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Identifying Core Business Processes

Hurry-Up Burgers
Company: _____________________________ Date: June 30, 1998

Step 1. List your external customers.

Hungry people who have:

-- limited time to eat or
-- kids

Step 2. Define all customer interactions: Inputs and Outputs between us and them.
i.e. Customer orders product: Input.
Customer receives product: Output.
Hungry customer reads drive-thru menu Output
Customer orders meal via speaker Input
Customer pays for order Input
Customer receives meal to go Output
Step 3. Match outputs to inputs: (whenever possible).
i.e. Receive product <--- Order product.

Customer receives meal <-- Hungry customer orders

Step 4. Trace an output back to the input that initiated it.

i.e. Delivery
4th Order picking and packing.
3rd Manufacturing/assembly.
2nd Order processing.
1st Order taking.
6. Customer receives meal in bag
5. Order bagged and checked
4. Meal cooked
3. Customer pays
2. Clerk tells customer cost of order
1. Hungry customers orders at drive-thru
Step 5. This collection of activities is a business process. Name it.
- Start by describing the state change: i.e. Order to Delivery.
- Use a verb to refine the name, if necessary: i.e. Order Fulfillment.

Drive-thru order to meal in bag

Drive-thru Order Fulfillment

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