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DATE: 3rd MARCH 2016

TEXT: MATH 28:19-20


INTRO: This passage is about the great mission. It is a great commission which Jesus Christ
commissioned to his disciples ‘go into all world’ when you read this passage it sounds like not
an option but we have to go out! To go and witness about Jesus Christ to all nations.


 Jesus emphasized on evangelism (Act 1:8)
 The church should go out and do evangelism to all people
 This mission is not an option. As long as you have believed in Jesus Christ,
you have to ‘Go’
APP: I have to ask myself, what is the reason for my ministry? The reason for
my ministry should be ‘to evangelize.’ I am at Chongshin to be a good witness
of Jesus Christ as my Lord.
 The reason why we have to evangelize is that we need to win the soul of
 There are many people around the world who know nothing about Jesus
 Winning soul is our target in the ministry.
 We as pastors we need to teach all believers to be evangelist!
 Challenge to the Korean church should go to other nations to preach Jesus

4th MARCH 2016




 Jesus is the alpha of salvation (he starts salvation to us)  He is the center of our preaching and Christian teachings App: if I preach. That is why he is saying he is the alpha and omega. Things to remember 2 . If you don’t have power. but things changed immediately. Teachings  Jesus made everything to happen (he is the alpha). I must preach Jesus only! If I don’t have Jesus in my life I am nothing. He had confident in the Law of Moses and he studied under Gamaliel. He was at the very beginning of creation. the alpha and Omega is with you!  His promises to you never fail! 8th MARCH 2016 TEXT: 2 CORINTHIANS 12:8-12 TITLE: GOD’S POWER MADE COMPLETE THROUGH OUR WEAKNESS INTRO: before Paul believed in Jesus he thought he had power. And he will be my omega also to the completion of this course. (John 1:1-5) and therefore he established the world. When? Teachings  When believed in Jesus Christ he saw himself to be weak  When believed in Jesus.’ Alpha is the first letter in Greek alphabet and Omega is the last letter in Greek alphabet.  Jesus makes everything new into my life. As I begin this semester. he lost power  He felt to be weak and need more Jesus into his life App: we as Christians have many weakness. I need Jesus to be my alpha. the famous professor of the law at that time.INTRO: God through our Lord Jesus is the beginning of everything! As we start this semester we have to recognize that we have the ‘alpha and omega. You are strong in Jesus Christ. do not be embarrassed but your power must come from on high. Do not worry about that weakness. CONCULUSION:  Jesus Christ is coming to take the church to heaven  Let us hold in him and serve him while waiting for him  Do not give up wherever you are. From Jesus Christ only.

Date: 9th MARCH 2016 TEXT: PSALM 141:1-5 TITLE: THE PRINCIPLES OF PRAYER 3 . To be blameless servants ii. but if God wants me to do I will do.  I have to see Jesus only in my weakness! There are many things I cannot do. We have to be approved in the scripture. He became weak but he is strong Amen! Date: 8th MARCH 2016 TEXT: 2TIMOTHY 2:15 TITLE: TO BE APPROVED BY GOD INTRO: The bible is God’s word and we have to use it correctly and if we do not know how to interpret some verses it is better to be quiet. OUTLINE: We have to be approved in the following ways 1) We have to be approved as the faithful servants for:- i. Let us encourage each other God is in our side. I become strong. Teaching sound doctrine ii. To be patient in all situations and circumstances 2) We have to be approved in our manner i.  Jesus Christ died on the cross. When I am powerless. Amen. There sometimes happen bad situations in our life. To treat well the church members CONCLUSION: In every area in my life I have to be approved by God. Do not give up and do not be discouraged. It is not bad to be approved by men but God is the first one to approve me.  We have to recognize our weakness in order to get changes  God is going to transform my weakness to power. Passing different tests in our life iii.

 Our word may encourage and heal. Outline: 1. We have to go to the church for change. Why do we pray to God? Is it because of your chaplain forces you to come in chapel? We have to know why we need prayer. In our words there is power. The fact is that. we need to pray to God so that our mouth might be shut. JESUS PRAYED MUCH  Jesus went on the mountain daily and prayed  Jesus told us to ‘ask’-that means to pray to him and we will get the answer of our prayer. So we need to close our mouth in prayer. DAVID PRAYER MUCH  He prayed in all situations  He prayed in happy times  He prayed in distress times  David prayed in order ‘close his mouth’  We need to pray to God in order to close our mouth. Amen 9th MARCH 2016 Evening chapel TEXT: ACT 3:2-10 TITLE: CHANGE INTRO: There are some people who went into the church just for staying there and not for change. CONCLUSION:  How many times do you pray?  We need much time to pray  Sometimes we speak negative all the time. we face different situations in our life and we have to ask God for his mercy in our life. HOW CAN WE MAKE CHANGES? 1. If you ar going to the church and there is no any change you are wasting your time.INTRO: In our life. 4 .  Now we are going to pray for that. App: we need to pray much in every area 2. we always pray to God asking something! Many of us we do not know the source of our prayer. PRAYER I) Peter and John were going in the house of prayer II) We need to pray in order to bring changes here III) Peter and John prayed three times per day. The words create! The world was created by the word of God.

We need to pray for our church members iii. We have to be men of prayer May God give me the spirit of prayer! Amen 10Th MARCH 2016 CONVOCATION WEEK TEXT: I KING 18:19-24 TITLE: DO YOU HAVE FIRE INTRO: The context of this passage is from the previous chapters  We see that Elijah gathered the people  He wanted to show them his God  The prophets of Baal were many and Elijah was the only one prophet at that time. The advantage of prayer i) The can bring changes in our life ii) We can perform miracles through prayer iii) There is the power in prayer iv) God works through prayer App: i. The living God put fire before the people App: do you have fire in your life? Fire brings changes in our life We need to ask God to give us fire in our heart 2nd chapel 5 .  Elijah asked the people to draw water! This was a strange thing to them to accept. 2. Elijah believed in the God of Israel 2. IV) We need to pray even more! App: sometimes we need prayer in order to bring changes in our church and society. Elijah trusted in the Lord 3. Point to remember:- 1. The prayer of Elijah was heard by God 4.  People wanted to know who is God and who not God is. We need to pray for our life ii.

Later on God asked him. iii. where are you going? He did not answer the correct answer but he responded according to the situation in his life at that time “ I am running away because of Jezebeli”  When God wanted to speak with Elijah.  It is the power or authority  Example Moses’s face was shining when he came down from the mountain 6 . Who is wise? The answer is given there that is the one whose face is shining? But still the question remains. Fire  In the Old Testament those things signified the presence of God. three thing appeared first i. Wind ii. We need to learn how our God speaks. God speaks many times and in a different way. 11th MARCH 2016 ECC 8:1-4 TITLE: FACE SHINE INTRO: verse 1 asks a question. Elijah did not ask God!  God allowed him to where he was heading for. App: i. Read the book of Exodus 19-20. Earthquake and iii.9th MARCH 2016 TEXT: I KING 19:12 TITLE: LISTENING TO GOD INTRO: When we read the background of this passage you will know how Elijah had been threatened by Jezebel he decided to run away.  Elijah did not remember that God was there at that time in order to help him. As long as I am in Chongshin. I have to learn how God speaks to me.  Elijah went very far escaping the hand of the woman ‘Jezebel’  In his escape. We need to know how our God speaks! Have you experienced the presence of God in that situation? ii. how can we shine our faith through wisdom?  The face referred here is not the physical face but the spiritual one.

After Moses being with God for 40 days. he gave the right to become children of God. When he saw the wind on water. App. 2. and we have seen his glory. where he was talking with his father his face shone 3. 16th MARCH 2016 TEXT: JOHN 1:12-14 ‘But to all who did receive him. THE PROBLEM ARISE i. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. but of God. who believed in his name.he started to sink ii. we will shine. He was surprised to see Jesus walking on water ii. He walked on water for short time ( I don’t know how many steps did Peter walked on water. full of grace and truth. glory as of the only Son from the Father. 1. TEACHINGS Once we believe in Jesus Christ. not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man. you will sink in your ministry. We need to shine in our life! If we have wisdom in our life. When Peter saw:- i. Focus on Jesus. When we ask God in prayer. talking to him and receiving the Law. When Jesus coming down from the mountain. When we talk to God our face will shine. his face shone. When his face was not focused on Jesus he started sinking App: we have to concentrate in Jesus only If you are not concentrating to him. We were helped by the Spirit of God (who is the Holy Spirit). Obey the Law of God (Joshua 1:8). we have the following privileges:- 1. We are born again by the Spirit of God 7 . He affirms Jesus ‘ if it is you allow me to walk on water’ iii. 16th MARCH 2016 TEXT: MATH 14: 22-33 TITLE: LOOKING ON JESUS INTRO: for some time the disciples were alone in the sea. Immediately they saw Jesus walking on the water. TITLE: JOINING THE GLORY OF THE ONLY SON INTRO: We cannot believe Jesus Christ by our own effort. we join in the heavenly family 2. The law of the Lord are instructions on how to live and be with good relationship with him App: We have to be with wisdom in our ministry. our face will shine ( EX 34:39). who were born. We become the children of God.

 He was the second King of Israel  Before he became a King. So you need experience now as long as you are here at Chongshin  We need Jesus Christ in our life. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought. 17th MARCH 2016 TEXT: PSALMS 3:6 ‘ I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people. Jesus Christ died for us to make us join in his glory App: we need to give glory to God for sending us Jesus Christ as our Lord . that have set themselves against me round about. Saul wanted to kill him  David had many enemies in his lifetime. because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. TITLE: THE PRAYER OF THE HOLY SPRIT INTRO: Paul here is talking about the work of the Holy Spirit in our prayer.  We have to remember that will be hard time for us in our ministry.  He killed Goliath by the simple weapon ( trusted in God)  He killed the lion  He learned how to face challenges and experience into his life and therefore he had many experience into his life App: we have to learn through the life of David  We need some experience in our ministry. TITLE: TRUSTING IN THE LORD INTRO: This psalm is called the ‘psalm of David’  We know more about David. but Jesus should be our focus! 18th MARCH 2016 TEXT: ROMANS 8:26-27 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness.  In our ministry there will be many Goliath and lions. but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. 3. 8 . our savior and redeemer. And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit.

The Spirit of God knows the mind of God! App: we need to be filled by the power of the Holy Ghost in our life We have to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to work in us 22nd MARCH 2016 TEXT: ECC 9:17 ‘The words of the wise heard in quiet are better than the shouting of a ruler among fools’ TITLE: THE POWER OF WISDOM INTRO:  Jesus Christ asked us to be wise like serpent  The apostle Paul also insisted that we need to be wise  The Jewish people know well about wisdom through the books of Talmud  The book of Proverbs speaks about wisdom  God created the universe by wisdom Application of wisdom i. In our ministry we need wisdom from God iv. v. There is power in wisdom. That is wisdom iii. That needs wisdom ii. The burdens we have are carried away by the spirit of God when we enter into prayer v. God through the Holy Spirit wants to communicate with us iv. The Holy Spirit goes in deep to pray for us. he can provide for us wisdom 23rd MARCH 2016 TEXT: MDO 2:14-16 9 . We just pray for short time but the H. We have to use wisdom in dealing with ministerial actions If we ask God. There is a weakness. We have to be wise like a serpent.S prays for us vi. In every situation we need to pray ii.Outline: i. Jesus told us that when we want to build a foundation for a house we need to count the cost. that is we cannot pray well but the spirit of God helps us in our prayer iii.