Oracle Corporation. AutoDesk. The company has been a successful software development vendor for various firms based out of USA and Europe including IEEE. PHP frameworks ( An area of expertise developed by Samyak is that of search engine optimization (SEO) which has proved to be a business value stimulator while developing web applications. with20 classrooms at four locations and projectors for A/V support. mobile applications development. Company has been developing projects on Embedded as well as MATLAB for international clients in last few years. Certification Exams by Microsoft. 4. Avaya Inc and A3Logics India Ltd. Project Stage-1 (Minor Project) for all disciplines. Placement Readiness Program ( Aptitude + Reasoning + Communication Skills) 8. HTML and Oracle. We have with us. Joomla) and C / C++ platforms to deliver required products. Mock Interviews to assist students and guide them for improvements. by providing Customized yet SMART solutions and services. Intersources Inc on various technologies like dot Net. 3. For trainings. Samyak offers an array of services including product development. and custom software development that helps create business value for its clients. and fifteen years of proven IT experience in reputed companies. we have a strong team of experienced professionals at the back end. being authorized testing partners. In addition to providing IT services and software development.samyakinfotech. 5. Software Testing. excellence. where there is an overflow of enthusiasm to reach the top. the founder has closely experienced both as an employee and as an employer. we understand the meaning of employability and have started the company in Jaipur with the sole aim of bridging the gap between university education and the Industry requirements by conducting employment driven training which would benefit the candidates and the Industry. SEED Infotech. 2 Page ISO 9001:2008 Certified Project Based Company . transparency.. We have infrastructure with about 100 PCs and various lab equipment.. this may be part of internship program too. PHP. Adobe etc in campus . who are directly from industry and certified in their fields. Offering 1. 4-6 weeks Program on different topics. to make you industry relevant. He has served in MNCs like Hewlett Packard (HP). While working with these companies. creativity and quality. Mission & Vision To be the most aspired training & technology partner. Company is50+ people strong in this short span of time.Master latest technologies. Thus. Free Workshops / Seminars of 2 Hrs on various topics for student awareness. now we have entered into corporate as well as retail trainings too. Background With an Engineering Degree in hand from renowned Govt Engineering College from Rajasthan University. Aptara. Sapient Inc. Although it is called a START UP in the industry. The company is proud of its strong and talented developer pool with a diverse range of skill set that extends over MATLAB. Company Profile Samyak IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is a trusted name for the innovation. Project Stage-2 (Major Project) for all disciplines. he identified significant gap in employability and education indulged for graduation. 7. Java / J2EE. 2-3days Workshop (Paid) with practical on various topics. Symantec Corporation. . Oracle. and being a key person responsible for hiring. we have experienced in-house as well as corporate trainers. their proficiency in complete training solutions guided by our renowned training partner. Android. HP. QA (manual testing and automation). Further details are available on the company website www. 6. .

SDLC & Project Implementation iPhone with Live Project 1. Fundamental of Ethical Hacking 2. Intent 5. Android with Live Project 1. Connecting with the Internet 10. SDLC & Project Implementation Cloud Computing with Live Project 1. Virtualization & System Cloning 3. Twitter API Integration 6 Hrs 60 Hrs 60 Hrs 8. iPhone SDK 4. Email Hacking & Security Issues 10. Facebook Hacking & Security 11. Google Database Hacking 8. Working with Data (SD Card) 12. Playing with Viruses. ATM Card Frauds Security & Cases etc. Key-loggers & Spywares 6 Hrs 40 Hrs 40 Hrs 7. Facebook. Website & Database Hacking Attacks 12. Deploy virtual machines Page 6. Basic UI Building 3. MAPKIT Demo 6 Hrs 40 Hrs 40 Hrs 7. Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6 Hrs 40 Hrs 40 Hrs 4. Controls Programming ₹ 900 ₹ 7500 ₹ 15000 5. In-Campus Training . Overview of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform architecture ₹ 900 ₹ 7500 ₹ 12500 2. Proxy Server & VPN Technologies 9. Database access using SQLlite 10. Advanced UI Creation 4. Content Provider 7. Interaction to other Application 9. X-Code 2. Location based services with GPS 11. Service ₹ 600 ₹ 3200 ₹ 10000 6. Hacking By Batch Programming & Scripting 6.Per Student Rates for Minimum 60 students Technology (Detailed Contents) Workshop In House Retail Price Ethical Hacking with Case Studies 1. Learn about the future of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform ISO 9001:2008 Certified Project Based Company . Unit Testing Android 9. Taking a photograph 13. Windows Hacking & Security (Win 8 & Win 7) 4. Manage users and projects 3 5. Data Hiding Techniques & Investigation ₹ 650 ₹ 3500 ₹ 9000 5. Programming Media 6. Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 3. Twitter API Integration 8. Android Basics 2. Objective-C 3. Android Hacking & Security 13. Trojans.

1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals  Conversion Functions. Sequences. File sharing with NFS & CIFS. Software Testing by HP (Manual & Automation) 1.5 48 Hrs 48 Hrs 5. Certificate by HP (Not by HP) 6. Group Functions. User administration. VuGen 11. Courseware (Printed Material) by HP Oracle Certified Associate (By OCP Certified Professional) 1.5 (earlier QTP) ₹ 12500 ₹ 19500 3. Network user accounts with LDAP 12. Configure backup or compress data using TAR 7. LVM) 6. Indexes. and Joins  Subqueries. Network Configuration and IP addressing 9. and Data Manipulation  Using DDL. Views. DNA caching server 24. Authorization & Auditing 4. Managing file system (Partitions. 1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I ₹ 1000 ₹ 6500 ₹ 12000  Database Architecture and Installation  Database Creation and Instance Management 6 Hrs 60 Hrs 60 Hrs  The ASM Instance and Network Connectivity  Storage Structures and User Security  Managing Concurrency. File systems with graphical & CLI 2. basic commands & some bash tricks 3. Authentication. FTP Server 23. File security with GNUPG 16. Load Runner 11. and Synonyms 2. System Monitors & Logs maintenance 19. Set Operators. UFT 11. Trouble shooting & kernel maintenance. Understanding a boot mechanism 8. Process Managements 14. Undo. RPM & YUM installation 10. Manual Testing concepts.5 6 Hrs 4. RPM building or package managements 17. permissions & access control list 5. Basic SMTP configuration 22. Some Network & User monitoring commands 11. Network Monitoring & Advanced network configurations 18. Apache web server configuration 21. Scheduling Tasks & Maintaining Kernel ₹ 750 ₹ 5000 ₹ 11000 13. SSH & NTP servers 20. Understanding of Virtual Machines 6 Hrs 60 Hrs 60 Hrs 15. and Auditing  Managing Database Maintenance and Performance 4  Backup and Recovery Page  Moving Data and Oracle Support ISO 9001:2008 Certified Project Based Company . Technology (Detailed Contents) Workshop In House Retail Price Linux with Practical Sessions 1. ₹ 650 2.

International Level Certifications. these can be conducted in college campus with the assistance provided by Samyak IT Solutions Pvt Ltd being authorized Certiport (A Pearson Co. 5 Page ISO 9001:2008 Certified Project Based Company .) Testing Partner.

HP-UX etc.Tech(CS) is highly educated and is certified Testing Specialist. Catia. mPress. He has about 2 years of teaching experience in Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security. He has 15 Years of Proven Software Engineering Experience and 7+ Years into the Project Management. is Oracle certified Professional (OCP) and has been in industry for about 21+ years now. SSIM). Resultspace. Has trained 50000 professionals till date. Mr Mithun Vermais B. has authored many books in CAD and others. Software Testing. Teaching has been his passion. RDBMS. Sapient (Resultspace). Systweak and He has contributed significantly in testing various mission critical products. Project Management and Agile Specialist. He is also Certified 6 Information Security Expert (CISE) and has conducted various seminars on networking as well Security related topics. Mr Rahul Vyas. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Project Based Company . Mr Abhishek Saini is B. He has also been into corporate trainings for many of the technologies since last 7 years. the President and CEO of Samyak IT Solutions. Mr Rajan Mishra. is a Software Testing. He has trained more than 5. He has contributed into many renowned products while working with the corporations like Hewlett Packard (HP-UX). HP QC M-16. Meltwater (mNews. CorelDraw. A strong desire to establish himself as an entrepreneur and provide much needed skills to industry led to the idea of starting Samyak. He is a consultant to CBI & Rajasthan Police for such investigations. he has been an imperative fraction of automation team for state of art products like One- X. He has delivered corporate trainings in dotNet and C/C++ in various companies. Mr Pravesh Sharma. He has expertise in AutoCAD 2D. M. Page He has trained about 2000+ students till date. Symantec Corporation (SLIM. In nexus to this. Avaya Inc (One-X). Credentials Mr.. MCA is Microsoft Technology experts and has been training for about 4 years. He has also served as Assistant Professor in Arya College from year 2005- 2007. He has significantly contributed in companies like CBC for about 15 years in the same domain. Mr Peeyush Mittal has been in Software Testing field for 8+ years and has worked with companies like Pratham Software.E. He has expertise in ERP implementation as well as DBA. Amdocs. Pro-E and many other similar Mr Romil Agrawal.Tech (E &C) and is Certified Cisco Professional (CCNA &CCNP). 3D. He has 5+ years of experience in teaching and 2 years of Industrial Experience.linkedin. and has been training students as well as professionals for many years. Manish Mittal. He acquired Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rajasthan in 1998 and holds various technical/professional certifications in HP QTP M-16. Oracle Corporation (RDBMS). A3Logics and Excelsoft (Pegasus) to name a few. He comes from Ducat and Compucom. has conducted various seminars on these topics. mBuzz). Java. He is also a Google Certified Professional. Database and Designing. His detailed profile can be viewed at http://www.C++. B.000 students till date in C. ISEB ISTQB and ITIL.Tech (E &C) and is Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) from EC Council.

SMM & SEM technologies. He has trained more than 7500 students till now on various topics in M. Jayant has been supporting various industries and has installed various PLCs from scratch. He has been associated with Samyak since inception. B. Mr Mukesh Raiya. Revit & Primavera. He has proficiency in PHP. Mr Khagesh Khandelwal. He has worked in various industries and has rectified issues related to PLC in many companies. Teaching has been his passion and he has trained about 2500 students till date on MATLAB. B. Director of BigM Softech Pvt Ltd is highly motivated dotNet & DevExpress Professional himself. He has also done CS50x from Harvard University.Tech. He has trained various students and has conducted corporate level seminars in past. Mr Chandan Gaur B. Dr Sandeep Poonia.Tech as well as Polytechnic students since last 5 years. Mitsubishi.B.D. Considering the need of skilled resources. Mr Hitendra Singh Rathore. B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) is certified Embedded Developer and is winner of Best Autonomous Robot in RoboCon( An Asia Pacific Fest).Tech (Electrical Engineering) is MATLAB Expert.D. RHCE( Red Hat Certified).. Staad Pro. He has great exposure of working with SEO.Tech as well as Ph. CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).Tech in CS is highly motivated and skilled professional. M. He is RHCE (Red Hat Certified) and has also secured Red Hat Cloud in OpenStack & Red Hat Data Storage Certifications. He has worked in Yourktech Pvt Ltd (New Delhi) for about one year on MES as well as MATLAB projects.Tech (IT) and is Certified Cisco Professional (CCNA & CCNP) along-with certifications in MCSE (Microsoft Certified) . His expertise lie in Allan Bradly. Mr Jayant Kumar .Tech (Civil) is highly motivated professional and has been training B. Gaurav was employed with RandStad. and Siemens & Omron PLCs with corresponding SCADA. AutoCAD. He has developed more than 20 Products and has been working on enhancements / new releases for a long time. Google Certified Professional and CISP (Information Security Expert). He has vast experience of working with NHPC Ltd too. iPhone. Australia for about 3 years and started developing his own software in dotNet as well as DevExpress. He has worked on many international projects in MATLAB and has specialization in ‘Powered Systems’ & ‘Power Electronics’. Mr Gaurav Sharma. B. Mx Road. He has trained 5000+ students till now and has been helping various students in grooming. 7 Page ISO 9001:2008 Certified Project Based Company . Teaching has been his passion and he has trained more than 2000 professionals till date in Civil 3D. B. Ph. Android and various other niche technologies.Tech (Electrical Engineering) is PLC/SCADA Expert.E. (IT) is highly experienced Digital Marketing Professional.Mr Kripal Cahudhary is B. He has 7+ years of industry experience and has marketed (SEO) more than 100 websites for international as well as national level clients. Mr Gaurav Bhatnagar. he take corporate classes and has trained thousands of students till now. SMO.Tech (IT)is Cloud and Vrtualization Expert.

8 Page ISO 9001:2008 Certified Project Based Company .