Content Standard Performance Standard

The learner demonstrates The learner independently
understanding of concepts and demonstrates the proper skills of
underlying principles in communicating effectively in the
communicating effectively in English. English language in accordance with
company policies.

Quarter I, II Time Allotment: 100 hours




Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) is a K to12 Basic Education
Curriculum subject area that offers students like you opportunities to be active
members of the entrepreneurial society. One area of this discipline is the
Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This module will focus on

Contact Center Services industry is the fastest growing industry in the
Philippines. The CCS industry is part of the outsourcing industry where big
companies subcontract a part of their department off-shore. The industry has
provided many Filipinos with stable jobs. More so, the industry has helped in
augmenting the economy of the country. It has been forecasted that the
Outsourcing Industry will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years.

According to the British Broadcasting Company, the Philippines
outranked India in providing professionals in CCS in 2012. Currently, the
country is still counting on this industry to drive the formation of new jobs.


Why do Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing companies
choose the Philippines? We, Filipinos, have the potentials to develop excellent
communication skills. Moreover, we are highly trainable in terms of our
speaking and listening skills.

This module is carefully designed to develop your communication skills
in English, both written and spoken media. Included in this module are lessons
about communication pathways, elements of communication, barriers to
communication, oral and listening skills, grammar, writing skills, voice and
accent, and communication cues.

Achievement of the objectives of this course will make you more
marketable in the field of Contact Center Services.

This module will help students like you develop the skill of effective
communication which is vital in the field of Contact Center Services.

To communicate using words, whether written or spoken, is the primary
responsibility of a Contact Center Service provider. It is part of his/her daily
task, whether inbound or outbound. The communication process is a two-way
street that entails careful choice of words, proper delivery, and an open mind.

At the end of this module, you are expected to:
 analyze communication process,
 communicate and listen effectively, and
 use paralanguage communication cues.

Let us first assess your entry level knowledge and skills regarding
this lesson. It is important to identify your strengths and weaknesses in
communicating so that you know where and what to improve. Answer
the following tests honestly.


Oral communication skills
This survey provides opportunities for you to check areas of your
oral communication skills. It is a guide to help you diagnose your
strengths and difficulties. On each of the item, rate yourself on
the scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Do this on a separate
sheet of paper.

Elements of Oral Parameter Rating

Consonants I do not have problems in
pronouncing any consonants or

Vowels I can pronounce vowel sounds
clearly and fluently.

Syllables and/or I can clearly pronounce syllables and
grammatical grammatical endings such as –d and
endings –ed.
My word stress falls on the right
Word stress syllables all the time.

Rhythm in I speak in a natural rhythm that does
sentences not sound abrupt or choppy.

Focus and special I use emphatic stress to indicate key
emphasis words, contrasts (not only/all), etc.

Intonation/Pitch My tone rises and falls in the
appropriate parts of my statement. I
do not sound monotonous.

Thought groups and I pause at commas and other
linking appropriate parts of the statement.


1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 I can use appropriate vocabulary and word forms to effectively communicate with the reader. Delivery (rate of I am aware when to speak loud. My score II. soft. 1 2 3 4 5 I can use appropriate punctuations in my sentences. speech. 1 2 3 4 5 I can make self-corrections on my grammar. 1 2 3 4 5 I can write quickly in English. loudness) fast. or slow. 1=never or almost never true for me 2=usually not true for me 3=somewhat true for me 4=usually true for me 5=always or almost always true for me I can write a good paragraph. 1 2 3 4 5 I know how to spell words. even unfamiliar ones. please rate your abilities in a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest). Do this on a separate sheet of paper. SURVEY 2 Written communication skills For each item below. Circle your choice. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 38 .

Average Pronunciation is comprehensible even if 46 – 60 accent is not neutralized and occasional mispronunciations occur. punctuation. stress and intonation. but conversational partners will need to ask for repetition from time to time. Above-average Has a clear. 1 2 3 4 5 I can arrange my ideas logically. Poor Pronunciation is sometimes difficult to 30 and understand by conversation partners below especially native English speakers because of limited knowledge of tone. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 39 . My score ORAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS Level Description Score Exceptional Can vary intonation and place sentence 76 – 90 stress correctly in order to express finer shades of meaning. and spelling. 1 2 3 4 5 I can edit my writing to improve the wording. Weak Pronunciation is generally clear enough 31 – 45 to be understood despite a noticeable non-native English speaker accent. natural pronunciation and 61 – 75 intonation. grammar.

you may now start studying the lessons. 36 – 40 complex sentences in a logical structure which helps the reader to easily find significant points.30 same subject by linking a series of shorter sentences into a cohesive and coherent paragraph. smoothly flowing.20 and sentences linked with simple connectors.WRITTEN COMMUNICATION Level Description Score Exceptional Can write clear. Above-average Can write clear. and making an appropriate conclusion. Weak Can write a series of simple phrases 11 . Keep in mind the specific areas that you need to improve on. below Now that you have assessed your level in communication skills. Average Can write connected texts about the 21 . well-structured 31 . ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 40 . stating reasons and relevant examples.35 sentences about a subject. Poor Can write simple isolated phrases and 10 and sentences.

Analyze Communication Process There are several ways to communicate and share information and message nowadays. LEARNING GOALS AND TARGET Before you begin your journey in this module. 1. and the like. Preliminary Activities Answer the following questions in your notebook. List down the different ways you communicate in the workplace. Goal 5 Goal 4 Goal 3 Goal 2 Goal 1 Lesson 1. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 41 . you will explore the different ways to communicate and the different pathways of communication in the Contact Center Service industry. it is important to set your personal goals and targets based on what you have read in the introduction of this module. communication is not only limited to verbal and written way. With the advent of technology. One may also send a message through electronic methods such as e-mail. chat. Identify the people that you communicate with in the workplace. Let the objectives be your guide in setting your personal goals. Imagine you are working as a Contact Center Service representative. In this part of the module. 2.

For example: A. However. Written communication is asynchronous.1. statement B transmits the message in a simpler yet more concise way. Verbal communication may either be oral or written. Written communication is also a common form of communication. and letters. Statements A and B contain the same message. In this type of communication. Contact Center Services providers communicate verbally. B. Verbal communication in this industry may occur in phone or in person. we have procedures to follow regarding the matter. However. training manuals. E-mails and other electronic methods of sending message can be classified under written communication. I understand your concern. The sender may write a message that the receiver may read anytime. E-mails are also ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 42 . company policies. which means that it occurs at different times. I understand that you lost the receipt but we have to follow the standard procedure regarding return of items without receipt. Oral communication occurs in telephone calls. An E-mail is the inter-office and inter-organization mail system. Call handling skills are the skills that you have to possess to be part of the Contact Center Service industry. the message is transmitted verbally. Hence. These are printed messages such as memos. It is a system of worldwide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient’s terminal. proposals. it is important to remember the acronym KISS (Keep it short and simple).1 Communication Pathways More often than not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Different Ways to Communicate Ways to Communicate Advantage Disadvantage  Speaker is Oral communication  Brings quick usually unable to feedback process message before speaking  Does not bring Written communication  Messages can be instant feedback edited before  Takes time to sending prepare and  Can be saved for requires writing later study ability  Relies on good Electronic  Disregards the internet communication aspect of connection distance It is also important to identify your communication pathways as a Contact Center Services provider. You communicate. Nevertheless. Table 2. Businesses nowadays rely on the use of e-mail as a form of communication internally (within the company) and externally (outside the company). is from you as an agent to your customer. In this pathway you will be maximizing the use of oral communication since most of your customers are located off-shore. with your supervisors. whether oral or written. and subordinates. you are not limited to this pathway. Let us compare the different types of communication. peers. In this industry your. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 43 .asynchronous. primary communication pathway. Communicating with the people around you in the workplace is also a part of your job. Look at table 2 below.

always remember that the key to a good communication is courtesy. Below are helpful tips for you to consider in establishing good communication among your customers or anybody else in your workplace. Be courteous all the time. You must be:  alert  pleasant  polite  friendly  fair  thoughtful  cooperative  humble  tolerant and considerate  loyal  sensitive  honest  show self-control  flexible and adaptable  punctual  enthusiastic  responsible No matter what form of communication you intend to use or which communication pathway you use. . ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 44 .

Written communication is synchronous. and phone calls. 9. Do this on your notebook. Otherwise. company policies. 1. Provide reasons for choosing it. 3. Do this in a separate sheet of paper. 8. rewrite the statement to correct it. 6. 7. Process Task 1. Examples of written communication are memos. Identify the best type of communication that should be used. Oral and written communication are both verbal communication. 10. The primary communication pathway used in the Contact Center Services industry is from agent to supervisor. It is important to be simple and concise when communicating. One advantage of oral communication is the lack of time for the speaker to process the message before delivery. 2. E-mail and other electronic forms of messages can be classified as oral communication. You may encounter the following situations. 4. Tell whether the statement is true or false. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 45 . training manuals. Most industries and businesses rely on the use of email for internal and external communication. 5. Write TRUE if the statement is correct. The fastest way to get a response is through written communication. Imagine that you are already working as a contact center agent. The use of electronic communication disregards the aspect of distance. Modified True or False Directions: Read the following statements about communication. Reflect and Understand Task 2: CHOOSE THE BEST Directions: Below are scenarios that you may encounter when you become a part of the contact service industry. proposals.

You received a written warning asking you to provide an explanation for your tardiness. Mrs. You exceeded the allowed number of minutes for late in a month.SITUATION TYPE OF REASON FOR COMMUNICATION CHOOSING 1. You were in the middle of a call when all of a sudden the line got disconnected. 2. Smith requested to be regularly updated with the sale events and promotions of the Yellow Star. 3. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 46 . which is an online store.

ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 47 . channelled. and conveyed by a sender to a receiver through a certain medium. It is a process in the sense that steps have to be done in a particular order. Below is an unlabelled illustration of the communication process. try to recall the last time you communicated with another person. FEEDBACK LOOP Communication is a process where the message is packaged. Before we begin the lesson.2 Elements of Communication PRELIMINARY ACTIVITY Communication is a process that involves different elements which affect message transmission and message quality. Try to fill it in with your idea of the elements included in the process.1.

A message may come in different forms such as a letter. the sender should carefully craft his/her message using good grammar and proper choice of words. a phone call. Examine the figure below. or a face-to-face interaction. a video presentation. Message Message is the most essential part of the communication process. It is not what the sender intends it to be but how the receiver understood the information he/she received. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 48 . an email. Figure 4 The Communication Process How many elements of communication process do you see? The communication process has the following elements: 1. Therefore.

He/she is the one who interprets the message. a voice call. He/she decides what message to send and in what medium the message will be sent. It is the job of the sender to encode the message. Transmission medium Transmission medium is the immediate form in which the message is being communicated. Recipient Recipient or the receiver is the party to whom the message is intended to. Example:  a customer sales representative  an employee  a fellow co-worker ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 49 . Example:  an order  your new schedule  a co-worker’s request 2. Sender The sender initiates the communication. Message may be communicated in the form of a letter. A recipient may also be a group of people such as an audience. In doing so. Example:  the client or customer placing an order  your supervisor giving a memo  your co-worker sending an email 3. The recipient/receiver may not necessarily be an individual person. Example:  a phone call  a memo  an e-mail 4. the sender should always keep in mind an understanding of who the receiver is to make the information more relevant and appropriate. or an e-mail.

An example of psychological noise is a divided attention of a recipient. sometimes called interference. External noise refers to the physical environment which includes physiological condition while internal noise includes psychological noise.5. Noise can either be internal or external. Context Context is the personal background of the communicators or the background of a communicative situation that may affect the transmission of message. Most of the time. Example:  loud music from the radio (external)  on-going construction outside the office (external)  an agent is hungry (external)  an agent is thinking of her sick puppy while on a call (internal)  an interviewee who has low self-esteem (internal) 6. The presence of noise in all aspects of communication makes it impossible. message is not received exactly the way the sender intends it to be. Noise. Example:  gender preference  race  religious beliefs  educational attainment  during a war  during a crisis ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 50 . may change the meaning of the message sent. Noise Anything that interferes with the communication process between the sender and the recipient is called noise.

4. sender message barrier recipient context feedback medium noise ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 51 . Choose your answer from the pool of words inside the box. Do this in a separate sheet of paper 1. 2. 5. 3. Process TASK 1: POOL UP Directions: Identify the element of communication described in each number. It is how the receiver understood the information he received. It is the immediate form in which the message is transmitted. It is the person to whom the message is intended to. 6. It is the person who initiates the communication. It is the communication background that may affect the transmission of message. It can be anything that interferes with the communication process.

but no action was done. Suite 414 Arlington. 2885 Dear Mr. ELEMENTS OF COMMUNICATION Directions: Below is a form of written communication. Lisa Mcneil ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 52 . I was given report number 321 if I want to check the status of my refund. Reflect and Understand TASK 2. Do this in a separate sheet of paper. 2013. VA 22201 RE: Refund for Receipt No. Zassy Mall 2100 Clarendon Boulevard. Identify the different elements in the letter by accomplishing the table that follows. I am hoping that by writing your office. Mr. I already called the customer service. I am hoping for your appropriate response. necessary actions will be taken. Jack Hunt Credit Department. Sincerely. Hunt: I am writing this letter to follow up on the refund from my purchase last December 13. I attached a copy of my receipt that contains my transaction number.

There will always be hindrances to communication. if not to eliminate them.3 Barriers to Communication Communication is not a one-way street. List down the things that impede understanding of the. can immediately affect the quality of ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 53 . Barriers may come from both ends of the communication line. External noise. The most common and easiest to identify among the barriers to communication is noise. 1. They are always present. Elements of Communication Sender Recipient Message Transmission medium Know PRELIMINARY ACTIVITY There are times when communicating with others becomes a difficult task. think of the things that usually hinder a good communication process. which may be physical noise. It has been an indispensable in the communication process which has already been discussed in the previous lesson. Do this on your notebook. Before we start the next lesson. A person with good communication skill can identify the presence of these barriers and take necessary actions to avoid.

In addition. Mcneil. it is best to identify the source of the noise and fix it immediately. it is acceptable if you inform them by saying. Unclear messages may result from vague and ambiguous sentences.communication. He is placing an order and he is getting frustrated with the slow procedure. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 54 . These words are difficult to understand by people who are not practitioners of that profession. The word ‘bat’ has several meanings. It is a specialized vocabulary of any profession or industry. Letters and memoranda not sent or received at the right time may cause major misunderstanding between the communicators. Let us take the case of a customer in a hurry. an ongoing construction outside your office building. I am having trouble hearing you. These kinds of noise make it difficult for you to understand your caller and they also make it difficult for your caller to understand you. Time can also be a barrier to communication. Jargon is a language that is specific to a profession. Choice of words can also affect the quality of message. time can also affect the quality of verbal communication. If the problem is coming from your end. It could either be a baseball bat or a flying mammal. he or she may get dismissed from work. “Mr. This may mean that the customer is no longer paying attention to the details you are telling him. Can you please (tell the caller what to do)? 2. In order to resolve the problem caused by noise barriers. If an employee fails to provide a letter of explanation because he/she did not receive the memorandum on time. you can do the following: 1. or even your co-worker next you tapping his hand on the desk. If the problem is with your caller. “He found a bat in the room”. It affects communication most especially in written communication. The use of jargon in statements can also make messages unclear. It may be a radio turned up high. For example. The quality of message may also be a barrier to communication. Below are some examples of jargons.

ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 55 . Table 3. Amount owed from a company by its customers for Accounts goods or services supplied to them which must be paid Receivable within one year (more typically collected within 30-90 days). which is a sealed plastic or glass capsule containing a single dose of a drug in a sterile solution for injection ASA the abbreviation for acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) bagging manual respiration for a patient having trouble breathing that uses a handheld squeeze bag attached to a face mask bounceback a patient who returns to the ER with the same complaint shortly after being released bradycardic a slowing of the heart rate to less than 50 beats per minute c-section shorthand for cesarean section. Examples of Medical Jargons ambu-bag handheld squeeze bag attached to a face mask amp abbreviation for Ampule. Examples of Business Jargons Indebtedness of a company to its suppliers for goods or Accounts services purchased and must be paid for within one year Payable (more typically paid within 30-90 days). which is surgical delivery of a baby through the abdominal wall cellulitis a skin infection deep vein a blood clot in a deep vein thrombosis diplopia double vision dyspnea shortness of breath Table 4. It is indicated as a current asset on the company's balance sheet.

The difference between the culture of the sender and the receiver can greatly affect the communication process. It includes the idea that one culture is superior of others. Hyperinflation This refers to very rapid. It is neither productive nor polite. Ethnocentrism is the act of judging the culture of others on the basis of what is acceptable in the culture of one communicator. Book Value This is the net value. ethnocentrism may occur. Liquidated A company may be liquidated or dissolved by selling all its assets and then using the cash to meet any obligations to creditors. out-of-control inflation. of a company based on actual costs and asset values. You may also prejudge by dismissing someone’s ideas because of the belief that you know what the other person has to say. in accounting terms. Prejudgment can also be a barrier to communication. Barriers to communication can go as deep as the cultural level. If the sender and receiver have different cultures. It is the act of judging what someone has to say even before he/she speaks. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 56 .

time and ambiguous sentences 3. 1. jargons the sender and the recipient 5. quality of message b. unclear messages due to vague 2. Process Task 1: Matching Type Directions: Match the barriers to communication listed in Column A with their definitions in Column B. noise a. affects written communication 6. a language that is specific to a profession e. anything that interferes with the communication process between 4. the act of judging the culture of others on the basis of what is acceptable in the culture of one communicator ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 57 . the act of judging what someone has to say even before they speak f. A B. enthnocentrism c. pre-judgment more than oral communication d.

Using a computer with Internet service. or sales representatives). Cite at least three ingredients to good communication mentioned in the article. Reflect and Understand Task 2: Let’s Get Updated! 1. Give at least five pieces of advice provided in the article on how to achieve good communication. Arrange interviews with at least five call center agents (customer service representatives. Read the editorial article entitled “Good Communication: How It Can Be Achieved” written by Doug Hare. Transfer Task 3: In the Real World 1.nlm.ncbi. Why did the author say that we are veterinarians? b. 4. a. 3. or supervisors in the call center industry. Ask them about the common barriers to communication they encounter when taking calls and how they resolve them. Answer the following questions in your notebook as you read the article. technical support representatives. What is the disadvantage of communicating on the telephone? How can this disadvantage be resolved? d. Be ready to share your findings with the rest of the class. etj00071-0005. Form groups of five.pdf 2. follow the given URL: http://www. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 58 .nih. team leaders. 3. c.

Call center agents usually provide inbound and outbound customer support. agents are given sufficient training prior to deploying them to face such 818/call-center-life-and-facts&strip=1 ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 59 .googleusercontent. Communicate and listen effectively 2. The job entails entertaining and addressing various issues and concerns coming from customers of different races. campaign orientations are given so as to make the agents knowledgeable enough about the products or brands they will be presenting to customers. Also. Know Lesson 2. It is indeed a challenging job that requires one to deal with people with shifting moods or a tactless approach in voicing their concerns. Before we start studying more about pronunciation. try to read the excerpt below. offering customer service 24/ Source: http://webcache.1 ORAL SKILLS PRELIMINARY ACTIVITY Proper pronunciation is a prerequisite to a good communication skill. Fortunately.callcenterphils.tumblr. They take and make calls. Communication skills are enhanced and tips on how to handle the calls with efficiency are given.

However. you will say three and will state them to be [m]. say the middle letter which is [a]. How many speech sounds do you think are there in the word “man”? Most probably. It is similar to a single letter. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 60 . You may record your voice as you read the excerpt for the second time. This time. Phonemes are the smallest unit of speech. say the last letter which is [n]. Phonemes are classified as vowel or consonant in the English language. vowel or consonant. One difficulty non-native English speakers encounter is pronouncing the voiced and unvoiced consonants. Take note of how you pronounce each letters in every word. Now cut out the last two letters and say a long [m]. [o]. the number of letters in a word does not correspond to the number of phonemes. in the English language. 2.1. Then. the word “call” has four letters but contains three phonemes only. and [l]. [a]. which is denoted as [œ]. For example.1 Phonemes Say the English word “man” several times. which we will denote as [k]. and [n].

It is an example of a consonant phoneme produced using a strong voiceless articulation. Voiceless means producing a sound without the vibration of the vocal chords. place your palm on your throat. On the second time. Hence. Say the word ‘pop’. To produce these phonemes. but is unvoiced or voiceless. the vocal apparatus should be in the correct position. try to say the word ‘voice’ Some twice. there must be vibration in the throat area. when you say the word ‘voice’. a vibration is produced because of the presence of the phoneme [v]. This type of phoneme produces a popping sound. This time. In order to pronounce these phonemes properly. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 61 . Do it again and put your hand in front of your mouth. you are producing the phoneme [p]. Voiced and unvoiced consonants differ in the manner of articulation but the placement of the vocal apparatus are similar. Did you feel the vibration on your throat? consonants are produced using a weak potentially voiced articulation. Did you notice the air produced as you pronounce the word? When you say the word ‘pop’.

Comparison of Voiced and Unvoiced Consonants Voiced Unvoiced Placement of Vocal Apparatus p b Pennsylvania. To understand the illustration included in Table 3 on page 54. Baltimore citizenship Alabama subsribe ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 62 . study the figure below which labels the different important vocal apparatus. Figure 5. Vocal Apparatus Table 5.

visit sophisticated cove sheriff expensive Ɵ th (th) therefore. Thanksgiving Day together South Dakota ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 63 .t d telephone Do today advantage accepted k g country good conversation again bookmark investigate ʤ ʧ (ch) journal Long Beach giant Approachable manager obituary knowledge f v Fiji Islands. weather.

New Hampshire ŋ (ng) English. clarifying ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 64 . Consonants Consonant Example h health. there is no distinction on being voiced and unvoiced. Table 4. Minesotta n November. The table below shows the list of other English consonants.s z motorcycle zone scale scissors speech supervisor ʃ Ʒ (sh) (zh) Chicago Closure conscience Camouflage mirage With other consonants in the English language. Hawaii m machine.

chair w Washington. and diphthongs. In American English. l eleven. Yellowstone Park There is also a great difference in how Filipinos and Americans pronounce vowels. vowels can be classified into three: short vowels. Long and Short Vowels Short Example Long Example vowels Vowels i kit A palm e dress E square Œ trap I fleece ɒ lot O thought Ʊ foot U goose ʌ strut ɜ: nurse Ә bonus ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 65 . West Virginia Y New York. long vowels.Florida r ranch. Table 6.

Hence. one must learn how to construct grammatical and well-formed sentences. A Contact Center Service provider need not only be able to pronounce words properly. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 66 . Diphthongs Vowel Example ei face ai price oi choice oa coat au mouth ie near iu cure 2. Table 7. they create words. he/she should also have the capability to express his/her thoughts in a clear and comprehensible manner to address the customer’s needs accurately. The table below shows the list of diphthongs.1. A collection of words that expresses a complete thought is called a sentence.2 Sentence Construction When phonemes are joined together. Diphthongs are vowel phonemes produced by gliding from one vowel to another.

Without a direct object. to complete the sentence. there are verbs that require a receiver of the action or a direct object. The customer places an order. The customer places. Complained delivery the customer late the. If you examine the statement above. The corrected sentence will be: The test is difficult. These verbs are called transitive verbs. Can you tell why it is incomplete? All English sentences must have a verb. direct object B. Examine the statement below. Word order Read the statement below. you may add the verb ‘is’. Grammaticality of sentences can be judged by the following: A. Thus. the statement above is incomplete due to the lack of a verb. the inclusion of a transitive verb will not guarantee completeness of a sentence. v In addition. the sentence remains ungrammatical. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 67 . you would immediately identify that the example is not a sentence because it is incomplete. a direct object must be added. Constructing sentences is governed by rules. For that reason. Completeness The test difficult. transitive verb Since the verb (places) used in the statement above is a transitive verb. To complete the sentence.

ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 68 . S-V-O. a. It is ungrammatical because it does not follow the correct English word order. A good example would be: “The meeting has been moved. Adjectives – modify nouns or pronouns. adv. Is it grammatical? You will more likely say no. The rule on word order may vary from one language to another. cannot occur before a verb. Fluently speak very graceful Adv. n. and adverbs Example. Adverb – modify verbs. the corrected sentence for the example above would read: The customer complained the late delivery. 2. Adj. may make a sentence sound ungrammatical. This word order is most commonly used for declarative sentences.” The word meeting in the sentence is an example of a gerund. n. The sentence above does not express a clear thought. ‘the escalated’ is not the right combination of words because articles. Adj. Beautiful lady irate caller Adj. The linear word order for the English language is subject- verb-object. 1. an and the. It is also necessary to keep in mind the distinction between adjectives and adverbs. if put together. Thus. Word combination Some words can occur together while some words. S V O C. adjective. For example. Gerund is a noun made of a verb in the –ing form. V. Descriptive adjectives should come before a noun or pronoun Example. Articles are placed before nouns and gerunds.

A responsible CSR calm handled the call. short. V. Identify the vowel phoneme used in the given words. should not occur before the word handled. A responsible CSR calmly handled the call. The sentence structure is ungrammatical. Adj. Word Vowel Phoneme Used stand roof relate concentrate name skip internet ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 69 . Adv. A responsible CSR calm handled the call. Read the following words aloud. Write your answers in your notebook. The word calm. The word calm should be replaced with the word calmly. which is an adjective. Process TASK 1. Examine the sentence below. VOWEL PHONEMES Directions: Recall that in the English language vowels may be long. v. which is a verb. or diphthong. A verb should be modified by an adverb. which is an adverb. to make the sentence grammatical.

TASK 2: CRITICAL VOWEL SOUNDS Directions: Read the following words aloud. – 3-4 mistakes in articulation of critical vowel sounds 0 pts. long loan 5. – 0 mistake in articulation of critical vowel sounds 6 pts. After the last set. three tree three tree 3. whale hail whale hail ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 70 .1-2 mistakes in articulation of critical vowel sounds 3 pts. Make sure you produce the critical vowel sounds correctly. though dough though dough 2. 1. sheep ship chit cheat 2. Record your voice as you read the words. voice boys voice boys 5. 1. bag bug tug tag cot cat 4. bill veal pill peel feel fill 3. tooth ` thought foot fought Scoring Guide: 10 pts. listen to how you pronounced each word. – more than 4 mistakes in articulation of critical vowel sounds TASK 3: CRITICAL CONSONANT SOUNDS Directions: Read the following words aloud. . ranch rank ranch rank 4. Make sure you produce the critical consonant sounds correctly.

An event end today. Your partner’s task is to share with you his/her comments once you are done. – no mistake in articulation of critical consonant sounds 6 pts. 5. Read the following set of sentences. 1. Do the same with your partner. PAIR. Promo code invalid. Draw a smiley  if the sentence is grammatical. – more than 4 mistakes in articulation of critical consonant sounds TASK 4: READ. 1. The agent helpful. 3. 2. – 3-4 mistakes in articulation of critical consonant sounds 0 pts. TASK 5: GRAMMATICAL OR UNGRAMMATICAL? Directions: Determine whether the sentence in each number is grammatical or ungrammatical. CRITIQUE Directions: Get a partner. This is Ann.1-2 mistakes in articulation of critical consonant sounds 3 pts. 4. 2. Thank you for calling SendService. Let me thank you for calling SendService. . 3. Have a great day. Have I addressed all of your concerns for today? 5. The call was short yet meaningful. Ask your partner to listen carefully and take note of mispronounced phonemes as you read the given sentences. Do this on your notebook. Otherwise. How may I help you? 4. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 71 . I received the order wrong. Scoring Guide: 10 pts. write ungrammatical and identify the principle on sentence construction violated by the sentence.

Listening. Answer the following questions as you read the article. Give two reasons that make English pronunciation dspeaking/pronunciation/ 2. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 72 . on the other hand. Reflect and Understand Task 6: PRONUNCIATION DOES MATTER 1.  We listen to be entertained.2 Listening skills Listening is different from It is the act of perceiving sound using the ear.  We listen to learn. Why is hearing not enough? Why do we need to listen listen?  We listen to gather information. Hearing is an unconscious process. follow the given URL: http://www2. a. 2. Using a functional computer with Internet service. b. Choose three pieces of advice cited in the article which you think will be helpful in improving your pronunciation. It is one of the most important skills a person can have. Your teacher may also provide you with a print out of the article.  We listen to understand others. is a conscious process that requires concentration so that one can process the meaning of the words and sentences. 3. Do this in your notebook. Elaborate how these pieces of advice can help you.

while statements such as “Is this what you mean?” will help you clarify what you have heard. interrupting is not encouraged in any type of communication.  “I’m more important than you are. 3. Defer judgment. Since you cannot give your occasional nod or smile to your customer on the other end of the telephone conversation. When engaged in a telephone conversation with a customer. Active listening is not just listening to the words one hears. 2. Interrupting sends different messages such as. Interrupting will only lead to frustration. This could be due to the barriers to communication we have discussed on the previous lessons. 1. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 73 . Pay attention. The following are tips on how you can improve your listening skills and become an active listener. Let the customer finish his statement before you comment or clarify. you must give him/her your undivided attention. Restating what you heard and asking questions for clarification are forms of feedback. Provide feedback. Contact Center Services provider must overcome these barriers and become an effective listener. We listen almost everyday of our lives. Clicking your pen or communicating with your co-worker will not help you understand the concerns of your customer. Assure the other party that you are listening.”  “Stop talking and listen to me. your small verbal comments such as ‘yes’ or ‘uh huh’ will assure them that you are listening. but also entails trying to understand the whole message sent.”  “I don’t really care what you think.” Hence. You can say “What I’m hearing is” or “Let me just repeat that” to restate.”  “My ideas are better than yours. Yet there are times when we do nott listen as effectively as possible. 4. The aim of a Contact Center Services provider is to practise active listening at all times.

create an acrostic about tips of some tips on how to be an active listener. spell out a word or phrase. Process Task 1: Acrostics Directions: Acrostics is a series of lines or verse in which the first letter when taken in order. Respond appropriately. Do this on a clean bond paper. be honest in your responses. 5. You may also decorate your output. More so. Criticizing the other party’s ideas will not help. Acknowledge his/her concerns and assert you opinions politely. Always remember to be polite and understanding when listening. Using the letters of the word LISTEN. L I S T E N ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 74 .

Step 4: Record your interview. What was the usual cause of the difficulty? 7. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 75 . 2. Step 2: Arrange an interview with him or her. Step 3: Conduct the interview in a place where there will be less noise and distraction. You may also modify the questions. What pieces of advice can you give to a student like me who aspire to be a contact service provider like you? Step 5: Be sure to conduct the interview in English. with whom do you communicate most often? 4. 1. Below is a list of questions. PART 1: THE INTERVIEW Step 1: Look for a person who works in the Contact Center Services industry. Note: You may add questions to the list. Describe the nature of your job. Transfer TASK 1: THIS IS THEIR STORY This task will provide you an opportunity to get an insight on the life of a Contact Center Services provider. Which communication pathway do you usually use to communicate with your supervisor? co-workers? customers/clients? 5. The following questions will serve as your guide for the interview. How long have you been employed? 3. Were there instances that you had difficulty understanding your customer? your supervisor? 6. How did you resolve them? 8. but you cannot remove questions included in the list. When at work. Be mindful of your pronounciation.

mannerisms are visible. Identify the cause. interview. previous questions. vague question. order. (i. Long Delivery interview matched and Appropriate gestures silences or too much experience. questions. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 76 . Vocal and non. order. PART 2: THE TRANSCRIPTION Step 6: Listen to your voice recording. Questions asked Most questions Few questions are Questions are not in are in logical asked are in logical asked in logical logical order.e. Voice hinders commanding for an and enhance the and body are evenly performance. Questions are not and Questions are Some questions are Few questions are designed to build on Sequential designed to build designed to build on designed to build on previous questions. Delivery is clear and Delivery neither Delivery is distracting verbal delivery are commands the enhances nor or awkward and not well developed interview. on previous previous questions. Logical order. situation. Instance Reason How to resolve Rubric for Evaluation Exceptional Admirable Acceptable Attempted Criteria 10 PTS. unclear pronunciation). Transcription should be submitted together with the reflection. appropriately are communicated talking on the part of managed for the and some distracting the interviewer. Transcribe the whole interview from beginning to end. Use the format below. 8 PTS. 6 PTS.. 2 PTS. List or note specific parts of the interview when you and your interviewee did not fully understand each other. PART 3: THE REFLECTION Step 7: Listen to the recording of your interview. soft voice.

precise pronounces most incorrectly pronounces Diction terms.3 Grammar Correct grammar is the key to all types of business communication. Provides help for audible but has inaudible. you speak and communicate on behalf of your company. free of errors in of serious errors in grammar. too quietly for terms so that all Most audience Audience students in the audience members can hear members have back of class to members can presentation. does not use vividness. Know 2. Hence. Interview inaudible. pronunciation. Student low. professional language. difficulty hearing hear. grammar and grammar. Tape is audible. reduce clarity and deficient. sections that are Provides little help review. and/or word choice pronunciation. Presentation is Presentation is free Isolated errors in Grammar. clear voice and clear. As a Contact Center representative. it is important to be mindful of your grammar all the time. Student uses a Student's voice is Student's voice is Student mumbles. and speaks pronunciation of words correctly. Student incorrectly correct. and/or word choice are severely word choice aids and/or word usage. Your communication skills reflect the quality and standards of your company. pronunciation. mostly professional. It keeps us from being misunderstood and lets us express yourself and your ideas more effectively. Interviewer Language clarity and Interviewer sounds credibility. Tape is mostly Tape is mostly Tape is inaudible. professional Interviewer used language. Provides no help for Taping of review. presentation. pronunciation. for review. pronounces terms. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 77 . hear presentation. Tape is helpful for review.

Example: Noun customer (singular) customers (plural) Verb calls (singular or s-form) call (plural or base form) SVA simply states that the subject and the verb must agree in number. Plural The customers call the hotline. the agent who won many times. is my team leader. Adding –s or -es to nouns makes a word plural while adding –s or –es to verbs makes a it singular. while a plural subject takes a plural verb. Examples: Singular The customer calls the hotline.2. Examples: a. This is known as the Subject – Verb Agreement (SVA). nouns and verbs form plurals in opposite ways.1 Subject-Verb Agreement Aside from the structure of the sentence. pl. The following are eight common rules on Subject-Verb Agreement: 1. singular singular subject verb ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 78 . A phrase or clause in between the subject and the verb does not change the number of the subject. Subject verb pl. In the present tense. Sing. Subject verb Sing. Charles. it is also necessary to be mindful of the relationship of the subject and the verb in a sentence.3. This means that a singular subject takes a singular verb.

few. Plural subject Plural verb b. use a plural verb. Indefinite pronouns as subject Some indefinite pronouns require singular verb. several. everything Example: No one is allowed to put the customer on hold for several minutes. The calls from that department are already escalated. a. anything. b. everyone. If used with count nouns. everybody. plural plural subject verb c. use plural verb Most of my co-workers are late. many Example Several customers are ordering the mattress using a coupon. something. plural plural subject verb 2. either. somebody. Joined by either/or and neither/nor ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 79 . use singular verb. Some indefinite pronouns may either be singular or plural. Joined by and If the subject is compound and joined by and. Singular indefinite pronouns take singular verb. all i. nobody. one. anybody. If used with mass nouns. neither. each. count noun plural verb 3. Example The customer and the supervisor are still in a conversation. most. Plural indefinite pronouns use plural verbs. while others require plural verbs. Compound subjects a. some. any. someone. both. nothing. Mass noun singular verb ii. Example: Most of my water has been spilled. anyone. no one. singular singular subject verb b.

If the compound subject is joined by or/nor, the verb agrees with
the subject closer to it.
i. Neither the customers nor the shop owner keeps receipts.
Singular subject singular verb
The verb ‘keeps’ (singular form) is used in the sentence because
the subject closer to it is the shop owner which is also singular.

ii. Neither the shop owner nor the customers keep receipts.
Plural subject plural verb

This time, the verb keep (plural form) is used because the subject
being considered is the customers which is plural.

iii. Either the recording or the notes have been found.
Plural subject plural verb
The subject closer to the verb is notes. It is plural. Therefore, a
plural verb is used in the sentence.

4. Inverted subjects
The subject is inverted if it comes after the verb. Yet, the verb should
still agree with the subject.

Here are my notes.
Plural plural
Verb subject

Interrogative sentences also have inverted subjects.
Is there an on-going sale?
Singular singular
Verb subject

5. Collective nouns
A collective noun is a noun that refers to a group of entities that may
be considered either as individuals or as one larger entity.
Collective nouns are considered singular and take singular verbs.


The audience claps their hands.
singular singular
subject verb

6. Titles
Titles of books, movies, stories, and the like are always singular.
Thus, singular verbs must be used.
Letters to Juliet makes me cry.
Title/singular singular verb

7. Plural form subjects
Nouns that are plural in form but are singular in meaning take
singular verb.
statistics, linguistics, Philippines, etc.
The Philippines is a republic.
singular singular verb

8. The number/ A number
The phrase “the number of _________,” uses a singular verb.
The number of callers is greater today.
Singular verb

The phrase “a number of _______,” uses a plural verb.
A number of callers are satisfied.
Plural verb


2.3.2 Tense and Aspect

Tense refers to the actual location of an event in time. An action
may occur either in the past or present.
1) Common (present) – the base form of the verb or with –s or –es
to agree with the subject.
Lea calls the technical support daily.
The investors check their record books regularly.
2) Past – takes the past tense formed by adding –d or –ed for
regular verbs or changing spelling for irregular verbs
Lea called the technical support for assistance.
He became the new team leader.

An action may also be viewed with respect to time instead of the
action’s location on time. This is called aspect. The verb aspect has
three parts:

1) Simple – the action happened in a specific time in the past.
Ann called the hotline yesterday.

2) Perfective – the action happened in the past but it took place quite
recently. Verbs in this aspect are formed using has/have/had plus
the past participle.
Ann has called the hotline this morning.

3) Progressive – the action is still in progress at the time of speaking.
To form a verb in this aspect, add is/are/was/were to the verb’s
participle form.
Ann is calling the hotline now.


Note: Aspect always include tense but tense can occur without aspect. (Present Tense) 2.3. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 83 . Example: I must give her a replacement item the same value. It is important to understand the distinct use of each preposition. (wrong) I must give her a replacement item at the same value. (Perfective aspect. Most often than not. Past tense) The agent escalates the call. Examples: The agent has escalated the call. Non-native English speakers often commit mistake in the use of prepositions in their sentences. and position. (correct)  use of preposition when it is not necessary Example: Where did you get this at? (wrong) Where did you get this? (correct)  use of the wrong preposition Prepositions are words crucial in denoting time.3 Preposition Prepositions are words that does not appear alone because it should always be used with another word or words called its object. prepositions are not interchangeable. place. The function of a preposition is to relate its object to other words in the sentence. Common mistakes committed are:  non-use of preposition when a sentence needs one.

. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 84 . Table 8. In. The table below shows the use of the four prepositions in denoting time. I am on a bus or I am on a cab. At. I am in my car. in. and At to denote Position Preposition When to Use Example to show a site or target at home At at training room for enclosed spaced or in a room In geographic location in New York when an object is on a on the desk On surface on the roof to show nearness on a by the stairway By landmark by the Shopping Mall In addition. the preposition in is used when one is using a private vehicle for transportation (i. Let us distinguish the use of the four. on. and by are the most commonly used prepositions. on.). On. at. Table 9. while the preposition on is used for public transportation (i. 2014 referring to longer in 2013 in periods of time in the past when an action is by 2:30 by completed at a certain by May time or date The next table shows how to use in.e.. They denote both time and position.e.). At/In/On used to denote Time Preposition When to use Example referring to a time in a at lunchtime at day at 11:00 am used for dates and on Sunday on days on June 20. and by to denote position.

Table 10. Specific Preposition for Nouns Part of Preposition Examples Speech Noun for a demand for a need for a reason for of a cause of a picture of in a decrease in a rise in to an invitation to a solution to with/between a relationship with (one person) a relationship between (two persons) ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 85 . Since prepositions are always used with another word. The table below shows a list of prepositions used with specific parts of speech. let us examine how each part of speech pairs up with other parts of speech.

Table 11. Specific Preposition for Adjectives Part of Preposition Examples Speech Adjective of afraid of capable of at good at to similar to in interested in on keen on for famous for about sorry about Table 12. Specific Preposition for Verbs Part of Preposition Examples Speech to talk to speak to at look at about care about for ask for ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 86 .

infinitive phrases. Modifiers can be words such as an adjective or an adverb. and prepositional phrases. adjectives. This includes adjective clauses. They make the meaning of the word or group of words more specific. adverb clauses. and adverbs. participial phrases. (The word professionally is an adverb modifier that makes the word handled more specific. It tells what kind of call is being mentioned in the sentence. Examples:  The lengthy call ended very well. apply for of approve of consist of for pay for apologize for from protect from on rely on 2.) Modifiers can also be phrases and clauses. Modifiers allow the reader or listener to create a more detailed mental image of the subject.4 Modifiers Words.)  The customer service representative professionally handled the last call. An adjective makes a noun or a pronoun become more specific.3. (The modifier lengthy is an adjective. phrases. while an adverb provides more details about verbs. Example: ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 87 . and clauses used to provide description are called modifiers.

Presented below are the four types of conditionals. (The phrase trying to avail the surprise online acts as an adjective and makes the noun Johnny more specific. Conditionals can be real conditional or unreal conditional.3. she will reach the right department. First conditional Statements that state that a future action is more likely to happen upon the fulfilment of another future action are in the first conditional. These statements mean that an action relies on another action. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 88 . The format for this conditional is If + present tense + present tense (condition) (result) Example: If you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius. 1. a conditional states that a certain action can only happen if a certain condition is fulfilled. Johnny placed his order through the phone. (fact-universal) If I am unsure of the answer. Trying to avail the surprise sale online. while unreal conditionals describe unreal or imaginary situations. it will boil. To elaborate.) 2. (fact – personal) 2. Zero conditional This is used for conditions that are always true as long as the condition is met.5 Conditionals Conditionals are also known as the if-clauses. The format is: If + simple present + will + base form of the verb Example: If she follows the prompt correctly. I place the customer on hold. Real conditionals describes real situations.

she should reach the right department. should. e. If she follows the prompt correctly. other modals such as could. b. If she follows the prompt correctly. she may reach the right department. Again. we would expedite the shipping. If she follows the prompt correctly. 3. If she follows the prompt correctly. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 89 . c. d. could. Examples: a. she might reach the right department. Second conditional Second conditional is used when:  talking about an imaginary present situation  talking about things in the future that are unlikely to happen  imagining something that is different from reality The format is: If + simple past + would +base form of verb Example: If the customer placed ten bulk orders. If she follows the prompt correctly. should. Other modals aside from will can be used like may. can. and might can be used. she can reach the right department. she could reach the right department. and might.

The format is: If + past perfect + would have + past participle Example: If I had known. while simultaneously cutting costs. I would have helped him. and lack of knowledge on usability as key challenges to social media adoption. A. there (is. the third conditional is used. In today's ever-changing marketplace. Process Task 1: Subject-Verb Agreement Directions: Choose the verb that will make the sentences in the paragraph grammatically correct. expand) connectivity options in order to support a growing variety of customer interaction channels and tools. and might can also be used. identified) issues such as regulations. In this case. Other modals such as could. Call centers within the pharmaceutical industry (is. Despite this. Write your answer on your notebook. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 90 . are) many gaps in adoption of social media platforms within consumer health call centers. According to a recent research by a benchmarking firm. privacy. modernize) their technology and (expands. the conditions were not fulfilled. should. are) increasingly being challenged to satisfy customer inquiries. call centers (modernizes. report) using Facebook as a customer interaction channel. forty- three percent of the OTC segment (reports. Sixty-three percent of respondents (identifies.4. Third conditional When talking about the past or imagining something different from what actually happened.

A call center agent (talks. By 2016. Call center companies offer a whole range of benefits _____ health insurance _____ gift certificates. the Southeast Asian nation must convince investors that it (has. work) the overnight shift in Manila's Makati financial district February 6. Call center companies strive to maintain this kind _____ quality work environment and excellent service to client in order _____ provide compensation and benefits. to of with from at in on for by ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 91 .000. are) now greater than India's 350. want) to double the size of the local BPO market to $25 billion.000 at the end of 2011.S. (Adapted from “ channels-2014-07-03) B. There is unlimited supply of coffee _____ call center agents. 2. employing 1. 5. Some companies have unlimited juice or iced tea aside _____ coffee.marketwatch..3 million workers from 640.(Adapted from “Consumer Health Call Centers Exploring New Social Media Channels” http://www. Write your answer on your notebook. have) more to offer than a huge pool of English-speaking talent. But to be able to do that. 3.Call Center Capital of the World.gmanetwork. The number of Filipinos who work on graveyard shifts to answer calls on behalf of big multinational companies like Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase (is. earning the Philippines the title . Promotions happen _____ a faster rate in call centers compared _____ other companies. as she (works. the Philippines ( world) Task 2: Preposition Direction: Complete each sentence by choosing the best preposition from the pool below. 4. talk) to a client in the U. Call center agents are one _____ the highest earning employees _____ the country. 2012. call center capital of the world” by Erik de Castro http://www. 1.

I ___________ (to call) the customer back if I was/were you. he would have answered her questions. supervisors. If you __________ (to order) in this website. 7. You must be able to answer their inquiry quickly and correctly. 3. You need to be the type of person who can learn and retain information. Working in a call center might seem an easy job. 10.Task 3: Modifiers Direction: Identify the modifier describing the underlined word in each sentence. You __________ (to have) no trouble at work if you had done your duties and responsibilities properly. 5. Many list the ability to speak a second language as an asset in working in a call center. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 92 . The manager would have sanctioned her with a fine if she __________ (to call) the clients. your caller __________ (to understand) you. we ___________ (to have) plenty of time. 6. 5. 2. 9. Do this on your notebook. 1. Lisa would find the package if she __________ (to look) in the neighbor’s lawn. The customer will agree to be put on hold if you __________ (to ask) permission nicely. If you spoke louder. 8. The fragile package __________ (to arrive) safe if the delivery man drove slowly. If the customer representative __________ (to ask) the customer. Take note of the verbs in bold face. 4. 2. so their faith and trust in your company is upheld. If we meet at 9:30. TSRs. human resource staff. and many others who work to ensure a call center works well. 3. Task 4: Conditionals Direction: Fill in the correct phrases and form a conditional sentence by using the verbs in the parenthesis. you will save time and effort going to the store. managers. There are many different kinds of jobs in call centers: CSRs. 1. 4.

As a contact center representative.4. in business and academic writing. Thank you. Know 2. e-mail. spelling should be taken seriously. Please proceed to the conference room. or Instagram. Spelling may be taken for granted when you are texting or sending personal messages through social networks such as Facebook. plans. and reports. In this lesson.1 Spelling In the age of text. you were taught about different grammar rules.4 Writing skills In the previous lesson. and private messages (PMs). C u @ d conf rum :D The same message could be written formally. you will learn more techniques on how to improve your writing skills. There will be a meeting at 2:00 PM. you must be well-versed in all types of communication. spelling has already taken a backseat because people want to communicate quickly. Here is a review of the rules in spelling to help you refresh your spelling skills. The letter i comes before the letter e except after the letter c where e should come before i as in receipt and deceive. 2. However. There are times when you will be called to write memos. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 93 . Consider the following messages. A good writing skill will allow you to communicate your ideas clearly. Twitter. 1. Miting @ 2pm.

If you want to add –ing or any suffix that begins with a vowel to any word that ends in a silent e. adding –ing requires to double the last letter. SOME EXCEPTIONS: Examples: either friend neither niece protein thief sovereign achieve believe 2. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 94 . Examples: sit sitting dig digging nap napping The same rule applies for two-syllable word and the second syllable follows the C-V-C pattern. Examples: deter – deterrent transfer – transferred 3. For one-syllable words that follow the consonant-vowel- consonant pattern (C-V-C). you should drop the e before adding the suffix.

take note of the following tips. If you want to add -el. retain the e if the suffix to be added begins with a consonant. or -al at the end of a word. Examples: dose dosage defense defensive globe global However. but some nouns Examples: usual (adjective) vocal (adjective) local (adjective) ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 95 . Example: hope – hopeful care – careless 4. a  -al ending is used mostly for adjectives. Example: day daily happy happiness early earlier 5. Adding suffix to words ending in y requires changing y to i first.

There are two spellings for the /ch/ sound. u Examples: • batch a • catch • fetch e • stretch • witch i • kitchen • notch o • scotch • clutch u • Dutch Note: If the –ch sound is followed by –ure. i.  -tch after a short vowels such as a. Examples: culture future ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 96 .  -el ending is the least common ending and it is used mostly for nouns and verbs Examples: Parcel (noun) Channel (noun) Compel (verb) Propel (verb) 6. -tch which is used after a short vowel and ch anywhere else. use t for the ch sound. o. e.

2. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 97 . the following tips will be helpful:  Always use -cian for people. or –cian. -sion. The paragraph must contain a topic sentence. Example: Compete – competition Substitute – substitution Compute – computation  Use –sion if the root word ends with a d or s.2 Paragraphing A paragraph is a collection of sentences about a single topic. Soon. Learning how to write a good paragraph is also a skill you must learn in case you need to communicate through writing. Example: technician politician statistician  Use –tion if the root word ends with a t sound. When deciding whether to use –tion. 7. you will improve your spelling skills and will become more effective in written communication. Also. What makes a good paragraph? A good paragraph should follow the principles below: 1. Reading allows you to be more familiar with words not usually used in ordinary conversations. make reading a habit. Example: Compress – compression Extend – extension Be familiar with the rules on spelling.4.

ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 98 . It may occur anywhere in the paragraph: beginning. or end. Only one main idea should be developed. They form the body of the paragraph. you must learn the different parts of a paragraph. A concluding sentence may be added. To further understand the principles stated above. which are as follows: 1. A topic sentence should not be too general and not too specific. Supporting sentences These are sentences that expound the idea presented on the topic sentence. 5. (not too general but not too specific) 2. Example: Call center industry is fast growing. 3. it is suggested that you put it near the beginning of the paragraph. All remaining sentences should support and develop the topic sentence. Topic sentence This states the main topic of the paragraph. but is not essential. A paragraph may have 2 or 3 parts. However. the call center industry is considered as the fastest escalating employment provider for Filipino college graduates who seek jobs that have better income generation. middle. to make it easy for the readers to identify the topic sentence. Example:  Majority of fresh college graduates opt to apply in the contact center industry to develop the communication skills and gain professionalism. the call center industy is considered as the fastest rising employer for Filipino college graduates.2. (too specific) Presently. (too general) Today. The sentences should flow smoothly and logically. 4.

top down approaches are employed in many successful businesses today. It is important to note. that emotional intelligence is a concept that is not universally understood to have the same meaning and is not universally believed to be a key determiner of business success. If you have more than one idea. This will most likely translate into increased motivation and satisfaction of employees and ultimately will have a positive effect on the effectiveness of the business. but is often unnecessary. It may also summarize the ideas presented in the paragraph. A concluding sentence or a clincher This signals the end of the paragraph and leaves the reader with important points to remember.) 3.  It is also undeniable that the said industry offers a great compensation package that lures new graduates. (The sentences above support and expand the idea presented in the given example of topic ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 99 . Highly authoritarian. This means that all sentences in the paragraph must discuss one topic or If not. a key component of emotional intelligence. it is best to start a new paragraph. Source: http://sydney. High emotional intelligence can help a manager improve workplace communication skills. he or she will be able to listen to the concerns of employees and will be more understanding of their needs. employee motivation and organizational effectiveness. Examine the paragraph below. A well-written paragraph should have unity and coherence. If a manager has high empathy. however. Try to determine if it follows the principle of unity in paragraph writing. identify in which part the paragraph can be divided into two. Unity refers to “oneness” of ideas included in the paragraph. wants and concerns.

Organizing ideas using this principle will require one to arrange items or events in the order in which they occur. For example. which will be discussed later.3 Organization A paragraph should be well organized. the paragraph above should be divided into two. the items are arranged or described based on their physical position or relationships. then interior from ceiling down to the walls and lastly the table set-up. This way information is easier discussed. Coherence refers to the smooth and logical flow of the sentences in a paragraph. To follow the principle of unity.4. Arrange ideas in a logical order. a well written paragraph should have coherence. so that there will be an order in the presentation of information. 3.  Chronological Order (order of time) This is also called the “order of time”. you may start by describing the façade.  Spatial Order In this pattern. Repeat key nouns regularly. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 100 . 4. 2. Use nouns and pronouns appropriately. if you want to write about the design of a newly opened restaurant. Below are some principles of organization that may help you in writing good paragraphs or essays. Meanwhile. in describing a person you can start by describing him/her from foot going up to the head. Below are some ways to make a paragraph coherent: 1. 2. however…” Aside from unity. It is best to use the order of time when telling stories or when explaining a process. Use linking words. understood and remembered. are usually used in this organization of ideas. Transition markers. The second paragraph must begin in “It is important to note.

ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 101 . This lesson will provide a review on how to properly use some of the commonly used punctuation marks. it makes the meaning clear.  Climactic Order (Order of Importance) This pattern is also called the order of importance. Example: She studied in U.4 Punctuations Punctuation is one important aspect in written English. Period  Use a period to end a statement. If your customer. Ma’am? Although the words in the two sentences above are the same. 2. Ma’am. items are arranged from least important to the most important. the message of each sentence is completely different from the other because of the use of period and question mark. it could put your job at risk. In this pattern. do not follow it with another period. Thus.4. It is the system of signs and symbols that shows how a sentence should be read.  If the last word in the sentence ends in a period. Example: Your order. Ambiguous sentences are difficult to understand. Punctuation marks can totally change the meaning of words. Lack and overuse of punctuation can alter meaning and result in ambiguity. An error in punctuation can deliver a totally different meaning than the one that is intended. Example: I already called the customer service. colleague. 1. or supervisor misunderstood you. Your order.P.

2. Example: The client requested the customer representatives to be polite. called the customer service to report. Example: The customer requested for an order number. a receipt number. Example: When did you place your order John?  Use a question mark when a sentence is half statement and half question. Example: You do place the order.  Use a comma if you need to add a phrase that does not contain any new subject. I searched for the customer’s name. 3.  It is also used to separate items on a list. and accommodating to the customers. Example: As soon as I received the call.  Use a comma if there is more than one adjective (a describing word. don’t you? ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 102 . Example: The customer. Question Mark  A direct question (interrogative sentence) is followed by a question mark. upon receiving the empty parcel. courteous. Comma  Use a comma if you want to pause before proceeding. like beautiful) in a sentence. and a reservation number.

Example: Leave now! I am shocked by your behavior! 5. and all-. sentence. Example: ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 103 . Hyphen  Use a hyphen to form compound words or join word units a. For compound adjectives that occur before the word they modify Example: well-loved teacher well-known artist  Use a hyphen with the prefixes ex-. Exclamation point  Use exclamation point to show emphasis or intense emotion. For compound numbers from twenty-one to ninety- nine Example: forty-one seventy-seven b. and with all prefixes before a proper noun or proper adjective. with the suffix –elect. Example: ex-mayor all-star non-European 6. Colon  Colons come after the independent clause and before the word.4. self-. phrase. or list it is introducing. quotation.

Example: Michael seemed preoccupied. you should first understand its meaning and usage completely. Next. second(ly).5 Transition Markers Transition markers provide coherence in a paragraph because they create powerful links between your ideas. Table 13. (phrase) 7. warning for late finally. (word) Customers only have one thing in mind today: to get a discount. However. These transition markers can be used within sentences. henceforth ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 104 . The result is the reader will be able to follow the ideas presented. received a letter. received a verbal after this. The table below shows the most commonly-used transition words or markers. before using a particular transition marker. 2. next. and in between paragraphs. payment. then.4. These are connecting words or phrases that act like bridges between parts of your writing. accordingly. Transition Markers and Their Function Function Example of Example sentence transition markers To sequence your first(ly). last(ly). Customers only have one thing in mind today: discount. between sentences. he answered our questions abruptly. The customer ideas third(ly). she meanwhile. Semi-colon  Semicolons are used to separate clauses or phrases that are related and receive equal emphasis.

It was already additional idea additionally. in ready with the code. she filed a subsequently. while. and discounts. otherwise To add a similar comparatively. similar to. however. too To introduce an in contrast. as well as. submitted. even though the receipt though. well as employees. even although. besides. was not yet found. notwithstanding. the online store is also correspondingly. on the other hand whereas. nevertheless. yet. moreover. as similarly. As result result. …together with this. particular. in communicated addition. instead. likewise. example. thus. a result. to coupons. equally To introduce an for example. together with. verbally to clients. therefore. as a receive her order. furthermore. already been contras alternatively. for instance. specifically To indicate a consequently.To introduce an also. such In using discount example or as. you must be namely. for illustration demonstrate. complaint. hence. idea coupled with. another. offering promotions identically. likewise. The report has opposite idea or conversely. The customer did not consequence or accordingly. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 105 .

debt collection. above More importantly. To emphasize or even more. missing item from the indeed. indeed. clarify a point all. in short. customer must explanation specifically. for this reason. thereupon. as a Finally. summary. in fact. more you must be importantly. . in brief. namely. they arrived or summarise final point. as a consequence. social media. finally. A call center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. and market research. thus present her order number. live support software. lastly Examine the paragraph below. fax. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 106 . courteous and patient besides with your callers. solicitation of charitable or political donations. in order. Outbound call centers are operated for telemarketing. wherefore To introduce a that is. An inbound call center is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Collective handling of letter. To draw to a close to conclude. the restatement or indeed. More specifically. and e-mail at one location is known as a contact center. No transition marker is used in the paragraph. at a solution to the in conclusion.

social media.4. live support software. and market research. outbound call centers are operated for telemarketing. (complete) ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 107 . Constructing sentences is governed by rules. An inbound call center is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. A call center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. 2. Meanwhile. it is quite clear that the second paragraph is easier to read and understand because the reader is guided from one idea to the next. (incomplete) The customer places an order. On the other hand. Although both paragraphs give the same information. In addition to a call center. collective handling of letter. Completeness All English sentences must have a subject and a verb. However. Completeness states that all this part of the sentence must be present. There are times that a verb requires an object that will receive the action. It used transition markers. solicitation of charitable or political donations.6 Sentence Construction Sentence construction has been discussed in page 59 of this module. and e-mail at one location is known as a contact center. examine the paragraph below. fax. (incomplete) The test is difficult. This is called the direct object. Grammaticality of sentences can be judged by the following: 1. let us have a review on the tips and rules on sentence construction. Example: The test difficult. (complete) The customer places. debt collection.

cannot occur before a verb. Word combination Some words can occur together while some words.7 Jargons Jargons are special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand. For example. For an in depth discussion on jargons. an and the. a. Word Order The linear word order for the English language is subject-verb- object. may make a sentence sound ungrammatical. Example: The customer complained the late delivery. Process Task 1: Spell Me Direction: Listen carefully as your teacher reads a word. refer to page 47 of this module. ‘the escalated’ is not the right combination of words because articles. In a sheet of paper. S-V-O. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 108 .4. 2. 2. S V O 3. spell the word mentioned by your teacher. This word order is most commonly used for declarative sentences. if put together.

Try to correct and rewrite the paragraph. incorrect sentence construction. telemarketers. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 109 . Call center employees or contact center staff is usually known as call center agents. customer support. Many developing countries such as Philippines.Task 2: Correct Me Directions: Below is a paragraph about call centers in the Philippines. India and countries in South America are most common destinations for low-cost outsourcing? from these outsource locations. customer service and the like? They could either take inbound calls to customer queries or call customers and prospective clients as outbound telemarketers on a telemarketing company! Call center and contact center agents may also be tasked for directory assistance to generating leads for finance and mortgaging companies and these calls come from foreign based mother companies. Of course there are pros and cons and yet outsourcing call center agents have numerous benefits for small and medium scale businesses that would help the growth of their business by achieving short and long term goals. customer service representatives (CSR). You may also add transition markers to make the sentence coherent. missing punctuation marks. Call centers is most common form of a Business Process Outsourcing or BPO companies from the Philippines. companies top choice would be the Philippines. However. Outsourced call centers or contact centers is a group of individuals handling a large volume of calls to the company. misspelled words. and the like. there are many errors in the paragraph such as incorrect punctuation marks.

closing. clearly stated purpose complete and conveyed to clearly stated paragraphs. inside formatted: your address. there will be a need for guest speakers. closing. Be mindful of your spelling and grammar. address. inside address. Together with your teacher. Hand the letter to that person and wait for his/her reply. In line with this. purpose clearly stated purpose ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 110 . signature. address. date. body. formatted: your salutation. signature. and signature. 3. Transfer TASK 1: CAN YOU PLEASE SHARE WITH US? We are going to set a date where we will just sit down and listen to contact center service providers as they share their experiences. A least three three complete from the following: clear purpose is complete paragraphs. Compose a letter of invitation for a guest speaker. salutation. Form groups of three. including following parts is parts are incorrectly Three of the your address. inside address. Here is the rubric for the letter. and address. Body Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Needs (Content) Improvement Body includes at Missing one Missing two least three component from components from the Missing three or complete the following: at following: at least more components paragraphs. closing. A. closing. date. Your task is to invite possible guest speakers for that day. the reader. body. and salutation. date. 2. The Invitation 1. body. body. signature. inside incorrectly address. Invite them to a small group sharing of their experiences in the industry. decide on the date for the event. Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Needs 4 pts 3 pts 2 pts Improvement 1 pts Format Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement Format is One of the Two of the following correct. incorrectly formatted: your following parts are date. and salutation. at least three clearly stated paragraphs.

After listening to the talk of your guest speaker. audience. words are not appropriate for the audience. grammar and/or errors). Topic sentences and concluding sentences are used in body paragraphs. Conciseness Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement The letter is free The letter The letter contains of redundant contains no more more more than two The letter contains and/or than two cases of cases of redundant so much redundant superfluous redundant and/or and/or superflous and/or superfluous wording. write a two- paragraph essay on your insights and realizations. B. the audience. spelling (>4 errors). WELL- DEVELOPED IDEAS ___3 (ACCEPTABLE) Main idea (thesis) is clear. not distract from the message is message. My Insights 1. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 111 . Language/A Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Needs udience Language is Improvement The language is One word is not Two words are not formal and appropriate for appropriate for appropriate for the appropriate. More than three the audience. Make sure that your sentences demonstrate unity and coherence. weakened. a personal experience. minimal (<2 spelling (>2 errors). an insight into a condition.Grammar Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Needs and Spelling Improvement Grammar and Grammar and/or Several errors in spelling are spelling errors are grammar and/or Many errors in correct. superflous wording. but they do information that the wording. WELL-ORGANIZED. ___1 (UNACCEPTABLE) or something learned from a situation). Rubrics for Evaluation: Score Traits ___4 (EXCELLENT) CLEAR. Be mindful of your paragraphs. 2. reflects on a ___2 (BELOW AVERAGE) personal observation.

like . ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 112 . Descriptive. USAGE. ___2 (BELOW AVERAGE) Imaginative. unusual adjectives are used.). great. MECHANICS No run-on sentences ___3 (ACCEPTABLE) No sentence fragments Subject/verb agreement ___2 (BELOW AVERAGE) Correct verb tense usage Punctuation is correct. informative details are used. ___4 (EXCELLENT) WORD CHOICE ___3 (ACCEPTABLE) Vivid. body. super. ___1 (UNACCEPTABLE) Capitalization is correct. Introduction. Spelling is error-free. . leading to an understandable analysis of a condition or situation of significance. very. . really. and conclusion provide logical sequencing of ideas. overused. lively verbs are used. there is. ___4 (EXCELLENT) GRAMMAR. there are. repetitive language is used (a lot. Transitions are used to weave the paragraphs together. Vocabulary choice is thoughtful and shows evidence of the revision stage of the writing process. ___1 (UNACCEPTABLE) No vague.

also referred to as suprasegmentals. you may ask the client you are talking with by saying “Am I speaking too fast?” It is important to establish a speaking rate which will be comprehensible to the receiver of the message. and hand gestures. voice or vocal qualities. To determine whether you have to talk fast or slow. Know Lesson 3. This is a proof that communication is more than words. volume. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 113 .1 Rate Rate refers to the speed (fastness or slowness) of your speaking voice. eye contact. Body language that may affect the communication process are posture. Use Paralanguage Cues Paralanguage is the nonverbal aspect of speech. In this part of the module you will learn more about the proper way of utilizing your voice to achieve success in verbal communication. 3. Meanwhile. pitch and tone. If you increase your speaking rate to 500 words per minute. include rate.1. Therefore. On the average. This is also an evidence that Contact Center Services provider must give importance to voice. 3. you have to be aware of the rate of your voice. as a Contact Center Services provider will do most of the time. This includes body language and voice nuances.1 Voice In the Contact Center Services industry. It is important to note that when conversing over the phone. We slow down when we talk about serious subjects while our speaking rate accelerates when we deal with lighter topics. it will be difficult for others to understand your message. the message is not extracted from what you say or your choice of words but on the manner of how you say it. which you. its quality and appropriateness to the message being conveyed. a person can speak 150 words per minute. it is more appropriate to talk slowly when dealing with someone who is calling to complain and to talk faster and livelier to someone who is placing an order or making commendation.

he found that a communication it is comprised of 7% spoken words. the listener gets an impression of how we feel from the tone of our voice. If your speaking voice is too loud. the volume of your speaking voice during a phone call may be interpreted by the customer in two ways.1.2 Volume The loudness of the speaking voice is called volume.1. Below are some tips on how you can improve the tone of your voice during a call. a customer can sense within ten seconds whether they are talking to a sweet and accommodating contact center representative or to a bored and uninterested. As we speak. The same applies in telephone calls. If you want to encourage interaction. It affects the perception of the intended meaning of the message. the customer might think that you are not confident or unsure of what you are telling him/her. The pitch of your voice can be an expression of your emotional state. 38% tone of the voice. During a call. In singing. 3. A monotone pitch discourages interaction. A person who uses a loud speaking voice may be interpreted as aggressive or overbearing while a person with a very soft voice may be viewed as timid and shy. the pitch of a speaking voice refers to the highness or lowness of the voice. if you speak too soft. Smile when you talk on the phone. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 114 . 1. it can be concluded that the tone of our voice will greatly affect the communication process. Based on the given proportion. the wider you open your mouth and the more teeth you show means the better tone you get.1. you may sound imposing.3 Pitch Similar to the pitch on a musical scale.4 Tone In a research conducted by Albert Mehrabian. The reason behind this is not psychological but physiological. In the same manner. use a lively and animated pitch. 3. Tone refers to the variation in the pitch of the voice. and 55% of body language and facial expression used. A low speaking voice is often associated with sadness while a high pitch may denote excitement. However. Using a monotone pitch may reflect lack of interest. 3. Take note that the first one is our goal.

the variation in the pitch of the voice a. A B 1. Changing the stress on words changes the feeling. includes body language and voice c. Breathing Breathing will help you relax and will greatly improve the tone of your voice. When you are confronted with a difficult or irate caller. deep breaths to improve your tone. People under pressure tend to become shallow breathers. 3. the highness or lowness of the b. and tone of your voice. paralanguage cues of your speaking voice ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 115 . Write the letter of your choice. tone voice 3. Do this on your notebook. volume 4. practice long. Changing the stress in words. loudness of the speaking voice 5. pitch nuances d. Process Task 1: Matching Type Directions: Match Column A with Column B. meaning. rate 2. the speed (fastness or slowness) e. 2. slow.

3. What differences did you observe between statements delivered in a firm and harsh tone and to those delivered in a more friendly tone? ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 116 .com/articles/Tone-Voice 1.womensally. Modified True or False Direction: Determine whether the statement is true or false. answer the following questions in your notebook: http://www. otherwise. rewrite the statement by correcting it. visit the link below. Read the article and listen to the voice recording in the exercise. If you frown while you speak. How can the tone of your voice affect the message that you are sending? 2.Task 2. Spot the Difference Directions: Using a computer. Communication is all about words. Do this on your notebook. Then. A monotonous tone is a sign of enthusiasm. If you want to sound apologetic and humble. Reflect and Understand Task 3. the tone of your voice will encourage interaction. Slow and deep breathing will not help you when confronted with a difficult call. If the statement is true write T. 5. 1. do not use a loud speaking voice. 2. 4.

Table 14. three.2 Accent 3. Syllable is the smallest unit of pronunciation that can contain stress.7 Accent 3. Learning about word stress will be easier if you understand the concept of syllables. To stress means to make emphatic or more prominent. The forceful articulation of one syllable is called stress. A word may have one. and the unstressed.2. two. Syllabication Word Number of Syllable/s ask Ask 1 call call 1 dial di-al 2 order or-der 2 complain com-plain 2 ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 117 . Know 1. Every word contains syllables. There are three levels of stress in the English language . we do not say every syllable with the same force. the secondary stress.1 Stress In English. One syllable is articulated loudly while the others are articulated softly.the primary stress or the main stress. or more syllable.

A word has only one stress.CAN dress – DRESS 2. If you hear two stresses. native English speakers use stress naturally. Each word has only one stress. you hear two words. customer cus-to-mer 3 encoded en-co-ded 3 supervisor su-per-vi-sor 4 accommodation ac-com-mo-da-tion 5 Some languages such as French and Japanese pronounce each syllable equally. Stress is placed in vowels only. Proper stress and correct articulation of phonemes should go hand in hand. Example: can . The following rules will help you learn more about correct pronunciation of words. The stress pattern of a word can affect a word’s meaning. Examples: again after agreeing 3. However. Examples: Two – syllable noun report REport update UPdate ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 118 . 1. Non-native speakers should learn to pronounce words with the correct stress in order to arrive to a common understanding. Most two-syllable nouns and adjectives are stressed on the first syllable. so that non-native speakers of English will be understood by native speakers.

Examples: Two – syllable verbs to report to rePORT to update to upDATE NOTE: Notice the word report. -ty. the stress is on the first part. Words ending in –cy. -gy. Most two-syllable verbs are stressed on the last syllable. 5. If stress is placed on the first syllable. -sion. -phy. If stress is placed on the last syllable. patient PAtient Two – syllable happy HAPpy adjective 4. Examples: HOMEtown SOFTware BREAKfast 8. It functions both as a noun and as a verb. and –al have stress placed on the third from end syllable. Examples: old-FASHioned ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 119 . it is a noun. it becomes a verb. Examples: GEOgraphy SOciety iDENtical PsyCHOlogy 7. -tion. stress is placed on the second to the last syllable Example: scienTIfic perMISsion NAtion 6. For words ending in –ic. For compound adjectives. For compound nouns. the stress is on the second part.

Examples: fall aPART turn aWAY come BACK come IN 3. the speakers’ pitch rises and remains high until the end of the statement.2. This intonation is used when you want to tell a fact. Rising intonation In this intonation. the stress is on the second part. The high pitch at the end of the statement may mean that the speaker needs a reply. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 120 . It is also used if the speaker is uncertain or unsure. Example: Is the shipping address the same as the billing address? 2. This intonation conveys certainty. It is important to vary your intonation to keep the customer’s interest. This is why this intonation is mostly used for interrogative sentences especially for yes-no questions. For compound verbs. well-KNOWN well-DRESSed easy-GOing good-LOOKing 9. Example: The shipping address is the same as my billing address. 1. There are two kinds of intonation: rising intonation and falling intonation. Falling Intonation The speakers’ pitch in this intonation fall at the end of the thought or statement.2 Intonation Intonation refers to the way your voice goes up and down when you speak.

3 Blending Blending is the ability to smoothly combine individual sounds into a word or words in a phrase as if they were one word.2.4 Phrasing Phrasing is dividing an utterance into breath units or thought groups. Listen to radio announcements. the speaker pauses in between thought groups or breath units. Hence. practice is important. Thought groups refers to phrases in accent reduction classes. catch breath. This means that the end of one word is attached to the beginning of another word. Try imitating the statements with different intonation. intonation may not come naturally. to emphasize an idea. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 121 . to clarify meaning. and TV interviews. the final consonant sound of a word is blended with the initial vowel sound of the next word. Phrasing is done to: a. In phrasing. my nay mi zæn 909-5068 Nay now nayn fay vo sick seyt Did you like it? Didja like it? 3. Sentences are usually divided into shorter pieces when speaking or reading. Usually. b. and c. 3. Examples: Spelling Pronunciation My name is Ann. Observe how announcers or reporters utilize intonation in order to send a clear message.2. For non-native English speakers. It is necessary to identify which group of words expresses a single idea because it will not sound natural to pause in the middle of a thought group.

The smallest unit of pronunciation that may contain stress is _______________. 2. Process Task 1: Pool up! Direction: Complete the given statement below. 4. 3.// Note: / means pause // means full stop Remember that to neutralize your accent you have to apply the correct stress in each word and the appropriate intonation and phrasing. ________________ means to make emphatic or more prominent. It is now time for you to practice. Example: Is it okay if I put you on hold/ for a minute or two/ while I pull up your account?// We do have an available room/ in the 21st of November. Choose from the pool of words inside the box. 1. The way your voice goes up and down when you speak is known as ____________. 6. The word “approximation” has _________ syllables. ________________ must be used when stating a fact or truth. 5. _______________ should be used when you are asking a question or are uncertain. Blending will also improve your accent. Do this on your notebook. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 122 .

The teacher will write a phrase on the board. A group of words expresses a single idea which is also referred to as phrase is _________________. ________________ is dividing an utterance into breath units or thought groups. you will remain standing. _____________ is to combine individual sounds into a word or of words in a phrase as if they were one word. 8. 10. The student left standing will be given further training on accent. 9. Otherwise. 5. Read it silently. phrasing syllable catching breath blending intonation 5 thought groups rising intonation 6 stress falling intonation paragraphing Task 2: The Last Man Standing Direction: This is a game that will test your knowledge on the application of the lessons discussed. Everybody will be asked to stand. Once the teacher points to you. Practice pronouncing it with a neutralized accent. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 123 . you will be allowed to sit. The primary reason for doing phrasing is to ___________________. 8. 7. 2. 6. 4. you have to read the phrase aloud. If you pronounced it correctly and with a neutralized accent. This will be repeated until only one student is left standing. Follow the steps bellow: 1. 3.7.

discuss the comments you made.) ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 124 . Is there anything else that I can assist you with? 10. Thank you for calling Red Square. 7. Have a nice day matters-philippines-acquiring-70-india-call-centers 2. 8. Reflect and Understand TASK 4: Getting Updated! 1. This is Jem. Is it okay if I place you on hold for a minute or two while I check on your order? 6. Your order number is 2-1-0-4-5-8-9. Read the feature article written by Camille Diola from philstar. follow the given URL: http://www. Using a computer with Internet service. May I have your phone number so I can pull up your account? 4. 5. You may also try to read the words and statements again. Allow your partner to take note of corrections. Let me assist you with that.philstar. ( Your teacher may also provide a hard copy of the article for the class. I am so sorry to hear about the interruption on your download. Take turns in doing the task. How can I provide you with outstanding service today? 3. 1. I will transfer you to the technical support department now. 2. 9.Task 3: Read! Speak up! Direction: Read the following sentences in front of a partner. taking in consideration the comments given by your When both of you are done.

esl-lab. follow the given URL: http://www.htm 2. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 125 . What is considered as an advantage of Filipinos over Indians in terms of working in the contact center industry? b. Task 5: 1. 3 1. Using a computer and with Internet service. 2. Gather data regarding the following: In your notebook. 3. Take down notes as you read. Listen to the voice recording. Cite some benefits neutral accent provides to BPO companies. 3. write three things that should be remembered in reducing or neutralizing your accent.

1. Choose 3 activities that you think will be more applicable to yourself. Enumerate the 6 activities that will help you improve your English pronunciation. Read the given statement one at a time. Speak.Task 6: SIXportant 1.trainyouraccent. follow the given URL: http://quizlet. Read the article on the given URL entitled “TOP 6 Activities For Any Foreigner Who Wants to Improve Their English Pronunciation”. 3. Be ready to share your answer with your classmate. A. 4. Explain why you chose them. Incorporate all the aspects of accent that you learned especially tone. Check. b. You may revisit the site for exercise purposes. Using a computer and with Internet service.htm 2. Click the audio button to check if you have pronounced or delivered the statements using the correct intonation and proper accent. B. Answer the following guide questions. follow the given URL: http://accentadventure. a. Using a computer with Internet 3. follow the given URL: http://www. Using a computer. 1. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 126 . 4. Directions: Be ready with your voice recorder as you have to record your voice in the conduct of the following activities. Read the given paragraph slowly. Task 7: 2.

Contact Center Services providers must invest in their voice. the sigh. 38% is carried through the tone of your voice while 55% is conveyed through body language. Listen to the audio option in the link and compare your recording with it. conversational cues take the place of body language. Read it with a neutralized accent and record your voice. 6. Apparently.3 Conversational Cues Recall that in communication only 7% of the message is conveyed through words.3. 4. the delayed response. Listen to your voice recording. You may opt to re-record your voice to achieve the desired result. body language is not available during telephone conversations. in order to make up for this. Moreover. Listening is more than just hearing the words the other person is uttering just as message is far more than word. This constitutes to more than half of the message conveyed. Message may be conveyed through nonverbal or conversational cues such as the subtle sounds. 5. or the quick response of a person. the tones. Know 3. Conversational cues are hints embedded in a delivered statement that helps one determine the real meaning conveyed by the ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 127 .

speaker. It is true that communication does not rely solely on words. It
is necessary for you as a Contact Center Services provider to be
knowledgeable on decoding these conversational cues. This skill will
help you become an efficient and effective listener.
The following are examples of conversational cues that you may
encounter and their possible meaning.
1. If a customer is giving quick feedbacks, it may mean that he/she
is busy or in a hurry.
What you should do?
If you have already noticed this cue, you should get straight to the
point. Avoid long narrations as it will just irritate the customer.

2. If you hear long pauses between the customer’s responses, it
may mean either he or she is confused with what you are saying
or he/ she is distracted by something else.
What you should do?
You should slow down to make sure that the customer can follow
with that you are saying. If you feel that the customer is distracted,
try asking questions to get their attention and get them engaged
in the conversation.

3. If a customer uses a lively and animated pitch, it may mean that
he/she is excited or satisfied.
What you should do?
It is very important that you keep up with the energy of the
customer. Be lively and accommodating to the customer.

4. A monotonous tone may reflect boredom.
What you should do?


Once you’ve noticed that the customer is getting bored in the
conversation, try to animate the tone of your voice or rephrase
your statement in a way that will be more appealing to him/her.

Knowing how to decode these cues will help you address the
needs of the customer appropriately or respond to their demands
Although it is necessary to learn how to identify cues used by the
customer, it is also a must for you as a contact center service provider
to be mindful of the conversational cues you intentionally or
unintentionally use as you communicate. Apologizing may not sound so
sincere if you are speaking in very fast or using a high pitch tone. In the
same manner, offering an upsell may not be so enticing if done in a
monotonous tone of voice.

Task 1. Complete the Table
Directions: Determine whether the context clue on the first column
matches the interpretation on the second column. If the two matches,
put a check mark on the third column. Otherwise, place an X mark.

Conversational Cue Interpretation Judgement
Long pauses in Speaker is attentively
between responses listening to you
Lively, animated tone Customer is excited
of the voice or satisfied


Monotonous speaking Speaker is confused
voice with what you are
Giving of quick Customer is not
feedbacks interested



In this transfer task, you will be simulating a call. Below is a spiel
on placing an order through a call. Be mindful of your pronunciation and
try your best to incorporate accent as you deliver your lines.

1. Choose a partner. Decide who will be the customer/caller and
who will be the contact center representative.
2. Try to read your lines as relaxed and as realistic as possible.
3. Incorporate the correct stress on words and neutralize your
Placing an order
CSR Customer

Thank you for calling Shacks Hi. I am calling because I can’t
Shopping Center. This is _____. seem to place my order online.
How may I assist you today?

I am sorry to hear that Ma’am/ Oh! That’s wonderful. Thank
Sir. If you want, I can help you you.
place your order over the

May I have your name? so I can You can call me _______.
address you properly.


York. May I have your card number please? Yes. Is there anything else No. May I have the that? I am in front of my item number. It is Yes. 10118. The number is 105-104-987-1. shopping at Shacks Shopping Center. Your order total is $2.874. Army Watch. New York. I understand you are trying to Item number? Where can I see order online. I can assist you with today? Thank you. I’ll be using my Mastercard. Yes ____. that would be all. _____ so I can pull up your account. Bye. Item number is 156789. Men's Chrono Classic Black Leather Strap. It’s located in the first bullet of Alright. Have a great day! ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 131 . _____? Ok. Will the shipping address be the same as the billing address? Thank you for that information. That would be 105-104-987-1. 156789. Order has been successfully right? placed. Let me just repeat that. You have been very helpful. New That would be 5768-9876-4321. Yes. It’s a Victorinox Swiss the item description part. 5768-9876-4321 That would be great. Let me repeat that. please? computer now. You are welcome. It’s 350 5th Avenue. Thank you for Thank you. 081310.May I have your phone number. Would this be all. Your order number is 081310.

Well-rehearsed (extemporaneous or scripted presentation) 5 pts. 4. Limited use of filler words (“umm. The rules will serve as your guide on how you can converse with native speakers efficiently. Rubric for Evaluation Speaks clearly and at an understandable pace 10 pts. Total 30 pts. Yet it is better if you will try to “feel” the language and add the stress naturally. Accent is neutralized 10 pts.” etc. Present in front of your teacher. ICT – CONTACT CENTER SERVICES – Grade 10 132 . 5.) 5 pts. Practise together with your partner.” “like.