language TEST 9A unit 9

Name: _________________________________________ Score: ____________ / 30 points

1 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the 4 Write third conditional sentences. (5 points)
words in capital letters. (5 points)
I went to the party. I met Chris. If I hadn’t gone
Naomi was very angry when I arrived late. to the party, I wouldn’t have met Chris.
ANGER 1 I didn’t study very hard. I failed my exams.
1 I don’t like watching horror films. ________________________________________
They ____________ me! TERROR 2 Katie got home very late. Her parents were
2 I felt real ____________ when I heard that anxious.
they couldn’t come to the party. DISAPPOINT ________________________________________
3 We were very ____________ when we heard 3 I got to the interview late. I didn’t get the job.
the great news. EXCITE ________________________________________
4 People always ____________ me when I hear 4 Ivan went skiing. He broke his leg.
the great things they’ve done. AMAZEMENT ________________________________________
5 We felt great ____________ when we found 5 Mark forgot to buy bread. We couldn’t make
out we had passed all our exams. RELIEVE sandwiches.
2 Complete the missing words. The first letter of each
word is given. (5 points) 5 Complete the sentences. Use first, second or third
I suffered from a lot of illnesses when I was conditional. (4 points)
a child. I don’t have any time. I don’t study every day.
1 The car driver had a lot of c____________ If I had (have) more time, I would study
and b____________ from the accident, but (study) every day.
luckily he wasn’t seriously injured. 1 Dominic lost his mobile phone. If Dominic
2 I’ve t____________ my ankle, I can’t walk _____________ (not/lose) his mobile, he
properly. _____________ (not/have to) buy a new one.
3 Jim can’t play football because he’s got 2 I love strawberries. I often buy them.
a b____________ l____________. He fell out If I _____________ (not/like) strawberries,
of a tree! I _____________ (not/buy) them so often.
4 I can’t breathe very well because I’ve got 3 Colin forgot his umbrella. He got wet. If Colin
a chest i____________. _____________ (remember) his umbrella,
he _____________ (not/get) wet.
3 Complete the text with the words in the box. 4 We’re a bit late but the bus doesn’t leave
There are two extra words that you do not need.
until 4 p.m. so we can still catch it. If
(5 points)
we _____________ (leave) now, we
arrogant bossy gobsmacked nervous _____________ (catch) the bus.
relaxed self-confident sentimental
temperamental 6 Complete the sentences for the situations below.
Use the ideas in brackets. (6 points)
blogosphere l l l l l l l l l l l l l I broke my leg while walking at night.
My two best friends are very different. Jack can be (take a torch)
a bit arrogant because he sometimes thinks he’s I wish I had taken a torch.
better than other people. He can also be a bit 1 (stay on the road) If only __________________.
____________ and uptight. He rarely seems 2 (listen to my friend).
____________, but actually he’s like that because I wish __________________.
he’s shy and not very 3____________ in a big group 3 (not try to take a shortcut) If only
of people. Jill is creative and she can be a bit __________________.
____________, her moods change quickly. I was Jane didn’t do well in her history exam.
absolutely 5____________ when they said they were
4 (not be so nervous)
getting married – I’ve never been more surprised in
She wishes __________________.
my life!
5 (study more) If only __________________.
add a comment 6 (not forget so many dates)
She wishes __________________.

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