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● Why...

● When...

● Where ...

● How to use technology to implement it
Genre-fication - Perspectives

The Urban Dictionary definition:

"the process or idea of classifying music,
film, literature, or other such mediums into
specific genres or categories."
Genre-fication: Bookstore Metaphor

FICTION / Historical FICTION / Mystery & Detective FICTION / Sports

“Genrefication” discussions often use
bookstore subject signage and store
publication groupings as an example
Genre Authorities?
● Library of Congress
Genre/Form Terms
● ex.Horror films “horror”
is the genre and
“films” is the form
● https://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/g
Genre-fication Authorities?
● BISAC - Book Industry
Standards and
● BISAC Subject Heading list
is an industry-approved list
of subject descriptors used
in many bookstores &
publisher catalogs
● http://bisg.org/page/BISAC
Why Genre-fy?
Advantages of “Fiction”Genre-fication
● Help readers find favorite reading genre
● Genre classification immersion
● Facilitates fiction collection topic
browsing & genre bridging
● Encourages an increase in borrowing
Genre-fication Caveats
● Genre assignment – some titles might fit
several genre terms
● Time required to address all of the
logistics (genre designation, cataloging,
labeling, genre aggregation, signage)
● Resistance to change
When to Genre-fy?
Choosing when to “genrefy” an operating
library depends on a number of factors
● Curriculum synchronization
● Community literacy considerations
● Scope of project
● Human resources
● Library services schedule
Where to Genre-fy?
● Evaluate reading preferences
● Account for reading levels – Gather and
archive current circ statistics
● Prioritize popular community genre
preferences... Focus on a few
● Strategize a phased implementation
● Evaluate technological tools available to
synchronize OPAC and display genrefied
Where to Genre-fy?: Library & OPAC Factors

● Evaluate library layout
● Consider where to display “Genre-fied”
● Consider signage and labeling identifiers
● Identify promotional library portals,
homepages, where genre / topic walls
could be displayed
How to Genre-fy? - Planning for consistency

● Select a genre authority source as a
general guide for selecting & using terms
● ex. “BISAC” http://bisg.org/page/BISACEdition
● If part of a region, try to coordinate and
standardize on an authority source
● Establish alternative genre term
selection policy for terms not in the
authority list
How to Genri-fy? - Cataloging
Genre Cataloging = Virtual Genrefication
● Focus on Fiction
● Identify a popular genre in your library
● Select a recognizable genre term
● Use ILS utilities to add this term to
relevant records
● These edits will enable readers to
browse & view this genre, virtually
How to Genre-fy Virtually: Use an ILS Genre List Editor Utility
(a) Search & select relevant items or (b) Upload a list of scanned
Virtual Genre-fication
Feed Genre Lists to a Topic Wall editor
Creates Virtual, Visual Topic Browser
Virtual Genrefication: Cross References
Genre list edits also insert term cross references into each record
assigned with a genre category. When clicked, OPAC's display all other
resources to which these terms have been assigned.
Virtual “Genre-fication”:

● If there is not enough time to physically group
fiction books, readers can at least view and
browse them virtually while planning and
incrementally organzing them
● Virtual “genrefication” of non fiction resources
and their records is an ideal hybridization
using technology to create a digital genre
rendering, while retaining all the advantages of
the Dewey Decimal System
Fiction Genre-fication: – Getting Physical

Changing the Old Order
● Consider visual book labeling options:
ex. color coded dots, graphic labels,
descriptive text or alphabetical codes

● Labeled resources facilitate browsing
● ...Facilitate re-shelving books left on
reading tables or returned by borrowers
Fiction Genre-fication: Arrange & display books
● Consider how best to group and display a
fiction genre with a view to adding more
● Consider genre shelf & section signage
Reader Engagement
● Explain the genrification project to
readers (without using that term)
● Inform readers as soon as the initial
categories are completed
● Keep a diary of genrification events
● Run and archive weekly genre category
● Poll and record reader response and
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Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms
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