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Role in Company:

ROLE: In 2-3 sentences, explain the purpose of your role at by

summarizing the primary functions of your job.

RESPONSIBILITIES: list the responsibilities of this role and the

estimated % of time spent on each duty. Explain not only what is
done, but why. Be as specific as possible when summarizing these

Job Responsibility % of

CORE COMPETENCIES: list the on-the job behaviors a successful

person in this role must demonstrate. (i.e. refer to the attached list)
Leadership Project Management
Strategic Planning Interpersonal Skills

IN A FORMER LIFE: Identify specific work experience and skills that

are required for success in this role. Distinguish between minimum
level of experience and desirable or preferred skills sets and expertise.

Minimum Desirable
BS, MBA, PhD or school of life: list the minimum educational
requirements for someone in this position. Include any preferred areas
of study, level of education and professional certifications.

Additional comments: