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The Greenback Party convened in 1880 at the Interstate Exposition Building in

Chicago from June 9 to 11 to select presidential and vice presidential nominees and
write a party platform for that year's US presidential election. Delegates chose a
ticket of James B. Weaver (pictured) of Iowa and Barzillai J. Chambers of Texas.
The Greenback Party had drawn support from organized labor and farmers, mostly from
the nation's West and South, in response to the economic depression that followed
the Panic of 1873. Weaver and Chambers triumphed quickly, winning a majority of the
convention delegates' votes on the first ballot. More tumultuous was the fight over
the platform, as delegates from disparate factions of the left-wing movement
clashed over Chinese immigration, government regulation of working conditions, and
especially women's suffrage. The general election was narrowly won by the
Republican candidate, James A. Garfield, over the Democrat, Winfield Scott Hancock.
The Greenback ticket placed a distant third, netting just over three percent of the
popular vote. (Full article...)

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Josie Sadler
Josie Sadler
... that "Dutch" comic Josie Sadler (pictured) recorded her biggest Broadway hit
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he was nine years old?
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... that the Carmen Sandiego edutainment franchise, which began with video games
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... that Biswa Ranjan Nag has contributed to the development of a Monte Carlo
method for the computation of the coefficient of velocity?
... that the pilots for Apollo Gauntlet and Hot Streets were released online by
Adult Swim, who gave viewers the opportunity to rate each using five buttons marked
with reactions?
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Security guards during the attack on the Iranian parliament
Iranian security forces responding to the attack
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Scientists at the Max Planck Institute report that analyses of fossils from Jebel
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June 9

Burning of Gaspee
Burning of Gaspee
411 BC Wealthy Athenians overthrew the democratic government of ancient Athens
and replaced it with a short-lived oligarchy known as "The Four Hundred".
1772 In an act of defiance against the Navigation Acts, American patriots led by
Abraham Whipple attacked and burned the British schooner Gaspee (pictured).
1928 Australian aviator Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew landed their
Southern Cross aircraft in Brisbane, completing the first ever trans-Pacific flight
from the United States mainland to Australia.
1954 During the hearings investigating conflicting accusations between the United
States Army and Senator Joseph McCarthy, Army lawyer Joseph N. Welch asked
McCarthy, "At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"
2010 A boy wearing a bomb committed a suicide attack at a wedding in Arghandab
District, Kandahar, Afghanistan, killing at least 40 people and injuring 70 others.
Shahrbaraz (d. 630) Susanna Paine (b. 1792) Brian Williamson (d. 2004)

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Lana Del Rey
American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has received 16 awards and 54 nominations.
She began writing songs at the age of 18, and started performing in nightclubs in
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released her debut single, "Video Games". The song won the Ivor Novello Award for
Best Contemporary Song. Her second single "Born to Die" won the UK Music Video
Award for Best International Pop Video in 2012. Del Rey won the Brit Award for
International Breakthrough Act, the Q Award for Next Big Thing, and the GQ Award
for Woman of the Year in 2012. In 2013, Del Rey won the Brit Award for
International Female Solo Artist, as well as the ECHO Awards for Best International
Female Artist Rock/Pop and Best International Newcomer. She recorded the song
"Young and Beautiful" for the soundtrack of the 2013 film adaptation of F. Scott
Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, which won the Satellite Award for Best Original
Song. At the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards, Del Rey won the MTV Europe Music Award
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