College Information and Comparison Chart


College 1: University of College 2: Wayne State College 3: Michigan State
Michigan University University

Location Ann Arbor Detroit East Lansing

Size of School 3,211 acres 195 acres 5,192 acres

Average GPA Act: 29-33 Act: 23 Act: 24-29
score Sat: 1450 Sat: N/A Sat: 1050-1310

GPA: 3.87 GPA: 3.3 GPA: 3.5-3.9

Part of the Yes Yes No
Common App?

Tuition per year $13,856 $9,533 $10,900

Majors offered Nursing Nursing Nursing
in your interest
area Biology Biological Sciences Human Biology

Ecology and Evolutionary Psychology Physiology
Genomics/Molecular Genetics

Extracurriculars Asian American American Red Cross Asian Pacific American
that interest you Association Club Medical Student Association

American Library Filipino Student Animosity (Anime Club)
Association Student Chapter Society
Foreign Learners of China
American Medical
Student Organization
Housing/Dorms Yes Yes Yes

What interests What interests me the most What interests me the What interests me most about
you about this about this school is how most about this college is this school is the amount of
School? dedicated and good each of the financial aid it extracurricular this school has.
the programs are at this provides to all of its They have a wide variety of
university. It seems to be a students. There are many clubs and organizations that I
well-rounded school that has different scholarships it feel like anyone could find
a great background in gives out based on a an interest in and join.
education that would person’s SAT score and
be beneficial in my future GPA.

Pros -Lots of Student -Good medical programs -Lots of Student Organizations
-Close to home -Safe city environment
-Great Medical Programs
-Gives out a lot of
-Well-rounded school financial aid

-Well-known/Good -Close community/
Reputation smaller school

Cons -Most expensive out of the -In a dangerous city -Known as a “party
three schools environment/ Detroit school”/bad reputation

-Really competitive -Not many clubs -Farthest away from home

-Not much financial aid -Too close to home