(CHAPTERS 103-199)

Christopher decided to summarize all the steps in a book that he had followed since
then to try to discover the responsible of the Wellington death. His written was
supervised by his teacher, Siobhana.

One day, the young boy returned at his house from school and he gave all his school
material over the table kitchen. After some minutes, his father arrived home after work
and he found Christopher’s book about his investigation. Suddenly, at that moment his
father became very angry and he began discussing with his son. In the end, it finished
horrifyingly, they stared hitting and finally, Christopher blacked out and his father took
his son book. After this tragedy, Christopher's father apologizes for hitting him. So, to
show him that he was really sorry, he invited him to go to the zoo.

After some days, Christopher tried to look for his book when his father wasn’t at home.
Finally, he found it in his bedroom. Next to the book, there was some curious letter. So,
during these days, he read the letters. Therefore, he discovered that his mother was
still alive and she was living in London with Roger. When his father discovered that his
son knew everything about his mother, he confessed that he had been the author of
the crime and he explained the reason why he had done it.

Finally, Christopher analysed the situation and he thought that it wasn’t a good option
to keep on living with his father. Then, he decided that the best option was to go to live
with his mother in London. So, he left his house and he started the London trip. It was
a real adventure for him because he had never travelled by train alone. During his trip
he received help from some adults, especially from the police.

Do you want to know how it finishes? So, you will have to keep on reading!


Dungaree - Mico Fairies - Fades
Herrings - Arengades Hoax - Engany
Milkshake - Batut de llet Bruise - Contusió
Tiptoed - Anar de puntetes Snooping - Tafaner
Bullocks - Bous Slam - Cop
Harsh - Aspre Dizzy - Marejat
Black out - Perdre el coneixament Nauseous - Ganes de vomitar
Stream - Corrent Turn out - Resultar