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What YOU Can DO Evil or Essential?

Even in the face of Although the human race has built a

menacing stereotype for sharks, their
endangerment, sharks can
survival is vital in supporting and
make a comeback with your maintaining a healthy and diverse marine
help! ecosystem. As the oceans most ancient
top predator, sharks are essential in the
Make a Difference: marine food chain. If shark populations

An Ocean
continue to decline, populations of their
Say NO to shark fin soup!
prey, such as sea lions, will grow out of
Take the No Shark Fin
control. An increase in sea lion numbers
would in turn, decrease the populations
Without Sharks
of the fish upon which they feed.
Donate to AntiFinning
Therefore, shark endangerment will
organizations such as The
Humane Society eventually lead to a devastating decline in
International to assist in marine
raising awareness fishes. The
prevention of
Join Anti-Finning campaigns
in your area and work to this
increase shark protection catastrophe is
policies crucial in order
to support the
near 1 Billion
individuals who
rely on fish as
their number
one source of
Why Shark Fins? The Unsuspecting Victim

Out of the 100 million sharks killed Despite the common perception that

each year, 73% are harvested for sharks are terrorizing creatures, they

shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy. have become the innocent victim of
a cruel practice. Although harvesting
This expensive dish is in high demand
the ocean for its food sources such
within the increasingly wealthy countries
as fish or shrimp is common and
of Asia. Since many are under the
widely accepted, killing sharks for
Shark Finning: A impression that sharks contain cancer-
their fins is a much more hostile and
Devastating Practice resistant properties, the desire, and
therefore price of their fins has increased
destructive act. Due to the

It is estimated that various exponentially. increasingly scarce abundance of

shark populations have sharks and the inhumane procedure
declined by 99% in the last 50 Without regard to the lack of evidence
in which they are harvested, severe
years... supporting the medicinal benefits of shark
changes must be made in order to
fins, the growing market and trade for
The leading cause of this severe prevent irreversible devastation.
decline is due to the excessive them has lead to the primary cause for
harvesting of sharks for their fins. declines in shark populations around the
Often dragged onboard fishing
vessels, the sharks endure having
their fins severed and are then often
thrown overboard; all while still alive.

The cruel impact of this practice is

apparent in global shark populations
now more than ever and the
continuation of harvesting sharks for
their fins will eventually result in the
destruction of the marine ecosystem
as we know it.