Fundamentals Bachelors at the faculty Written 2016-09-14 Bastian

of physics (Ba) technology and bionics exam 13:00, 60 min. &Struck
Permitted auxiliary means:
Handwritten collection of equations, non-programmable calculator
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#1 Froggy
Kermit (a frog) is converting energy from his muscles into kinetic energy at an efficiency of
40%. He is hopping under an angle of 30° with respect to the horizontal. By spending 45 mJ
he tries to cover a distance of 40 cm and a height of 1 cm. His mass is 50 g. Will he be
Sketch the dynamics of the distance x(t), and height z(t) and the trajectory z(x).


Vertical initial Horizontal Time in Maximum Maximum diagrams points velocity initial velocity the air height distance see above /2 /2 /3 /3 /2 /9 /22 .

The ride with 11 stops in between takes 41 minutes. Assume that all stops are equally spaced.#2 High speed train A train connection linking Munich airport and Munich city center needs to be optimized.1 (steel wheels on the tracks). which is 0. It is driving at a maximum speed of 130 km/h and the maximum acceleration (and deceleration) is determined by the kinetic friction coefficient. Calculate the distance the train is travelling! Calculate the time the ride would take is there were no stops in between! . The train is parking 1 minute at each station.

Number of accelerated Number of constant v Total distance Duration without points segments segments stops in between /3 /2 /7 /6 /18 .

water has a density of 1 kg/dm³. However. .4*1024 kg. the inertia is modified. It does not contribute to the earth’s moment of inertia so close to the rotation axis.#3 Melting Ice The antarctic ice has a volume of 26. How much shorter or longer will a day become? Keep in mind that 10% of floating ice is above the water surface. its radius is 6370 km. if it melts and distributes evenly at the surface. Consequently. the rotation time of the earth changes. The total mass of the earth is 6.37 million cubic kilometers.

Density of ice Mass of the ice Earth’s inertia Additional inertia Modified rotation points of molten ice time /3 /3 /4 /4 /6 /20 .