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MKT 344 (Consumer Behavior)

Group Assignment

Marks: 10% of final grade

Limited to a total of 12 pages, which includes body of assignment, tables and figures, but
does not include cover page (with title, all authors, and student IDs - 1 page), executive
summary (maximum 1 page), and references (minimum of 10 references).
1.5 spaced throughout
New Times Roman, 12-point font (headings can be bolded)
A4 size page formatting
2.5 cm (1) margins on all sides
Page numbers should be included

The assignment
The critique of an IMC campaign or Advertisements is to be conducted in groups of up to 4-6
students (maximum). Your group is to select ONE IMC campaign. The campaign that you
select can be for a goods or a service of a specific Brand. The campaign must be currently
running in Bangladeshi media.
Your group is to develop a comprehensive document that critiques your selected campaign
using between following appropriate theories within the consumer behavior domain. Select
any 5 theories from following:
1. Acquired Needs
2. Reference Group influence
3. Social Norms
4. Selective Perception
5. Halo Effect
6. Higher order Needs
7. Classical Conditioning
8. Consumer Socialization
9. Emotional Arousal

The critique needs to be analytical and evaluative, and be underpinned by theory. It is not
simply a description of the campaign, but an evaluation of the campaign based on the
application of consumer behavior theory. In critically evaluating your chosen campaign, you
not only need to highlight the strengths of the campaign, but also any weaknesses (there
will be many). Any arguments that you put forward must be supported by theory, rather
than simply your own opinion or experience as a consumer (or marketer). This exercise will
be beneficial to you, as it will help you to apply the consumer behavior theory learned in this
unit to a real IMC campaign.

Your submission should be around 12-15 pages (cover page, executive summary, and
references are in addition to the page limit), but quality of analysis, critique, and readability,
rather than quantity, is the goal of this assignment. The pages include any illustrations,
tables, and figures that you choose to include in your assignment. Like any business
document or government brief, you are expected to conform to these limits. Papers that
exceed the limit will be penalized by five (2) marks (out of 10) per additional page or part

Good Luck with your effort!