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In order to reduce crime, some argue that attacking its cause like poverty is

the best solution, while others believe that putting more people in prisons and
having more policemen are more convenient way in tackling crime. Discuss
both sides and give your opinion.

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Reducing the crime rate is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of
people living in a particular society. While some people are in favour of
building more prisons and increasing the number of policemen, others feel
that achieving economic welfare is the key to tackling crime. In my opinion, all
of these measures are required to fight crime effectively.

There are several benefits to increasing the number of policemen patrolling

the streets. They will act as a deterrent and force offenders to think twice
before engaging in robbery or shoplifting. They will also increase the sense of
safety among law-abiding citizens. It is equally important to punish those
engaging in criminal activities. They are a threat to the life and property of
people and hence they should be kept in confinement. The hardships that
they face in the prison and the subsequent social alienation may reform at
least some of them.

Perhaps a better solution to reduce the crime rates is to ensure financial

security for everyone. Studies have shown that most criminals have poor
financial backgrounds. In most cases, it is their poverty that compels them to
commit criminal deeds. If the government can create more jobs and provide
economic security for all the people, the crime rates will automatically drop. Of
course, this will require the government to invest more in education and
vocational training. Educated and trained people will be able to create jobs
themselves. They are also less likely to get into crime.

To conclude, tackling crime is a tough task and the government has to employ
all possible means to achieve this. This will involve deploying more policemen
on the streets, putting criminals behind the bars and ensuring economic
security for all the people.

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Some people think that Government should take measures regarding the healthy
lifestyle of individuals. Others think it must be managed by individuals. Discuss
both views and give your opinion.
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Some people presume that the government should take measures to improve
the health of its people. Others argue that leading a healthy lifestyle is the
responsibility of the people. In my opinion, both the government and the
individuals have an important role in ensuring the health of a nation.

The government can do a lot of things to improve the health of its citizens. For
example, it can build swimming pools and parks with jogging tracks to
encourage people to exercise and stay healthy. It could perhaps charge a
nominal membership fee for the maintenance of these facilities. Physical
activity helps people lose weight and improves their cardiovascular health. In
addition, the government can impose extra taxes on junk foods and other
unhealthy habits. It can also promote a healthy lifestyle through educational
programs on television, radio and newspapers.

The individuals are equally responsible for their health. No matter how hard
the government tries, if someone does not want to be healthy, the government
can offer little help. In many countries obesity has become a major health
issue. Poor eating habits and the lack physical activity are the major reasons
behind us. The government could perhaps increase the tax on junk foods but
the wealthy will still be able to afford them. This clearly shows that the
government alone cannot improve the health of people. We are also
responsible. Every one of us has to make a conscious effort to stay away from
unhealthy habits. For example, we need to eliminate junk foods from our
platters and quit habits like smoking or drinking.

To conclude, both parties the government and the individuals are

responsible for maintaining a healthy nation and people.

Some people feel unsafe when they are at home and in public. What are some
possible causes of this and what are some possible solutions?
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Nowadays a lot of people feel that they are always in danger irrespective of
their physical location. They dont feel safe at home or in public places. This
essay will explore the various reasons behind this troubling phenomenon and
suggest measures to tackle it.

There are several factors that make people feel insecure. Firstly, both visual
and print media give excessive coverage to violent crimes and encourage
people to worry about their safety. News channels report sensational crimes
to increase their viewership and ratings. It is quite natural for someone who is
constantly exposed to violent images of terror in public spaces to be
concerned about their own safety.

Secondly, due to global warming and other climate changes natural disasters
now occur more and more frequently making people feel unsafe even at
home. Clearly, people across the globe are experiencing extreme weather
conditions such as flooding and droughts more often. Since we cannot protect
ourselves from most natural disasters by staying indoors, the fear of
dangerous weather conditions keeps growing among people.

In order to tackle this problem, the governments, media and people should
work together. The governments can deploy more police forces on streets to
deter criminals from committing crime. Individuals who are worried about their
safety should try not to expose themselves to too much violent content on the
TV or the internet. By carefully choosing what to watch on TV they can reduce
their exposure to violent crimes and at the same time increase their feeling of
safety. In addition, planning for natural disasters by taking appropriate safety
measures and precautions can help allay the concerns of the public.

In conclusion, I suggest that governments and individuals tackle the feelings

of insecurity among the public by working together to reduce crime rates and
preparing for unexpected natural events.

Some people think that children should learn to paint or draw at school.
Others believe it is just a waste of time. Discuss both views and give your own

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A lot of schools teach subjects like painting and drawing. While some people
are in favour of this, others feel that teaching such subjects is merely a waste
of time. I agree with them. In my opinion, a students time can be used for
better purposes.

I certainly agree that there are at least a few benefits to learning arts. For
example, activities like drawing or painting enhances the creativity of children.
Arts give wings to their imagination and broaden their horizons. Another
benefit is that arts help children to become better individuals in life. In addition,
these subjects offer plenty of relaxation. Being engaged in such creative
activities help students to break the monotony of studying academics.

On the flip side, art subjects cannot be made compulsory because not
everybody has an aptitude for drawing, painting or singing. Since these
subjects require inborn talents, there is no point in imposing them on students
who may not have an aptitude for them. For example, some students may be
more interested in playing sports. They will not enjoy it if the school forces
them to sit and draw. It will be more rewarding for them to invest their time in
playing games. Whats more, for most parents, the motive for sending their
children to school is to help them excel in academics. They want the school to
focus on subjects like mathematics or science. As for those students who are
actually interested in learning art, well, they can learn it from classes outside
school. In every city, town and village, there are several institutions teaching
subjects like singing, dancing and drawing.

To conclude, I feel that schools should not make drawing or painting

compulsory. Instead, they should offer it as an optional subject so that
students who are actually interested in it can pursue it without wasting the
time of others.

Some people say that companies who sponsor big games can gain a lot;
other people believe that it has disadvantages for them. Discuss both sides
and give your opinion.

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While some people believe that companies can reap rich benefits by
sponsoring major sporting events, others contest that claim. In their opinion,
the sponsorship of major events can sometimes have detrimental effects on a
company. In this essay, I will examine both arguments and express my

Major sporting events are watched by billions of people all over the world. By
simply getting associated with an event like Olympics or World Cup Football, a
company can increase its brand value, sales and revenue. For instance, back
in the 70s when the Olympics was sponsored by Coca-Cola its market share
reportedly went from 20 percent to 40 percent in the US. Today Coca-Cola is
a household name and much of that publicity came from the sponsorship of
major events.

Sometimes, however, the sponsorship of an event can earn bad publicity for
the company. This can happen when the event or the players get embroiled in
various controversies. For example, in the 1990s when a cricket tournament
was held between India and Pakistan, there was a massive fight between the
players of the two countries. This earned a lot of bad publicity for not only the
tournament but also its sponsor Nike. In the aftermath of this ugly incident
Nikes sales reportedly decreased by 10 percent in both India and Pakistan.
After analysing both sides of the situation, it is not hard to see that sponsoring
a major sporting event can sometimes earn bad publicity for a company.
However, such incidents are very rare. Since a company can become a
household name by simply associating itself with a major event like Olympics
or World Cup Football, I strongly believe that the benefits of sponsoring such
events outweigh the disadvantages if any.