Trainee: Date: Level

Stage Aim / Rationale Language Interaction Activity / Procedures (teacher & student roles) Time
grammar T Ss Write sentences on the board. (4-6)
Make sure they’re short and simple and that they
include verb/noun/adverb

Ask to identify the verb and noun in sentences
(circle each one as class identify each one)

Briefly summarize how each element is going to
T-Ss be found on the vocabulary as it’s brought up (v.
adv. n.)

Explain how the ADVERB defines a verb, it explains
how a verb works.
Does NOT define the noun but the verb.
Give incomplete examples and have class
complete them.

Give class 1ST exercise ()
And have them complete it, have them do a 2-3
sentences from the 2nd part.

Write, on the board, slightly more complex
sentences including both adjectives and adverbs.
Have class identify and differentiate both.

Go over again the difference between adverb and

Give class 2nd exercise (33 on page 432 on Basic
English Grammar)
writing T-Ss Maybe also have exercise 34 included from the
same book

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