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Women's State Record

Nontypical Crossbow
Bigmouth Buffalo
Bucks in Velvet Scent-Marking Basic Pond Management
'Crank' it up for Walleyes Keeping Summer Bass Alive
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SALES: 810-653-0490
5605 Davison Rd., 4 miles east
of Downtown Davison
Open 6 Days: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm;
Saturday 9am-2pm
By Tom Campbell

Field Notes...
Trail Cam Photo Contest intricate part of our hunting prepara-
nd the grand prize win- tion.
ner of a Stealth trail Technology today has created
camera isDave Cody better and more advance trail camer-
with his trail cam photo as at lower prices and we encourage
of a U.P. buck. The everyone to continue to share their
yearlong contest closed trail camera photos with our readers.
with viewers casting over 2,000 You can email your trail cam photos
votes. Our other finalists; Russ Vide- to
an-bear, Gary Borse-sparring bucks, Spring Turkey Survey Dave Cody winning trail cam photo of a dandy U.P. buck.
Mike Dyer-coyote, Kraig Staples- According to the MDNR, Now Bill has been a popular component
bull elk, Frank Delkov-owl, Dave that youve finished your spring of this event for nearly 25 years,
McClung-reflecting buck, Mark turkey hunting for this year, please
Busman-nursing doe, Amy Dewitt- back then he would wow show go-
report your hunting activity on- ers with Yoders Live Deer Show.
nursing doe, Jake Hessler-close-up line by completing a spring turkey
buck, Teresa Phillips-buck in velvet A chance to show off his pen raised
harvest survey. The information bucks and their impressive antlers.
and Ron Winkelman-sharing bear. you provide will help us to evaluate
The Trail cam technology It all began when his wife Kelly
hunter success and total harvest. Its bought him his first fawn that he
has provided the Woods-N-Water important for all turkey hunters to
News readers with amazing photos named Fawnie. And Bill was so
participate, even if you do not hunt proud of his buck, Rickie that was
of nearly every type of animal in or harvest a turkey. Survey results featured in the movie, Red Dawn.
Michigans great outdoors. A few will be posted on the DNR website When deer raising regulations
trail cams have captured photos of as soon as they are available. Visit changed Bill ventured into exotic
a variety of different animals from to find other animals and treated attendees to
the same spot. Finalist Kraig Staples hunting-related news and informa-
has photos of; bears, elk, deer, various animal babies and pups.
tion, including results of surveys Bill had become famous for
bobcats, coyotes, fox, raccoons, from previous years.
badger, hawks, owls, and ravens cheating death over his lifetime, sur-
from a single trail cam, thats never Bill Yoder Will be Missed viving car crashes, being gored by
Bill Yoder will be missed!
been moved. Clearly trail cams As plans for the 2017 Woods-N- one of his bucks, being shot while
have created a new hunt hobby for Water News Outdoor Weekend in hunting and numerous illnessness missed by the Woods-N-Water News
many outdoor enthusiasts providing Sept. continue there will be a notice- and broken bones. He was known staff! Our deepest sympathy to his
unique, entertaining and informative able deficiency after the passing of by everyone for his love and care family and all his friends -- may our
photos. Trails cams have become an friend Bill Yoder at the age of 66. for his animals and will be dearly fond memories be comforting.n

SEASONS State record for bigmouth

Open All Year Pike and walleye season on
Lower Peninsula Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair & St.
Clair & Detroit Rivers
buffalo broken by same angler
The Michigan Department of Natural
Open All Year Salmon and trout season on Great
Resources recently confirmed a new state-record
Lakes, St. Marys River, Lake St. Clair & St. Clair
fish for bigmouth buffalo. This marks the first
& Detroit Rivers state-record fish caught in 2017 and it was
Open All Year Catch-and-immediate-release caught by an angler who held the previous state
bass season on all Michigan waters open to fishing record for bigmouth buffalo from 2008.
Now-Dec. 31 Pure Michigan Hunt Application The new record fish was caught by Roy
Now-March 15 pike, walleye, muskie seasons Beasley of Madison Heights, Michigan, in the
on Lower Peninsula inland waters River Raisin (Monroe County) Saturday, May 13,
Now-Sept. 30 Trout and salmon on inland Type at 11 a.m. Beasley was bowfishing. The fish
1 and 2 streams and Type A & D lakes weighed 27 pounds and measured 35.25 inches.
Now-March 15 pike, walleye, muskie seasons The record was verified by Todd Wills, a DNR
on Upper Peninsula Great Lakes, inland waters and fisheries research manager on Lake St. Clair.
St Marys River Beasley held the previous state-record big-
Now-Dec. 31 Bass; catch and keep season on all mouth buffalo this one caught on the Detroit
waters except; Lake St. Clair, St. Clair and Detroit River from August 2008. That fish weighed
Rivers 24.74 pounds and measured 34.50 inches.
More and more people are enjoying the sport
Now-Dec. 15 Muskie season on Lake St. Clair, of bowfishing and recognizing the thrill it can
St. Clair and Detroit Rivers offer those who pursue it, said Sara Thomas, the
June 17-Dec. 31 Bass; catch and keep season on DNRs Lake Erie Management Unit manager.
Lake St. Clair, St. Clair and Detroit Rivers The river system in Southeast Michigan offers
Roy Beasley of Madison Heights has the
distinction of holding two state records for
ample opportunity to catch rather large fish a the same species of fish, first in 2008 and
MJC MJC huge congrats to Mr. Beasley for having broken again in 2017. Here he is with his recent
ARCHERY ARCHERY this record twice.
MACOMB OAKLAND record-setting bigmouth buffalo catch from
The DNR reminds anglers who bowfish to the River Raisin in Monroe County.
properly dispose of all specimens they harvest.
State records are recognized by weight only. must be verified by a DNR fisheries biologist.
19744 15 Mile Rd 3001 Rochester Rd
Clinton Twp. 48035 Royal Oak, MI 48073 To qualify for a state record, fish must exceed the To view a current list of Michigan state fish
586-791-4600 248-589-2480 current listed state record weight and identification records, visit
The Michigan Outdoor Hall Following a hiking trail
HUNTING of Fame inductees for 2017 is not for the fainthearted
Mark Sak page 32 Sharon M. Kennedy page 72
State Record Crossbow buck First Fawns Photos
Richard P. Smith page 27 Michigan DNR...
Larry Piotrowski page 35 History of Fish and Wildlife
Big bore accuracy STING OPERATIONS
Lured by the Lady, Beckoned by Betty Sodders page 82
in the deer woods the Boys: A Montreville Letter
Joe Delaney page 40 Tom Carney page 56
Deer Recovery Retribution
John Eberhart page 44 Sporting Knives: OPINIONS
Choose em and use em
Tom Huggler page 70 Cormorants a once
BUCKS OF JULY Scent-marking by Sporting Collectibles...
and future problem
Stephen King page 66
Kenny Darwin page 50 bucks in velvet GO-ITE Manufacturing
Terry McBurney page 74 Whitetail deer management...
Guest Column...Two Firsts! John 16 the movement for change
page 78 Dick Zook page 67
Painted Turtles...
Basic of fishing A key to nature discovery
Plan now for your Michigan Heres my deer regulations
bird hunt in the fall pond management Jonathan Schechter page 77
Bill Ziegler page 14 recommendation
page 79 Richard P. Smith page 67
Summer...time to prepare
Finesse summer GILLS for fall and winter trapline
Turkey Hunter... Kenny Darwin page 18
Simply Spurred! John Chagnon page 86
Jerry Lambert page 80 Next Bite...
Shivering Summer Walleyes
Options for Ultimate Corn Gary Parsons/Keith Kavajecz
Based Bow Kills Plots page 20 OUTDOOR NEWS
Ed Spinazzola page 84
Take me to the
ROCK Boat Smart...
Mark Romanack page 28 Man Overboard
Capt. Fred Davis page 43
Teaching kids to fish
Mark Martin page 36 2017 MDNR Wildlife
Habitat Grants available Michigan
page 38
page 63
Early summer go-to lakes Joe 22
John Bergsma page 48
Fly rods Michigan DNRs
Skills Academy
and Roger Beukema page 62
Summertime in Michigan
Darryl Quidort page 34
bluegills Traditional Black
Powder Hunting...
George 42 Dear Fish Diary:
Embarrassing catch in Precious 18th Century seconds
FEATURE the dark leads to fireworks Dennis Neely page 58
Ron St. Germain page 60
FISHING The AuTrain Wildlife Gun Chat...
Management Area and Refuge The Great Spring Fallout... Back to my reloading roots
Catch and Release... MDNR page 24 Tom Lounsbury page 64 Lee Arten page 81
Keeping summer bass alive
Mike Gnatkowski page 8
Crank It Up
for summer walleye
JULY 2017

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Nontypical Crossbow RECORD
Crossbow Record Bigmouth Buffalo
Bucks in Velvet Scent-Marking Basic Pond Management
Richard P. 27 'Crank' it up for Walleyes Keeping Summer Bass Alive
Cormorants Michigan's Oysters Shivering Summer Walleyes

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Sandi Larry Kreps Jr.

LaFountain Crossbow

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ROCKIN Game Warren Walton

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Gogebic Perch
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No-Fly Zoogs

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Tips Trai ther Side Crankb nd Brookies
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Keeping summer bass alive
The vast majority of bass fishermen practice catches and release.
There are times though when you might want to put a bass in the
live well to take images when the light is better or you have a bet-
ter background. Maybe its the fish of a lifetime and you want to
keep fishing while the bite is hot and take some shots later. Others
may be participating in a tournament and you need to retain fish
for a weigh in. Keeping bass alive then can be the difference be-

tween a big payday and a disappointing finish...
ot summer weather and in a series of species-specific designs
temperatures coincide that make proper net selection easy
with one of the best for any angler. The nets recommended
times to catch bass. for bass come in two sizes- 20 x 23
Bass metabolism is in and 23 x 26.
high gear during the The 100% knotless mesh is impor-
summer months, and actively feed- tant to minimize scraping the slime
ing bass are the easiest to catch. But layer off the bass. The slime layer is
summer temperatures make it more a natural barrier against parasites and
difficult to keep bass alive. You need disease. Knotted nets tend to scrape
to immediately release bass you catch this layer off as the fish thrash and
or take extra precautions to insure roll in the net. The flat bottom also
retained fish survive. minimizes contact with the net and
Anytime you can land fish by supports the fish. The knotless mesh
hand by either lipping them makes it easier to get hooks
or cradling them is the best, out quickly and facilitates
advised pro angler Scott getting the bass back in the
Dobson. Dobson is acutely water or in the live well
aware of the importance of ASAP.
keeping bass alive, especially Dobson is a stickler
during tournaments. Dobson about keeping bass alive
bought in sacks of bass that and has a routine that is
were alive and kickin to normally failsafe. Ice and
win two major tournaments a thermometer are critical,
last year at the
FLW Thousand By Mike Gnatkowski stated Dobson.
Dobson said he
Islands compe- hits the water
tition and again at a BFL tournament on hot summer days with five to
in June on Lake St. Clair. Dobson is seven bags of ice to keep bass alive.
a stickler for keeping the water in his The locker on his Ranger Z521C
live well oxygenated and cool and has will hold up to four 7-pound bags of Summer time coincides with some of the hottest bass fishing of the year
a strict regiment that he typically fol- ice. Dobson hedges his bet by bring- literally and figuratively. Be sure to take extra steps to insure that the
lows to keep bass alive. But a recent ing along a Yeti Hooper cooler that bass you catch live to fight another day. Mike Gnatkowski photo
event shows how not paying attention holds another three bags of ice. On Oxygenator automatically activated because you typically catch them in
to details can cost you. a hot day Ill dump a half a bag of when the live well fills with water. cooler water to begin with. Large-
I lost two bass during a recent ice in the live well every half hour, Experts contend that you need one mouths are caught in warmer water
BLF tournament, lamented Dobson. advised Dobson. Ill pump out the gallon of water per fish in the live and dont get as stressed as smallies.
The fish werent hooked deep. Im live wells half way through the day well, but its best to err on the side of You know when they start to change
usually very cautious about keeping and add fresh water. The aerators are caution during warm summer condi- color and their eyes get glassed over
fish alive. I caught the fish early in on all day long. Bass in the live well tions. that theyre in trouble.
the day and I figured Id be culling regurgitate, poop and expel toxins that There are also additives that can A new product by Frabill called
those fish out kept them in a separate deplete oxygen levels. increase oxygen levels in live wells the Mesh Weigh Bag with Aerator
live well. I kind of forgot about them Obviously you need good, strong and improve bass survival. Dobson (
and they died. I havent lost a fish in batteries in order to run your elec- uses a product called G-juice Pro For- new-aeration-and-bait-care/mesh-and-
probably four or five years. I didnt tronics and aerators all day. Usually, mula Live Well Treatment, but cau- weigh-bag-with-aerator.html) can take
do very well in the tournament so the boats have a bank of batteries to run tioned that G-Juice is only compatible a lot of the stress off of weigh-in and
dead bass didnt cost me any money, electrics, aerators and starting and a with the Oxygenator system and can keep bass alive and kickin. The prod-
but the 4-ounce penalty per fish cost jumper system for insurance. be toxic if not used properly. Other uct features a padded carry handle and
me points and the 8 ounce total was Dobson also uses an add-on de- products, like Sure-Life Please Re- a woven mesh bag that easily slips
enough to drop me 10 spots. It was a vice called an Oxygenator (thmarine. lease Me ( in and out of the weigh bag, mak-
costly reminder. com/th-marine-products/o2-marine- Sure-Life-Please-Release-Me) elimi- ing it ideal for tournament anglers.
Dobson said that recreational technologies/the-oxygenator) to keep nate weight loss, calm, replace slime The reinforced weigh bag structure
anglers that are use to netting bass bass alive. The OXYGENATOR Pro coat, and remove chlorine and Reju- allows the water-filled bag to rest on
should use a specialized net that Live Well Flush Mount is a live well venade ( the ground without support. Other
can reduce stress and harm to bass. oxygenator that will retrofit most boat rejuvenade.aspx) is a patent pending features include a built-in pocket for
Frabills ( live wells from 10 to 20 gallons and formulation of essential components an auxiliary aerator. The included
accessories/conservation-series-nets. operates off the existing boat battery. that provides essential elements that 14203 aerator runs for 30+ hours on 2
html) line of Conservation Series The Oxygenator manufactures 100% revitalize, replenish and energize bass, D batteries, helping make sure fish are
Nets are designed with safe catch and pure oxygen by splitting the hydrogen preparing them for release. as healthy as possible leading up to
release in mind. All nets feature 100% molecule from the oxygen molecule One of the most critical times weigh-in. The Mesh Weigh Bag with
knotless mesh netting, eliminating in the water. This creates a super satu- for bass and tournament anglers is at Aerator will be available in time for
injuries commonly caused by sharp rated oxygen environment, even in the weigh in. Youve got about four or the 2017 tournament season.
knots. Flat, linear bottoms reduce warmest water. five minutes until bass start to expire, Summer time coincides with some
fish rolling and support the weight of Independent testing has shown claimed Dobson. I take ice with me of the hottest bass fishing of the year
the entire fish. A tangle-free coating increasing oxygen in the live well and put it in with the fish every couple literally and figuratively. Be sure to
prevents hooks entangling in the net. improves fish survival by over 35%. of minutes. Smallmouths are actually take extra steps to ensure that the bass
Conservation Series Nets are offered Theres no switch required. The harder to keep alive than largemouths you catch live to fight another day.n



3 - 20 PileDriver Bolts, 3 - 100gr Field Points, Quick Detach
$299.99 Quiver, Rope Cocker, Rail Lube, Deluxe 4x32 Scope with
6-Reticle Crosshair, Foot Conforming Step-Through Stirrup








W A RNING! To avo i d se r i o us i nj ur y and l e ar n abo ut saf e hunt i ng t e chni que s, use r s must r e at he i nst r uct i o ns and w at ch t he vi de o s at w w w .saf e ar r o w .co m pr i o r t o sho o t i ng any cr o ssbo w bo l t .



We are now a STIHL Power Equipment Dealer

3859 US 31 North, Brutus, Michigan 49716

$100 OF FREE 6
Push farther.
Join the Movement.
Shootability takes shape. The Option 6 delivers More than just a high performing 350 FPS

speed and precision with a newly engineered bow. SmartBow technologies work flawlessly
design. A first for Elite, the double laminated split providing the ultimate in performance, accuracy,
limbs deliver optimal performance. 7075 series & tunability. OverDrive Binary Cams provide the
aircraft aluminum and the innovative Dual Riser only bow that tunes 100% to you. A bow with this
speed commonly doesn't feel this good, but the
Cages add rigidity. Continuing the tradition of
Elites stable shooting platform. All in a 6-inch
ON BOW PURCHASE Reign provides outstanding performance and
smooth feel. You must feel it to believe it.
brace height that delivers blistering speeds. OF $650 OR MORE!
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86 years of cutting-edge engineering has culminated in our most advanced aluminum bow to dateperiod.
Hoyt bows consistently top the most prestigious podiums and punch the most demanding tags,
dominating in situations that leave no room for error. The all-new, 2017 Pro Defiant integrates the
best technologies from both of these worlds into a single, dominant technology set, including the
proven DFX cams and UltraFlex limbs, backing its swagger with serious technology and performance.
The Pro Defiant is purpose-built for the most serious, demanding bowhunters on the planet.
40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 DEFIANT BOWS!


to Prey.
Introducing the R9 from Ravin Crossbows, SPEED 390 FPS
boldly different than any crossbow ever created.
Powered by Helicoil technology, this revolutionary crossbow has several design
advantages that provides unmatched downrange accuracy with every shot. The sleek
rifle-like design with an incredible 6 inch axle-to-axle measurement at full draw, makes 47979 Van Dyke Shelby Twp., MI 48317
Ravin significantly smaller and narrower than any other crossbow on the market. A (Between 21 & 22 Mile Road on west side of Van Dyke)
beautiful combination of speed, power and accuracy unmatched in the crossbow industry.
(586) 566-7991
TWO HOURS Crossbow Friendly!
Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10am- 6pm Saturday 10am - 5pm


.223 / 5.56mm NATO
.22 LR Target Pistol 9mm, .40 S&W,
&.45 AUTO
36995 to $38995 Many models to choose from!
RUGER 10/22
339 519
Many models to
$ 95 $ 95 choose from! AUTOLOADING RIFLES
Vortex Crossfire II
Model 1894 Only
M&P15 SPORT II44 Rem. Magnum /
.223 / 5.56mm NATO 44 $
S&W Special,
10-shot tubular mag, RUGER AMERICAN Moss Green Gun &
20" Barrel, 37.5" OAL. RIFLE PREDATOR Synthetic Stock Scope


CRANK Off Shore Tackle Snap Weights to reach target

Minnow Divers are perhaps the most impor-
tant category of walleye cranks. Characterized
by being long and slender in shape, but with a
pronounced diving lip, Minnow Divers do the
heavy lifting when it comes to walleye trolling in
the spring, fall and also during some key summer
bites. Because most of these baits dive from 15
to 30 feet in depth, they do a great job of target-
ing the water depths walleye are most commonly
found using.
In this category there are surprisingly few
lures that routinely catch walleye. The 800 Series
Reef Runner is hands down the leader in this
group, followed closely by the Rapala Deep
Down Husky Jerk 12, Bandit 5/8 Minnow, Origi-
nal Deep Jr. ThunderStick and the Yo-Zuri Deep
Crystal Minnow.
Shad Baits are classic walleye lures especially
among anglers who fish walleye in rivers, im-
poundments and also natural lakes. These baits
are designed to imitate gizzard and threadfin
shad, two of the most common and abundant
forage fish in North America. Shad baits also do
a pretty good job of imitating other important for-
age fish like young-of-the-year sheepshead and
bluegills. In certain bodies of water, Shad Baits
are king because they do such a wonderful job of
imitating locally abundant forage species.
Shad baits are produced by more manufactur-
ers than you can shake a trolling stick at because
they are also popular among bass fishermen. The
Rapala Shad Rap series made from balsa wood
is among the most popular baits in this category.

Other popular lures include the Berkley Flicker
Shad series, the Reef Runner 200 and 400 series
and the Strike King Lucky Shad.
The last category of crankbaits walleye

anglers must understand are the High Action
Wobblers. This category of lures is the most
misunderstood because they work like a charm
at certain times of year and not worth a darn

at others. High Action Wobblers perform best
when trolled at higher speeds that bring out their
naturally aggressive side-to-side wobble. In
this category stand out baits include the Storm
Hot-N-Tot and Wiggle Wart, the Yakima Bait 3.5
Mag Lip, the Coots Rattlin Wasp and the Salmo
Hornet series.
By Mark Romanack The reason High Action Wobblers are spo-
radic in their performance is these are lures that
work best in warm water and when trolled at
Crankbaits are among the most productive higher rates of speed. These lures tend to produce
walleye lures, yet at the same time these lures are especially well when walleye are active and they
often fail miserably when the bite is off for one
also among the most misunderstood. The sheer number reason or another.
High action baits also seem to produce better
of crankbaits on the market is enough to confuse in flowing water than other crankbait styles. An-
even the most ardent fisherman... glers who routinely fish for walleye in rivers will

note that this category of crankbait represents
orting through all the crankbait op- walleye fishing, the categories include Stickbaits, their go to baits day in and day out.
tions can be an ominous chore, espe- Minnow Divers, Shad Baits and High Action
cially for the angler who doesnt have Wobblers. Stickbaits represent the group of Summer in the Great Lakes
a clue where to start. crankbaits that are characterized by being long During late June and all of July a rather
and slender in shape, shallow diving and subtle in unique crankbait bite takes place in many Great
Start Out action. Classic lures in this category include the Lakes fisheries, most noteworthy Lake Erie and
Establishing Categories Rapala F13 Minnow, Rapala Husky Jerk 12 and Saginaw Bay. During this time period water tem-
To better understand crankbaits, I recommend 14, Reef Runner RipStick, Smithwick Perfect 10, peratures climb into the 70 degree range and the
dissecting them into categories based on their Bomber LongA and Storm ThunderStick series. stage is set for a brief but colossal crankbait bite.
shape or profile and also the action they deliver. Because of their subtle action, these lures are On Lake Erie, most of the charter captains
This simple step helps tremendously in the pro- most commonly used in cold water conditions to quietly switch over their gear to pulling just one
cess of determining which baits will perform best milk strikes out of lethargic fish. Also, because model of crankbait, the original Storm 3/8 ounce
in different fishing situations. these lures are all shallow diving baits, anglers Wiggle Wart. This High Action Wobbler has
Among the crankbaits commonly used for typically incorporate in-line trolling weights like proven itself as a bait that will run true at higher


High action wobblers like this Mag
Lip 3.5 are good choices for an-
glers seeking summer walleye on
Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay.

trolling speeds.
Ramping up the trolling speed is critical, be-
cause on Erie non-target species like white bass,
white perch and sheepshead are so abundant they
can literally make it impossible to avoid them.
At speeds of 2.5 and above, most of the problems
associated with catching non-target species disap-
pear, yet walleye are more than willing to devour
these baits without hesitation.
Most of these captains will tell you the best
baits are the original Wiggle Warts produced
by Storm Lure Company before they sold out
to Rapala. Rapala has re-tooled these baits and
modernized them, but apparently something was
lost in the translation.
Finding original Wiggle Warts is a little chal- wider the diving lip of a crankbait the less critical battle scars that are proof positive they work and
lenging, but they are out there for sale on-line for it becomes for the eye tie wire to be perfectly work well.
between $10.00 and $20.00 each! A dozen or two dead center in the diving lip. Lures that feature
of these lures is a good investment for anyone long and slender diving lips are routinely the Hook Maintenance
who fishes the Western Basin of Lake Erie in the most difficult to tune because the eye tie wire Lots of premium crankbaits these days are
summer months. needs to be virtually dead center in the lip to equipped with high quality hooks. The process
Up at Saginaw Bay, the summer crankbait bite perform correctly. of hooking, landing and unhooking countless fish
takes a heavy toll on crankbait hooks. Sooner or
has changed dramatically over the years. Histori- Not all Crankbaits later these hooks are going to need some main-
cally, this fishery featured huge concentrations
of gizzard shad, and High Action Wobblers ruled Are Created Equal tenance in the form of sharpening and maybe
the fishing scene throughout the summer months. Anglers might find it interesting to note that replacement.
Over time Saginaw Bay has cleaned up due to some crankbaits are routinely tuned to perform A handy tool for sharpening treble hooks is a
filtration from Zebra and Quagga Mussels and best right out of manufacturer package and others file. The problem with a file is they remove lots
the forage base has changed from gizzard shad to are more likely to be out of tune than in tune. A of material quickly and if an angler gets heavy
emerald shiners. few insights about how crankbaits are made help handed the hook can be quickly ruined.
High Action Wobblers still produce lots of fish to explain this phenomenon. One of the best hook sharpening tools on the
on Saginaw Bay, but the window in which these Plastic crankbaits are by and large produced market is produced by Rapala. The Rapala file
lures consistently produce is shorter. The Storm by taking two halves and sonic welding them features a double rat-tail file on one side and a flat
1/4 ounce Hot-N-Tot and 3/8 ounce Rattle Tot, together. If you look closely a line right down the diamond impregnated stone with a hook grove on
along with the Salmo No. 6 Hornet and Yakima center of the bait can be noticed on these lures. the other. This provides anglers the best of both
Bait 3.5 Mag Lip are the lures that consistently Sonic welding is a mechanical process and not worlds.
produce Saginaw Bay walleye in the summer every bait is glued together perfectly. This If a hook is dull or the tip rolled over, the rat-
months. throws off the eye tie ever so slightly from dead tail file will quickly put an edge on the hook. For
center and produces a bait that must be hand fine tuning the sharpness of that hook its hard to
Tuning Crankbaits tuned to run properly. beat a few strokes with the flat diamond file that
All crankbaits suffer from one common fail- Wooden crankbaits and those made from high sharpens without removing too much material.
ing. When these lures are tuned properly, they density foam are not as susceptible to these vari- When treble hooks get bent and broken they
dive straight down into the water and deliver ables of manufacturing and on average tend to be need to be replaced, and this is a golden oppor-
their maximum fish catching depth and action. tuned and true running right out of the package. tunity to upgrade the hooks on prized crankbaits.
When the line tie or pull point on these lures gets Hook hangers are the figure eight shaped piece Hands down the sharpest hooks in the world are
tweaked, most crankbaits will not run straight in of wire that are used as attachment points for the Eagle Claw Trokar surgically sharp hooks.
the water or tolerate higher trolling speeds. treble hooks and also as pull points at the nose of Eagle claw produces a round bend model TK300
Tuning crankbaits is a skill every walleye popular crankbaits. Hook hangers are produced and a wide bend model TK310 that are ideal for
angler must master if they aspire to catch walleye by a lot of different companies and the sizing, re-hooking walleye crankbaits.
consistently on these lures. The process of tuning wire diameters and tensile strength of these criti- When replacing treble hooks on crankbaits,
a crankbait is simple, but time consuming. cal pieces of manufacturing are not necessarily its a wise idea to replace them with the same
The best way to see if a crankbait is tuned consistent, says lure designer Buzz Ramsey of size the manufacturer provided. Changing out the
properly is to let it out and reel it in at a rapid rate Yakima Bait. size of the treble hook on crankbaits is a slippery
of speed. Speed personifies any imperfection in Ramsey has been designing crankbaits for slope because many of these lures are so delicate-
how a crankbait is tuned and makes it obvious over 40 years and feels little details like the hook ly balanced that using larger hooks can impact
to see if the lure is running left or right of center hangers make a huge difference in how a crank- negatively on their action.
instead of diving straight down. bait performs. When Yakima orders hook hang-
Baits that are running left of center can be ers we demand they hit a very specific tolerance, Summing It Up
corrected by bending the eye tie wire slightly explains Ramsey. Even the minutest variance Mid-summer is prime time for targeting wall-
to the right. Lures that are running right require from our factory specs is unacceptable because eye with crankbaits, but not all crankbaits per-
adjusting this wire pull point to the left. The op- the pull point of a crankbait is the most critical form well in warm water conditions. An in-depth
erative word here is slightly because moving this part of making that lure function properly. understanding of crankbait types and how to get
wire only a 1,000th of an inch will dramatically Yakima routinely checks the dimensions of the most from them is the fast track to walleye
change how the lure runs. hook hangers and rejects all that dont match fishing success.
This process is a trial and error event that their factory specifications precisely. This kind Mark Romanack is a frequent contributor
requires making an adjustment, testing the lure of attention to detail is one of keys to producing to Woods-N-Waters News and also the owner/
again and continuing to make adjustments until crankbaits that not only run correctly right out of founder of Precision Trolling Data. Widely con-
the lure runs true and dives straight down. Frank- the package, these lures also enjoy better actions. sidered an authority on crankbaits and crankbait
ly, lots of anglers dont have the patience it takes Jarod Higginbotham of Yakima Bait works trolling, for more than 25 years Romanack has
to properly tune crankbaits and these anglers side by side with lure designer Buzz Ramsey put in countless hours testing crankbaits to de-
struggle to catch fish as a result. Tuned crankbaits and is being groomed as the lure designer of the termine their Dive Curve so this data could be
catch more fish and the only way to tune a crank- future for Yakima. Jarod describes crankbaits published enabling anglers nationwide to accu-
bait is one at a time using a pair of pliers to make that routinely produce as fishy and its easy to rately present their favorite crankbaits at precise
small adjustments. see what Jarod is talking about. Baits that catch depths. This critical trolling data is available in
Some lures are easier to tune than others. The fish are quickly roughed up and showing obvious both an Android and i-Phone app.n
Basics of fishing
pond management
here are a problems designing your
large num- pond.
ber of small I have seen people
private fish attempt to manage fish in
ponds that ponds about the size of
have been above ground backyard
constructed in Michigan. swimming pools up to
These small private ponds several acres. A typical
are very numerous in areas excavated pond is about 0.5
of the state where
natural lakes are By Bill Ziegler to 2 acres. They can
produce outstanding
Grandma Joyce Ziegler and granddaughter Hali Ziegler enjoying a beauti-
ful spring morning fishing for panfish in private pond in Michigan.
not as abundant, fisheries, provided
although they are found throughout they are properly managed. As have their efforts were negated by well Some people have wanted to
the entire state. Ponds may be cre- most DNR fisheries biologists, I re- meaning relatives who would stock manage walleye in their small pond
ated by excavation or by damming ceived a number of calls asking for yellow perch or other panfish on but that is a poor choice. Walleye re-
a stream or watercourse. Some of advice on stocking and management top of the formerly well producing quire larger lakes with a good forage
these ponds were constructed with of these ponds. trout pond. The result was typically base of minnows, perch and aquatic
matching Federal funds with cost One of the most common mis- depressed growth and production of insects and would likely not sustain
share programs from the old U.S. takes I saw was too many different trout and a bunch of stunted pan- any significant harvest. Most pond
Soil Conservation Service. The people trying to stock fish into the fish that could not be eliminated by owners or their families could not
former Federal matching funding same small pond. That is almost al- normal means. resist harvesting any walleye they
has all but disappeared, although the ways counterproductive. I have been Another common mistake is catch and in very small waters. The
U.S. Natural Resource Conserva- approached a number of times by not making a realistic choice of fish opposite problem can arise where
tion Service (old SCS) can provide pond owners who went to consider- species to manage your small pond walleye can easily overwhelm a
you extremely valuable technical able expense and effort to produce a for. I have talked to a number of small ponds forage base.
assistance that will help you avoid quality trout pond. In several cases people who wanted their small pond The problem is most top preda-
to compete with some of Michigans tor fish only have the potential to
best walleye, muskie, or perch lakes. produce relatively low density popu-
The reality is, in a small pond in lations that do not suit them to small
Michigan you are essentially limited ponds. In other words, a realistic
to either trout or largemouth bass/ walleye or northern pike population
sunfish (possibly mixed with or would be about 3 to 10 per acre.
catfish). Most ponds are only about one or
Trout do best if they are the only two surface acres at the most. It
fish in the pond (other than a pos- doesnt take an advanced mathema-
sible forage minnow of pure fathead tician to see how quickly you would
minnows). Bass and catfish can be harvest your entire adult predator
combined in a large enough pond fish population from your small
and can be managed with a panfish pond, if you used those species.
like bluegill or hybrid sunfish etc. Even using bass, the best results are
These species options are the only releasing them and just keeping the
ones that can maintain a sustainable more prolific sunfish that can main-
fishery in a small pond. Trout are tain a larger standing crop of fish.
the best potential producer in terms Many people overrate the
of number of fish per acre, but of water source of their pond. Typi-
course they are limited to very high cally, ponds or lakes do not have
A nice 9-inch bluegill caught and released from a local pond. water quality ponds. significant spring water input

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unless they have a continuous flow- (bass) that would allow the panfish
ing outlet. Of course, all species of to overpopulate and subsequently
trout need high water quality. They stunt. Of course, predators should be
require cold, well oxygenated water maintained through catch and care-
that remains that way throughout hot ful release.
summer days (and nights). Rainbow Somewhat higher population
and brook trout yield the best results levels of either trout or catfish can
when managing a small pond. Trout be produced by artificial feeding fish
do not have the habitat conditions food. People who choose this option
to become self-sustaining in a small should realize they can take on a
pond requiring routine stocking to new set of pond problems as this
maintain a viable trout fishery. creates considerable waste which
One advantage to managing can degrade water quality and de-
your pond for a mixture of large- plete critical dissolved oxygen fish
mouth bass and bluegill/sunfish is need to survive.
that they can naturally reproduce This is not intended to be a
successfully in most pond environ- complete guide to managing fisher-
ments. Another advantage to these ies in small ponds. It is a summary
species is Michigan Law allows en- of potential options and realistic ex-
tirely private pond owners without pectations. For specific advice, you
a pond inlet or outlet to stock their should seek professional fisheries
own ponds without permit. If the biologist help or within the limits of
pond is not entirely private, it has an their agency mission nearby County, Kristin Lawson with a nice largemouth bass she caught in a local pond.
inlet/outlet or multiple riparian own- State or Federal Agencies (NRCS, The kayak is an excellent way to spend a relaxing evening and fishing a
erships fish can be stocked from a County Soil Conservation District, pond. Author photos
certified private hatchery with a free or DNR). You should be aware most
permit after contacting your local government agencies are limited follow a plan to maintain the quality fishing for a family and your friends,
DNR fisheries biologist and gaining to verbal advice versus site visits of the fishery and water. A properly provided you keep harvest limited
approval. and written plans for private pond managed pond can yield years of and recreation as your primary
Another law allows ponds management. great enjoyment and outstanding goal.n
meeting the entirely private From decades of experience
criteria above to catch and move with public and private fish manage-
legally caught fish meeting size ment, I can point out if you stock
limit and bag limits to their ponds incompatible species, or undesirable
alive. In Michigan, this is not a aquatic species are somehow intro-
realistic option for species other duced, you will likely have to resort
than largemouth bass and sunfish to chemical reclamation (kill out the
species. With numbers that are pond). Chemical fish toxicants are
realistically caught by anglers one expensive and are state and federally
can obtain numbers of adult fish to regulated chemicals making this a
generate a fishery in a small pond. more difficult outcome to eliminate
This means once you establish a a problem and start over. To use this
good predator prey ratio to your option you will have to hire a Certi-
fishery it can be mostly self-sustain- fied Aquatic Pesticide Applicator.
ing. A private pond does require ac-
In a small pond you are limited tive management effort to maintain
by how many predators it will sup- a sustained quality fishery just as
port. To avoid stunting of panfish it do larger lakes and reservoirs in
is very important not to remove the Michigan. It does require the owner
small population of viable predators to have realistic goals and to set and

Eagle One Bait Company

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Raini Lucas
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(989) 316-8544
Scent-marking by bucks in velvet

White-tailed deer are a prey species that

survive because of their extraordinary senses
of hearing, sight, and smell. These senses
are so keen, says nationally recognized
scientist, Dietland Muller-Schwarz, that
humans can scarcely measure their extent.

he whitetails keen rying velvet covered antlers. How-
sense of smell serves ever, most such marking is so subtle
in finding food, de- that its easily overlooked.
tecting predators, More than 30 years ago, I
social communication, learned that bucks could easily be
reproductive behavior, induced to scent-mark overhead
and probably a good many branches and scrape where
other things we humans I wanted. All that was
dont fully understand. necessary was to provide
Deer employ their super an overhead branch in
sense of smell year-round the right place. Placing
in conjunction with glan- cameras at such sites, year
dular secretions and body round, proved to be quite
odors -- referred to as revealing.
chemical signals -- as their In 1988, I hung 100
primary mode of limbs at likely
By John Ozoga scrape sites
throughout Upper
odors produced by whitetail bucks Michigans square-mile Cusino deer Springtime scent-marking at scrapes is a good indication that some
probably include secretions from enclosure and used them to study of the local bucks sur vived the previous hunting season and winter
skin glands, urine, and saliva. Feces deer marking behavior. Interestingly, period. Kenny Darwin photo
also serve as a means of odor com- 60 percent of the limbs were scent-
munication in some animals and marked by deer before scraping erally less than 200 acres in size causing them to seek other areas for
might in whitetails, too, but this has started in early October. -- during May and June, the period fawn-rearing.
not been documented. When marking branches, most of maximum antler growth. In late Whitetail bucks seem to have
Whitetails have seven types of of which are about head-high, a July, however, when antler growth the capacity to emit a wide array of
skin glands that likely play some buck mouths the branch tips, rubs was nearly completed and the antler chemical signals, which presumably
role in scent communication. These them with his forehead, preorbital cores began to mineralize, some convey equally diverse messages,
include the forehead, preorbital, and area, nose, antlers, and chin, while of the bucks wandered into adja- in order to satisfy their social needs.
nasal glands, located on the head; pausing periodically to sniff and lick cent doe-occupied ranges where When combined with different
the tarsal, metatarsal, and interdigi- the branches. Its as if the entire pro- they also scent-marked overhead methods of presenting the odors,
tal glands, found on the legs, and the cess involved some highly sophisti- branches. the chemical languages of whitetails
preputial gland on the bucks penis cated signal code -- like a baseball Ninety-four of my 100 test limbs must be immense.
sheath. coach signaling his batter. were scent-marked by bucks; 60 Despite what you might read in
Unlike visual signs and vocal- Close inspection will reveal percent were marked before active the popular literature and contrary
izations, which serve only immedi- frequently rubbed twigs acquire an scraping started. But I detected no to claims, scientists still dont know
ate, short-range purposes, chemical oily or greased appearance, and deer serious limb-tip mutilation until precisely what chemicals bucks use
signals can be deposited on objects hairs can often be found adhered to October, at which time bucks began in their scent-marking.
in the environment. They can also the tips of frayed branches. to paw the ground beneath scent- Until we more fully understand
identify the maker, permit scent- In Northern Michigan, where marked limb tips. In all, 83 percent their social behavior, we will have
matching of scent marks with indi- many whitetails vacate their sum- of the branches bucks scent-marked difficulty determining how white-
viduals, and produce long-lasting mering grounds and migrate long during summer developed into tails talk to each other via chemi-
messages that continue to work in distances to wintering areas, bucks scrapes in autumn. cal language, which substances are
the makers absence. intensively scent-mark overhead So, the intensity, manner, and used, and precisely what messages
During the breeding season, branches on their traditional sum- distribution of scent-marking by are conveyed.
bucks produce highly visible sign- mer range as soon as they return bucks changed as the summer Whatever its cause and function,
posts, in the form of antler rubs and in spring. Sometimes they even progressed. Even the secretions, springtime scent-marking at scrapes
ground scrapes. These are violent complete the full scrape sequence messages, and audience might have is a good indication that some of the
aggressive action: Bucks use their by pawing the ground and urinating changed one month to the next. local bucks survived the previous
antlers to rub the bark from trees, to at the site. I believe that scent-marking in hunting season and winter period.
thrash brush, and to break overhead In my Cusino enclosure stud- spring helps bucks reclaim their Use of automatic cameras at these
limbs while depositing scent, and ies, I used automatic cameras set familiar summering grounds, much sites will help to identify the mark-
they paw the ground like irate bulls. at limbs I purposely positioned for of which has been devoid of deer ers and readers -- and Ill wager you
Bucks also judiciously scent- study. I found that bucks scent- during the winter months. It also capture far more images of bucks
mark overhead branches when car- marked small home ranges -- gen- probably intimidates pregnant does, than does.n
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By Kenny Darwin

hen Michigan
waterways warm
and gills leave
shallow spawn-
ing locations,
most anglers
hang up their rods and assume big
gills have disappeared for the year. Big hump back buck gill taken on glow jig with black dots tipped with hot orange Little Atom super soft scented
The truth is those big hump-backed plastic tail. When using this bait, you eliminate the dreaded bluegill kiss, barely mouthing the bait because the
bulls are still out there, and you can wiggling plastic initiates or triggers strikes. Kenny Darwin photos
fill your live well with big gills and warming water drive the males to In summer, the key is to look for ing tactics during summer, micro
get shark attack savage strikes by deeper water and soon only dinky large adult gills near the bottom or baits for macro panfish. I use elec-
following some simple fishing rules. bluegills are available for fisher- by structure in deep water. Often tronics to locate fish and rather than
Summer gills pull a nasty trick on men. The french-fry-size gills spend you find them stacked along weed using a bulky bobber, I rig straight
fishermen. The big adult bluegills most of the summer in the shallows, edges on inside turns, points and to a Fiskas jig made from tungsten.
leave the shallows. Big spawned-out although the occasional decent size other irregular locations. Many My favorite jig is 5mm or 6mm size
females are the first to go and some fish might appear during cold weath- congregate on deep humps, sunken colored Glow with Black Spots.
males remain near nesting locations er. The slabs vacate the shallows and islands and on the deep side of weed Ive had excellent luck on sum-
to protect the young. Bright sun and move back to deep water lairs. edges. They spend the summer mer gills with jigs colored Yellow
far from most fishermen. Oh sure Spot, Glow Zebra, Clown, White
you can have a riot catching dinky Perch and more. These lures are
fish along shore or off docks, but designed to hang in the water at a
the big fish are not there. The trick 45 degree angle, which gives them
to summer gill success hinges on a horizontal profile and great action
your ability to locate them in deep while jigging. They have super
water hide outs. Of course electron- sticky hooks for best hook set. More
ics can be the key to success, and importantly, tungsten jigs sink fast
once you find them most Michigan and get you deep and back down
anglers use live bait presentations into fish at lightning speed. I get
like crickets, garden worms, leeches my jigs online at www.YurBob-
and more. Slip-bobber rigs are very Choose from three
popular and they make it easy to gill catching finishes: hand-painted,
cast and fish with slip bobbers over epoxy or metallic.
gill hot spots. Just because a jig weighs 1/64
Summer gills often feed on ounce doesnt mean it will catch
plankton, freshwater shrimp and gills. Round jigs tend to lay verti-
freshly hatched out fish fry. Again, cal in the water and each jig falls in
good electronics will help you to a different manner. Plus, jigs made
locate gills that are suspended and from lead dont weigh as much as
feeding on micro-organisms. Often tungsten and they fall too slowly to
schools congregate in deep water reach deep water gills. Fiskas silver
just out from weed beds, other times and gold mirrors are flat discs with
they are over open deep water. The through head line ties and highly
trick is to adjust slip bobbers so the reflective surfaces that will hammer
offering is in the strike zone. Some gills when combined with Little
anglers prefer to use two hooks set Atom Micro Nuggie. The slow
12-18-inches apart to help locate the fluttering design is ideal when gills
exact depth where fish congregate. go negative and bites are difficult
With this technique it is not uncom- to achieve with the Fiskas wolfram
mon to hook two gills at a time. jigs. The secret to the success of this
I hit on a hot fishing strategy a technique hinges on tiny ice jigs
few years ago and the results have with authentic, Latvian produced
Deb Gilmore, East Lansing, loves to use Fiskas Wolfram ice jigs for sum- been outstanding. Im using a light heads of the most dense, high grade
mer bluegill limit catches. She prides herself on taking large trophy 10 action or ultra-light rod/reel combo Russian tungsten.
gills, more than the author. Last year she caught three 10-inch plus gills spooled with 4 or 6-pound test clear If the weather is beautiful and
in a row using her favorite Fiskas 4mm jig tipped with a waxworm. mono. Basically, Im using ice fish- winds calm Ill get out my ice fish-
Micro jigs and
soft, scented
plastics are the
key to catches of
ing rods and hammer deep water will find out pronto because you big gills, crappie,
gills. Sure, fishing with a short rod will catch crappie. But thats another perch, sunfish
requires patience, but the results story; your goal is to hammer gills. and other panfish
can be impressive. If the wind is Some days the lake is simply during summer
blowing and waves are rockin, I too rough with waves and the wind when other baits
use my 6 walleye jigging rod makes it a chore to stay on fish. go flat. Use glow
with 10-pound Berkley Pro Braid Thats when I simply put a couple jigs and plastics
that is 2-pound diameter, and lures size #7 sinkers above the jig and on overcast days,
sink fast. I attach the braid to a tiny lower the offering into the strike early morning,
Blackbird barrel swivel and a 2-foot zone and drift with the waves. When late evening and
long leader of Seaguar InvizX fluo- drifting, you can set your rods on at night. Finesse
rocarbon fishing line 4-pound test. the side of the boat and watch the soft plastics
The line helps me to feel strikes, and rod tip for strikes. If fishing with a mimic inver te-
when I get gills to the surface I can friend, use the electric motor to keep brates and the
swing them aboard. the boat sideways and a wide spread action of fresh-
Super soft scented tails are the between lines. water shrimp or
secret to success in this game. My Now here comes the most zooplankton and
important part. While you can catch cause big bites
choice is Little Atom Micro Nug- year around.
gies from www.YourBobbersDown plenty of summer gills on soft plas-
colored glow, bubble gum, hot tics, I prefer to tip the hook with a
chartreuse and more. These tails are single wax worm. This adds smell,
customized for ice fishing and the and the dancing white bug grabs the shark attacking feel free to thread movement and enhances the attrac-
pointed tails offer quick action that attention of gills and brings them the waxie, but if the bite slows or tive wiggle of the soft plastics. The
draws fish from afar. They are im- close for a better look. Many times fish become neutral or negative loop gives lures more side-to-side
pregnated with scent and also come you catch smash gills by constantly leave the tail dangling action and undulating pivots of the
in two tone colors like red/glow, swimming soft plastics, but once in There are several plastics that jig, worthy movement that results in
tadpole/glow and more. a while they prefer a pause, which work like dynamite with this tech- more strikes.
Dont overlook their sparkle gives them an opportunity to get kis- nique. Some look like crawlers with With modern changes in fishing
tail colors and the forked tails catch sin close and once they get a whiff a pointed tail or a wiggler complete line, electronics, jigs, soft plastics
crappie like crazy. Maki Plastics of the live bait they pounce on the with legs and extended triple tails. and more the days of gills disap-
produce some of the most inventive hook. Ive had great success on forked pearing the entire summer no longer
plastics with fish attracting shapes. While some anglers prefer to tailed plastics during summer. The exist. Michigan fishermen have
Maki Plastics Jamei has multiple thread the wax worm on the hook trick is to use finesse size plastics learned micro-baits catch gills like
legs and forked soft tail that resem- I like to barely pin the head and that mimic the size and profile of crazy year round and they have
bles a fine-tailed invertebrate and leave the entire body dangling. This freshwater living creatures. taken gill fishing to atomic propor-
can be trimmed to fit any hook. gives the entire presentation more Consider replacing your tradi- tions. Today, Michigan has a grow-
Dont overlook Akara Mega Soft action and big bulls tend to slam the tional knot with a loop knot, like ing army of successful fishermen
Tailed bloodworm or the J&S Cus- wiggling live bait. Sure some gills Surgeons knot or non-slip loop. that are quickly adapting ice fishing
tom jigs ice Mite Jr. Keep in mind attack the presentation and rip off For vertical presentations, the loop strategies to the dog days of summer
that the reason micro soft baits on the live bait. On days when they are knot allows more free and random and the results are impressive.n
tiny jigs are so effective is because
the action resembles zooplankton
and other underwater critters that Church Tackle Co. ALL MADE
New for 2016!
gills prefer to eat. Manufacturers Locking Arm
easy to open & close
Locking Arm
in recent years have developed soft Adjustment Adjustment Screw

easy to open & close

Mini Lock-Jaw
plastics in micro proportions. Even
For drop weights & Release
the most reluctant panfish inhale Prevention
Hole for drop weights
or other applications
This clip may be mini but when it comes to holding power its second other applications
these baby baits. only to its big brother, the original Lock-Jaw! Holds mono, super
The most important element of braids, power pro, lead core or copper lines without damaging the line!
this deadly tactic is lure action. The The Mini Lock-Jaw fits The Walleye Board, TX-44, TX-22, TX-12 & TX-6 1 7/8 Long Pad

tiny dancing jig and fast wiggling planer boards, but we recommend the full size Lock-Jaw for the TX-44. 1/2 Wide Locator holes for Line Protector inside
keeps line from making
Locator holes for
attaching to side-planers

tail imitates a variety of freshwater The Mini Lock-Jaw is designed to fit other side planers, drop weights and attaching
to side-planers
WE DIDNT INVENT CLIPS, contact with screw
works for many other applications.
food like shrimp. The soft plastic Part# 40620, 2pk Color - yellow Replacement Pads part# 40701 6/pk Diving Weight
tail dancing in the water drives big
TX-007 Stern Planer & TX-005 Mini Stern Planer TX-44 Tournament Series Unique error-proof design allows anglers to put
more fish in the boat! Water strikes top surface,
gills bonkers and they hammer the The TX-44 is the first and the only in line planer to pull the large Divers,
(10 1/4 long, weighs about 3 oz) (7 long, weighs about 1.5 oz) Lead Core, Wire or Copper Lines and Heavy Weights. The size of the TX-44 forcing the Stingray downward. A fish on will
hook like a Great White shark at- force the nose upward & Stingray to the surface.
tacking prey. An all new type of planer! makes it harder for fish to pull the board under, however it is still easy to
retrieve. The Vise Clip comes standard with the TX-44; especially Available in unpainted or painted. 2 snaps for
Heres how you slam em. Use a rch Tackle Co. designed for lead core & copper, makes accidental each weight included
Chu E-Z Store Famous
release almost impossible. snaps off & on in seconds Lock-Jaw
bow mounted electric trolling motor TX-44 Tournament Series now for easy removal & storage Clip Size #1 - .7 oz
to cover water. Have your electron- Easy to attach and remove.
available which comes with a #40300
Great for trolling in congested areas and more effective contour trolling along unpainted #40302 black
ics mounted to the electric motor so Lock-Jaw Clip, Stainless Steel
drop offs contour lines, reef edges and weed lines in rivers, lakes or the ocean. Rear Pin and E-Z Store for easy
you can see bottom, locate drop-offs Effective for all species. Run more lines out the back of the boat by staggering tow-arm removal. Part# 30630 Size #2 - 1.4 oz
and deep water, and most important- the Stern Planers. Run any distance from the boat yet maintain desired depth. Standard TX-44 Part# 30610 Stainless Steel Rear Pin (14 x 4 1/4 x 7/8)
ly, locate gills. Now you take a page
from the spring river walleye riggers EZ Store! For Your Planer Board Allows for easy Tournament Series
planer storage! Change #40303 unpainted #40304 orange
hand book and you vertically jig -22 SCop
tow-arm & clips in a snap!
TXChurch Tackle odus, MI
.S Upgrade Kit
Size #3 - 2.7 oz

for gills. The electric motor is used for TX-44, TX-22 &
Optional E-Z Store devise easily
TXChurwcwhwT.acchkulrchtackleo.codusm, MI

The Walleye Board

-22 eSCop .S l
to keep your jig dancing directly attaches to the Walleye Board, TX-44

below your boat. The trick is to keep & TX-22 side planers. Slide the tow-arm off for storage or change Includes a Lock-Jaw Clip
the line straight up and down and to another tow-arm & clip then slide back on when youre ready to E-Z Store & Stainless
dance the jig slightly above gills fish again. Part# 40519 sold 2 per package 1 left & 1 right Rear Pin Assembly. (Part# 30640) #40305 unpainted #40306 chartreuse
you mark on electronics. Oh, what Please check with your local tackle shop first, if they dont carry our products visit us at to view all
if the marks are crappie? Well, you of our great American made fishing gear, or call us at 269-934-8528 to request a catalog.
Shivering Summer Walleyes?
Next Bite...By Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz

ith the water also has a jog feature that allows
on most us to move in 5-foot increments in
lakes now any direction without having to re-
warming up anchor to move slowly around the
to over 60 structure.
degrees, it is Trolling at a 45-degree angle
a great time to start to think about while slowly moving around struc-
shivering. No, we arent talking ture with the bow mount trolling
about taking a dip into a cold lake motor is another way to catch fish
and then spending the rest of the day on Shiver Minnows. We use an
trying to get rid of the chill in your action similar vertical jigging, but
body. Were talking about fishing sweep the lure about three feet. This
with a glide bait known as the is where the remote used to control
Moonshine Shiver Minnow. This is the Xi5 comes in handy, as we can
the bait that gave us first and second control the motor from anywhere in
place finishes a couple years ago at the boat. For this version of Shiver-
a tournament on Bays de Noc. Since ing, it is nice to stand in the back of
that time, this bait has continued to the boat so your line doesnt have to
produce big walleyes in a variety of run under the motor and transducers.
situations. The Xi5 also has heading lock,
There are two factors that make which means that the motor will
conditions perfect for shivering. stay on course in any direction we
The first is being in an area where point it, even in windy conditions!
fish are relating to structure, such as Casting is where the Shiver Min-
shorelines, reefs, and humps. The now is king! What makes a Shiver
second factor is fairly clear water. Minnow unique compared to other
This is important because shivering glide baits is that after you pop it,
is a visual trigger for fish. it will jump to the side and then turn
There are a few different ways right around and head back to the
to work a Shiver Minnow. The first starting location. There is no other
is vertical jigging on deep structure. glide bait on the market that takes a
While you can work the structure gliding path back.
blindly, if you see a fish below the This allows you to get a cadence
boat on your electronics, you defi- down that can make the Shiver
nitely want to stop and fish it! Minnow dart back and forth, similar
Drop your lure down and give to Walking the Dog with surface
a quick two-foot snap followed im- baits. This back and forth action of-
mediately by slack line. The snap ten fires up fish and triggers them to
makes the Shiver Minnow jump bite when they normally wouldnt.
to the side, and the slack line turns Remember, the key to the success of
it around and makes it head back this cadence is slack line!
towards the starting position. To properly work a Shiver Min-
Most of the time we just let the now on a cast, first let it drop to the
lure crash into the bottom on each bottom. Then pop your rod tip 2-3
stroke. The fish will either hit it on feet, and immediately give it slack.
the glide back or they will pin it Picture a whipping action, like grab- Although Shivering sounds cold, it is one of the hottest techniques in
to the bottom. The next stroke will bing the end of a rope and trying to walleye fishing! If you are fishing in water up to 15 feet deep or targeting
act as the hook set. If we catch a fish make it undulate. It is a fluid motion walleyes under four pounds, use a #2 Shiver Minnow (below).
on a particular piece of structure, of raising your hand and then im- pop and lower your rod from one to spliced to NanoFil with an Albright
we put our MotorGuide Xi5 trolling mediately dropping your hand. four times in a row without letting knot. You can learn how to make
motor into Anchor Mode. This al- The same is true when shiver- the lure hit the bottom. this knot by visiting www.thenext-
lows us to hold precisely on a spot, ing. Lift the rod tip up, then without If you make more than one to see an animation. If you
such as the top of a hump or right on pausing at the top, return the rod tip stroke, the first strokes are to trig- are fishing for large walleyes or in
the transition line of a reef. The Xi5 to the starting position. You might ger fish, so you have to play with a an area with a lot of snags, you will
number of trigger strokes to see want to move up to 15 lb. test. Be
what they want. On the final stroke, sure to tie the leader directly to the
always let the Shiver Minnow glide Shiver Minnow.
all the way down and make contact If you are fishing in water up to
with the bottom. Its on the final 15 feet deep or targeting walleyes
glide and bottom contact that you under four pounds, use a #2 Shiver
will get the bite. Minnow. For deeper water or bigger
For equipment, we like to use walleye, move up to a #3 Shiver
a 6 to 66 ML Walleye Angler Minnow.
jigging rod spooled with Hi-Vis Although Shivering sounds
Berkley NanoFil in 10 lb. test line. cold, it is one of the hottest tech-
It makes it easy to see when the lure niques in walleye fishing! So, no
hits bottom or when a fish hits on matter which way you decide to
the glide. present the Shiver Minnow to the
Tie this to a 10lb. test Berkley fish, were sure it will lead to your
100% Fluorocarbon 2-foot leader Next Bite!n
Promotional Finance Offer Ends 6/30/2017.


DRYDEN, Michigan 48428



ichigan is extreme distance from our truck, we
blessed by many had agreed to shoot only bucks with
wild harvestable eight or more points.
resources. but We parked our truck at 4 a.m.
the oysters and entered the woodlot in the pre-
you are think- dawn darkness at 6 a.m. We erected
ing of are not one of them! These and ascended into our respective
oysters are every bit as tasty and portable tree stands to begin our vig-
desirable as the oysters dredged ils. As it began to get light, I noticed Typical stump/log oyster mushrooms. Author photo
up from the sea bottoms; but much highly visible clumps of white on
easier to obtain and virtually free of numerous trees near my stand. I im- small folding knife, a compass, GPS fresh, and free is always better and
charge.... mediately knew that they were fresh unit (optional), fanny pack, and a tastes better too! The flesh of this
Introducing the Michi- oyster mushrooms! cell phone; there are specific things mushroom is firm, thick, and nearly
gan wild oyster mushroom! About that same time, that need to be included. First is white. The odor and taste is heav-
While the highly coveted I heard the unmistakable a reasonably large back pack and enly mild! Specimens collected for
morel mushroom sprouts sound of a deer approach- extra nylon mesh bags to hold your the table should be inspected for
only during a brief period ing through the six-inch harvested oysters. On a good day shiny, black, beetles, which lay their
in early to mid-spring; the deep water. As the buck got there may be lots of them! And eggs on the deeply furrowed gills,
oyster mushroom, second closer, I could only count second, you need a way to harvest and beetle larvae, which tunnel into
only to the morel in taste, seven points. It traveled high-growing oyster mushrooms. It the mushroom flesh. All can be eas-
sprouts throughout the by me within 20 yards and is illegal to use screw-in tree steps ily removed by soaking your oyster

By Joe Lunkas
spring, early sum- made its way toward on state or federal lands! There are mushrooms in cold salt water for a
mer, and fall months. Bobs position. three viable solutions. At least four few minutes; then rinsing them off
This is especially He shot that buck strap-on tree steps or at least two with clean cool water and set on a
true in northern Michigan, which and it dropped within 50 yards. stackable, light-weight climbing towel to dry off before cooking or
is a definite advantage to Michigan It indeed did have eight points! I sticks. drying for future use. Store in sealed
gatherers. failed to spot the short brow tine Both options are a bit cumber- glass or ceramic containers in your
I have been a dedicated mush- on the right side of the bucks wide some to tote along. I often choose a pantry or out of direct sun in your
roomer and gatherer of all of Mother rack. For some reason, large unbal- better third option if I am not bow kitchen. a visually aesthetic and
Natures bounties for well over 50 anced racks were common in this hunting and have climbing capabili- sure sign that a great cook lives
years. Oyster mushrooms are usual- area. Bob was sitting less than 80 ties anyway. I prefer to use a camou- here!
ly found by accident while spending yards from me and chided me as we flage-painted light-weight aluminum Personally, bugs dont bother
time in the woods hiking, scouting, both descended from our stands. telescopic tree pruning saw that I me. All mushrooms have great taste
seeking morel mushrooms, fishing, He had watched me pass on can use as a walking stick as well! but little or no nutritional value.
or hunting. The act of pleasurably the buck and stated: You need to When high oysters are encountered, but bugs do! They are 100% pro-
discovering and harvesting wild clean your glasses! I extend the pruning saw and, with tein! While on missions in Laos
oyster mushrooms holds special I replied: Maybe so; but they a quick jerk of the saw blade at the during the Vietnam War; then SGT.
memories for me. were clean enough for me to see all base of the oyster mushroom, I lop Lunkas often encountered indig-
Once, while deer bow hunting those freshly sprouted oyster mush- it off. then either my companion enous local tribesmen who turned
with my now departed buddy Bob rooms on many of the trees around or I play a game called catch the me on to eating various bugs and
Husak in the mid-1970s, we had me! oyster in the hat. I often have this beetles for energy and survival.
such an unexpected oyster mush- While Bob field dressed his useful tool on hand while scouting Often far from U.S Army support,
room experience. We were hunting buck; I took my climbing sticks for potential hunting stand sites. this was a necessity. My favorite
a distant partially flooded small to each tree and began my own Initial pruning of shot-interfering was a very large beetle that could be
woodlot near what is called the harvest. It took both of our back small branches can be easily done eaten raw or cooked in the shell
north fields in the 9,000 acre Shia- packs to hold them! It took the from the ground before the hunt or over the coals of a small fire. and
wassee River State Game Area near better part of the rest of the day to from my treestand during my hunt. absolutely delicious!
Saginaw, Michigan. This particular drag Bobs buck and tote my oyster Hunter-gatherers often find many Edible mushrooms were there,
foot and boat traffic only site was mushrooms back to our truck. In such sites while mushrooming! too, to flavor the less tasty bugs
nearly two miles from the Turner the parking lot, more hunters were Facts About the and beetles. I ate well and even
Road parking lot and was far out of excited about my huge oyster mush- Oyster Mushroom gained weight in the jungle! I look
range of most other hunters. room find than Bobs somewhat Oyster mushrooms, Genus at it this way: Compare eating bugs
Bob and I had both labori- average buck! We had fresh venison Pleurotus, grow in single to densely with eating a wormy apple in the
ously taken some real nice bucks back straps cooked with tasty oyster clustered and often overlapping dark. It tastes good and you dont
during both the early October and mushrooms and onions fried in but- clumps on stumps, rotting wood, even know the worms are there
late December archery seasons ter for a special dinner that night. A on downed logs of trees of many pure protein too!
and the traditional two week mid- most memorable oyster mushroom species and on standing dying Reference the authors Fifty
November gun seasons. This hunt experience! timber as well. especially pop- Years of Lessons Learned of a
was during the early season just Basic Oyster lar and cottonwood in Michigan. Michigan Outdoorsman Book Tril-
prior to the duck season opener on Mushroomers Field Gear This widespread edible mushroom ogy. Google Joe Lunkas for book
October 10, 1974. The DNR had In addition to the basic mush- is named for its shape rather than descriptions, author information,
just started flooding this area for the roomers field gear which includes its taste. It is sometimes found in book availability, and purchasing
duck hunters. This annual process a good mushroom field guide (for great quantity and may be dried and options. Also; browse through the
caused many of the trees to eventu- safety sake know your mushrooms), stored like morels for years with ex- five plus pages of entries during
ally die and begin to decay. We had loose-fitting temperature-appropri- cellent results! Oyster mushrooms, your initial Google search for ad-
scouted this area many times prior ate clothing, waterproof footwear, unlike morels, are easily cultivated ditional information about me and
to our hunt that season. Due to the a brimmed hat, walking stick, a and grown commercially. wild, my writings.n
Examining a Michigan Grasslands AreaPrepare By MDNR

The AuTrain Wildlife Management Area and Refuge

n the late 1960s, the Michi- grain) were planted annually.
gan Department of Natural However, changes in manage-
Resources began planning ment had to occur at the refuge be-
several major waterfowl cause of the increased costs of fund-
management areas in the ing the original project scope, the
Upper Peninsula. These changing roles of DNR Wildlife Di-
waterfowl sites were designed to vision employees, and the increased
be stop-over places for migrating population of geese throughout the
Canada geese. Midwest. We also saw a reduction
In the central U.P., DNR wild- of the use of the refuge by geese,
life managers selected the AuTrain possibly due to migration pattern
Basin in Alger County as the most shifts or the amount of small grains
suitable site. In the spring of 1972, being grown in the area.
the project officially began. The ba- By the mid-1990s, there were
sin is located southwest of Chatham indications that the original manage-
and due south of AuTrain. ment plan was too broad and may
Goals, Management never be fully implemented, and it
was ultimately abandoned.
and Development Management activities pre-
The main goals, at the time, scribed at the site through 2012 have
were to provide a secure a rest- included keeping at least 231 acres
ing and feeding area for waterfowl of hay fields in production to pro-
(ducks and geese) by cooperatively vide a grazing and resting location
managing 18,405 acres of public for migrating geese.
land and adjacent private lands, In the last three years, a Grasslands planted along agricultural fields can keep runoff out of
which also included 2,000 acres of renewed interest in sharecropping waterways. Ryan Diener, Pheasants Forever photo.
water. The first step in accomplish- opportunities by the local farming and Refuge Area provides one of shorebirds.
ing this was creating a refuge. community, our desire to reclaim the best opportunities within the During spring migration, shore-
To do this, a portion of AuTrain once-abandoned croplands, and western U.P. State Forest system to birds such as buff-breasted sandpip-
Wildlife Management Area and Ref- funding restraints have created the manage for large grasslands and as- ers, short-billed dowitchers, greater
uge was closed to the public from management system we use today, sociated wildlife species. yellowlegs, black bellied plovers
Sept. 1 to Nov. 10 each year, includ- said Brian Roell, a DNR wildlife Large opening management, and many more use this important
ing the south portion of the AuTrain biologist in Marquette. Currently, along with sharecropped agricultural stopover location.
Basin. This closure would work to the DNR provides lease-free land to practices, will continue to be a high True to the intended purpose
help protect migrating waterfowl. local farmers. In return, the share- priority on this landscape, Roell of the refuge when it was started in
Throughout the next several de- cropper agrees to actively manage said. 1972, we will continue to manage
cades, management included clear- crops and rotate them on a recom- Much of the forested lands for goose hunting opportunities,
ing land and local DNR wildlife mended schedule. provide habitat for wildlife, includ- Roell said. However, the primary
personnel and sharecroppers plant-
ing a variety of crops. By the end of Wildlife Species ing game and non-game species,
as well as rare species, such as
focus of wildlife habitat manage-
ment will be to collectively address
the 1980s, an estimated 550 acres of Roell said the refuge portion of red-shouldered hawks and northern the habitat requirements identified in
crops (including 220 acres of small the AuTrain Wildlife Management goshawks. Other woodland raptors, the Regional State Forest Manage-
including Coopers, sharp shinned ment Plan.
and red-tailed hawks and several The following have been identi-
owl species, have also been docu- fied as featured species for the Au-
mented at the refuge. Train Management Area: bobolink,
The upland forest is comprised Canada goose, northern goshawk,
of a complex of hardwood and upland sandpiper and sharp-tailed
aspen stands that provide hunting grouse.
opportunities for deer, bear, upland
birds like grouse and woodcock, and Featured Species
hare, as well as trapping opportuni- Management
ties for furbearers, including fox, The Canada goose is a highly-
coyote and bobcat. valued wildlife species for many
The crop and shrub land areas hunters in Michigan. Generally,
are home to a host of open land spe- throughout their life cycle, habitat
cies such as dickcissels, grasshopper is not a limiting factor for geese and
sparrows, sharp-tailed grouse and in some urban areas resident geese
northern harriers all of which have become a nuisance.
are on Michigans list of species of However, grazing areas and
special concern. waste grain have been shown to be
The waters of the AuTrain Basin important during goose migration
are home to trumpeter swans, com- and for winter survival. The AuTrain
mon loons, osprey, bald eagles and refuge provides ample grazing areas,
nesting waterfowl. and with the increasing interest by
Surveys done by local Audubon local farmers, it may provide grains
members have found that this area
is the most intensely used stopover
site in the central U.P. for wading AuTrain Wildlife page 26
AuTrain Wildlife:
areas, the value of the habitat can
change depending upon the way
in which it is managed. By delay-
ing hay harvest and discouraging
from page 24 second cuts, nesting success can be
increased. Fortunately for species
in the future. in this particular area, the combi-
Northern goshawks are found nation of drier soil conditions and
primarily in large stands of decidu- short growing season typically do
ous and mixed coniferous forests. not produce a second crop of hay.
This raptor strongly favors mature The sharp-tailed grouse habitat
forests where there is a variety of requirements include a complex of
understory trees and shrubs. large open grasslands and low shrub
Patch size, remoteness (away lands. Suitable habitat can include
from human disturbance) and open grass/hay fields and shrub
proximity to a water body seem to lands, such as natural meadows,
be the most important microhabitat open bogs, and abandoned farm
features for these birds in selecting fields. Sharp-tails prefer nesting
nest sites. The forest canopy clo- areas with very few trees, and they
sure should be roughly 60 percent, avoid areas with trees over 25 feet
with nests typically found below tall or with evergreen species.
the crown of large-fork, crowned Sharp-tailed grouse are prized A male sharp-tailed grouse does its mating dance. Minnesota De-
deciduous trees. upland game birds in Michigan, par tment of Natural Resources photo
Many grassland birds, such as and the DNR works diligently with
the bobolink, are area-sensitive, and many partners to maintain grass- cover and low woody cover, provide Management Area and Refuge has
the opportunity to observe and man- lands for this unique species, said excellent nesting places. Adding remained an important place for a
age for them is very limited in the Al Stewart, DNR upland game bird wooden fence posts or other display wide range of primarily bird
west U.P. specialist. perches is considered an impor- species, while providing hunting
The sharecropping within the In general, upland sandpipers tant component of suitable habitat. opportunities for the public and
refuge, which focuses on the pro- prefer to nest and rear broods within Future management opportunities at sharecropping availability for local
duction of hay for livestock, has led taller vegetation, and they for- the refuge may include the installa- growers, in a cooperative relation-
to the creation of habitat for grass- age within short vegetation. Areas tion of artificial perching sites. ship that works out favorably for
land birds. Although many grass- adjacent to the sharecropping fields, Since its initial development the DNR and Michigans natural
land species are attracted to these with low to moderate forb and grass 45 years ago, the AuTrain Wildlife resources.n


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Cover Story...

State Record
Crossbow Buck
en werent the only All I could see was antlers,
hunters who bagged Jolly explained. Then I heard a
bucks with cross- blatt and it sounded like he was
bows that had state getting closer. He was in the woods
record qualifying where I couldnt see him at that
racks in Michigan point. We have three shooting lanes
during 2016. Two bucks that had mowed through the ferns. All of a
nontypical antlers of state record sudden, the buck appeared at the
proportions and one with a end of one of those shoot-
typical rack of that caliber ing lanes.
were tagged by men in the He cleaned out a
state last year. Jennie Jolly scrape underneath a pine
from North Branch also shot branch. Then he put his
a nontypical whitetail with a antlers up in the branches
crossbow that set a new high and rubbed them around.
mark among women. He turned and came
The 23-pointer she directly at me. When he

By Richard P. Smith
arrowed in La- stopped, we
peer County on were eye-to-
October 28 had eye. I already
an official score of 178 7/8. The pre- had the crossbow up and ready. I
vious top ranking buck among non- had the crosshairs on his chest and
typical crossbow kills for women neck as he faced me.
was 171 2/8. That was a 13-pointer When the buck started toward Jennie Jolly from Nor th Branch took this nontypical whitetail with a cross-
that Brandi Zoll from Niles shot in us, my husband told me, This blind bow that set a new state record among women. The 23-pointer she
Berrien County on November 14, isnt as big as your blind. You have arrowed in Lapeer County on October 28 had an official score of 178 7/8.
2015. It was her first buck. to lean way back. If you get a shot at the buck with a monocular and he image of the deer in the background
Jollys buck was her first kill and your limbs from the crossbow said, A lot! when another buck had been photo-
with a crossbow. The previous deer hit the blind, they will explode ev- Although well hit and leaving graphed at night on October 12. The
she had taken were collected with erywhere. My hearts already in my a good blood trail, the buck went nontypical was barely visible.
firearms. She shot the buck with her throat, thank you very much. much farther than they thought it The buck had a dressed weight
husbands Excalibur Exocet Cross- So I leaned way back so my would. Consequently, persistence of 180 pounds and was estimated to
bow. shoulders were touching the back was required to recover the white- be 4 years old. The antlers have
My husband Bud shot an wall. The buck was 22 yards away. tail. Jennie said she almost gave up a typical 11-point frame and 12
8-point two weeks before and he He put his head up and was sniffing. on the blood trail, but her husband nontypical points, totaling 37 inches
was done hunting, so I used his I thought I had better take him. He kept following the blood trail. Jen- in length. The longest nontypical
crossbow when I decided to hunt on was starting to turn when I shot him. nie eventually found the buck on point comes off the base of the
October 28, Jennie said. We went My arrow went in the right side of the far side of a river that it crossed. left antler and is 13 4/8 inches in
to the same ground blind where Bud his neck and came out by his shoul- Bud estimated that they blood- length.
shot his buck. It was kind of a foggy der. He did a 180 and took off. trailed the buck about a mile. The right beam was 25 1/8
day, but the fog was starting to lift. He was the biggest deer Ive The Jollys hadnt seen the buck inches long and the left was two
It was 10:30 a.m. before we got out ever seen in my life. Im thinking before the day Jennie shot the deer inches shorter. The inside spread
to the blind. he had an 8 or 10-point rack when I nor did they recall seeing it on any was 16 7/8 inches. The base of the
They were only in the blind for shot him. I asked my husband, How of their many trail camera photos. right antler measured 5 2/8 inches
about a half hour when Jennie saw a many points did he have? after the When looking back through those in circumference and the left was 5
buck coming from her right. buck was gone. He had been looking photos, however, they did find one inches.n

Dont trust your hunt to anything less

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Take me
to the...

Jake Romanack of Fishing 411 was just 16 years old when he made his first trip to Stannard Rock, but that trip will remain one of his fondest fishing
memories for decades to come. Catching trout like this on light tackle amounts to one of the greatest thrills in spor t fishing. Author photos

ne of the things I like ning distance to Stannard Rock slide up onto the reef top and can be jigging spoons like the popular
most about fishing on down to size. At just over 30 miles, caught in surprisingly shallow water Swedish Pimple produced by Bay
the Great Lakes is the this run is reasonable when weather by casting spoons, jigs and even us- de Noc Lure Company based out of
wide open spaces. For conditions permit a visit to the ing fly fishing tactics. Gladstone, Michigan.
the angler who loves rock. White is an avid fly fisherman All three of these jigging lure
to be the only boat on The best times to plan a trip to and takes great pride in being able choices are vastly improved when
the horizon, Stannard Rock in the Stannard Rock are late June, July, to catch lake trout on the fly at Stan- tipped with a chunk of sucker or
middle of Lake Superior is one of August and early September, says nard Rock. Clearly, fly fishing is smelt meat. Lake trout are aggres-
those bucket list fishing White. Outside of this not the most efficient way to catch sive feeders that thrive on the fatty
destinations. narrow window, prevail- a rock laker, but when conditions and protein rich flesh of lake herring
Stannard Rock is a ing winds and weather are right it can be one of the most or ciscoes. Using a chunk of meat
reef complex that is ap- conditions rarely make it exciting and unique ways to fish. on the jig just about doubles the
proximately two miles practical or possible to fish When lake trout move shal- chances of getting bit regularly!
wide and five miles long Stannard Rock. low it is to feed, and these fish can Other jigging lure options to
located about 50 miles be amazingly aggressive. Casting consider are swimming jigs like
northwest of Marquette, Fishing Tactics jigs dressed with swimbait bodies, the Jigging Rapala and the Shiver
Michigan. Legendary for What attracts most spinners and spoons ranks among Minnow by Moonshine Lures. The
producing trophy anglers to this the best way to catch these fish that largest sizes of these baits are about
size lake trout,
Stannard Rock By Mark Romanack remote region of
Lake Superior is
travel in pods. Its common to be
fighting one fish and have a dozen
one ounce in size, making them use-
ful for jigging in depths up to about
is also unique the opportunity others trying to get the lure away 100 feet.
in that weather conditions on Lake to target wild and native lake trout from the hooked fish! explains
Superior make just getting there the using light tackle. Some anglers troll White. Braid is Best
biggest challenge! at Stannard Rock, but the majority As the trout of Stannard Rock When casting in shallow water,
Travis White is a charter captain are targeting trout by casting and move into deeper water, casting tac- rods and reels equipped with mono-
based out of the Upper Peninsulas vertical jigging. tics become useless and anglers are filament line work well at Stannard
Keweenaw Peninsula who fishes Lake Superior is not only the forced to vertical jig in deeper water. Rock. However, when the fish move
Stannard Rock as often as possible deepest of the Great Lakes, the Lead head jigs ranging in size from into deeper water super braid lines
with his clients. On the average water temperature remains icy cold one, two and even three ounces in are the only practical way to jig ef-
year we might have weather condi- much of the year. When the surface size are standard equipment among fectively.
tions suitable for fishing Stannard water is less than 45 degrees, most avid jig fishermen. Because were jigging in open
Rock only about 30 times a year! of the trout are going to be found in Some anglers swear by bucktail water and the fish have little cover
explains White. the deeper portions of the reef. Once jigs as the best approach. Others to tangle in, I set up my jigging rods
White runs his charters out of the surface water creeps to that favor a jig dressed with a soft plastic with 10 pound test super braid,
Lac La Belle, which cuts the run- magical 50 degree threshold, trout paddle tail. A third option is larger advises White. Using 10 pound test
braid to target fish that might weigh Top dressing braid over a backing of
in at 30 pounds may seem a little monofilament solves this problem
light, but the strength of these super and allows the drag system on reels
braids is exceptional, and there is no to function as designed. This rigging
need to use heavier lines. method also makes it possible to
Because the water in Lake Su- cast effectively with super braids
perior is gin clear, its a good idea when targeting fish in shallow water.
to tie in a 24 to 36 inch length of 15
pound test fluorocarbon leader on Fish Scents
jigging set ups. A small ball bear- Lakers are much easier to fool
ing swivel can be used to attach the into biting artificial baits when these
braid to the fluorocarbon. Another lures are doused in natural fish oils Captain Travis White is one of the few char ter captains who specializes in
option is to use the double uni knot and gel based scents. Even when targeting native lake trout at the famed Stannard Rock in Lake Superior.
when connecting fluorocarbon to using live bait or cut-bait it helps to
braided lines. a viable fall back plan should the message. Prime dates book up
refreshen the scent trail by adding a weather make it impossible to fish quickly so its best to lock down a
popular fishing scent like Pro Cure
Spinning or Super Gel.
Stannard Rock. trip at your earliest convenience.
Also, this region of the Upper For those adventure seeking
Baitcast Gear? Pro Cures herring, smelt and ale-
wife Super Gel formulas are made
Peninsula features lots of inland anglers who want to make the run
Both spinning and baitcasting lakes that provide good pike, wall- to Stannard Rock in their own
gear can be used effectively to jig using the exact forage fish Lake eye and panfish action. boat, the best approach is to team
for lake trout. Most anglers are more Superior trout routinely feed upon. up with two or three boats so if
comfortable with spinning tackle. Another good choice for creating a If You Go... one breaks down there will be
A medium to medium/heavy action scent trail is the pure fish oil prod- For those who have never been help nearby. Each boat will need
rod about seven to seven-foot, six- ucts that can be injected into live to Stannard Rock, its a good idea to be equipped with a VHF marine
inches in length is ideal for jigging baits and cut-baits. to make the first adventure with a radio because there is no dependable
up lakers. seasoned guide and charter cap- cell phone coverage at
With both spinning and baitcast- When the Wind tain like Travis White. Not only
is it safer to make this trek with a
Stannard Rock.
Stannard Rock is arguably the
ing gear, its a good idea to first
spool on monofilament line as a Blows licensed captain, the fishing tactics last frontier when it comes to tar-
backing material and then top dress Because getting to Stannard shared will prove invaluable for geting native lake trout in the Great
the reel with about 100 yards of Rock requires near perfect weather future trips. Lakes. Anyone who has made the
premium super braid line. Because conditions, anglers are going to find To contact Travis White visit his trek to Stannard Rock will testify
super braids are soft, filling the themselves facing the dilemma of web page at https://www.keween- the fishing is out of this world and
entire reel with this line creates a what to do when the wind blows or check out his the adventure is worth the price of
situation that allows the line on the and a trip to the rock is out of the Facebook page and send a private admission.n
spool to crush down and cut into question. The near shore lake trout
itself making it difficult for the reel and salmon fishing opportunities of
drag to function properly. Lake Superior provide anglers with

Protect your property from deer or trespassers.

Enough said. Call us today!

Stannard Rock is one of those places an angler doesnt get to fish often,
but the trips we do enjoy are among our favorite fishing memories. 231.510.8122
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one occasion, Boy,
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~ REBATES NOW AVAILABLE ~ August, I went to my hunting prop- cared less about the itching. Finally
ON SELECTED ITEMS FROM THESE MANUFACTURERS: erty to set my tree- stands for the I turned to our family doctor, Fred
(Now Thru July 15th) coming bow season. And of course, Wurster.
it seems Im always in the wrong Medical Attention...
spot at the right time, or something Well, youve done it this time,
like that. Last year I observed a havent you, Dr. Wurster said as he
GIFT CERTIFICATES & RANGE PASSES LAYAWAY PLANS AVAILABLE very nice buck cross a field in about looked at my many patches of red
Eds Archery & Sporting Goods the same place at about the same rashes. Seems like youd know
810-686-6494 times, the problem, of course, was I
was 90 yards away. So this year I
enough to stay out of the poison ivy
by now.
4483 Vienna Rd Cilo
knew exactly where I wanted to set Most people think of poison
a stand. ivy as a plant that grows along the
Sure enough, with a closer look ground, its actually a vine that can
at the area, there was a well-worn grow right up a tree, evidently you
deer trail, a mature tree on the found one, the good doctor went
Your Woods-N-Water News is

down-wind side and a lot of good on to say with a little smile growing
cover to ambush this dandy buck.
Just a Click Away!
on his face.
Ahhh, perfect location, perfect tree, We have seen several cases of
easy to get to. Success would be poison ivy so far this season. The
assured, or so I thought. conditions have been ideal for the
So, like a bull in a china shop, plant this year. Its found in most all
I set the treestand, chopping away at states except Alaska and Hawaii,
a pesky vine that grew up the side he went on to say.
of the tree, pulling and yanking at it The oil (urushiol) found in the
to get it out of my way, not thinking plant is a very effective deterrent.
or caring what it was. In fact, the Once the oil is on your skin, you
hearty vine had no conscious spot in can bet you are going to be uncom-
my mind, well, not until a few days fortable and will most likely avoid
later! that area at any cost, Dr. Wurster
The Perfect Tree... told me.
Yep, the perfect tree in the per- Although if you can identify
fect location, and one dandy buck. you have come in contact with poi-
Subscriptions And one more thing, the vine I son ivy, you stand a good chance of
avoiding the blistery rash if you
yanked and pulled on was indeed,
Email the Editor poison ivy. shower within 15 to 30 minutes in
warm, soapy water. Also, wash all
Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade
Of course, not thinking about it
until I was itching like a hound with your clothing immediately and any-
Send Photos or Story Tips fleas, it spread. I had a rash break thing you had with you. The oil can
out on the side of my face, my fore- remain active for up to a year after-
Advertising Information arms, behind my ears, and along my
belt line and other parts of my body
wards. Just simply wash every-
thing! too embarrassing to talk about. For

better than two weeks I struggled
with a horrible nagging itch.
Dr. Wurster prescribed oral ste-
roids for me. Although they didnt
completely take care of my bout
Also, check us out on I tried with the poison ivy, a steroid shot in
the rear, however, did.
every folk reme-
Facebook and Twitter! dy anyone sug- Pretty Nasty Stories...
gested or heard, Ive heard some pretty nasty
Its Easy . . . nothing seemed
to work or offer
stories about poison ivy. One I dealt
with was a fellow who was doing

VISIT TODAY! By Randy Jorgensen

some clean up around the house, he not insure immunity tomorrow, and you cannot pass it on to someone ing, scratching menace.
cleaned up some brush and burned vice versa. else by normal contact. Only the oil Absolutely the best precaution
it. He liked the smell of smoke and Rash symptoms can appear of the plant spreads the rash, Dr. and defense is recognizing it and
didnt mind standing in it as he within a few hours but can take two Wurster told me, dispelling a com- avoiding it. Many times though, the
burned. Poison ivy was in the brush to five days to appear. The rash mon myth. recognition occurs just about the
and he inhaled the oils of the ivy, starts as a red annoying itchy area As blisters start to form over time that youre in it.
getting it in his lungs. He became a that starts to swell. The area then the infected area you should never And now I have this great place
very sick man. It is very dangerous gets inflamed and will get covered break the blisters. Breaking the blis- to ambush a dandy buck, but there
in that form, he cautioned. in clusters of tiny pimples, the pim- ters can lead to blood poisoning, is no way he is worth risking anoth-
ples eventually merge and turn into he cautioned. er bout with poison ivy.
Sub Species... blisters. The fluid in the blisters Sore Subject... As the old saying goes, Leaves
There are three sub species of turns yellow, dries up, and becomes Poison ivy has become a sore of three, let them be...
the plant, poison ivy, oak and crusty. Left completely untreated, subject for those of us who enjoy Editors Note: Some of the infor-
sumac. All three species of plants this cycle of discomfort can last as the outdoors. Like almost every mation for this article was taken
are very hardy and adaptable. If short as five days, and in severe other peril in the outdoors, a little from a very informative web site,
there is at least eight to ten inches cases, as long as five to six weeks. education and understanding goes a or www.
of rain a year, and it is below 4,000 The rash is not communicable, long way to dealing with this itch-
feet, you can find it most anywhere.
Poison ivy is found in the eastern
portion of the United States and
poison oak is found more generally T HERES NOT HING DIF F ICULT A BOU T I T.
on the western side. T HERES NOT HING DIF F ICULT A BOU T I T.
All three of these plants emit a
poisonous oil irritant called urushi-
ol. This oil is the toxin in these
plants that makes you itch. In its
pure form, the amount you could fit
on the head of a pin could make
500 people very miserable.
Because urushiol is an oil and
not a water based fluid, it has some
troublesome qualities. It does not A N E W W O R L D D E M A N D S N E W H O L L A N D.
A Boomer compact tractor is the definition of ease. Controls are intuitive, your visibility is unmatched, and
evaporate, and as Dr. Wurster men- A Nthe
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rural lifestylers,
D Sand N clutter-free.
E W H O LBoomer
L A N D. tractors continue to be the ultimate power
A Boomer compact tractor is the definition of,
Controls municipalities, andvisibility
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unmatched, and
tioned, it can linger for a year. It performance
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a maneuverable,
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large and clutter-free.
tool for homeowners,
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even pet hair. As an oil it will Learn more about these 35- to 55-HP tractors at
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vaporize if burned, the vapor is then
carried in the smoke and covers
everything it comes in contact with,
again contaminating all in its path Burnips Equipment y
for a year. Urushiol is present on the urnips Equipment Company
55232 FRANKLhItN tpD
:/R/wIVwEw, .TbHuRrnEip
mRS, MI 49093
http://2w6w9w-2.7b3 u-rn
leaves, stems and roots of the plant, Dorr, MI Big Rapids, MI Coopersville, MI 269Hudson,-273-325MI 3 Three Rivers, MI
3073 142nd Ave. 18612 Northland Dr. 7353 State Rd. 15838 Carleton Rd. 55232 Franklin Dr.

and is still active even on dead (616) 896-9190 (231) 592-1200 (616) 997-9190 (517) 448-2071 (269) 273-3253
plants that have dried up.
*Including 2 years of bumper-to-bumper coverage plus an extra 4 years of powertrain protection. 2017 CNH Industrial America LLC. All rights reserved. New Holland is a trademark registered in the United States and many
other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or afliates. Equipped For A New World is a trademark in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its

And as Dr. Wurster commented, s*uInbcsliuddiairniges2oyreaafrslioaftebsu. mper-to-bumper coverage plus an extra 4 years of powertrain protection. 2017 CNH Industrial America LLC. All rights reserved. New Holland is a trademark registered in the United States and many
other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or afliates. Equipped For A New World is a trademark in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its
subsidiaries or af liates.

It is really nasty stuff! Dorr, MI Big Rapids, MI Coopersville, MI Hudson, MI Three Rivers, MI
3073 142nd Ave. 18612 Northland Dr. 7353 State Rd. 15838 Carleton Rd. 55232 Franklin Dr.
Poison ivy, oak and sumac all (616) 896-9190 (231) 592-1200 (616) 997-9190 (517) 448-2071 (269) 273-3253
serve a useful purpose in nature.
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warm shower with soap and rid
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Tag revised 2/5/2017
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of Fame inductees for 2017
s promised in ized porting handguns and
last months shotguns in an effort to
edition of reduce recoil and muzzle
Woods-N- jump. Since 1974, his
Water News, company has ported tens of
the Michigan thousands of firearms from
Outdoor Hall of Fame Michigan to New Zealand.
committee had already Larry was a life member of
nominated potential induct- Safari Club International

By Mark Sak
ees. The voting is and inducted in the
complete. There were Safari Club Hall
both surprises and of Fame in 1989.
expected nominees, and as we make He was the founder of the Hand-
the announcement I just cant help gun Hunter Hall of Fame. He was
from being extremely excited about awarded the Outstanding American
the future of this Hall of Fame. We Handgunner award in 1986. Larry
know many true icons in Michigans Kelly was the first hunter to harvest
outdoor history will be inducted. The the African Big 5 with a handgun. He
most interesting and truly fulfilling has over 100 world class trophies,
aspect though will be those folks that with 59 of those in the top 10 of Sa-
no one knows much about. These fari Club Internationals record book. Fred Bear Mor t Neff
are the folks that most deserve an He was a tremendous contributor of
acknowledgement for their dedication many conservation efforts nationally
and hard work. Here are the 2017 and in the state of Michigan.
inductees of the Michigan Outdoor
Hall of Fame. Tom Huggler, Prolific
Writer And Promoter
Fred Bear, founder Tom was born in 1945 in Detroit,
of Bear Archery Michigan and grew up in the Flint
The founding father of bow hunt- area. His first national magazine ar-
ing, he touched every aspect of the ticle was published when he was only
sport. 12 years old. He became the Camp-
Design and production led Bear ing Editor of Outdoor Life magazine.
Archery to be one of the largest Tom is also a prolific freelance writer
outdoor manufacturers on the planet. and has penned thousands of articles
Fred Bear was an innovator but was in more than 100 publications. He
also so much more. He still holds two has written more than 20 books and
Pope and Young records and at one appeared on numerous outdoor tele-
time was the only hunter ever to hold vision shows. He is also a respected
5 Pope and Young records at once. promoter and has helped promote
His brown bear and Stone sheep dozens of outdoor shows throughout
still are looked at as an unbelievable the region. In 1978, Tom was named
record for a man in his 60s and were Outdoor Communicator of the Year Larry Kelly Tom Huggler
harvested with a long bow. Fred Bear by Michigan United Conservation
was also instrumental in starting the Clubs. He was also President of
first bow season in Michigan in 1937. the Outdoor Writers Association of
Mort Neff, host, Michigan America in 1992.
Outdoor Television Donald Buz Lockman;
Neff was born in Pontiac in
1903. He was one of the first ever to teacher, ranger
bring the outdoors to television in Buz instructed kids in the laurels
1951. His show ran for 24 years, was of the outdoors for twenty nine of the
informative as well as entertaining thirty-eight years he was a teacher,
and served to inspire many Michigan as part of either an Outdoors Class
hunters and anglers. It was reported or a Natural Resources Class affili- Eppinger Manufacturing
that his outdoor reports caused cer- ated with the science department at
Boyne City High School. Hundreds steward of the land. He had several
tain areas of the state to be flooded by
of students have learned a multitude students go on to careers as conserva-
hunters or anglers when there was a
good bite or good hunting conditions.
of information from the hands-on ap- tion officers and credit Buz for excit-
His show inspired a long run of other
proach this man took to the wonders ing them about conservation. Donald Buz Lockman
of Mother Nature and the sanctity of
Michigan Outdoor television shows
how humans need to work with her. Michigan Hall of Fame and sold millions of fishing lures
as well following in the same tradi-
tion of reporting on Michigans great
From constructing turkey barrels to Business Category; across the world. Known widely for
hiking through swamps in winter, the Daredevil and Red Eye spoons,
to identifying those species of trees Eppinger Manufacturing there is a good chance if you looked
Larry Kelly, founder of that inhabit the Northwest section of Company, Dearborn in your grandpas tackle box, your
Magnaport International Michigan, Buz led his charges with Founded in 1906 by Lou Ep- fathers tackle box or in your own
Larry was a pioneer in the sport excitement, sensitivity, and dedica- pinger. Four generations of family tackle box, there is an Eppinger Lure
of handgun hunting and revolution- tion in his role as an educator and have operated this Michigan business just waiting to catch another fish.n


EVENTS Schedule:
Fridays & Saturdays 9am-8pm, sundays 9am-6pm

May 12-14
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Summertime in Michigan
ast summer my friend, planned on keeping a few these, I told them. Wed try another lake, so we got out the
Mark, invited me to join fish that afternoon. fish until after dark, wait- maps. Hmmman old map did
him and his sons, Dan- Once out on the water, ing for the whippoorwills show a big lake that wasnt on the
iel and Lance, where I found that the clear, deep to sing. Then wed quit new map. We loaded up the canoes
they camp in Northern lakes were separated by fishing and slowly row for a day trip and set out to find the
Michigan. By follow- shallow channels filled with back across the lake in the Lost Lake.
ing his directions through a maze rushes and lily pads. Each darkness as the night birds Canoes are just made for adven-
of two-tracks, I found them at a lake was ringed by green called. Ill never forget tures like that. They can go where
nice campsite deep in the woods on spruce trees. I enjoyed ex- that. motor boats cant go. At the end
public land near a chain of small ploring through Mark told of the chain of lakes we located the
lakes. After pitching my tent near
theirs, I portaged my canoe down
the chain of
lakes while cast- By Darryl Quidort us, As a kid,
I camped right
overgrown outlet and pushed our
canoes into the thick rushes and lily
the hill to the lake. I really liked the ing a lure. I even caught a couple of here with my dad. The place really pads. It was tough going. In places
looks of the area. The campsite was keepers myself to add to the fish hasnt changed all that much and the flow was choked by cattails and
clean, there were no cabins lining fry that we enjoyed that evening. Im glad to be able to bring my kids thick, high grass, but after a half
the lakeshore, the clear air smelled The weather was beautiful as we here. Ill bet they never forget it mile of effort, paddling and pushing
of spruce trees, and the place was sat around a campfire telling stories either. the canoes, we were rewarded by
remote enough to require a tent and that night. Yes, we had smores, and The wilderness-like calls of discovering a big, beautiful lake that
canoe. This was genuine camping, I made a dessert in a Dutch oven by loons woke me up in the morning. is not even shown on modern maps.
as opposed to a big fifth-wheel rig the fire. It didnt come out too good, For breakfast, I baked biscuits in the Paddling out onto the crystal clear
set up in a State Park. but I didnt hear any complaints and Dutch oven over the coals of last water of Lost Lake we could clearly
The boys were excited about it all seemed to disappear. The boys nights campfire. Guess I need more see the bottom and drop-offs leading
the fishing they had been enjoying. were amazed at the amount of stars practice though, because they came down to deep, blue colored depths.
Were lucky, one of them said. in the night sky. They dont get to out burned black on the bottom. We What fish lived here?
Were the only people in the whole enjoy them in the city where they just cut off the black part and ate While paddling along a drop-off
universe that fished in these lakes live. Then a whippoorwill sounded em anyway. Camping is like that. in my little canoe, I caught three
today. I had to agree with that. off nearby. I hadnt heard one in Besides, we wanted to go fishing. largemouth bass on a bucktail spin-
The lakes seemed to hold all species years and the sound took me back Marks dad had told him that the ner. The biggest of them covered
of panfish plus bass and pike. A fish to my childhood. My dad and I outlet of these lakes led to a larger the 18 inch mark of the ruler on my
fry seemed like a good idea, so we used to fish on a little lake similar to lake. The boys were anxious to canoe thwart. Across the lake, I

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Larry Piotrowski has
provided plenty of
amazing photos of
Oakland Co. deer. He
sent this photo of the
fawn...(right) Larry
said, must have just
been born because
he-she is still wet and
it hasnt rained in
12 hours. Its mother
walked five yards
away and still looks
pregnant. I backed out but expected a twin to soon be born. I
returned an hour later and the twin was just born.
A beautiful, remote lake on public land in Nor thern Michigan.
heard an excited commotion from to that lake?
where Mark was paddling their Dont bother asking me where
canoe as the boys fished. Im told this adventure took place. Ill never
they had caught a couple nice large- give away Marks favorite camp-
mouth bass before they hooked into ing site, but if he should ask me to
a monster smallmouth bass. return this year, you can bet Ill go.
I didnt think it would even fit In fact, I cant wait to go back for
into the net, Daniel remarked excit- another great camping experience.
edly. But it did! We are fortunate, here in Michigan,
Unfortunately, the commotion I to have places where we can camp,
had heard wasnt when they caught fish, explore, and enjoy public land
the big fish, it was when they lost in relative solitude. Northern Mich-
it. Somehow, the master angler igan must hold hundreds of such
sized smallmouth escaped from the places, reserved for those who are
stringer as they lowered it over the adventurous enough to seek them.
side of the canoe. Could there ever Summer is here. Life is good.
be a better reason to want to return Get out and live it.n

Kubota L2501
The confidence to do more.

Were Hiring!
Feyen Zylstra is looking for
experienced Journeyman Electricians
for our Detroit, Traverse City, and
Quality Kubota diesel engine 24.8 HP* Grand Rapids, MI branches.
Spacious, ergonomic operators deck
and foldable ROPs
Large capacity fuel tank

We are Kubota.
Email your resume directly to
BURTON, MI 48529
*For complete warranty, safety and product information, consult your local
Kubota dealer and the product operators manual. Power (HP/KW) and other
specifications are based on various standards or recommended practices.
Optional equipment may be shown. Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2016


In Their Hands...By Mark Martin
Teaching kids to fish while using the right
gear makes all the difference in the world

heres something battle endured, each fish is still a use similar equipment as you would; at the rods handle, just ahead of the
about watching a child trophy to her. And shes very good conceivably the very same equip- reel, which allows the combo to be
reeling in a fish thats when it comes to catching, as well. ment you use. more sensitive and have less hand
pleasing to ones soul. But Delaney has not become the If you have been looking to up- and wrist fatigue.
Fill It
I mean, have you ever accomplished anger she is today just grade your own rods and reels, then
seen someone so excit- by chance. I had her using quality heres your excuse to hand down
ed? And I love the look on their face equipment from the very first cast. what youve been using and go out Line, by far, is the most impor-
when I make a scoop and the fish is There was no toy equipment for and buy yourself something new. tant piece of equipment, no matter
safe within my Frabill net; their eyes her. Instead, it was quality fishing Or, better yet, purchase something how old an angler is. Its not only
open wide, a grin ear-to-ear along equipment, and I know it made a new for them; gear they can truly the one thing holding a hooked fish
with the giggles of delight. difference. call their own. But whatever you do, to a rod and reel, but cheap line
often kinks, making it tough to cast
Take Advantage
With that said, summers end dont buy them an inferior rod and
can already be seen on the calendar. reel combo; you know, one that will even the heaviest of lures.
If your goal was to take a kid fishing The lack of sensitivity and the just do for now. Monofilament (aka: mono) is
this past spring, but time flew by inability to cast well with a cheap, Fishing equipment for beginners what I suggest for beginners. But
and the deed was never done, well, short, heavy, fiberglass rod coupled should be light in weight yet du- make sure you spool on mono thats
its not too late. with plastic reel spooled with sub- rable. A graphite Berkley Lighting soft and subtle for easier casting, yet
Late summer and early fall are standard line would frustrate even Rod IM6 spinning rod, for example, abrasion resistant; the latter is essen-
great times to get a youngsters on the best angler. So why would you can be purchased for under $40, and tial for young anglers who are more
the water. Air temperatures are com- want any kid to have to suffer while is all of the above mentioned and apt to get snagged up more often.
fortable, the fish are biting and the using this type equipment? That more. A two-piece 6- or 6-1/2-foot- Berkleys Trilene XL (extra
bugs are not. question befuddles me, too. er, medium-light in action is a good, limp) of 8-pound test will flow off a
Fishing with inferior equipment multi-species piece. reel smoothly, thus helps kids make
Gear Em Up is just as maddening for kids as it A reel that balances well with longer casts, yet it resist getting
My granddaughter, Delaney, would be for you; perhaps even a rod is an essential component, as scraped up by rocks and wood.
grew up fast. But although now a more so. No, Im not saying you well. A 6-ball-bearing ABU Garcia As for terminal tackle, any kid I
young lady, she still loves to fish, have to spend $400 on a new rod Silver Max spinning reel, retailing take fishing will be using the same
and catch fish. Even to this day, it and reel combo for them. I am say- under $40, is a great match for the high-quality products I do, such
doesnt matter the size, species or ing, however, you should let them Lighting Rod. The combo balances as Berkley Ball-Bearing Swivels,


(Built with) Aluminum I-Beams
15-FT TO 50-FT
Single Axle,
Tandem Axle, Tri-Axle,
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Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
Cross-Lok Snaps-Swivels and
Hooks, too, should be the best
money can buy. Because nothings
more frustrating to a kid than losing
a fish due to failure or weak steel or
a dull hook. You can be guaranteed
Ill be teaching kids the knots an-
glers use while tying on Super-sharp Mark Mar tins granddaughter (center) not only learned a lot from her grandfather about catching fish, but en-
Daiichi and Tru-Turn hooks. joyed every moment of it because of using high-quality equipment. David A. Rose photo
Patience youngin on a late summers day? I
think not.
program playing in the background
of the screen, she can now look at
and grandfather, and being able to
Makes Perfect
use proper gear, that really got me
As my granddaughter grew the hydrographic map and determine started on the right path.
Taking kids fishing takes pa- older, Id even let her rummage where the fish are likely to be hold- My granddaughter has become
tience. Lots of it. through my Plano tackle totes and ing on any waterway. an experienced angler because I al-
Even when the bite is good and check out all the Rapala crankbaits Another great tool that allowed lowed her to use quality equipment
the catching is steady, kids, espe- and Northland jigs and spinners. It Delaney (as well Grandpa) to learn from her very first day with a rod in
cially the youngest of them, will was a learning experience that hooks about life under the waters sur- her hand. And, trust me, it makes all
lose interest after a while. And thats are razor sharp and are to be handled face way my MarCum underwater the difference in the world.
okay. Messing around onshore or in with care. viewing system. From the large, Theres still plenty of time to
the boat is part of experience. And like all kids, my grand- color display, any kid I take out gets get a kid fishing before the weather
Go ahead, let the kids play daughter became more and more a firsthand fish-eyes view of the turns for the worse. Not only take
around with the live bait. Reaching inquisitive, thus questions about my underwater world. And theyll be the time, but get them fishing
into a Frabill Crawler Can and grab- Lowrance sonar and GPS were com- intrigued for hours. with the right gear early on and
mon place when we were fishing
bing the night crawlers or leeches
while watching them slither through from my Lund Pro-V. Good Now, the adventure will be better for all
their fingers is all part of the learn- Soon she knew more about bot- Better Later Mark Martin is a professional
ing curve. And then theres trying to tom composites, structure, and the Its taken me a long time and a walleye tournament angler and
catch lively minnows from a Frabill environment that fish live in than lot of hard work to get where I am instructor for the fishing/Vacation
Insulated Fish Bait Bucket thats many seasoned anglers four times in the world of professional fishing. schools, who resides in SW Lower
always a kid-pleaser. I mean, could her age. And when it came to the But I guarantee you it was my fish- Michigan. Visit his website at mark-
there be anything be better for a GPS and the Navionics mapping ing experiences with my own father for more information.n


he Saturday before
Memorial Day is
especially significant
to two groups of bass
anglers those who
fish tournaments and
those who like to eat bass. Thats
because anglers can now fish for
both species of bass largemouth
and smallmouth year-round in
Michigan, as long as they release
them immediately, until the pos-
session season arrives later this
This wasnt always so.
Michigans bass season was
set by the Legislature in 1970, to
begin the Saturday before Memo-
rial Day and run through Dec. 31.
That remains the open season today
except on Lake St. Clair, and the
Detroit and St. Clair rivers.
It has always been illegal to
take, or attempt to take, bass during
the closed season, but there were a
number of catch-and-release excep-
tions to the season over the years.
This changed when the Michi-
gan Natural Resources Commission
allowed year-round catch-and-re-
lease bass fishing at its April 9, 2015
meeting, a rule that became effec-
tive immediately.
Michigans first bass season
was set around 1900, to run May
20-March 31. It remained that way
until 1909, when it was changed to
June 15-Jan. 31. In 1929, the opener
was pushed back to June 25, and the Bass, like these smallmouth, are growing in popularity with spor t anglers in Michigan.
season closed Dec. 31.
In 1951, the season opener was fishing groups, on six large southern and depending on the year, it minimum size limits and daily creel
changed to the third Saturday of Michigan lakes, opening April 1. doesnt protect them through the limits.
June. Eleven years later (1962), the This season remained in effect entire spawn, but it protects a lot of The first minimum size limit
season opened June 1, except on until 2006, when catch-and-release them through the peak of the spawn on bass was enacted in 1932, at 10
Lake St, Clair and the bass fishing was allowed enough that theyll survive and inches. It remained at 10 inches un-
adjoining rivers, where it statewide to correspond reproduce. til 1976, when it was changed to 12
opened the fourth Sat- to the opener of walleye Bass are members of the sun- inches. In 1993, it was lengthened to
urday of June. This was and pike season, which fish family and like all sunfish are 14 inches, where it remains today.
the first time that the St. opened the last Saturday very prolific. The average female The change in size limit has pro-
Clair system had a more of April in the Lower bass produces about 30,000 eggs duced better fishing; anglers report
restrictive season. Peninsula and May 15 in per pound of body weight. It doesnt catching more, and larger, average-
In 1968, the statewide the Upper Peninsula. take many successful females to sized bass than in the past.
opener was changed to The catch-and-release ensure theyll produce the next Because bass are efficient preda-
May 30, while the St. bass season was ex- generation. tors, there are indications that the
Clair system remained panded to remain open Although considered quality larger size limit on bass has helped
the fourth Saturday in Todd Grischke, year-round statewide in table fare especially smallmouths improve panfish dynamics. This is
June. One year later, the assistant chief of the 2015. bass are more prized these days especially true in bluegills, which
statewide opener was Michigan Depar tment Seasons were for their sporting qualities than as can be prone to stunting (with
changed to Memorial of Natural Resources, historically written into foodstuffs. The vast majority of individuals remaining small) when
Day, though the St. Clair Fisheries Division statute to protect spawn- self-described bass anglers say they their populations get overly large in
system season remained ing populations and always release their catch. a body of water.
the fourth Saturday of June. In 1976, have changed several times over There has also been a total The daily creel limit was set at
the opener on the St. Clair system the last 100 years, explained Todd change in angler behavior, from a five in 1932, too, where it remains
became the third Saturday in June. Grischke, assistant chief of the harvest mentality to a catch-and- today, though from 1940-41, anglers
In 1988, an experimental catch- Michigan Department of Natural release mentality, Grischke said. on the Great Lakes were allowed to
and-release season was established, Resources, Fisheries Division. It Besides seasonal restrictions keep five largemouth bass and 10
at the behest of organized bass doesnt protect them completely, on harvesting bass, there are also smallmouths.
Bass tournaments: Big
Anglers typically enjoy good
bass fishing around the opener,
splash in Michigan waters
when the fish are post-spawn and
feeding eagerly to recover from the
rigors of reproduction. They are
generally in shallow water, which
makes them easier to locate. Pro bass angler
Bass are the top freshwater Kevin VanDam of
gamefish species pursued nation- Kalamazoo fights
ally and are always among the top a bass toward his
targets mentioned by anglers when waiting boat.
surveyed in Michigan. Garrick Dixon photo
Bass are very important in
Michigan, from a recreational stand-
point and an economic standpoint,
but not as much from a harvest
standpoint as they once were,
Grischke said. They are pursued by
a large number of our anglers and
generate a tremendous amount of
economic activity.
Found statewide in most lakes
and streams, bass are at the top of

In just about every human endeavor, there are those people think of when they see televised tournaments
who aspire to be the best of the best. Its true for fish- like the Bassmasters.
ing, too, and one way anglers measure their status is by Goniea said fisheries managers were pleased by the
holding tournaments. cooperation of the tournament fishermen, who will-
There are tournaments for many fisheries from ingly registered events and largely reported results. The
Great Lakes salmon/trout derbies to ice-fishing bluegill DNR is collecting useful data and anticipates that will
and crappie contests. But no fish is more highly pur- continue.
sued by tournament anglers than bass. This year is off to a strong start; even though
The bass tournament phenomenon started in the tournament season hadnt started, we had more than
South decades back, but contests are now held nation- 1,650 tournaments registered by mid-April, Goniea
wide, and Michigan is in the thick of it. said. That puts us on pace to register at least as many
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources tournaments as 2016 and potentially more.
has begun a program to monitor bass fishing Tournament anglers range from guys who join in an
tournaments and quantify just how significant event on their local lake occasionally to fishermen who
they really are. make their living chasing bass around the country.
As of 2016, bass fishing tournaments were re- Kevin VanDam, from Kalamazoo, is one of
quired to register with the state of Michigan, as well as Americas top bass tournament anglers and he says the
report basic results after the tournament took tournament landscape is healthy.
place, said Tom Goniea, the DNR fisheries Theres a lot of growth right now, said
Bass are the top freshwater game- biologist who runs the program. We had VanDam, who has been tournament fishing
fish species pursued nationally and a really strong first-year response; 2,096 since he was a young teen and has been at
are always among the top targets tournaments were registered throughout the it for more than 30 years. High school and
mentioned by anglers when sur- state. They were held on 271 water bodies collegiate fishing is exploding across the
veyed in Michigan. MDNR photos across the state. country. Both my kids are on the college
The DNR Fisheries Division staff was fishing team.
the food chain in many of these wa- surprised. Bass tournament fishing in Michigan is
ter bodies, feeding on many species We had expected somewhere around growing.
of minnows or smaller fish, as well 1,000 tournaments to be registered. Get- VanDam said national circuits have been
as crawfish, frogs, leeches, and well, ting that many registered was unexpected, Tom Goniea, the DNR visiting the state for decades now, though
just about anything. It isnt unusual but it does go to show you the popularity of fisheries biologist the bulk of national activity remains in the
to find odd items even small birds this activity in the state, Goniea said. The South, where huge reservoirs can accommo-
and turtles in their stomachs. season opens the Saturday before Memorial date a big field of anglers.
Most bass anglers prefer to fish Day and it drops off significantly after September and In Michigan, the big events have largely been rel-
with artificial lures these days, and October, so youre looking at about 400 tournaments a egated to the Great Lakes and connecting waters: Lake
all manner of them from bottom- month throughout the summer. St. Clair, Saginaw Bay and the Bays de Noc in the Up-
bouncing jigs to top-water poppers Tournaments range from large, professional events per Peninsula.
to everything in between will with six-figure top prizes to small, three-hour week- These days geographic region is not a hindrance
produce, though there are still those night events where anglers throw a handful of dollars to fishermen, VanDam said. There used to be just a
who prefer to fish with live bait, into a pot and fish for it. few of us from here who were competing nationally,
which is perfectly legal on most The average tournament isnt what most people but now there are lots of guys fishing all over the coun-
waters. would think of, Goniea said. The average size try. Even the state, with its Pure Michigan campaign,
Get more information on sport tournament that was registered was less than 14 boats has realized how important fishing is, especially bass
fishing in Michigan at www.michi- and was really comprised of a regular Thursday night fishing. get-together by a group of like-minded anglers. Ninety- With salmon fishing the way it is because of the
nine percent of those events do not resemble what forage base and all that, bass is king in Michigan.n
Prepared By the MDNR
Big bore accuracy
in the deer woods
hree years ago, are now legal state wide.
new centerfire This is good news for all
rifle regula- southern zone deer hunt-
tions were ers. However, many deer
approved for hunters still do not know
Michigan, this. Most shotguns kick
zone three, deer hunting. like a mule unless Mag-
Straight walled cartridges Na-Ported, and many tend
(brass 1.16 inch min.- 1.8 to be heavy and awkward
inch long max.), in the confines of a At the bench with new Ruger Scout 450 and cleaning tools.
35 cal. or larger,
By Joe Delaney deer blind. Because
of the plastic wad/ (Pet Loads by Ken Waters). The new Ruger Gunsite Scout
sabot, muzzle brakes dont work on This is important information Rifle in .450 Bushmaster has excel-
shotguns or muzzleloaders (www. in states such as Indiana and Ohio lent fit and feel. Before scoping, it Smooth bore and others with new straight walled weighs only 6.6 lbs. with a good
shotguns are short range deer guns, regulations. At the beginning, muzzle brake and it has all the bells
usually with only 1200-1400 fps only expensive custom grade .450s and whistles. Among other features,
velocity. had been available. No major gun its adjustable length of pull sys-
3415 South Portage As of April 2017, the new maker wanted to offer a good, low tem perfects gun fit even for youths.
Jackson, MI 49201 Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle in .450 cost production rifle. Now thats This production, custom grade rifle,
(517) 740-6833 Bushmaster is the first production, changed. Prior to 2016, the only on is about one-half to one-third the
WWW.JACKSONGAMEBIRDS.COM custom grade rifle, available through the market production .450 was the cost of the initially available high
all dealers everywhere. This is very Ruger American, and it was for sale grade .450s. On May 1, I received a
good news for every Michigan deer exclusively through Randys Hunt- new Scout .450 from Ruger for field
hunter! According to the current ing Center in Bad Axe. Thank good- testing. The following includes the
Hornady Handbook, 9th edition; the ness for Randys efforts working preparation and the results of that
.450 bm is ballistically superior to with Ruger, he started the low cost test.
all of the other new legal to use cali- production 450 availability program. Sight Systems
bers. Its powerful and flat shooting As advertised in this publication Proper scope installation on
out to 200 yards, plus. This 2200 fps he has sold over 6,000 Ruger .450 the Ruger Scout is easy and exact
rifle is equal to the formidable old rifles to date. www.randyshunting- because the scope bases are one
.358 Winchester with 250 gr. ammo complete unit, milled into the re-
ceiver. Ruger matching scope rings


are also standard features. A better
scope mounting system and a stron-
ger rifle; consider also that the cost
of scope rings and bases are elimi-
H E R E AT W I L L I A M S G U N S I G H T C O . nated. I like that! The Michigan
deer woods are usually shaded with
we take an old fashioned pride in heavy, overhead canopies and dense
undergrowth. In these reduced-light
our ability to service your firearms hunting conditions, well scoped
rifles are an asset to accuracy poten-
Our gunsmiths have over a hundred years tial. In fact, they really help an old
of combined experience in gunsmithing
Hot Shot Outfitters
Ray Hoody

Antique Firearm Restoration, Re-Bluing, Custom Stock Work,

Checkering, Accurate Barrel Installations And Muzzle Brakes Goose Hunts
Youth Deer Hunts
Williams Gunsight, where gunsmithing is a science and an art. Turkey Hunts Coyote Hunts
Whitetail Hunts
See our services and custom work online at
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7389 Lapeer Rd, POBox 329 Davison, MI48423 Mon - Fri: 989-428-5071

800-530-9028 810-653-2131 Weekends: 989-670-4336
deer hunter like me to shoot better. An Experienced
The Leupold VX 3i 10X40mm Shooting Team Helps
scope was my choice for a match Fortunately, I am a member of
up on the new Scout. It has good Perch Point Conservation Club, lo-
eye relief and its bright and clear. cated in Casco, and have some good
While hunting, I keep my variable shooting peers. Several of them
scopes on the lowest setting because helped in this venture. To a man,
of mostly close encounters. How- they noted the good carry balance
ever, long range precise shooting is and feel of the Scout .450. The bul-
always an immediate option. A good lets heavy impact in the back stop,
range finder is a real compliment for dirt berm, was apparent, and this is
these situations and its fun to use. an ideal brush gun was the decla-
( ration. As expected, out of the box
New Rifle Break In accuracy, less than m.o.a., occurred
All new rifles, after proof (test) under controlled shooting.
firing at the factory, are shipped with The rifle shot well, the first
fouled bores and require bore clean- shooter shot well and the second
ing before break-in shooting/zeroing shooter, shot well, sometimes. Three Paul Paulus mid-range target at 50 yards three shots-one hole!
in. Some manufacturers recommend targets were as follows: Mid-range
partial rifle disassembly, cleaning trajectory: at 50 yards, three shots,
and lubrication. But thats another one hole by Paul Paulus, qualified
story. target. Pauls second target at 100
I use a good liquid/foam bore yards, three shots measuring .950
cleaner Wipe-Out Patch-Out, the inch, qualified target, his third target
same product many industry techni- at 100 yards three shots measuring
cians use. After cleaning it requires .323 inches, two shots qualified and
no oiling, for first shot accuracy. my one shot-plus, not qualified. Let
Incidentally, cleaning a muzzle it be known that at this last target
brake with foam cleaner is a snap, that there were non-consecutive
after applying foam. I just use a few firings during final scope adjust-
Q-tips and/or bits of twisted paper ments. In other words, this rifle, the
towels for easy swabbing. new Ruger Scout .450, shoots better
Following the industry standard, than the author of this story. Thank
at the range I swipe out the bore goodness for good rifles and good
with liquid Wipe-Out cleaner, 2-3 shooting partners.
wet patches, then dry patch. I do In conclusion, I wish you better
this between every first five shots,
hunting through better shooting in
then after every three shots. I have the deer woods.n
been taught this cold barrel break-in
shooting and cleaning is in effect
lapping the bore. It pre-empts Ruger American .450 Bushmaster
maximum accuracy potential. Some
gun makers recommend 40 rounds Ruger American .450 Bushmaster
of shooting for this procedure. I
find this a good guideline, but it
OVER 2,500AT
STARTING IN$399.95!!
may not always be necessary to use
this much ammo. Just before range
shooting, I had no problem laser
bore sighting with the muzzle brake
in place. Open bore sighting was an
easy confirmation and little scope
22 Stainless Barrel 16 SS Ranch
adjustment was necessary.
16 Ranch2,500 IN
Barrel 22 STOCK!
Standard Barrel
16 or 22 Stainless
RIGHT Barrel
SS Ranch
CONSCIENTIOUS 16 Ranch Barrel 22
STARTING ATStandard Barrel
NEW Gunsite Scout Rifle in .450 Bushmaster with a Walnut stock for $879.95!
Also IN STOCK the NEW Ruger No. 1 Stainless/Laminate .450 Bushmaster!
Dozens of
of different
different variations
variations available and in
available and in stock
stock NOW!
Tan Black
Black Compact
Compact Kryptek Camo
Kryptek Camo Green Muddy Girl
Green Muddy Girl
Laminate stocks in several color variations and thumbhole options
Laminate stocks in several color variations and thumbhole options
Randys Hunting Center
AVAILABLE Randys Hunting Center
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Fax: 517-254-4404
Fly rods and bluegills
f there is any freshwater fish pumping. A bluegill that is feeding
that fights harder than a big at the surface will surely take your
bluegill, we would sure like offering.
to meet that finny creature. The best fly rod lures would
And, of course, the way to include rubber spiders. One that
magnify that fight, making is about the size of a quarter, with
the most of it, is to hook that big the rubber legs outstretched, would
bluegill on a light fly rod. June and be about right. Small cork-bodied
July are certainly the months for poppers will also work well. Choose
the best top-water bluegill action. among those tied on number eight
The fish will be bedding, or ten hooks. You can even
but more importantly, they use trout flies, choosing
will be in the shallows and dries that match the cur-
much easier to catch than rent mayfly hatch or wets
when the water warms and or even nymphs. On many
they retreat to the depths. inland lakes, there will be a
Bluegills are preda- current of brown drakes and
tory and they will attack these can easily be matched
smaller fish and about with a dark brown fly tied
anything they on a rather large
can get in their
mouths. They
By George Rowe hook, no smaller
than a number 10.
prove this every so often by whack- Before June is over, some of
Bluegills larger than your hand provide a terrific fight on a fly rod.
ing a bass plug that is three or four the local lakes will have a hatch in the evening, when the lake gets tract and hold bluegills, in June and
inches long. They are especially of Hexagenia mayflies, the giant flat. The absolute favorite fly for July.
vulnerable when they are feeding of them all, often called the cad- bluegills (and bass) is a dragonfly. If the water is quite shallow
on the surface. Surface feeding can dis hatch, even though it is not They hatch on lily pads, lakeside less than two feet deep you can of-
be induced by a hatch of mayflies, a caddis fly. The big Hex flies are brush and reeds and often flutter ten see the gills coming when your
dragonflies or dobsonflies. When a real mouthful for bluegills and down to the water when they leave offering hits the water. They often
you see them rising on a nice calm they will get the bass going as well. their larval cases. When they hit the swim at the surface, so you will see
morning, it should get your heart Watch for the rise forms to show up water, there is often a big splash as a a wake as the fish approaches. If
bluegill has a light meal. you see more than one wake, you
A good rod choice for this are almost sure to get a hard strike,

bluegill fishing would be a five or as the fish compete for the prize.

six weight rod, with a torpedo or Larger bluegills may approach the

bass taper floating line to match, lure more slowly, sort of stalking
on the reel. A rod in that weight it until they are quite close. Then,
will be light enough to fish with they will often dart in and grab the
for hours and light enough to get a lure.
real bend in it, from even a six-inch If you dont like to use a fly rod,
bluegill. A nine-inch fish will bend you can also get some good bluegill
Classic Rooster Tail w/HD it way down as the fish bores for action in June and July with a light
Split Ring & Pre-Sharpened the depths and circles the boat. You spinning rod. For lures, choose one
Black Nickel Hook wont need a fancy tapered leader. of the spinner/grub/jig combina-
You can make up a fine bluegill tions, like a Beetle-Spin or a Road-
Pulsating Hackle/Tinsel
Dressed Hook Attracts Fish fishing leader by first tying on a Runner. A Mepps spinner with a
short length, say two or three feet, fly attached is also good for this
Genuine Silver, of 20-pound test mono and, using a
Brass and/or
fishing. These lures will also take
Painted Blades surgeons knot, adding four or five bass, crappie and rock bass out of
feet of eight or ten-pound test mono. the same water. Generally, the best
The finished leader should be no technique with these lures is to cast
longer than the rod or it wont turn them out near cover, let it sink a bit
over well when you cast your line. and retrieve it close to the bottom.
The light end of the leader could be These lures are generally very light
smaller down to six-pound test in weight so you will want to select
but it pays to remember that you are a light rod and use line no heavier
apt to catch some bass while fishing than six-pound test. A longish rod
This new Rooster Tail was designed with for bluegills and you dont want to will add to the fun and if you use a
input from professional angler Joe Thomas break off that six-pound bass. seven-foot rod, those small fish will
and built specifically for bass and schooling When bluegills are in the shal-
stripers. Special components make it extra
seem larger.
strong to handle the toughest fish, and it features all the lows, they love to hang around some While one should release the
attributes that make Rooster Tail so productive. Available in two sizes, sort of cover and they are much like bluegills if they are still spawning,
and ounce for long casts and fast retrieves, the Joe Thomas Series their bass relatives, in that respect. to insure a good population for the
Rooster Tail comes in 12 finishes hand-selected by Joe Thomas. Accordingly, while you may find future, you can certainly keep some
them on a flat that has only two feet of the medium-sized fish for the
of water on it, they will be ganged table. Some folks think bluegills are
up near any sort of cover. This the best eating among the panfish,
might consist of emerging lily pads, but they would get some argument
reeds (new or old), sticks, logs or from those who prefer crappie and
even big rocks. Docks, swim rafts certainly more argument from the
or any other structures will also at- perch fanciers.n
Design By Chris Prescott
an overboard inci- sel name.
dents are difficult You have now alerted the nearest
to handle for both rescue assistance as well as other
the people aboard boats in the area.
the boat and rescue If you are unsuccessful in plac-
personal. According ing the flotation device near the
to the USCG, attempting to person in the water, throw
relieve oneself over the side anything that will float in
of the boat is the leading their direction. Life jack- Below: Photo of Sea Dye Marker and (Above) a SOS Dan Buoy
cause of man overboard ets, coolers, fish boxes -
cases. they all have buoyancy and
Man-Overboard Marker. They both would be great to have on
Each man overboard may help keep the person board for emergencies.
case differs, but all dictate afloat. If you throw a poly- experience can be very difficult and it as fast as possible.
the necessity for quick ac- line, fasten one end to your stressful. The success of the rescue If you have a regular fishing or boat-
tion because instant panic vessel but remember to use will depend on your ability to func- ing partner, be sure they know what
can occur. extreme cau- tion quickly in a level headed man- you may expect of them in this or
Assuming Boat Smart... tion to avoid
fouling the
ner. A practice drill can help you to
know how to react. When practic-
any other type of emergency while
By Capt. Fred Davis
that a person
will not panic rope in your ing, do not put a person in the water. Excellent, detailed instructions
is foolhardy. drive sys- Simply throw a life jacket, float or are found online by searching man
Response to an actual incident is tem. If your vessel is disabled, you fender overboard and try to retrieve overboard drill.n
never without great risks. will be unable to assist the person
The foremost problem is skip- overboard
pers do not practice man overboard Approach downwind of the per-
drills. The drills would help execute son to avoid running over them. As
a planned procedure if a real need soon as you have a line to them or
arose. The plan and its implementa- they have a hold on the boat, put the
tion should dictate steps to be taken. engine in neutral to avoid them hav-
The first step is; get close ing any contact with the propellers.
enough to the person in the water to Keep in mind; they may still be in a
throw a flotation device, ring buoy panic state or perhaps exhausted. If
or cushion. If you have someone you are in a small boat, be careful
else aboard, direct them to keep not to capsize the boat while bring-
visual contact by pointing with an ing the person aboard.
outstretched arm toward the victim. DO NOT place additional per-
This will assist you in maneuvering sons overboard unless there is no
to a pick up point. other means of retrieving the person
While maneuvering the boat to from the water. If you do put addi-
the position of the person in the wa- tional people in the water, be certain
ter, place a MAYDAY call on your they have life jackets on and have
VHF radio stating; man overboard, properly fastened them up before
your present position, and your ves- they enter the water. In addition,
have them take a life
line if possible.
If you cannot
retrieve the person,
keep them in sight and
repeat your original
MAYDAY call, giving
your boats position
and include a descrip-
tion of the person in
the water. Should you
successfully retrieve
the person from the
water, go back to
the radio and notify
all stations to cancel
MAYDAY, person is
A man overboard
Recovery Retribution
Deer Hunt 2016: Its Not The Size Of A Parcel Of Property That Counts...By John Eberhart

fter totally botching
the recovery of the
10-point I arrowed on
Halloween evening
last fall (January 2017
Woods-N-Water News
issue), on November 12 I somewhat
redeemed myself by making the
somewhat difficult recovery of an
11-point I shot that morning.
Due to the immense amount of
hunting pressure that the majority
of Michigan deer hunters face, to
me the taking of one good buck in
Michigan with a bow equates to a
pretty good season. Statistically,
Michigan is always near the top of
the list in most difficult states to
hang a tag on a trophy buck.
Ive always stated that its not
the size of a parcel of property that
counts, but rather the quality of it,
and in 2016 I again proved that to
myself. In 2014, I asked and re-
ceived permission on a two-acre
parcel of land and on that tiny parcel
is the beginning tip of a larger cattail
marsh that is typically dry during
deer season. It was interesting that
property owner had never been
asked for permission, likely due to
the propertys small size.
The cattail marsh butts up to a
large stand of timber with sufficient
understudy for deer to bed in prior
to pre-season scouting pressure, and
even more so once the foliage on the
understudy falls and the tall weeds
die off in the fall. Therefore, the
cattail marsh doesnt reach its peak
bedding area potential until late Oc-
tober or early November, depending The author hurried his shot and the hit was a bit behind where he was aiming. Hes taken enough deer
on the weather and the severity of
the surrounding pre-season scouting
to know that it meant to quietly leave the area and come back in a few hours for his trophy 11-point.
and hunting pressure. of placing motion cameras at hunt- My wife had been bugging me does and fawns within 20 yards of
All the properties in the area ing locations in pressured areas to rake the yard and I also needed the tree.
receive bow hunting pressure so (Michigan primarily), I had set up to catch up on some much needed In my younger days, I would
once scouting and the actual season a camera at this location because I rest, so on November 11 I slept in oftentimes spook deer with my typi-
gets going and the understudy in the could check it during rainy or windy and spent the day doing yard work. cal hunter timeframe entries of just
timber loses its security cover ap- days without concern of spooking Hunting time is so limited for those prior to daylight, and have learned
peal for bedding in, the mature deer deer bedded within the marsh or of us that have jobs, which I have through costly trial and error that
in the area adjust and move into the leaving any human odor as my scent two, so why do leaves have to fall a high percentage of the deer that
secure cattail marsh to bed for the regiment is very effective and its and be raked up during hunting transition into bedding areas prior to
day. a tiny transition point where deer season? I love the fall colors, but daybreak were the very bucks I was
Whats interesting is that due to dont bed. once the leaves fall, they are a major attempting to kill.
the layout of the surrounding terrain From the time the camera was nuisance and annoyance to the other To rectify that touchy situation,
features, the small tip of the marsh set-up in mid-October, I had re- person I reside with. in the past 25 years or so, whenever
in which I hunt is one of the primary placed the card twice, and each time With the leaves taken care of, Im morning hunting in a transition
entry routes into the larger cattail I went there was more visual sign in on November 12 I got up and went zone leading to or hunting within
marsh, and for that reason I chose the form of rubs on the nearby brush bowhunting at the tiny parcel. My a bedding area, Im always set-up
not to hunt this piece until Novem- and small saplings that led into the two previous hunts at this location in my sling at least an hour and a
ber when it reaches its peak poten- marsh. There were, however, no (a morning and an evening hunt) half prior to first light so as not to
tial timeframe. photos of a buck that I would con- were both eventful as each time I
While Im not a huge advocate sider taking. had subordinate bucks and a few Recovery page 46
from page 44

spook any early buck arrivals with The author, John Eberhar t specializes in bowhunting heavily pressured areas, with 30 bucks listed in
my entry, and that morning was no CBMs record book from 19 different proper ties in 10 different counties. He has also taken 19 P&Y
different. class bucks on 21 out-of-state bowhunts. A few of Johns trophies on display at Jays Spor ting Goods.
About a half hour before day-
break a single deer passed by and where I was aiming. much of a blood trail you may have successful at taking mature bucks.
continued into the cattails, and I was He wheeled around and went to follow, if any. A hit near the out- Whether you hunt public land, have
quite sure by the steady cadence that right back into the marsh at full side edge of the liver where blood free permission, own, lease property,
it was a buck. speed. There is a small opening veins are very small will require a or travel and hunt multiple proper-
From daybreak until about 8 about 90 yards into the marsh that I long time for expiration (up to 18 ties, this class will have something
a.m., other than watching a few can see from my tree, and strangely, hours) whereas a hit closer to the for you. The in-field portion will be
squirrels, the morning was unevent- he stopped in the opening and just center of the liver where the arteries on a property Ive had permission to
ful. I had a Red Tail hawk swipe at stood there for several minutes are much larger, will expire within hunt since 2007.
my exposed eyes and veered away before hunching his back a bit and hours. Scouting other hunters proper-
when he was about six-feet away slowly walking farther into the If a liver hit deer recovery is ties will also be open for discussion.
because he saw my head and body marsh and out of sight. attempted too soon after the shot, My scouting agenda would be to
swing to the side. Ive had owls do Ive taken enough deer to know theres an excellent chance that the suggest hunting locations, explain
that and come much closer on three what that meant, and while its a deer will be pushed and may travel how each should be set-up concern-
different occasions, because they definite death sign, its not what I a long distance and into secure and ing the tree, shooting lanes and low
make absolutely no noise when like to see. Looking down at the difficult to access areas where re- impact entry and exit routes, deci-
flying, but this was the first time shot sight I could see the arrow coveries become much less likely. pher the seasonal and daily timing
Ive ever had a hawk go after my sticking in the dirt and easily no- I was confident that the hit for each location, suggest property
exposed eyes. ticed that the entire shaft and fletch- was through the center of the liver improvements, describe hunting
Around 9:30, two does, three ing was covered in blood. because the shot was lower on the strategies and techniques for each
fawns and a small eight and a fork There was no doubt by his post body, and at 2:30 p.m. I went back location and the property in its
antlered buck passed by and went shot actions that I had hit him a bit and began searching right where entirety, detail a proper and to-
into the marsh. back and likely in the liver. Liver he was last standing in the opening tal scent control regiment, and if
At 9:45 all hell broke loose as a and or gut shot deer almost always within the marsh. The blood trail daylight permits, will show how to
couple mature does busted out of the go a short distance before stopping, was faint and led through the cattails properly prepare a hunting loca-
marsh and ran passed me at about getting sick, standing for a while, for at least another 150 yards before tion at whatever location the client
14 yards distance and continued to- and then typically going a short exiting it and heading towards a chooses.
wards the timber. Of course I knew distance and bedding down within small, shallow pond. For further information on Eber-
what would come next and my intu- some form of security cover to die The trail ended at the ponds harts Whitetail Workshop or scout-
ition didnt let me down. Although I if the hunter leaves him alone for a edge, and in the middle of the pond ing, please call John 989-644-6067
hadnt had a picture of a good buck, long enough period of time. I could see a small hump of brown or e-mail ;
I lifted my Mathews bow off its If there is water nearby, its also and what looked to be a branch and check out my website at: www.
hanger and was in the ready position common (have chapters in each of sticking above the waters surface. I
just in case the pursuing buck was a my three books on recovering white- pulled up my binoculars and yes, the John Eberhart specializes in
keeper. tails that have this exact scenario in hump was the bucks body and the bowhunting heavily pressured areas
To my shocking and pleasant them) for these types of hit deer to stick was in fact the left side of the with 30 bucks listed in CBMs re-
surprise, he was not only a keeper, go and lay in the water, and I can bucks antlers. cord book from 19 different proper-
for the northern Michigan area he only assume that its to cool down It was dark by the time my ties in 10 different counties. John
was huge. and sooth the burning wound. son Jon showed up with waders has also taken 19 P&Y class bucks
He was moving at a rapid pace Once out of sight, I very quietly and helped me retrieve the buck. on 21 out-of-state bowhunts. John
and as he passed, while at full draw packed my gear, descended the tree, The pond was shallow and it was has 100 percent exclusively hunted
I made a vocal blatt to stop him, and picked the arrow up and left the relatively easy to float his body from public ground and knock-on-doors
he either never heard it or didnt area. the water. Dragging him through the for free permission properties with-
care. A second and much louder When inspecting the G-5 Striker marsh and to my mini-van, however, out the use of bait and co-authored
vocal blatt did, however, grab his head I noticed two of the blades was not fun. the books; Bowhunting Pressured
attention and he stopped. were chipped, which is a telltale While dressing the 11-point, I Whitetails, Precision Bowhunt-
That was a big mistake on his sign that they had hit bone. On a inspected the liver, and as expected, ing and Bowhunting Whitetails
part because had he continued broadside shot, if the arrow en- my arrow had passed through the the Eberhart Way (available at:
another step or two, he would have tered a bit back into the body and center of his liver. He should gross
been safely behind cover and been you know a rib was hit by having over 140 inches and he ended one of John Eberhart will also be a key-
able to survive for a future hunter chipped blades, you can be assured my better Michigan buck seasons. note speaker and share his wealth of
encounter. that the liver was hit and the deer Eberharts Whitetail Workshop: deer hunting knowledge with show
He was perfectly broadside and will expire. In July Im beginning a Workshop goers at the Woods-N-Water News
because his muscles were tight and Recovering a liver hit deer, how- which will be a two-day in-field/in- Outdoor Weekend, Sept. 8-10 at the
ready to react, I hurried my shot and ever, is not a sure thing as where the class educational program for white- Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds
my Maxima Red arrow tipped with liver was hit has everything to do tail hunters that want to step up their in Imlay City. For more information
a G-5 Striker hit him a bit behind with the expiration time and how game in every aspect to become
Early summer
go-to lakes
Fishermans Digest By John Bergsma

t seems that every year I get on the bay are the tube and the drop-
introduced to new fishing shot rig. The tube is a very effective
options. Last season I spent search bait when fishing the tum-
many days traveling around bling sand points that are scattered
the great Lakes and com- around the bay. Simply cast them
piling footage from great out and work them back slowly. I
fishing destinations. In this article, always start by going shallow first in
Ill briefly touch on some of the best search of the active feeders and then
mid-June to mid-July options, and work the breaks and deeper edges
let you choose which one you want until I find where the big smallies
to visit. Each lake has a good local are holding. The drop shot is an
bait shop that can help you with effective deeper water presentation.
information. These are lakes I have Many larger fish will hold at the
fished on and done well, give one or bottom of the breaks in 15-30 foot. The author knows Escanabas smallmouth fishery is very reliable
more a try! These fish are easily marked on your and red hot in early summer.
graph and can be fished individually
Escanaba with good success. eye fishing to these waters. The bite foot range. The best baits seem to be
Smallmouth Bass begins in earnest around the first of
smaller shad imitators.
This U.P. fishing has been out of June and continues all season and Berkley Frenzy shads and
sight for the last several years. This Island Walleye into the fall. Rapala shad raps are good in the 4
fishery is very reliable and is also The Islands fishing has been Early summer finds the fish in and 5 sizes, purple and clown are
red hot in early summer. The fishing coming on of late. The waters the shallows in the bays that are good colors and a white Strike King
occurs on all the major points and around Drummond have been surrounding this scenic paradise. Lucky Shad is also very good.
reefs in both Big and Little Bay De known for years as a great perch and Maxton and Scotts bays are always Short line these baits in the shal-
Noc. The presentations are as simple pike fishery. The best kept secret has productive for walleye. I would fish lows, either skimming over top of
as basic bass fishing. My go-to baits been the return of very good wall- them with crank baits in the 5-10 weeds or staying just outside the

with your host

n B e r g sm a
Visit our website and find out about . . .
Destinations Fishing Reports
Our Show Cooks Corner


weeds. Obviously, fish have tails many docks and deeper weed edges
and will move, but the combination is a reliable bass catching method.
of walleye, pike and large perch will The walleye on all the lakes are very
make this excursion a mixed bag, catchable using spinner harnesses
fish catching bonanza. and night crawlers. Many of the
better catches are coming by troll-
Lakes Cadillac, ing these rigs behind inline planer
boards. I like the Off Shore OR-12s,
Mitchell and Missaukee but the smaller OR-34s are catch-
These lakes are just about the
ing on as well. One thing is for sure
closest thing to a home run as you
when fishing any of these lakes: if
can get! The fishing for crappie,
you get the current information and
bluegill, walleye and bass has been
get out early, catching fish should
very solid in the last few years. This
not be an issue. These are very busy
fishery is a constant and catching
lakes for recreation, so mid-week is
fish is always assured if you follow
always a good choice.
a few basic principles.
First is to visit the local bait Lake Otsego in Gaylord Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell are excellent crappie lakes.
shops and get the areas where they Heres an excellent early sum-
are catching them. Steve and Chris mer option. This lake is a best kept the ticket. Same for the largemouth about halfway down and caught
at Pilgrims Village will give you secret. The mixed bag fishing on bass, soft plastics around docks and five very respectable fish in a long
all the right information on where Otsego is very good. Bass, pike, wacky rigging drop shot rigs on the morning of fishing. I will be back
and how for Cadillac and Mitchell. walleye and nice gills all are part of deeper weeds will catch some very for further exploration on this very
Casey and Korinda at Millers Cor- Otsegos mixed bag. For years this nice fish. Northerns are a lock using beautiful lake.
ner store will get you up to speed on has been, and remains, a fantastic larger shiners under bobbers on the Bottom line, no matter which of
Lake Missaukee. These three lakes winter fishery. But the last couple weed edges. these lakes you choose: just enjoy
are simply fish factories and the summer trips there have made me The walleye is a bit tricky. I being out on the water! Its not al-
presentations are very traditional. believe in the summer fishery as have not completely figured them ways about the catching, sometimes
Shallow bays and weed beds well. out, but the best day I have had was its about not being at work!
are the ticket, and bobbers and live The panfish are caught tradition- trolling crawler harnesses behind #1 For great fishing reports follow
bait have been the best for panfish, ally on shoreline weed edges, and Off Shore Tadpoles just outside the John at: www.fishermansdigest.
and soft plastics worked around the usually live bait and bobbers are weeds in open water. I set my baits comn


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Scouting for bucks during July can provide sightings hotter than a 4th of July firecracker. This is
the only time of year when males gather in bachelor groups and feed non-stop to nourish fast
growing crowns of velvet. If your goal is to locate a Michigan mature buck, now is the time to
initiate scouting and the results can be impressive. Heres why...

uly is the key month for bucks impressive racks. Antler size is determined leaves. At times deer will flock to bean fields, and racks come late July.
to go on a feeding spree, more by age and genetics, although year round they love to browse on the fresh blooming flow- Wild deer in Michigan simply cannot grow
so than any other time of year. nutrition can produce larger racks than deer ers and tender shoots. Once beans are ripe they massive racks like those in high fence ranches.
Antler growth is a slow pro- that suffer during severe winter weather. harden and are less of a whitetail magnet. Most Whitetail breeders understand the importance of
cess, but when July arrives a One factor that can diminish antler growth grass fields offer rich fiber and tender shoots that year round nutrition and they provide high protein
whitetails metabolism acceler- is drought. During drought the nutritional attract deer and keep them coming back for more. chow along with foods enriched with vitamins,
ates. Buck antlers are the fastest grow- benefit of food decreases, which can cause Corn will attract deer too, and bucks like to dine on minerals and other products that cause accelerated
ing material known to man. When the a drop in antler growth. Rainfall is neces- tassels soon as they bloom from the stalk. Extreme antler growth. Obviously, deer that have good nu-
day length reaches a certain point, blood sary for optimum antler growth. When July warm weather with little rain will cause greenery trition year round are healthy and grow large racks.
begins flowing to the pedicle turns to August antlers are pretty to drop protein levels and fiber to rise, making Breeders understand the secret to huge antlers is
and antlers begin an accelerated
rate of growth. From June 20 to
By Kenny Darwin much fully developed and begin a
30 day hardening process and the
food sources less nutritious. Once again, a sum-
mer drought can lead to a drop in nutrient levels in
dependent upon food, which also keeps animals dis-
ease free. Just keep in mind our DNR does not al-
July 20, daylight is the greatest and antler growth huge velvet crown begins to shrink as blood flows plants, causing antlers to be smaller. low year round feeding of deer, even during stress-
literally explodes. During this period, antlers can slower. Some bucks will have a 50% decrease in Michigan had a mild winter last year and ful periods like winter, and several counties are
grow one-inch per day. Powerful endorphins surge size during the hardening phase, but the majority grasses grew early, which should help bucks to closed to baiting in an effort to reduce the growth
through their veins and bucks go bonkers to feed. will shrink by 30%. grow large racks in 2017. A longer feeding period of disease. It is my opinion that the DNR is using
The supercharged phase only lasts a few short Sweet grasses are the main draw for hungry will help antler growth, but the key time for ant- an outdated method to contain diseases. Instead
weeks as antlers quickly develop. During this pe- deer. During the accelerated antler growth sea- lers to develop is the important period from June of restricting feeding, sportsmen should provide
riod, bucks act like they are on steroids and venture son, food sources high in protein are required for through July, when lengthier days cause hormones year round food through increased food plots and
from thick cover and forests into clearings, grassy maximum antler growth. If I had to pick the best to rise and bucks put on the feed bag. While growth feeders. It is also sad how Michigans DNR has
knolls and agricultural fields to fuel their cravings food source to locate July mega-bucks, it would be is slow in April and May, some will have bonier reduced the availability of corn and soy beans and
for succulent food sources. This makes them some- alfalfa. First year freshly planted alfalfa will draw racks by the end of July. Antler size is also directly winter wheat on public property by drastically cut-
what easy to spot and scouting efforts can produce bucks like no other. However, timing can be criti- related to deer age. Older bucks increase in antler ting back on planting crops for wildlife. It seems to
impressive results. cal, and the trick is to locate hay fields with stand- size each year and they grow larger and thicker. me good nutrition leads to good health.
July begins with buck antlers that are fuzzy ing plants. Once it has been cut, it will take a few If we have ideal weather this summer, some If your goal is to locate a dandy buck, the trick
and bulbous. By late July mature bucks will have weeks for the succulent plants to regenerate juicy Michigan deer should be sporting wall-hanger is to scout open areas, grass fields, hay fields and
all agricultural sources during July. During the
dog days of summer, deer frequently are concealed
in brush and forests until the sun sets and daylight
descends into darkness. That final hour before
darkness arrives when light is low is the best time
to catch a big boy in the open searching for dinner.
Oh sure, biting insects can drive deer from
undercover and push them into open areas. When
deer flies are abundant you can count on plenty of
bucks seeking sanctuary from the biting insects by
gathering in open fields where cool summer breezes
tend to blow bugs away. Summer weather high-
lighted by bright sun, sweltering heat and hatching
insects can bring heavy antlered bucks into the open
when the sun touches the horizon and temperatures
It goes without saying that deer need water
during the sweltering heat of summer, and they
like to congregate along rivers, lakes, ponds,
ditches, swamps and watery low lands. At times
big bucks will seek water during mid-day, and it is Finding huge antlered trophy bucks is best accomplished during July when buck activity peaks.
not uncommon to see a bruiser taking a dip to cool
his body, rid pesky bugs and sooth insect bites. At arch. It is his duty to keep order in the herd, lead drinks and swimming. To top off a perfect sum-
times, a big buck will stay concealed in thick cover the group on feeding forays and introduce younger mer party when the sun touches the horizon I cruise
until the evening light has faded, at which time bucks to his home turf. The relationship between country roads in search of bucks in velvet. Binocu-
he gets up and charges to a water source for an bucks during summer is non-confrontational, and lars help me to identify the exact size of megabucks
evening drink. Others will sneak into the flooded it is common to see large males grooming each roaming open fields. In the average evening I try
low lands and bed down or lie in pockets of water other, licking body parts and sores created by biting to thoroughly cover a 25 mile area, and I reserve
to stay comfortable on a hot summer day. Cedar insects. This is the only time of year when rival hotspots until the final 15 minutes of daylight.
swamps containing brook trout creeks or flooded bucks join together and they invite other males to Once I hit on a hotspot where big bucks have been
with cool ground water act like Mother Natures air join in the summer eat-a-thon. previously located, I stealthfully recheck hot loca-
Summer bucks are very social, often gather in groups and commonly groom each other by conditioner for North Country whitetails who seek I love summer because my appetite is acceler- tions. My goal is to glass big bucks, gauge
licking around eyes, ears, nose or antler bases. During the height of deer fly season bucks shelter from the sun in the shade. ated just like trophy bucks. I cant get enough of
often lick sores caused by biting insects. Kenny Darwin photos Bachelor groups are often led by an old patri- grilled salmon, goose brats in the midday sun, cold Julys monster bucks page 52
Scouting for bucks during July can provide sightings hotter than a 4th of July firecracker. This is
the only time of year when males gather in bachelor groups and feed non-stop to nourish fast
growing crowns of velvet. If your goal is to locate a Michigan mature buck, now is the time to
initiate scouting and the results can be impressive. Heres why...

uly is the key month for bucks impressive racks. Antler size is determined leaves. At times deer will flock to bean fields, and racks come late July.
to go on a feeding spree, more by age and genetics, although year round they love to browse on the fresh blooming flow- Wild deer in Michigan simply cannot grow
so than any other time of year. nutrition can produce larger racks than deer ers and tender shoots. Once beans are ripe they massive racks like those in high fence ranches.
Antler growth is a slow pro- that suffer during severe winter weather. harden and are less of a whitetail magnet. Most Whitetail breeders understand the importance of
cess, but when July arrives a One factor that can diminish antler growth grass fields offer rich fiber and tender shoots that year round nutrition and they provide high protein
whitetails metabolism acceler- is drought. During drought the nutritional attract deer and keep them coming back for more. chow along with foods enriched with vitamins,
ates. Buck antlers are the fastest grow- benefit of food decreases, which can cause Corn will attract deer too, and bucks like to dine on minerals and other products that cause accelerated
ing material known to man. When the a drop in antler growth. Rainfall is neces- tassels soon as they bloom from the stalk. Extreme antler growth. Obviously, deer that have good nu-
day length reaches a certain point, blood sary for optimum antler growth. When July warm weather with little rain will cause greenery trition year round are healthy and grow large racks.
begins flowing to the pedicle turns to August antlers are pretty to drop protein levels and fiber to rise, making Breeders understand the secret to huge antlers is
and antlers begin an accelerated
rate of growth. From June 20 to
By Kenny Darwin much fully developed and begin a
30 day hardening process and the
food sources less nutritious. Once again, a sum-
mer drought can lead to a drop in nutrient levels in
dependent upon food, which also keeps animals dis-
ease free. Just keep in mind our DNR does not al-
July 20, daylight is the greatest and antler growth huge velvet crown begins to shrink as blood flows plants, causing antlers to be smaller. low year round feeding of deer, even during stress-
literally explodes. During this period, antlers can slower. Some bucks will have a 50% decrease in Michigan had a mild winter last year and ful periods like winter, and several counties are
grow one-inch per day. Powerful endorphins surge size during the hardening phase, but the majority grasses grew early, which should help bucks to closed to baiting in an effort to reduce the growth
through their veins and bucks go bonkers to feed. will shrink by 30%. grow large racks in 2017. A longer feeding period of disease. It is my opinion that the DNR is using
The supercharged phase only lasts a few short Sweet grasses are the main draw for hungry will help antler growth, but the key time for ant- an outdated method to contain diseases. Instead
weeks as antlers quickly develop. During this pe- deer. During the accelerated antler growth sea- lers to develop is the important period from June of restricting feeding, sportsmen should provide
riod, bucks act like they are on steroids and venture son, food sources high in protein are required for through July, when lengthier days cause hormones year round food through increased food plots and
from thick cover and forests into clearings, grassy maximum antler growth. If I had to pick the best to rise and bucks put on the feed bag. While growth feeders. It is also sad how Michigans DNR has
knolls and agricultural fields to fuel their cravings food source to locate July mega-bucks, it would be is slow in April and May, some will have bonier reduced the availability of corn and soy beans and
for succulent food sources. This makes them some- alfalfa. First year freshly planted alfalfa will draw racks by the end of July. Antler size is also directly winter wheat on public property by drastically cut-
what easy to spot and scouting efforts can produce bucks like no other. However, timing can be criti- related to deer age. Older bucks increase in antler ting back on planting crops for wildlife. It seems to
impressive results. cal, and the trick is to locate hay fields with stand- size each year and they grow larger and thicker. me good nutrition leads to good health.
July begins with buck antlers that are fuzzy ing plants. Once it has been cut, it will take a few If we have ideal weather this summer, some If your goal is to locate a dandy buck, the trick
and bulbous. By late July mature bucks will have weeks for the succulent plants to regenerate juicy Michigan deer should be sporting wall-hanger is to scout open areas, grass fields, hay fields and
all agricultural sources during July. During the
dog days of summer, deer frequently are concealed
in brush and forests until the sun sets and daylight
descends into darkness. That final hour before
darkness arrives when light is low is the best time
to catch a big boy in the open searching for dinner.
Oh sure, biting insects can drive deer from
undercover and push them into open areas. When
deer flies are abundant you can count on plenty of
bucks seeking sanctuary from the biting insects by
gathering in open fields where cool summer breezes
tend to blow bugs away. Summer weather high-
lighted by bright sun, sweltering heat and hatching
insects can bring heavy antlered bucks into the open
when the sun touches the horizon and temperatures
It goes without saying that deer need water
during the sweltering heat of summer, and they
like to congregate along rivers, lakes, ponds,
ditches, swamps and watery low lands. At times
big bucks will seek water during mid-day, and it is Finding huge antlered trophy bucks is best accomplished during July when buck activity peaks.
not uncommon to see a bruiser taking a dip to cool
his body, rid pesky bugs and sooth insect bites. At arch. It is his duty to keep order in the herd, lead drinks and swimming. To top off a perfect sum-
times, a big buck will stay concealed in thick cover the group on feeding forays and introduce younger mer party when the sun touches the horizon I cruise
until the evening light has faded, at which time bucks to his home turf. The relationship between country roads in search of bucks in velvet. Binocu-
he gets up and charges to a water source for an bucks during summer is non-confrontational, and lars help me to identify the exact size of megabucks
evening drink. Others will sneak into the flooded it is common to see large males grooming each roaming open fields. In the average evening I try
low lands and bed down or lie in pockets of water other, licking body parts and sores created by biting to thoroughly cover a 25 mile area, and I reserve
to stay comfortable on a hot summer day. Cedar insects. This is the only time of year when rival hotspots until the final 15 minutes of daylight.
swamps containing brook trout creeks or flooded bucks join together and they invite other males to Once I hit on a hotspot where big bucks have been
with cool ground water act like Mother Natures air join in the summer eat-a-thon. previously located, I stealthfully recheck hot loca-
Summer bucks are very social, often gather in groups and commonly groom each other by conditioner for North Country whitetails who seek I love summer because my appetite is acceler- tions. My goal is to glass big bucks, gauge
licking around eyes, ears, nose or antler bases. During the height of deer fly season bucks shelter from the sun in the shade. ated just like trophy bucks. I cant get enough of
often lick sores caused by biting insects. Kenny Darwin photos Bachelor groups are often led by an old patri- grilled salmon, goose brats in the midday sun, cold Julys monster bucks page 52
Julys monster bucks:
from page 51
antler size and identify home turf of animal was easy to spot because his
bruisers. The following anecdote coat was bright red, darker than the
best describes this point. It was a other bucks, and his body was twice
steamy July day with little wind, the size of all the deer. On his head
bright sun and blue skies when I he proudly displayed a super-wide
picked up my partner Dave Sum- 10 point rack that would eventually
mitt from Okemos, and we headed score in the 160s. His brow tines
for deer country in search of heavy were almost 10 inches tall and one
antlered bucks. was much longer than the other.
The first bachelor group was We looked in awe at a distance of
easy to spot as they crossed the 200 yards. Thats when the bruiser
road in front of us and gathered in raised his head, looked directly at
the knee high alfalfa field. There us, then turned away, lowered his
were 12 bucks total, the two larg- massive rack and tiptoed into the
est were 140 class 10 points with underbrush.
thick mass and beautiful velvety Dave yelled, Look at that
crowns. We stopped and looked at monster! My heart was pounding
the group as they gobbled the tender at the sight of the beautiful buck
alfalfa. None of the animals seemed and we high-fived to celebrate the During July, bucks seek water sources like rivers, creeks, ponds,
disturbed as we watched from less sighting. Come dark we saw a lakes and flooded marsh lands or swamps. Sometimes they go
than 150 yards. Our next buck was total of 32 bucks, but nothing could swimming to get rid of pesky insects, other times they simply need
a small yearling 6 point and we saw compare to the size and mass of the a drink of fresh water.
several other bucks with yearling staggered brow monster buck. This
size racks. Not far from a railroad was the sixth time to see his impres- to see maximum numbers of bucks My first move is to get permis-
track, we noticed a group of nine sive velvet crown in less than two and big boys, too. When July slips sion to photograph a big buck.
deer gathered in a bean field. One weeks. My buddy Scott Goldammer into August fewer bucks became Often Ill set up a ground blind,
was a huge 8 point with outstanding got to see him in late July, but come visible, and by October we would brush it in to conceal the outline
antler height. Another was a small August the deer disappeared, never cover the same scouting turf and and slip inside. The trick is to go
10 point with light colored velvet. to be seen again. only see two bucks. If you want undetected and Im nuts about using
Thats when we both noticed the My point is this. We have spent to locate more and bigger bucks, Scent Shield clothing, scent elimina-
extra-large deer in the background countless hours scouting for bucks, believe me, now is the time to be tion sprays and other scent reducing
with an impressive rack. The and there is no better time than July scouting. All you have to do is products. My goal is to sneak into
make an effort. the hide, get telephoto still photos,

OK, so you see a dandy buck, and slip back out without being
maybe one for the wall or CBM detected. If Mr. Big gets a whiff of
books; what should you do next? my scent he will vacate the area and
Now is also the time to approach take up residency in a new location.
landowners to get hunting permis- I take every precaution to go un-

sion for the upcoming deer season. detected and wear full camouflage,
Farmers are more willing to grant wear rubber boots, hide my truck
hunting permission during the dog from view, stalk the blind and more,
days of summer, than fall when much more. The idea is to get kis-
buck hungry hunters get a peek at sin close to a big mature buck and

and Save!
Mr. Big. Some folks offer cash capture his image on film. Often,
or lease hunting land, others trade once a landowner gets to know me
hunting rights for fresh apples, wall- Im granted hunting permission.
eye fillets, smoked salmon, home Bingo!
baked pie or cold beer. Plenty of What about you, do you have a
land owners will grant free hunting strategy to locate a monster buck?

Enjoy Michigans Best

permission if you are polite, If not, now is the time to begin
sincere, show caring and they trust scouting. I guarantee you will be
you. impressed with the results.n

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Double Trophy Toms: It was on

the count of three that Dean Mar-
tin of Imlay City and Walt Papke
Nick Bondarek of St. Clair took this mon- of Drummond Island took a pair
Jacob Flachsmann took ster 26 lb. tom with an 11.5 inch beard of monster toms after watching
his biggest turkey ever. Bethany Bennett took this tur- and 1.25 inch spurs hunting Jackson Co. them in the rain for 3 hours hunt-
in the worse turkey hunting weather. ing Lapeer Co. April 20.
This Lapeer Co. tom had key with an 11 1/4 inch beard Nick figured he called over 2,000 times
a 10 1/2 inch beard! on May 8 in Genesee Co. and walked over 20 miles.
Dylan Clayton
and his dad
went out Jason Fisher,
early Mothers 8-years old,
Day morning
and took this of Yale,
triple bearded scored his
monster in first turkey!
Co. Dylan It had an 11
made an excel- 3/4 beard
lent shot and
delivered the and 1 3/8
turkey to his spurs.
proud mother
and they ate
fresh turkey for
Darick Sitar of Waterford with one of four Mothers Day
dinner. The
monster carp caught over Memorial Weekend beards were Kanon
on Maceday Lake. Special assist to his son Ma- 10, 7, and 6
son for teaching dad how to tie an improved and the spurs
clinch knot. were 1. 14, with
a nice St.
George Clair Co.
James Epperson of McHugh turkey
Armada took this big of Lapeer with a 9
tom on opening day took this 3/4 inch
on state land. It had tom with beard.
a 9 beard. a 10 1/2
beard and
1 spurs
Lapeer Co.
Kaitlyn Holzheuer, 8, took this 21 inch small-
mouth bass she caught on Long Lake over
Memorial Day weekend.

Travis Naidus, 16,

Libby Tank, 9, took his first bird
Nicholas Nagle, 13, made her dad Nicole Denz, 13, of Karen Yorks of Evart on opening day of
Hayden Wilson caught this Macomb Twp., took her
24.25 inch steelhead while
took his second big real proud as she took her biggest gob- the early season
tom hunting near harvested her first second career turkey bler ever, this 27.4 after three hours of
fishing with his uncle Del- Fenton. This tom was hunting near East Lan- call. 22 lbs., 7.5 inch
bert Miehlke in Benzie Co. 25 lbs., with a 10 3/4 turkey, this Sanilac sing with her Dad and
pounder taken April
beard, hunting near
over Memorial weekend. beard and 1.25 spurs. Co. jake! Uncle Tom. 29 near Sears. Hubbard Lake.
(989) 569-3482 /
Oscoda, Michigan 48750
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Lured by the Lady, Beckoned by
the Boys: A Montreville Letter
emember I told you I It was, however, big enough for
had to go to West Vir- most people around the town of
ginia for a book sign- Montreville as well as most of
ing? the visitors to Elk Springs Resort.
Well, fortunately Youll notice the Subaru is the state
Maureen went with car of West Virginia, Bobs com-
me, or I would have despaired. You panion Kate Fox said as we walked
would have found me beside the toward lodge over the little walkway
road sending out messages tied to above the raceway filled with giant
helium balloons asking if anyone trout. Almost as an afterthought she
knew where I was. I sure didnt. added, Alaska, too.
After two days of driv- Sure enough. About 50
ing 15 hours on the road vehicles, mostly various
we found ourselves in models of foreign cross-
the middle of nowhere. Al- overs, SUVs and pickups,
most there. A down-moun- had wriggled into the
tain run of four more miles available spaces according
took us to the farthest we to the parking areas cur-
had ever been from any- rent configuration. I think
where. And the grade was a factory reps full-size
so steep I down shifted the pickup and my Suburban
Suburban to keep were the only big
from burning out
the brakes. By Tom Carney American vehicles
parked there. On
The road lev- this clear, warm
eled off at a dirt parking lot of day, several dozen people roamed
sorts. There were no painted stripes the grounds. The end of the earth,
or concrete bumpers to indicate apparently, is a very popular place
parking spots. The parking areas indeed.
fluid layout changed every couple The next day, the resort would
of hours once certain cars left and be holding its spring Demo Days,
others dropped in with a better de- a chance for clients from far and
sign concept in mind. Bob DeMott near to test out rods, reels, waders The view from the deck of the Elk Springs Resor t lodge: There are always
slipped his Toyota 4Runner into the and boots from top brand compa- anglers to watch as they work the waters of the Mill Pool, the first fish-
first available spot. I pulled around nies. Bob had been invited to be able water after the Elk River emerges from a 5-mile run through a cavern
and squeezed into the only other part of the festivities and to hold a 115 feet underground. Tailfeather Communications, LLC photos
space available. It wasnt really a signing in support of his latest book, journals. Bob was gracious enough open air deck of the resorts lodge
full-sized spot. Not for a Subur- Angling Days, essays derived to ask the resorts marketing man- seemed to attest to that sentiment.
ban, anyway. from 40 years worth of his fishing ager, Tracy McClain, to include me And theyve learned they
so I could come down to sign copies mustnt go clodhopping about like a
of my current book. bunch of yahoos to enjoy the charms
I guess you can consider the Elk of the Elk. The locals refer to the
River as Bobs home waters, despite river as The Lady, and Bob writes,
the fact that its 215 miles away From what I have seen we all have
from his actual home in Athens, to be on our best behavior in court-
Ohio. I surmised that from reading ing her.
about his first visit to Elk Springs on After forming from three
May 15, 2000: Color me surprised. streams, the Elk flows for 3.3 miles
Color me more than surprised. Color before descending into a 115-foot-
me astonished. I feel as though deep limestone cavern. It runs
I have had a mind-blowing experi- through the cavern for 5.5 miles
ence not too much different than before erupting into four springs
seeing Bob Dylan go electric at less than a quarter mile upstream
Newport in 1965. of the Elk Springs lodge. Sizzling,
He had recently read that the simmering, bubbling, beautiful blue
upper Elk River was a unique trout water swirls from the springs and
stream. He was pleased to report, immediately forms the Mill Pool,
The story was accurate. about 70 feet across and running for
The water is warm enough that about 200 feet until the rivers edges
the stream remains open for fly fish- tighten.
ing with hatches 365 days a year. McClain keeps his cameras
Fly fishing the Elk has been called, handy and famously records the
as good as fly fishing for trout magnificent hatches that occur on
gets. Bobs first reaction to the Elk the Elk. He showed us one video
Dozens of huge rainbow trout in No Fishing water tempt visitors as well as the crowd of anglers who where the brown sulphurs were so
on their way into the Elk Springs Fly Shop. populated the Mill Pool beneath the thick they just about obliterated any
Fishing... Hunting... Or Just Simply
Solid Logs with Perma Chink
of the nights darkness lurking in the had already starting casting when I A Getaway between Cabin To Enjoy
Cedar or Pine Or
Hunting away Cabin
background. All of this should have thought I heard it.
given me dreams of sugar plum Peent! Solid
Fully Logs with Perma Chink between
Cedar or Pine A
sulphurs and rod bending rainbows. Bob! Did you hear a wood- ly
Front Porch or Side Porch Styles Available
Sim p ature!!
Except cock? Custom Built to Your Ideas!
njoy N
Tracy had put us up at a guest Cant say that I did, Tom. Fully Insulated
Stained & Preserved To E
property about a 25-minute drive Peent! There it was again, I Front PorchtoorSurrounding
Delivered Side Porch Styles Available
6 States
away from Elk Springs Resort first was pretty sure. Custom Built8totoYour
Sizes from Ideas!
36 Long!!
back uphill on what looks to be an My stated purpose headed me to Stained
Single &and
2 Story Styles
east-facing slope of Point Mountain
and then, after a few miles, a down-
the water. But my heart was drawn
instead towards the woods by what
Deliveredto&Surrounding States
Priced Fully Assembled
Sizes from 8 to 36 Long!! Relax
hill drive on what seemed to be a I thought I heard. The light level Single and 2 Story Styles
west facing slope. As it turns out,
once we hauled our luggage into the
dropped more and more, and before
long, the peents of the male wood-
Delievered & Priced Fully Assembled
In Style!
cottage, Tracy wanted to show us cocks doing their mating dances
on a tour of the small lodge there. increased to the point of no doubt
Before too long, Tracy, Bob and I at all. It was tougher and tougher
moseyed over to that lodges porch to see where I was casting, and the
and rocked away a couple of hours, peents were calling me more and
yapping about hunting dogs. Tracy more. Then, I realized my true call-
plans to run bird hunting trips out of ing.

Poly Furniture and

Campfire Supplies and Rings

Relax In Style!

Authors Bob DeMott (left) and Tom Carney greeted visitors to their
book signings during Demo Days at Elk Spring Resor t.
this west facing camp starting in As I was listening to a woodcock at
the fall of 2017. He said the area is the apex of his flight, my mind and Standard Features
loaded with grouse. my eyes on the dark, lightly clouded Fully Insulated
Time flies when youre talking sky, a fish struck. Needless to say I Carpeted Floor
Fully Insulated Silent Shadow Window Systems
about dogs, and soon it was time for missed it. Rodent Proof
Carpeted Floor Floor Peaked Roof
Bob and me to return to our little And with that, I returned to the All-Aluminum Exterior Upper And Lower Vents
cabin and dine with the ladies. After, car, stashed my gear, and stepped Rodent Proof Floor
Silent ShadowExterior
All-Aluminum Window Upper
SystemsInterior Shelf
Bob, always ready to wet a line, across the dirt trail to enjoy the Peaked Roof
suggested we hit a little, waterfalls- show. I had paid about $3.50 per Upper And Lower Vents
fed pond we had seen on our drive minute in license fees to fish West
Upper Interior Shelf
in to our cabin. As we pulled up to Virginia. No matter. The woodcock
the pond, I remarked the clearing were dancing. Before long, Bob
looked like a good woodcock danc- joined me. We were delighted, not 1205 N. SR 5, Shipshewana
ing spot. only in the spectacle as we observed
Any woodcock here? I asked.
I dont know, said Bob. I
it, but also in the knowledge that we
had discovered a singular treat for
think we might be at too high of an Tracy and his dogs to enjoy. - Open - 8-5
altitude. No sooner had we arrived at the
Because I hadnt fished my resort the next morning than we told Mon-Fri 8-5Sat
Sat 8-3:30
#2-weight rod in such a long time, it him of our special catch. That night,
took me extra time to get things in instead of filming sulphurs, Tracy
order. I remained at the truck while
Bob walked to waters edge. He
planned to attend the spring dance
of the woodcock.n 1205 N. SR 5, Shipshewana 260-768-7511
Traditional Black Powder Hunting...

18 -Century

By Dennis Neely

osquitoes The osnaburg trade shirt felt
hovered and light and airy against bare skin.
buzzed. An Once buttoned, the waistband of
ordinary sunrise the fall-front breeches slipped
filtered through some. Cotton knee socks seemed
the mornings too thin. The right shoulder of
thick fog. Dew the hand-sewn linen hunting shirt
drops grayed pulled a bit; the sides of the open-
shin-deep prairie grass. Silver orbs fronted shirt overlapped more than
clung to almost invisible spider normal. Absent were the bulky
webs. The air smelled thick and winter layers of linen and wool.
stifling. With each calculated step, Eternitys years wiggled a tad
the abundant grasses splashed and when the back door slammed; a
spattered, damping hunt-stained few decades jarred free on the rut-
buckskin leggins. And in time, ted wagon trail, the rest fell away a
that moisture soaked through the dozen hasty paces from the pick-
homespun knee breeches the leg- up. The hired hunter for the North
gins were supposed to protect. West Company trading post never
Earlier, at the first glimmer looked back after crossing times
of the new day, an intoxicating threshold. Avoiding the sights of
exuberance drove the frenzied all things modern helps maintain The tall cottonwood ser ved as a landmark for that mornings scout.
preparations. Eighteenth-century the integrity of the historical mo- The main doe trail entered the cedar grove ten paces to the right
seconds are precious; the tempta- ment and eases the transition to of the tree. Wild River tree photo
tion to visit the Old Northwest Ter- yesteryear. Late July, in the Year of
ritory, east of the headwaters of the our Lord, 1795, beckoned. contented but shrill tone, Swip- mouth. Hunched over, I dropped to
River Raisin, proved overwhelm- Kee-honk, kee-honk, yonk, it! swip-it! Rather than induce my knees behind the mushroom-
ing and unavoidable. Trevor Jones yonk. Canada geese winged the wrath of this forest sentinel, I encrusted trunk. In a few moments
musical score, the Elk Hunt from overhead, heard but not seen in the tarried. I peered around the tree.
The Last of the Mohicans, added dense, damp broth and lingering That mornings still-hunt The gravel-mouthed hen stood
a sense of immediate urgency. darkness. Greased elk moccasins progressed as normal: two or erect in the short grass of the
ventured around the bend, then three steps, kneel, study the back meadows central knoll. The heads
turned east on a doe trail that led to trail and look about, then a few of six, half-grown poults popped
the prairies edge, west of the thick more steps through a glorious, up and down. Beyond the turkeys
cedar grove. Exercising care and 18th-century Eden. After General a lean doe with one spotted fawn
caution, my alter ego dropped to Waynes victory at Fallen Timbers browsed. Concealed behind the
one knee and observed the clear- in August the year prior, the Brit- barkless oak, my alter ego savored
ing from behind the old apple tree ish patrols from Fort Detroit had Gods blessings, aware of every
that grew near the spring in the big avoided the Raisins headwaters, breath, every heartbeat in that
swamp. but a solitary woodsman can never wilderness Paradise.
Arkkarkk, arkk, arkk, be too careful. Yet, even in the midst of an
arkk A wild turkey hen hol- At the tall cottonwood, the 18th-century time traveling ad-
lered from somewhere beyond the doe trail split and forked as it venture, each hour contains but
cedar grove, but not quite to the joined other earthen paths within 60 minutes, all of which ticked by
grassy meadow. The Northwest the confines of the tight-packed with unfathomable speed. In a few
guns smooth, oiled bore harbored red cedar trees. My trail-worn, fleeting, delectable seconds the
nary a single death bee. The sharp center-seamed moccasins turned turkeys pecked their way into the
English flint rested. The priming to the northeast. Near the fox dens, deep grass. Then the doe and fawn
pan remained empty. purple raspberry switches tugged wandered into the hardwoods of
Whit, whit, tsu, tsu, tsu, tsu, and clawed at the soggy leggins. Freds woods.
The foggy morning still-hunt tsu A crimson cardinal called Turkey tracks and three dusting A feeling of trepidation, of
included kneeling after two from the far side of the clearing. bowls marked the sandy wash at profound loneliness, washed over
steps, checking the back trail, It sung again, then flitted from the mouth of the big gully. Hidden my being. I pushed away from the
then looking about to determine one autumn olive bush to another, by the deep crevice, the impromp- dead-oak lair, then back-tracked
if any danger existed while ex- perching high in both. As I got tu stalk reached the oak snag that down the gully. Much to my
posed in the open prairie. to my feet, a blue jay spoke in a guards the old washs irregular chagrin I crossed times threshold
before the dusting bowls, but in house was too warm. The feather Each journal contains a myriad
the wrong direction. Shrouded in bed too soft, and even the good of daily life experiences, some
disappointment, I walked at a fast wife was not thought for the time notable and some mundane. But
pace back to the wagon trail, giv- being a proper companion. The just as Joseph Doddridge did,
ing no mind to the threat of British mind of the hunter was wholly oc- these woodsmen wrote down what
rangers, no mind to disrupting the cupied with the camp and chase. I they deemed important happenings
bliss of the forest tenants have often seen them get up early of their wilderness liveswithout
By late July, Canada geese in the morning at this season, walk regard to the day, month or season.
start flying over the homestead, hastily out and look anxiously to They told their story as they saw
just after dawn and again at dusk. the woods and snuff the autumnal it, as they lived it.
The parent geese start exercising winds with the highest rapture, On that late-July morn in 1795,
the young, strengthening immature then return into the house and cast my alter ego, the hired trading post
wings for the fall migration. The a quick and attentive look at the hunter, plunged headlong into the
fledglings are smaller, and some- rifle, which was always suspended day as it dawned. Dressed in linen
times one lags behind. The kee- to a joist by a couple of bucks and leather, this backwoodsman
honking between geese provides horns, or little forks (Doddridge, inspected spider webs, listened to
a symphonic prelude to the opus Joseph, Notes on the Settlement a cardinals song, waited on the
of fall and the anticipated hunting and Indian Wars, McClain Print- blue jay and spent a handful of
seasons. ing Company, Parsons, WV, pgs. minutes marveling at six turkey
Now and again the strings and 98-99). poults and a spotted fawn. After
wedges wing against a lavender Traditional black powder all, 18th-century seconds are pre-
sunrise or an orange-streaked hunters can visit their favorite cious Regardless of the scouts histor-
sunset. Coupled with a noticeable bygone era any time they choose. Give traditional black powder ical scenario, each summer foray
shortening of daylight hours, this Historical simulations might last hunting a try, be safe and may God into the wilderness requires
age-old combination is too much for a few minutes, the better part bless you. the same care and caution as
for this traditional woodsman to of a day or on rare occasions, days Dennis Neely maintains a an actual deer or turkey hunt.
shoulder. on end. The pastime is enjoyable, web site devoted to traditional Stumbling into a British patrol
One of the first narratives I educational and offers a unique hunting at www.traditional- from For t Detroit might hinder
purchased for my journey back to sense of personal satisfaction for sur vival.
the 1790s was Joseph Doddridges most who dare dabble.
Notes on the Settlement and In- One of the goals of this hunt-

Elysian Fields
dian Wars Doddridges treatise, ing methodology is to re-create
published in 1824, chronicles life the daily activities of one or more 10% Discounts
in western Pennsylvania and Vir- backcountry woodsmen who are
for all reservations
ginia in the late 18th-century. One
passage in particular sums up the
unknown to todays outdoor enthu-
siasts. Guided by a few words in signed by 9-1-17 HUNTING PRESERVE
hunters malaise:
As soon as the leaves were
an old journal, or at best a couple
of scant sentences, the living WHITETAIL DEER HUNTS
pretty well down and the weather historian seeks out circumstances Hunting Lodge in Bellevue, Michigan

became rainy, accompanied by that come as close as possible to
light snows, these men after acting duplicating the situations outlined
the part of husbandmen, so far as in the ancient hunters narrative. Bow, Pistol, Rifle
or Shotgun Hunts
the state of warfare permitted them The fervent hope is to capture a
to do so, soon began to feel that few pristine moments when the
they were hunters. They became participant experiences an unmis-
uneasy at home. Everything about takable kinship with his or her
them became disagreeable. The hunter heroes. No License
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Cap n Ballers: 616-307-7728 or 616-836-5760
The Strangest Thing You Ever Caught While Fishing -- Continued...

Embarrassing catch in
the dark leads to fireworks
harbored a lifetime of regrets for sleeping. Still fishless, and now huge sturgeon Jim explained.
Dear Fish Diary:

doing so. badly sunburnt. Imagine the anticipation
This month Im exposing one Jim didnt have the sunburnt aboard the boat from his brother
n February, I launched my of lifes most embarrassing mo- issue because he was on an all- and father, both fighting over the
search for readers to write ments. Its unfortunate for Jim night excursion fishing the St. net and who was going to help
to me about the strangest Samuelson, the Dearborn man who Clair River with his brother and Jim land his trophy. The sudden
thing theyve ever caught wrote me his story, that events like father. The three were loaded. thoughts of, do we mount it, eat it
while fishing. As the sto- this take place, yet they By loaded, I mean they or let it go. The searching for the
ries come in, Im sifting do, and probably more were using heavy artillery camera to get that trophy shot of
through them and getting some often than we think. that night, anticipating it Jim with his amazing catch which
pretty good laughs. I got this idea Lake St. Clair is a appeared, an all-out fight would surely be a highlight of the
after I read about a fisherman in world class fishery. Any- with Shamoo, the great family photo album. Jim, as he
Miami, Florida, catching a kilo of time you get a chance to whale of the St. Clair. An clenched and pulled and pulled
cocaine off the coast of Miami. If fish its waters, you cant ocean rod with 50# test, and clenched as the boat slowly
youve had an odd catch, I cer- help but to be filled with heavy sinkers like bricks motored up stream. I did say up
tainly want to hear about it. anxiety and anticipation bouncing the bottom and stream? Yes, they were slowly
So far youve met Nancy Has- of what you a reel beefy trolling against the current, and
call, of Ostego, and got the hilari-
ous story of her adventure catching
might catch.
Its the kind By Ron St. Germain enough to
handle it. Im
Jim was fighting this catch of a
lifetime against the current, but as
and releasing a bat while fly fish- of fishing excursion that can keep told this heavy gear is necessary I said, he was loaded with the right
ing. Youve met Mark Leegstra, of you up all night prior to hitting the while fishing the strong current of tools for the job. Into the night
Grayling, who mysteriously caught water and just hoping youre not the river. he kept on, nobly and vigilantly
a fawn, the extraordinary story rocked to sleep with the mid-day The conditions on that moon- fighting into the darkness with an
of Paul Kazmierski, the Grand waves because you arent catching less night led to caution. Even with unknown whopper at the end of
Rapids man who caught a pair anything. I very much dislike those lights, according to Jim, the vis- his line.
of expensive prescription glasses outings. The ones where I wake ibility was less than 10-feet from Now, Jim said it only took
and actually found the owner and up in an uncomfortable position, the boat. Suddenly, Jim hooked about five minutes to land this
returned them. Last month was the rod still in hand, hearing the gentle into something big, really big, mysterious monster of the deep,
confession of Tom Matych, who as slapping of ripples alongside the mammoth big, maybe even Sham- but Im not buying it. Im going
a child caught a gas can that had a boat, regaining consciousness only oo big. Soon, the fight was on. I on the assumption that it was at
bullhead stuck in it and threw the to find I have no idea where Ive originally thought it was a snag, minimum 15 to 20-minutes before
gas can back into the lake and has drifted to or how long Ive been but then started thinking it was a he had this prize catch up to the
side of the boat. He was young,

No Electricity? Keep Your Food Cold!

and in these types of hysterical
events, one minute can seem like
ten seconds.
Regardless of the short time
span this left a life-long impres-
sion on Jim. There was no net
needed, no photo opportunities for
the family scrapbook, no reason to
consider mounting this catch, and
for sure they werent going to eat
the fisherman he had just spent his
efforts reeling upstream. Thats
right, in the darkness of St. Clair
River, Jim snagged the anchor line
of another fisherman and reeled
the anchor and the fishermans
With A Propane Fridge You Can boat right up alongside him.
Of course the fisherman wasnt
Keep it Cold. Anywhere. happy as he fired off some choice
words trying to untangle and
unhook Jims rig from his anchor
And Relax. line. And Im sure this fisherman
was anchored on his favorite spot
No Electricity Required! which he was now mysteriously
dragged off from. When the fisher-
man was done undoing Jims snag,
For more information call 866.825.4013 he threw the rig at him with more
flavorful words, hit the automatic
Diamond Refrigerators, 7295 50th Ave., Sears MI 49679 garage door opener, and sped into his boat slip. So Jim didnt even
have to consider letting his catch
go, it let itself go. above and beyond efforts. I dont Does anyone even know what me. You dont have to write
Okay, Im sorry, this is just know anyone who has caught a the test line record is for reeling in the entire story, just a brief
plain poor sportsmanship. The boat, fisherman and anchor and a boat, fisherman and anchor? You outline of what happened. If it
least this guy could have done was successfully reeled it in against the might just own that record Jim has some humor to it Ill be
laugh it off, maybe even posed for current of a river. This is not cause getting in touch with you and
for a disturbing episode filled with
a photo with Jim and made light
of the situation. It was an acci- verbal fireworks and graphic lan-
Funny fish stories well work on the completed
story together.
dent for crying out loud. I swear, guage, this is cause for a celebra- wanted...Strangest thing Contact - Woods-N-Water
some people have no sense of tion. To my readers, if Jim ever youve ever caught! News columnist Ron St. Germain
humor. Im just saying, Jim, had catches you on some dark, moon- by calling (517) 626-2814, e-mail-
you caught me that night I would less night, I hope you treat it as Send a short description of ing Visit
have high-fived you, fist pumped such and give the kid his just due your best or worst fishing day, or the authors Facebook page www.
you and congratulated you on your because hes certainly earned it. worst fishing-related adventure to

Manistee, Michigan
Trophy Salmon, Steelhead & Trout Fishing


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Trip For Browns In April!
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Captain Mike Veine targets the hottest action at the best
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serves up the best trophy
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From ice-out in March
through April, Lake Erie
offers outstanding trophy
walleye action.
Saginaw Bay
All through spring and
summer our charters
produce consistant,
worldclass fishing.
Catch limits there are very
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and lunkers are
typically caught on most
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Run Now!
Michigan DNRs Skills Academy
Anglers take to the classroom and water to learn from the pros...By Roger Beukema

bout mid-May, the day. Classroom instruction took If you fish plastic worms, take a This seminar drew a surprising
walleye action that place at Bay City State Recreation moment to open the hook gap just a number of people that regularly fish
had gotten hot on the Area. little. Youll get better hook ups if for walleye as well as those very
Detroit River, found Following classroom instruc- you open that gap just a little, Buck new to this kind of fishing.
Saginaw Bay. Warm tion, those in the group needing said, demonstrating with a pair of Everything I know about fish-
days, water tempera- equipment headed north to Franks needle nose pliers. ing Ive been taught, Bailey Brown
tures on the rise and flat seas met Great Outdoors to pick up items If you hook a fish, dont stop said. The Grand Rapids resident
boaters trying their luck on the they would need the following day. winding to admire the bend in your feels paying attention to the little
Saginaw River, eventually venturing Then it was back to the classroom to rod. Keep reeling until you have the things often accounts for success.
out into the bay proper. get line wound on and baits tied up, fish in the net. Pay attention to your troll-
Some of the hopeful anglers on along with more walleye talk. And there is an up and down to ing speed and the spread of boards.
the water included a group attend- Experienced guides stressed plastics. Any dark color on the bait If you are going to spend a lot of
ing the first Michigan Department of how important attention to small should face the top or up on the bait. money, put it on a good rod. Here I
Natural Resources (DNR) Walleye details and the caring of equipment Once you decide what method learned more about different tech-
School with Brandon Stanton and is. Guide Kyle Buck of Great Lakes you plan on fishing; bottom bounc- niques and how to use them.
Mark Martin heading up the teach- Guide Service explained why hook ing, jig fishing, rigging or others, be Detroiter Carl Smith agreed with
ing. Other instructors included Kyle keepers on rods should be used. sure the knots you use are depend- Brown. I learned a lot about rods,
Buck of Great Lakes Guide Service; Always use the eye keeper on able and wont come apart. lures and line, he said.
Ken Rice, Legend Killers charters; your rod rather than slide a hook When youre jigging, move Ryan Schenk from Bad Axe says
Pat Bentley; Todd Spink; and Mick on a rod guide. It wont take long the jig about eight inches then let his family got him a gift certificate
Broughton of Dead Eye Sportfish- to chip an eye which eventually it down. If you see a slight bow in for the school. I go to every semi-
ing. could cause fraying in your line as it your line or anything at all feels nar I can, he said.
The school is part of the Michi- moves in and out of the guide. different, set the hook. Hook sets Some students came to class
gan DNRs skills academy. This If your rod isnt equipped with are free so use as many as you like, with their own ideas on how to
year, 28 students on seven boats a hook or eye keeper, head to your Buck said. catch fish and what to use. Once
made up the school, with a waiting favorite tackle shop and pick up a When you make contact with fishing methods were explained by
list of 30. The agenda for this two- package of rubber hook keepers. the bottom, tap it a couple of times. those that make a living fishing,
day event was spent in a classroom Most have a large molded-in rubber If you hang up let the pressure off some of those ideas changed. Nov-
setting the first day followed by on ring to hold your hook. Slide one on the line. Often the jig will come ice and experienced anglers shared
the water schooling the following your rod handle and youre all set. off, he said. one thought: Both groups wanted to

n Je n ki n

L e s

Takes you to a new concept of deer attraction.
Deer will freely enter your kill plot during daylight due
to the security and endless variety of forage deer prefer

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2017 MDNR Wildlife
Habitat Grants available
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is accepting
learn how to fish better. Wildlife Habitat Grant Program applications now through July 21.
Fishing tips were numerous and Projects featuring habitat enhancement for game species will be
ranged from simple to complex given priority.
when fishing a live night crawler, The Wildlife Habitat Grant Program, which began in 2013,
before hooking it to your harness, is funded with a portion of the revenue from hunting and fishing
stretch it out so it doesnt bunch up. licenses sold each year. The DNR administers the program through
When you are on a trolling bite of a cooperative effort between its Wildlife Division and Grants Man-
some kind, be more productive by agement section.
knowing how far back your lines are This is an exciting opportunity to partner with others in the
set. In order to be most accurate you state to increase the habitat available for game species in Michi-
must calibrate line-counting reels
consistently. If you caught a fish
gan and to enhance the existing habitat for the benefit of hunters,
on a rod 80 feet back, send the line trappers and wildlife viewers, said DNR Wildlife Division Chief
back out to 80 feet. Russ Mason.
Follow the DNRs Skills Acad- Funding is available for local, state, federal and tribal govern-
emy post at for ments, for-profit and nonprofit groups and individuals through an
upcoming seminars. Plans are in Detroiter Carl Smith holds a fresh open, competitive process. Minimum grant amounts will be set at
the works for the walleye clinic to caught walleye during the DNRs $15,000, with the maximum being the amount of funds available
return next year, possibly with two walleye clinic. Author photo for that grant cycle. The 2017 overall available grant amount is ap-
sessions. If you travel to Bay City proximately $1 million.
be sure and visit the Bay City State up of both plants and animals make The main objective of the Wildlife Habitat Grant Program is
Recreation Area. this area special. to enhance and improve the quality and quantity of game species
Valerie Blaschka, the DNRs There are 194 campsites in the
park, many with modern facilities.
habitat in support of goal 2 of the Wildlife Divisions strategic
park interpreter for Bay City State
Recreation Area says, The park is To make your trip complete, visit plan, managing habitat for sustainable wildlife populations and
about 3,000 acres and home to one Krzysiaks House, home of authen- wildlife-based recreation.
of largest and last remaining fresh tic Polish food. Located at 1605 The grant application period begins June 1. Applications must
water, coastal ecosystems on Lake Michigan Ave., Bay City, (989) 894- be postmarked no later than July 21 to be considered for funding.
Huron. The largest area of threat- 5531 or Successful grant applications will be announced by Oct. 2. The de-
ened and endangered species of Email the author at dutch- tailed program handbook and application are available at
special concern in Michigan made dnr-grants.n



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The Great Spring Fallout...
When the birds come to Tawas Point

ird watching is a pas- ered that this can be a very chal-
sionate outdoor pastime lenging pastime which can become
for a whole lot of folks, a bit addictive, so to speak.
but I never truly had a What makes East Tawas unique
full grasp of this until I for avid birders is the geographic
attended the recent an- feature known as Tawas Point,
nual Tawas Point Birding Festival, which juts out easterly into Lake
held in East Tawas (www. Huron and curves around Ive been to the south to help form
an avid bird watcher for Tawas Bay. Michigan hap-
quite awhile now, but it pens to be located smack
is a pastime which occurs dab in the middle between
generally while Im doing the Mississippi Flyway and
other outdoor pursuits and the Atlantic Flyway, and
I encounter various birds, migrating songbirds tend to
and I strive to identify them follow Michigans lengthy
by both sight and the sound shoreline each spring, with

By Tom Lounsbury
of their unique some often
songs. It is clear- unusual species
ly a continual appearing that
learning experience I much enjoy. have been blown off course by high
However, Ive never actually set winds (which there has been plenty
out to participate in what is known of this spring).
as birding. Folks who do this are Tawas Point throws northerly
often referred to as being birders bound, spring migrating songbirds
because they are intentionally seek- a literal right hook, as they follow Outdoor writer Ryan Walker and his wife Becky obser ving birds dur-
ing out and identifying (and often the shoreline and find themselves ing the Fallout at Tawas Point.
photographing) various and unique suddenly heading south again. This and hungry drop in large flocks to mid-May, give or take a day or two,
bird species. Ive recently discov- is when the birds which are tired rest, refuel (feed) and regroup, often and the Tawas Point Birding Festi-
for several days. When this hap- val is timed to hopefully coincide
pens, it is known as the Fallout with the birds arrival. This year the
Superior Game Ranch of birds, and it is a common, an-
nual occurrence in this area that has
become world renown as a birding
festival took place May 18 20,
and my wife Ginny and I would
Route 3 Box 163 Cornell, MI 49818
be joined by fellow outdoor writer
paradise (birders from other states Ryan Walker of Cass City and his
and countries converge on this area wife Becky, for a new adventure
Incredible U.P. of Michigan annually to witness the Fallout). in serious bird watching during
Hunting Opportunities The most massive bird migrations this timeframe. As it turns out, the
occur in the spring, with over 350 Fallout was in full progress while
Private farmland in south Marquette species migrating to North America we were there, and we fit right in
County Michigan, fully guided from the tropics. I must admit that I walking around and wearing binocu-
hadnt seen so many colorful birds lars, which are a very essential tool
bow and firearm hunts in since I was in the Panama Jungle, for this pastime (along with a bird
hunting preserve for: Elk, and no doubt some of the birds I identification book).
Whitetail Deer, Buffalo, Wild saw there would eventually end up To start, we all checked in at the
Large Russian Boar in Michigan when their hormones East Tawas Junction Bed and Break-
Boar, Red Stag & Fallow Deer. Hunts Available! let them know it was time to head fast Inn (email: info@east-tawas.
north to reproduce. com or call 989-362-8006) which is
Typically, the Fallout occurs in owned and operated by Leigh Mott,
Trophy Elk,
Trophy Red Stag &
Trophy Fallow Deer
Lodging available for
groups of up to 12 people.
Still Booking Hunts!
Call (906) 238-4482 or

(906) 630-1617
for more information and reservations.
a very kind and gracious lady we clear message here is to use sinkers bunch of songbird species I had challenging because they are always
had all met earlier during the Michi- that are not made of lead (I picked never seen before. I had mentioned animated and flitting around. Ive
gan Outdoor Writers Association up a bag of limestone sinkers to give to Ryan Walker that I have only seen discovered photographing wily
Winter Rendezvous which was held a try for fishing). Folks who vol- a half dozen male scarlet tanagers whitetail deer is far easier than try-
in East Tawas last February, and we unteer to assist in keeping track of in my life (in the Thumb) and he ing to focus in on a songbird. It is
had vowed that when we returned, loons are known as Loon Rangers. pointed to a tree which was holding almost as if the birds can instinctive-
we would stay at Leighs Inn. A presentation entailing live six of the colorful birds. ly sense your attention being placed
I have a soft spot for Bed and birds we really enjoyed was Wings There were also the summer and upon them, and since most are prey
Breakfast places as it is, as they of- of Wonder ( western tanagers, yellow warblers, animals and usually suspicious
fer a very warm and homey atmo- or call 231-326-4663). Rebecca orioles, king birds and multiple about any undue attention, they
sphere. Leigh Mott was once a pro- Lessard who manages a non-profit colorful birds Im still trying to look can be very uncooperative subjects
fessional in interior design and even raptor rehabilitation and education up in the book. (hence using a telephoto lens is a
studied in Italy, and this is readily sanctuary in northern Michigan did A real trophy for birders when very effective technique).
apparent in the amazing and unique a fantastic job of explaining raptors sighted is the painted bunting, of Everyone present had or was
dcor of her inn. My favorite place and their role in nature. The live which the male is brightly rainbow sharing binoculars, because bird
was her spacious and airy parlor raptors she held individually on her colored, and they are usually found watching without binoculars is very
(with a view of Tawas Bay out the (gloved) hand had been injured in only in southern states along the similar to trying to climb a ladder
window) which includes a library the wild and rehabilitated, but due Atlantic Coast, but do visit Tawas without rungs. The hike down the
of books, many written by famous to permanent physical damage, were Point on occasion. However we trail almost had a surreal nature to it
authors who have stayed at the East unable to return to the wild. didnt see any painted buntings, due to the countless and very color-
Tawas Junction Bed and Breakfast They were all beautiful, but the but we did observe a pair of loons ful songbirds flitting around and at
Inn (some notables are my favorite most beautiful to my eye, believe it diving for their dinner in a small, times even resting in branches over-
mystery writer, Steve Hamilton, or not, was the turkey vulture. A real sheltered cove and was a rather head or the in bushes off to the side,
as well as the authors of my favor- close up view put the turkey vulture peaceful setting. or hopping around on the ground.
ite bird book, Donald and Lillian in an entirely different light, at least Also in evidence were the amaz- Our being able to experience the
Stokes). Needless to say, it was easy in my eyes and they are actually ing optics being used by birders who Fallout of migrating birds on Ta-
to see why these folks came here quite clean. They are also one of are quite serious about their pastime. was Point certainly worked for us!
to stay. The breakfasts by the way, the few bird species which have I saw a multitude of cameras featur- This was the 12th Annual Tawas
were spectacular (picture waffles an acute sense of smell, and they ing a large and long telephoto lens (I Point Birding Festival, and it is
with homemade rhubarb/strawberry rarely if ever kill their own food, saw some camera/lens combinations clearly a popular Michigan outdoor
sauce and yes folks, I had seconds). because their feet/talons are not as which probably cost more than my event. There is no doubt it is clearly
Our first stop of the day was at strong as the other raptors. As a Jeep). I do know for a fact, photo- going to be an annual event for us as
the Tawas Bay Beach Resort which defense mechanism, turkey vultures graphing songbirds is extremely well.n
featured special booths, informa- can accurately spit out a very nasty
tion and presentations. I met Arlene smelling and acidic (it can actually
Westhoven of the Michigan Loon burn skin) fluid at predators such
Preservation Association (Michi- and learned a whole
as coyotes, that will never forget
the experience. I never knew that
Limberlost Farms
bunch about loons. The Common before, and if I ever encounter a 25 Years of fulfilling hunters dreams
Loon is a threatened species in vulture on the ground for whatever
Michigan, with fewer than 500 reason, Ill keep my distance.
breeding pairs, and a pair only Then we were off to the Tawas
hatches two eggs a year. Michigan Point State Park for some serious
has 28 inland lakes named Loon bird watching with a check list in
Lake, but only four actually hand featuring 230 bird species. Our
still have loons today. It has been starting place was near the historic
discovered that half the loon fatali- lighthouse, and down hiking trails
ties in our state can be attributed to which lead around to the very tip of
lead poisoning due to fishing tackle the point. There were a whole lot
entailing lead sinkers. The loons of folks enjoying this setting, and if
require pebbles to help in digesting you had a question about a certain
food, and if lead is ingested, it takes bird, someone close by usually had
only a week to kill the loon. The an answer. For a fact, I saw a whole

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Letters, My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions...

Cormorants a once and future problem

of By Stephen King have a fish
called the
writing menominee.
this just as a straight news They were ridiculously plentiful.
story, Im going to write it Fished commercially, you could go
First Person. That is, from and get hundreds, or even thousands
my point of view. The reason is that of pounds pretty much at will. There
as an avid fisherman, I have seen were lots of them.
the damage cormorants can do to Then, the cormorants came in.
the resource. As a journalist, I have And, the menominee were just about
been in contact with a lot of people, the perfect fish. Abundant. Easy to
such as biologists and politicians. catch. And, just about the right size.
So, for this one, I kind of want to Long and skinny. Slid right down
get both perspectives. My own, and those long necks. Now, 20 years
the official ones. later, we still dont have very many
First, about 20 years ago, one out there. They are virtually extinct.
of the biggest threats to the sport In this issue, one of the biggest
fishing industry here in Michigan problems with cormorants is the fact
flew in on a few thousand wings. At that they are a migratory bird and
that time, the population of double are controlled by Federal regula-
creased cormorants bloomed. Within tions. Because of this, the Michigan
a few short years, they went from a DNR was and is extremely limited
few hundred nesting pairs to tens of on the measures they could take to
thousands. They went from a few control the species.
fish eating birds that most people Then, almost 20 years ago, the
knew nothing of and ignored to a Federal Government stepped in and
threat that just about totally wiped the US Fish and Wildlife Service is- birds. That gives you about 11,000 Biologist Cory Kovacs noted that
out the pan fish, and a lot of other sued a Public Resource Depredation birds. Then, add in the younger at this time, the DNR is projecting
fish species, in this area. Order. What this effectively did was birds. The ones that arent nesting that in the first few years; there will
In the Les Cheneaux Islands, to allow the control of cormorants yet. And, there are no exact num- be little noticeable effect. However,
Cedarville and Hessell, an area through both lethal and non-lethal bers. But, the point is, there were a as the bird population grows, their
some are calling The Poster Child methods. lot of cormorants. population will continue to increase,
of the cormorant issue, they just In the Les Cheneaux Islands, in Now, the Official standpoint is again unchecked. The projections
about wiped out the perch. And, 2003, there were about 5,500 nest- that cormorants eat about a pound of are grim. At the population increas-
a lot of other species. In my own ing pairs. Now, double that number, fish a day. Me? Not so sure on that. es, they will again become a serious
home of Naubinway, we used to because each nesting pair is two A pound of fish is not that much. threat to the fish population. How-
And, these are relatively large birds ever, what those who are intending

Isle Royal moose doomed

with an equally large appetite. But, to protect the cormorants do not
for the sake of argument, lets go realize, is the projection is that once
with the pound of fish a day. Just in the population of the birds increases,
the LCI, this would mean that they they will dwindle the population
were eating over 11,000 pounds of fish to the point that there arent
of fish a day. That is an incredible enough fish to feed them. And, the
Dear Woods-N-Water News: amount of fish. cormorants will starve.
I just read Richard Smiths Isle And, its not only the fish the About this, Kovacs noted that
Royale Moose Doomed article in the cormorants damage. They totally there is very little the DNR can do
June issue. Smith covered the his- destroy the islands where they nest. about this, as the cormorant is a
tory, current dilemma and suggested A few years ago, I was asked a federally protected bird. He noted,
solutions as well. We have been to question by a DNR biologist friend. This is a Federal issue. And, the
Isle Royale and have been watching He asked, You actually remember USFWS really dropped the ball on
the moose/wolf situation with much when Hat Island was forested? this one. Not only did they allow
interest. This is a small island in Lake the DRPO to be repealed, they have
With only two wolves left and Michigan. It used to be a very pretty not taken any further action on this.
possibly 2000 moose, its obvious island. Covered in trees. Now, it is a They have even stated that this is
the hands off policy is not work- barren pile of rocks. not a priority for them.
ing. If Park Superintendent Phyllis But, with the PRDO, there was Also commenting is Mark
Green really wants to spend our relief. In the LCI, they brought the Engles, a resort operator from Ce-
money wisely she will enact one take every bit of edible meat and population down to about 500 nest- darville that stated, I can remember
of Smiths suggestions: to transfer then you have to transport it home. ing pairs. And, were even looking what they did back in 2000. They
moose or to cull them. If she does It took us most of a day just to at dropping that to about 250. This totally decimated the fishery here.
not, the cost could be much greater. remove the meat. Transporting the was due to the fact that these birds Then, we were able to control them,
My preference would be to entire animal is out of the question. reproduce like crazy. Either way, and the fish were starting to make
transfer some of the moose to the Well be watching to see what the problem was pretty much under a comeback. Now, with that court
mainland, either the U.P. or the Superintendent Phyllis Green and control. order, we are looking at the same
northern L.P. While Id like to hunt her staff decide on how to spend our Then, about a year ago, since thing again. Within a few years, the
Michigan moose, I think it highly money and what becomes of Isle that time, cormorant control in cormorants will come back. And,
impractical based on past experienc- Royale. Michigan, and in 24 other states, we wont have any fish. We have to
es of hunting moose in Alaska and Sincerely has for all practical purposes ended. make people understand
British Columbia. Killing a moose is Norm Spring At a recent EUP Citizens Advisory
the easy part. If you do it right, you Grand Haven Council meeting, DNR Fisheries Comorants page 68
Hot Topics In The Outdoors...My Thoughts, My Views
Whitetail deer managementthe movement for change
Who wouldnt prefer to hunt where there are more and bigger bucks?

his could be the year of Guest Column By Dick Zook of the bucks in the deer herd. There
significant change to whitetail are a number of methods to accom-
deer harvest regulations in deer herd and the hunting experience harvest of 3 -plus year-old bucks plish that but it appears that the most
Michigan and would be the where practiced. in the harvest has steadily increased acceptable method for most hunters
result of a movement that has been Through all of this it is apparent since 2001 and now for the second is a simple antler point restriction of
growing for a long time. During the that most of the hunting community year is slightly larger than the harvest three or four points on one side. This
past roughly twenty years there has understands that the severely com- of yearling bucks. provides protection for the major-
been a transition in progress within pressed age structure of the bucks in This is a very significant move- ity of the 1 year-old bucks. Use
the deer hunting community and it the deer herd is due only to human ment and is being reflected to a lesser of these methods reflect the hunting
continues to grow. During this period intervention with a harvest regulation extent in Michigan. It is apparent communitys desire to expand the age
there has been a significant growth of one three inch spike. Additionally, from the MDNRs check station har- structure of the bucks in the deer herd
in professional articles and research understanding the need to harvest vest data since 2001 that the percent by protecting 1 year-old bucks from
covering all aspects of deer manage- does to balance the adult buck-to-doe of yearling bucks in the harvest in over-harvest. This provides the hunter
ment, deer dynamics, habitat and ratio and control the population within Michigan has been trending down with more observations of mature
other issues. The amount of informa- the carrying capacity of the land con- primarily since 2007. There are three bucks and harvest opportunities.
tinues to grow within the Michigan lines on the chart, one statewide that
tion available for both professionals The Growth of Volunteers
deer hunting community. To better
and hunters to read and become more stands at 40.8% for 2016, another and Organizations
aware of deer management techniques understand what is driving the move- for the NLP counties which stands at The number of organizations that
and how they affect the deer herd has ment for change in harvest regulations 31.8% and the third for the SLP coun- support effective deer management
expanded rapidly. there are four aspects to consider. ties which stands at 49.6% in 2016. for both the deer herd and the hunter
The hunting community today is The historical trend line of the These results are enhanced by orga- has grown and their membership or
much more versed in understanding harvest of 1 year-old bucks. nized efforts within the hunting com- subscriptions continue to grow.
deer management needs and has been There has been a movement munity, individual volunteer efforts, The volunteers who practice some
increasingly interested in making within the whitetail deer hunting com- and fragmented regulations. This protection of 1 year-old bucks are
effective and helpful change for both munity across the nation to minimize says a load about how much value emphasized by the growing number
the deer herd and the hunter. This the harvest of 1 year-old bucks. the whitetail deer hunting community of wildlife (deer management) co-ops.
would include many in the hunting QDMAs most recent annual White- places on effective deer management Additionally, the growth of volunteers
community that have taken steps to tail Report indicates that the percent for expanding the age structure of the practicing some protection of 1
improve habitat and have taken action of yearling bucks in the harvest in bucks in the herd. year-old bucks includes some hunt-
above what is required by MDNR the U.S. has dropped steadily from Many in the hunting community ers on public land, a growing number
for harvest regulations. These actions 62% in 1989 to 34% at the end of the already practice voluntary buck har-
have decidedly improved both the 2015 season. This also shows that the vest rules to expand the age structure Deer management page 68

Heres my deer regulations recommendation

ichigan deer hunters should back to one unrestricted buck tag on the DNR. That was down to an esti- wont work in regions with periodic
be alarmed about the lat- U.P. combo licenses. For 9 years, mated 107,412 in 2008. The number severe winters. Some of the bucks that
est deer hunting regula- both buck tags on combination deer of deer hunters trying their luck in the hunters are forced to pass up by those
tion changes, and the lack licenses have been restricted to bucks U.P. exceeded 100,000 for many years regulations die during severe winters.
thereof, being recommended by the with 3 or 4 points on one antler. The when a legal buck was a whitetail that Those excess deer damage winter
DNR for the next three years. Thats intent of that regulation was had at least 3-inch spikes range before they perish and contrib-
right, any changes in regulations that to increase the number of for all hunters. Only 84,099 ute to higher winter losses among
are approved by the Natural Resourc- older age class bucks in the deer hunters tried their luck antlerless deer, too. It is far better
es Commission (NRC) during June population. in the U.P. during 2014, ac- from a deer management perspective
or July, will be in effect from 2017 The opposite has hap- cording to the DNR, the total that hunters harvest more bucks dur-
through 2019 instead of one year, so pened. Instead of more older dropped further to 83,174 ing the fall so there are fewer to die
its important that any changes be in age bucks in the U.P. herd, during 2015 and may have during winter, and one unrestricted
the best interest of deer and deer hunt- there are far fewer, and the been lower still by 2016. tag on combo deer licenses will make
ers. Unfortunately, the current recom- number of U.P. deer hunt- And there has never been that possible. Besides reducing the
mendations would do neither. ers has also plummeted. The 66% support for mandatory winter loss of bucks, allowing hunters
Unless the NRC makes changes in
those recommendations, mismanage-
DNR estimated
that there were By Richard P. Smith antler point
to harvest more bucks in the U.P. will
also increase the chances of survival
ment of deer in the U.P. will continue, 57,988 antlered (MAPR) that of remaining does for fawn produc-
the prevalence rate of TB in deer bucks bagged by hunters in the U.P. have been in effect on combo deer tion.
management unit (DMU) 487 will go during 2007, when one tag on combo licenses in the U.P. A question about Here are some of the most impor-
up and many Michigan deer hunt- licenses was unrestricted. The U.P. the level of support for U.P .MAPR, tant numbers to keep in mind about
ers will continue to be saddled with buck harvest has dropped to record and the regulations are labeled as the U.P. buck harvest when comparing
unnecessary mandatory antler point low levels during recent years, with MAPR by the DNR, has been asked regulations that have been in place
restrictions (MAPR). only an estimated 17,057 taken during for a number of years on the DNRs since 2008 with the same time period
U.P. Mismanagement 2015. Even if all of the 17,000 bucks annual Deer Hunter Survey. The when one tag on combo licenses was
The proposals do not include any bagged by hunters in the U.P. dur- highest level of support among U.P. unrestricted. During the nine years
significant changes in deer hunt- ing 2015 were at least 2 years old, hunters was 63.5% during 2015, but between 2008 and 2015, an estimated
ing regulations for most of the U.P., thats many less than the number of statewide support was only 62%. 237,945 bucks were bagged by hunt-
which means regulations that have bucks in those age classes that were When the regulations were first ad- ers in the U.P. compared to 376,459
been in effect since 2008, resulting tagged during 2007. opted, there was barely 50% support. tagged during the years 1999 through
in devastation of the U.P. deer herd, In terms of hunter numbers, as The biological problem with 2007, which is a difference of 138,514
will remain in place. What the DNR many as 136,090 deer hunters hunted MAPR in the U.P. is that they attempt
should be recommending is going in the U.P. during 2000, according to to stockpile bucks, which simply My deer regulations page 69


Letters, My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions...
Deer management: from page 67 ness and understanding of deer
management issues will continue to
expand; it is a product of our time.
resolved there will be other issues to
pursue. This could include assuring
we are harvesting at least as many
The knowledge and learning potential does as bucks just to maintain a stable
of individual private land owners, Antler Point Proposals is facilitated by the advancement of herd near the carrying capacity of the
and many hunt clubs. This growth is (APR or MAPR) digital electronics, communications, environment.
supported by a Wildlife Cooperative APRs were implemented in and access to desired information Thanks to the effort from all the
Coordinator for the Michigan United Leelanau County after the initial APR that wasnt there 20 years ago. The stake holders that have been working
Conservation Clubs and funded by survey in 2003 showed landowner hunting communitys participation in diligently to effect more balanced and
QDMA, Pheasants Forever, MUCC, support of 66% and hunter support of deer management issues and regula- effective change for our deer herd.
and the MDNR. 64%. The follow up survey showed tion changes will continue. When May we all continue to share our
Currently MUCC has recorded 72% support. The majority, if not all, the compressed age structure of the hunting treasure and heritage for now
about 100 co-ops in operation cover- of objective reports show this action bucks in the deer herd is favorably and future generations.n
ing about 3,500 members and about to be a significant benefit to the deer

Comorants: from page 66

300,000 acres. The number of hunters herd and the deer hunter. The north-
on the co-ops would be in multiples of west twelve counties passed initial
the 3500 members with family mem- hunter survey with 68.5% and results
bers and other guests. The growth of the follow-up hunter survey is
of QDMA chapters and membership expected soon.
throughout the state supports this The APR proposals initiated by
movement. Currently, there are about the Lower Peninsula Deer Manage-
23 active QDMA Chapters and about ment Initiative (LPDMI) four years
6,000 members in Michigan. QDMA ago for the Northern Lower Peninsula
supports efforts to organize the co-ops showed 62% support and the South-
and apply effective deer management ern Lower Peninsula showed 56%
techniques. The Let em Go Let em support, but neither reached the super
Grow group that advocates the use majority needed for implementation.
of APRs in Michigan shows 21,000 From my close observation during the
members statewide. proposal process there was little or
The amount of electronic commu- no contention to the compressed age
nications from these organizations and structure of the bucks in the deer herd.
between hunters to share information Many of those with objections were
and support effective deer manage- supportive of those hunters volunteer-
ment has grown exponentially. Thanks ing their commitment. This is a strong The Official standpoint is that cormorants eat about a pound of fish a
to all of these organizations and vol- indication that the hunting commu- day. The author doesnt buy that. This cormorant was full of perch!
unteers for their efforts in supporting nity supports protecting 1 year-old what a huge impact this is to this entire U.P. and about the northern
hunting and effective deer manage- bucks from harvest and that the move- area. Without the fish, we dont get third of the lower peninsula. At
ment. The magnitude of the number ment for change continues to grow. fishermen. And, they are a huge part that time, Jack was not up to speed
of individual private land owners Summary of our economy. Im just frustrated. about the issue. Over lunch, I filled
practicing some protection of 1 This movement within the deer Something needs to be done. Its the him in. And, he seemed genuinely
year-old bucks is unknown, but the hunting community to expand the age
combination of private land owners job of the USFWS to manage our interested.
structure of the bucks in the deer herd natural resources. And, they have A short time ago, I contacted his
and hunters are probably the majority has grown significantly over 15 to 20 totally dropped the ball on this. office and got the following state-
of the support for this movement. years. This movement is supported One obvious partner in this ment, We have been hearing about
All of this indicates there is a by a significant block of informed affair is the MUCC. And, on this
significant positive difference in hunters actively working for more
cormorant issues quite often and our
the deer herd. effective deer management. This is a
they stated, The MUCC supports office is taking steps to address the
Scientific Analysis large, strong and active group and it is cormorant control and hopes to see problem. Im not quite sure what the
There is a contention that scientific continuing to grow. It appears the ma- it restored. final product will look like. But, I do
evidence is not available to support a jority of the hunting community sup- On this, nobody ever advocated know that we are looking at options
harvest regulation requiring an antler ports and is looking for the MDNR to the extermination of cormorants; the for effective control of this popu-
point restriction. However, profes- establish harvest regulations to protect plan was to get the birds to a num- lation so that they stop wreaking
sional articles have been written that 1 year-old bucks from harvest. At ber at which they were no longer a havoc on our Great Lakes fisheries.
the social structure of the deer herd stake is the continued loss of hunt- threat to the fisheries. This program Just before writing this, I was
benefits from an expanded age struc- ers, not effectively managing the deer worked well. And, the population told Jack had a meeting set up with
ture of the bucks in the herd. Balanc- herd, and the diminishing economics was brought under control. There Secretary Zinke, head of the Depart-
ing the adult buck-to-doe ratio to a of deer hunting. was a safe population of cormorants. ment of the Interior. In this meeting,
more natural level cannot be achieved Nature would provide for an Enough to insure their continued they were to talk about the cormo-
without expanding the age structure of expanded age structure of the bucks existence as a species and not so rant issue.
the bucks in the herd. Also the imbal- in the deer herd without the excessive many that they would deplete the My thought on this, is that even
ance in the age structure of the bucks human induced harvest of 1 year- fish population. Now, at this time, without some Federal case or law
in the whitetail deer herd is a direct old bucks, and that would certainly although many species have yet to being implemented, a word from
result of human intervention through help to balance the adult buck-to-doe recover, most were on the upswing. the top can have a lot of influence.
the over-harvest of the 1 year-old ratio. If you share the same concerns In the Les Cheneaux Islands, which Like, when the boss tells you that
bucks. The most important question to for the deer herd, the hunting experi-
ence, and the retention of hunters,
was one of the hardest hit places something is a priority, it becomes
ask is which harvest regulation option by the cormorant bloom, the perch a priority. So, if the people who
would a scientific analysis support, then doing nothing is not an option.
have started to make a comeback.
As responsible hunters, we need to are in the US Fish and Wildlife
one three-inch spike or an antler point
restriction of three or four points on consider what is best for the deer However, in information provided Service, get the word from above,
one side? herd and the deer hunters, and begin by Kovac and area businessmen and perhaps this issue can be resolved
Are there any professional biolo- protecting more 1 year-old bucks sportsmans groups, the fishermen quickly.
gists out there that support a three- from harvest. have yet to return in the numbers On the other hand, we sports-
inch spike harvest regulation and Who wouldnt prefer to hunt they were at prior to the infestation. men need to keep up the pressure.
provide good wildlife conservation where there are more and bigger Obviously, something needs to Call your local officials. Call your
logic for it? bucks, and where after one or two be done at the Federal level. On this, US Congressmen. Tell them your
The choice is obvious, as any ben- years the harvest rebounds to histori- last fall, I had the pleasure of hav- concerns. And, just remind them, if
efits to the deer herd from a harvest cal levels? ing lunch with then-candidate Jack this issue is not a priority to them,
regulation of one three-inch spike Future Focus Bergman, who is now Congressman perhaps it will be to the next person
have not been identified. The hunting communitys aware- Jack Bergman, representing the sitting in their seat.n


Hot Topics In The Outdoors... My Thoughts, My Views (continued)

My Deer Regulations: from page 67 Thats the only way such a regula-
tion could be adopted, of course, be-
cause there are no biological benefits
fencing their crops, eliminating deer
and deer hunting from those proper-
bucks. Just as many bucks could have maximize the harvest of deer of both of MAPR versus voluntary APR, but MAPR Are Unnecessary
been harvested by hunters since 2008 sexes is to maximize the opportunity there are negatives, as weve seen in MAPR are not necessary to pro-
as the 9 years prior, but because of for hunters to shoot deer that they the U.P. No other hunting regulations tect at least 50% of the yearling bucks
more restrictive regulations, those see and have the opportunity to kill. or wildlife management decisions are in most Michigan DMUs, which is the
100,000 plus bucks died during the Regulations that force hunters to pass made for any other species in Michi- stated purpose of MAPR. Based on
winter either of starvation or being up any deer where disease control and gan than deer, and that should not be data provided by the DNR for the last
pulled down by wolves, coyotes and herd reduction is an objective is a lost possible for whitetails either. Its time four years, the harvest of yearlings
bobcats in weakened condition. Al- opportunity to reach those objectives. to undo the damage that has been bucks is either below 50% or close
lowing a minimum of 138,514 bucks All APR have been removed in DMU done by MAPR! to 50% in all Region 2 DMUs and
to die during winter or be pulled down 333 in an effort to control CWD in the There is so much bias involved most DMUs in Region 3 that dont
by predators when hunters could have southern part of the state. The same in opinion surveys its ridiculous. have MAPR. That goal would also be
taken them qualifies as terrible deer strategy makes sense in DMU 487 to One of the biggest biases has been in achieved in the Region 2 DMUs that
management. help reduce the prevalence of TB in differentiating between support for currently have MAPR if they were
voluntary and mandatory APR. The
Drummond Island deer! removed thanks to the willingness
DNR has asked hunters on numerous
MAPR wont work any better on Better Way to of most hunters to practice voluntary
surveys about support for APR with-
Drummond Island than the rest of the Increase Doe Harvest APR!
out asking if they support voluntary or The highest average harvest of
U.P., yet the DNR is recommending A much better way to increase the
mandatory. In every case, the results yearling bucks for the years 2013
expanding them to single deer licens- harvest of antlerless deer in disease
have been interpreted as support for through 2016 for Region 2 DMUs
es on the island and to further restrict zones (DMUs 333 and 487) is to au-
mandatory when no distinction was without MAPR was 49.5% for Clare
deer hunters there to a one buck bag thorize the issuance of free antlerless
made! County. The lowest yearling buck
limit. Legislation requires the DNR to permits to hunters for those DMUs. I
offer a 2-deer bag limit and, besides, know that free disease control per- Counter To Deer harvest under voluntary APR at
few hunters shoot 2 bucks anywhere mits can be given to landowners who Management Plan 36% were Cheboygan and Roscom-
in the U.P. Going to a one buck bag request them in DMUs 487 and 333, MAPR should be eliminated from mon Counties, Crawford at 38% and
limit on the island would only po- so the same thing should be possible DMUs in Michigan where they cur- Otsego at 40%. Average yearling buck
tentially save one buck for every five for hunters. Such a change would not rently exist, such as the U.P., DMU harvest under voluntary APR in most
square miles per year, according to only show the public that the DNR 487 and the northwest counties, Region 3 DMUs ranged between 40
the DNR, and would result in a major and NRC are serious about trying to because MAPR are not consistent and 55%.
decline of recreational opportunity control disease in the deer herd, it with the mission of the updated state MAPR Satisfaction
among deer hunters there. would increase the incentive for hunt- Deer Management Plan that the NRC Impossible To Achieve
MAPR and TB ers who dont normally hunt those recently approved. As stated in the When discussing MAPR at the
Since 2010, both buck tags on areas to do so! plan, the mission is: NRC meeting in Ludington on May
combination deer licenses in DMU Another change could be made to To maintain a healthy white- 11, DNR deer specialist Chad Stew-
487 (the TB Zone), which encompass- deer regulations in DMU 487 to in- tailed deer population, using sound art showed a comparison of the level
es DMU 452, have been restricted to crease the deer harvest and better con- scientific management, maximiz- of satisfaction of deer hunters on a
bucks with 3 or 4 points on one antler trol TB, provided single deer licenses ing recreational opportunities while statewide basis where MAPR arent in
in an attempt to get hunters to shoot remain unrestricted there. That is to minimizing negative impacts on effect with DMUs that have MAPR.
more does. That effort has been a total allow hunters who buy a single deer ecosystems and other wildlife species The level of satisfaction with their ex-
failure, resulting in an increase of license and fill it with a buck or doe and without creating undue hardship perience was the same between both
TB prevalence in 452 to 2.7% during (all deer licenses in 487 are valid for to private interests. groups of hunters and heres why.
2015 and 2% for 2016. In a continu- does) to buy a second one. Most hunt- MAPR do not maximize recre- MAPR are an attempt to satisfy
ing effort to get hunters in those ers who buy single licenses do so due ational opportunities. They reduce a hunter desire that is impossible to
DMUs to shoot more does, they are to limited time to hunt or to increase them. Verification of that can be found achieve for the majority of hunters.
proposing expanding MAPR to single their chances of filling a tag. Those in the DNRs recommendation to Yes. The majority of deer hunters are
deer licenses! who fill that tag quickly and still Remove the 2-point APR for South dissatisfied with the number of bucks
The only things that will do are have time to hunt might be willing to Fox Island. Under Social Impacts is they see. I could have told you that
increase the prevalence of TB even continue hunting, if it were legal for written, Department staff has indi- without conducting a survey. What the
more and heres why. MAPR for any them to buy another single tag. Such a cated removing the APR will provide surveys dont tell you is most hunters
buck tags in DMU 487 are a major change would maximize hunting op- additional opportunities for hunters. will never be satisfied with the num-
mistake because those regulations portunity among that segment of hunt- Where MAPR have been in effect, ber of bucks they see while hunting
protect more than 20% of 2 -year ers, thereby increasing the potential there have been increased crop dam- due to the limited amount of time they
old bucks, according to a graph from for the harvest of more deer! age and car/deer collisions. A number have to hunt, their limited hunting
the DNR that shows the number of Having a late season hunt dur- of farmers from the northwest L.P. ability and the elusive nature of adult
antler points by age in the northern ing the month of January when deer commented about increased deer dam- whitetail bucks. It is impossible to
L.P, and some bucks as old as 5 season is closed elsewhere in the state age from MAPR at the NRC meeting provide every hunter in Michigan
years old. Based on that graph, as is one more way to increase the deer in Ludington on May 11. Deer dam- with a buck, much less an old buck.
many as 8% of 2 -year-old bucks kill by hunters in disease zones! age has become so severe on some MAPR creates the false impression
have spikes and 15% have 3 or 4 Northwest 12 Counties farms, farmers have resorted to high that goal is possible!n
points and a small number of bucks The DNR is recommending ex-
up to 5 years old also have less than
3 points on one antler. Protecting even
tending MAPR for the 12 counties in
the northwest L.P., where they went My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions
one buck that is at least 2 years into effect during 2013, and removing
old with small antlers that has TB is
counter productive and MAPR would
the sunset for those regulations, which Share your thoughts, views, opinions or short stories with
I think is a major mistake on top of a
certainly protect multiple older-age series of much bigger mistakes. In my Woods-N-Water News readers by emailing
bucks that have TB, allowing them to
spread the disease! That is part of the
opinion, MAPR should be eliminated
from those 12 counties as well as or mail to
reason why the prevalence rate of TB Leelanau County, and heres why. The Woods-N-Water News, PO Box 278, Imlay City, MI 48444
has gone up in DMU 452 during 2015
and 2016!
biggest mistake the DNR and NRC
have made regarding MAPR is to Questions regarding Woods-N-Water News subscriptions,
Any plan that forces hunters to adopt a procedure for putting them in newsstand sales, Outdoor Weekend, stories, trophy page
pass up whitetails in an area where the place that involves an opinion survey
goal is to reduce the deer population as the deciding factor. Theres no bio- contact our office Mon. - Fri. 8 am-5 pm 810-724-0254,
along with the prevalence of disease
is destined to failure. The best way to
logical science involved, just social
science. or facebook woodsnwaternews
Sporting Knives:
Choose em and use em
rowing up in the out- pression, to be sure, but only among
doors without owning the uninformed. The Bowie was a
a personal knife is like fighting knife (a small sword actu-
trying to play base- ally with a blade of 12 to 18 inches),
ball without a bat. As a reserve weapon when there was no
a schoolboy trapper, time to reload the muzzleloader. It
I prized a Case sheath knife that I has no practical value to the sports-
bought from the local hardware store man. Someone will no doubt say they
with the sweat from sacking like a Bowie or Rambo-style
groceries for fifty cents an sticker for slashing through
hour. That knife skinned a lot thick undergrowth, and my
of muskrats in my parents answer is: A machete works
basement and removed the better.
hide from a spikehorn buck Marble Arms in Glad- The authors favorite knives
I shot. stone is a legendary Michi-
About the time I went gan company with roots to are (clockwise from top, right):
to college, I gave the knife 1892. You can get a Marble-s Sheath knife from Rapid River
to my younger brother, who Hunter skinning knife for Knifeworks, Normark fillet knife,
grew up to become $15a good Gerber Multi-Plier, Buck Model
a skilled tradesman
in an auto factory.
Michigan Meanders valuefrom
Smoky Mountain
110 folding knife, and Victorinox
Swiss Army Knife mini-version
Now retired, he
makes beautiful
By Tom Huggler Knife Works but
the product is now
(middle). Left: the knife the
authors brother made him for a
longbows and belt knives. For Christ- made in China. For a Michigan-made Christmas present.
mas one year he presented me with a belt knife, check out Rapid River
handsome, rugged knife with a 4-inch Knifeworks along U.S. Highway 2, less weight, the clear advantage of the
blade of stainless steel, a handle of a few miles east of Gladstone. Youll smaller knives is their ability to do
antler bone and a leather case with a pay 10 times more ($150), but will small cutting jobs.
belt loop. get an excellent blade with personal campit slipped and cut me badly. Ever since my Scouting days, Ive
This knife has such a fine edge engraving and a leather case. Send it As a general rule, the handle of any been attracted to multiple-use gadgets
and fits my hand so perfectly that back anytime and get it sharpened for knife should extend to each side of such as Swiss Army-style knives and
Ive used it to gut, skin, break down free. the index and little finger, but no more their battery of toolsscrew driver,
and bone out several deer. I know a Blade Design, than a half inch either way. awl, corkscrew, fork, spoon and vari-
little something about knives, having Construction and Fit Pocketknives
ous cutting edges.
Thirty years ago, I bought a genu-
graduated to the meat department at Blade design determines knife
the supermarket after proving I could Even a pocketknife should have ine Swiss Army knife with leather
put canned goods in the bottom of
use. Skinning knives, for example, enough bulk to fit the hand. We called sheath from my grandfathers natal
have a fine edge and tend to be 1 to them jackknives when we were kids, village in the Swiss Alps but lost it
brown paper bags and not on top of 1-1/2 inches wide. Boning knives, on
the bread. The first thing I learned is and everyone carried one. If I had a on a bird hunt somewhere. Today I
the other hand, sport slimmer blades dollar for every jackknife Ive lost, carry a Victorinox mini-version with
that no blade is designed for all pur- that are more flexible. Fillet knives
poses. Second, the serious sportsman including a couple of official Boy scissors, tweezers and a single blade.
are equally flexible and slimmer yet Scout models, Id have enough money Hardly a day goes by that I dont use
needs several knives, or, at the very but must be razor-sharp and able to
least, a combination tool with more to buy a collectors blade with scrim- one or the other.
separate meat from backbone and shaw detail on a handle of genuine
than one blade.
I dont collect knives as an
slice skin without tearing up the fillet. mastodon bone (okay, not really but Multi-Function Tools
How a knife is built usually you get the point). Whatever you call If necessity is the mother of in-
investment, but many people do, as determines its quality. The blades themjackknife, pocket lockblade or vention, then imitation is the daughter.
evidenced by the large number of gun of better-made models extend well folding knifethe one- or two-blade The plethora of multi-purpose tools
and knife shows. However, I do own a into the handle. Some manufacturers personal knife is a favorite among from the likes of Gerber, Leatherman,
few good ones. wrap the handle of wood, antler or sportsmen. Buck and others is almost mind-
Big Game Hunting synthetic materials around the blades My favorite is the Schrade Model boggling. Two that I have owned
I dont carry the knife my brother full-length extension. Rivets or other 12 Old Timer, a slim 1-oz tool with a for years are the Leatherman Pocket
gave me for fear of losing it. Instead, fasteners should be solid brass. 2-1/4 inch blade that folds into a tidy Survival Tool and the Gerber Multi-
when I go big game hunting, I tote a High-quality stainless steel can handle of less than 3 inches. Ive lost Plier. With its Cordura belt sheath, the
brand-name belt knife. A long-time fa- be tough to sharpen but will hold an three or four over the years but keep Multi-Plier weighs a tad under 9 oz.
vorite is the Buck Model 110, a 7-oz. edge and not rust. Carbon-steel blades buying them (on the secondary mar- Besides its pair of sharp 2-1/2 inch
folding model I picked up more than are easier to sharpen but require more ket; the original century-old Schrade blades, one of which is serrated, the
40 years ago. Buck knives are among care. For example, dont store such Company went out of business more tool includes pliers, wirecutter, rule,
the best in the world. The model knives in their sheaths where they can than a decade ago) because they are two screwdrivers, a bottle opener and
110s stainless steel blade is 4 inches pick up moisture. Instead, wipe the so useful for outdoor purposes: cut- punch.
long; when folded, the knife is only 5 edge with a light oil, stick a piece of ting fishing line, peeling campfire The Leatherman, which has a
inches. It stays sharp a long time and Styrofoam on the tip, and store the potatoes, gutting birds, even skinning leather belt case, is lighter at only
wont rust. Thats also because the knife in a Zip-loc bag in a place safe a deer in a pinch. 6-1/2 oz. but lacks a serrated blade.
handle is solid brass with wood inlay. from children (a safety reminder for Pocketknives with lock-style It comes with a sturdy metal file and
If you like a single-blade belt all knives, regardless of construction). blades offer added security. You can needle-nosed pliers. As a survival tool
knife but dont care for folding mod- Any knife must feel right and get a top-quality Copperlock model or for all-around outdoor use, both are
els, consider a belt knife with a blade should be safe to use. I once owned from a Case Knife dealer for $50, or good choices.
in the 4-inch range. In my opinion, a knife with a smooth plastic handle you can pay much less for any num- I find it amazing that I have not
hunting knives with blades longer and no hilt or finger guard. It didnt ber of knockoffs. If you buy a model yet lost them, along with my favorite
than 4-1/2 or 5 inches are unneces- fit my hand and I was unable to grip with more than one blade, the others fillet knife, a Normark model I have
sary. Having a bowie-style blade slap- it securely. The first time I used the will be progressively smaller and owned for more than 40 years. Give
ping along your thigh makes an im- knifeto sharpen a tent stake in useful for work of finer detail. Besides me timejust a little more time.n
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Following a hiking trail is
not for the fainthearted
By Sharon M. Kennedy

ometimes its a simple in New York, 20 miles in Vermont,
bird guide book that and 50 miles in Maine. And I guess
creates enough interest I shouldnt forget those three feet in
in outdoor life to last a New Hampshire.
lifetime. Just ask Beth On a solo hike in the Smoky
Hronek. She was in the Mountains, four men came along. I
fourth grade when one of her Christ- was a bit worried because I was alone
mas presents was a book about birds. in a shelter. After a few minutes, one
She doesnt remember when she got guy asked if I had a water filter. He
her first bicycle, but the memory of a was asking to filter water for me if I
painted bunting on the cover of that didnt. Its been my experience that
little book stuck with her. Shes all hikers are friendly, helpful people.
grown up now and is happiest when Were there for various reasons. Some
discovering new hiking trails where folks hike to enjoy the beauty of their
flora, fauna, and feathered friends surroundings, others for the adven-
abound. tures, and some to test their physical
I met Beth when she lived in and mental stamina. Theres really
Sault Ste. Marie. Her stories of hik- no single common thread that unites
ing intrigued me, partly because her us unless its the desire to explore the
experiences were exciting and partly unknown.
because she usually hiked alone. On one stretch of the AT in Ten-
When I asked why she went by her- nessee, it was necessary for me to bail
self she replied, Because if you wait out. Hitchhikers are common around
for someone else, youll never go. the AT, and roads cross it fairly often
By going solitary shes covered 40 so I hiked back to a highway figuring
percent of the Appalachian Trail (AT),
Beth Hronek hiking alone in the Tetons. Why hike alone? Beth believes, If
I could hitch a ride to town. When you
you wait for someone else to go with you, youll never go.
an astonishing 865 miles, but some of have a backpack, locals know youre
her favorite hiking trails are right here a hiker so you dont have to thumb of the Yukon and Alaska. Ive rafted some protection from the cold ground.
in Michigan. a ride. People just stop and ask if you in West Virginia, Tennessee, Alaska, I have a stove that boils water in two
Five times I hiked the entire want one, so I started walking. There Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Idaho. minutes, and I bring food that can be
Lakeshore Trail at Pictured Rocks were 20 miles of pavement ahead of Not too bad for a gal who admits to cooked by simply adding hot water.
National Lakeshore and many more me. a having a giant phobia of snakes, Sometimes my meal is dehydrated
times I went on weekend jaunts. I Id gone about half a mile with was raised in an Iowa city, and cant backpacking food, but often its just
loved that place. Each of the back- no luck. Cars zoomed past as if the claim any rural heritage! something like Lipton Noodles with
country camp areas had special traits. rain had made me invisible. Then a A few years ago, Beth made a instant milk.
Some were solitary, others I enjoyed truck going in the opposite direction career move and is now a community When I hiked weekends at
because I knew Id meet new people. spied me, crossed four lanes of traffic, college librarian in Wyoming. She Pictured Rocks, I would stop at
Sometimes I just wanted to watch the and the driver offered a ride. There continues to hike, keeping a sharp eye Muldoons and grab a pastie. Oh, so
lake, but mostly I wanted to be out- was no room in the cab, but he said out for prairie rattlesnakes, her great- good! On these short weekend trips,
side and enjoy the beauty of nature. I was welcome to climb in the back est concern. There are grizzly bears breakfast is usually a hard boiled egg
Ive hiked on Grand Island in Munis- and find a place among the garbage and mountain lions in this part of the and a package of Gogurt. I also take
ing Bay and Ontarios Lake Superior bags. I didnt hesitate. Riding with country, she said, but they dont stuff like cheese and crackers, sausage
Provincial Park. the garbage was a whole lot easier worry me as much as the snakes. sticks, and GORP with lots of M&Ms.
Along with hiking, Beth enjoys than walking along the side of a busy Even hiking through Appalachian GORP is hiker talk for good old
canoeing and kayaking. When I highway in a downpour. states where there are timber rattlers raisins and peanuts. And, of course, a
lived in Michigan, I canoed the Two As we zoomed past cars that and copperheads wasnt as worrisome comfortable pair of hiking boots is a
Hearted River and kayaked on the St. had zoomed past me, I noticed one as hiking out west. You never know necessity.
Marys River and Lakes Superior and driver getting a speeding ticket. It when youll run into a rattler. Beth has come a long way from
Huron. Many Saturday mornings the wasnt until I looked through the back And if it isnt rattlers, its buffalo. the little girl who delighted in the
fog would be lifting and Id paddle window of the cab that I realized why On one Yellowstone backpack hike, I pages of her bird book. She admits the
away from the dock, bob on the water, we were going so fast and not getting was three miles in when I turned off book wasnt a particularly good one
and drink my coffee. One time a bea- stopped. I noticed the passengers were the main trail to a campsite trail in the as far as ornithology was concerned,
ver swam up to me before he realized wearing bright orange jumpsuits with woods just off a large meadow. Two but it was the beginning of her inter-
I wasnt a rock but a person. I saw PRISONER written across the back. A buffalo were about 25 yards from me. est in the outdoors. As she puts it, I
the whites of his eyes as he twisted trustee of the Unicoi County Sheriffs As I searched where to put my tent, never got particularly good at birding,
17 ways, slapped his tail, and swam Department had stopped for me. I one buffalo moved closer to my site. but from that little book I learned the
away. had noticed writing on the door and I forgot about camping and headed importance of looking at my environ-
Ive hiked the Appalachian Trai assumed the truck belonged to a busi- back to my car. Eyeing up a shaggy ment in a new way. In hindsight, I
from Springer Mountain, Georgia ness. I just hadnt noticed what kind. bull as hes eyeing you isnt quite the wish I had known about other nature
up to Pearisburg, Virginia and some When he dropped me off, I knew this same as looking at pictures of herds guides as I would have used them
in and around Shenandoah National was one adventure I wouldnt forget. quietly grazing on grasslands. The throughout my teenage years.
Park. Ive walked some of the AT Along with the AT, Ive hiked real thing is a bit more intimidating. I dont think Beth has to be con-
in West Virginia, all of it in Mary- parts of Wyomings Teton Crest Trail, I asked Beth what she carries with cerned about hindsight when theres a
land, and a couple hundred yards in Rocky Mountain National Park, Yel- her. I have a lightweight tentonly future of hiking trails just waiting for
Pennsylvania. Along the way, I met a lowstone, Mammoth Cave in Ken- a pound and a halfand I use my her to discover. The most important
fellow who said he was shooting for tucky, and Hoosier National Forest. hiking poles to hold it up. I carry a 20 idea I took away from the interview
10 miles in each state. I dont intend Ive canoed in the Everglades, the degree down filled sleeping bag thats was the simplest. If you wait for
to do that, but I like the idea of pick- White Cliffs section of the Missouri a little over two pounds and a pound someone else to go with you, youll
ing and choosing. Ive hiked all of River, dipped my paddle in Minneso- weight sleeping pad. The pad is more never go. Id say thats pretty good
the AT in New Jersey, a dozen miles tas Boundary Waters and in the Arctic for warmth than comfort as it gives advice.n
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Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds - Imlay City
GO-ITE Manufacturing Company
Sporting Collectibles -- Part I...By Terry McBurney

t was the summer of 1948. Six-year old backlashes with his Go-Ite reel, and he could re-
Bob Hite and his grandfather, Rex Hite, ally crank in line when he turned the handle, much
were getting ready to go fishing on Sage faster than his friends who used conventional bait
Lake, which was twenty miles northeast casting reels.
of West Branch, Michigan. They started His grandfather was a good fisherman and was
by digging night crawlers from behind going to fish for largemouth bass during breaks in
a neighbors shaded garage and then harvesting the panfish action. The one problem that day was
some perch minnows his grandfather had trapped when a large bass hit his red and white wood lure,
in a glass minnow trap. the impact of the strike jarred the reel and rod in
With some sandwiches and soft drinks packed his hand and spun the spool backwards. Rex put
and with Bob in the middle seat, the grandfather the fingers of his left hand into the reels teardrop
pushed the rowboat out, started the motor and off holes when this happened, stopping the spool.
they went on another adventure. The youngster Bob and his grandfather repeated their enjoy-
knew that his goal was to catch a mess of panfish able fishing adventures many times before Bob
for dinner. He loved catching bluegills and perch and his family moved to Florida. Today, he is a
and especially one of the big black crappies that retired fisheries biologist living in Carterville, Il-
were so hard to catch. Bob was armed with a one- linois. The Go-Ite Manufacturing story, however,
piece 12-ft. cane pole and his grandfather fished started many years before that Michigan fishing
with one of the big round reels that he had invent- trip. It all began with two Hoosiers. The first was Rex Hite with a nice stringer of bass caught on
ed, which was mounted on his favorite bamboo Rexford Earl Hite who was born at home on Janu- Sage Lake, near West Branch. Rex was fishing
casting rod. ary 13, 1892. His parents, Clement and Josephine with one of his Go-Ite reels and using a Go-Ite
His grandfather called it a Go-Ite reel and Hite, had a family farm in Ervin Township, How- Fish Fooler wood lure. Bob Hite photo
had been manufacturing it for over twenty-five ard County, just west of Kokomo, Indiana. The
years. Rex explained that it was an Indiana-style Hite family moved to Kokomo sometime before him working as a pattern fitter.
reel and was almost foolproof to use. The reel the 1910 census where Clement was listed first The 1910 Census showed George Goin work-
was 5 -inches in diameter and held 100-yards of as a stone mason and then later as a brick layer. ing as a pattern maker in Kokomo, which is
18-lb. braided casting line. It was a single-action The second Hoosier, George Raymond Goin, was where the two like-minded young men may have
reel without any internal gears. A single turn of the born on July 18, 1892, in White River Township, first met. Their 1917 WWI draft registration cards
handle retrieved about 15-inches of line per revo- Hamilton County, Indiana another family farm had Rex living in Dearborn, Michigan where he
lution. The fishing line would also dry on the reel, located about 32 miles southeast of Kokomo. was a pattern maker at the Ford Tractor Plant in
which was crucial for silk, linen, and cotton lines The city of Kokomo, Indiana was the key, Highland Park, Michigan with George residing in
produced before WWII. drawing many people to move there looking for nearby Toledo where he too was a pattern maker
His grandfather sometimes thumbed the one- work during this period. Natural gas was discov- but for the Standard Electric Stove Company.
piece aluminum reel when casting or fighting bass. ered in 1886, and the resulting gas boom first
Most of the time, he adjusted the tension screw ac- lured glass companies to Kokomo because of the Note: A pattern maker takes the designs for the
cording to the weight of the lure he was throwing cheap supply of natural gas. Soon, the fledgling different parts that make up a car, for example, and
and let the drag do the work. There were very few automotive industry began in Kokomo, first with develops a pattern for each piece. After the pat-
automobile production starting in 1898 and then terns are created, a tool and die maker creates the
automobile parts suppliers that soon followed machinery that is used to manufacture the part.
many businesses that were a perfect fit for our two
technically-minded Hoosiers, Rex Hite and George On March 24, 1919, Rexford Hite and George
Goin. Goin filed for a patent for an improved automobile
The 1910 U.S. Census listed Rex Hites occu- gas filler and gauge. Patent #1453668 was ap-
pation as apprentice machine shop in Kokomo. proved on May 1, 1923 with George Goin assign-
The year 1910 was important in another way. ing his rights to Rex Hite. Both men were listed
Eighteen year old Rexford Hite married Golda as living in Highland Park, Michigan. An ad was
Prcesang on June 30. Later, a 1912 Kokomo city run in the May 1920 issue of The Accessory and
directory listed his occupation as crater Globe Garage Journal, promoting what the two inventors
Stove and Range and the 1914 city directory had called the Go-Ite Gasometer. The patented device
was a combined gasoline filler and gauge that was
added as an accessory to early Ford and Chevrolet

The first Go-Ite tackle ad featured the Go-Ite An- Go-Ites 1923 ads were smaller in size but
A Go-Ite Gasometer ad from the April 1921 is- ti-Back Lash Reel and Water-Plane Baits. March added fishing line to the copy. May 1923 Forest
sue of The Automobile Trade Directory . 1922 issue of Outers Recreation magazine & Stream magazine
fuel tanks that were housed under the front seat manufactured. The other big problem was the line
cushion. Their invention eliminated having the that was wound on the spool was fly line and not
driver get out of the car, lift up the seat cushion, the original black silk casting line. Normally, a
measure the amount of gasoline needed and then spool of line in this bad of shape with all its
fill the tank. The Gasometer was easily fitted to issues would have been thrown away! Ron rec-
the tank in ten minutes with only the filler cap and ognized that the reel and the spool of line prob-
gauge sticking out from underneath the cushion. ably dated about the same time, so he sold them
The Gasometers gauge told the driver how together - a great decision as the two items sold
much gasoline was in the tank and allowed him to for $460.
quickly and easily fill the tank. The ad went on to Kokomo was also the home of two other In-
state that the Gasometer was made by the Go-Ite diana-style reels during this period the first reel
Manufacturing Company, Kokomo, Indiana the patented by Lawrence Benson and a second design
first reference to the Go-Ite Manufacturing Com- by Joseph Coleman. Not much is known about
pany and the first use of the Go-Ite trademark. The Lawrence Bensons background, however. Benson Both sizes of the Go-Ite reels made in Kokomo,
Gasometer was produced or assembled at 219 S. was living in Kokomo when he applied for his reel Indiana the smaller 4 -inch model on the
Main, which was the second floor of the Kokomo patent on October 21, 1919. Patent #1351549 for left and the 5 -inch reel on the right. Tim Bahr
city garage. his Indiana-style reel was issued to him on August collection
The last ad that I have found for the Gasometer 31, 1920. Three ads from 1921 and 1922 promot-
was in the January 1922 issue of The Automobile ing his Benson-Vaile Company reel have been
Trade Journal, where it was advertised as the Go- found, showing a nicely designed Indiana-style
Ite Fillometer combined gas filler and gauge for reel, but totally unlike the Go-Ite reels.
all Ford models. The time span between the first The Coleman reel, however, was another story.
and last ads was less than two years, though the Joseph Coleman was listed as a molder at the
trademark application stated that the Go-Ite name Kokomo Brass Works and later as a molder at
had been in use since in the neighborhood of Apr. Kingston Products Company after Kokomo Brass
1, 1918. (The companys name was derived from Works, Kokomo Electric and Byrne Kingston
a combination of their two last names, Goin and companies merged in 1927. Coleman worked for
Hite transforming into Go-Ite.) the two manufacturers his entire career from 1901
The first Go-Ite fishing ad appeared in the until his retirement in 1940. He applied for his reel
March 1922 issue of Outers Recreation magazine, patent on April 22, 1922 and patent #1513893 was
promoting The Go-Ite Anti-Back Lash Reels and granted on November 4, 1924. It is remarkably
Baits and listed Kokomo as the companys ad- similar to the Go-Ite teardrop reel in construc-
dress. The ad introduced the 5 -inch teardrop reel tion except that it features a spoked design rather
that weighed 6-ounces and Go-Ites Water-Plane than a teardrop design. Only a few Coleman reels
metal baits in plain or feathered models. have ever been found and apparently the reel was
Other ads quickly appeared in April, May, June never put into production. However, a number of
and August 1922 editions of Outers Recreation the Coleman and Go-Ite parts were identical and
and in Field and Stream. These were similar to the interchangeable. Go-Ite Water-Plane Baits came in plain and
March ad except retail prices were added a $6.00 It is most likely that Rex Hite and Joseph feathered styles. Tim Bahr collection
retail for the reel and retails of 90 for Water-Plane Coleman knew each other and collaborated on
baits with plain treble hooks and $1.00 for the their reels during the early 1920s. One was a pat-
feathered models. tern maker and the other a molder with both men
1923 ads were smaller in size and simpler in working in similar industries. Joseph Coleman had
design, but they also promoted a third category be- a patent on his reels design while Rex Hite did not
sides reels and metal baits. Go-Ite was now selling patent his reels even though the brass name plate
fishing lines. It is interesting to note that no Go-Ite on the Go-Ite reel foot stated Patent Pendg.
spool of line had ever been discovered until a whether made in Kokomo, Flint or Birmingham.
battered wood spool was sold along with a Go-Ite There is also the possibility that Joseph Coleman
teardrop reel in a March 2015 eBay auction. Ron sold his patent to the Go-Ite Manufacturing Com-
Kotch, fishing tackle collector and NFLCC (Na- pany, though we will never know for sure.
tional Fishing Lure Collectors Club) member from Feel free to contact the author at antiquefish-
Akron, Ohio, had found the reel along with the with your questions. Photo-
spool of line in the bottom of an old tackle box. graphs are important, so please send them. They
The reel, which was in nice shape, was clearly help me with identification and give me an idea of
marked Made in Kokomo, Ind. The wooden the condition of the item.
spool of line was in terrible shape. The front label Next Month More about Kokomo and then
was only 75% complete, the reverse label was Go-Ite moves to Michigan - first Detroit, then Flint
missing, and there was no indication where it was and finally to Birmingham.n

The Coleman Indiana-style reel, also from Ko-

komo, was never put into production. A number The only known wood spool of Go-Ite silk line The Benson-Vaile Anti Back-lash Reel was also
of Coleman and Go-Ite par ts were interchange- was discovered in 2015 at the bottom of an old made in Kokomo during the same time period as
able. Langs Auctions, Inc. photo tackle box. Ron Kotch photo Go-Ite. June 1922 Outers Recreation
Join us in sharing interesting and sometimes rare trail cam and
or outdoor photos with our readers.
Send your photos to: (please submit in jpeg format)

Jessica Miller of Portage, cap-

tured this wild turkey on
trail cam, seemingly saying,

Richie Perry, three-years-old from Low- Richard Mund got this photo of a a group of white-
ell caught this curious raccoon with his well tails who just cant get along outside his apartment in
placed trail camera and dads help! Otsego.

Lauren Trainor got this photo

of a fox outside their cabin near
Oscoda. Healthy and wise!

Rex Corbett got this trail cam photo of a big

black bear sitting down for a bite to eat in his Kraig Staples, a regular contributor to these pages, sent
food plot near Wolverine. us this elk in the shadows of his trail cam near Millers-
Tanya Giaimo submitted this
photo of a fox and nine kits
playing outside their den.

Sandy Videan got this Osceola

Jim Anderson captured this bobcat strolling Ken and Dawn Ball sent us this trail cam photo of a County turkey going right to
into trail cam range in Alpena County. pack of Newaygo county coyotes. the source.


Painted Turtles..
A key to nature discovery

was probably about five- want to instill nature excitement in
years-old running wild, kids, or perhaps other adults, try to
free and barefoot behind share exciting information on this
Grandmas shack when I easy to find species, and you just
discovered a marvelous might see some new enthusiasm for
wild creature at the edge all wild things and natures way in
of the forbidden swamp. I caught their eyes. And that excitement may
that creature. It peed all over me. lead to a life that embraces science,
But that first Eastern Painted Turtle and natural history; a life you can be
encounter stirred my spirit of adven- proud of. A life we all need. The painted tur tles neck and head have bold yellow stripes and so
ture and hunt for natures wildness.
That spirit thrives today. I still
hold a vague recollection of my dad
Basic Facts
Ill toss some facts your way to
do the legs. The tur tle pictured below is laying her eggs. Jonathan
Schechter photos
giving me my first Turtles 101 get it started. Well start with the her. He cant sweet talk her with great blue herons and northern water
lesson. After he explained cool stuff name, painted turtle. It does not take promises of happiness, or bring snakes or encounter snapping turtles
about turtles we took it back to the much to decipher the reason behind chocolate and flowers, but he has a as soon as they enter. Others never
edge of the swamp from which I the name. Brilliant colors mark parts plan. Remember those long claws even make it across the road.
mentioned earlier? They come in
kidnapped her during her egg laying
mission. I also discovered another
of the neck, head and shell. The
neck and head have bold yellow handy now. Romeo reaches out and
strokes and tickles her neck and face
Habitat & Sunbathing
The painted turtle is most at
life lesson: One does not have to stripes and so do the legs, a body
travel far to find wild things. part of turtles that often seem to go to see if she is receptive. She thinks home along slow-moving streams,
Today, more than five decades unnoticed when it comes to identi- it over. Five seconds. Ten seconds. wet meadows, ponds, lakeshores
later, Im happy I turned fication time. The plastron And thinks a bit more. No one really and other waters that offer a muddy
into a turtle-loving tree- is usually a yellow hue, but knows for how long. But if she feels bottom rich with vegetation. They
hugger. I am a dreamer, just like in humans there stirred into romance, she returns the are omnivorous and feed under
an outcast of sorts. Some can be variations in skin favor and strokes his forelegs. Then water on aquatic plants, aquatic
might even say I am a wan- tones. Most of us know its time for mutual stroking. After insects, crayfish, small fish, carrion
dering dirt bag rebel that the plastron as the bottom a few more minutes of turtle fore- and tadpoles. Unfortunately, they
winks at wild things. Ill shell. The top shell is the play, if she decides he is the one, she sometimes respond to a worm on
take that as a compliment. carapace. Older kids may sinks to the bottom of the pond and a hook and that event usually ends
I also help turtles cross giggle to discover that the the male follows. poorly for the turtle. Turtles are
cold-blooded, meaning they need
roads. plastron of
Nest and Death to regulate their body temperature
But this
ramble is
not really
By Jonathan Schechter the male
is slightly
After mating, the female crawls
ashore and digs a nest. The lucky
from an external source. In the case
of the painted turtle, that source is
about me, its about painted turtles, making it easier to mount the female females find a good spot just a few usually direct sunlight or resting on
and with the heat of the summer just without slipping off. And the male yards from the water, others travel a warm rock. Basking sites are criti-
around the next bend in the trail, also has long front claws. further inland and must cross roads. cal for survival, and they often bask
painted turtles are the perfect first That often ends poorly. After the in rows lined up on logs, the river
chapter to entice your children or
grandchildren into a world of nature
Painted turtles get into the
eggs are deposited, she covers it
with soil and never returns. Incuba-
bank, the edge of a pond, or par-
tially submerged boulders to capture
discovery. And turtles and other reproduction mood soon after tion averages about 75 days, but maximum sunlight. As the suns
wild things offer more valuable life emerging from hibernation. Males, many nests have the astounding position changes, they move to keep
lessons than learning to swipe fin- being considerably smaller than failure rate of 100%. Raccoons rel- up with the sun. If the day heats up,
gers across an iPad, or staring down the females, cannot just overpower ish the eggs, and skunks and coyotes its time to slip back into the water
at other self-imposed electronic them as in the case in some other will also take advantage of the all with a slight Ker-plunk and barely a
tethers that impede carefree nature turtle species. Courtship does the you can eat slightly sandy egg buf- ripple.
Painted turtle breeding season
trick. The male slowly and methodi-
cally purses the turtle of his dreams, The sex of the young is deter-
mined by the soil temperature of the
Road Crossing
If you decide to help a turtle
has been under way since late May, and when he catches up with her
but some females are still crawling after a slow speed underwater chase, underground nest; cooler tempera- cross a road, move them to the side
up on shore for egg laying. If you he swims in front of her to face tures favor males, warmer tempera- of the road they were heading to, not
tures favor females. Natures way is to where they came from. Unlike
variable, but in Michigan the hatch- moving a snapping turtle that may
ing period is usually late August to repay an act of concern and kind-
early September. Most of the hatch- ness with a powerful finger crunch-
lings emerge during the night and ing bite, the painted turtle is likely
use a tiny egg tooth to break out to withdraw into the shell, hiss,
of their shell. Some turtles from late and say thanks by peeing on your
clutches may overwinter in the nest, hand.
emerging in spring. Many of those Jonathan Schechter is a natu-
late turtles become meals for meat ralist/nature education writer in
eaters without ever seeing the light Oakland County. He is spending the
of day. Regardless of emerging time month of June on South Manitou
from the nest, hatchlings instinc- Island as the National Park Service
tively seek out the relative security lighthouse keeper for Sleeping Bear
of water, but some of those turtles Dunes National Lakeshore. E-mail:
scurrying to the water fall prey to Oaknature@aol.comn
Guest Column:
By Greg Meschke

oe never killed a turkey.
He had never even been in
the turkey woods chas-
ing those wily, gobbling,
thunder busting creatures
that leave seasoned hunters
shaking their heads in bewilder-
ment, confused and enameled by a
bird whose brain is only as large as
a marble.
Most veteran hunters say things
like, You cannot sneak up on a
wise ole Tom.
You will hunt a lifetime with-
out doubling up on those roosting
rascals. Joe Por ter (left) with his first turkey and the author, Greg Meschke with his first double!
But today wouldnt only be a
first, it would be two firsts! an opportunity to harvest, and after time the opening day of the second gobble. Joe was smiling as the big
My friend is a great outdoors- listening to many of my tales of past season arrived. tom answered with a robust, low
man. Hes killed a number of great successful hunts and not so success- The first three days of the 2017 pitch raspy response.
bucks in his lifetime. But those ful hunts, he couldnt wait to try season were accompanied with Its only a matter of time, I
turkeys are something he never had it himself. Joe was excited by the heavy rains and strong May winds. whispered. Well have one hang-
On my 35 acre parcel, standing ing.
water certainly was influencing how Joe never stopped smiling.
the turkeys were using the property. Would it really be this easy? Most
Their usual travel routes, roosting reading this already know the
woods and bugging fields were satu- answer. Its never easy. Good thing
rated, having standing water in areas we had coffee and blueberry muf-
I had never seen holding water. The fins because thats all the action we
wood ducks and geese were loving would see aside from a handful of
it. But we were trying to pattern whitetails crossing the small food
turkeys and not having much luck. plot next to us. Where did that smart
But as all hunters must admit, some- old bird head to? Obviously he
times the best scouting takes place wasnt working in our direction. So
during the hunts. after waiting close to an hour, we
We finally got a break in the decided to scoot over to the edge
weather. Anticipation was high. of the property and call to see if
At least we could get out and sit we could locate mister fooled you
in the camo fold up blind without again.
the chance of being blown into the No luck. Most say they have the
adjacent county! We arrived just in uncanny ability to just disappear.
time to set up and pour the first cup Most often true! So Joe and I picked
NO TIME of coffee before hearing the first up and moved to the opposite end
1/2 WEEK

Plan now for your
Michigan bird hunt in the fall
It may feel like fall is a long way off, but for those who intend to try some
upland bird hunting this fall or who are looking for a new hunting location, the
Michigan Department of Natural Resources suggests that now is the time to
of the property to see if we could So we once again high step it start planning a fall adventure.
entice another love struck bachelor back to try to get in a position to Preseason planning is a great way to maximize your days in the field, said
out looking for a girlfriend. at least see the culprit successfully Al Stewart, DNR upland game bird specialist. Michigan is nationally known
We walked to the edge of the driving us mad. We were now on the for great ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting, but with millions of acres of
south property line and gave a call. edge of the track making our way, public land to explore, how do you get started? Michigans 17 GEMS are great
Nothing! Where are they Joe? I when all of a sudden I see a full fan places to start!
asked. of a strutting turkey displayed ahead Grouse Enhanced Management Sites (GEMS), found across the Upper and
We continued on another 250 of us as we scoot back to the south. northern Lower peninsulas, are large blocks of land open to hunting that are
yards and gave another call. We Lucky for us there was a rise in the managed for young forests. Young forests offer excellent spots to hunt and see
were next to my neighbors horse contour of the hay field, and as we wildlife because of the thick cover and great food sources provided.
track, so it would be easy for any- crested the top we could see him, GEMS are ideal places to get started for nonresidents unfamiliar with the
thing in the fifteen acre plot to hear but he luckily didnt see us. He was area, new bird hunters or folks who just thought theyd try a new spot, Stewart
the call. Two birds responded, one facing away and the accompanying
Stewart suggested the following steps: Visit for an interactive
on the north side and one on the ladies and other bachelors were over map, information about individual GEMS and custom maps. Pick out a GEMS
south. the crest and out of our sight. Good location or two you want to visit, and use the GPS points or general directions
We quickly hustled to the south thing. So after a somewhat settle, and a county atlas to get a feel for the area. Print off the detailed GEMS maps
side and snuck into the wooded Freeze, I told Joe to get low and or save them to your phone. Drive to the informational parking area and get
cover. After a few not so patient back up. We retreated back to the your bearings. At the kiosk, read about grouse and woodcock, timber activ-
minutes I called again. edge of the track and made our way ity and the acres of land nearby that you could also hunt. Note that there are
One mistake I think many nov- down the bank so the turkeys were businesses (listed on the kiosk) that offer a great discount because they support
ice hunters do is over-call. The idea completely out of sight. GEMS. Get out and explore. Repeat over and over, and take others with you.
is to just let him know youre there. We just walked up on a strut- Michigans grouse season runs Sept. 15 to Nov. 14 and Dec. 1 to Jan. 1.
I also use several different styles and ting whopper, I said. Lets stay Woodcock, a migratory bird, have an abbreviated season, Sept. 23 to Nov. 6. To
types of calls to add an additional low and make our way back to the hunt grouse and woodcock in Michigan, hunters need a base license. To target
factor of interest to avoid the Toms tree you were sitting by. Keep the woodcock, they also need the free woodcock stamp. Everything can be pur-
proverbial hang up as he attempts cover between you and the birds and chased online at E-License or at one of the many license agents across the state.
to locate the hen making all the fuss. hopefully youll give him a haircut. Millions of acres are open to public hunting in Michigan, and there are
He bellowed out a returning Joe was creeping, slowly at- many more locations to hunt beyond GEMS. Use, an interac-
gobble and my reactive thought was tempting to narrow the distance tive map application, to plan adventures anywhere around the state.
that the game was on. But after 20 between him and the big ole tom. If you have questions, call a DNR Customer Service Center or contact the
minutes nothing appeared. What I was about 15 yards behind him DNR Wildlife Division at
happened? Was he courting other watching the show. As he rose up


ladies? After a short pause a hen from behind that tree, his old Rem-
appeared, standing on the actual dirt ington 870 broke the silence and


racetrack area which was actually a dropped big bird right in his tracks.
hay field. Where is the Tom? Joe then yells out, Theres
After waiting another few another one!
minutes it was time to move, so we I responded by moving up quick- Send them to SCIs State Hunter Apprentice Program!
again backed off and retreated to the ly to the tracks edge to see another WHAT IS S.H.A.P.?
north in hopes of getting the second tom about to make a quick getaway The State Hunter Apprentice Program is a 3-day youth camp sponsored by
bird to continue answering the call. across the field. One shot from my local chapters of Safari Club International for boys and girls ages 11 to 15. In the
So around the backside of the track 870 and we both had turkeys on the period of a long weekend, kids can earn both their Michigan DNR Hunter Safety
we go retracing the path we had ground, making a quick finish to Certificate and International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) Certificate.
followed. Nothing answered. So I the season. The end result was Joes
called again. Wouldnt you know first turkey and my first double up. State
it! The bird on the south side of the We retrieved our birds and gave Hunter
track where we just left thundered each other a high-five. I dont know Apprentice
back. whose smile was bigger. One thing Program
Aug. 11 - 13, 2017
This is maddening Joe. I cant I do know is when looking back on
believe hes right in front of the tree this experience I will remember this
area we just left! as the season of several firsts.n
Echo Grove Camp on Lakeville Lake in Leonard, Michigan
Premium Wildlife SPONSORED BY Safari Club International
Habitat Creation SE Michigan Bowhunters Chapter & Detroit Chapter
Brush Hog Serving REGISTRATION: The cost is only $90 per student for the entire three-day weekend. It
Trail Creation Lower includes lodging, all meals & snacks, course instruction & materials, and special hand-
Hinge Cutting Michigan outs. Local sponsoring chapters of Safari Club International will underwrite the remain-
der of the cost. To receive an application, please write to: SCI-SHAP, 32045 Dequindre
Soil Testing Rd., Madison Heights, MI 48071 or call or email Colleen at: (248) 585-4863, or col-
Free Quotes Successful SHAP applicants will receive necessary maps, itinerary,
consent forms and a complete list of things to bring. Camp is limited to the first 60

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students, so please dont delay!

Safari Club International is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving

our wildlife, woods & water, and preserving our great American heritage ...
John Wittig 586-255-7676 THE RIGHT TO HUNT
o many Michiganders, else out. Not only will he call for
April and May means hunters, but he also films every
just one thing, Spring hunt.
turkey hunting. Hard- Jeff has traded in the nine-
core turkey hunters to-five-life for that of an outdoor
will set aside television professional. In
all other hobbies to pur- addition to hosting Simply
sue these wildly beauti- Outdoors TV, Summer also
ful creatures. If or when serves as a cameraman, edi-
success comes their way, tor and marketer. Like most First time turkey hunter Ricky Foster grabbed a still-flopping turkey
hunters are quick to mea- outdoor television profes- and got spurred in his right hand. When he tried to drop the bird it
sure the birds beard and sionals, he wears many didnt fall because it was securely lodged into his hand!
spurs. Toms usually have hats to make his program a
one inch spurs or bigger marketable product. immediately responded and were film a quick public service piece for
and anything ap- On May 9, already getting closer. Jeff yelped his television shows social media

By Jerry Lambert
proaching an inch 2017, Jeff took some more and once again the birds pages. The short piece shows the
and a quarter or Ricky Foster to gobbled an immediate response. end of the hunt, a quick talk about
an inch and a half a lease property Shortly thereafter, the two the hunt and then Jeff informs his
belongs to birds at least three to four in Ingham County. It was mid-day mossy oak clad men saw four big audience about what can happen if
years old. when Jeff heard turkeys responding birds making a beeline to their you grab a twenty pound butterball
Jeff Summer from Charlotte is to his calling. Jeff and Ricky quickly Cherokee Sports decoy. Ricky whis- while he is still flopping on the for-
one of the fore-mentioned hardcore set up in some swampy habitat. pered that he was going to shoot the est floor. He finishes by zooming in
turkey hunters, and if he isnt out Once they were in position, lead bird but the birds kept switch- on the deep gash on Fosters hand.
hunting for his own bird then he is Summer called, letting loose with ing leaders, so Jeff zoomed out so Before the successful hunter
more than likely taking someone a couple of yelps. The gobblers that he could film all four gobblers. could celebrate with any winner,
When the birds got to within thirty winner, turkey dinner he went in for

yards, Ricky pulled the trigger of medical attention and received six
his 12-gauge shotgun. When the gun stitches to mend his wildlife war
roared, the lead bird hit the turf. If wound.
you watch the footage, you will then A couple of days later, Jeff put
hear Jeff yell out, Go get him, go the footage on his social media
INDOOR GUN RANGE get him, just step on his head. pages and the footage quickly went
Hand Guns, Long Guns, Muzzleloading, This happened to be Rickys viral. Jeff has recently hooked-up
Reloading Supplies, Ammo, Archery & Accessories first bird, and instead of stepping on (pardon the pun) with Mossy Oak.
the flopping birds head, he grabbed They asked for permission to post
CASH FOR USED GUNS INDOOR GUN RANGE his trophy by the legs and hoisted the footage to their facebook page,
GUNS, NEW & USED CCW COURSE GUN SAFES (In Stock) the big bird into the air so that Jeff and the video received 572,0000
Full Line of Gunsmithing NRA Certified Instructors could clearly see it. When Ricky views. As of this writing, the foot-
Full Line Archery & Fishing Tackle lifted the bird, he felt a sharp pain age has well-over 600,000 views.
Live Bait & Tackle Available in his hand and released the bird. To view the hunt for yourself, visit
Open Mon thru Fri 9am-7pm Sat 9am-6pm Sun 9am-4pm Instead of falling back to the ground the Simply Outdoors TV facebook
1380 N. Cedar (517) 699-0597 the bird stayed suspended in the air. page. Simply Outdoors TV is
( Mile South of Holt, 127 to Cedar St. exit, North 2 Miles) One of the sharp spurs had securely currently being streamed on Car-
lodged into his right hand between bonTV and the Hunt Channel. It is
2017 GUN & KNIFE SHOWS his middle and ring finger. also aired regularly on the Pursuit
For information call (517) 676-4160 Summer took this opportunity to Channel.n

June 24-25 . . . . . 530 Tables . . . . Grand Rapids Aug. 5-6 . . . . . . . . 700 Tables . . . . . . . . Birch Run
Jun 30, Jul 1&2 . . 440 Tables . . . Lansing/Mason
July 15-16 . . . . . . 250 Tables . . . . . . . . . Cadil ac
Aug. 12-13 . . . . . . 400 Tables . . . . . . . Port Huron
Aug. 19-20 . . . . . . 400 Tables . . . . . . . . . Monroe
Dermestid Beetles at work!

July 22-23 . . . . . . 900 Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . Novi Aug. 26-27 . . . . . . 530 Tables . . . . Grand Rapids
July 29-30 . . . . . . 400 Tables . . . . . . . . . Jackson Sept. 2-3 . . . . . . . 275 Tables . . . . . . . . . Harrison

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Birch Run: Intersection ORS Field House 500 Thomas Edison Pkwy County Fairgrounds Deer, Javelina, Goat, Antelope $100 $115
Expo Ctr US.31 & M-22 3055 Shirley Drive Blue Water Convention Center 700 E. Ash Wolf, Mtn. Lion, Black Bear <13 length, Boar <13 $110 $125
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Cheboygan Ice Arena 28th St. Showplace
Suburban Collection Showplace Elk, Sheep, Bl. Bear >13, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Boar >13 $140 $155
480 Cleveland 1256 28th St. S.W. Wyoming 46100 Grand River
Monroe County
Kalamazoo: County Fairgrounds Cadillac: Wexford Arena Clare County Fairgrounds
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Gun Chat: Back to my roots
started reloading .38 Spe- Id start getting ready a week ahead made for the Air Force.) I saved the
cials with a Lee Loader. Ba- of time because it took two or three brass and the Lee Loader scratched
sic kits, Lee Loaders take up days of intermittent labor to load them in resizing. Since I didnt
little space. Almost all the enough ammo for a match. resize the primed .38 brass, I didnt
stuff needed to reload .38s is Other matches were held at K.I, put scratches on the new rounds I
contained in one box. I just and at the Negaunee Rod & Gun made.
needed powder, primers, bullets, a Club outside Negaunee. By the time Back in the day Id make 60, 80,
board to set the Lee Loader die on, I started competing in them, Id or 100 rounds before a match. I may
and something to hammer the fired upgraded my reloading equipment have been a better man back then, or
.38 shells into the resizing die. I to include a Lee turret press, a scale, at least one with more enthusiasm
used a short piece of maple flooring. powder measure, and some other and endurance. This time, I was
Lee Loaders are also made in equipment. loading in the basement and had to
rifle calibers and shotgun Recently, I decided to go up and down stairs several times This small box contains most of the
gauges. I used to know a go back to my roots and to assemble the things I needed tools needed to reload .38 Specials.
hunter who made ammo for make a few .38s with the to load. At the end of the running
his .300 Savage deer rifle Lee Loader. For a while I around, I was tired, and more appre- of my other reloads, made using the
with a Lee Loader each couldnt find it and thought ciative of my Lee Single Stage and presses and Unique powder went
fall. I started loading .38 Id given it to my oldest Turret presses. into one and three quarter inches.
Specials using 125 grain son. It turned up--while I After lunch the next day, I took So after a long winter, I still remem-
truncated cone lead bul- was looking for something the Lee Loader rounds and my old bered something about how to shoot
lets, (designed for the 9mm else. While I still load .38s Ruger Blackhawk out to a sandpit. the Blackhawk.
Luger cartridge), CCI with Bullseye pow- Leaning an old homemade target The .38 Special got me started in
small pistol primers,
and Bullseye powder. By Lee Arten der, Ive also used
Unique for a long
against the sandpit bank, I fired four
rounds of the five Id made with the
reloading, with the .45 ACP, it is the
cartridge Ive made and fired most
(A buddy said those time. Unique lives Lee Loader into it. Like some of the reloads in. I took a snowshoe hare
reloads were, The strangest thing I up to its name since it can be used original rounds I made years ago, with a reloaded .38 Special, the first
ever saw.) in handgun loads, some shotgun one wouldnt chamber. Id messed game animal I killed with a reload.
When I couldnt get any more loads, and even reduced-power rifle up the crimp, and thought Id fixed In looking for things I needed to
of 125 grain bullets I switched to rounds. For my back-to-the-roots it but hadnt. More my problem than make this trip back to my roots, I
158 grain semiwadcutters. Both .38 Special loads I went and got a one from the Lee Loader. found hundreds of fired .38 Special
bullet weights shot very well from can of Bullseye. Fired from 20 yards, the four cases. Soon, Ill use them to make
the Blackhawk. I still load 158 grain I had primed brass available, so rounds went into a group four and enough .38 reloads to shoot for
semiwadcutters in .38 Specials and I didnt have to deprime and prime a half inches center to center. Four months, maybe years.n
medium power .357 loads. I current- using the Lee Loader. Instead, I just
ly use primers made by Winchester. belled the case mouths, filled the
In the past, I also used Remingtons. Lee Loader dipper with Bullseye, Preserving your land wealth,
The Lee Loader wasnt a fast scraped it off flat with a card, and ensuring your legacy
way to load ammo. It isnt the emptied it into a case. Then I seated
strongest in the resizing department the bullet. In the old days I did the
either. I had occasional problems hammering necessary for belling the
with rounds not chambering fully in cases and seating bullets without ear
my Ruger Blackhawks cylinder. I protection. The other day, I put on a
sorted cartridges into serious and set of earmuffs to cut down on the
practice boxes using the cylinder racket. (The older I get, the more I
taken out of the Blackhawk as a want to keep my hearing.) Instead
gauge. of a piece of maple, I used a rubber
Not long after starting reload- mallet to bell the cases and seat the
ing, I found out that NRA Hunters bullets in my five retro loads.
Pistol Silhouette Matches were In my collection of .38 brass
being held at the range at the old theres at least one left from the first
K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base outside batch I ever loaded. It came from a
Marquette. I shot the matches with box of military surplus, full metal
the Blackhawk and my .38 reloads. jacket rounds. (They may have been

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Michigan DNR...History of Fish and Wildlife

t times, when numer- days raids.
ous and multiple game Michigan has 168 uniformed
or fish violations occur officers who most cover nearly
in a single or specific 100,000 square miles of land and
area, and a number of water, Tucker said. One warden is
people are involved, a responsible for the entire southern
sting operation may be required by half of St. Clair County, where 23
the MDNRs law Enforcement and hunters were arrested in the raid.
Wildlife Divisions. Wildlife may be Tucker said the state officers
placed in harms way through over- must also enforce regulations on all
harvesting, illegal sales or traffick- kinds of game...not just migratory
ing in body parts. birds.
Furthermore, an inves- Wild ducks and geese
tigation may be conducted are the responsibility of the
over a period of years be- Federal Government, under
fore enough solid evidence treaties with Canada and
is adequately gathered. And Mexico. The Federal regu-
of course its end purpose is lations are incorporated
to protect a wildlife spe- in State hunting laws and
cies from irreparable harm State officers enforce them.
whether it be mammal, The Detroit Free Press
reptile, fish or wildfowl. ran an article on the arrest
At this writ-
By Betty Sodders
of the hunters
ing, I have chosen involved...
four sting opera- Eighteen duck
MDNR C.O. checking anglers along the St. Joseph River. MDNR photo
tions conducted by DNR conserva- hunters from the Harsens Island automatic shotguns. Thursday and hauled in the catch of
tion officers dating back from 1958 area were hauled out of their beds Conclusion: The investigation the season.
to 2007. They involved the sale of by Federal agents and charged with did not uncover the names of the More than 40 arrests were made
wild game, protected reptiles and the wanton killing and sale of wild buyers, although the purchase of on 77 counts of illegally purchasing
two cases centered on the taking and ducks. wild ducks also violates the law. or selling game fish in St. Clair and
selling of fish. They range from oc- The United States Attorneys of- Most of them (suspects), hunt ev- Macomb counties, said Lt. Lee Sta-
curring in southern Michigan to the fice said the men are part of a racket ery day, said McClure. Sometimes nard. An exact count was unavail-
Upper Peninsula at the Mackinac that netted a possible $200,000 a they shot as many as they could able because arrests were still being
Bridge year in sale of wild game. get. Then they would store them in made this morning.
More than 8,000 ducks bought freezers and sell them later on. DNR investigators said they
September 8, 1958 from the men by a Federal un- The arrested men and their also found illegal venison and duck
Headlines read... dercover agent are in storage in a pleas were before Federal Judge, purchases.
18 Duck-Leggers Seized...They Government freezer in Illinois. The Ralph M. Freeman. Four of the men The sting involved 35 officers
Sold Wild Game, U. S. Claims surprised hunters were taken Friday pleaded guilty; 13 pleaded innocent who investigated more than 30 busi-
One Detroit Free Press news- to the Federal building in Detroit or stood mute. More arrest warrants nesses, and 10 homes. A list of those
paper accounting stated, Why State and herded into a cell. were to be issued. All of those ar- involved is not yet available.
Cant Stop Poachers - Too Few War- Federal Agents of the Interior raigned were released on $500 bond In St. Clair County, 18 business-
dens, Officials Explain: Michigan Departments Fish and Wildlife Ser- by Judge Freeman. es...mostly restaurants...were inves-
does not have enough game wardens vice led simultaneous raids on the The raids in the three-state area tigated Sgt. Jeff Pendergraff said. Of
to stamp out the illegal slaughter mens homes at 6 a.m. Similar raids netted 95 persons including 65 in those, 15 were inspected and arrests
and sale of wild ducks and geese, were conducted at the same hour in Illinois and 10 in Wisconsin. were made at 13, he said.
the State Conservation Department Illinois and Wisconsin after a two- Headlines of the day screamed... Weve been investigating
said Monday. year investigation. 17 Hunters in Federal Court complaints from the public for some
Uniformed conservation offi- Agent William McClure led After St. Clair Flats Raids... time about the selling and purchas-
cers are limited in what they can do the raids. His department got the Agent Risks His Life to End ing of fish in the area that were not
against an organized ring of hunting/ evidence through another agent, An- Duck Slaughter...Secret being caught by licensed, commer-
law violators. One such ring was thony Stefano, who posed for nearly Agent Exposes Outlaw Duck- cial anglers, said DNR director
broken up by Federal agents last two years as a native in the Harsens Killing Ring ...6 Change Pleas Roland Harmes.
Friday with the arrest of 100 men in Island area and bought ducks. in U. S. Court...5 Change Our investigation was surprised
Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. Stefano used the name Mark Pleas in Hunt Probe...The to discover just how prevalent these
Members of the ring formed a DeMarco. He lived among the Cases All Will Be Ducky for sales are and how easy the fish
warning network, according to Asst. hunters and gained their confidence. the Hunter Judge can be purchased and sold in these
United States Attorney John M. McClure said the ducks were sold Undoubtedly, the cases worked areas with no questions asked, Mr.
Chase, Jr. for $1.25 to $1.50. He estimated that their way through the court system. Harmes said.
E. E. Tucker, Asst. Chief of the the 5,000 ducks in storage represent * * * * * Lt. Stanard said officers had
Conservation Departments field ad- only about 5 per cent of those killed seized fish...mostly
November 6, 1992
ministration office in Lansing, said by the hunters. The rest were sold animals and waterfowl, as well as
undercover work by secret agents either to individuals or to restau- Fish Sale Sting - Hooks 40! one boat and one automobile. The
posing as hunters is effective...but rants, night clubs, grocery stores and DNR Investigators Crack waterfowl included 150 ducks found
expensive. meat markets. Down On Poachers in one St. Clair County restaurant.
The United State Fish and Many of the market hunters In Blue Water Area Lt. Stanard said, declining to give
Wildlife Service spent $40,000 and admitted that they hunted ducks out (Port Huron Times Herald) the establishments name.
nearly two years in an undercover of season, trapped with baits and Department of Natural Re- Those arrested have 10 days to
operation before it staged last Fri- shot at night into nesting areas with sources officers dropped their nets appear in court.
Ken Cannode, asst. chief of Approaching the dealers from the
Clay-Algonac police, said he wasnt supply side allowed DNR to docu-
warned of the sting operation. I ment evidence carefully.
am glad to hear they have been so Federal undercover investigators
successful, he said, as this is also were working the dealer net-
something that has been going on in work nationwide, posing as dealers.
this area for many years. What they Michigan cooperated with the U.S.
have so far may just be the tip of the Fish and Wildlife officers, sharing
iceberg. evidence that resulted in several of
Sgt. Pendergraff agreed, say- the cases exposed in the state.
ing that poaching not only hurts the Collectors value reptiles based
resource itself, but also the commer- on specimen quality and rarity.
cial fisherman and honest retailers. Michigan is home to more than a
But mostly it hurts the consumer dozen protected reptile and amphib-
because no one knows where the ian species.
fish is coming from. Michigan enforcement teams Newspapers headlines and stories of MDNR stings.
* * * * * uncovered nearly 200 individual
tion that netted three subjects in a moving the illegally harvested fish
June, 2001 reptiles Saturday. They are now
salmon poaching scheme. Centered across state lines.
Operation Slither...Illegal
under the care of a licensed veteri-
narian, pending court hearings for in Mackinac County, a team of DNR Area conservation officers were
Reptile Dealers...Operation those cited. Officials will return as conservation officers from Dis- contacted to arrange a well-orga-
Slither Strikes! many as possible to the wild. trict Four (Upper Peninsula) were nized take-down at the north end of
More than a dozen tickets were The Attorney Generals office included along with special unit the Mackinac Bridge as the poachers
issued and nine search warrants will continue working side-by-side personnel. would attempt to head south with
were executed by state and federal with the DNR on this case and will The sting operation involved the illegally harvested salmon. Of-
law enforcement teams throughout aggressively pursue prosecution the illegal taking of salmon, an ficers were ready and waiting to pull
Michigan in late June. Michigan in order to bring these dealers to incident that may have been ongoing over the subjects truck.
was among eight states nationwide justice, said Mike Cox. Anyone over several years time. The indi- The vehicle was stopped
coordinating simultaneous enforce- looking to illegally profit from viduals involved appeared to have without incident. Suspects were
ment of illegal reptile dealers. It the black-market trade of animals their illegal activity honed down to arrested. More than 325 pounds of
was the largest enforcement action should be forewarned: You will face a science. salmon fillets were in their posses-
of this kind in history concluding a prosecution in Michigan. A RAP Line tip gave credence sion, stored within a chest freezer
two-year undercover operation. Authors Note: In December of to illegal activity taking place along placed in the back of their pickup
Operation Slither, as it was 2004, the DNR Law Enforcement an Upper Peninsula stream with truck. Additionally, officers seized
known in Michigan, focused on Division concluded an investigation suspects harvesting and transporting a firearm, spear, net, gaff and the
reptile dealers suspected of dealing into the illegal trade of protected salmon across the Mackinac Bridge freezer.
animals illegally captured from the Michigan reptiles...The 14th and towards their home state of North Conclusion...During the first
wilds of Michigan, exotic species final person arrested in the sting Carolina. (Two of the suspects were week in January 2007, the suspect
that are otherwise illegal for posses- pleaded no contest in the 23rd from North Carolina, the third from from St. Ignace appeared in Macki-
sion and sale. District Court in Taylor, Michigan St. Ignace, Michigan). nac County Court. He pleaded guilty
Officers had long suspected to 18 counts of purchasing protected According to the tipster, large to possessing an over limit of fish,
that certain Michigan reptile deal- reptiles, and was fined $8,750 and amounts of salmon were being taken buying or selling such fish and
ers were trafficking in wild-caught, placed on probation for two years. by unlawful means from a closed fishing with illegal devices He was
protected Michigan species, but the This subject joined 13 others who stream. The stream was later identi- assessed a fine of $1,000; a sum of
dealer network was known to be a either pleaded guilty or no contest to fied as being Hoban Creek, a small $1,000 in restitution, one year pro-
tightly-knit community. After more their charges, and who were collec- feeder stream located north of St. bation, 90 days in jail, and loss of
than a decade of unsuccessful under- tively fined over $56,000. Ignace. fishing license for a period of three
cover attempts, a Natural Resources At this point in the case, the years.
undercover officer infiltrated the * * * * * DNRs Special Investigation Unit How to report a fish or game in-
dealer network in June 2001. November 2006 was contacted. Detectives, working fraction or unlawful activity related
Since Michigan law requires Salmon Poachers Find undercover, established themselves to Michigans natural resources...
officers to prove that animals re- Themselves In Hot Water! into the confidence of the suspects. contact: DNR - rap hotline: 1-800-
covered are wild-caught, the officer Michigan DNR conservation They learned how the salmon 292-7800. Information can be
posed as a snake and turtle trapper. officers conducted a sting opera- poaching was run plus plans on provided anonymously.n


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Small Mouth Bass.
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Commemorative Bucks of Michigan P.O. Box 615 Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 Phone (517) 679-6226
Commemorative Bucks of Michigan is a non-profit organization that measures and maintains records on trophy class Whitetail Deer,
Black Bear, Elk and Turkeys, taken by fair chase in the state of Michigan. We use the Boone and Crockett method to score all three big game species. Visit our web site to learn more and get connected to the latest in Michigan hunting.


Options for Ultimate Corn
Based Bow Kill Plots
n the May 2017 publication Their leaves are alive until a severe cultivators can work but may need option one is good stuff but things
of WNW News we have an frost happens. The cool nights and several passes. The faster you go the happen, so lets give it a try. Since
article titled, Creating the cool days with sunshine of mid- better the tiller breaks up clods. Fol- we have more time prior to the first
maximum combination Bow September and all of October are low with an equally very important seeding and have no time to spray
and Firearm Kill Plots. The ideal for maximum sugar production slow cultipacking pass.. The hardest RR herbicide after the first seeding
pictures alone tell us much, for the root system. Sugar beets are and most important tasks are done. we need to early prep the site more
with the words helping. Unfortu- biannual which means the roots do Wait four weeks then spray to lower weed problems. Around
nately this is a complicated project not die but stay alive for the next Roundup at one quart per acre plus mid-May you should till four inches
and there was not enough space to year as the source to grow flower add one quart of pelletized sprayable deep, around mid June spray RR and
cover it in detail or mention other stalks and seeds, known ammonium sulfate, AMS, three weeks later, (early July)
options. as bolting. (AMS), per acre. Fill spray RR and AMS. Early August
Hopefully the pioneers who Sugar beets in the your sprayer full with broadcast the lime and fertilizer as
ventured a chance plot had some ground increase their water. First add the AMS above and till it in four inches deep.
success. We received many phone sugar content right to the water then agitate, Blend the seeds as option one and
calls and emails. The bow kill plot through mid-fall and then add the RR, follow that includes the RR sugar beets if
shown and described as well as the that is why we still seed with filling the sprayer. available, then broadcast and till 2
firearm kill plot in the article is the sugar beets in early July. Almost all water is al- 1/2 inches deep. Stop right there.
Cadillac creation. How many of you That July sugar beet kaline, which lowers the No cultipacking yet. Same day
have a six row corn planter, let alone seeded bow plot can be- strength of RR, (glypho- broadcast the brassica blend and
a two row corn planter or a grain come a kick butt kill site sate). Adding an acid fer- the buckwheat, then follow with the

Mr. Food Plots

drill? We advise you print out that come thanksgiv- tilizer like liquid slow cultipacking. Now you can
May article found in WNW News ing or the muzzle- nitrogen or AMS follow the same procedure as above
first to the water
By Ed Spinazzola
Facebook for reference. Hopefully loader season. In for broadcasting the grain blend
by Christmas we will have detailed fact if you still will improve the September first and the sweetening
information for you in our website have sugar beets action of RR. Plus thing. for future in December and the acid fertilizer Follow Up
reference. For now we will cover you have a serious three day snow breaks down the paraffin coating of We blended beets, soys and
options covering the Ultimate corn storm, expect the deer to run to your all leaves, which adds to the effect corn to do 1 1/2 acres. You should
based bow kill plots that will be kill site! of RR. have this bow site right next to the
seeded starting July 1 until early The benefits and value of sugar In early August, broadcast two- firearm site, which starts preferably
August. beets are not only are they sweet, pounds of a brassica blend per acre. 40 to 60 yards from the blind. This
Option 1 our research shows there is much When you are broadcasting brassica distance is controlled by the safe
Bow Site Seeded July First more about what some state agents on your bow site, also broadcast the distance of your bow shot. Cross-
The first key to success is call, garbage in the woods. They brassica on your hopefully nearby bow may be further than a long bow.
good soil. If you can grow corn are 95 percent digestible, and no Ultimate Corn Based firearm The bow site can be any size, it can
and soybeans, you can grow sugar other forage meets that standard. Kill Plot, which was seeded in reach 50 to 100 yards to either side
beets. Get the pH to 6.5 pH, get that Wintertime can be tough on wildlife. mid-May. Same day broadcast 6-8 of your blind, with the sweetening
phosphorous to 40 parts per million When the acorn crop fails, things pounds of buckwheat per acre on the thing distance 50 yards to each side.
(PPM), potash and magnesium at can get serious for many forms of bow site only. Normally, for long lasting action the
200 PPM. You have some time prior wildlife. Deer start eating the thicker In September, first broadcast a Ultimate corn based firearm site
to seeding and need soil prepping. and not so digestible woody stems. blend of oats, rye grain and winter should be 1 1/2 acres or more. The
Around mid-May you should till This and other poor forage can stay wheat at 20 and no more than 30 earlier seeded firearm site forage
four inches deep and spray RR and in the digestive system for days pounds per acre. Two weeks prior will save the later seeded bow site
AMS the first week of June. On July before being expelled. Having sugar to your bow season opener you will forage big time. You will certainly
1, follow the soil test recommenda- beets available for deer in a tough broadcast 100 pounds of Urea, 46- seed field corn in a normal seed rate
tions or broadcast 350 pounds of winter changes the picture big time. 0-0 per acre on your now quite im- around the firearm site , which will
19-19-19 fertilizer per acre. Till that With sugar beets high digestibil- pressive, Ultimate Corn Based Bow save the firearm site for long use.
broadcasted lime and fertilizer four ity and nutrient content, deer have Kill Plot and only the bow site. The Think of your deer density to gauge
inches deep. instant nutrient relief. The forage more nitrogen applied to your bow this corn field size. Three acres is
If you have access to Round Up waste can be expelled in a day, not kill plot the sweeter the forage. Tim- not a large firearm protection corn
Ready (RR) sugar beet seed, mix days. That means deer may ingest ing here is important. We strongly field. If you do not have access
a half acre amount, (25,000 seeds, sugar beets again within hours. advise that you follow through with to a corn planter do what we did
approximately 2 1/2 lbs.) with 50 Sugar beets have an ideal percentage the addition of nitrogen as shown above and seed in mid-May. Now
pounds of RR soybeans and 12 of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, on our web site wwwdeerattraction. we broadcast 20 pounds of RR field
pounds of RR field corn and expect potassium, and sulfur for winter com article called the sweetening corn per acre along with the 350
to seed a total of 1 1/2 acres. Some carry over. The TB bacteria can thing. All vegetation can be sweet- pounds of 19-19-19 fertilizer. Till
may ask why seed sugar beets in survive in a potato for nine months. ened and deer have a sweet tooth. both four inches deep, follow with a
July, let alone field corn? The TB bacteria will die within two If you were farming you would be slow cultipacking.
Sugar beets take a long time to weeks when injected into a sugar laughed at if you added nitrogen to This plan is not easy and needs
mature and wont be much bigger beet. The TB bacteria cannot survive soybeans in September. Soybeans serious study by you to understand
than a big apple in October and that in a sugar environment. make their own nitrogen through and accept the complex process.
field corn will probably not reach By mixing the beets, soys and nodules in their root system and no Dont despair, this stuff works and
maturity. You are not farming, you corn you have made it easier to farmer seeds soys in July but we can be dynamite.
are food plotting and theres a big broadcast. So try to broadcast the are not farming! We are pulling all Ed Spinazzola, is an associate
difference. Sugar beets growing blend at 43 pounds per acre and till of your deer onto our property just with Tony LaPratts Land Manage-
in the ground are about average in no more than 2 1/2 inches deep. before the bow season. ment, for more information check
attraction to deer in early October. Using a rototiller and going slow, (a Option 2 our web sites
Their sugar content will continue to slow walk) is an ideal method, and Bow Site Seeded August First or or call
increase as late as mid-November. one pass should do. Disks and field You are very busy and know 586-784-8090.n
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A REPLICA COVER OF Birthdays Holidays
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Just email ( your photo attached as a jpeg
or tiff file with your suggested custom headline, optional secondary caption and
any additional text you may want. Or complete the form below and mail your
photo. Must be paid in advance. For more info please call 800-387-7824
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WO O D S - N - WAT E R N E W S R E S E RV E S T H E R I G H T T O R E F U S E A N Y O R D E R I F I T I S C O N S I D E R E D T O B E I N P O O R TA S T E O R U N E T H I C A L .
SummerTime to prepare
for fall and winter trapline
o, you have found the ar- furbearing animals will still smell
eas you going to trap and your bait, and it is much more natural
it is either public land, when it is covered at a set location.
or private land and you It is a requirement to have trap tags
have gained permission with certain information on each
to trap there. After you trap; see your regulations.
have scouted and determined which Michigan has several Trappers
furbearing animal you are going to Associations. All can provide infor-
trap, you need to decide mation on helping you
which traps and other properly abide by trap-
supplies that you are ping regulations, and
going to need. For ex- the members can be
isting trappers it is easy; wealth of knowledge
however, new trappers on methods of trap-
can be overwhelmed ping in our great state.
by all the choices of For more information:
traps and gear available Michigan Trappers and
to us today. Hopefully Predator Callers As-

By John Chagnon
this article helps sociation www.
you in choosing, U.P.
the right trapping Trappers Associa-
gear. tion www.uptrap-
We must keep in mind, while and Northern Great Lakes
selecting traps and gear, the legal Fur Harvesters, (Search for Facebook
requirements, quality of products page. They have a great convention
needed, budget and cost consider- every September in Kinross, U.P.).
ation while making our choices. These Trappers Association web-
First, one must thoroughly read the sites will provide useful information
Michigan Hunting and Trapping and contact information. All of the
Digest to understand all the rules associations have an annual conven-
of trapping in Michigan. This is a tion where trapping suppliers from
good time to invest in your trapping Michigan and out-of-state display
license. Pay careful attention to rules and sell trapping gear and equipment.
that restrict the size of trap and use Demonstrations are done on how
of bait to name a few. For example, to trap by knowledgeable trapping Brand Traps, Sleepy Creek Traps, National and State Forests.
in Michigan we need to use a Num- professionals, and there is a chance Duke Traps, Bridger Traps, and Wolf There are several specific traps
ber 2 or smaller foothold trap while to talk to 100s of other trappers. Creek Traps. All make good traps available that do very well at catch-
trapping muskrat, and when using Contact phone numbers or emails of and you have to decide which you ing the intended animal, while almost
bait, it must not be exposed. The no members are provided on the web- are going to use. eliminating other possible incidental
exposed bait rule is a very good rule sites. The types of traps we have to catches of other animals and birds.
as it helps prevent new trappers from Trap selection and quality of choose from today include foothold For example, the Dog Proof Raccoon
placing bait in plain view of birds traps is better than ever. Major trap traps, body grip traps and dog proof Traps with a one way trigger, when
which we do not want to catch. The manufacturers include Minnesota raccoon traps. In the following table baited properly with a sweet smell-
I have listed appropriate trap sizes ing bait, catch almost exclusively
and styles for the different Michigan raccoons. If one puts fish or meat
furbearing animals. See Trap Type based baits and lures in these traps,
Chart to the left. they can, and will, catch opossum,
One needs to read the current cats, and skunks. Occasionally, you
regulations for size and other restric- catch a bonus mouse or shrew for
tions before setting traps. Special extra bait.
rules apply to body grip type traps as Muskrat colony traps catch most-
to size, where they can be set (public ly muskrat and occasional mink and
vs. private land), and how far off the are set under water. There is also a
ground certain size body grip traps season for using Cable Restraints for
must be. fox and coyote in Michigan, (please
In my opinion, to assure I mini- refer to Michigan Regulations). Re-
mize the possibility of catching a dog stricted use of beaver snares is also
in a body grip trap, I set all body covered in the rule book.
grip traps larger than a 160 either The MB-550 Coilspring Trap, in
several feet in a tree or under water. off-set or regular jaw versions, is one
In fact, I find 330 Body Grip traps of my favorite traps for Fox and Coy-
set under the water for beaver and ote trapping. The trap sets flat right
otter far more effective than if part of out of the box and requires no adjust-
the trap is exposed. DR Stabilizers, ment to be ready for the trapline,
out of Michigan, makes a great deep thanks to the quality night latch sys-
water stabilizer that makes setting tem. For raccoon, I use a lot of PCS
the large 330 traps a breeze in deep Feather Light Dog Proof Aluminum
water channels. I also try to trap as Traps. These traps hold the larg-
far away from houses as possible, est, meanest raccoon, are extremely
preferring most of my line to be in simple to use and the materials used
in the construction of trap last for ing animal. When using stakes, the Most traps today have a universal treating your traps properly will limit
years without rusting away. You can important thing is to make sure you swivel that can act as a drowner their useful life, cause them to rust,
search and view an excellent You- cannot pull it out of the ground prior lock and the furbearing animal not spring quick, and leave odors that
Tube video on just how effective and to setting your trap. Coyotes are ev- can only go one way for quick smart canines will steer clear of.
simple it is to use the PCS Feather erywhere in Michigan, so if you can dispatch. The 11 gauge wire is If you are a gardener and
Light Dog Proof Raccoon Trap. pull the stake out of the ground, the used on all sets that have a possi- intend to trap muskrat this winter,
When water trapping for mink, coyote, in his attempt for freedom, bility of catching a beaver or otter. you can plant some parsnips for
muskrat and raccoon I use a lot of will certainly pull the stake from the Otherwise, 14 gauge wire is used one of the best under the ice
1.5 longspring and coilspring traps. ground and disappear forever with for raccoon, mink and muskrat sets. muskrat baits.
The number 1 size will work, but your trap. When using traditional re- We have far too many big raccoon Finally, some set construction
I prefer and find the slightly larger bar stakes, it is a good practice to use in Michigan to have faith in thinner equipment and other gear is neces-
trap does much better at quickly two stakes and a double stake swivel. 16 gauge wire. sary. Im going to focus on what
drowning the furbearer. The Bridger The AuSable Brand Earth Anchor I recommend that all traps and almost every trapper uses. There are
Number 5 Coilspring Trap is my go- trap stakes and Fox Hollow trap stakes be cleaned of factory oil, left simply a lot of gadgets and acces-
to foothold trap for otter and beaver, stakes are very popular and used a lot out to form a light rust coating and sories that may or may not apply
while the 330 body grip set under- on my line. Make sure to buy the ap- then traditionally dyed and waxed. to your trapline and the choice is
water in channels is my preferred propriate driver for whichever cable So, you will need dye and wax, yours. Most land and water trappers
body grip trap. There is no one right or chain stake you pick. I like to use which most suppliers will inform will need a trowel, pack basket or 5
choice in trap selection, you have to drags when trapping old two-tracks you on approximately how much to gallon plastic bucket, dirt sifter, pan
decide the quality and price you or in areas so sandy that I do not feel order. In next months issue I will covers, wax dirt, trappers hammer,
want to pay. Other considerations confident that any stake will hold a explain several forms of natural hip boots, wire cutters, lures and
that should be made are the dual fighting coyote or bobcat. They will trap dye material that one can usu- baits, fur stretchers and fur handling
purpose of traps. For example, in usually tangle up pretty quick; just ally obtain for free in most parts of equipment.
Michigan, we can set size 2 and make sure you have a good 5 or 6 Michigan. Note: you will need to There are many good, reputable
smaller size traps for muskrat, so foot of chain attached, the longer the find a narrow container, as large as lures and baits on the market today.
if you are running a fall trapline better. the largest trap you want to dip, and Hopefully you will get a chance to
for fox and coyote with 1.75 and 2 For water sets I use a drowner order enough wax to totally cover try some of mine available at www.
sized traps, you can also use them in system. I drive a T-bar stake several your largest trap. In subsequent or use the dealer lo-
the water for muskrat, later in fall or feet above the waterline and run 14 years you only need to refill what cator to find a place near you. I work
winter. or 11 gauge wire or 3/32 aircraft was used in prior years. There are a at and I always
Close in importance to size and cable out to a long hardwood wooden number of trap dips, paints and other welcome calls from fellow trap-
trap type you are going to purchase, stake that I drive in the deeper water. treatment products on the market and pers (989) 569-3480. A lot of good,
is whether you are going to use By having the shore stake high on they all will work. I will explain the useful information is on both of the
stakes or drags (grapples) to secure the bank, it allows us to keep sets traditional method of waxing and preceding websites for the Michigan
your trap and hold the furbear- properly working as the water rises. dying traps next month in detail. Not Trapper.n


** SATURDAY, AUGUST 19TH @ 9:00 AM **
7948 N. Sheridan Rd. Edmore, MI 48829
CONSIGNMENTS WANTED Guns, bows, mounts, moose, deer,
elk & Caribou antlers, hunting & fishing related items, cabin & camp-
ing items, rustic dcor, snowshoes, canoes, kayaks, boats, four-
wheelers, food plot equipment, anything for the great outdoors!
EARLY CONSIGNMENTS Assorted recurves, deer, mule, turkey
& African mounts, deer, moose elk antlers, outdoor items, Leupold
rangefinder, New 10x42 Bushnell binoculars, pop-up blinds, bait
casters & reels, loaded tackle boxes, 4 doz. New 110 Conibear traps,
hunting boots, backpacks & waders and more. Cabin & camping,
chairs, dehydrators, red cedar 21x42 antler coffee table, 48 & 36
red cedar antler shelfs & more.
List your consignments early with us for free advertisement.
Please contact Larry or Stanley @ 989-291-5556. We will be
accepting consignments at auction site Aug. 18th, 8:00 a.m.
8:00 p.m. Feel free to contact us with any questions & commis-
sion rates. Thank you and we look forward to another success-
ful Northern Trails Auction.
For Pictures, see I.D. #2701
Auctioneers, Willis Yoder & Bill Martin
NOTE: At this auction center we will have a lot more room, so we hope to promote some
bigger items such as; hunting shacks, food plot equipment and boats, etc.
Woods-N-WaterNews Classified Section
M E M O RY FOAM Amish lodge furniture. Call Dan fish for stocking. Large selection of mountain lion rug 8ft. by 5ft. $3,300 HUBBARD LAKE, MI SERVICE booking guided
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To reach an immense outdoor market use the . . . keeping packages and cabin
rentals on remote Algoma BEAR HUNTS: Mead

Woods-N-Water News Classified Lake. Train-in or Boat-in only -

Canadian Funds -519-636-3697
SERVICE. Bergland and Baraga
Creek guide service. We hunt
over bait in Newberry Unit only.
First season is a five day hunt,
Classified ad rates: $30 for the first 20 words F-4/17- units. Federal license, 25 years second season is a seven day
Every word over 20 is .25 per word -- Box your classified, $5 additional charge TFN experience. Cell 906-231-9136, hunt. This includes room and
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Calling 810-724-0254 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm .............................................. stands and box blinds. Most
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TRIP. Want to go fishing? Book
Faxing your ad 810-724-8552 2017 MICHIGAN BLACK Everybody had a shot oppor-
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seasons. Seven day hunt/lodg- Call John 906-586-3047 or
Classifieds MUST be paid in advance of publishing; MasterCard, Visa accepted. Make Mouth, Lake Trout, Perch and
ing/stands/skinning/tag/sealing look us up on facebook at
check/money orders payable to Woods-N-Water News. Classified ads can not be other fish. Well spaced out log
bear. Year around lodge. Great yooperoutdoors#906. H-6-2
billed and once a classified is processed no refunds can be made. Limit of 75 words. & framed cabins, all boats have
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All classifieds posted to our website FREE! and swivel seats. Upgrade ing and 4-wheeling. 40th An-
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boats and motors available. 6
Use one of these useful classified categories... days/nights $445.00 U.S. funds State and Federally licensed. Specialist - We had 80% success.
A = Archery FW = Firewood RR = Resorts/Rent Contact Tom Losiewski, North Baraga, Gwen and Amasa Units -
per person with a group of 4 or Modular hunts start at $995. 7 days
ATV = ATVs G = Guns RVC = RVs/Campers
more (2 people per boat) www. Country Hunting Adventures.
B = Boats H = Hunting SM = Snowmobiles 1-269-330-0480. Like us on lodging included. Write for more
D = Dogs HL = Hunting Leases T = Taxidermy information on how to apply for bear
or toll free 1-877-434-2440. Facebook. H-5-3
F = Fishing HW = Help Wanted TK = Trucks permits on May 1st - 2730 S. Dort
F = Free M = Miscellanous TR = Trailers F-1/17TFN Hwy., Flint, MI 48507 or call Dale at
FP = Food Plots RE = Real Estate W = Wanted
(810) 814-8936 days 9-4 or eve-
nings John at (989) 257-2725 for
more information www.gonzo-
Archery hunts available for Fall
CLIP AND MAIL BAIT 2017 at reasonable prices. Call
Facebook. H-4-4
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West Michigan Outfitters. H-5-3
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NAME area. Dogs or bait. Call 989- HUNT NORTHERN
448-1938. BT-7-3 HUNT ZONE. Bait only, 20
ADDRESS cona County) over food plots,
plus years experience, federal
guide license. For more info
$125 per day/per person. 5
CITYSTATEZIP call Shawn Montie at 906-364-
Day minimum. Quality mature
1678 or email snoxer910@
DAYTIME PHONE NO. HUNTING bucks. Call Louis 586-242-
1461. H-6-2 H-6-2
unit Copper Harbor area. 1st and BERGLAND UNIT. Guided RAYS U.P. HUNTING Over
2nd hunts available. Contact Chris bear hunts over bait. State and 25 years experience guiding for
at (734) 765-9325. federal licensed bear guide. Call deer and bear. Baited stands in

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) H-7-2 Rich 715-663-0459 or www.upbear- Amasa, Baraga, and Bergland
.............................................. H-5-4 Units. Lodging Available. Call Ray
(7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12)
.............................................. at 906-265-9420 or cell (906) 284-

(13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) 2017 MICHIGAN BEAR 2216. Licensed and Insured. H-1-
HUNTS: Newberry/Gwinn. 12/17
(19) (20) $30.00 $30.25 $30.50 $30.75 Just outside of Seney Wildlife ..............................................
HUNTERS: Top of the Line
Refuge. High success rate. NORTHERN ONTARIO
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TWO HEART BEAR ING! 200+ gated acres avail- COUNTY: Hunt, fish, hike or east of Alden and Torch Lake. wooded acres with half mile front- PUPS FOR SALE. FDSB reg-
GUIDE SERVICE We pro- able for yearly lease. Boat snowmobile. 180 acres with Ideal camping - recreation spot. age on premiere trout, salmon ister,, call
vide both bait and hound hunts docks with power and offsite trails, blinds, and food plots. Driveway, cleared site, no power. and steelhead stream in Manistee 989-550-8595 located in the Thumb
in the Newberry area only and boat ramp. mile canal with 2 Adjoins thousands of acres of $27,900, $1,000 down, $350/mo County. $4,000 per acre. Call 231- of Michigan. D-7-1
we guarantee you an active bait dredged channels to the public land, 13 miles south of 11% land contract, www.northern- 590-1136. RE-4-6 ..............................................
site. We have provided guide Saginaw Bay, casino within 4 Sault Ste. Marie, less than 2, Northern Land Co. BIRD DOG TRAINING BY
231-258-5100. THE ONLY TRAINER in Michi-
services in excess of 45 years
and have hunted the same area
miles. Perfect for hunt clubs!
References needed. Email
miles to boat launch and the St.
Mary's River. E.U.P. hunting RE-7-2 DOGS gan, in the National bird dog hall
that entire time. References by and fishing camp, the 1100 sq. .............................................. offame. The only trainer to win na-
given upon request. Call Kip appointment only. Please see ft. home and 32x42 garage will GERMAN SHORTHAIR tional gun dog championship on five
at 906-293-5650 leave a mes- our ad on page 97 of this issue satisfy most as a year round UP PROPERTY, POINTER PUPS: Males gamebirds (and did it twice) with his
sage and we will return your of the Woods-N-Water News. residence. A great buy at MACKINAW CO. 126 and females available. Excel- expertise. Let us train your dog to
call in the order it was received. HL-5-3 $250,000. Call 989-390-0362. acres, 3200 ft. on Lake lent hunting dogs and superb be the best. Only $450 per month
H-6-3 Details Craigslist and Zillow. Milakowkia at the end of private family pets. Close working (includes everything) We train all
RE-5-3 road. Your private paradise. If dogs with strong point and breeds. English Pointer and English
interested call 989-324-8668. retrieve instincts. Reasonably Setter Stud Service. David Grubb,
priced for the sporting family. 248-860-1009. D-5-3
Money back guarantee. Eulen-
ACRES Rolling hills 80% wooded hof Kennels, Gladwin, MI.

with markeable hardwoods, pine, CABIN FOR SALE - Wer-Hee-
birch and cedar. Excellent hunting; Gen Club on the Pine River, Osceo- 989-426-4884 D-6-2
Stella - Lakefront cottage w/a LEASE. Will consider any size
artesian streams with brook trout, a la County Michigan (#16842) En-
boat. Furnished. Sleeps 8. lease, location, with or without

Heres your
3.5 acre lake for fish and waterfowl, trance Lakola Rd and 4 mile.
Great fishing - walleye, bass, cabin/barn. Terms/price negotiable.
established blinds and food plots. Hunting and trout fishing. Cabin
bluegill, perch, pike and crap- Experienced hunters, responsible,
Access by paved road with electric. 1,028 sq. ft. furnished. 2 bedrooms,
pies. 989-382-5491 or 989-382- ethical and will make improvements
A wide choice of building sites. living room, kitchen, bath with tub

guide to
7722 or 989-285-2888. Ask for if desired. Jay 248.396.8322.
Rose City area, Rose Township, and shower, 3 season room, sleeps
Lonnie. R/R-5-3 WL-7-3
SEC 21. Owner 989-820-5858. 6-8. Electric and wood heat and 3
RE-7-3 out buildings. $97,500 Call Jac at

.............................................. 231-250-4951.
1,425 all sport lake frontage, 45 HUNTING LAND LEASE 120 ACRES NEAR
BUSINESS. Match land owners MASS CITY. Big, old barn, Sportsmans paradise. Headwaters
semi-rustic sites, four clean modern
with hunters. Started in 2010 - this 40 acre hay field, mostly wood- Pere Marquette River. Partially
cottages. www.lakecamp-cottages.
years leases ready for renewal. ed, some small clearings and wooded, 25 tillable acres, some
com 231-745-7268. RR-4-6
Revenue generating, profitable and trails and watering holes. marsh, blacktop road. $159,000.
recurring income stream. Hunting of all kinds, deer, bear Call 231-832-4552 weekends. RE-
Serious inquiries only. Email and upland, deer blinds, tree 7-3
BUCKWALLOW LODGE 6-2 stands, ideal cabin or camper ..............................................
in beautiful U.P. Great hunting, .............................................. site, electricity available. Dead
fishing, snowmobile, 4 wheeler
end county road, mile front- 35 ACRES EASTERN
headquarters, snowmobile from
age, great snowmobiling just off U.P. GET-A-WAY, very
front door all the way to Yellow REAL ESTATE main trail. Great for pig or cow remote bordering state land on
Stone or Alaska on mostley
farm. $90,000/obo. Call Matt at three sides, 32x48 3 bedroom
groomed trails. Electricity-LP, COTTAGE WITH LAKE 586-909-6318. RE-7-1 cabin, one bath, big open kitch-
woodburning stove. Sleep 9, FRONTAGE. 2.10 acres with en and living area, interior in
inside - outside facilities. Fur- 120 feet lake frontage off Big Long knotty pine, fully furnished. Two
nished, ready to go. $29,500. Lake in Evart. Good fishing, hunt- 160 WOODED ACRES North- miles on a two-track of M-134, It is estimated that 10% of all the fishermen
For details 260-665-6829. RR- ing, and quading trails. 3 bedroom, west Clare County. Excellent deer 12x16 generator and storage catch 90% of the fish. Regardless of which group
6-2 2 bathroom. 1600 sq feet. E-mail and turkey hunting with deer blinds barn, off the grid, gas lights,
you fall into . . . theres a sure way to up your odds
and food plots. Call 989-362-6603. priced at only $98,000. Call . . . simply try new fishing waters. Fish where few
RE-7-1 Leonard 989-261-4343 or 989-
RE-7-1 fishermen ever fish.
.............................................. 261-3100 for an appointment.
S E A S O N A L - O N LY MARCELLUS, MI 50 Acres RE-7-1 Michigan is loaded with great fishing waters . . .
CAMPING Private, gated Home/Pole Barn habitat manage- many of them over-looked. From the AuSable River
paradise on Big Manistee River ment for whitetail, hardwoods/9 27714 PARK CT., to all of the Great Lakes tributaries to the Pere
offers large, wooded sites, full acres food plot big buck potential. MADISON HGHTS. I-696 Marquette River . . . thousands of miles of streams,
35 ACRES: Osceola Co. Good
hook-ups, easy access to Lake $399,000. 269-929-5998. RE-7-1 - I-75, 950 sq. ft. house. 3 bed- lakes and rivers are now easy-to-locate on one
hunting - wooded thick cover - small
Michigan beaches. Long sea- room, 1 bath, walk-out base-
.............................................. creek, paved road, electric avail- map.
son. Quiet and peaceful. ment. Lot size 45x150.
167 ACRE HUNTING/FISH- able. Deer birds $59,500. Call 231- Professor Higbees Stream Map of Michigan is the
COHO BEND - 231-723- Driveway 10' x 14.5' 200 amp
ING RESORT OR RESI- 920-3652. RE-6-2 first and only highly detailed map of its kind. This
7321 DENCE. Two bd 2 bath home with service, 1/4 mile of woods
.............................................. new 4 foot by 4 foot color map shows virtually all
R/R-3-8 fireplace and A/C. Large barn style behind house. Deer in back-
yard. $80,000. 3 lots behind for the 35,000 miles of Michigan streams & lakes on
garage with guest quarters up. Trout 3 buildings, food plots, forest plan 6
house, 3 - 50x150 lots, 30x40 both peninsulas. Thats almost two times the earths
stream with 2 drive across bridges, mill ag property. Deer, bear, turkey,
several food plots, blinds, great trail barn, steel roof, 200 amp ser- circumference!
small pond, 5 miles west of 131, exit
vice RV parking, 1-50 amp
HUNTING LEASE system. Curran/Hubbard Lake area
$299,000. Joe Arbaugh, Century 21 plug, sewer-n-water, garden
162, Luter $120,000. Call 231-937- STREAMMAPOFMICHIGAN is available either
rolled or folded. And, in heavy gauge clear lamina-
4609. RE-6-2
Eagle 989-370-6317. RE-7-2 fenced and gated on dead end tion, write-on-wipe-off surface with brass eyelettes
JACKSON 104 ACRES sur- road. Deer in backyard.
rounded by 3500 acres unhunted .............................................. 280 AC WESTERN ONTO- for easy hanging, rolled only.
60 ACRE FARM, 1800 sq ft $40,000. Extra lot on corner
state prison land. Big bucks taken. NAGON CO, all wooded, not
home, 3 bdrms., 3.5 baths, 1.5 sto- $20,000. 248-240-0985. ROLLED $26.00 FOLDED $26.00 LAMINATED $46.00
Corn and beans surround. Call 248- clear cut, food plots, great hunting.
ry. In-laws quarters, 2 car attached RE-7-1
978-7673. HL-4-6 Land contract option, $185,000. Bill T a x & P o s t a g e I n c l u d e d

.............................................. garage, separate detached garage, 616-799-0530 RE-5-3 NAME

awesome 1,066 sqft bldg. with

3 ACRES 3 BEDROOM ..............................................
many possibilities. Mostly wooded. MODERN CABIN FOR
HOUSE 24 x 52, furnished with 24
In Northeastern Lenwee County RENT ON BEAR CREEK - a CITYSTATEZIP
x 28 garage. Hundreds of acres of

MI. $486,000. E-Z commute to Ann trout, salmon and steelhead stream.
state forest; beech and maple. Lake Check/Money Order Visa/Mastercard
Arbor and Metro Detroit. Call Diana Sleeps 5, private access available.
City, MI $142,000. Call 313-350- Card#Exp. DateSignature
at Faust Real Estate, LLC 517-270- Call 231-590-1136.
2706. RE-7-1 Mail To: Woods-N-Water News
3646. RE-7-1
(810) 724-0254
RE-4-6 P.O. Box 278 Imlay City, MI 48444 (810) 724-0254
.............................................. ..............................................

email: website:

PAGES 90 - 97
Lake City, MI
425+ acres of prime land in the Heart of Central Michigan
N. Missaukee MLS# 21118706 $19,900
Local Buyers Preferred! Serious Inquries only: (810) 629-9376
10 Acre Heavily Wooded Parcel
Located close to State land & Trails
Good Hunting Area

Lake City Area MLS# 21122417 $23,900

12.5 open & wooded acres
Close to Lake City
Private drive off blacktop road

N. Missaukee MLS# 21119410 $24,900

Rolling & open 20 Acre Parcel
Trail Road access in good hunting area
Adjoins Hundreds of acres of State Land

Lake City Area MLS# 21118625 $129,900

Small Hunting Cabin w/well & Electric
25 x 40 Pole Barn for lots of storage
62 Acres of woods and wet lands
Tractor w/equipment & a Quad included

Hougthon Lake MLS# 21121068 $29,900

100 x 180 level buildable lot
Deeded access to Houghton Lake
Shared Dock, Natural gas
Sewer available, pave street

3 Bdrm, 1 bth home. 240 Acres. Built 2005. 1 Bdrm, 1 bth Bungalow. Sweet bachelor pad. 2/3 Bdrm, 2 bth home-camp. 120 Acres. 26
1200 Sq. Ft., fireplace, gar, sauna, trails. Rock. Cozy cottage, mega large garage. Stonington. Acre lake with fish. Great home too! Daggett.
$399,000 1090655 $99,000 1099358 $229,000 1095255

THOUSANDS OF 2 Bdrm camp. 80 Acres. 32x64 Bldg. Garage,

well, septic, and electric. Wilson.
2 Bdrm camp. 40 Acres. 24x30 Pole bldg.
Built 2000. Adjoins State land. Rock.
2 Bdrm, 1 bth camp. 18 Acres.
2 Car gar with deer blinds. Ensign.
ACRES AVAILABLE $179,000 1096747 $99,000 1096936 $55,900 1097355
FROM $5200 TO $526,200.
2209 Ludington Street
(906) 786-1308
1 Bdrm camp. 40 Acres. Nice high ground. 2 Bdrm, 0.25 bth Camp. 80 Acres, Wilson 2 Bdrm, 1 bth A-Frame. Lake front Chalet,
Great hunting. Well built. Perkins. Creek, well, power, trails, pristine. Powers. great fishing and boating. Manistique.
Powers $84,900 1101098 $139,900 1100747 $150,000 1101361
W3776 US 2 & 41
(906) 497-4190

1401 Delta Ave.
(906) 825-9000
2 Bdrm, 1 bth log home/camp. Hunters
2 Bdrm, 1 bth, 22 acres. Cabin built in 2010. Hard- dream! 38 Acres. Small field. Loft. Power. Cozy 1 bdrm camp on 4.2 acres. Electricity.
wood Impoundment frtg. Great fishing. Hardwood. Bathroom. Secluded. Cornell. Outbldgs. Furnishings included. Stonington
$89,000 1094330 $99,900 1099356 $41,000 1099277


- or -


460+/- 359+/- ACRES,
8 bedroom Log Lodge, 40x114 30 Acre Private Lake, 3,400
sq ft Custom Lodge,
Pole Barn, Care Taker Residence
with Barn, High Fence 70x70 Pole Barn, 60x120
Deer Ranch, 275 Quality Deer Pole Barn, 2 Rental
3,200,000 Houses, 26 Ladder Stands,
5 Elevated Box Blinds

Antrim County, 52+/- Acres Calhoun County, 67+/- Acres Calhoun County, 70+/- Acres
Alcona County, 240 Acres, Alcona County, 240 Acres, Alpena County, 316+/- Acres, Good Trails Rolling Hardwoods, Pole Barn Branch County, 43+/- Acres, Big Bucks, Calhoun Co, 61 Acres 300 ft. All Sports Prairie Lake, House, Pole Barn, Pond, River,
House, Barns, Pond, Stream, Food Plots House, Barns, Pond, Stream, Food Plots Lodge sleeps 10, Professionally Managed Forest with Living Quarters, Excellent Hunting Cold Creek Crosses Property, Nice Woods 2,500 ft. St. Joseph River, Excellent Hunting 1/2 Tillable, 1/2 Wooded Elevated Blind
$499,000 $499,000 $439,000 $129,000 $136,500 $129,000 $275,000 $289,000


Missaukee County, 80 Acres Newaygo County,

Calhoun Co, 86+/- Acres Iosco County, 783+/- Acres, Jackson County, 51+/- Acres Kalkaska County, 40 Acres, Mecosta County, 40 Acres Excellent Midland County, 80 Acres Pond, Professionally Managed
750 ft. Frontage on Prairie Lake, 1 Mile Frontage Tawas Lake, Kunze River Crosses Property, Big Bucks, Wildlife Pond, 1/2 5+/- Acres Frontage
Big Buck Hunting, Outbuildings
Cabin, Barn, Trout Pond, Deer, Turkey & Small Game 12 Miles to Mount Pleasant, Forest, Food Plots
5 Bedroom Log Lodge, 3 Miles from East Tawas on White River
Tillable Leased, Warming Shed Excellent Hunting Hunting, Good Trail System Excellent Hunting $129,500
$349,000 $1,250,000 $41,000
$169,000 $115,000 $88,000 $176,000


Newaygo County, 30 Acres, 2 Bedroom, Newaygo County, 36+/- Acres Newaygo County, 40+/- Acres Newaygo County, 40 Acres Newaygo County, 40 Acres Newaygo County, 60 Acres Newaygo Co, 80 Acres Newaygo County, 80 Acres
1 1/2 Bath Mobile Home, 24x28 Pole Farm Land, M-37 Frontage, 1000s of Adjacent to Federal Land, Remote 32x48 Pole Barn with Water & Heavily Wooded, Excellent QDM, Trophy Bucks Rolling Hardwoods, Great
Electric, 20 Ac Old Apple Orchard, Close to Federal Land, Pole Barn,
Barn, Adjacent to National Forest acres Public Land 1/2 mile Away Location, Small Lake 20 Ac Hardwoods, Great Hunting Hunting, Building Sites Harvested, Great Parcel Great Hunting Hunting, 2 Bedroom Mobile
$99,000 $50,400 $80,000 $199,000 $60,000 $90,000 $140,000 $150,000


Newaygo County, 80 Acres Newaygo County, 80 Acres Newaygo County, 125 Acres, Three Oceana County, 100+/- Acres Osceola Co, 54+/- Acres Osceola County, 167 Acres Presque Isle County, 47+/- Presque Isle County, 80 Ac
Rustic Cabin, Pond, Nice 4,600 ft. White River Frontage, spring fed lakes, Excellent Deer, Remote Property, Nice Forest, 650 ft. Frontage Nice Cabin, Good Trail Acres, 2 Bedroom House, Pole Creek Frontage, 24x24 Garage,
Woods, Good Trail System Great Hunting and Fishing Turkey and Waterfowl hunting Good Deer Population All Sports Grass Lake System, Excellent Hunting Barn, Excellent Hunting Excellent Hunting
$129,000 $189,000 $375,000 $150,000 $225,000 $389,000 $99,000 $90,000

You cant make a better choice than us!

FOR SALE: This four bedroom home is situated less than
CANADIAN WATERFRONT AND 30 miles from the US/Canadian border in a private country
RECREATIONAL PROPERTY. setting, in a quiet bay. The lot is 200x750. Home totally
CLOSE TO SAULT STE. MARIE, remodeled. This property has unequaled sunsets facing Eaton County Eaton County-100 Acres
MICHIGAN BORDER southwest with deep water for pleasure craft boating on 465+/- Acres with custom built log home
Lake Huron in the North Channel. $999,900.00 US. This is one of those properties that There are irregular shaped
*LAND CONTRACTS doesnt come along very often. fields for food plots. All this

MACDONALD PROPERTY: 759 acres with hunting camp, How would you like to own 465
acres of deer hunting paradise!! $2,500,000 make for a pretty nice set up
for all types of hunting. $575,000
25 miles east of Sault St. Marie Ontario, property is gated,
APR ZONE!! Missaukee County Clinton County Waterfront
BEAR GOOSE isolated and wooded, with a four bedroom, two-story pole
barn. 20-acre lake and 2 streams. Great Bear Hunting! 123 Acres with Log Home Vacant Land-67.76 Acres
DUCK MOOSE Two Deer plots! Five deeds, no guide required, under-
Are you looking to start a northern
Michigan deer camp in the Antler
This is a great recreational piece of ground that you dont see come
around very often. I have personally fished and waterfowl hunted on
WOLF WHITETAIL priced at $259,900 US. Terms available, excellent buy! Point Restriction zone? This area is
the new big buck zone of Michigan. $374,900 this piece and both are pretty good.
TROPHY DEER & BEAR AREA recreation property. Two miles off year-round maintained Stoney Creek Brokered By:

WITH GREAT FISHING!!! road. 25 mins East of Sault, Ontario. $74,900 US. Outdoor Properties, LLC WEICHERT, REALTORS
Property Mart Southgate Plaza
St. Johns, MI 48879
800 S. BR 127
EXCLUSIVE LAKE HURON WATERFRONT & WATER- Cell: (517) 819-6344 St. Johns, Michigan 48879-1649
Don't Be Shy, Make An Offer. ONTARIO ON HIGHWAY 17 EAST: Lighthouse Point
LOOKING FOR OFFERS!!! serviced with hydro, telephone, sewer, water, gas, cable on
400 ACRES OF ROLLING HARD-AND SOFTWOOD paved street. Airport, marina and hospital in area. No
HILLS: Large beaver pond and creek runs thru property, time limit for building. Waterfront lots 100 478 frontage, water-
next to above property if more acreage is required. view lots 80 frontage. Prices from $15,900.00 US and up.
Property is great for bear hunting, white tail and grouse. TWO 10 ACRE SAND BEACH LOTS (these lots have it
Four miles off year-round maintained road. $124,900 US
all): 60 miles east of Sault Ste. Marie each lot has 300
DESBARATS LAKE AND RIVER PROPERTY: This 5.5 frontage on Bright Lake near highway 17 East (lake area
acres is on a year-round road with power. Only minutes approx. 24 square miles), year round access with power to
from the Village of Desbarats which is 35 miles east of property. This inland lake has perch, bass, walleye and
Sault, Ontario. Great Walleye and Northern Pike fishing northern pike. Priced to sell at $99,900.00 US (lot #2) and Lake Property
and good Whitetail hunting. Asking price is $29,900 US. $109,900.00 US (lot #3).

LAJAMBE OFFICE: (705) 248-9663 CELL: (705) 941-8355 269 ft. frontage on beautiful Lake St. Helen, Roscommon County, Michi-
FAX: (705) 248-1110
gan. 725 ft. South side, 640 ft. North side, has Riparian Rights, 24x36 pole

barn, heat, well, electric hot water, septic, zoned commercial, D.E.Q. ap-
proved for 135 slips, located at 9400 Monroe Rd. Asking $425,000. Land
715 Finns Bay Road contract possible.
Echo Bay, Ontario CAN POS 1C0 *Prices subject to change. Call Denis at 989-387-0504 St. Helen, Michigan


C - 2000 SAUBLE RIVER FRONT - 80 Acres of prime riverfront property. Seclusion, beauty F - 160 ACRES BORDERING FEDERAL LAND - Secluded, beautifully wooded with a mixture
and endless possibilities all in one! Has Federal land bordering three sides, nicely wooded of terrain. Excellent place to hunt or camp, or build that up-North dream house.
and stocked with wildlife. MLS 17002654 $99,500 MLS 17003922 $224,000
D - 160 ACRES OF UNPARALLELED HUNTING LAND - Numerous sightings of deer, bear, G - 80 ACRES - Set back and tucked away, offering the perfect get-away destination for all
partridge and a multitude of other wood land creatures! Property has a mix of high and low those nature lovers out there. Access by easement, off grid, and bordering Federal land to
land, on acounty paved road. MLS 17002701 $200,000 the West & South. MLS 17002780 $99,500
E - 80 ACRES WITH MIXED WOODS AND CEDAR SWAMP - Access by easement, completely H - 80 ACRES - Ideal for a weekend hunting retreat. Has high ground and a large cedar
off the grid with Federal land bordering to the south. MLS 17002719 $109,500 swamp. ORV & Snowmobile trails close by. MLS 17002794 $99,500
Commercial building on 21 m/l acres, with over 33,000 sqft. of This cottage is just looking for someone to make it their home
space available for manufacturing or warehousing. The opportu- or vacation spot! Nicely settled on 11+ acres, the property has
nities provided here for your business, including possible expan- frontage on the Baldwin River. The log deck, is both lovely and
sion and property utilization are nearly limitless. sturdy, lending an excellent rustic charm. Inside are 2 beds, 1 bath,
MLS 17007735 $79,900 lovely dcor, and an unfinished basement.
MLS 15059321 $149,000
Little South Branch property with 1050 of river frontage. Two On the middle branch of the Pere Marquette River, this property
bedrooms, one bathroom, on 8 beautifully wooded acres with a has one of the nicest settings around. 8.73 M/L Acres, home is in
large four season room overlooking the river. There is a storage very good condition with 2 bedrooms, all utilities, and is sitting just
shed and an over sized garage (with a bathroom!) 25 from the waters edge. No flooding just lots of wildlife and great
MLS 16057863 $165,000 fishing. MLS 15061722 $85,900

Looking for Affordable Vacation Property? LAND CONTRACTS ARE AVAILABLE

Call us today & get started on the path to owning your own little piece of Northern Michigan!


1953 S. M-33 3160 North M-65 2575 S. I-75 Business Loop,
West Branch, MI 48661 Hale, MI48739 West Branch, MI 48661
10 miles north of I-75 exit 202 Gateway to Huron National Forest 1 mile north of I-75 Exit 212

Local: 989-345-2662 Local: 989-728-2540 Local: 989-345-0315

Toll Free: 800-535-6520 Toll Free: 800-495-2540 Toll Free: 866-345-0315


Cute 2-bdrm home w/detached garage and 60 of frontage on 52 3-bdrm, 2.5 bath home on 8.8 ACRES with 1170 feet of frontage on Nice waterfront home on FOUR LOTS with frontage on FEEDING GROUNDS Beautiful 4-bdrm lakefront home with frontage on HENDERSON LAKE!! Cute 2-bdrm home with frontage on all sports 269 acres lake!! 56 feet of
acre BUSH LAKE!! Newer metal roof, newer windows & newer water the gorgeous Au Gres River!! Home has hardwood floors, fireplace, LAKE!! Newer furnace, open floor plan, fireplace, heated sunroom and beauti- Full walkout basement, lots of windows for natural light and fantastic views, water frontage, large back deck with beautiful views, fenced yard, arte-
heater. Additional nice amenities include a gas log fireplace and lake- central air & so much more! There is also a heated garage w/upstairs ful views!! Home sits on 2 partly wooded lakefront lots and there is a garage on large deck for enjoying the outdoors and views, a garage with electric for sian well, fire pit, 8x14 storage shed and a dock for your boat. This home
side sunroom with lots of windows for beautiful views & natural light!! & two sheds, a fenced area & extensive decking with fantastic views!! 2 additional lots. Great year round residence or spacious getaway!! storing your Up North toys, a shed at the waters edge & a boat dock!! would make an excellent year round residence or super nice getaway!!
$95,900 1830299 $285,000