Final Competition
1. Finalists will advance to the Final Round

Preliminary Round Guidelines
on August 6 (Primary), August 7 (Youth &
1. All communication is by email. You will Collegiate), August 13 (Junior), August 14

receive your performance time a few days (Elementary), August 20 (Mid-Teen), August
after the final entry deadline. 21 (Sr. Teen) at the Indiana State Fair.

2. Pianists may NOT perform the same piece of
music when entering more than one category. 2. Maximum performance time for Youth,
3. ALL pianists must audition in person. Primary, Elementary or Junior level is 5

4. Maximum performance time for Youth, minutes. Maximum performance time for
Primary, Elementary or Junior level is 5 Mid-Teen, Sr. Teen and Collegiate level is
minutes. Maximum performance time for 7 minutes. There is no minimum time limit
Mid-Teen, Sr. Teen and Collegiate level
is 7 minutes. There is no minimum time
but your piece must be a minimum of 16
measures long-not counting repeats. You Presented by
limit but your piece must be a minimum must play your piece without cuts.
of 16 measures long-not counting repeats.
You must play your piece without cuts 3. Pianists may NOT perform the same piece of
and may be from memory or with printed music in more than one category.
music. Memorization is NOT required at the
Preliminary round. 4. The Final Round for all divisions will be held
5. The preliminary competition has four in the 3rd floor auditorium of the Indiana
different sites to choose from along with 25 Arts Building. Starting time for all divisions
different dates. See locations and dates at will be announced.
the bottom of this section.
6. Each participant, in all categories and age 5. Finalists must provide the judges with one
levels, will be heard by a panel of judges. original score of their music. Failure to do
Please provide an original score for the this will result in disqualification.
judges to view during your audition. No
photocopied music will be accepted. Failure 6. The finalists will be presented awards at the end
to do this will result in disqualification. of each division of their respective category.
Judging will be on the following:

a) Accuracy
b) Rhythm
c) Technique O (317) 927-7515
d) Musicianship/Interpretation F (317) 927-7514
e) Other factors/Stage presence,
Overall musical & general effect PHONE HOURS
Monday - Thursday: 9am 4pm
7. Finalists will be notified by email of their Friday: 9am - 12pm
advancement to the Final Round of
8. Finalists have the opportunity to play a CHERYL EVERETT
public performance in the Indiana Arts Piano Event Coordinator
Building during the State Fair. Youth, Primary, cheryl@pianosolutions.net
Elementary & Junior Finalists will be invited
to play a maximum 15 minute program. Mid-
Teen, Sr. Teen and Collegiate will be invited GREG DURTHALER
to play a maximum 30 minute program. An Competition State Director
appointed day and time for your program greg@pianosolutions.net
will be assigned to each finalist after the
Preliminary Round is completed.

Non-Classical. Must be for piano Purdue University. RAGTIME: Any piece in the style of Scott commemorative Young Hoosier State Piano Joplin Rags. The British Grenadiers. sonatina. Bober. Youth (ages 5-6) ENSEMBLE: More than one player at one piano.. The competition consists of fourteen Nights of Spain. America. 1. complimentary Indiana State Fair tickets. Romantic. Tahitian Sunset. Teen (ages 16-18) from The Titanic. 2016 – May 16. or boogie style. please go to www. Yankee Doodle. can be made online with a valid credit card. IN 47907 NON-CLASSICAL: Popular. or 20th-century. Blues & Boogie. Competition pin and T-shirt. etc. 2016 . The Sound ENTRY INFORMATION Mid-Teen (ages 13-15) of Music.June 1. and Rollin. Online Entry . IN 47201 composers from the Baroque.May 1.. The word Indiana through August 31. Forrest Gump Feather Theme. Theme Sr. 3-18. Columbus. these when you check-in at the registration blues. All movements must be from the same 5. Mier. Method Books and composers such as Alexander. 27-30 • Per Class Entry Fee: $5 per class entered 575 W. printed copy which includes tempo. no arrangements or adaptations.exhibitorscorner. entry. Classical. 2016. etc. The competition consists of seven separate their own composition. IN 46032 PERFORMANCE Wabash College – June 2 CATEGORIES 570 S. Jazz. 552 W. age as of June 1. 9. Carmel. On the required to pay an entry fee at the time of Beethoven. Example: Over the Rainbow. INDIANA BICENTENNIAL: Any patriotic piece indianastatefair. Carmel Drive. and Claude Debussy. All entries must be made in accordance with Collegiate (ages 18-22) INTERNATIONAL MUSIC: Title describes a the terms and conditions. Each exhibitor/pianist is Songbook. 2016 Beethoven-no simplified arrangements • Department Fee: $15 Claude Debussy: Any original composition by Debussy-no • Per Class Entry Fee: $5 per class entered simplified arrangements Enter between May 2. Entry Deadlines and Fees Ludwig van Beethoven: Any original composition by Enter between March 1. West Lafayette. Grant Ave. Definition of each category at video game soundtrack. 7.com and enter online and Original Composition. Payment the bottom of this section. ORIGINAL COMPOSITION: Students perform . location outside the United States. Sonatina. Crawfordsville. Banks of the Wabash. You must have a age divisions. Example: 8. Sonata. Fair until payment is made in full. An exhibitor /pianist act will not be New for 2016: Indiana Bicentennial. SONATINA: One or more movements from 4. SONATA: One movement of a sonata from any 6. All participants will receive three (3) period of music.Ludwig van Example: Back Home Again in Indiana. dynamic and interpretive notation for the judge. 2. Pao Hall – June 25-26 solo.. Only for piano performances. Wood St. Entry questions? Call 317-927-7515 SPECIAL CATEGORIES JUST FOR 2016: Honoring Composers 3. 2016 • Department Fee: $75 PRELIMINARY SITES Piano Solutions . IN 47933 CLASSICAL: Includes standard repertoire First United Methodist Church – June 21-22 by Bach. Primary (ages 7-8) AMERICAN SONGBOOK: Arrangements of Elementary (ages 9-10) pieces from Broadway Musicals or musical Junior (ages 11-12) films. Religious. Beethoven. Chopin. Ensemble. Music from MUSIC FROM VIDEO GAMES: Any piece from a considered entered into the Indiana State Video Games. table and verify your email address. Ragtime.To enter into the Indiana State categories: Classical. Country. International Music. and other 618 8th St. American or a piece associated with the State of Indiana. You will receive JAZZ. Fair. follow the prompts. BLUES & BOOGIE: Any piece in the jazz. 2016 ‘Sonatina’ must be included in the title of the piece. All entrants MUST be a legal resident of a Sonatina by any composer.