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Eng1H/Per 6

7 April 2017

Love is powerful
There are many different types of love and they are all very important in our lives, it could be

romantic and passionate or cruel and bitter. Love is the great intangible said by Diane

Ackerman. There are many different types of love such as eros, storge, and philia. Romeo and

Juliet by Shakespeare, Pyramus and Thisbe retold by Ovid , and Beautiful Brains by David

Dobbs show these types of loves. Love can be expressed by anyone like our parents, significant

other, and friends may have different effects on us.

Storge love is the type of love that parents have for their children, the love parents

have for their children are deep regardless of the mistakes they make.The article Beautiful

Brains by David Dobbs shows us the storge type of love between Dobbs and his son. In

Beautiful Brains by David Dobbs, he states Turns out this product of my genes and loving

care , the boy-man I had swaddled,coddled,cooed at, and then pushed and pulled to the brink of

manhood, had been flying down the highway at 113 miles an hour I guess thats what I want

you to know. If it makes you feel any better, I was really focused.(paragraph 1) Dobbs then

explained, Actually, it did make me feel better. That bothered me, for I didnt understand

why. Even though his son drove at 113 miles an hour and got a ticket, he tried to understand his

sons point of view and listened to his reasoning. This is an accurate representation of storge love
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through Dobbs understanding of what his son did. Another example of storge love is shown in

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, This is the matter./Nurse, give leave awhile, We must talk in

secret./Nurse, come back again.I have remembered me. Thous hear our counsel/Thou knowst

my daughters of a pretty age. (lines 9-11) The Nurse knows more about Juliet than Lady

Capulet does. Though Lady Capulet is Juliets mother, the Nurse raised and breastfeed her.

Storge is unconditional love from someone we trust in.

Eros is a romantic and passionate love that is shown between lovers.The myth of

Pyramus and Thisbe, retold by Ovid shows us the eros love between Pyramus and Thisbe.

Pyramus states Now drink from my blood, too! And then he drew his dagger from his belt

and thrust it hard into his guts (lines 94-96) When Pyramus thought that Thisbe was dead, he

decided to end his life because he couldnt live without her. After that, Thisbe goes to meet

Pyramus. She cries Dear boy, you died by your own hand your love has killed you. But I, too,

command the force to face at least this task: I can claim love, and it will give me strength enough

to strike myself. Ill follow you in death... With these words, she placed the daggers point

beneath her breast, then leaned against the blade still warm with her dear lovers blood. (lines

131-135 and 148-151) When Thisbe had seen Pyramus dead, she was so heartbroken seeing that

the love of her life had taken his own life, she did the same. In Romeo and Juliet, there are many

examples of eros love because of how madly in love Romeo and Juliet are in. When Juliet states,

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep. The more I give to thee, The more I

have, for both are infinite (lines 133-135) Juliet is stating that her love for Romeo is as deep as

the sea and nothing will compare to she love that she has for Romeo.
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Philia is a type of love that is shared between friends that is founded on

companionship and trust.The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet shows a philia love between Romeo

and Mercutio. Mercutio was also a kinsman to Romeo. Mercutio states, If thou art dun, well

draw thee from the mire, Or - save your reverence - love, wherein thou stickst Up to the ears.

Mercutio is stating that since Romeo is stuck in love, Mercutio wants to help him, because thats

what friends do. Since Mercutio is Romeos closest friend, other than Mercutio telling Romeo to

get with other girls, he doesnt like to see his best friend hurting so badly.

Love is such a powerful feeling, it could either hurt or make us stronger. Whether it is

eros, storge, philautia, agape, or philia it all makes us feel different emotions. Love affects us all

differently but is a necessity in life.

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