is short tempered-romantic.

Husband earns respect in Govt. or related circle.

Father helps own brother to prosper-Father prospers after marriage.

Wife stubborn and adamant comes from a prestigious family.

Brother gains through Govt. favours-own status and prestige.


Native gets help and patronage of prestigious persons.

Father: faces problems with progeny but fortunate and lucky.

Wife is self-conscious and is stubborn.

Brother prospers after marriage.


Native will have two powerful and able sons

Female will be enterprising -achieves goal at any cost-establishes authority both at parents and
husbands house-leads luxurious life with all comforts.

Father: Self cantered short tempered-rich-stupidity-infirm mentality. At middle age may get
affected by Heart & B.P problems.

Wife: Strict speech-stubborn-enterprising-egoistic.

Brother: Self boasting as all knowing.

One of the sons is Engineer.

Daughter: enterprising.


Native: He may be getting quick temperaments. He will suffer with blood defects

Father: Angry in early days later peaceful-His money & property utilized by Natives uncle.

Wife is rude and haughty in nature.

Brother gets co-operation from Govt.

Daughter gets short tempered husband.


Father Brother Elder Brother

WHAT Son Husband Worker
Royal Furious Lazy
Character Dignified Egoistic Workaholic
Bright Harsh Slow
Success Obstruct Practical
Support Technical Delay
Recognition Powered Work load
Governing Harass Work nature
Bright Strong Delay
Government Built Fortune
Elite Construct Long lasting
Renowned Machinery work place
Heart Blood Gas
Skeletal Injury Locomotive
Bile Muscle Due to karma
Strokes Marrow Digestive

Children will suffer due to their sinful acts and education spoils & ekes their livelihood. Native
faces obstacles in profession and will have machinery related profession. Native is intelligent,
affectionate faces impediments & enmity from own relation. Native has suffered professional
setbacks. Life improves after Marriage.

Father faced obstacles & threat to life from enemies before vanquishing them.

Brother faces family misunderstanding.

Father faces difficulties and suffers due to close relatives.


Native faces problems in profession. He may have technical or ordinary service in royal court.

Female: Husband will be stubborn -initially low service and later prospers.

Father faces troubles from enemies and relatives. Involved in third party dispute and escaped
danger to life.

Fathers brothers also faced similar troubles and loss due to enemies.


Native will have royal patronage & co-operation. - Also faces obstacles by enemies in profession
& later overcomes.

Female: Husband lacks sense of discretion and stubborn due to which faces difficulties.
Father would have had disputes with his brothers.
Brothers will have deputes.

Native gets service in Royal court. He may serve his native land. He may have changes in
residence and career later years and he will overcome enemies.

Female: She is definite and strict in her speech-self-assertive.

Father: Short tempered and has brothers-Father is stubborn in getting things. Profession relates
to energy, light and fire. One son is bold & enterprising.

Native will have ordinary profession-Breaks in profession -harassments -suspensions.

Native will face disputes with his brothers. Unrest in marital life -Alloy-Watch and ward -Security
related jobs.

Native will have ordinary profession-Breaks in profession -harassments -suspensions.

Native will face disputes with his brothers. Unrest in marital life - Alloy - Watch and ward -
Security related jobs

Female: Husband initially undergoes difficulties with ordinary profession. Later rises to
prestigious and respectable position. Short tempered, has enemies to harass him-disputes with

One of his brothers is authoritative.


Father Brother
Grand Parents
WHAT Son Husband
Royal Furious Unethical
Character Dignified Egoistic Cheating
Bright Harsh Illusionary
Success Obstruct Foreign
Support Technical Illusion
Recognition Powered Shadow
Governing Harass Unethical
Bright Strong Big
Government Built Open
Elite Construct Unethical
Renowned Machinery Cheat
Heart Blood Death
Skeletal Injury Danger
Bile Muscle Intestine
Strokes Marrow Undiagnosed

Native is suspicious about wife-involves third party disputes and faces trouble and comes out.
He may succumb to enemies finally - No family peace.

Father is a noble person having machinery and vehicles-No confidence in kith and kin.
Surrounded by enemies he may survive accidents.

Brother is short lived.

Son: One of the sons will have light & shadow related profession.


Natives Grandfather is stubborn.

Father overcomes many perils and dangers in early days.


Native due to his harsh act may get problems from authorities.

Female: Husband will be subjected to royal displeasure and anger due to his stubbornness.

Father with his brothers engaged in big commercial business-faced lots of hurdles and perils to
their lives.

Natives grandfather is stubborn and short tempered.

Father faces and overcomes perils on account of enemies and lethal weapons and accidents.


Female: Husband initially low profession later good profession with prestige and power.

Father faced and overcome great difficulties in life, short tempered.

Brother faced and overcome great difficulties in his life-short tempered.

Female: Husband initially low profession later good profession with prestige and power.


Father: Faced and overcome great difficulties in life, short tempered.

Brother faced and overcome great difficulties in his life. Short tempered.



Father Brother Grand Parents

WHAT Son Husband Female - (side)
Royal Furious Dejected
Character Dignified Egoistic Spiritual
Bright Harsh Stubborn
Success Obstruct Quit
Support Technical Occult
Recognition Powered Serving others
Governing Harass Petty works
Bright Strong Small
Government Built Block
Elite Construct Spiritual
Renowned Machinery Disputed
Diseases Heart Blood Block
Skeletal Injury Growth
Bile Muscle Pains

Strokes Marrow Tumours


Native struggles a lot to achieve his objectives. - Frank, straight forward - Well versed in Legal
matters - will have family misunderstanding. He may have illicit relationship-with many
downtrodden women.


Native faces enmity among kith and kin-delayed Marriage-family unrest

Disputes between Father and his brothers

Female will face lot of hurdles in life due to stubborn nature -disputes with husband.

Father was stubborn earlier and later turned philosophical. He may have profession relating to
printing and overcome difficulties.


Female: Husband will have faced many difficulties for marriage before settlement in life.

Father will have normal prosperity in life. Will face disputes with kith and kin.

Brother initially had divine contemplation in difficult times.


Native will have honour from Gov. in divine works

Father will have divine contemplation - disputes with his brothers.

Brother will have success after struggle.

Son will have success after many obstacles


Native will face hurdles in his success. Brother will persuade divine life.


Father Younger Sibling

Self - Native
WHAT Son Friend
Royal Intelligent Noble,
Character Dignified Diplomatic Honour
Bright Sweet talk Respect
Success Learning Success
Support Commerce Promotion
Recognition Media Preaching
Governing Greenery Advisor
Bright Land Support
Government Greenery Gain
Elite Vehicle Good
Renowned Amusing Decent
Heart Skin Fat
Skeletal Nerve Nose
Bile Allergies sufferer
Strokes Baldness Healer

Native's family contains two intellectuals - either in Medicine or religious matter. Native is quite
handsome-educated-learned-established in society-collects luxury articles-blood defect he may
have two children with educational success. Native is philosophical - at end renounces worldly
matters takes up Philanthropic works. Native must have overcome danger to his life twice.
Native gets divine blessings at the time of need. Natives' one of family member gets self-
realization and near to God.

Father is a Wise person-bright looks - respectable-discretion power. He owns fertile lands-cattle.

Brother is engaged in divine contemplation.


Native acquires versatile knowledge - with sweet talk, carries weight in words.

Father attracts others-divine-patience. He may involve in Land dealings & Business and earn
Name & fame.
Sister: One of them will have name fame and live in respectable family.


Father: Learned-divine-good name -religious work.
Brother will earn great honour and fame and gets co-operation from respectable persons
Sister will earn great honour and fame and gets co-operation from respectable persons


Native will be a scholar and learned. Earns Landed property-status and prestige in life.

Native: Past good deed of parents has given him birth in this life - In previous birth he was a

Brother will acquire status and prestige in Govt circle with ideal life

Sister will acquire status and prestige in govt. circle with ideal life.


Native is self-assertive - known for his scholarship and politeness - Obtains co-operation from


Native was born near vegetation or temple place of Vishnu-Affectionate-sweet talk-Respectable-
attracts equal status persons

Native is politically versatile and philanthropist-divine contemplation-intuitive

Native in his past birth had done good deeds and reaping results in this birth. Romantic -
maintains family respect. He gets co-operation from friends and Gov. Circles.

Female will be prosperous with name & fame in society and philanthropic in nature.

Father is intellect and pious.


Brother: is Learned, good position and respected by society with prosperity of life.

Sister-Learned, good position and respected by society with prosperity in life.

Son: One of the sons will follow the suit of father and attain honour and glory, education.


Father Younger Sibling Wife

WHAT Son Friend Females
Royal Intelligent Passion
Character Dignified Diplomatic Artistic
Bright Sweet talk Luxurious
Success Learning Higher
Support Commerce Luxury
Recognition Media Arts
Governing Greenery Finance
Bright Land House
Government Greenery Vehicle
Elite Vehicle Luxuries
Renowned Amusing Money
Heart Skin Sexual
Skeletal Nerve Semen
Bile Allergies Diabetes
Strokes Baldness Urinary

Native may have gains and in educational field - He may gain from girlfriend also.

Father: Intelligent, fortunate and romantic - Gains others money easily.

Father earns Money as middleman in financial transactions. Pleasures with two women and
maintains them.

Father underwent many hurdles in life before making properties.

Fathers: One of the sisters will have family misunderstanding.

Fathers other progeny will gradually improve their life.

Fathers one of the sons highly intellectual earns landed property without many efforts. He is an
orator-attracted by women and society.


Native: In his family possibility of double Marriage - Native gets help from respected people -
accumulates luxury items.

Father will be fortunate in gaining land and wealth.

Wife is knowledgeable in various matters.


Father: Happiness from two women in his side.

Brother will gain property either from father or Govt.

Sister will gain property either from father or Govt.


Native will thrive in job or business connected with intelligence.

Female: Self-assertive and fortunate.

Father enjoyed wealth and happiness - His brother will also prosper well.

Wife will acquire valuable things & property.


Father is fortunate and clever-His children also match his status.-Calm minded-can achieve
anything through his cleverness-enjoy prestige in life.


The native is clever gets learned quickly-gets name and fame in Govt and society, earns
property &wealth

Female will be highly fortunate in life.


Father will have own house and lands.

Wife is intelligent and helpful to kith and kin.

Sister leads fortunate life-One of them will have love marriage.

Son: One of his sons will be quite powerful.

Daughter: One of his daughters will be clever and educated.


Father Younger Sibling Elder Brother

WHAT Son Friend Worker
Royal Intelligent Lazy
Character Dignified Diplomatic Workaholic
Bright Sweet talk Slow
Success Learning Practical
Support Commerce Delay
Recognition Media Work load
Governing Greenery Work nature
Bright Land Delay
Government Greenery Fortune
Elite Vehicle Long lasting
Renowned Amusing work place
Heart Skin Gas
Skeletal Nerve Locomotive
Bile Allergies Due to karma
Strokes Baldness Digestive

Native will have mutual cooperation with father - Gets help from Government.

Father uses his intelligence for livelihood. Buddhikarma yoga-Gains landed property.


Native struggles in the early life and later gets on in trade with the help of friends.

Father struggles in early life and later gets on trade with cooperation from friends.


Native achieves success independently in co-operative business enterprises.

Father is very helpful to all his sons.


Native is Clever and will follow ancestral profession.


Native: gets ancestral property and wealth. He may face Initial difficulties - later prosperity -
Gains through Govt. agencies.

Female gets ancestral property and wealth. She may have Gains through Gov. agencies-initially
difficulties later success.

SAT MER SUN Native: Full of worldly wisdom-Gov. job/trade and commerce with help of

Father: Life by agriculture and royal favour.



Father Younger Sibling

Grand Parents
WHAT Son Friend
Royal Intelligent Unethical
Character Dignified Diplomatic Cheating
Bright Sweet talk Illusionary
Success Learning Foreign
Support Commerce Illusion
Recognition Media Shadow
Governing Greenery Unethical
Bright Land Big
Government Greenery Open
Elite Vehicle Unethical
Renowned Amusing Cheat
Heart Skin Death
Skeletal Nerve Danger
Bile Allergies Intestine
Strokes Baldness Undiagnosed

Native gains little of ancestral land and wealth.

Father came up in life with difficulty due to enemies troubles.

Grandfather: Influential, highly powerful with status and wealth.


Native will gain luck through his girl or boy friends.

Grandfather had some lands and improved trade. He was romantic with ladies.


Native suffers from Mental Problems.

Father will face danger during Natives 18th or 30th year.

Grandfather had Govt. co-operation.


Native specializes in negative arts like witchcraft etc. Gains huge landed property in his middle

Father had overcome difficulties before birth of native.



Father had suffered lot to achieve prosperity.


The Native had troublesome educational success.

Brother of Native had marital problems. He May get outcaste marriage.

Sister of Native had marital problems-May get outcaste marriage.


Father Younger Sibling Grand Parents

WHAT Son Friend Female - (side)
Royal Intelligent Dejected
Character Dignified Diplomatic Spiritual
Bright Sweet talk Stubborn
Success Learning Quit
Support Commerce Occult
Recognition Media Serving others
Governing Greenery Petty works
Bright Land Small
Government Greenery Block
Elite Vehicle Spiritual
Renowned Amusing Disputed
Heart Skin Block
Skeletal Nerve Growth
Bile Allergies Pains
Strokes Baldness Tumours

Father faces litigations and loses money. He had illicit affair.

Mother: In her family people earned name and fame. Some of them might have taken up
Agriculture profession.


The native struggles for education. Law Political science-Medical lines are some of the subjects
the native may be supported.

Brother earns honour and respect in litigations.

Sister will have impaired marital relationship.


Natives education is in political-Mining-law-medicine.


Native has philosophical knowledge-legal matters-separated from father's relations-Little status
in royal circle.

Father will have self-realization.

Sister: Marriage delayed. Younger sister will have hurdles in life.


Father will have property litigation.


Sister will have marital problems



Father Wife
Self - Native
WHAT Son Females
Royal Noble, Passion
Character Dignified Honour Artistic
Bright Respect Luxurious
Success Success Higher
Support Promotion Luxury
Recognition Preaching Arts
Governing Advisor Finance
Bright Support House
Government Gain Vehicle
Elite Good Luxuries
Renowned Decent Money
Diseases Heart Fat Sexual
Skeletal Nose Semen
Bile sufferer Diabetes

Strokes Healer Urinary


Daughter in law - From a Respectable family, with divine contemplation - But will not be
amicable to In-laws

Native hails from prestigious family - Prospects after Marriage - Gets patronage of influential
persons at youth - Meets his women for better prospects - Middle 30's houses and status. He
has versatile knowledge and matches other scholars in skills. Have words of worth with
sweetness. He is self-boasting of his supremacy - He attracts with his facial aura.

Father: Religious inclined-Special Honour in the society-spiritual - overcomes litigation. Co-

operated by all he hoards money and gold.
Father: Guide, teacher, Bank, Medicine teacher, Occult subjects.

Wife is spiritual in nature.

Son: Thrives to attain fame and name marches ahead for ultimate knowledge. He is fortunate
and will have a co-operative father. He becomes highly educated and will be known for his
scholarship, culture and politeness-well versed in occult matters. Married to a girl from
respected family will have good profession.

Daughter: Marital home yields her respect, honour and status like her parents home. Gets
Married before 25th - Fortunate-But her husband is not that much fortunate-his prosperity starts
only after she enters his life. She will have progeny problems.


Native inherits little of his fathers property.

Father: A Vedic literate who Leads society with name and fame. He enjoys material life and in
later period gains spiritual knowledge.

Wife: Divinity-preacher.

Sister: Divinity - preacher.

Son will have handsome personality and aura with sweet talks. He gets name in family and
moves in high circle.


Native gets financial help and co-operation from father.

Father: Romantic-sensual pleasures-self-assertive - respectable.

Sister spends her life earning love and respect in society.


Native is highly educated and learned in occult subjects. He associates with prestigious

Female: Highly educated-pretty in looks, divine in nature, good administrator of household

affairs. He is respectable in society.

Father is Fortunate and has respectable status.

Wife is pretty in appearance and accumulates luxury items. She is efficient in household
matters. Fortunate - divine.


Son is highly fortunate with name and fame as officer- Religious.

Native inherits qualities of spiritualism-occult interest-Status-Name & Fame.

Female will be fortunate, name, fame and religious.

Father: Officer with status and prestige, name and fame. Spiritual preceptor and well versed in
occult subject-speaker.

Wife is very beautiful and a philosophical guide.


Native is born in pilgrimage centre or temple place. He may be of divine nature and helping
person. Native might have had ill health during his young age-Visits sacred place -Gets Gurus

Native is prospering in life by his virtue.

Female: Polite, respectable, fortunate but problems with family happiness.

Wife: Divine in nature worshiper and charitable.

Sister: Divine in nature - status & prestige in society.

Daughter is divine in nature-enjoys prestige and status in society.



Father Elder Brother

Self - Native
WHAT Son Worker
Royal Noble, Lazy
Character Dignified Honour Workaholic
Bright Respect Slow
Success Success Practical
Support Promotion Delay
Recognition Preaching Work load
Governing Advisor Work nature
Bright Support Delay
Government Gain Fortune
Elite Good Long lasting
Renowned Decent work place
Heart Fat Gas
Skeletal Nose Locomotive
Bile sufferer Due to karma
Strokes Healer Digestive

Native travels in the beginning - faces troubles from several acquaintances. He succeeds in the
end to hold good post.
Native has misunderstanding with father - but overcomes by his pious nature. From 31st
onwards normal progress by 45th year gets name and fame and attainments.

Father is divine in nature-respected, pious works, honoured-less earnings-Good name-

Educated-His progress is often troubled.

Brother is Reckless in talk, land deed - suffers from obstacles.

Son is well versed in many subjects-efficient in work - gets education with difficulty.


Native is self-assertive and earns honour in the society - Professionally earns honour & respect.

Father initially faces difficulties then gets into honourable profession.


Native follows ancestral profession - gets Government patronage - Faces and overcomes many
hurdles and enemies.

Father enjoys an honourable position.


Native enjoys status and prestige in society-from a famous family, becomes head of some
organization - Gets co-operation from Govt. from 29th to 31st high status and position &
prosperity .Fond of good food.

Native follows the profession of Father or ancestors.

Female: Respectable, status and authority over other. Her blunders if committed will be in secret
and maintains her dignity and respect. Her father's kith and kin act as enemies.

Father from a prestigious family but faced great difficulties.


Native: Spiritual like his father. Will attain status and earns ornaments and clothes. 27th year
onwards he will have prosperity-name and fame at 35th and 48th for his social service. He may
get Cooperation from respectable and prestigious persons and excels others in his house hold.
Magnetism in his face earns admiration from others.-suffers from heat constitution and biles.

Female is fortunate, authoritarian, wealthy in all respects, comforts ruling over servants. Shines
in professional field brings credit to her parents & in-laws house.


Native earns Honour and prestige like his father and gets job in the royal court duly honoured at
the age 32. He has religious tolerance - Helping and guiding nature. His birth is of reincarnation
of his family member.

Native will be blessed with male progeny who will acquire status and prestige in society.

Female will have great prestige and status in society.

Father is famous and well known person in society with servants. Attractive and gets patronage
of Royal court in agriculture operations.


Self - Native Grand Parents
Royal Noble, Unethical
Character Dignified Honour Cheating
Bright Respect Illusionary
Success Success Foreign
Support Promotion Illusion
Recognition Preaching Shadow
Governing Advisor Unethical
Bright Support Big
Government Gain Open
Elite Good Unethical
Renowned Decent Cheat
Heart Fat Death
Skeletal Nose Danger
Bile sufferer Intestine
Strokes Healer Undiagnosed

Native hails from good family - overcome many hurdles in life. He may face hurdles and
dangers at his 17th or 28th year, after that improves his life prospects.

Father is well versed in several branches of knowledge-spiritual - study in philosophy.

Son: Preceptor in a prestigious religious order.

Grandfather: Philosophical and influential in society.


Native must have problems with heart and strokes - Native may have some foreign connection
and problems related to that.

Father: In spite of being spiritual - commits wicked acts and faces hurdles in progress. With
divine grace his family will grow

Grandfather is spiritual in nature.


Father is fortunate, powerful. Danger to life by poisonous creature but overcomes with the
intervention and help of his bosom friend- during 9, 18, 37.


Native had childhood disease problems. He will travel abroad.

Father: Away in distant place while the natives birth. Father faced danger to life prior to birth of
the native.
Grandfather conquered many enemies and suffered at their hands.


Native: By gods grace the native earns good longevity and prosperity.

Father faces and overcome danger to his life and later achieved great name and fame in a
different place. He is authoritative.

Grandfather gradually progressed in life and later attained name, fame and prosperity in Royal


Native will have name and fame after initial hardships.



Father Grand Parents

Self - Native
WHAT Son Female - (side)
Royal Noble, Dejected
Character Dignified Honour Spiritual
Bright Respect Stubborn
Success Success Quit
Support Promotion Occult
Recognition Preaching Serving others
Governing Advisor Petty works
Bright Support Small
Government Gain Block
Elite Good Spiritual
Renowned Decent Disputed
Diseases Heart Fat Block
Skeletal Nose Growth
Bile sufferer Pains

Strokes Healer Tumours


Native is given to little spiritual inclinations at times desires to renounce life. He lacks family

Father is well versed in the divine subjects and also in legal matters-acts like guide to others.

Ultimately earns a good position in the other world after death.


Native is spiritual in nature and respected by everyone. Well versed in Philosophy. Will have
respect in political circle

Father is well versed in philosophy has respect and honour in the society.


Native is clever and has blessings and co-operation of his father.

Father: Born in the spiritual family. By Divine grace he has overcome many hurdles by enemies.


Native is well experienced in Metaphysics - He will have association of many philosophers and
will be recognized. By divine grace he gets a male issue of high fortune. He may have problems
relating to Bile.


Father came up with hard work, will have health problem, divine in nature and attains Preaching
position, becomes philosophical.


Father is given to divine contemplation.

Native has learned by experience in line of self-realization.



Father Wife Elder Brother

WHAT Son Females Worker
Royal Passion Lazy
Character Dignified Artistic Workaholic
Bright Luxurious Slow
Success Higher Practical
Support Luxury Delay
Recognition Arts Work load
Governing Finance Work nature
Bright House Delay
Government Vehicle Fortune
Elite Luxuries Long lasting
Renowned Money work place
Diseases Heart Sexual Gas
Skeletal Semen Locomotive
Bile Diabetes Due to karma

Strokes Urinary Digestive


Native will have success through finance and property dealings and may have some dealing
with authorities.

Father: Undergoes initial difficulties, after Marriage or getting daughter improves his prosperity
and earns name and fame. His wife hails from famous family. She is learned & earns in many
ways. -Misunderstanding in family occasionally.


Native gets lucky wife. He earns lively hood by occult subjects - Leads luxurious life with
beautiful house.

Father initially difficulties and improves after Marriage.

Native prospers life after marriage. His marriage may get delayed. His wife will be earning. She
gets government patronage or high office. She is fortunate and self-assertive.

Father: Fought and overcome his enemies. His kith and kin caused hurdles in his life.

Daughter gets name and fame.


Native has financial gain through Govt. sources. Native has two sources of income-Ancestral

Female: Fortunate, with good job. There could be defects in her constitution to have progeny.

Father has come up in life in a hard way.

Wife is dull witted but fortunate-with means of earning.


Native gains both from ancestors and royal court. He may have problem having children, unless
Jupiter aspects SUN Native gets Help from father and thrives in life. He makes housing property
during 31 to 37the year.

Female leads a luxurious and prosperous life with prestige, amassing wealth. Problem in having

Children: Unless Moon + Mars 7th or 5th.

Father leads a prestigious and prosperous life.


Native: will have Govt. treasury or similar type of job.-Progeny problems,

Female: Women in family circle will thrive with houses, vehicles luxuries. Business in jewellery,
silver and Zari will be good.

Female: Gets royal patronage, leads luxurious life from 26. She may have Progeny problems.

Father is sufficiently prosperous in life.


Wife is self-assertive, fortunate and attractive.


Father Wife
Grand Parents
WHAT Son Females
Royal Passion Unethical
Character Dignified Artistic Cheating
Bright Luxurious Illusionary
Success Higher Foreign
Support Luxury Illusion
Recognition Arts Shadow
Governing Finance Unethical
Bright House Big
Government Vehicle Open
Elite Luxuries Unethical
Renowned Money Cheat
Heart Sexual Death
Skeletal Semen Danger
Bile Diabetes Intestine
Strokes Urinary Undiagnosed

Native gets multi-storeyed building, vehicles and luxuries during 34 and 45.

Father engages in illicit means to earn money.

Wife: Attractive and intelligent to dupe others. She may face Danger to life in 36 or 54. By
prayers overcomes danger.

Son becomes highly fortunate in life but suffers in the clutches of wicked women.

Daughter meets undesirable situations in life earning bad name leading to unhappy family and
Martial life.

Grandfather will have illicit relationships with several women. Self-assertive and earns enmity
with many. He gets over all these hurdles.


Native improves his life from 40. He may suffer little family unrest. He prospects from earning by
wrong means.

Father is prospering in serving prestigious organization.

Wife meets danger to life in 36/37 years of age.

Sister faces perils in her life due to past deeds. But materially well to do.

Daughter faces perils in her life due to past deeds. But materially well to do.

Grandfather: Earned illicit wealth, and spent time with women of easy virtue.

VEN SUN RAH Native has no inherited property. Enemies harass him.

Father: Marred longevity - Though leads a life of luxury and ease, sudden dangers to his life.

Jupiter aspects will ease out such dangers. His wife also faces danger to life. But will have to
face enemies regularly.


Native: Problem in getting children. If he gets children they will have dangerous disease spell.

Paternal Uncle: Had overcome great danger to life.

Father: Harassment from kith and kin that swallowed up his ancestral property and wealth.

Wife faces danger to life in 21st and 42nd years.

Son will get into wicked company suffers and later prospers.

Daughter will get co-operation and patronage of wicked people.

Grandfather is well known with prestige and respect in society. Enjoyed secret pleasures with

Women: Prospered in life after middle age.


Native will have problems in having children.

Grandfather was romantic and highly prosperous in life.


Father will have alliance from other place or caste.

Wife will have outside connection to beget child or she may have foreign connection.


Father Wife Grand Parents

WHAT Son Females Female - (side)
Royal Passion Dejected
Character Dignified Artistic Spiritual
Bright Luxurious Stubborn
Success Higher Quit
Support Luxury Occult
Recognition Arts Serving others
Governing Finance Petty works
Bright House Small
Government Vehicle Block
Elite Luxuries Spiritual
Renowned Money Disputed
Heart Sexual Block
Skeletal Semen Growth
Bile Diabetes Pains
Strokes Urinary Tumours

Native gets improvement in life, after his father getting another progeny.

Natives financial prospects depend on royal patronage.

Father faces enmity with people and legal complication after he becomes wealthy.

Wife: Fortunate in life. Wife suffers from ill health and nervous debility often.

Sister meets difficulty in her family life due to misunderstandings.

Son earns money and secret treasure, though suffers difficulties in this process, and eventually
earns name fame.


Native may have to suffer due to harassment from authorities in connection with finance and
property matters.

Father thrives in a spiritual line. Well versed in medicine and occult subjects. Gains hoarded

Wife overcame special difficult situations.

Son thrives in spiritual line.


Father: Spiritual bent of mind

Wife: Religious-suffers from kidney trouble, anaemia, nervous debility low B.P. is well versed in
legal and occult subject or medicine and author.


Native: In his Maternal Grandmothers house underground treasure may be found. There could
which may get moved or removed by somebody else. .

Native: One his progeny will attain name and status outside place.

Native: In his family one of the female inmates will face difficulties and breaks in life and also ill

Female: Will have prosperity and wealth but delay in marital pleasures.

Father is well versed in Vedic and allied occult subjects. He is Famous as scholar.

Wife accumulates wealth and ornaments.

KET SUN VEN Father will have trouble in married life.

Wife will have philosophical nature, may not keep good health.


Maternal Grandmother: Though having property, will face dispute with regard to it.


Father Elder Brother

Grand Parents
WHAT Son Worker
Royal Lazy Unethical
Character Dignified Workaholic Cheating
Bright Slow Illusionary
Success Practical Foreign
Support Delay Illusion
Recognition Work load Shadow
Governing Work nature Unethical
Bright Delay Big
Government Fortune Open
Elite Long lasting Unethical
Renowned work place Cheat
Heart Gas Death
Skeletal Locomotive Danger
Bile Due to karma Intestine
Strokes Digestive Undiagnosed

Natives Profession is in a prestigious organization with help of respectable persons. Relates to

Wheel, carbon & shadow - Misunderstanding with kith and kin - earns bad name. He may have
dispute with brother.

Father faced many difficulties and served in some ones house before progressing in life. He
surpasses danger to his life during his middle age.

Grandfather is highly powerful but meets deceit form own brothers.


Native will have profession in prestigious firm or a menial job in Royal court.

Father overcame two major dangers by his enemies.

Grandfather: Medium good fortune.


Native: One of the children faces great danger to life causing sorrow to native.-If Venus is
debilitated without Jupiter & Mars in 7th or 5th Native may not have children.

Native will have profession related to shadow and energy.-Suffers due to children.

Father will have impaired longevity unless graced by Divinity.

Son will befriend with low class and wicked people.

Grandfather earned name in society, powerful & commanding.

SAT RAH SUN Native will have to face ordeal in profession. He may face Gov.

Son will have profession related to Shadow and Techno medical.

Grandfather will have faced problems in life:


Native: Misfortune in Childrens prospects. He will have children with great difficulty, but
handicapped children.


Native may have some problem with Govt. or authorities in his profession.

Father had to overcome many problems before settling down in life.



Father Elder Brother Grand Parents

WHAT Son Worker Female - (side)
Royal Lazy Dejected
Character Dignified Workaholic Spiritual
Bright Slow Stubborn
Success Practical Quit
Support Delay Occult
Recognition Work load Serving others
Governing Work nature Petty works
Bright Delay Small
Government Fortune Block
Elite Long lasting Spiritual
Renowned work place Disputed
Heart Gas Block
Skeletal Locomotive Growth
Bile Due to karma Pains
Strokes Digestive Tumours

Native prospers in prestigious organization in a low job - Many hurdles and many jobs. Often
desperate mood many times he deserts his wife and re-joins. At times he wanders aimlessly
with moustache and beard grown. He may face Litigation and involved in gambling. He may
also lose money etc.

Father comes up in life with difficulty. Hard work low earnings. He may be interested in Writing,
land development and low jobs.
Native must relinquish some job connected with authorities and struggle hard to get another job.

Father comes up in life with difficulty and help from other. Profession related to divine in nature
and land development.

Son will come up in life with strain.


Native will thrive in a Royal court -in profession related to authorship-Legal disputes and Law

Father: Underwent difficulties initially in life later prospered with name and fame.

Son is well versed in politics and law. Defect in getting progeny.

Grandfather is divine nature and knowledgeable.

Father will have professional problems.


Native is inclined towards self-realization and will have undergone professional hazards and
may proceed with self-realization work.

Father had to overcome many hurdles in his profession - He may undergo health problems
related to nerves debility and rheumatism.

Grandfather had to overcome many problems from authorities in his profession.

Brother had relational problems.



Father Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Son Female - (side)
Royal Unethical Dejected
Character Dignified Cheating Spiritual
Bright Illusionary Stubborn
Success Foreign Quit
Support Illusion Occult
Recognition Shadow Serving others
Governing Unethical Petty works
Bright Big Small
Government Open Block
Elite Unethical Spiritual
Renowned Cheat Disputed
Diseases Heart Death Block
Skeletal Danger Growth
Bile Intestine Pains

Strokes Undiagnosed Tumours

Native may get problem connected with some foreign related matter and may have danger to

Father strives hard in life and in the end devotes his time to divinity.


Father Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Son Female - (side)
Royal Dejected Unethical
Character Dignified Spiritual Cheating
Bright Stubborn Illusionary
Success Quit Foreign
Support Occult Illusion
Recognition Serving others Shadow
Governing Petty works Unethical
Bright Small Big
Government Block Open
Elite Spiritual Unethical
Renowned Disputed Cheat
Heart Block Death
Skeletal Growth Danger
Bile Pains Intestine
Strokes Tumours Undiagnosed

Father will have to face difficulty, in spite of being lucky initially-seeks help from others.

Son will be in a low profession in the beginning, later achieves prosperity.


Father will have confused philosophical nature, and hardships.


Father had earlier struggled hard later turns philosophical.


Father earlier had health problems later having situation of danger.


Father will have to overcome danger to his life and struggled hard to settle down.


Mother Brother Younger Sibling

WHAT Females Husband Friend
Furious Intelligent
Capricious Egoistic Diplomatic
Unfaithful Harsh Sweet talk
Change Obstruct Learning
Liquid Technical Commerce
Arts Powered Media
Travel Harass Greenery
Watery Strong Land
Sell Built Greenery
Cheat Construct Vehicle
Loss Machinery Amusing
Lung Blood Skin
Colds Injury Nerve
Blood Muscle Allergies
Infections Marrow Baldness

Natives Brothers and sisters will have fights causing inimically living together.

Native: In his Family circle land dealing dispute will arise. This may end up profiting last brothers
and sisters.

Mother gets over Blood defects, surgical operations, involving danger to her life.

Brother gets help from friends for a business and becomes enmity to them due to his
stubbornness or leaned gradually prospers in life.

Sister: Gradually prospers in life.


Native faces blames on account of women. He follows one of his brothers and consequently
suffers money loss. He will also suffer loss due to a friend.

Female: Unscrupulous people create difference between her and her husband resulting in
unhappiness. Husbands profession relates to food products art & luxuries.

Brother earns lot of money by cheating well to do women.


Native is intelligent to understand by discussions. He gets bad name with boy/girlfriends.
Initially, gets cheated in land dealing and trade, later gets good results.

Female: Husband will be especially well versed in art or food projects and gains thereby. Due to
befriending with low women gets bad name and changes his place.

Brother gets change of place of business - Intelligent-faces hurdles in education.


Native will have both brothers and sisters. He may be gifted with Intuition power. - Faces land
dispute. Starts business in partnership with friend, due to misunderstanding with partner others
will gain. Possibility of affair with women of low caste and beget a child and deserts her. He may
be interested in profession relating to food, land and garden cultivation etc.

Brother or near relative will develop illicit intimacy with low women and get blamed.

Sister will have martial problems.


Native has intuition power. He is a great thinker, analyst. Trusts ladies and gets cheated by

Native will face deception regarding land dealing.

Native will get deceived by two bosom friends and then settles in life. He prospers in line of
machinery, food processing, and energy land light.

Brother will have traveling and gets blames and suffers in trade.

Sister will have betrayed affair with a man and returns.


Native well versed in accounts matters-related to art.

Native: In his family circle land dealing disputes may result in profiting last brothers and sisters.
In family circle due to intervention of enemies in the guise of friends will cause difference of
opinion resulting in unrest.

Brother moves away to a distant place.

Sister: There will be some disputes in the family.


Mother Brother
Self - Native
WHAT Females Husband
Furious Noble,
Capricious Egoistic Honour
Unfaithful Harsh Respect
Change Obstruct Success
Liquid Technical Promotion
Arts Powered Preaching
Travel Harass Advisor
Watery Strong Support
Sell Built Gain
Cheat Construct Good
Loss Machinery Decent
Lung Blood Fat
Colds Injury Nose
Blood Muscle sufferer
Infections Marrow Healer

Native will have Danger to life from water and lethal weapons in 23,24,36,37 and overcomes.
Hasty, stubborn, short tempered due to which unhappy married life. He may suffer from
occasional BP. He may Change in residence in 24, 33, 37. Back bites by close relatives.

Brother settles in life 24 or 30 in an honourable profession, after traveling many places.


Native: Due to often earning bad names, by his fickle, hasty & explosive qualities, frequent
change of residence. With brass ears loses discretion power & quarrels with others abusing
them earns enmity. Suffers from BP. Life is at unrest throughout life.

Mother is divine in nature and hasty. Helped by her people, gains prosperity and desert her with


Native is fickle minded. He overcomes danger to life in 11, 23, and 37 of age due to water, fire
and machinery.

Brother prospers away from birth place.


Native is stubborn and succumb to unscrupulous people. He migrates from his place of
residence to another place during 19th or 23rd year of age. There could be slight hindrance in
family life.

Brother: Attains distinction in the field of biochemistry or alchemy or takes up the job of
preceptor and gets respect and prestige in outside place.


Native: Gets divine grace and co-operation by migration to another place. He Lives away from
brother. He will get emotional at times.

Native's Mother-in-law stubborn in nature.

Mother is divine in nature.


Native lacks in discretion power and hasty in speech, action and transactions resulting in family
disharmony. With brass ears earns bad name and incur loss by own kith and kin. Slight breaks
in family happiness with his wife.

Female: Husband, respectable with status in life, earns livelihood in travel related profession.

Brother will prosper in the line of traveling.



Mother Brother Wife

WHAT Females Husband Females
Furious Passion
Capricious Egoistic Artistic
Unfaithful Harsh Luxurious
Change Obstruct Higher
Liquid Technical Luxury
Arts Powered Arts
Travel Harass Finance
Watery Strong House
Sell Built Vehicle
Cheat Construct Luxuries
Loss Machinery Money
Lung Blood Sexual
Colds Injury Semen
Blood Muscle Diabetes
Infections Marrow Urinary

Native may have some affair before marriage. After marriage he may have happy life. He has
bad habit of believing heresy against his wife. Each doubts other. But pull on with married life.

Native's mother will become enemy to Daughter in law.



Natives Love failure before marriage. Native and his wife both were wife and husband in
previous birth also. Disputes between husband and wife but will pull on-Will deal in food-travel-
finance and prospers in life. Dislikes his wife


Native loses money on account of a friend. Bad name before marriage - then prospers.

Native's Brother will desert his lady, love and marries another.


Native loves all - After marriage-Loss and Blame - Food products, arts or occult profession -
Family unhappiness - blames. He may incur Loss in house property. He may have illicit relation
and gets blame.

Wife is highly artistic in nature -Brass ears-Family unhappiness - Blames.

One of the sisters will have hurdles in family and prosperity.


Native gets separated from his wife for a short period.

Mother will have saved little money and one of her sons will quarrel with her to snatch it.

Natives wife will be fickle minded. Water in stomach or uterus needs surgery to cure or danger
to life from water or fire outside place. She is an outsider.

Brother will also face separation from wife apart from deserting a girlfriend. He deserts a well-
paid job and repents for it.

Daughter of the native may marry an outsider and move away from her place. She may get
ditched from pre-marital love affair. But she trusts outsider than husband.


Native is fickle minded.

Female: After marriage change of place.

Wife was also same in the past birth- Wife is Capable, loves husband.

Brother will prosper at different place.

Daughter will lead happy married life but other women will create problems to her and later she
gets over it.


Mother Brother Elder Brother

WHAT Females Husband Worker
Furious Lazy
Capricious Egoistic Workaholic
Unfaithful Harsh Slow
Change Obstruct Practical
Liquid Technical Delay
Arts Powered Work load
Travel Harass Work nature
Watery Strong Delay
Sell Built Fortune
Cheat Construct Long lasting
Loss Machinery work place
Lung Blood Gas
Colds Injury Locomotive
Blood Muscle Due to karma
Infections Marrow Digestive

Native deserts a job outside his place because of restlessness and gets into technical
profession. He encounters misunderstandings - Suspicious events will take place in his life.

Brother settles down in a different place. After hardships he takes up a profession and gets bad
name many times.


Native may have his change of job and will have harassment from the higher ups.

Mother has windy complaints.

Natives professional life, despite, hard work, will have bad name, politicking and enmity to spoil
his career-due to this many job changes-Inferiority complex having duped by many-Loss of self-
confidence-Cannot apply heart in job. No peace of mind. Job related to Motion, Technical and
Cultivation may suit him.


The Native will lose good jobs which he had during his 28th year. He deserts them and moves
to different places before settling in life.

Brothers will have misunderstanding among themselves due to other's interference.


Native is fickle minded. Many seeming friends are in the way of his progress in life. He changes
his profession twice or thrice and then settles in a profession of less income.

Female: Her husband will be untrustworthy and even she earns a bad name.


Native faces difficulties, hurdles deceit in his career by enemies, relatives and friends. After
change in 2/3 professions, bright prospects will be there around 34 years. Travel and
machinery will suit him.

Female: Deceived in a love affair and marries another person. Or she will have marital life
problems at 24, 30, 37 years. She will have surgical operation in her 30, 37, 43 years of age.

Mother overcomes, surgery, fire accident.

Brother: One of the brothers will prosper in a distant place.


Native has no fixed Mind. Lack of analysis failures in many undertakings and get blamed. He
believes in hearsay but does not take advice of others. He blames others of being non co-
operative towards him and feels dejected. Education marred will face opposition from Kith &
Kin. He may lack family happiness due to his greed. He will mess up things and crate his own
problems and still trying to be over smart. His low association may be causing trouble.
Separating from wife is also indicated for some time.

Female suffers from great mental unrest. Having no value to her words feels unable to do things
she wish to do. Husband and wife go in different way. Relatives make fun of her and
colleagues harass her in profession. By chanting panchakshari she may get relief and peace.
Paternal uncle behaves badly. Brother lives at distant place and her mother will face accidents
of fire or weapon.


Mother Brother
Grand Parents
WHAT Females Husband
Furious Unethical
Capricious Egoistic Cheating
Unfaithful Harsh Illusionary
Change Obstruct Foreign
Liquid Technical Illusion
Arts Powered Shadow
Travel Harass Unethical
Watery Strong Big
Sell Built Open
Cheat Construct Unethical
Loss Machinery Cheat
Lung Blood Death
Colds Injury Danger
Blood Muscle Intestine
Infections Marrow Undiagnosed

Native serves in a motion related profession and then gets good time. He may have mental
unrest, delusion. He may also get hurt in the head.

Brother: Lacks sense of discretion, due to this will face hurdles by enmity.


Native will have mental unrest in family life - escapes from scheming lady.

Father will have to face some bad situations in life.


Mother will have to face unhappy events in life.

Brother escapes danger to life and achieves prosperity in a different place.


Native overcomes danger to life due to water or fire.

Female: Husband will associate with wicked woman. Danger to life from water but over comes.

Mother faced great danger to her life due to accidents and overcome it.

Brother will have to face due to greediness or will face hurdles in life.

One of his grandfathers will have wicked association and loose his sense by indulging in


Female: Will be deceived by stupid persons and will earn bad name. Husband will have
travelled lot -faced difficulties.

Mother faces danger through surgery. She is stubborn in nature.


Grandfather have settled in a distant place and short tempered.


Grandfather had faced hurdled in life and changed place of his residence.


Mother Brother Grand Parents

WHAT Females Husband Female - (side)
Furious Dejected
Capricious Egoistic Spiritual
Unfaithful Harsh Stubborn
Change Obstruct Quit
Liquid Technical Occult
Arts Powered Serving others
Travel Harass Petty works
Watery Strong Small
Sell Built Block
Cheat Construct Spiritual
Loss Machinery Disputed
Diseases Lung Blood Block
Colds Injury Growth

Blood Muscle Pains

Infections Marrow Tumours

Native: It is difficult to gets married- If get married will face many hurdles - Long separations -
Most of his life wanders alone recklessly. - May face litigation in court

Brother: Facing mental unrest travels many places before settling down peacefully.

Brother may face court litigations.


Native may not have proper thinking power - Low thinking and haste in nature.

Mother is philanthropic in nature and also stubborn.


Native at 30 or 37 years leaves his profession and will be subjected to blames from others.

Native will have mental unrest, family misunderstanding and disputes in his 33, 37 and 43rd
year of age.

Grandmother is stubborn but charitable and philanthropic in nature.


Female: Husband is inclined to divinity and travels distant places. She will be separated from
him for some time.

Brother faces many difficulties for marriage and then reaches a settled life in a different place.


Mother had to overcome many difficulties and losses before settlement.

Maternal Grandfather: he has changed the place of birth and had difficulties in life and stubborn
in nature.


Brother had to change the place, having suffered losses.

Maternal Grandfather stubborn and angry person and had some change of place before


Mother Younger Sibling

Self - Native
WHAT Females Friend
Intelligent Noble,
Capricious Diplomatic Honour
Unfaithful Sweet talk Respect
Change Learning Success
Liquid Commerce Promotion
Arts Media Preaching
Travel Greenery Advisor
Watery Land Support
Sell Greenery Gain
Cheat Vehicle Good
Loss Amusing Decent
Lung Skin Fat
Colds Nerve Nose
Blood Allergies sufferer
Infections Baldness Healer

Native is highly intellectual despite less education. He travels extensively, gains experience. He
is having intuition power, known many intricate matters and attracts people. He travels a lot to
gain worldly experience. Native will get a girlfriend in educational field and earns a bad name by
this. He may get progeny through another woman. Native may gain landed property through

Brother: One of them may attain special honour and prestige in the society as preceptor.

Sister may cross the limits of decency later attain status and honour in society as ideal

Sister: One of them may attain special honour and prestige in the society as preceptor.


Native: There are changes of place of residence for him. He is intelligent and had overcome
danger to his life during boyhood. Sitting at one place he can grasp many intricate secrets of
life. He is a good orator and can achieve his ends with this gift. He is gifted with high intuitive
power to foretell correctly without many efforts and achieves scholarship and travels all over the
world. Native deals in food products and gets cooperation from brother or friend. He will derive
double happiness both from his wife and his mistress. He may suffer from tumour in his nose or
throat and gets over it by surgery.
Mother: Divine in nature and owns little landed property and wealth.


Native may encounter difficulties and bad name in one place and prosperity and happiness in
different place. He will have gains in food processing field. Native: Despite breaks in education
due to his past good karma will have good career in this life. Women get attracted to his
charming personality. Besides his marriage, he will have pleasure outside wedlock also. One of
the family members will earn great fame and name in chemistry, professorship and doctor's
profession. Some of the family members will prosper away from birth place. In his family there
were cunning and romantic people who impregnate an outside woman. This applies to native

Female: She may get cheated in one place and achieves prosperity in another place. She may
take up the profession of teacher or preceptor of arts, earning social name and fame.

Sister may earn bad name being a subject of great dispute and then will settle down in life in
respectable manner.

Daughter may earn bad name in the beginning as a disputable person, later lives happily.


Native has a special knowledge of the ultimate truth and is aware of future events. During his
23/24 years moves away from his place and resides in a different place. He will acquire a little
landed property and will dispose the same by sale.

Female: A respectable person from a good family background wins her trust have sexual
relation with her and betrays her later.

Brother: Youngest brother will acquire great learning in art and philosophy and will prosper in life
equal to a preceptor or doctor.

Sister will acquire great learning in art and philosophy and will prosper in life equal to a
preceptor or doctor.


Native may have his educational success in outside place. Native has the capacity to calculate
things without moving from the place where he is seated and gauge what is what.
He has artistic temperament, learned in the art of nutrition, visual arts and can implement them
for display. Besides with his wife he derives sexual pleasures through another woman and gets
bad name for his promiscuity. Native will have power of intuition.



Native is respectable, educated and interested in the development of gardens, cultivation and
green crops. He is well educated and will prosper in life at a different place. He may suffer from
injustice regarding a land deal. He may get bad name on account of his girlfriend. Native will
show more affection and love to girlfriend than his wife, and due to this suffers from humiliation
and loss of respect. Though there is only one family to support him he has two supports one
wife and another girl friend as mistress. Native is well versed in alchemy and human psychology
and will prosper in a profession connected with food processing, intelligence and art matters. He
may have Profession related to authorship, art, medicine and music.

Mother is clever educated pious and godly in nature and has special spiritual attainment to her

Brother is clever given to sweet talk and will prosper in a place other than his/her birth place.

Sister will become pregnant before her marriage and gets bad name thereby.


Mother Younger Sibling Wife

WHAT Females Friend Females
Intelligent Passion
Capricious Diplomatic Artistic
Unfaithful Sweet talk Luxurious
Change Learning Higher
Liquid Commerce Luxury
Arts Media Arts
Travel Greenery Finance
Watery Land House
Sell Greenery Vehicle
Cheat Vehicle Luxuries
Loss Amusing Money
Lung Skin Sexual
Colds Nerve Semen
Blood Allergies Diabetes
Infections Baldness Urinary

Native gains financially through travel, intelligence and trade. He will have two love affairs failed
before he gets married well. Native may get his art related articles published to entertain people.
He may get attracted to a foreign woman; normally he attracts people with these sweet talks. He
may achieve his educational attainments at a different place.

Mother is intelligent and earns money by minor trade and with special luck gains housing/landed

Wife is intelligent and renounces her special ambition in life. She must have staggered
educational career. She might have crossed issues involving boy/girlfriends.

Brother: One of them will earn money by extensive travel.

Sister: One of them will earn money by extensive travel. One of them will have difficulties in
marriage prospects.


Native may have his earnings through dealings in art and luxury goods & trade or flowers and
fruits and greens etc., or food related. His prospects of achieving house and landed properties
are bright. Besides his wife he may have affair with two more women.Native will be well versed
in occult subjects.

Mother enjoyed comfortable and luxurious life. She has more than 2 sisters.

Wife is fickle minded but intelligent with attractive qualities to her credit.

Sister: One of the native's sisters will have collection of educational material outside place.

Sister: Elder one is fortunate and wise.


Native is wise and has keen intellectual perception, with lots of contacts with women. He is fond
of many women. His earnings will be spent away wasted. He will prosper in the field of soft
things and processed foods. In his family the prosperity will be due to art, trading in food
products etc. Native is of a suspicious and untrustworthy nature and will not trust his wife.

Wife has an accurate perception and can gauge things at one glance.

Sister: One of them faces little difficulties in her marriage attempts, gets blamed and after that
settles down in life.


Native is very clever and earns more by the dint of his cleverness and intelligence than by his
education. He may engage in a profession of money lending will face both happy and
unhappy results. At a given point of time earns a bad name due to his illicit relationship with a
woman. It is his nature to have sexual relationship with multiple women, further he also doubts
his own wife.

Female: She will be betrayed by her intimate persons. She will not have co-operation from her
husband. She will lose money and wealth by deceit of her own near and dear people.

Sister: Youngest will engage herself in divine contemplation, will acquire wealth and will prosper
at a distant place.


Native is clever enough to bewitch any one with his attraction and charm. Despite breaks in
education, he achieves his aim and ekes out his living quite easily. He is well versed in art,
medicine and food processing. He may have illicit relation with many women, and gets blamed.
Many a time he will desert one wife and marries another. He will get cheated regarding a well.

He may have more female progeny. He will prosper in the fields related to green crops, food
processing, and traveling and agency business. He is versatile and the women of his household
are specialists in their own individual fields.

Natives ancestors are romantic and lead luxurious lives having all comforts, landed property,
money, green crops and garden of fruits.

Mother is clever but has some weakness.

Brother: Youngest will prosper in an outside place.

Sister suffers from deceit initially and later on marries her friend, even then faces slight


Native: This is a combination of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvathi, Minister of secret affairs is
Venus, Intelligence is Mercury, and Mind is Moon. The wives of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva will
be representing the qualities of 3 Gods. He will therefore, be able to do great things in life,
will be clever and will be able to master many subjects without much strain. He will have knack
of bewitching people with his wonderful speech. He will be charitable, romantic in nature and
whether he likes it or not many friends of both sexes will flock around him. If he has female child
will cultivate the same qualities as of father. Despite married life, they have sexual contacts with
friends of opposite sex and they might get blamed for it. Native encounters tonsil problems. He
may have illicit relation with a girl friend who will be extending to his full co-operation. His
profession may be relating to art, writing novels and sweet drinks or even financial
management. He has the prospects of accidental acquisition of landed and housing property
and financial gain. He may suffer due to ear problems or defect of hearing and also may
develop skin disorders after middle age.

Female will have many friends from both sex flock around her and she will be charitable and
romantic in nature. She may have pleasant marriage or a love marriage and later will love
another person and gets blamed for this. She may suffer from uterine complaints.

Wife is intelligent and of affectionate, she mixes freely with others, talks with them very

Wife: Her husband and others may suspect her character and blame her.

Brother may lead a happy life in a far off place.

Sister may lead a happy life in a far off place.

Daughter: One of them has the prospect of love marriage and another will settle down in life
after being cheated by an unscrupulous person in love.


Mother Younger Sibling Elder Brother

WHAT Females Friend Worker
Intelligent Lazy
Capricious Diplomatic Workaholic
Unfaithful Sweet talk Slow
Change Learning Practical
Liquid Commerce Delay
Arts Media Work load
Travel Greenery Work nature
Watery Land Delay
Sell Greenery Fortune
Cheat Vehicle Long lasting
Loss Amusing work place
Lung Skin Gas
Colds Nerve Locomotive
Blood Allergies Due to karma
Infections Baldness Digestive

Native: Despite being intelligent at times behaves like dull witted. Till he prospers at 28-30 years
of age he will be wandering aimlessly in life, later settles down. He may be successful in dealing
food processing or spongy substances or cultivation related. He may get patronage of low class
men and women.

Brother may face many blames before getting worldly wise.

Sister may face many blames before getting worldly wise.


Native is fickle minded, will prosper in the line of travel, trade, food processing, luxury goods
and agro business. Behind him will have more than 2 women, one becomes intimate and the
other may desert him and run away. Due to ladies he will earn bad name and branded as lady
killer and jilter.


Native will be in the field of food products, traveling salesman etc. During his 26 to 31st year
suffers greatly from mental unrest, quits the job and takes up another and improves his life later.
He will have to travel different places in the beginning. There may be some dispute with regard
to a female in his family. He may suffer from cold and wind problems.


Native will thrive in business deals involving traveling; he might get blames and displacements
in his profession during 29, 30 & 63 years. Both his mind and intelligence are unstable. He
might also flourish in dealing fluids and food products and art with active co-operation from
girlfriends. Female: She will have dishonoured and blames at the hands of scoundrels.


Native is highly intelligent, attracts every one and wins them over to his side by his artistic and
soft words. He has co-operation of girlfriends and a situation will arise when one of his
girlfriends get pregnant due to illicit relationship with him and later moves away from him in his
prime youth. He may have growth of extra skin in his nose and obstruction of respiration and
throat complaint. Native may have his profession related to greenery, art, flower and beauty
culture, processed food products and sale of books etc. He may get landed property in her/his
mothers name. He may suffer deceit on account of land deal in his 30th, 31st or 47th years of
age and he may gain landed property by deceit in these years. His youngest progeny will thrive
in an outside place.

Brother will settle in a distant place.

Sister will settle down in a distant place.


Native will be a profession of Maths, trade and art matters, greenery and using intelligence and
mind. One of his blood relations will be more interested in a girlfriend rather than his wife to
such an extent to have a progeny with girlfriend. He may get blamed because of his illicit
relationship with a girlfriend in his 33-36 years of age. Native may have initial brakes in
educational matters.

Female may suffer from uterine complaint due to relation with a boyfriend and gets blame, later
settles in life in the line of telecommunication, news distribution and journalism.

Female may get deceived in the matters of partnerships.



Mother Younger Sibling

Grand Parents
WHAT Females Friend
Intelligent Unethical
Capricious Diplomatic Cheating
Unfaithful Sweet talk Illusionary
Change Learning Foreign
Liquid Commerce Illusion
Arts Media Shadow
Travel Greenery Unethical
Watery Land Big
Sell Greenery Open
Cheat Vehicle Unethical
Loss Amusing Cheat
Lung Skin Death
Colds Nerve Danger
Blood Allergies Intestine
Infections Baldness Undiagnosed

Native is a bright intellectual but applies it to unlawful and deceit means and earns bad name in
society. He befriends low cast woman and loses lot of money and incur enmity of people at 18-
36-37 years of at. If Mer is beneficially placed in birth chart, will have special intelligence else,
he may not have auspicious effects.

Brother: One of them will face difficulties in an outside place, later prospers in life.

Sister: One of them will face difficulties in an outside place, later prospers in life.


Native will have the co-operation of friends but his own brother and blood relations antagonize


Native may get blame due to his illicit relation with a woman and thereby incur loss financially.

Female: Will become a victim of large scale deceit by her trusted people. She suffers from
abortions and throat disorders.

Grandfather was heterodox and cosmopolitan in relationship with women, had no care about
caste of women with whom he had love affairs. He was fond of extra marital relationships. He

may be interested in gardening and food processing. There will be cases of haunting of evil
spirits in his family circles.


Native will have experience in photography and brewing of intoxicating liquors. Within his 18-36
year there is danger to his mother's life. He will have co-operation of low class woman and will
engage himself in a big business enterprise and encounter deceit there. He owns friends will
deceive him with regard to a land deal. One of his family members will face accident and danger
on account of water.

Female: Will get deceived by a lover and earns bad name thereby. She will also face and
overcome danger to her life by water.


Native may have some secret affairs with girlfriend and will have illicit gains. He is: Intelligence
is of pervert and uses it for shadow deals and cheating.

Mother will have mental unrest and her intelligent is marred at times.

Brother: One of the younger brothers may move away from his place due to secret works by
others and blame.

Sister has to overcome perils to her life and suffer from mental unrest problems and blames.

Grandfather will have his profession related to traveling and lands etc.


Native Earlier had to suffer in education and later on changed the subject. He may have
interested in foreign related subjects. He uses his imagination in his intelligence. He has female
connections (illicit).

One of the younger siblings will have affairs with opposite sex and elopes or gets blamed.

One of the sisters will have some secret affair earlier to her marital life. This may haunt her


Mother Younger Sibling Grand Parents
WHAT Females Friend Female - (side)
Intelligent Dejected
Capricious Diplomatic Spiritual
Unfaithful Sweet talk Stubborn
Change Learning Quit
Liquid Commerce Occult
Arts Media Serving others
Travel Greenery Petty works
Watery Land Small
Sell Greenery Block
Cheat Vehicle Spiritual
Loss Amusing Disputed
Lung Skin Block
Colds Nerve Growth
Blood Allergies Pains
Infections Baldness Tumours

Native is well versed in Metaphysics, law, art and travels extensively. He has keen aesthetic
sense, a lover of nature's beauty. At times he may fall prey to unscrupulous women. He is highly
intuitive and can grasp delicate matters with ease. He is blessed with some divine force to guard
him at the time of need. He may not be much interested in family matters. He may lack in Vim
and Vigour and may suffer from nervous debility and defect in eyes. Native may prosper through
irrigation and cultivation of garden and green lands, Food articles. He may at time develop urge
to run away from all troubles and turmoil of life like a recluse.

Mother is divine in nature and charitable enough to feed poor and needy.

Brother suffers greatly in family life facing hurdles and blames.

Sister suffers greatly in family life facing hurdles and blames.

Grandmother: Is divine in nature and charitable enough to feed poor and needy.


Native: One of the members of native's family will have hurdles in running illicit business with
foreigners. In his family prosperity will be through crop cultivation and land development.

Mother is given to divine contemplation, intelligent and also intuitive.

Mother may have misunderstanding with daughter and brothers for some time.

Brother: One of them will have brakes in prospects of migration to foreign countries.


Native will be given to divine contemplation, well versed in arts. People from his maternal grand
mothers side flourished with green revolution, i.e. gardens with fruits and trees.
Native may have his profession relating to spinning, weaving, stitching, drawing etc. He has a
bad quality of trusting hearsay. With minimum of family happiness he involves in an awkward
situation with a woman during 18 to 27 or 33-37 years of age.


Native is fond of art and interested in the science of self-realization, will profit through dealing in
cosmetic, tailoring and trading in clothing. He can also take up profession of cultivation of crops
and gardening etc. In his Grandmothers side is famous for poor feeding and helping needy.
Natives birth place either will have nearby a famous pilgrimage centre or confluence three
sacred rivers. He has good intuition power.

Mother is clever, philanthropic in nature- will have dispute regarding her landed property.

Brother faces difficulties in life initially and later on achieves prosperity in an outside place.

Sister faces difficulties in life initially and later on achieves prosperity in an outside place.


Native may have brakes in education and change of place in education.

Mother is intelligent and has overcome difficulties and may get cheated in the Land matters.

Sister must have overcome difficulties, blames.


Native will have educational breaks and may study at a different place. He may take up
Psychology as subject or Liquid related, Medicine, Law etc.



Mother Wife
Self - Native
WHAT Females Females
Noble, Passion
Capricious Honour Artistic
Unfaithful Respect Luxurious
Change Success Higher
Liquid Promotion Luxury
Arts Preaching Arts
Travel Advisor Finance
Watery Support House
Sell Gain Vehicle
Cheat Good Luxuries
Loss Decent Money
Lung Fat Sexual
Colds Nose Semen
Blood sufferer Diabetes
Infections Healer Urinary

Native may adopt profession relating to teaching, Master of arts or physician. He may change
his place of residence at 26th year and later prospers in life, otherwise earns money and
housing property during his 27th year of age.

Mother is divine in nature, earns both money and respect in society.

Wife: Learned and divine in nature and also fortunate.


Native is well versed in occult subjects, with traveling aspect to many places up to his 22/23rd
year of age. He may get blamed on account of a woman. He may also be falsely implicated in
the theft of flowers etc., at his 23/37/47 year of age.

Wife: Follows divinity, she will be learned either in teaching or medicine and prospers in these

Sister: One of them will achieve honour and status in family circles and society.

Daughter will reach a good honour and status position in life in the society.


Native has aesthetic sense and thrives in life in a profession related to art or food processing.
He will have misunderstanding with his wife for some time. He will have help and co-operation
of many members of opposite sex and will have the prospect of wide travel. His money will be
handled by many unscrupulous people paying parasites on him. He will always have food

delicacies to his taste. Native may have two sisters who will lead a luxurious life indulging in all
the pleasures of the flesh. He may have knowledge in the field of food processing or medicine.

Mother is given to divine contemplation.


Native will have sound mind and analytical capabilities. In his family circles there are lovers of
art or people experienced in art. In his household there are people well versed in metaphysics,
medicine, music and financial management. Surrounding his birth place there will either be a
sacred river or the presence of an auspicious Goddess. If MER is debilitated, he may trade in
sweet stuff selling and food articles for some tie.

Wife is given to divine contemplation, philanthropic in nature but she suffers from deceit and
injustice at the hand of those who have been benefited by her.

Wife gets blamed from those who have been helped by her.

Daughter will experience difficulties for her marriage and has uterine defects.


Native is interested in arts- He has wasted money over women due to his promiscuous nature,
later realizing he is now a preceptor and guide to teach morality to others. He achieves
prosperity in an outside place and faces and overcomes estrangement from his wife. A portion
of his earned wealth is spent on social welfare.

Mother is financially fortunate and with all that given to divine contemplation and interested in

Wife: His wife, it is said initially faced many hurdles in life, gets blames, escapes from a watery
death and later becomes wise in life.

Brother: One of them will lead a life of great name and fame in a different place.

Sister: One of them will lead a life of great name and fame in an outside place.


Native: Religious bent of mind and is well versed in the art of Vedic literature. He may visit
many pilgrimage centres along with his wife. Confluence of sacred rivers or a preceptors mutt
or shrine of Divine Mother will be there near about his birth place. He prospers in life from 24-
26 year of age and has the prospect of change of residence is bright.

Wife is given to Divine contemplation. Due to hearsay and wrong advice by others, brings
mental unrest herself resulting in family unhappiness.

Sister will be pious in nature and religious bent of mind, but is slow to achieve family happiness
due to her fickle nature.



Mother Elder Brother

Self - Native
WHAT Females Worker
Noble, Lazy
Capricious Honour Workaholic
Unfaithful Respect Slow
Change Success Practical
Liquid Promotion Delay
Arts Preaching Work load
Travel Advisor Work nature
Watery Support Delay
Sell Gain Fortune
Cheat Good Long lasting
Loss Decent work place
Lung Fat Gas
Colds Nose Locomotive
Blood sufferer Due to karma
Infections Healer Digestive

Native: Up to 24th year he will travel extensively over many places. He suffers from the ill effects
of cold phlegm and wind. He may have his name related to Shiva in some form or other. He may
know the subtleties of action, duty etc., Divine in nature. Though in his early years he has faced
many hardships he gets lot of prominence in his professional field at his 20th, 36th years.
Irrespective of his profession he will gain position and power. He may develop a sort of
detachment towards life in the later years. Due to ill health gets disinterested in life, and gets
blame for this earning bad name. However the native leads a respectable life.


Native will have to travel many places during early part of life, faces many hurdles in life. From
28/30 year of age settles in a definite profession and earns name and fame in society with
power and prestige. He may get afflicted by colds, wind phlegm. His profession may relate to
Doctor, artist or teachers.

Mother: Gets over initial hurdles in life by divine grace, earns name and fame by her charitable
and philanthropic deeds.

Mother: Initially all her kith and kin blame her and give her bad name, later realizes and give her
full respect and accept her as a guide and philosopher.


Native at his 25-29 year of age due to his past karma will have to move to a place different from
his birth place.


Native suffers from cold and wind and is well versed in several subjects and is given to divine
contemplation-Handsome body -Has an elder brother. He may have some difficulties in
education. But very calculative and gauge things sitting at one place. He may have travel
aspects to many places during his 23, 27 and 31st years of age. He is out of disgust he changes
his profession, up to his 29th year will have mentally unrest. He may visit many pilgrimage. If
Ket is located in 2nd sign to Moo he will have mental unrest in his family life, and will have to get
blamed unnecessarily and struggle for his daily bread up to 27-30 years.

Female suffers from May hardships in her married life and later sees improvement in life. These
sufferings make them to turn towards divinity and by divine grace they enjoy happiness

Mother suffers from the ill effects of wind.


Native may struggle hard for employment in the beginning. Later he gets a job for some time in
a food processing concern. Thereafter he does the job of distributing tonics, medicines or in
teaching profession. He may get prosperity in his profession during 31 or 35th year of age with
good status and prestige in society. He may also have cattle cultivation as his profession. Native
may have change of residence due to his profession.

Mother is given to Divine contemplation and has phlegm and windy complaints.


Native suffers from the ill effects of cold and wind. Within his 29, 31st year of age he gets into a
profession of high office and moves to a little distant place. He is pious in nature, respectable
and happy. He may be in the field of medicine or fluid dynamics and enjoys status and prestige.


WHAT Mother Self - Native Grand Parents



Noble, Unethical
Capricious Honour Cheating
Unfaithful Respect Illusionary
Change Success Foreign
Liquid Promotion Illusion
Arts Preaching Shadow
Travel Advisor Unethical
Watery Support Big
Sell Gain Open
Cheat Good Unethical
Loss Decent Cheat
Lung Fat Death
Colds Nose Danger
Blood sufferer Intestine
Infections Healer Undiagnosed

Native: Due to mental unrest he warns aimlessly over many places.

Native talks sweetly and dreams that he gets what he wants and attains happiness.

Native will have misunderstanding with one of his brothers.

Native: Besides escaping from endangering situation to life by accidents, he suffers from
rheumatism and cold.


Native will have to overcome danger to his life during 10, 11, & 13 years of age and at 23/24 he
will have to undergo slight difficulties in life including travel.

Mother: Suffered from great danger to her life and overcame them either when the native was
born or within 2 years from that date.


Native has to face and overcome danger to his life on water in his 13, 14 and 18th year of age
and also with attack of small pox.

Mother will face and overcome great dangers to her life in the proximity of her son's 13, 14 &
18th year of age.


Native has the prospect of falling from height and suffering dangers due to water within his 2nd
and 3rd year of age or from his 23rd to 26th year of age.

Native: At times may suffer from mental aberrations also.


Mother has suffered greatly before his birth.

Grandfather migrated to natives place of birth from an outside place.


Native is given to divine contemplation, may have medicine and teaching profession. May
escape from danger from water or accidents and problems during his 18, 19, 36 years of age.


Mother must have overcome perils to her life and becomes noble person later in life.

Grandfather had prospered and got successful life only after initial hardships and change of


Native after initial struggle will have either foreign visit or change of residence and then settles


Mother Grand Parents

Self - Native
WHAT Females Female - (side)
Noble, Dejected
Capricious Honour Spiritual
Unfaithful Respect Stubborn
Change Success Quit
Liquid Promotion Occult
Arts Preaching Serving others
Travel Advisor Petty works
Watery Support Small
Sell Gain Block
Cheat Good Spiritual
Loss Decent Disputed
Lung Fat Block
Colds Nose Growth
Blood sufferer Pains
Infections Healer Tumours

Native is more inclined towards divinity and renunciation. He is guided by divine force in and
round his place.

Natives birth might take place near a pilgrimage.

Native with lots of respect and faith in Holmen, he attains self-realization.


Mother is a philanthropist with name and fame, Divine in nature and charitable merits to help
poor and needy.


Native is born in a sacred place with divine origin and grace. He suffers from cold related
problems. He will get experience in the subject of self-realization and travels distant places at
his 23/24 years.

Mother will achieve special knowledge of metaphysics after her middle age.


Natives family is blessed with a divine power. On his mother's side people are given to
philanthropy, charity and serving poor and have visited many pilgrims. Around his birth place
either a pilgrim centre or a sacred river must be there. He is experienced in the art of self-

Native will have suffered from and overcome the evil effects of cold and nervous debility in his
4th and 5th year of age.


Native is given to divine contemplation, within his 2nd and 3rd years will have good fortune of
visiting many places of worship and have dips in sacred rivers. His birth place itself confluence
of 2 rivers a pilgrimage centre and a renowned sacred place. Within his 25, 26, 27 years of age
he will travel over many places. In his 13, 14, 25 years of age he will face and overcome perils
due to water. Native acquire knowledge in the branch of astrology and other occult subjects.

Female: She will be pious in nature and a philanthropic and will have misfortunes during her
19th, 37th, 55th, 56th years of age. Before her death she will have name and fame.

Mother has come up in life with great strain and she will be pious and philanthropic

Mother will acquire fame and name before her death. Her 19th, 37th, 55-56 years of age are
beset with misfortunes.


Native might have changed place after facing problems and blame and he may suffer from cold
and sinus problems.

Mother is given to divine contemplation and noble in nature and respected.


Native is divine in nature and will have to travel to get a name in spiritual line.

Mother has suffered due to ill health and is given to Divine contemplation.


WHAT Mother Wife Elder Brother
Females Females Worker


Passion Lazy
Capricious Artistic Workaholic
Unfaithful Luxurious Slow
Change Higher Practical
Liquid Luxury Delay
Arts Arts Work load
Travel Finance Work nature
Watery House Delay
Sell Vehicle Fortune
Cheat Luxuries Long lasting
Loss Money work place
Lung Sexual Gas
Colds Semen Locomotive
Blood Diabetes Due to karma
Infections Urinary Digestive

Native: Whatever may be the profession till his age 28/30, breaks will be there. His progress is
assured when he migrates to a different place from his place of residence. His prospects also
improve greatly after marriage. It is due to the luck of wife the native achieves prosperity.
Natives best periods of great prosperity will be during his 28 to 31st year of age.

Mother is fortunate.

Wife will also engage herself in some profession to support the family.


Native is fickle minded and heeds to the words of falls prophets. He will get on in life and
achieves financial prosperity after 20th year of age. He will have wife with good luck and
through her co-operation he achieves luck. He may get on well in profession related to travel,
food products and art.

Wife: Though lucky for husband, will suffer from ill health and family bickering initially but later
will attain peace and prosperity.


Native earns well and spends well; however he will always be in debts. He is having a brass
ears and heeds to the words of tale bearers and is fickle minded. He deserts his wife for some
time by hearing to others. He may sell of his house to discharge the debts and lives a self-
sufficient life.

Female: Initially she will be a victim of deception in life, overcomes the same and settles down
in life by engaging herself in a profession.


Native thrives in a profession of traveling and also have another line of income source. He may
not have strong mind. He may prosper after 28 years of age and within his 46th year attains
great prosperity.

Female: She must protect herself from the person advancing towards her in the name of love as
he tends to deceive her; avoiding such hypocrites in life she can be happy in life.

Mother may suffer from Colds and Wind problems.

Wife may get a job in an outside or distant place. She is fickle minded.


Native: During his 32, 44 years of age, there could be an entry of outside woman between him
and his wife resulting in financial loss and blames etc. He gets financial gain in the field of art,
food processing and medicine to cure venereal diseases, also with sale of luxury goods. He
may also get financial gains by Black money. During his 32-44 years of age, there could be an
entry of outside woman between him and his wife resulting in financial loss and blames etc.

Female will face and overcome breach of trust by unscrupulous males and later progresses in

Mother is monetarily well off, fortunate and may have problems with phlegm, wind venereal
diseases and uterine complaints.

Brother undergoes hardships in the beginning, later prospers in life.

Daughter may have problems in having children.


Native will thrive easily in the field of food articles and art subjects. In his household whatever is
earned will be lost due to deceit of others. It is said that he has come up in life due to the help of
his sitter or mother or others. Native: In his family one of the female folks gets deceived by an
unscrupulous person by having illicit relation with her and earns her bad name. He is having fed
up with having sexual relation with wife may go to other women seeking pleasures and wastes
money over them and earns bad name.

Female: The native is fickle minded and faces blames on account of her and overcomes the

Wife is artistic in nature but will have gastric disturbances in stomach due to cold and wind and
may be victim of abortion and miscarriages.


Mother Wife
Grand Parents
WHAT Females Females

Passion Unethical
Capricious Artistic Cheating
Unfaithful Luxurious Illusionary
Change Higher Foreign
Liquid Luxury Illusion
Arts Arts Shadow
Travel Finance Unethical
Watery House Big
Sell Vehicle Open
Cheat Luxuries Unethical
Loss Money Cheat
Lung Sexual Death
Colds Semen Danger
Blood Diabetes Intestine
Infections Urinary Undiagnosed

Native will have his regular profession during his 27th to 28th year, with a fixed monthly income.
He may take up profession related to shadow and light, illegal finance dealings and taxidermy.
He will accumulate wealth by tax evasion. His prosperity will be away from his place of birth, he
owns multi-storeyed mansion and vehicles. Native will have greater prosperity during his 34 to
36th years of age. By worshiping goddess Sri Lakshmi he can gain lots of wealth and many
dangers to his and his wife's life will be warded off and will be blessed with name and fame. In
his family circles the male progeny will have two wives.

Wife is greatly fortunate and hoards wealth in secret, though luckier than husband, will get bad
name at times.

Daughter: One of them will have to face and get over a spell of bad luck brought by others.

Grandfather was well versed in artistic achievements and had illicit relationships during his hey
days. He has lost a portion of his money to the deceit of a woman. Near to his landed property a
hidden treasure is guarded by cobra.


Native may contemplate doubting his wife's character. He may involve in some cheating case
loses large sum of amount or wealth.

Wife may have overcome, spell of black magic, spirits, and wickedness of others.

Daughter: One of them will have slight trouble in life till she gets over her 23, 24 year of age.


Native may have mental weakness and fear till his 18-20 years of age, afterwards he will be
alright. He may have some problems of mental weakness during 2, 19, 20 years of age.
He may face danger from falling from a tree or from water. Both husband and wife will have

mental unrest very often. He will prosper in life in a profession related to travel, liquor and
luxury goods and vehicle.

Female: Native may have love affair with a person of different caste and will earn bad name
besides getting humiliated.

Female: Her life will get disturbed and she will have least marital happiness and mental peace.

Mother will face danger to her life in the native's 2, 19, 20 or 36th year of age.

Wife will suffer from ill effects of cold and wind severely or from fear complex during husbands
age of 37, 56 years.

Grandfather was romantic and has engaged himself in many disrespectable transactions and
wasted money. Further he had contact with two women.


Native: Obsessed by money and is ever after it. He deceives others and gains money. He may
lose money in his profession related to art, food products and wheeled vehicles by trusting
others. His house may be haunted by spirit. He may suffer from mental delusion during his 16 to
23rd year of age. He may have problem related to water accumulation in his head and suffer
pains. Women folk in his family will have hard times to come up in life. One of the women folk in
his family will get possessed by a disembodied spirit. In his 36, 57, 59th year the native will
undergo many hardships and pains due to black magic spell by his enemies. He can get over
this by worship of Goddess Indrakshi for 48 days with Mantra.

Mother: Despite having great wealth she will suffer with great difficulties, blames and danger to
her life due to water and in urgent need of Divine grace.

Wife may have to suffer due to cold and wind problems and will have uterine disorders. She is
beautiful but will have troubles from scoundrels. She escapes from danger to her life by water.

Sister may get deceived by scoundrels and subjected humiliation and difficulties in life. She
must have faced danger to her life due to water and got over the same.

Daughter may be subjected to humiliation and difficulties by deception of scoundrel in her life.

Grandfather has migrated from his place and settled down here and prospered well with
accumulation of wealth and deriving happiness through women.


Native will have to lose money by deceit of others and may earn bad name, he may also gain
from foreign lands.

Mother had to suffer lot initially and later had to face ill health and bad name.

Wife: Must have had problems with her health due to her illicit secret friendships, may have
foreign travels.

Grandfather had to overcome hurdles with regard to a woman, change his place of residence
and will have secret illicit affair and lost lots of money.


Native may lose his money due to secret deals.

Wife may have to get blames due to her past records.


Mother Wife Grand Parents

WHAT Females Females Female - (side)
Passion Dejected
Capricious Artistic Spiritual
Unfaithful Luxurious Stubborn
Change Higher Quit
Liquid Luxury Occult
Arts Arts Serving others
Travel Finance Petty works
Watery House Small
Sell Vehicle Block
Cheat Luxuries Spiritual
Loss Money Disputed
Lung Sexual Block
Colds Semen Growth
Blood Diabetes Pains
Infections Urinary Tumours

Native may take up writing, food processing or geological reserves as one of his profession. If
the native builds a house it will quite narrow like a lane.

Mother has the blessings of Goddess mother.

Wife will be given to divine contemplation but suffers due to ill works of her own kith and kin and

Sister: One of them is destined to achieve self-realization and her marriage prospects are very
bad, even if married her family life will be unhappy due to her past karma.

Grandmother: Mother's mother got hoarded wealth through treasure trove.


Native will have to face blames and troubles including traveling to different places up to 32/33rd
year and later prospers in life.

Female: Will undergo lots of difficulties before her marriage and escapes from them. Husband
will view her with suspicious for some time and later understands her and achieves happiness.

Mother: She or her family members will have to face litigation regarding ancestral property and
wicked people always be plotting to rob the property.

Wife will have overcome many misfortunes and is away from her mother.


Native is always thinking of God and doing well to others. Despite having wife, the native will get
attracted to another woman. He may waste his money in gambling; Moon & Ketu if together in
2nd sing to Venus, native will spend away his money and will always is in financial distress.

Mother is always thinking of God and doing well to others.

Wife will have no fixity of mind and suffers from many hardships, gets blames and later begins
to think of salvation.

Sister may get separated from husband and suffers great sorrow.

Daughter: One of them will have marital sorrow due to separation.

Grandmother: One of her sisters will lead life of Sanyasa (recluse) and will not marry.


Native may gain finance through food articles or lands. One of the female members of his family
will have marital breaks and will be forced to lead insipid life due to her past misdeeds. He may
have many monetary breaks, disputes and blames in his 35, 39, 54th years of age. By remedial
measures to Ketu and Moon may sustain. If the combination of 3 planets in one sign: there was
lot of wealth in his household which was grabbed by others. The female folk in his family
including daughter and sister will have mental unrest, unhappiness and blames often.

Native will have profession related to arts, irrigation, flower cultivation and food articles.

Wife is fickle minded and have cold complaints, achieves her objectives somehow. (If the
combination in different signs)

Wife will have defects in generative organ and womb.

Sister will be in the line of philosophical teaching or field of self-realization as guide and mentor.

Daughter will have her profession in the filed teaching philosophy or self-realization.

Grandfather was fortunate and did philanthropic deeds and helped poor and needy with food.


Native may lose money due to deceit by others.

Wife will have problem with progeny, and she may not have good health.



Native will have illicit relation and may get some health problems due to it. He may lose money
and may have travel aspects.

Wife is fickle minded and will have health problems too.


Mother Grand Paents

Elder Brother
WHAT Females (Male)
Passion Dejected
Capricious Artistic Spiritual
Unfaithful Luxurious Stubborn
Change Higher Quit
Liquid Luxury Occult
Arts Arts Serving others
Travel Finance Petty works
Watery House Small
Sell Vehicle Block
Cheat Luxuries Spiritual
Loss Money Disputed
Lung Sexual Block
Colds Semen Growth
Blood Diabetes Pains
Infections Urinary Tumours

Native will have a profession related to screen printing, travel etc.; He will come across
inexplicable circumstances in his family life. He will get into the clutches of wicked people and
cheaters, at his age 23/27/36 years of age.

Mother suffers from ill health on account of the misdeeds of her past life and now again.

Grandfather: Indulged in misdeed and secret sins, lost money and reputation due to low class
woman association. He had resorted to ordinary job to support himself.


Native has travelled over many places faced many difficulties in life and overcome the same.

Mother suffers from cold, wind and phlegm.


Native may face difficulty to protect his self-respect due to his friendship with low class people
and low class women by which he gets blamed. He may have his profession related to
Photography Cinema, or business line related to Vehicles, Liquors, Plastics and buffalo
breeding or Travel. He will get breaks in his life prospects on account of deception, fickle
mindedness and his low cultural background. He may also resort to Blank Marketing and

Smuggling gains. He may face difficulty to protect his self-respect due to his friendship with low
class people and low class women by which he gets blamed. He may have his profession
related to Photography, Cinema or business line related to Vehicles, Liquors, Plastics and
buffalo breeding or Travel. Native will get breaks in his life prospects on account of deception,
fickle mindedness and his low cultural background. He May also resort to Blank Marketing and
Smuggling gains.

Mother will suffer from the ill effects of cold wind and paralysis.

Wife may not have family happiness.

Brother: Elder brother will wander aimlessly, befriend low class people till his 35th year of age
and then improves his life's prospects. He may get into black marketing and smuggling.


Native has the prospect of foreign travel and gets on in life in a profession related to wheeled
vehicles, night exhibition art, smuggling including black marketing, illicit sale of liquor etc.
involving immoral people and scoundrels.

Mother suffers from the ill effects of cold and wind and consequently suffers from paralysis; she
may also encounter danger due to poisons.


Native will face and overcome danger from water and then prospers in life and will have foreign
travel. He may have illicit relation with low caste woman.


Native may involve unethical works and then change his place. He may have foreign links in his
work. He may engage in shadow related activities. He is eccentric in his thoughts and action.


Mother Elder Brother Grand Parents

WHAT Females Worker Female - (side)
Lazy Dejected
Capricious Workaholic Spiritual
Unfaithful Slow Stubborn
Change Practical Quit
Liquid Delay Occult
Arts Work load Serving others
Travel Work nature Petty works
Affluences Watery Delay Small
Sell Fortune Block

Cheat Long lasting Spiritual

Loss work place Disputed
Lung Gas Block
Colds Locomotive Growth
Blood Due to karma Pains
Infections Digestive Tumours

Native may have breathing troubles and his early years were spent by wandering over many
places with bad conditions. Up to his 30/32 years his own kith and kin will suspect his
credentials. He will have many changes in profession, suffers lot before settling down in life. He
will be given to divine contemplation from his middle age; will attain mastery in philosophy and
occult. Unless this combination supported by Jupiters aspect, it is almost impossible to have
marriage prospects. Even if married there could be a detachment attitude in marital life. He may
visit many pilgrimage within his 30th year and after 60th year and earns his living. He will have
his profession related to writing, arts etc.

Mother: A person of divine nature, with charitable deeds to feed poor and becomes lovable by

Mother may have to suffer due to phlegm and wind.


Native is intelligent, philanthropic in nature. In spite of it he will not thrive in life up to his 27/28th
year of age. He will be wandering recklessly all over places including holy places and later
settles in life. Natives birth place has a pilgrimage centre of Lord Shiva.

Female: Will undergo difficulties for some time in her life, separation from her husband etc.

Female: The later part of the life will have auspicious life.


Native may thrive in a profession related to the art of self-realization, mental culture, medicine
and traditional medicine, weaving, catering food and meals to hungry, agriculture and cattle
cultivation. He may have trouble in breathing and Asthma and piles complaint. Some time may
wander many places aimlessly like recluses. He may thrive in a profession related to the art of
self-realization, mental culture, medicine and traditional medicine, weaving, catering food and
meals to hungry, agriculture and cattle cultivation. He may have trouble in breathing and Asthma
and piles complaint. Some time may wander many places aimlessly like recluses.

Mother is given to Divine contemplation.


Native will not have good job and will be ever changing his job and places.

Mother will have health problems related to wind.


Native will overcome distress and change of place in his profession.


Native may leave one job and go to different place to settle down.

Mother may have asthmatic or breathing problem.


Mother Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Females Female - (side)
Unethical Dejected
Capricious Cheating Spiritual
Unfaithful Illusionary Stubborn
Change Foreign Quit
Liquid Illusion Occult
Arts Shadow Serving others
Travel Unethical Petty works
Watery Big Small
Sell Open Block
Cheat Unethical Spiritual
Loss Cheat Disputed

Lung Death Block

Colds Danger Growth
Blood Intestine Pains
Infections Undiagnosed Tumours

Due to his Miss deeds and cheating nature native may get entangled in some situation.

Mother faced and overcome danger to life which is literally a re-birth.


Mother Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Females Female - (side)
Dejected Unethical
Capricious Spiritual Cheating
Unfaithful Stubborn Illusionary
Change Quit Foreign
Liquid Occult Illusion
Arts Serving others Shadow
Travel Petty works Unethical
Watery Small Big
Sell Block Open
Cheat Spiritual Unethical
Loss Disputed Cheat

Lung Block Death

Colds Growth Danger
Blood Pains Intestine
Infections Tumours Undiagnosed

Native will have to overcome blemish in a deceit committed by him.

Mother faced and overcome danger to life which is literally a re-birth. Given to Divine
contemplation, up to her 18th year she will have mental unrest and non-cooperation from


Mother will have life salvation.


Native will have very narrow mentality and will have mental unrest.

Mother will have danger to life


Native may not have sound mental peace, may suffer from loss and deceit causing mental

Mothers health needs double care.


Mother will have Health problems and danger to life.

Brother Younger Sibling

Self - Native
WHAT Husband Friend
Furious Intelligent Noble,
Character Egoistic Diplomatic Honour
Harsh Sweet talk Respect
Obstruct Learning Success
Technical Commerce Promotion
Powered Media Preaching
Harass Greenery Advisor
Strong Land Support
Built Greenery Gain
Construct Vehicle Good
Machinery Amusing Decent
Diseases Blood Skin Fat
Injury Nerve Nose
Muscle Allergies sufferer

Marrow Baldness Healer

Native is interested in exchange of views and ideas. Despite hurdles in education he attains
expert in logic. There will be two respectable people in his family. He will get a girlfriend and
gets lot of help and co-operation from her before separation. He will have technical knowledge -
After his 30th or 35th years of age, gains landed property, avoiding misunderstand in deal.
Native thinks he is right in everything.

Brother will become a preceptor and attains respectable position in society.

Brother thinks he is right in everything he does.


\Native is highly intelligent and will have multi-level knowledge. Land disputes with brother and
others and gets the land. He will get attracted towards respectable woman during his
studentship. He gets financial gains through commerce and land development. He may have
several obstacles and without reason the marriage gets postponed several times.

Brother: One of them will be a great scholar and preceptor, earning great name and fame with
happy life.


Native will have special kind of intelligence with different kind of stubbornness. With ambition to
have high education will face many hurdles also. Maths, technical or literatures will be his line of
interest. He may have slight BP problems. - An affair with a girl will create family dispute. He will
have to face enmity among family members and others who pretend to be his friends. This will
be in his professional life also.

Female: Husband respectable and powerful and intelligent.


Native though educated will be away from his relatives due to stupidity. Stubborn and short

Brother will be well versed in the technical line.


Native is hasty but later on uses his intelligence in conclusion. There could be hurdles in landed
property and business profits by enemies. He is ambitious to achieve high academic distinctions
but will have to overcome many hurdles before reaching it.

Female: Husband will be in the profession of prestigious business in leading position and also
well versed in accounts.

Brother will thrive independently in his profession with his intelligence.


Native is learned and intelligent with large circle of relatives and brothers. Despite cleverness
will bring discomfort to his life due to hasty temperament. He will have dispute with brothers.
Persons getting help from native will turn enemy. There will breaks in education before

improvement - No co-operation from relations. His Natives ambition is to achieve great things in
life and education will have hurdles before fulfilment.

Brother: One of the brothers will be in demand from a technical organization for his skills.


Brother Younger Sibling Wife

WHAT Husband Friend Females
Furious Intelligent Passion
Character Egoistic Diplomatic Artistic
Harsh Sweet talk Luxurious
Obstruct Learning Higher
Technical Commerce Luxury
Powered Media Arts
Harass Greenery Finance
Strong Land House
Built Greenery Vehicle
Construct Vehicle Luxuries
Machinery Amusing Money
Blood Skin Sexual
Injury Nerve Semen
Muscle Allergies Diabetes
Marrow Baldness Urinary

Native is intelligent and has some name and fame in society. He derives happiness through two
sources (ladies). He may have two sisters. He earns through land dealings. 28 & 42 years
High prosperity

Wife is intelligent to discuss things with learned people to understand well.

Brother is intelligent in the line of finance and accounts.


Native will be get on with everybody according to their wishes and makes money. He gets help
and co-operation from opposite sex will always be there. He will have dispute with his brother or
uncle in money matters. He will have liking for music. He may have love marriage. He will thrive
in the field of Trade, Finance, & Luxury goods.

Wife was liked by somebody before her marriage.-She is intelligent.

Brother will be successful in finance and land dealings.

Sister: One of his sisters is a scholar.


Native is interested in luxurious life, finance and accounting. He will have dispute with brother or
friend in property matter. He will have lot of discussions with wife. He may have gains by trade,
technical and luxury goods.
Native is clever and calculative - Educational progress is promised, despite hurdles. He
prospers in the line of agency ship, brokerage, and finance. One of his wifes sisters will have
great affection towards him. He may have dispute and quarrel with brothers and sisters with
regard to jewellery and property and later settles the issue.


Sister: One of his sisters will be self-conscious of her intelligence and status.


Wife: The present wife was also wife in past birth.


Native: Despite wife, native is interested in a girlfriend. He may have disputes in landed and
housing property but overcomes it. There will be bickering and disputes in ancestral property.

Female: In the happy married life, some misunderstanding arises due to one of her husbands
friend getting close to her.

Female: Husband will have profession dealing in accounting or agency line.

Brother: Brothers will not have self-control.


Native is clever and owns wealth, house and lands.-Slight property disputes. Profession relates
to maths, finance or admin of guest house. He may have surgical operation on the nose for
some extra skin, throat complaints.

Wife is talkative and strict in words.

Sister may have prospects of love marriage and face some disputes before settling down


Brother Younger Sibling Elder Brother

WHAT Husband Friend Worker
Furious Intelligent Lazy
Character Egoistic Diplomatic Workaholic
Harsh Sweet talk Slow
Obstruct Learning Practical
Technical Commerce Delay
Powered Media Work load
Harass Greenery Work nature
Strong Land Delay
Built Greenery Fortune
Construct Vehicle Long lasting
Machinery Amusing work place
Blood Skin Gas
Injury Nerve Locomotive
Muscle Allergies Due to karma
Marrow Baldness Digestive

Native is intelligent, but slow in completing education due to hurdles. He has misunderstanding
with brothers. - Up to 27 / 28 years lots of obstructions in profession. His profession relates to
technical and trade but will have hardships.

Brother will prosper in trading business.


Native will have initial harassments in profession and later achieves success. He may have
writing/marketing/Technical assisting nature in his working field.

Female: Husband will be highly calculative, argumentative and fault finding nature. She may
have dispute with his brothers.


Native will face many hurdles to achieve education. He has experienced troubles in trade,
technical profession. At his 24, 34, 37 years of age he faces lots of difficulties, financial loss and
unrest in the family circles.

Female: Breaks in education. Her husband is educated but egoistic and stupidity at times.


Native: Despite being clever lots of hurdles in educational attainments. Initially he may have one
or two changes in profession before settling down in life. He will have disputes in professional
field. His profession may be relating technical in nature.

Female: Husband argumentative and dispute seeker. She will have medium happiness in life.


Native has to face disputes with blood relations. His profession relates to computers and
technical nature. He will leave one profession and takes up another to thrive in life. To a certain
extent he will gain in trade and commerce. He prospers in life at his 32 or 33rd year of age. He
will have dispute with his younger brother for a land and housing site and settles finally with
happiness. He has to face disputes with blood relations. His profession relates to computers
and technical nature. He will leave one profession and takes up another to thrive in life. To a
certain extent he will gain from trade and commerce. He may have dispute with his younger
brother for a land and housing site and settles finally with happiness.

Female: Marriage prospects are afflicted by hurdles and breaks. The husband had some affair
in love and abandoned before marriage. Husband will gain in profession related to trade and
authorship. Both husband and wife will have work hard for prosperity. If Jupiter aspects this
combination marriage at 24th year else at 28th or 30th year.


Brother will shine in commercial line by his intelligence.

Native: In a profession related to energy, technical etc. During 27, 33, 37 years had to face
disputes, unrest and misunderstanding and gets over it.

Brother: Youngest brother is mentally stubborn. He will have problems in education. He is a

miser by nature.


Brother Younger Sibling

Grand Parents
WHAT Husband Friend
Furious Intelligent Unethical
Character Egoistic Diplomatic Cheating
Harsh Sweet talk Illusionary
Obstruct Learning Foreign
Technical Commerce Illusion
Powered Media Shadow
Harass Greenery Unethical
Strong Land Big
Built Greenery Open
Construct Vehicle Unethical
Machinery Amusing Cheat
Blood Skin Death
Injury Nerve Danger
Muscle Allergies Intestine
Marrow Baldness Undiagnosed

Native: Up to 32 /33 years no settlement in life only losses and enmity with people. After 33rd
year enters into prestigious business organization and will prosper with co-operation and help
from friends. He gets over an affair with low class women.

Brother: At the natives age of 18 years or 36th year will face danger to life and get over it. One
of his brothers is suffering because of his past life sinful deeds.

Sister: Past life sinful deeds had to be experienced in present life.

Grandfather: One of the Grandfathers had problems having affair with a woman.


Native will have fights with youngest brother and a friend. He will have enmity with his kith and
kin. He will get deceived on account of land deal. He gets a friendship of foreign woman and
help, co-operation from her to get over awkward situations in life.

Female: She develops illicit relationship with a friend of a different nation before her marriage
and enjoys physical bliss secretly and frees herself from this relation to get married to another
person. She will have to face many bickering in her family life.

Grandfather had secret affairs with woman and suffered greatly facing the enmity of several


Native: Despite being intelligent he will face lots of hurdles in education career and bad
association. He may be subjected to deceit on account of landed property and face enmity

Female: Husband learned may have danger to life during traveling and accidents and by
harassment by his enemies.

Native's brother: between 21/2 to 5 years of age of Native, will face life endangering situation,
failing which the same may occur during 20th or 37th year of native.

Native's sister between 21/2 to 5 years of age of Native, will face life endangering situation,
failing which the same may occur during 20th or 37th year of native.

Maternal Uncle between 21/2 to 5 years of age of native will face life endangering situation,
failing which the same may occur during 20th or 37th year of native.


Native: Though the native is clever, he is stubborn and fond of other's wives. Due to this he has
to suffer hardships. His marital life may not be satisfactory.

Female: Failure in Love having deceived by boyfriend before marriage. Her Husband may not
be able to satisfy her needs. There could be some dispute between husband and one of his
brothers at 45th or 46th year age of native.


Native: May have intelligence and show interest in shadow deals. He might have educational
problems and may have foreign related studies.

Female: Husband will have problem with education and will have trouble with girlfriend.

Brother may have problems in education and might get bad name on account of girlfriend.

Grandfather had to face ordeal on account of land or from a woman.


Native will have educational breaks and gets education in shadow related subjects.

Female: Her husband will have some relation with girl friend of foreign nation or abandoned a
local lady before marriage.

Brother will have foreign education. He may have girlfriend before marriage.


Brother Younger Sibling Grand Parents

WHAT Husband Friend Female - (side)
Furious Intelligent Dejected
Character Egoistic Diplomatic Spiritual
Harsh Sweet talk Stubborn
Obstruct Learning Quit
Technical Commerce Occult
Powered Media Serving others
Harass Greenery Petty works
Strong Land Small
Built Greenery Block
Construct Vehicle Spiritual
Machinery Amusing Disputed
Blood Skin Block
Injury Nerve Growth
Muscle Allergies Pains
Marrow Baldness Tumours

Native understands matter after discussions. He will have sufferings in family life. With great
difficulty he attains education and knowledge in law. He will at times have power of intuition. He
may have litigation in Land deal. He may have connection with agriculture.

Brother: One of his younger brothers will have marital problems. - May turn to divinity.

Sister will have martial problems.


Native may have dispute either with friend or brother. He may have to seek legal redress in a
court of law for a land dispute.

Female: Her husband will be well versed in the legal matters. Her husband will be scholar and
will befriend a girl by chance. Her younger sister will succeed in the matter of family dispute.

Brother may reside in a distant place.


Native will have suffered to get education. To attain scholarship he has to struggle hard. He gets
lots of doubts in his subject and over long discussion will get clarity. He feels lonely and cannot
mix with others. Marriage difficulties will be there. If he befriends a girl it will be for a short

Female: Prospects of marriage is bleak. She may get ulcer in genital organ. If married minimum
family happiness.


Native is argumentative in nature and will have problems in education. He prospers in the line
as writer or accounts or as a tailor. He will have least family happiness.

Female: She will have an alliance close to marriage and cancelled before settling up with
different person.

Sister: One of them will have family dispute and law suit to get over.

Sister: If youngest will have marital problems.


Native may have land dispute or a Love failure. He will have problem with education matter.

Brother will have legal litigation with regard to land or will lose it or may have problem with a

Sister may have problems with married life due to weakness in husband.

Maternal Grandmother is stubborn in nature and uses less of her mind. May loose landed


Native may have marred intelligence and loose landed property due to stupidity.

Brother will have problems with land dealing.

Sister will have problem in her education and love affair.

Sister may have problem in marital life.

Maternal Grandmother may have litigation in landed property. She may be intelligent but haste
in nature.


Brother Wife
Self - Native
WHAT Husband Females
Furious Noble, Passion
Character Egoistic Honour Artistic
Harsh Respect Luxurious
Obstruct Success Higher
Technical Promotion Luxury
Powered Preaching Arts
Harass Advisor Finance
Strong Support House
Built Gain Vehicle
Construct Good Luxuries
Machinery Decent Money
Blood Fat Sexual
Injury Nose Semen
Muscle sufferer Diabetes
Marrow Healer Urinary

Native is born in a fortunate family. He will have good luck through wife as she is blessed by
divine person. There will be constant disputes between him and his wife.

Wife is wise, fortunate and has divine grace on her.

Brother will get a high post in a big organization and progress in life.


Native will at times become stubborn and haste. He will have profession in the line of Technical,
Science or Medicine professor. He will become proud as wealth gets accumulated.

Wife will be enterprising in nature with divine contemplation. Wife will at times become stubborn
and haste. Wife will have honour and respect due to a preceptor.



Native is stubborn in nature with a capacity to achieve his aims through his cleverness and
dexterous planning. He prospers after marriage and leads a happy married life.

Female: Husband will either a doctor or in a lucrative profession of parallel nature and status.


Native is fortunate and he leads luxurious life. His profession relates to technical, beauty &
luxury goods.

Wife: Attractive, divine thoughts but at times she is hasty and stubborn
Sister: Marriage may be delayed, comes up in life with many ups and downs.


Native is hasty stubborn and his bad qualities will bring him trouble. He will have some divine
contemplation. He may take up medicine or a prestigious position in profession. He may have to
go under surgical operation during 25, 36, 49 years of age. He may develop heart and sugar

Wife: Though stubborn will have patience and discretion.


Native is stubborn and haughty due to his wealth. He faces harassment by disguised friends
turning to enemies and also faces criticism. The dispute between wife and husband will be
solved by mediators. He may develop blood defect or BP and heart problems. He may have

Wife: Despite having divine contemplation she at times will be stubborn and insist to listen to her

Sister will be educated and prospers in technical or medical line.


Brother Elder Brother

Self - Native
WHAT Husband Worker
Furious Noble, Lazy
Character Egoistic Honour Workaholic
Harsh Respect Slow
Obstruct Success Practical
Technical Promotion Delay
Powered Preaching Work load
Harass Advisor Work nature
Strong Support Delay
Built Gain Fortune
Construct Good Long lasting
Machinery Decent work place

Blood Fat Gas

Injury Nose Locomotive
Muscle sufferer Due to karma
Marrow Healer Digestive

Native is stubborn in nature yet given to Divine contemplation. Except some breaks in 27 to 30th
year of age, his professional prospects will improve after that. Due to his superiority complex will
face unhappiness and unrest. - This applies in married life also.

Brother: One of the brothers will have good prosperity in life. One of them will have good job
and change it at a later date.


Native is strict in programs and will stick to it. Initially he faces difficulties and in due course of
time will head an organization with name fame and prosperity. He will always have enemies in
the shape of disguised friends.

Female will behave hastily and use absurd language to others to create more enemies around
her causing mental unrest. Her husband will be little short tempered. He will have changed two
jobs before achieving good position.


Native will have one or two drifts in professional field initially before thriving well in the changed
profession. Whatever may the profession, he will ultimately hold good position. Despite good
position and fortune, he will have constant unrest in family life. He will have health problems due
to wind and heat. There could be danger to life in 13 and 18 years of age.

Female: Husband hails from respectable family, but will have breaks in his professional career
before settling in an ordinary profession.

Brother overcomes danger to life due to accident by gods grace and leads a luxurious life with
power and prestige.


Native He prays God during good days and turn atheist during hard days. Due to lack of
discretion he denies advises from others. He is self-cantered and stubborn and emotional. Up to
32/34 years no fixed profession and struggles hard to reach high post. Even if he reaches high
post will have harassment from colleagues.

Female: She will have similar experiences like male native but her husband will have to strive
hard to earn his living.


Native may have prospects in Technical field or Surgeon, or Energy and light field. After 29
years of age he will get high office, name and fame. He may not be having family happiness. He
will develop enmity with near relatives. He will reach the status equal to a preceptor or Guru. He
will have blood defects and weak heart. He may have prospects in Technical field or Surgeon, or
Energy and light field.

Female: Husband will be strict in speech and an authoritarian.



Native: A good hearted person, but hasty and stubborn due to his persons getting helped from
him becomes enemies.

Female will be lucky to have a husband with prestigious profession.

Female will be respectable, with definite in her talk with emotional temperament causing B.P.


Self - Native Grand Parents
WHAT Husband
Furious Noble, Unethical
Character Egoistic Honour Cheating
Harsh Respect Illusionary
Obstruct Success Foreign
Technical Promotion Illusion
Powered Preaching Shadow
Harass Advisor Unethical
Strong Support Big
Built Gain Open
Construct Good Unethical
Machinery Decent Cheat
Blood Fat Death
Injury Nose Danger
Muscle sufferer Intestine
Marrow Healer Undiagnosed

Native must have lost one of his relatives within one month of his birth. He suffers danger to his
life in his 1, 2, 8, 11 and 23rd year of age due to vehicles and water. He will have breaks in his
education. There could be some scar of wound on his forehead on account of injury.

Brother is saved by the grace of providence during critical life endangering situation.

Grandfather: One of his grandfathers was stubborn in nature and was dealing with everyone
with position, strength and power. With his power overcame his enemies.


Native is adamant. Whatever he gets he accumulates and do not have any plan or extra
desires. He may suffer from Gas and heat problems

One of his brothers will face hurdles in life and he suffers a lot before settling in life. He is also
prone to gas and heat related problems.



Native: The birth place of native is abounded by low class people. He will have to overcome
danger to his life due to fire and vehicle accidents in his 12th, 24th. At his 36 or 37 years of age
he will have to suffer from troubles at the hand of scoundrels. At his 49, 50, 73rd and 96 the
year of age he will have to suffer at the hands of his enemies and also face periods of sorrow.
Because of his hasty nature, rushes in places and circumstances where angels fear to tread
bring himself inflicted miseries. In his family and professional field exhibits his ego and incurs
displeasure and enmity of every one and suffers. He may be deprived of family happiness and
gets humiliated by his own kith and kin. He may suffer from ill effects of heat, wind and heart
troubles. Despite his position and status he will have to face harassments at the hands of
enemies who pose themselves as friends.

Female: She is stubborn and hasty in nature. Husband honourable in status and will be heading
an enterprise of machinery or wheeled vehicles, she will have least family happiness.

Brother: One of them will face and overcome danger to his life during natives 24/25 year of age,
further will face great difficulties in life in initial stages, and later prospers in life.

Grandfather: Power and conquered his enemies and he is also given to divine contemplation.


Native has to face and overcome perils to his life on account of wounds, weapons etc., with his
1st to 3rd year of age. He will meet danger due to fire mishap accident due to machinery,
vehicles Etc, during his 13, 14,15th year of age. Native has tendency to get panicky even for the
slightest reasons, losing his sense of discretion out rightly.

Female: Husband will have tendency to get panicky even for slightest reasons and loose his
sense of discretion.

Brother: Resides elsewhere than natives place of residence.


Native surpasses some accidents. He undergoes lots of problems and also harassment from
unknown enemies. He i might have overcome some blood related problems. He might have
missed a foreign opportunity

Brother of the native has visited some foreign place and has overcome some difficult situations.
Later on he will prosper in his life with the help of native.

A female horoscope the husband may have different background of culture and later on may
change to some other belief system. He has overcome hurdles in life. He may have not trust
the wife but somehow he tries to be good her.

Grandfather of the native faced enmity factors and he is short tempered but does noble deeds
and he is respected in the family circles.


Native will have enmity with his brother and is prone to accidents and injuries. He will have
some secret landed property or he may have some property at distant place. He will have
knowledge and education, in some shadow and light subjects.


Brother Grand Parents

Self - Native
WHAT Husband Female - (side)
Furious Noble, Dejected
Character Egoistic Honour Spiritual
Harsh Respect Stubborn
Obstruct Success Quit
Technical Promotion Occult
Powered Preaching Serving others
Harass Advisor Petty works
Strong Support Small
Built Gain Block
Construct Good Spiritual
Machinery Decent Disputed
Blood Fat Block
Injury Nose Growth
Muscle sufferer Pains
Marrow Healer Tumours

Native is well versed in the art of divine contemplation after renouncing his initial qualities of
stubbornness, self-righteous attitude. He may not have satisfactory marital and family life. One
of his mother's kin was recluse. He may suffer due to treachery by his own relatives and friends.
He may get relief if proper worship to Ketu, Mars and Subramanian is done.

Brother: One of them will be either a doctor or teacher and earns great name and fame.


Native does not get married early in life he may have to wait till his middle age to get married.
He is given to divine contemplation, but due to his hasty temperament, will live in a self-created,
illusion world. It is difficult to get married, if married life is full of unrest, discard and bickering. He
develops detachment towards worldly life.

Female: Prospects of marriage are very bleak and lots of problems and difficulties are ahead in
her marriage matter. Her marital life will be hopeless.

Brother: One of them will have profession related to divine contemplation and earns great name
and fame equal to a preceptor.


Native: Though stubborn in nature soft at heart initially he will be stubborn and later develops
patience and turns towards divinity. Despite being a family man develops mind of renunciation

due to constant friction in his family life. He will be in an honourable and respectable status in
life but he has to reach this stage by sustained efforts at every stage. Male or female will have
to undergo surgery at one time or other. Near the place of birth of the native there is a shrine of
goddess of energy and power. Native must have suffered during his childhood with dysentery
and smallpox.

Female: There will be difference of opinion and clash with husband at every stage and
misunderstanding will be the order of the day. Her Husband will be in the profession related to
medicine, technical teacher, surgery etc., and also learned in subject of self-realization and law.
It will be a delayed marriage to her; there may be difficulties in having sexual relationship with
each other.

Brother will occupy a place of great respect and honour as teacher in metaphysics or medicine
or scriptures. He will face many tricky situations of arguments and disputes.


Native will thrive in menial capacity in the army and police department. There will be constant
disputes between him and his brothers including bickering resulting in his mental unrest. Out of
both male and female members of the household someone or the other will have marital
disputes. Native: Out of both male and female members one of the household member suffers
so much that at times he/she may feel renouncing life is better than miserable existence.
Though gets a position of power, will have enemies and cunning plotters to harass him. Native
may suffer from blood defects and nervous debility.


Native has undergone some difficult situations in life. He has attempted to do things on his own
and had to suffer loss and difficulties. He has the blessings of Lord Anjaneya but if he is not
worshiping he will face problems.

Brother of the Native had overcome difficult situations and he has got rid of some bondage due
to which his progress was blocked. He is adamant but good at heart.

In female horoscope it indicates some disturbing factor in marital relation due to which the
female may suffer. Husband will overcome situations and he will be focusing on his own self.


Despite the native is given to Divine contemplation, he is hasty and stubborn at times.

Brother is spiritual in nature and may become a preceptor.



Brother Wife Elder Brother
WHAT Husband Females Worker
Furious Passion Lazy
Character Egoistic Artistic Workaholic
Harsh Luxurious Slow
Obstruct Higher Practical
Technical Luxury Delay
Powered Arts Work load
Harass Finance Work nature
Strong House Delay
Built Vehicle Fortune
Construct Luxuries Long lasting
Machinery Money work place
Blood Sexual Gas
Injury Semen Locomotive
Muscle Diabetes Due to karma
Marrow Urinary Digestive

Native will thrive and gets financial prosperity through his wife's influence. Business and
transactions in his wife's name will bring prosperity. Often will have disputes with his wife.

Wife will have many financial resources.

Brother has special financial luck.

Sister will have good fortune being in some profession.

Daughter will have good fortune in some profession.


Native, after 30 years of age he will have progress in profession. His prospects are based on
the good fortune of his wife. By his efforts owns a house property.

Female: Husband will initially have hard times and later prospers in life.


Native will have break in profession after marriage followed by auspicious happenings. He may
have quarrel among brothers. He will leave his job and take up another.

Female: She will get a job within 2 years of marriage. She or her husband will gain from
technical organization.

Wife will have to suffer from difficult situations and mental unrest for 4 to 5 years after marriage.


Native gets fortune through his wife.


Native: Often there will be misunderstandings and quarrel with wife & temporary separations.
He may have break in profession, due to harassment by colleagues and develops enmity. He
may have profession related to technical, energy involving hard work.

Wife will also be in an earning profession.


Native will have profession relating to interior designing, lighting, and energy and luxury goods.

Native will have initial breaks in his profession and thrives in life well after marriage.

Native will have profession relating to interior designing, lighting, and energy and luxury goods.

Native will have initial breaks in his profession and thrives in life well after marriage.

Female: Husband will talk attractively with pleasing tone. Before marriage struggles in job
matters, later will be in easy job with high fortunes.

Brother: One of them is destined to experience great prosperity in life.

Native will prosper in machine driven vehicles, energy and technical and beauty related items.


Native has high magnitude, disputes between wife and husband. He suspects wifes character.
There could be separation during transit of Ketu between Sat and VEN.

Wife is courageous, enterprising.


WHAT Brother Wife Grand Parents

Husband Females


Furious Passion Unethical
Character Egoistic Artistic Cheating
Harsh Luxurious Illusionary
Obstruct Higher Foreign
Technical Luxury Illusion
Powered Arts Shadow
Harass Finance Unethical
Strong House Big
Built Vehicle Open
Construct Luxuries Unethical
Machinery Money Cheat
Blood Sexual Death
Injury Semen Danger
Muscle Diabetes Intestine
Marrow Urinary Undiagnosed

Native will be co-operative with his wife. He enjoys his achievements, through good luck of wife.
He may take up a profession relating technical and wheeled nature, luxury goods and prosper in
life. He will engage himself in a huge enterprise building multi-storied mansions.

Wife is having a smiling face and by her mannerism she gets success in her ventures.

Brother: One of the brothers will suffer from family unrest and a dispute with a foreigner friend
with regard to finance.

Sister may either have family unrest or will have troubles on account of serious illness.

Daughter may have troubles in family life.

Grandfather will have some affair with a woman other than his wife and will have enmity on
account of this. One of the kith and kin of Grandfather will suffer due to illicit love affair.


Natives wife leads luxurious life. Relationship with wife strained due to misunderstanding. He
will have faced great danger to his life before marriage. Native's husband will have good
fortune to acquire luxurious vehicles and goods and wealth.

Wife leads a luxurious life. Relationship with husband strained.

Grandfather had much intimate relationship with outside women giving her equal status with his


Native will have difficulties and little strain with 2 -3 years after his marriage before auspicious

Female will be hasty and ill tempered, gradually gets wise. She will have danger to her life due
to fire and sickness due to BP. Her husband will have profession related to machine driven

Wife will show her hasty and impatient behaviour for some time. She will get wiser slowly. She
will suffer dangers to her life due to fire accident and illness arising out of blood defects

Brother: One of them will face danger to his life in his 191/2 or 37 years of age.


Native will have dispute with wife due to others interference. He will lead a luxurious life with

Wife is clever and fortunate but troubled by hidden diseases. She will die before husband.

Brother will desert his wife and live in distant place for some time.

Sister may have marital dispute and separation.

Daughter may have separation in family life.

Grandfather was powerful enjoyed secret pleasures.


Native may have good fortune after marriage. He will have some illegal resources for getting

Female: Her husband has improvements after marrying her and he will have secret resource of
income and unlawful income. She had trouble in getting married.-She has secret things that
would trouble her in her married life.

Brother will have some shadow deal to earn money or he will earn money through foreign
resources or some other secondary activity.

Grandfather was ill tempered and always quarrelled with his wife- Wasted finance due to his

Wife had some proposal before marriage from a distant place. She has some secrets which if
revealed may disturb her marital life.

Grandfather was having an affair with another married woman.



Brother Wife Grand Parents

WHAT Husband Females Female - (side)
Furious Passion Dejected
Character Egoistic Artistic Spiritual
Harsh Luxurious Stubborn
Obstruct Higher Quit
Technical Luxury Occult
Powered Arts Serving others
Harass Finance Petty works
Strong House Small
Built Vehicle Block
Construct Luxuries Spiritual
Machinery Money Disputed
Blood Sexual Block
Injury Semen Growth
Muscle Diabetes Pains
Marrow Urinary Tumours

Native will have family difficulties due to finance problems. He may have his profession related
to Technical, Endowments, Luxury goods can also be a surgeon.

Wife will have nervous debility and blood defects. She is a devotee of Lord Shiva.

Sister: One of them will have to seek legal redress to sort out family dispute.


Native will have dispute with wife, leading to desert his wife.

Female: Dispute between husband and wife nearing separation.

Brother will have to move the court to get his money.


Native: Despite getting a good wife, will have worries and cannot lead a happy married life.

Female: Husband will have low job profile, she will have medium happiness. Her husband may
have to face many disputes and will suffer from nervous weakness.


Native will have to overcome family disputes, with long separation from wife. He will be
separated from his kith and kin. He quarrels and misunderstanding with intimate relative due to
financial matter. He achieves prosperity from his 27 to 31 year. During his 37-44 years he gets
an old housing property in a lane.

Wife is economical in her words and answers to the point with matured deliberation in her mind.
She will have nerves debility and blood defects. She is a worshiper of Lord Shiva.

Maternal Grandmother is strict in her speech and had to face criticism from kith and kin.


Native has to overcome dispute with his wife.

Wife will have overcome health problems and surgical operation. She may have dispute with his

Brother must have had problems before marriage, will have dispute with house property.

Maternal Grandmother is harsh in speech and dispute in property.


Native may have some financial dispute in his profession and may lead to litigation.

Wife will have health problem and lazy in her attitude. Not interested to work.

Brother may have a wife who does not think in right way. He may have marital problems or
marriage problem.

Female: The native may have health problems of chronic nature and may not be possible to
work continuously.


WHAT Brother Elder Brother Grand Parents

Husband Worker


Furious Lazy Unethical
Character Egoistic Workaholic Cheating
Harsh Slow Illusionary
Obstruct Practical Foreign
Technical Delay Illusion
Powered Work load Shadow
Harass Work nature Unethical
Strong Delay Big
Built Fortune Open
Construct Long lasting Unethical
Machinery work place Cheat
Blood Gas Death
Injury Locomotive Danger
Muscle Due to karma Intestine
Marrow Digestive Undiagnosed

Native will prosper in a profession related to Light and shadow or vehicles. At his 29 or 37 years
an enemy harasses him causing him great trouble. Due to disputes and unrest, he may not
have pleasures in his family life.

Female: Married life full of unrest and husband will overcome accidents.

Brother will face and overcome danger to his life on account of poison, snake bite or accident.


Native will prospers in the field of machine driven vehicles. Initial difficulties and later improves
in life at 24-25 years.

Native will be loggerheads with his brother.

Brother will be loggerheads with the native.


Native will have low class and wicked people association initially, later thrives in life. He will
have profession related to wheeled vehicles or shadow related profile. He has least family

Female: Husband likely to face danger to life, and will get on in a profession related to shadow
and light or technical line.

Brother will have to overcome great difficulties in life.

Grandfather was doing agricultural related work and had least sense of discretion.



Native may have connected to a profession in technical line, moving machines and gets on in
life with difficulty.


Native has to overcome many difficulties before settling in life.

Brother had to struggle hard to get on his life due to laziness.

Grandfather was logger head and lazy in nature and had to struggle hard to get on with life.


Native will have problems in his professional career and will have foreign relation.

Brother had to work hard to get on life and had to resort to shadow deals.

Grandfather had to face enmity in his work field and had great difficulties in his life.


Brother Elder Brother Grand Parents

WHAT Husband Worker Female - (side)
Furious Lazy Dejected
Character Egoistic Workaholic Spiritual
Harsh Slow Stubborn
Obstruct Practical Quit
Technical Delay Occult
Powered Work load Serving others
Harass Work nature Petty works
Strong Delay Small
Built Fortune Block
Construct Long lasting Spiritual
Machinery work place Disputed
Blood Gas Block
Injury Locomotive Growth
Muscle Due to karma Pains
Marrow Digestive Tumours

Native: Unless he renounces life and becomes recluse, his family house gets converted into a
court of law, with lots of quarrels and bickering. He may have lack of interest in professional
field, and cannot stick to one job. Many times he runs away from the house wandering hither
and thither.

Female: Her husband will be given to divine contemplation which will be his profession. Her
husband will not have fixed mind and suffers from ill health. She will have to spend her life with
him with great difficulty.


Native will have initial difficulties in profession. He changes the job and then prospers in the
later stage of life.

Brother of the native will face difficulties in life and then leads a better life. He may not have
marital bliss and may have disputes with brothers.

Husband will be secretive and it will be difficult for the wife to understand him. He will put forth
stupid arguments of no use. People will get fed-up with him


Native will have to eke out his livelihood with great difficulty by facing and overcoming disputes
with his brothers and in professional field. At times disguises himself as a recluse with beard
and all disputes proclaims that he has renounced life. His marriage prospects will be delayed
and may beset with lots of difficulty for him. Even if he gets married the natives will lead lives of
recluses. The native may not achieve much in life. He may be little learned in medicine,
astrology and allied occult subjects.

Female will have to face great difficulty to lead life, and involve difficulties, may not lead a
normal life, having denied of marriage prospects may resort to Sanyasa wearing white Sari and
rosary in her hands and may become a preceptor.


Native may have obstructions and enmity factors in his profession of material matters. He may
be well versed in performing Mantra Shakti related profession. He is adamant in his attitude at
work. He may serve in temples especially in Hanuman some Shakti peetha of lesser known

Brother will suffer lot in professional line.


Native may must have overcome many difficulties in is profession and might have had many

Brother will have rejections in life in the beginning and suffers before settling in smaller jobs. He
works hard.


Native may not stick to one job at any given time.

Brother must have overcome professional problems before settling in life.


Brother Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Husband Female - (side)
Furious Unethical Dejected
Character Egoistic Cheating Spiritual
Harsh Illusionary Stubborn

Obstruct Foreign Quit

Technical Illusion Occult
Powered Shadow Serving others
Harass Unethical Petty works
Strong Big Small
Built Open Block
Construct Unethical Spiritual
Machinery Cheat Disputed
Blood Death Block
Injury Danger Growth
Muscle Intestine Pains
Marrow Undiagnosed Tumours

Natives marriage prospects are bleak and if married, disputes and bickering.

Female: Marriage prospects are bleak and if married life will be full of thorns.

Brother had to overcome endangering situation and ill health in his life.

Grandfather due to his hastiness had several obstructions in life.


Brother Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Husband Female - (side)
Furious Dejected Unethical
Character Egoistic Spiritual Cheating
Harsh Stubborn Illusionary

Obstruct Quit Foreign

Technical Occult Illusion
Powered Serving others Shadow
Harass Petty works Unethical
Strong Small Big
Built Block Open
Construct Spiritual Unethical
Machinery Disputed Cheat
Blood Block Death
Injury Growth Danger
Muscle Pains Intestine
Marrow Tumours Undiagnosed

Native will have problems with brother and his relations and family.

Female: Husband will have to overcome many hardships and losses in life with unending mental

Brother will have to overcome difficulties in relation to health and also with shadow deals.

Grandfather had suffered lot due to enmity among brothers.


Native has to face problems due to shadow deals.

Brother: One of them will have problems and initiations in some bad deals.

Grandfather was given to hasty and fault finding nature due to which he had many enemies.


Native will have relational problems due to some shadow deals involved from both the sides
(Husband and wife).

Brother may have some irksome situation and holdup due to his mistakes and crimes.


Native had problems due to his brothers actions. He will have to face dispute with his wife and
may stay separate.

Brother had obstructions land losses due to shadow deals.


Brother will have problem in settling in life and may have danger to life.



Sibling Self - Native
WHAT Females
Intelligent Noble, Passion
Character Diplomatic Honour Artistic
Sweet talk Respect Luxurious
Learning Success Higher
Commerce Promotion Luxury
Media Preaching Arts
Greenery Advisor Finance
Land Support House
Greenery Gain Vehicle
Vehicle Good Luxuries
Amusing Decent Money
Skin Fat Sexual
Nerve Nose Semen
Allergies sufferer Diabetes
Baldness Healer Urinary

Native is a wise person and is good at getting things done by his communication skills.

Female: Is quite intelligent and will engage in one profession or other.

Wife: Though argumentative at times is divine in nature.

Brother will lead happy life with his intellect.

Sister is intelligent and will lead a comfortable life.


Native is from a prestigious family and is fortunate. His ancestors had great landed property and
wealth. He is very clever and will earn name and fame in his family circles. He will have
educational achievements in 2 or 3 fields. He will attract people in society. He will have a
profession of prestigious and of great importance. Despite having illicit relation, he maintains his
prestige in the society. He will easily earn housing property and status early in life and will have
name and fame.

Female: Husband will be henpecked.

Wife is divine in nature but will be quarrelling for petty reasons.

Sister will be fortunate and clever and occupy prestigious position as preceptor.


Native may have born in a noted and prospered family. Native will be well versed in many fields
of knowledge. With his grasping power he attains all knowledge. He is having a knack to

bewitch and attract women. He will experience auspicious effects from very early in life and
prosperity from his 24th year and with an intelligent wife, will grow further from 26-28 years and
enjoys marital bliss.

Female will have dispute and misunderstanding with husband. She will be intelligent and noble
in nature. She will be from a respectable family.

Wife will be intelligent and from respectable family.

Brother: One of his brothers thrives in life after marriage due to his wife.

Sister may be in the line of medicine, or in the profession of trade, commerce or banking of high
respect. She will be attractive in appearance and clever.


Native is having special intellectual attainment. He can grasp quickly and masters many
branches of knowledge. He is having pleasing communication skills by which he achieves his
aim without any difficulty. He is having great knowledge in many branches; he can choose his
profession in teaching/ trade/commerce/Banking and gets good income. With his magnetic
looks he attracts opposite sex and gains their co-operation. He will be accomplished with
landed/housing properties and will have a pompous marriage.

Wife is fortunate and educated. She has the power of discretion and is also affectionate. She
will have constant misunderstanding with husband for some time.

Sister will be in a profession related teaching or counselling. One of them will have love affair
with friends.


Native, born in a fortunate house-hold he is affectionate, merciful and charitable. He has many
means of gains without many efforts. He will have multi-level knowledge, like art and other
subjects. He will have patronage of respectable people including that of women. He will enjoy a
status in life equal to that of a professor or doctor. He may have profession related to law
medicine or treasury head. He enjoys life with his wife as well as with a girlfriend. He will have
his good period from his 26-28 year of age and from his 48-51 years will have auspicious
celebrations in his household - will have financial gain through wife.

Female will obtain a respectable person in society as her husband and lead a luxurious life with
houses, vehicles etc. She will have intuition power.

Wife is clever and given to Divine contemplation.

Brother: Youngest will continue in a respectable profession but will have mental unrest in his
family life.

Daughter: One of them will achieve scholarship and has a love marriage. One of them will
acquire the status of Doctor in life.


Native is intelligent par excellence, beyond to gauge his calibre by others. With smiling face
mixes with every one and leads a happy and luxurious life with name and fame. He indulges in

lot of sexual pleasures with his wife. He will gain landed and housing properties without many
efforts. He may get happiness through two women. Will have dispute in landed and house
properties and ultimately gains them. In his family, there is ample prospect for land irrigation,
fruit and flower cultivation.

Wife is clever and interested in trade and commerce will be divine in nature.

Brother will be proud of her scholarship and well versed in medicine, with prosperity in life.

Sister will be proud of her scholarship and well versed in medicine, with prosperity in life.

Daughter will be proud of her scholarship and well versed in medicine, with prosperity in life.


Elder Brother
Sibling Self - Native
WHAT Worker
Intelligent Noble, Lazy
Character Diplomatic Honour Workaholic
Sweet talk Respect Slow
Knowledge Learning Success Practical
and Commerce Promotion Delay
Profession Media Preaching Work load

Greenery Advisor Work nature

Land Support Delay
Greenery Gain Fortune
Vehicle Good Long lasting
Amusing Decent work place
Skin Fat Gas
Nerve Nose Locomotive
Allergies sufferer Due to karma
Baldness Healer Digestive

Native is educated and clever and given to divine contemplation and will be in an honourable
profession. Within his 30/31 year of age will acquire lands, a girl friend and will reach great
heights in his profession earns honour and status in society.

Female: Will achieve many auspicious effects in life and she will be a sort of mentor and guide
to her husband.


Native will lead a life of intelligence and prestige, despite the nature of profession, he will have
prime position.

Female: Indicates woman of power and position.


Native is clever and having patience with intelligence. In spite it takes long time for him to put
these in action. He will have secret enemies who will often cause breaks in his professional
career. He will continue in the professional line of trade and commerce. He is capable of
answering many questions in brief. Despite educated, fear complex creeps in for his
improvements. Native may thrive in the trade line of provisions and is given to divine
contemplation and interested in social welfare activities.

Brother is of slow nature.

Sister may face hurdles to get married afterwards enjoys family happiness.


Native is a person of discretion and is gentle in all respects. He is highly intelligent and not a
man of words but action. He has a large circle of relatives and friends and enjoys a status of
professor of commerce. He takes up a profession related to business, authorship etc. In his time
of profession he will come across a girlfriend. He gains landed property in his 26th & 35th years
of age.

Brother: One of them will achieve prosperity in a business organization; he faces and
overcomes disputes and bickering in his married life.


Native is handsome with attractive face. He will talk soft even under provoking situations.

Native will attain status and high respect in society and gets name and fame.

Native may be recognized as Scholar and Preceptor and gets respect as a spiritual adviser.

Native may have his profession in a line connected with distribution of food articles, provisions

Native: By his sweet talks deceives a girl in his business concern, gets illicit sexual pleasure
from her and discards her.

Native is intelligent and an intellectual own landed and housing property and also lot of money.

Female will have high position and prestige and will be highly educated and polite in nature.

Brother: One of them will occupy high respectable preceptors position in society.

Sister: If he has one will occupy a high respectable and prestigious position.


Native is highly intelligent and becomes well versed in commerce. He may take up his
profession in dealing food articles and crops. He is so intelligent that he can grasp many
intricate matters and becomes learned scholar therein. He has slight gain on account of landed
property; from his 30 to 36 years of age he prospers well in life and have house, lands, fame
and happiness on account of a girlfriend.


Sibling Self - Native Grand Parents
WHAT Friend
Intelligent Noble, Unethical
Character Diplomatic Honour Cheating
Sweet talk Respect Illusionary
Learning Success Foreign
Commerce Promotion Illusion
Media Preaching Shadow
Greenery Advisor Unethical
Affluences Land Support Big

Greenery Gain Open

Vehicle Good Unethical
Amusing Decent Cheat
Skin Fat Death
Nerve Nose Danger
Allergies sufferer Intestine
Baldness Healer Undiagnosed

Native is clever and will achieve many great aims in life. He will overcome endangering situation
in life during 2-3-12th year of age. He will have prospects of acquisition of landed property. He
may be prone to Nerve s and muscle cramps and tumour in stomach. Native may have to face
many impediments to his prospects.


Native will be ambitious to become clever and intelligent person. He will have illegitimate son.

Brother will migrate to a slightly far off place and achieves prosperity and fame there.

Grandfather was a learned scholar and professor of commerce. He will have illegitimate son.


Native is a great genius but eccentric. Initially he will have association of scoundrels.
At his 3rd, 23rd and 24th year of age his close persons may face danger to their lives. He may
reside outside the pace for some time. Despite being married he gets pleasure from outside
woman. At his 23/24 and 37/39 he may befriend different cast woman. He gains landed and
housing properties. He will have property through trading in vehicles, trade and traveling to
places. He may escape from danger of falling from great heights.

Brother: Thrives in life in a distant place.

Grandfather was clever and given to divine contemplation, co-operated by a good natured
woman, had influx of lands and gardens full of fruit bearing trees.


Native begins to talk little in childhood. His place of birth will be a pilgrim centre of Lord Vishnu
and has greenery. He will shine in education after his 25th year of age. He will have younger
sister and brother. He will move to a different place to pursue his educational career and


Native will be intelligent and will have foreign affair knowledge.

Brother will prosper only after initial troubles.

Sister will have to overcome initial problems before settling down in life.

Grandfather is highly intelligent and noble, respected.



The native has surpassed danger to life in early life. His education also disturbed and he has to
put more efforts to learn things. He has imaginations of different learning system. He will get
entangled in an affair with opposite sex. He may have his learning and earning relating to
shadow activities.

One of his younger siblings will have health problems and also face troubles which is resolved
by the help of native.


Grand Parents
Sibling Self - Native
WHAT Female - (side)
Intelligent Noble, Dejected
Character Diplomatic Honour Spiritual
Sweet talk Respect Stubborn
Learning Success Quit
Commerce Promotion Occult
Media Preaching Serving others
Greenery Advisor Petty works
Land Support Small
Greenery Gain Block
Vehicle Good Spiritual
Amusing Decent Disputed

Skin Fat Block

Nerve Nose Growth
Allergies sufferer Pains
Baldness Healer Tumours

Native is a simple person and will acquire scholarship in political science, legal matters and
authorship. He will have intuition power and will be interested in antique materials. He may be
prone to have extra marital relationship with married women.


Native has special knowledge of both materialistic as well as metaphysics and is clever enough.
He may gain knowledge in medicine and law etc., with these he will grow as an important
person in society. He will involve in the social welfare activities and up-lifting of society. He is
born in a sacred place where great lightened souls used to live and congregate. His birth is on
account of grace of Mother Goddess.


Native is highly secretive and of a calculative bent of mind with good education and well versed
in law. Though breaks in educational career eventually he achieves success. He will be
knowledgeable in art of self-realization. He will get landed and housing property of the shape of
narrow lane. He has poetic capacity, knowledge of astrology and gift of authorship. He has
intuition power but he is afraid to bring it to light. His birth place is a centre of pilgrimage.

Brother: There will be hurdles in the marriage prospects.

Sister: There will be hurdles in the marriage prospects.


Native is an intellectual, knowledgeable in Law and having intuition, well versed in metaphysics.
Surrounding his birth place there will be an old temple or an antique monument. In his 26th,
27th year of age or within that period he gets the friendship of a girlfriend belonging to a
different caste. In his 37, 38 years of age he gains landed property, will have little disputes and
same will be resolved soon, this may be at his age 43rd, 47th the year of his age also.


Native will have education in the field of law, medicine, etc., will have hurdles in education. He
may face some deceit in land matters or he may have love affair.

Brother might suffer from ill health and later settles down properly in life.

Sister will have health problems for some time later settled down in a good position.


Native is well versed in the line of self-realization and intelligent in that field.

Brother is pious in nature and is given to spiritual side of life.

Sister is given to spiritual knowledge and has overcome difficulties in life.



Wife Elder Brother
WHAT Females Worker
Intelligent Passion Lazy
Character Diplomatic Artistic Workaholic
Sweet talk Luxurious Slow
Learning Higher Practical
Commerce Luxury Delay
Media Arts Work load
Greenery Finance Work nature
Land House Delay
Greenery Vehicle Fortune
Vehicle Luxuries Long lasting
Amusing Money work place
Skin Sexual Gas
Nerve Semen Locomotive
Allergies Diabetes Due to karma
Baldness Urinary Digestive

Native may be slow, but clever and will have fortune at his 30 years. He will be especially lucky
between 28/30 years. His fortune opens up after marriage. He may have some additional line of
income to support his financial needs and prospers well in this line also.

Wife will be clever and will have financial resource by some profession or other.

Sister: One of them will have slow prospects in her profession for some time.


Native is fortunate and clever. He will experience great prosperity after marriage. He will thrive
well in the profession connected with land dealings, real estate agencies, finance and allied
fields. He may not be well off and face difficulties till the age of 28/29 years, later he gains
wealth, fortune and fame. He will get all his ambitions fulfilled at his age of 41 and 45 years and
enjoys his life. His marriage may be delayed and may get married at 27/28 years of age but will
have some love affair at 34th year and gets disappointed. He will thrive in the field of trade,
commerce and money lending etc.

Uncle: Paternal side uncles will earn sufficient wealth with great ease.

Wife is clever and will earn money by her intelligence and accumulate wealth with other
comforts in life.


Native thrives in a profession related to trade and commerce and banking. He will have gains in
house and landed property. He will have an additional support from his girlfriend.

Wife will be in a profession or a source for earning.

Sister will be fortunate.


Natives profession will be related to finance and treasury, trade and commerce with partnership
and cooperation of friends. Carefully he handles his profession to gain housing landed
properties and finance. He may have prospects of love marriage.

Female will have marriage with a person whom she likes very much. She will have chances of
having more female issues. She will have good cheeks and very attractive.


Native earns his livelihood with ease as he is well educated and intelligent. He will have more
than one line of profession relating to trade, commerce and finance. He may have to guard
against throat complaints.

Female: There are chances of Love marriage.

Wife is well accomplished with landed property house sites which she gets without much effort.


Sibling Grand Parents
WHAT Females
Intelligent Passion Unethical
Character Diplomatic Artistic Cheating
Sweet talk Luxurious Illusionary
Learning Higher Foreign
Commerce Luxury Illusion
Media Arts Shadow
Greenery Finance Unethical
Land House Big
Greenery Vehicle Open
Vehicle Luxuries Unethical
Amusing Money Cheat
Skin Sexual Death
Nerve Semen Danger
Allergies Diabetes Intestine
Baldness Urinary Undiagnosed

Native is clever, affectionate and can save money. He prospers well in accidental business. He
will have some co-operation from foreign women. There is possibility of separation between
husband and wife. He will be capable of acquiring multi-storeyed building and vehicles by his
sweet talks and leads luxurious life. He may have marks on bodies like serpent and kite. Venus
line in hand has serpent shape. Body Marks when developed from that period prosperity.

Wife will have endangering situation to life during natives age 36/37 years, later will have happy
married life.

Female: Though she gets married will suffer from obstacles in family life causing mental unrest
and loss of children. There may not be mutual co-operation between husband and wife. But she
earns lands and wealth without many efforts.


Native earns money by illicit business deals. He deals in costly items, black money and
smuggling etc. In his family circle there will be more than one illicit love affair. He will have
prospects of luxurious and romantic life. He gains housing and landed property from his 30-34
years of age.

Wife is clever and will greatly suspect her husband.


Maternal uncle: Will face danger to his life at natives 18/37 years of age. He is intelligent but
many a times he suffers from fear and anxiety. He will have profession related to vehicles and
occult subjects. He thrives in profession related to stable food articles and agriculture, also
vehicles. Despite earning wealth, he will also have enemies both hidden and open to harass

Wife is clever but faces sudden difficulties and hardships in life.

Brother will achieve happiness in a secret manner.

Sister: Two of them will face and overcome danger to their lives at natives age 18-23.

Sister will achieve happiness in secret manner.


Native: Either in the beginning of his life or later on, had immoral relations with a woman in
addition to his wife. Profession will have connection with land development and commerce and
he amasses money. He accumulates lots of black money and unaccounted wealth and owns
large property.

Female will be fortunate to have a good and patient husband.

Wife is fortunate.

Grandfather had land and housing properties and had full enjoyment of sexual pleasures with
women. With his sweet talks he achieved all his aims in life.


Native may have higher education in the field of shadow, wheels and secret sciences subjects
and foreign connection. He may have connection with a girlfriend.

Female: Intelligent and had come up hard in life. She might have some secret affairs before

Wife: Will be educated and will have foreign connection, there can be separation and
misunderstandings with husband.

Grandfather: Either had two wives or a girlfriend apart from his wife. He had lots of land and
housing properties. He is intelligent and luxurious. He is highly educated and learned.


Native may have connection with an outside woman other than wife. He will have wife from
outside caste or foreign nation. He will have some affair also.

Female: Might have crossed from danger to life. She is Intelligent but hardships in marital life.

Wife: Intelligent, will have faced danger to life:

Grandfather may have wife and another women connection. He is well of with landed and
housing properties.


Wife Grand Parents
WHAT Females Female - (side)
Intelligent Passion Dejected
Character Diplomatic Artistic Spiritual
Sweet talk Luxurious Stubborn
Learning Higher Quit
Commerce Luxury Occult
Media Arts Serving others
Greenery Finance Petty works
Land House Small
Greenery Vehicle Block
Vehicle Luxuries Spiritual
Amusing Money Disputed
Skin Sexual Block
Nerve Semen Growth
Allergies Diabetes Pains
Baldness Urinary Tumours

Native is well versed in legal matters and clever. He can make trust people with his sweet talk
though he cannot satisfy them with money. He may face legal problems with regard to landed
and housing properties during his age of 33, 37 and 53rd year. He may have his residence in a
narrow street or lane. His profession may relate to draftsman, painting, drawing, soft thread and
costly clothing, land dealings, finance administration, or legal matters, and will prosper in these
lines of business. Unearthing secret hoarding also gives him benefit.

Sister: One of the sisters may have problems to get married, if married may have marital

Sister: One of the sister may have landed and housing properties but will have disputes and


Native is well versed in occult knowledge. There is hoarded wealth in his family circles. The
hoarded wealth will be located between bedroom and the hall of his family residence. He may
face dispute with regard to landed and housing property in his 37th or 43rd year. He may face
court litigations with one of his paternal uncles.

Brother: One of his younger brothers will have dispute with younger sister with regard to landed
property and the same will be cleared during 29/30 years.

Sister: One his sisters will overcome from an awkward situation in life and later prospers in life.
One of them will have dispute with younger brother and get cleared with regard to housing
property during native's 29/30 years.


Native is highly intelligent, well versed in law and of divine in nature. He may acquire costly
clothes and ornaments etc., and also landed property. His youngest brother will have family
disputes and face legal redresses. He easily gains money and engages himself in dispute with
his business partner to this. He cheats another person and snatches from him his housing and
landed property

Wife is clever and engages herself in disputes with her husband.

Sister has hurdles in the way her marriage prospects, due to expectation of getting married to a
person whom she had deserted.

Daughter: One of them will get married to an outsider. Daughters must worship their family
Goddess to achieve happiness.


Native: The birth place is luxury and sensual pleasure seeking with women. Even the native will
have such sensual pleasures through women. There will be sudden gain of landed property. He
may get bonded with wicked women and get released through a friend.

Native gains lands at a distant place. He spends lot of money to attain scholarliness. He will
develop some intimate relation with a girlfriend leading to disputes.

Female: Hurdles in marriage initially, later will have auspicious events and love marriage.

Wife knows what is just.

Brother: Youngest brother will live in a distant place.

Sister: One of the sisters will thrive outside his household.

Maternal Grandfather is clever and has the prospect of owning gardens and money.

Maternal Grandfather is soft spoken and gets financial gains from money and land disputes.


Native will have mind turning towards Divinity and will have less interest in his profession-in the
initial stages, but later on will take up his profession seriously, his profession may relate to
medicine, law and philosophy. He attains respect and nobility, will have health problem, gets
name and fame after struggle.

Maternal Grandfather: Noble person who is given to Divine contemplation.

Wife will have problem of health, may not like father-in-law.


The Native may not have proper job and may lose money in connection with his profession.
Native will be in the profession of advisory capacity in the field of law, medicine or philosophy.

Wife: May not be interested in working and she may have some health problems. There may be
disputes among husband and wife.

Maternal Grandfather: Was a noble working person and later concentrated his life and work
towards divinity.

Female must have changed her job and with breaks in profession, it is difficult for her to settle
down. There will be marital problems.


Elder Brother
Sibling Grand Parents
WHAT Worker
Intelligent Lazy Unethical
Character Diplomatic Workaholic Cheating
Sweet talk Slow Illusionary
Learning Practical Foreign
Commerce Delay Illusion
Media Work load Shadow
Greenery Work nature Unethical

Land Delay Big

Greenery Fortune Open
Vehicle Long lasting Unethical
Amusing work place Cheat
Skin Gas Death
Diseases Nerve Locomotive Danger
Allergies Due to karma Intestine
Baldness Digestive Undiagnosed

Native may have business relation with foreign places. His career may have accounts or
communication connected with foreign. He may have some hard works in his business or
profession. His business or profession may involve shadow deals.

Elder brother is intelligent and will have some foreign connection and also some secret
dealings. He may also have some secret association with a lady.

Sister: One of his sisters will be lazy and undergo hardships before settling down. She may
have some connection with a foreign colleague.

Grandfather was well established in business dealing and had some connection with low level


Native gains through shadow related dealings or wheeled vehicles. He may have his profession
related to foreign land and some business line also.

Elder brother had problems in his educational career.

Sister will have health problems and nervous debility. She will have her profession related to


Native may have business in foreign countries or he may deal with electronics, atomic,
petroleum, shadow related matters.

Female may succumb to some sort of sexual relationship with her boyfriends.

Brother may have some problems in family life and having children.

Sister may have some brakes in her family life and progeny

Grandfather was engaged in big business transaction, gains financially in big organization or
trade transactions with the help of friends.


Native suffers from mental delusion fear complex which has serious effect on his progress in
life. He may indulge in getting goods from outside place and trade in his place for his livelihood.
He may deal in animal and news print etc. He may have some co-operation and friendship of
foreign girlfriend.

Brother: Youngest brother had overcome danger to his life.

Sister: May have some sort of relation with an old person must have overcome some dark side
of life.


Native will have his ancestors business to get on and will also have some foreign connection in
his business or profession.

Brother: Settled down in after initial problems in a good organization.

Sister had overcome some impediments in her education career but later on settled in a job in a
good organization.

Grandfather: Though delayed in education but intelligent and was good in doing business. He
had association of some low class woman.


Native will have slow progress in his business or profession and later he will settle down in
business which will have some connection with foreign.

Sister will have some problem in her profession before settling down.

Grandfather was in a profession of teaching, writing, communication or books. He was having

some affair with a low caste woman.


Elder Brother Grand Parents
WHAT Worker Female - (side)
Intelligent Lazy Dejected
Character Diplomatic Workaholic Spiritual
Sweet talk Slow Stubborn
Learning Practical Quit
Commerce Delay Occult
Media Work load Serving others
Greenery Work nature Petty works
Land Delay Small
Greenery Fortune Block
Vehicle Long lasting Spiritual
Amusing work place Disputed
Diseases Skin Gas Block
Nerve Locomotive Growth
Allergies Due to karma Pains

Baldness Digestive Tumours

Native will be dabbled in all kinds of business transactions and invite to himself many breaks in
his profession. There is likely hood of break in his profession within his 30th or 37th year
consequent to disputes and later progresses in his career.

Female: The entire life is given to self-renunciation.


Native is philosophical in nature, Despite his intelligence and cleverness he cannot get on in life
and thrive up to his 31st year. He may have many fields of profession, suffers from breaks in
each one of them and finally renounces all of them and wanders hither and thither.
There will be dispute between himself and his friend regarding a business deal.
Native will thrive in a profession related to thread, clothes, news reading etc. It will be difficult
for him to have his lover girlfriend as wife. He may face court litigation at his 30, 36, 37 years,
with regard to land deal dispute.

Elder brother suffers from great difficulties in life and later on prospers. He is highly intelligent
and calculative but luck unfavourable.

Sister might have faced delayed learning and earning factors. She might face troubles in marital
life and there could be separation. She will suffer in her life. There could be some relationship
in the back ground which will tell upon her future.


Native may have obstructive commercial activities. He might be interested in mobile
communication systems or he may deal with leather related goods. Or he may be taking up
some job in legal documentation works.

Sister may have marital problem delayed or denied.


Native may have problems in his commercial business, and he had problems in educational


Native may have breaks in education and may go slow in studies. He may have some love affair
unsettled for long time or break the relationship.

Sister may have problems for marriage and will have obstructions in job matters.


Younger Sibling Elder Brother Grand Parents
WHAT Friend Worker Female - (side)
Intelligent Unethical Dejected
Character Diplomatic Cheating Spiritual
Sweet talk Illusionary Stubborn
Learning Foreign Quit
Knowledge Commerce Illusion Occult
and Profession Media Shadow Serving others
Greenery Unethical Petty works
Land Big Small
Greenery Open Block
Vehicle Unethical Spiritual
Amusing Cheat Disputed
Skin Death Block
Nerve Danger Growth
Allergies Intestine Pains
Baldness Undiagnosed Tumours

Native will have good educational prospects, but he will be in the company of low class people
for quite some time and later will have good time.


Younger Sibling Grand Parents Grand Parents
WHAT Friend Female - (side) Female - (side)
Intelligent Dejected Unethical
Character Diplomatic Spiritual Cheating
Sweet talk Stubborn Illusionary
Learning Quit Foreign
Knowledge and Commerce Occult Illusion
Profession Media Serving others Shadow
Greenery Petty works Unethical
Land Small Big
Greenery Block Open
Vehicle Spiritual Unethical
Amusing Disputed Cheat
Skin Block Death
Nerve Growth Danger
Allergies Pains Intestine
Baldness Tumours Undiagnosed

Native will be turned towards divinity. Initially he will have mediocre fortune; later from 38th year
good period starts for him.


Native will have knowledge in philosophy, medicine or law; will have success in foreign land
after initial hardships. He may have some affair with foreign girl.

Sister will have endless problems in her life and it is salvation yoga.


Natives educational career may have hardships and breaks. He may take up law, medicine as
subject. He may have friendship with foreign girlfriend.



Native may have educational breaks. He may later on continue his education in foreign or take
up subject relating to shadow, foreign, electronics and computers, His friend may seek a secret
link with him.


Native may discontinue his studies and later on continue his education with difficulties. He may
have some secret affair with a person of different origin.


Wife Elder Brother

Self - Native
WHAT Females Worker
Noble, Passion Lazy
Character Honour Artistic Workaholic
Respect Luxurious Slow
Success Higher Practical
Promotion Luxury Delay
Preaching Arts Work load
Advisor Finance Work nature
Support House Delay
Gain Vehicle Fortune
Good Luxuries Long lasting
Decent Money work place
Fat Sexual Gas
Nose Semen Locomotive
sufferer Diabetes Due to karma
Healer Urinary Digestive

Native will have easy financial gains through good luck of wife. Divine in nature will prosper in
life after marriage. He will have remarkable prosperity from his 28/30 years of age. The entire
family will be blessed with auspicious effects by divine grace. During his 38, 48 and 60 years of
age, there will be celebrations in his house and great improvements to his house.

Daughter will thrive in life in respectable religious manner. One of them will rise in a profession
of medicine or such other branch of knowledge.


Native is pious in nature and will have his profession in the field of medicine, teaching etc. He
will have good knowledge in occult subjects. Luck improves from his 25/26 years of age and
gains house property and luxury goods from his 41st to 45th year of age. 48, 50 years of age
auspicious celebrations in his family and growth of wealth with status and respect in the society
are indicated.

Female: Leads a life of respect honour and power.

Wife will be highly fortunate.



Native will achieve prosperity after his marriage- he will thrive in a respectable profession
related to medicine, teaching Etc, in a prestigious organization due to his wifes luck.
Native will reach height prosperity in life at his 30/31 years of age and lead a comfortable and
luxurious life.

Wife will be like a friend philosopher and guide and highly enterprising in nature.


Native will have promotion in his profession within 2 years after his marriage. He will have many
dependents and promote their welfare and earns name and fame. This combination will ensure
a fortune line in the palm proceeding towards index finger, with the line of Venus closely
associated with this line.

Female: The native will lead a fortunate life with happiness, status and respect.

Wife will be like guide and mentor to her husband and has a pious nature, will contribute to the
welfare of family.


Native will have a prestigious profession with sweet talks, well versed in the art of logic and
arguments. Native will have a beautiful mansion with virtuous wife.

Wife will be virtuous.


Native is fortunate and will be in a good position either a Doctor or Manager. At his 30 years of
age he gains a high post and becomes financially sound. He will have opportunities to build a
good house. He will have great prosperity during 20, 28, 35 & 61 years of age.

Female will be in a good post and will lead good financial luxuries with fortunes.

Wife: Divine in nature, is philanthropist and respects elders.

Daughter: One of them will be well versed in religious matters. But for marital happiness she will
lead a fortunate life in other matters.


Self - Native Grand Parents
WHAT Females
Noble, Passion Unethical
Character Honour Artistic Cheating
Respect Luxurious Illusionary
Success Higher Foreign
Promotion Luxury Illusion
Preaching Arts Shadow
Advisor Finance Unethical
Support House Big
Gain Vehicle Open
Good Luxuries Unethical
Decent Money Cheat
Fat Sexual Death
Nose Semen Danger
sufferer Diabetes Intestine
Healer Urinary Undiagnosed

Native will come up in life with great exertion and will become highly wealthy person thereafter.
He will have many vehicles, multi-storied mansions and he will hide all acquisitions from the
eyes of Government. He gains through hoarded wealth; there will be a good fortune during his
36, 54th year of age. If Ven is in Cancer and Rah is in Libra or Virgo in birth chart of native, his
wife will suffer by illness and may meet death and the native will have 2nd marriage. He may not
have female progeny - After the death of wife he will have to face a danger to his life. Venus if
supported by benefic planets then the dangers and bad results can be got over. He gets bad
name and enmity through female sources. He may gain in a profession related to art and
processed food and travel. In his household art lovers and people well versed in art are there.

Wife suffers from fear complex for some time and overcome the same. She will also have health
problems and psychosis at times when Rahu and Moon transit over Venus.

Daughter will experience problems with married life and also uterine disorders. This is especially
true if Rahu and Moon are linked to Venus. This link can also happen in transit to create
problems to her.

Grandfather: Acquired hoarded wealth and had illicit love affairs with women.



Natives place of birth has hoarded treasure guarded by cobra or by a Mother Goddess. In his
25-27 years of age he gets married to an extremely bewitching girl, gains vehicles and multi
storied building and large influx of money. He is romantic, but will have defects of procreation.
He will be under the lure and spell of woman in his 18, 36 and 54 years of age.

Sister: One of his elder sisters will be extremely wealthy and will be commanding vehicles,
mansions, servants etc., but will have a special difficulty which can be warded off by remedies to
Venus and Dragon head and through surgery.

Grandfather was highly romantic and wealthy and was always capable of achieving his


Native will achieve great things in life. But he will have to face and overcome danger to his life
from 18th to 23rd year of age. He may thrive in a profession of medicine, shadow and light etc.

Wife: She is spiritual oriented and she will face and overcome great danger to her life in her
37th to 43rd year of age by the grace of God.


Native: At his birth place there may be hidden treasure surrounding the place. He may shine as
a Doctor or as an Exorcist capable of driving spirits out. He will have money, vehicles and
housing properties. He will be highly fortunate during his 36, 44 and 54 years of age with influx
of great wealth. One of the family members will be engaged in Air Travel with a high profession
and respectable position.

Mother had to undergo lot of difficulties when the native was in her womb. She even had defects
of womb, but got over the problems by Divine grace.

Wife may suffer from rheumatism.

Grandfather was given to divine contemplation and was romantic in nature, enjoying life fully.


Native may prosper in his life only after marriage.

His grandfather is a noble person with good status and wealth.

Wife: May is noble in nature and initially undergone problems before marriage.


Native will lose his wife early. He may have some earned some unethical wealth. She might be
having some affairs.

Grandfather has made enough money and is a satisfied person of helping nature.


Wife Grand Parents

Self - Native
WHAT Females Female - (side)
Noble, Passion Dejected
Character Honour Artistic Spiritual
Respect Luxurious Stubborn
Success Higher Quit
Promotion Luxury Occult
Preaching Arts Serving others
Advisor Finance Petty works
Support House Small
Gain Vehicle Block
Good Luxuries Spiritual
Decent Money Disputed
Fat Sexual Block
Nose Semen Growth
sufferer Diabetes Pains
Healer Urinary Tumours

Natives family is blessed by divine grace due to the presence of a divine mother Goddess with
great energy and power. He will derive great financial prosperity by worshiping Goddess
Lakshmi. He is spiritual oriented. He will have often dispute with his wife. He will have his
house shaped like a narrow lane and unattractive in appearance and will face litigation for some
time. He has the prospect of visiting many pilgrim places.

Wife is good natured and given to divine contemplation, but argumentative in nature. She will
have body ailments due to weakness and blood defects. Often there will be disputes and
bickering with husband.

Daughter is given to divine contemplation and pursuit of self-realization and delay in marriage


Native will thrive in a profession related to medicine, teaching, art of self-realization or in
luxurious cloth trade and interior decoration etc. For some time he will have dispute with his wife
and also suspicious event in his life. He is argumentative in nature but basically good natured.
He will have gain of land or hoarded wealth which will have been under grounded till then. After
his 34/35 year of age he attains great prosperity, goes on pilgrimage to holy places in his 55, 61
years of age. In his 50th to 54th years of age will have auspicious celebration in his household.
Natives longevity will be 68 years

One his daughter is born to him out of grace guru.

Native is given to Divine contemplation. Often he may have to be away from his family.

Wife is a person of blind beliefs, highly superstitious and unnecessarily worries herself about
occult matters.

Sister is philanthropic in nature and given to divine contemplation and well versed in the line of
religious propagation will hare medium family happiness.


Native is learned in occult subjects and the art of self-realization. Either he becomes well versed
in medicine or Vedas and attains the position of Master. He may also be well known as Judge.
There is possibility of having a hidden treasure in the place of his residence. In his 38 and 54
years of age there will be prosperity and sudden wind fall of finance. He is fortunate in his 19,
20, 36, 55th year of age.

Female: She is well versed in legal matters, wise and gets a husband of status and prestige
equal to a Judge.

Wife is given to Divine contemplation and visits many pilgrim centres.


Native may have income resource from endowments and he may also lose some money.

Wife is a noble lady and will suffer from fat and related ill health problems.


Native will have deputes with wife and may lose financially.

Wife must have overcome health problems before settling well in life.


Elder Brother
Self - Native Grand Parents
WHAT Worker
Noble, Lazy Unethical
Character Honour Workaholic Cheating
Respect Slow Illusionary
Success Practical Foreign
Promotion Delay Illusion
Preaching Work load Shadow
Advisor Work nature Unethical
Support Delay Big
Gain Fortune Open
Good Long lasting Unethical
Decent work place Cheat
Fat Gas Death
Nose Locomotive Danger
sufferer Due to karma Intestine
Healer Digestive Undiagnosed

Native: Despite being divine nature he is greedy. He exerts too much. He plans high and
achieves low. He may get over an endangering situation by a poisonous creature. He may have
his profession related to Vehicles, wheels, shadow and light or plastics. Between 18/20 he will
have overcome many awkward situations, mental unrest and difficulties later will have
auspicious time. He will improve his life from 36 years of age and great improvement from his
55th year.

Female will be greed. Though divine in nature during youth will have many hurdles, improves in
mid-30 and prospers after 55 years will have rheumatic and gastric troubles.


Native is prone to have Polio and gastric problems. He will be engaged in a big enterprise with
least emoluments. He may have his profession related to Shadow and light and wheeled

Sister: One of them will settle down in a different place.


Native: During 18/20 years the native had overcome many difficulties and hardships and also
danger to life situations. He will have earned respect from prestigious organization. After 50 of
age he may suffer from rheumatism/paralytic attacks.

Grandfather was famous.



Native may hold a high official post in a reputed organization or may start his own business and
thrive in his 30/31 years of age.


Native may be at a low profile initially but later will enter into respectable and prestigious
profession. He may prosper in the shadow and light field and will prosper after his 36th year of


Native must have overcome danger and may have some good position in profession that may
relate to a foreign land or shadow light, and wheeled machinery.

Grandfather is noble in nature and will have good respectable position in his profession.

Grandfather may resort to a profession similar to a preceptor.


Native: Nature of Job may involve very hard working. At times he may even feel lazy to
complete his tasks. He may have his profession related to shadow, light, wheeled machinery.

Grandfather: Profession must have been that of a preceptor and he was given to hardships
before settling down prosperously.


Elder Brother Grand Parents

Self - Native
WHAT Worker Female - (side)
Noble, Lazy Dejected
Character Honour Workaholic Spiritual
Respect Slow Stubborn
Success Practical Quit
Promotion Delay Occult
Preaching Work load Serving others
Advisor Work nature Petty works
Support Delay Small
Gain Fortune Block
Good Long lasting Spiritual
Decent work place Disputed
Fat Gas Block
Nose Locomotive Growth
sufferer Due to karma Pains
Healer Digestive Tumours

Natives birth has taken place when Lord Shiva is at his penance and hence the native is given
to divine contemplation. Natives name may be closely related to lord Shiva. He may initially
lead a life of detachment towards worldly affairs and attached to divinity. Quite often the native

may have asthmatic attacks or rheumatic attacks. Materialistically, he may have many sufferings
and difficulties, ups and downs in life somehow pull on.

Female: The marital life may have many bickering and disputes resulting in separation form
39th year she will have happiness and prosperity. She gets name and fame, but materialistically,
she may not gain much.


Native is well experienced in Veda; ancient scriptures will have little ambition in life at initial
stages. Progressively the native attains complete renunciation. He may suffer from windy
problems and nervous debility. He may also face some court litigations. All the problems of
health and litigations will be resolved by grace of divine preceptor, up to 75/76 there will be
auspicious effects.


Native may have profession related to self-realization. But in whatever profession, he will have
breaks, mental unrest and disputes. He needs assistance through meditation to get on with the
life calmly. He may also be involved in Astrology, food articles, weaving, stitching etc. He may
not have good family life.

Female: Self-realization, Occult, Food, Costly clothes are the fields where she can thrive her
life. But there will be obstructions and difficulties to overcome through Meditation on God, still
there can be no happiness in marital life.


Native may at one time or the other will abandon his profession and turn to philosophy.
Native may always have problems initially in his work.

Elder brother is given to highest divine contemplation in the line of salvation.


Native will have overcome some dispute in property matters.

Female: Before marriage, she will have worries and problems.


Native will have an affair with a girl before marriage. Native may get married to known girl.

Maternal Grandfather: May have another woman in life other than wife.



Grand Parents
Self - Native Grand Parents
WHAT Female - (side)
Noble, Unethical Dejected
Character Honour Cheating Spiritual
Respect Illusionary Stubborn
Success Foreign Quit
Promotion Illusion Occult
Preaching Shadow Serving others
Advisor Unethical Petty works
Support Big Small
Gain Open Block
Good Unethical Spiritual
Decent Cheat Disputed
Fat Death Block
Nose Danger Growth
sufferer Intestine Pains
Healer Undiagnosed Tumours

Longevity: If Jupiter encounters Rahu first without any other planets and then Ketu then the
longevity is suffered, But Jupiter has planets in succeeding signs other than Rahu, will have
longevity. After his birth will become almost helpless, suffers great hardships and settles in life
only after 18/20 years of age.



Grand Parents
Self - Native Grand Parents
WHAT Female - (side)
Noble, Dejected Unethical
Character Honour Spiritual Cheating
Respect Stubborn Illusionary
Success Quit Foreign
Promotion Occult Illusion
Preaching Serving others Shadow
Advisor Petty works Unethical
Support Small Big
Gain Block Open
Good Spiritual Unethical
Decent Disputed Cheat
Fat Block Death
Nose Growth Danger
sufferer Pains Intestine
Healer Tumours Undiagnosed

Native had faced many difficulties in his childhood and within his 18th year of age. Again in his
27,36,37,57 years of age he will have to face many difficulties and perils to his life. This can be
warded off by Mrithyunjaya Japa 1 lakh number of times.


Native is of philosophical bent of in nature

Grandfather is noble in nature and is knowledge in self-radiation.


Native will have philosophical bent of mind and will have overcome many hurdles in life.

Grandfather is well versed in the knowledge of self-realization and holds position as preceptor.


Native may have serious ill health problems.


Native may be stubborn and secretive in nature yet thinks of divinity.


Wife Elder Brother

Grand Parents
WHAT Females Worker

Passion Lazy Unethical

Character Artistic Workaholic Cheating
Luxurious Slow Illusionary
Higher Practical Foreign
Luxury Delay Illusion
Arts Work load Shadow
Finance Work nature Unethical
House Delay Big
Vehicle Fortune Open
Luxuries Long lasting Unethical
Money work place Cheat
Sexual Gas Death
Semen Locomotive Danger
Diabetes Due to karma Intestine
Urinary Digestive Undiagnosed

Native earns handsomely, in a profession related to shadow and light, printing and four wheeled
vehicles. He prospers during the age 32, 36, 40th years of age with great success. It is difficult
for begetting children due to defects in re-productive process. He may have a special kind of
profession and may acquire vehicles. He may lose his wife due to poisoning or dog bite etc.

Female will have earning capacity with the profession related to shadow and light, printing and
wheeled vehicles. There may be progeny problems due to health defects. Breaks and
separation in family life are inevitable.

Wife may suffer from disease of polio etc.

Grandfather will have to undergo initial difficulties and later achieves great prosperity.


Native: In his family, there could be some instances of poisoning, dog bite Etc, especially
women who are not pious. Profession may relate to shadow and light, drawing etc. He may
have co-operation from low class woman. He is prone to get venereal diseases and also
rheumatic complaints. He will have opportunities to acquire luxurious vehicles.

Wife is highly lazy and lethargic.


Native may have prospects of 2 marriages and the wives die earlier to him. He may have a
prestigious profession in the field of finance. He may also serve in the field of occult. He may
have multi storied mansions at his 27, 36 years of age and visit foreign countries and gains by
illicit manner.


Native gets on with a profession related to shadow and light and related field. He will have co-
operation from a dull witted girlfriend. He may have his profession related to beautification and
gets finance through concealed treasure and illicit financial transactions in his 32 and 38 years
or 58 to 60 years of age.

Wife will be very secretive in nature.


Native may have his income resource from shadow deals or related to fine arts.

Wife: The natives wife will be lazy and had overcome many hurdles before settling down in life.

Grandfather was having his work connected with finance and he is well to do.


Native may have little laziness and handwork initially and later settles down in good job related
to luxury and arts and finance.

Female: Must have overcome difficult times in her profession.

Wife: The natives wife may have some chronic health problem; she may be lazy and gets tired

Grandfather having his profession related to finance, luxury goods and arts.


Wife Elder Brother Grand Parents

WHAT Females Worker Female - (side)
Passion Lazy Dejected
Character Artistic Workaholic Spiritual
Luxurious Slow Stubborn

Higher Practical Quit

Luxury Delay Occult
Arts Work load Serving others
Finance Work nature Petty works
House Delay Small
Vehicle Fortune Block
Luxuries Long lasting Spiritual
Money work place Disputed
Sexual Gas Block
Semen Locomotive Growth
Diabetes Due to karma Pains
Urinary Digestive Tumours

Native may resort to Divinity, due to mental unrest and family unhappiness. He may not have
cordial relationship and marriage is delayed and in profession will face unrest.


Native may not stick to one job and keeps on changing. His job may relate to threads,
decorative clothes and drawing. He may have breathing problem which will create problems in
his 23, 37, 43, 60 years of age but will be cured with great difficulty after medication. He
achieves success at his last part of the life with great prosperity.

Female: There may be great difficulties in her marriage; even if she marries there will be
disputes between husband and wife.

Wife will be beautiful and working to support financially. She will be suffering from windy troubles
and nervous debility.

Maternal Grandmother will leave her fortunes to others and undergoes great difficulties.


Native suffers from lot of hurdles and difficulties in the beginning of his life, strains very much
and later accumulates lot of wealth by illicit means. There will be several hurdles in the way of
his financial matters and only in the end he achieves prosperity, that too after marriage. One of
the women in his household is given to disputes with low calls people. She also may have
breaks in marital life.

Wife is dull witted and resorts to renunciation in life.


Native: His progeny are subjected to evil spell and father faces danger to his life in his 17, 36,
43, 54 years which can be averted by resorting to divine remedies. He may have his profession
related to outer sky and exercises great authority on others. There are breaks with regard to
progeny prospects. He has to guard against poisonous creatures and dogs.


Native may not have good job prospects initially and later with great difficulty will somehow
achieve some good life. He may undergo some financial losses.

Female: The native may have professional brakes, ill health and related problems.

Wife must change jobs and will not stick on to any one job due to mental unrest, will have health


Native: There would be separation from family.

Father was philosophical earlier and became materialistic later.

Grandfather had problems of black magic and also suffered lot.


Female: Though intelligent, educational breaks. Before Marriage must have some incident of
love and ultimately get married to same person or another known person. There could be
dispute in a landed property.
Female Native: Health will give problems very often. She must have had some legal dispute
with regard to property with co-born.

Wife is intelligent and must have had problem with landed property.


Wife Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Females Female - (side)
Passion Unethical Dejected
Character Artistic Cheating Spiritual
Luxurious Illusionary Stubborn
Higher Foreign Quit
Luxury Illusion Occult

Arts Shadow Serving others

Knowledge Finance Unethical Petty works
House Big Small
Vehicle Open Block
Luxuries Unethical Spiritual
Money Cheat Disputed
Sexual Death Block
Semen Danger Growth
Diabetes Intestine Pains
Urinary Undiagnosed Tumours

Native: Immediate next to Venus in Zodiac sign if Rahu is there and in 7th Sign Ketu, Native
gets Lot of Money which will get wasted and squandered.

Wife has to face and overcome great danger to her life.

Sister may have to spend uneventful life without a purpose or face premature and unnatural

Daughter may either have to meet premature and unnatural death or may have to spend life
without any events or purpose.

Grandfather underwent great hardships in the beginning of his life almost penniless, later
earned great wealth.


Wife Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Females Female - (side)
Passion Dejected Unethical
Character Artistic Spiritual Cheating
Luxurious Stubborn Illusionary
Knowledge Higher Quit Foreign
and Luxury Occult Illusion
Profession Arts Serving others Shadow

Finance Petty works Unethical

House Small Big
Vehicle Block Open
Luxuries Spiritual Unethical
Money Disputed Cheat
Sexual Block Death
Semen Growth Danger
Diabetes Pains Intestine
Urinary Tumours Undiagnosed

Native: Others will appropriate natives money for no reason. (Ven+Ket-180 Deg Rah)

Female: If Ven Ketu at 180 degrees Rah, her money will be misappropriated by others.

Wife overcomes several difficulties, blames etc., by using of her own intelligence and


Native may face financial problems very often.

Wife may have to face danger to life and is towards salvation of life.


Native may have always problem for money and faces many losses.

Wife may have serious health problems and may be in urgent need of divine grace.


Native will have dispute with wife.

Wife may have ill health problems and may have progeny problems may have relational
problems also.


Native may lose money in some secret deal, and loose big property there by.

Wife is secretive in nature and will have health problems of secret in nature.


Elder Brother Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Worker Female - (side)
Lazy Unethical Dejected
Character Workaholic Cheating Spiritual
Slow Illusionary Stubborn

Practical Foreign Quit

Delay Illusion Occult
Work load Shadow Serving others
Work nature Unethical Petty works
Delay Big Small
Fortune Open Block
Long lasting Unethical Spiritual
work place Cheat Disputed
Gas Death Block
Locomotive Danger Growth
Due to karma Intestine Pains
Digestive Undiagnosed Tumours

Native has to do drudgery without any financial gain. However much he earns will be insufficient
to make both ends meet and he gets on in life after his middle age. He may get into a profession
related to the work of an undertaker of the dead, also priesthood dealing with obsequies of the


Elder Brother Grand Parents

Grand Parents
WHAT Worker Female - (side)
Lazy Dejected Unethical
Character Workaholic Spiritual Cheating
Slow Stubborn Illusionary
Practical Quit Foreign
Delay Occult Illusion
Work load Serving others Shadow
Work nature Petty works Unethical

Delay Small Big

Fortune Block Open
Long lasting Spiritual Unethical
work place Disputed Cheat
Gas Block Death
Locomotive Growth Danger
Due to karma Pains Intestine
Digestive Tumours Undiagnosed

Grandfather had suffered lot in his profession and never stuck to one for long time.


Native will have brakes in professional career.

Grandfather: Never settled down peacefully in a profession.


Native will have overcome many hurdles and problems in his professional life.

Grandfather had initial problems with his profession and later settled in life. He may have
connection to foreign land.


Native will have changed job due to problems and wandering in confusion for some time before
settling down.

Brother: Elder brother may have problems of ill health and problems in life.


Native: Despite working hard he will have problems in his profession.
Jeevatma samyoga spiritual aspiration yoga

Native and his Father will have good relationship

Native and his Son will maintain good relationship

Jeeva Chanchala/Chapala/Chalana yoga

Native and his Mother will be affectionate to each other

Jeeva bhogabhilasha yoga

Relationship between native and Sisters/Wife/Daughters will be good.


Jeeva prakokpa / ahamkara / Vivada yoga

Cordial relationship with Brothers will be maintained.

Jeeva Buddhi samyoga

Native and Maternal/Paternal Uncle/Friends will be good.

Karma Keerti yoga

Difference of opinion between father and Son

Karma Chalana/Parivartana/ninda yoga

There could be misunderstandings between mother and native.

Karma Utpeedana yoga

Disputes or disagreements may be there among brother and native.

Keerti Dwaja yoga

Inconvincible father may have disputes many family members.


Utpeedana Keerti Dwaja yoga

There could be dispute between Father and Brothers.


Buddhi bandana murkha yoga

Dispute among Brothers may come up.


Karma nivruthi peedana yoga

Dispute among Brothers is possible.


Bhogaavarodha Yoga
Dispute between Husband and Wife is indicated.


KrupaNa yoga

Dispute between Husband and Wife is indicated


Adhyatma chintana yoga

Dispute between Native and Mother may crop up

Jeeva sankata yoga
Person will be away from family.


Rahasya Bhoga bhanga yoga

Husband and Wife may not stay together.


Bhoga Bhagya yoga

Person will be rich. He will be enjoying all the luxuries. He will have his own house, own
vehicle. Financially he will be sound. He will gain through his wife.

Dharma Karma Yoga

He/She will have comfortable career. The life will be very smooth. He will enjoy honour land
respect. He will enjoy all the luxuries. He will get the Job very easily; He will get the co-
operation of reputed people.

Buddhi Karma yoga

Person will have comfortable Business. He will get co-operation from all sides. He will earn a lot
of Money in Business. He will buy lands & Property etc.

Shatru peedana karma yoga

Person will be facing hardships throughout his life. Everyone will be harassing him. He will find
it difficult to get a job. Even if he gets a Job he will not be well paid. The employer will find fault
with him. Often he will be changing his job. He will never get satisfaction in career.

Karma klesha yoga

Person faces hardship throughout his life. He will be troubled by the Govt. or Govt officers. He
will be finding it difficult to get a job. Even if he gets a job he will not be paid well. The employer
will find fault with him. He will not get satisfaction in job.

Chanchala / Chalana Karma yoga

The person will be travelling unnecessarily. Or he will have transfers very often. Whatever
money he earns will be spent away. He will get blame in career. He will never have mental

Neecha / Daridra Vrutthi yoga

He will go initial subordination. This is called the Daridra yoga. But in the later part of life he will
become an eminent personality with lot of experience.

Mukti karma yoga

Person will suffer without any job throughout his life. Even if he gets a Job he will not have
satisfaction. Often he is changing his job. And he will have a dispute in career. The person
behaves like recluse.



This indicates in general a Keerti yoga that means the person will get some recognition. If this is
linked by SAT, then it becomes a spiritual yoga of higher order. The life lead by him will be useful
to the society. He will do Saadhana of higher order for self-realisation.


The native is of renouncing type and he will not care for any royal treatment from anybody. He is
not bothered about the name or recognition. He will try to serve the society without expecting
any returns either materially or personal appreciations.


He will have the realisation factor carried forward from the previous birth and he will be aloof
from the world and he prefers to be in forest or holy places.


Having attained certain level of understanding from previous birth, native will be in the material
world and appears to be worldly to others but he will be practicing spirituality of different kind by
involving in the affairs of the world and guide the people to right path.


He will have a guide from his ancestors and will have rich spiritual background from the family
tree. He will use the divine powers and he will be a healer in the society.


He will have higher occult knowledge and he can transform person by his prana Shakti and heal
or change the lives of others. This capacity he keeps on increasing unless afflicted by malefic


Emotional spiritual combination, this indicates some sort of reverence to higher order through
mental focusing and disowning material benefits. This indicates saints preaching devotion
towards God.


This combination indicates some sort of power worship or balancing act of physical and cosmic
bodies and following of strict rituals is also indicated here.


This though materially appears to be having some sort of intelligence blocking; it is actually
pursuing higher non materialistic knowledge through ethnic or sacred scriptures. This is more
concerned about acquiring knowledge of spirituality and Godliness. Native may not practice in
life the principles in personal life.


This is being in the world of pleasure renouncing it; it is to develop a sense of higher pleasure
through deep rooted conscious study.


This is a best service oriented life, where in the actions relates towards spiritual activities.


It is the effect of previous birth the balance of Karma brought forward is reflected in the present
life in the field of spirituality.

Emotional spirituality with a brought forward with intention of experiencing and wiping the past
sin factors.


Confused in the material world often rejects to perform worldly activities. Native prefers to
conquer some power relating to occult. This combination is best suited for rigours practice of
mantra saadhana.


This gives an immense knowledge to recreate the spiritual scripture with practical experience.
Such people create wonderful knowledge bank which is useful to the society seeking spiritual


These people will donate all material comforts to the benefit of society and take Sanyasa

There is a myth in traditional circles that Rahu will give spiritual life. The concept is that
Rahu indicates two things. 1. It indicates the sins that are agreed by the native to be
suffered during this birth. 2. Sins that would be committed during this birth.

Dear Reader and my well-wishers, I am a simple man with no extra talent in this field of occult
sciences depending purely on divine revelations. It is impossible for me to reveal secrets which I
am not destined to, but when a few deserving who comes to me for learning then destiny
automatically open up and many deeper secretes are revealed to them which is restricted to the
a few revealed and a revealing person by supreme ordinance. In this cycle I hope many readers
may fall in in the times to come and the Naadi astrology will prevail all over world.

May the supreme lord bestow his grace on all.