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EASTERN INDIA IS THE FASTEST GROWING REGION A Amway factory near Madurai STATESMAN NEWS SERVICE Kolkata, 6 August Amway's first manufac: ‘uring unit in India being set up at Nilakottai, 40 km from Madurai, will boready bynext year. The unit will have nine manufacturing ines ~ four beauty, four ‘nutrition and one person- al care division. The per- sonal care division will ocusmainly on its Glister tooth paste ~ a brand that does not advertise. Amway Indiasells 15 million tubes every year with a nation: al market share of four per cent. ‘Ms Maud Pansing, vice-president (global beauty), Amway Corpo- ration, said here today that Amway’s market in TE The unit willhave nine | Thesetting up manufacturing lines ~four | of its oun beauty, four nutrition and one |manufacturing| personal care division ‘facility in Nilakottai Inthe year 2012, Amway | shows how India clocked a turnover much the of Rs 2,288 crore, registering | company a litte over seven per cent values the ‘growth over the last fiscal Indian when it recorded a turnover market of Rs 2,130 crore ‘avo PaNsiNG. India was expanding. _anti-ageingsegment after partners in India, of Specially theeastern ‘Maharashtra and Which the one in Badai, India market was grow. Kolkataaccounts for 10 Himachal Pradesh, sup: ingat thefastestrate percent marketshare in plies &5 per cent of the across categories. West this category, Ms Pansing Bengal was the second said. Amway today has largest market for the seven manufacturing supplies. The setting up of its own manufactur- ing facility in Nilakottai CROSS CATEGORIE! shows how much the ‘company values the Indi- an market, Ms Pansing ‘said. Ina strategy to reinforce the beauty cate- gory In India, Ms Pans- ing was launching ‘Artistry Youth Xtend’ here. This also marked the national launch of the range in India, she said. Inthe year 2012, Amway India clocked a turnover of Rs 2,288 crore, registering a little over seven per cent growth over the last fis- cal when it recorded a turnover of Rs2,130 crore. Amway Corpora- tion is the world’s largest direct selling FMCG com- pany with a global turnover of §11.3 billion.