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The Intel 915G Express Chipset.

Platforms based on the Intel 915G backbone architecture. This new solutions. Intel HD Audio is also capable
Express Chipset and Intel Pentium 4 design includes wider internal data of supporting major consumer
processor supporting Hyper-Threading buses that support dual-channel entertainment industry formats, such
Technology1 deliver innovative features DDR2 memory technology at 533 MHz as 7.1 surround sound, Dolby Digital*,
and new benefits for both business or up to 8.5 GB/s of peak memory and DTS*. An integrated Serial ATA
and home users. The Intel 915G bandwidth, for improved platform (SATA) controller supports 4 SATA
Express Chipset was designed to performance. The new architecture ports, each providing up to 1.5 GB/s
support Hyper-Threading Technology also supports both asynchronous and (150 MB/s) transfer rates for SATA
adding intelligence to help manage true isochronous data traffic, with optical devices or hard drives. And the
and prioritize multiple threads received dedicated internal pipelines and Advanced Host Controller Interface
from the processor. An HT Technologyenabled specialized arbitration. This enables the (AHCI) provides native hot plug and
platform can improve system Intel 915G Express Chipset to take full boosts performance with Native
performance and responsiveness. advantage of the performance of Command Queuing (NCQ) for faster
The Intel 915G Express Chipset is these new high-speed interfaces. boot times and file transfers. The Intel
based on a new architecture, innovative The Intel 915G Express Chipset also ICH6R elevates SATA storage performance
technologies and high-bandwidth features the Intel Graphics Media to the next level with Intel Matrix
interfaces, and includes options for Accelerator 900 (Intel GMA 900), Storage Technology. Enhanced RAID
integrated or discrete graphics. It was with its innovative graphics core and support allows critical data to be
designed to enable the convergence a redesigned 3D engine. The GMCH stored on one array that is designed
of digital entertainment, as well as features Intel Dynamic Video Memory for high reliability, while performance
enhance bandwidth-intensive consumer Technology (DVMT), which improves intensive applications like games can
applications, such as audio, access to system memory, and Zone reside on separate array designed for
video, photography, and gaming. Rendering Technology (ZRT) maximum performance.
Corporate users can benefit from this enhancements for better performance. Intel 915G Express Chipset features
high-performance stable platform, The new graphics core, combined with deliver a compelling solution for both
tested for reliability, that enables new Intels high-performance dual-channel corporate and consumer market
levels of business collaboration and memory interface, can deliver up to segments:
headroom for tomorrows applications. twice the graphics performance of 800-MHz FSB enables support for
Businesses can also take advantage previous Intel platforms on certain todays high-performance Intel
of Intel Stable Image Technology, to industry standard benchmarks. With Pentium 4 processors.
simplify software image management support for dual independent display, Optimized for the Intel Pentium 4
by vigorously testing Intel software enhanced display modes for Processor with HT Technology to
drivers and utilizing unique silicon widescreen flat panels, and optimized enable improved system performance
capabilities that eliminate the need for 3D support, platforms based on the and responsiveness.
IT driver changes and redeployment Intel 915G Express Chipset can deliver Intel Stable Image Technology simplifies
for approximately 12 months from an intense and realistic visual software image management.
chipset launch, thus reducing training experience without requiring a separate Flexible memory support, with dualchannel
and support costs. graphics card. A high speed serial DDR2 533/DDR2 400 or
This highly flexible and scalable solution point-to-point bus architecture, known DDR400/DDR333 SDRAM memory,
meets a broad range of demanding as Direct Media Interface, links the providing up to 8.5 GB/s memory
computing needs. The Intel 915G GMCH to the sixthgeneration Intel I/O bandwidth, in configurations up to
Express Chipset delivers outstanding Controller Hub (ICH6). This new bus a maximum of 4 GB of Random
system performance through its highbandwidth delivers up to 2 GB/s concurrent Access Memory (RAM).
interfaces, such as dualchannel bandwidth, compared to up to 266- Intel GMA 900, Intels next-generation
DDR2 main memory, 800-MHz MB/s for the previous Intel hub integrated graphics architecture,
system bus, next-generation integrated architecture. Intel 915G Express for exceptional performance across
graphics controller, PCI Express* Chipset-based platforms also the full range of multimedia and
Graphics and I/O architecture, and enable system design flexibility, with 3D-intensive applications.
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity. PCI support for both dual-channel DDR and PCI Express delivers up to 4 GB/s
Express architecture enables increased dual-channel DDR2 memory, options per direction for graphics bandwidth
bidirectional bandwidth to the graphics for integrated or discrete PCI Express and up to 500 MB/s concurrent
and I/O interfaces. With up to 500 graphics, and additional platform data transfers for I/O.
MB/s concurrent data transfer rate, capabilities via flexible ICH6 options. Intel Matrix Storage Technology,
it more than triples the I/O bandwidth The ICH6 component includes several with integrated Raid 0 and Raid 1
of traditional PCI architecture. And enhancements and new capabilities, capabilities using the latest SATA
up to 4 GB/s per direction PCI Express and enables system configuration interface, for accelerated disk I/O
Graphics capability, it provides more options for digital home usage. The performance.
than three and a half times the graphics ICH6 integrates Intel High Definition Intel High Definition Audio featuring
bandwidth of previous high-performance Audio (Intel HD Audio) technology, eight independent DMA audio
discrete graphics solutions. featuring eight independent DMA engines can enable multiple separate,
To support the faster memory, audio engines that support multiple simultaneous audio streams.
increased graphics requirements, and simultaneous and separate audio input
I/O bandwidth, the Intel 915G Express and output streams. This enables
Chipset incorporates a new Graphics high quality integrated audio that rivals
Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) the performance of high end discrete
Intel 915G Express Chipset Features

Features Benefits

800/533 MHz system Front Side Bus (FSB) support for high-performance Intel
bus processors and greater system performance.

Supports Hyper- Increased system responsiveness for multi-tasking.


LGA775 socket LGA775 socket supports the highest performance Intel

desktop processors.

Intel Graphics Media Stunning media, incredible visuals and new 3D capabilities.
Accelerator 900 For business users, Intel validates the chipset, processor,
(Intel GMA 900 graphics and software stack to provide a well-tested platform
graphics) with support for Microsoft* Windows 2000, Windows* XP,
Linux (top distributions) and OS/2 (SciTech).

PCI Express* bus PCI Express* x16 graphics delivers up to 4 GB/s per direction,
architecture 3.5 times more bandwidth than AGP 8X. PCI Express x1 I/O
offers 500 MB/s concurrently, over 3.5 times more bandwidth
than PCI at 133 MB/s.

Dual-channel DDR2 or Flexible memory support, for dual-channel DDR2 533/DDR2

DDR 400 or DDR400/DDR333 memory, in configurations of up to 4

Direct Media Interface For I/O intensive applications, new serial point-to-point bus
(DMI) delivers up to 2.0 GB/s concurrent bandwidth between the
memory and I/O controllers, compared to 266 MB/s with
previous generation Intel hub architecture.

Intel High Definition Support for new consumer entertainment formats such as 7.1
Audio surround sound, Dolby* Digital, and DTS*. Audio codec
support for 192 kHz quality, multiple streams, and better
voice input for speech recognition and voice-over-IP.

Intel Matrix Storage Boosts storage performance with RAID 0, while protecting
Technology with your digital memories with RAID 1, on the same disks.
ICH6R or RW only Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) further boosts
performance with Native Command Queuing (NCQ), and
provides native hot plug for drive swaps.

Four Serial ATA ports Integrated serial ATA controller facilitates high-speed data
(SATA/150) transfers at up to 150 MB/s for each of four ports. Allows
easier hard drive upgrades and expansion for new SATA
optical drives.

Ultra ATA/100 Supports legacy hard drives and optical drives.

High-speed USB 2.0 Eight ports offer up to 40X greater bandwidth over USB 1.1,
Ports for high-speed I/O peripherals such as digital video cameras.

Intel Serial Digital Dual SDVO ports offer maximum display (digital CRT or TV)
Video Output (SDVO) flexibility through the existing PCI Express* x16 connector.

The Intel 915G Express Chipset

The Intel 915G Express Chipset