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Job title: Camp Medic/Male Nurse

Reporting to: Manager

Subordinates: Nil

Ensure that the Health of the residents is managed, able to assist & manage the emergencies
Job Objectives: to
protect the health of the occupants.

Duties and
Essential responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

Manage the Medical center and ensure that the emergencies are being attended
1.1 promptly.
1.2 Implementation of company Policies and Objectives regarding the camp Food hygiene.
Monitoring the health of the employees through the health Campaigns and special
1.3 drives.
1.4 Manage and maintain the medical center with all the required stocks.
1.5 Conduct regular inspection on the Food handling areas and raise the issues related to the health.
1.6 Ensure that the highest possible standards are attained and maintained in areas related to the contract.
Promote Safety culture at work site.
1.7 Maintain records and report about the treatment and submit the Ministry report once in a half year.
1.8 Isolation methods and procedures to prevent the communicable diseases.
Perform any other duties out of normal routine but within the scope of the
1.9 job.
Promote the substance abuse Policy at the work place and counseling as required for the
1.10 individuals.

2.1 Promote Health Culture among the workforce through trainings and meetings on/off site.
2.2 Ensure that the required receive the due attention on medical grounds.
2.3 Ensure smooth and effective communication with all on HSE related issues.
Regularly evaluate the Health of the employees and advice the
2.4 management.
2.5 Interact with other functions and departments on the matters related to QHSE requirements.

Prepare, review and update QHSE plans and manuals for service contracts in line with given specifications
3.1 and
in turn monitor implementation in concerned locations.
3.2 Take part in investigation of various incidents and accidents.
3.3 Management.

Ensure that the management is constantly updated and informed about any significant developments in the
4.1 area
of health.
4.2 Represent the management in any health Crisis.
4.3 Suggest new ideas to promote health awareness within the workforce.
Coordinates with dietician and Nutritionist
4.4 professionally.

I have read and understood all the contents of my Job Description and I shall be responsible for Health &
for my management & clients to abide by the set policies and procedures.