PG–834 MSY–11

First Year



Time : 3 hours Maximum marks : 75

PART A — (3 × 5 = 15 marks)

Answer any THREE questions.

Each answer not to exceed 1 page.

1. Describe the general characteristics of psychology
as a science.

2. Explain the mechanism behind visual sensation.

3. Bring out the meaning and types of transfer of

4. Point out the motivational factors in aggression.

5. Define aptitude and give some examples of
aptitude tests.

Highlight the applications of psychology to various fields of human development. Explain motivational concepts and examine the theories of motivation. Explain the process of perception. Distinguish between attention and perception. Each answer not to exceed 4 pages. 7. 9. 11. 6. PART B — (4 × 15 = 60 marks) Answer any FOUR questions. —————— 2 PG–834 . 10. Write in detail about emotional expression and perception of emotion. Analyse two-process theories of memory. What is operant conditioning? Explain of the principles of reinforcement in operant conditioning. 12. List out the purpose of personality testing and explain the common paper-and-pencil tests used in personality assessment. 8.

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