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Dear Dr. Chockalingam Kasi Viswanath,

On behalf of the Book Editor/s it is my pleasure to inform you that your chapter proposal has been
provisionally accepted for publication in the book under the working title "Porphyrins and
Phthalocyanines", ISBN 978-953-51-5372-6.

Your next step is to write the full chapter. After the full chapter review, you will receive notification
regarding the definitive acceptance of your work in the book.

In the attachment you can find the complete review outcome of the chapter proposal.

Full Chapter Submission: 2017-01-30

For preparation of your chapter please use the MS Word template.The MS Word template and Template
Guidelines can be found by logging into your Author Panel under the Author and Template Guidelines

To log in to your Author Panel please use the following link:

If you have any additional questions or concerns, I am at your disposal.

Kind regards,
Mirena Calmic
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