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Sharpay Evans had a great comeback for everything.

Except for the times a certain brunette rendered her speechless. Sharpay decided this was only because she was… too fabulous to respond to anything the girl threw at her. That was her reason. She was just too damn fabulous. GCGCGCGCGCGCGCGCGCGCGC Gabriella Montez used to be a quiet, soft-spoken girl. Whenever you started something, she’d just sit back and watch. Then she moved to Albuquerque. That’s when something inside her sparked. GCGCGCGCGCGCGCGCGCGCGC Sharpay sat at her desk and glared at the brunette who was up reading her homework assignment to their last period English class. It was some stupid list of 5 important people in their lives that Sharpay hadn’t bothered to do. She was forced to pay attention to the reading when her teacher took her nail file and her makeup bag away. “First is myself. I am them most important person in my life but unfortunately, sometimes I forget that and let other people run my life.” Sharpay rolled her eyes. Brainiacs took homework way too seriously. “Next is my mother, Maria Montez. She has always been there for me and always has a good word of advice for me. Even when my father left she stayed strong for me and brought me up to where I am today.” He class exchanged looks for she had never mentioned a father. “Next on my list is my boyfriend, Troy Bolton. He brought me out of my shell and forced me to face the world head-on. Even though I will probably never see him again after this year, he will always be my first.” The class immediately was brought into loud whispers. People where talking about a certain part of her speech. “What did she mean her first? Is she not a virgin?” “Did she really mean that? Are we going to break-up?” Troy was scared. “Brie?” She ignored them and continued on. “After him comes my best friend, Taylor McKessie.” Taylor gave her a huge smile. “Ever since we first met, she has held me up and never let me down. I don’t know what I would do if we ever stopped being friends.” “Finally the last person on my list is Sharpay Evans. Without her, my life, especially last summer, would have been drama less and stunk to high hell. And I thank her for her devious mind because her crazy schemes helped me and Troy realize just how much we meant to each other.” Sharpay almost fell out of her seat. No one, not even her brother, had mentioned her. He had been her last hope because Zeke was not in this class. Gabriella-the-freaky-math-girl-Montez had just said she was one of the most important people in her life. She was once again speechless. Sharpay blushed when she realized all eyes were on her. She usual loved attention but today just wasn’t her day. The bell rang unexpectedly and the class was brought back to the real world. They hurried out of the class room and out of school for the weekend. The teacher was the first one out. Sharpay spotted Gabriella having an animated discussion with Troy in a corner. She walked over unnoticed and eavesdropped. “Troy, what I meant was that if my mom’s company makes us move again, I might not even go to college in the United States. She told me they were considering Spain as a next choice.” Troy took a deep breath.

“Gabriella, I love you and you know that. But if you don’t think we can handle a long distance-“Gabriella interrupted him, obviously angry. “Troy! Spain! If we go to Spain there is no long distance relationship! Do you have any idea how far that is from New Mexico?!” Troy’s face turned red but Sharpay could see it wasn’t from embarrassment. “You turn eighteen in three months. You can get your own apartment and live here! You don’t need to follow your mother around like a little lost puppy.” Smack. The sound of her hand contacting with his flesh echoed around the room. “If you really cared about me and this relationship you wouldn’t have argued with me. It’s over.” She turned to walk away when she spotted Sharpay. She blocked her way. “Move Sharpay. I’m not in the mood for your games today.” Sharpay grabbed her books and followed Gabriella out to her car. “Montez! I mean Gabriella. Did you really mean that?” Gabriella turned around. She looked ready to cry. “Mean what?” Sharpay hesitated. “That I was one of the most important people in your life.” Gabriella’s face seemed to soften and her eyes returned to their normal color. Sharpay hadn’t even noted the change. “Of course I did.” Sharpay broke into a wide grin. “Thanks. And Gabriella? Don’t cry over him. It was bound to happen anyways.” She wiped a tear from Gabriella’s face and both of them felt that spark that they had never noticed but had felt on multiple occasions. “See ya, Pay.” Gabriella said before stepping into her car. Sharpay smiled at the nickname. “Bye Ella.” She hesitated before adding quietly one of the only Spanish phrases she knew. “Yo te qeiro.” Gabriella stopped and Sharpay froze wondering if she had made a mistake. “I love you too Sharpay.” Gabriella stepped out her car and began to confess her love for the girl. “I’ve loved you ever since you tried to break me and Troy up using college.” Sharpay smiled too. “And I’ve loved you ever since you told me off by the poolside. I would have taken you then and there if it hadn’t been for those girls following me.” They giggled as they remembered The Sharpettes. Emma, Jackie, and Lea. “Tell you what. Since you been waiting so long for it, why don’t you spend the weekend over my house? My mom’s in New York, Troy and I are finished and Taylor… her and Chad have a house to themselves. Don’t ask.” Sharpay smiled. “I didn’t know you had a dirty side to you Montez. Now before I agree we have to settle one issue.” Gabriella’s smile faltered. “What?” “Will you be my girlfriend, Gabriella Montez?” Gabriella’s smile returned as Sharpay gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. Fortunately,(from what they could see)

no one was in the parking lot. Gabriella returned it with a deep, passionate one. “Is that a yes?” “Hell yeah.” Sharpay walked to her car and followed Gabriella home where their weekend began.

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