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6/9/2017 Material Controller Resume Samples | JobHero





Material Controllers are usually found in warehouses and are responsible for receiving, inspecting and
storing items. General duties include processing items, placing shipment codes, keeping the receiving
area organized, operating forklifts, and using logistics information systems. Based on our collection of
resume samples, Material Controllers should demonstrate organization, attention to details, stamina,
the ability to lift items, and computer competencies. A high school diploma is sufficient for entering
this occupation; those interested in a management position should showcase a logistics management
degree in their resumes.

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1 Production Material Controller / Inventory Analyst

Materials management group first in JDE then SAP cycle counting components, raw materials, in-
process, and finished assemblies in system integration and inventory control and reduction project
in lean manufacturing environment.

Accelerated cycle count processing time topping team monthly target 98% cycle count dollar value accuracy
and items counted.
Optimized data and report processing time through implementation of reporting procedures that tracked
trends and improved overall productivity by 30%. 1/6
6/9/2017 Material Controller Resume Samples | JobHero
Improved first-count accuracy and reduced re-counts 20% by instructing cross-functional personnel in
approved procedures and constantly reinforcing their importance.
Doubled capacity through team training and guidance in processes, procedures, and policies.
Eliminated defective assemblies' components loss through design and creation of assembly-in- process
tracking database.


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BA Management


2 Production Planning /scheduler / Purchasing/ Material

Controller Sr. Staff
Create and release production orders of electronic and mechanical assemblies used in Sonar
system units. Schedule and expedite DOD spares orders. Release WIP to manufacturing floor to 30
different assemblers. Communicated the latest engineering change notices for the latest upgrades
for each order (ECN). Resolved mechanical and electrical type issues of production orders reducing
idol time and delivery delays. Maintained inventory of floor stock levels of electronic components
limiting stockroom transactions. Created purchase orders P2P for electrical type standard stock.
Experienced working with DOD Spares auditors.

Managed spares programs loading orders, monitoring man hours, scrap, all below budget and 98% OTD
Daily interfacing with team of 4 Program Managers, Engineering, Quality, Purchasing, and Production
Control achieving a 97% OTD, best in our business group.
Adapted Six Sigma principles to improve manufacturing productivity.
Participated in Kaizen events that established improved 100K work cell layout (Lean Principles).
Improved stockroom issuing accuracy 25% by auditing and working closely with stock room personnel.


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BS Business, Logistics Management

3 Material Controller 2/6
6/9/2017 Material Controller Resume Samples | JobHero

Managed a staff of two Buyer/Planners to support the companies packaging facilities at three
facilities located in California and South Carolina. Involved in this was the sourcing, approval, and
ordering of 300 different packaging components, valued in excess of $30M, to support a company
sales budget in excess of $600M. Used an AS400 platform with integrated MRPII software to
support the Buyer/Planner buying decisions.

Generated cost savings, compared to standard costs, in excess of $.5M in FY'04.

Reviewed vendor pricing on a regular basis to insure the company was getting the best price from numerous
sources. Maintained a competitive and multi source environment.
Researched commodity pricing on a continual basis due to volatility, the goal to remain the low cost
Collaborated with Marketing, Package Engineering, Packaging, Quality, and suppliers to develop and source
new products as well as look for additional cost saving opportunities.
Conferred with suppliers on a regular basis, including visiting vendor facilities, to ensure continuity of supply
and to maintain market intelligence.
Obtained and maintained a delivery performance measurement of On-Time 98% and Quality 99%,
exceeding the required standards to support MRPII.


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BA Business Administration

4 Project Material Controller

Planned, scheduled, and tracked movement of project material, parts, and supplies worth $10+
million through the procurement and inventory process for United States Special Operations
Command (USSOCOM), Air Force, and United States Army Special Forces Command (USASCF)

Constructed and reviewed contract FFP, Cost Plus and Cost Plus Fixed Fee proposals, negotiated prices, and
recommended suppliers while considering quality, reliability, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and
ability to meet project schedule.
Provided disposition and estimated cost for repair and return of material worth $500K+.
Developed multiple project material databases to maintain inventory accuracy, resulting in program
standards for project situational awareness and accountability.
Updated several inventory management websites to ensure correct data was being relayed resulting in a
user friendly application.
Supported 8 project managers for 9 different projects totaling $10+ million.


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2 Years
At This Job

Merchandising 3/6
6/9/2017 Material Controller Resume Samples | JobHero


5 Production Planning/scheduling Material Controller

Prepared weekly and monthly briefs to supply chain management detailing improvements made
in cost savings and productivity

Worked directly with customers to identify material needs and schedules

Planned and scheduled the shipment of Government Funded Equipment to project teams in accordance
with customer requirements and deadlines
Established and maintained excellent working relationships with subcontracted vendors, material suppliers,
and Government customers
Provided accessible records of inventories, product costs, and logistics data
Recipient of [company name] IS&GS Defense Global Supply Chain Management 'Value Proposition of the
Month Award' for August 2011 and January 2012


10 Years In

3 Years
At This Job

AAS Electronics Program

Aviation Technical Training Unit

6 Material Controller
Promoted within four years from Bus Operator to Material Controller by saving $10,000 within six

Managed Marta's largest daily operation inventory storage room to control incoming and outgoing
Provided 11+ technicians with excellent service by supplying parts and procuring orders meeting goals
Researched parts, scheduled inventories audits, and fined-tuned inventory discrepancies when needed.
Enhanced processing delivery time 85% by assessing and modifying materials through the Oracle Database.
Informed management of major regulatory compliance issues to minimize staff and shipping challenges.
Transported patrons from one destination to another with safety, reducing the incident rate from 30% to 5%.
Departed from Marta's main access point safety and accurately following rules to begin scheduled routine.
Confirmed 2100+ orders before and after each shift in order to receive products in the warehouse, while
labeling new locations for inventory to ensure accurate record keeping to adhere to safety environment


Years In

Years 4/6
6/9/2017 Material Controller Resume Samples | JobHero

At This Job

BS Business Administration

7 Material Controller
Entered all purchase orders and resolved purchase order discrepancies with Accounts Payable.
Placed and maintained orders for all corrugate/display materials and miscellaneous materials.
Worked with manufacturing and performed troubleshooting on production floor. Provided
product build schedules for the production area using MRP.

Negotiated with suppliers on multiple bid packages on corrugate and displays yearly. Saved $20,000 on one
item alone on recent bid.
Negotiated bid for seasonal Halloween package saving over $100,000.
Participated in new product build to get passive parts delivered in a timely manner.
Trained new employees in critical purchasing processes, mentoring for increased productivity and accuracy.
Expedited orders for materials identified by the daily shortage report, obtaining needed supplies from
suppliers to complete product build.
Supported production planners by locating urgently needed materials to meet sales demand.
Implemented new processes and procedures and utilized MRP to meet the on time delivery needs of the
Educated all levels of staff on the use of MRP increasing understanding of need to enter information
accurately ensuring the correct forecast.
Researched work order status and worked with suppliers ensuring on time delivery of displays.
Implemented a daily cycle count program to evaluate and research inventory problems, locating missing
product and discovering bill of material errors.


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4 Years
At This Job

HS High School Diploma

8 Material Controller
Processed information pertaining grief items from a certain location and establishing special
storage requirements for those items

Used a logistics or line-item information system to process items through the warehouse or distribution
Monitored material deliveries against ROS (Requested on Site) dates, identifying potential shortages and
ensuring that corrective action is taken by the relevant department.
Ensured that delivered materials and equipment were in compliance with documentation Purchase Orders
at the warehouse and their further delivery to sites
Reviewed and checked Receiving Reports provided by warehouse
Kept track of all incoming and outgoing materials
Monitored backload materials to stock. 5/6
6/9/2017 Material Controller Resume Samples | JobHero


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1 Year
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College Prep

9 Material Controller
Shipping (export and domestic), receiving, inventory control

Assisted with inventory control using Made2Manage software: executed daily inventory transactions, closed
work orders, issued inventory against sales orders, administered high-dollar inventory, conducted cycle
counts, facilitated daily receiving.
Performed daily shipping of systems, spare parts, company documents utilizing computerized shipping
programs and internet-based shipping tools.
Reviewed sales orders for shipping, prepared parts, identified shortages.
Packaged product systems using checklists, BoM, OMS procedures and "best practices".
Responsible for managing the movement of demo units for external sales agents.
Teamed with purchasing for processing the return & tracking of defective parts (RMA).
Managed warehouse, ordered all shipping supplies, supervised temporary workers.


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4 Years
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Science & Electronics

10 Material Controller
Supervise, establish and coordinate production schedule for foundry and machining operations

Developed spreadsheets to evaluate plant performance

Establish supermarkets and visual managed inventory locations throughout plant
Primary contact for OEM and OES customers
Implemented Lean Production System with Kaizen team by incorporating Pull and Kanban system
Supervised 1 employee in shipping department


4 Years In

At This Job 6/6