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lntroduction z-.)
Deepcel HP 4-5
Paralyte HP 6-7
ParaLyle2424 8
Lytecel HP 10
Lighting Data 11
Product Selector 12
Ordering Guide 13
Lightof ier 2x2's.
The perfect parabolics.

Originallty and attention to detail have
always been the ha lmarks of Lighto iels
approach to lighting. And nowhere is
this spirit more evident than in the latest
introduction of our greatly expanded ., '
ser es of 2x2 parabolics.
Lightoliers new off ering spotlights our
"High Performance" series. These
exciting new "HP" parabolics, in a 2x2
conf guration, grve a non-directional,
c ean appearance to any lighting p an.
They offer efiicient periormance and
incorporate the newest, most advanced
compact f luorescent ight sources ava l-
able-the compact U-shape and biax-
lal lamps. With these new lamp options,
the Lightolier "HP" parabolics can often
rep ace conventional y lamped 2x4'sl
The Lightolier parabolics feature total
compatibility with a I ceiling types, with
the rewesr ParaLyre models be ng spe-
cifically designed for a perfect fit in the
latest narrow runner ce ling systems.
This full line of parabo ics emphasizes
va ue, ease oi installation and a range of
pertorrrance Io sat s'y [he reqL re-
ments of even the most demanding
p,oiects. No lorger a comp'onise
these latest lnnovations bring a new
dimens on to high quality f uorescent
lighting, maklng Lightolier parabolics
the lighting system of choice.
Whatever the layout, whatever the con-
straints, you'l f ind a Lightolier 2x2 {or
your specif ic project. Use the Product
Selector on page 12 to choose your
Lightolier perfect parabol c.
40W b axia 31W compact Ll shape,conventiona 40W U.

r-r<tr-rT(>r-r Err"2
The versatile 2x2 parabol ic.
Lighto ers Deepce llP parabolic ls an
extremely versat le 2x2 of except onal
qua ity. lt has been designed and eng
neered to accommodate the interre-
lated demands of today's cerling
system designs, amping opt ons
and aesthetic req u rrernents.
Deepce HP s avallab e in a standard
9-ce I vers on. lt f its al celling systems
provides ful air handlrng capabil ty, and
accommodates the new compact
U shape or brax a compact f uorescent
amps, as wel as conventiona 40W
U- amps. Deepcel HP, using three com-
pact f uorescent lamps, actua ly
out performs a conventiona 2x4, three
4OW-lamp fixture. See the Product
Se ector, page i2, for detai s.
s deal for
This h ghly eff icient f ixture
offlce and reta lspaces where high ight
leve s are requrred, effectlve glare con-
tro is a must, and shal ow plenum con
siderations are lmportant.
Deepcel HP offersr
1 Flexibility.
Fits a I ceiling systems.
2 Choice of light sources.
Deepce HP can accommodate three
compact U-shape or biaxial lamps. The
companion product is the conventional
two 40W U- amp Deepce .

3 Low iridescence.
The 9-ce l3" deep aluminum ouver has
a special coating that reduces"rainbow ng"
caused by tri-phosphor I ght sources.
4 Energy efficient.
Compared to a 2x4 f ixture using three
ow energy amps, Deepcel HP uses
less energy.
5 Lower maintenance costs.
With a 20,000 hr amp lfe, Deepce HP
reduces planned re ampings which in
turn lower maintenance costs.
6 Full air-handling capability.
Hand es both air supply and return, and
heat extraction.
7 Ultra-shallow construction.
Only 5r/4" deep. Flts today s sha low
p enum specif ications.
8 Fast wiring.
Qurck-access p ate (3" x 3") perm ts
wrring without open ng fixture, and
includes two 1s" K.O.'s. Accepts L ghto-
ller's Power Snaps F exlble Wiring System.

r- r<iFlT(>t-t t= I{ 4
Paralyte HP
The evolution of the perfect 2x2parabolic.

Paralyte HP is an exc ting additlon to 2 Two different lamping options.
the new I ne-up of Lig hto ier 2x2 para- ParaLyte HP optlons lnclude three
bo ics. lts ded cated deslgn uses the compact U-shape or biaxia compact
advanced "ParaLyte" construction f luorescents n a 9-cell louver.

techno ogy which creates an easy to 3 Versatility.
handle, photometrlca ly superior lumi- One flxture tr m fits slotted g rid
naire. And since ParaLyte HP is a exposed g rid or two dlrectlona con-
"grass roots" design, it perfect y fits
cealed grid ce llng systems.
today's narrow runner ceiling systems,
4 No reveal.
and accommodates the new compact
The f u l-size ouver e iminates the
U-shape and biaxial lamps.
black revealwhen flxture is used in
exposed gr d ce ling systems, and
Size Perfected
prov des a m nimal reveal when used
ParaLyte HP is specif cally designed to
in today's narrow runner, slotted gr d
accommodate the varylng heights of
ceiling systems.
the new narrow runner cei ing systems.
Its f ull-size louver f ills the 2x2 space 5 Adjustable spring clips.
ano rr n nizes tl^e b ack revea assoc.- Spec a ly designed spr ng c ips
ated wrth tradit onalilxtures. altacn eas ly to al gr d cerl rg sys-
tems, adjust to the various he ghts of
Aesthelics Perlected narrow runner systems, and have the
ParaLyte HP rs completely non-direc- added advarrage of serv ^g as
tional so that d stracting sight lines earthquake c ips.
never become a factor ts computer-
des gned parabollc louver effectively
6 No "rainbowing'J
The Paralyte lPs ow iridescence
reduces disturbing glare.
And because each Paralyte ouver
a umlnum louver g reatly reduces
distracting "rainbow ng" caused by
has a low rridescence coatlng, the "rain- tri-phosphor light sources.
bowing" often seen on lesser qualrty 7 Maximum shielding.
fixtures ls greatly reduced. ParaLyte's 31/e" deep louver blades
Efliciency Perfected provide a 'ninimurr of 37" crosswise
ParaLyte lP's dedicated design, with and 23'lengthwlse sh e ding of
louver blades that provide a arger lamps. Vertica gra n ng reduces
ref ective surface, assu'es max mu"r lamp images.
phorometric e'f iciency. Energy-savirg 8 Easy maintenance.
ballasts, together with neW ef f icient Louver can be hinged on either s de
ight sources, cut energy costs by at oi f xture, and rema n safe y sus-
east10%:And the 20,000 hr lamp ife of pended during re amping. Ballast ls
the new light sources greatly reduces eas ly accessible f rom insrde.
maintenance costs. 9 Ultra-shallow construction.
Simpiy put, you get more ight p us a On y 51/z" deep, Paralyte f ts todays
host of unique features that put Para- sha low p eru'n specif carions.
Lyte far ahead of thecompetition. lts 10 Fastwiring.
what you expecr fro^r Lghrol.e' inno- Quick-access plate (3" x 3") permits
vation, qua ity and leadership. wiring without opening f ixture, and
1 Revolutionary design system. includes two 1e" K.O.'s. Accepts
Paralyte HP utilizes a contour- Lighto iers Power Snaps Flexible
designed steel chassis, and a high- Wiring System.
quality louver assembly which create
a light weight, photometrical y supe-
rror f ixture. 'Compared toa2x4 us ng 3 ow-energy arnps

ParaLyte 2424
The u ltra-eff icient 2x2 par abolic.
For insta lations where a f ul aperture,
photometr cal y superior f ixture with air
return and heat extraction is desired
PaaLyle 2424 should be the choice. lt
o.ov des a- e ic ercv o[72"" .rs -g
two conventronal 4OW U /amps and a
computer-desrg ned 9 or16-cell ouver
that assures excellent control of glare.
Ard r- advanced cnassis des,gn per.
mrts only one fixture trim to be used with
a choice of cei ing systems. For top
effic ency, visual comfort and versatility,
there is no equal.
Check these features.
1 Versatility. ParaLyte 2424 s spe-
cifical y designed {or todays narrow
runner cei ing systems, in addition
to exposed gr d or two directional con-
cealed grid ceil ng systems. Ony 5tlz"
deep, the chass s fits today s shal ow
plenum spec f ications.
2 Effective glare control. ParaLyte
2424slarge 31|e" deep ouver blades
provide exce lent sh e d ng of amps,
and vertrcal graininc helps reduce
amp mages. Louver assures 34'
shield nq crossw se 23' engtl^wrse.
3 No reveal. The fu I size louver elimi-
nates the b ack reveal when f ixture is
used in exposed grid ceiling systems,
and provides a minimal revealwhen
used in today's narrow runneq slotted
gr d ceil ng systems.
4 Low iridescence. The aluminum
ouver has a special coating that
reduces "rainbowing" and ref ective
5 Adiustable spring clips. Special y
designed spn ng c ips attach easily to
a1 grid ce ling systems, adjust to the
various helghts of narrow runner sys-
tems, and have the added advantage
of serving as earthquake clips.
6 Safe, easy maintenance. ParaLyte
2424's ouver rs held by hinges and 23
latches on either of two sides, and
ParcLyle 2424 with conventional U-lamps.
rerra ns safelV susoerded du'ing
re amping.
7 Fast wiring. Quick-access p ate
(3" x J') oernrts wir r'g w rno,t opering
f ixture, and includes two 4e" K.O.'s.

Accepts Lightolier's Power Snaps
Flex ble Wir ng System.

L r<tt-tT() r-t r= t{ 8
The High Visual Performance 2x2parabolic.
Lightol ers HVP offers High V sua Per
formance through opt mum control of
g are. HVP s 4" deep ouvers shield the
a"np. arrp rage and *h Le rlLerro
surfac-os. Cei ing br ghtness s greatly
reduced, thus mprov ng task v sib ity
and overa lvisua comfort, whlch
makes HVP part cularly well su ted to
CFT areas.
HVP offers a choice of iarqe /" louver
ce ls for maxlmum efficiency (9 cei ),
or sma 5" cel s for better shield ng
(16-cell). A c ean luminous cavlty a ows
a chorce o' a'np ^gs wilho-l cl-ar oir o
flxture appearance. A des gner can
provide only the amount of I qht
requrred, and sti maintain a unifled
ook throughout an instal at on. And w th
three compact U-shape or b axra
amps, HVP 2x2 can often replace a
conventiona 2x4
HVP's quality features include:
1 Eftective glare control. Parabo ic
louver b ades; sem specularanodzed
a uminum reflector sheet: contoured to
assure shielding of amp amp mage
and wh te rnterior surfaces.
2 Flexible lamping. C ean h gh ref ec-
tance um nous cavity perm ts cho ce of
three compact U-shape or biax a
lamps. Also avar abie is the conven
tiona two 40W U amp HVP
3 Low energy ballast. Low energy,
ful ight output bal astisstandard.
Mounted outside cavlty for coo er oper
ation, longer lfe. Snap-in bal ast cover
4 Easy relamping. Spring stee
latches and hinge p ns concealed n air
s ot, automat ca y center ouver Louver
may be hung from either s de, operates
with f nger tip pressure.
5 Compatible with all contemporary
ceiling systems. There s a f xture tr m
to match many ceil ng systems. See
deta ls n the Ordering Gu de, page 13.
6 Full air-handling capability.
Four-slded reveal with a r passages on
two sldes for arr return or supp y Pattern
contro assures hor zontal a r dlstrrbution
7 Fast wiring. Quick-access p ate
(2 r f,") pp1- t) w,r rq wiltsoL' opor 'rg
frxture, and includes two le" K.O.s.
Accepts L ghto ier's Power Snaps
HVP with biaxial lamps. F exib e Wrring System.
r-r<ir-r r<>r-r l= p'9
Lytecel HP
The ultra-low brightness 2x2 parabolic.
The new lytece HP s the Jirst cho ce in
any nstal at on where a hrgher footcan
dle evelthan that provided by conven-
'iora 1,, 'a.1ped,yrece I lLro5 is
required. Lytecels one prece injection-
molded acrylic louver ts composed of
comp eteiy modula; optica iy finished
ref ector ce ls that assure ultra low
br ghtness. Lytece offers a r hand ing
capabi ity s U.L. I sted for air supply or
return and heat extraction, and f ts al
contemporary cei ing systems
Check these qual ty featur-os:
1 Ultra-low brightness.
One-piece, inlection molded acry c.
Modu a. re le, lo' cet s o.e f - | size
1112" x11lz" xl". Vacuum depostted
aluminumf nish wth s ight yt nted lac-
quer provrdes ultra low brightness at
normal vrewtng ang es and concea s
f noerpr nts This finish al ows the um
naire to blend with the cei ing. avoiding
a dark hole n the ce i ng.
2 Choice ol light sources.
Lytece HP accepts three compact
U-shape or biaxia compact f uorescent
lamps. Compan on product to the
Lytecel HP s the conventiona two
4OW U-lamp Lytece
51la' 3 lnvisible louver support frame.
Frame s totai y concealed above louver
wh ch creates a f loating louver appear-
Lytecel HP with compact U-shape lamps. ance. Frame a so retains ouver hard-
ware and provides a mechanica ight
trap. No gasket required.
4 Energy saving ballast.
Low energy, ful ight output bal ast is
5 Full air handling capabitity.
Hand es both air supp y and return, and
heat extractron.
6 Heat extraction standard.
Four heat extraction vents on each side.
Hooded for maximum cav ty ref lectance
7 Compatible Design.
There s a f ixture tr m to match most of
todays cei ing systems. See detai s in
the Ordering Gu de page 13.
8 Fast wiring and easy installation.
Qu ck-access plate (3" x 3'') permits
wrring without opening fixture, and
Lytecel HP with biaxial lamps. ncludes two 48" K.O.s. Accepts Lighto
er's Power Snaps Wirino System.

t-t<iuror-r rre'10
Lighting Data.
lllumlnalbn al ! Polnt
Sl.rgl€ Unlt AYengs lllumlmtlon: lrultlplo Unll8
Floom Reflectances Coelfclenls ot utlllzrtlon Oulck Crlculsto{
80% Ceiling for 20% Etfective Fioom Rellectances
50% Walls, 20% Floor Floor Cavity Retleclance 80% CeilirE, 50% Walls,20% Foor
lJ Llminaire Location RCR= 1 (Fm. ,,vork plane)
Widlh=]o x Mtg. Ht. abor'e
- Large Room RCR= 5 (Rm. Width=2 x Mlg. Hl. above work plane)
Small Room RCR= 10 (Rm. Width=Mtg. Ht. abo!€ vork plane)
Ht. Abor'e Work Plane=6'

Spacing Ratio: % Elleclive CeilinA Cavity Rettectance
Lenglhw se: 1.2
Crosswiser 1.4
VCP (for 100 fc)
60'x 60'x 8Z' Foom
Lenglhwise: 84
t .56 .52 .48
.56 .58
Orosswise: 88 .50 .45 .42 .48 .44 .45 .42 .44 -.1<-- -__...+_
.45 .40 .36 .43 .39 .36 38 .35
Average ? .40 .35 .29 .U .31 .37 .33 .31
Brightness @65" .36 .31 .24 .35 .30 .27 .33 .n27
.24 .31 .27 .24 30 .26 .23
Lengthwise: 785 fL .29 24 21 .24 .24 .24
Crosswise: 220 fL

De-epcel HP_ 3-L1..40W Biaxial

Spacing Ralio:
% Efiectiv€ Csillng Cavity BelLeclance
Lenglhwlse: 1.2
Crosswise: 1.6
VCP (for T00 fc)
\ -
60'x 60'x Bl'
Lengthwise: 81
R oom I 1
.65 .62
.59 .55
.52 .53 .50
.58 .56
.53 .51
Crosswise: 86 .54 .49 .46 .44 .45 .49 .46
5 .43 .40 .45 .42
Average ? 6 .44 .39 .36 .34 35 .41 .37
Brighlness @65' T .40 .35 .31 .34 ,31
Lengthwisei 789 fL ,36 .31 .28 .31 .27 .33 .30
33 .24 24 .K .27
Crosswise: 187 fL

Paralyte HP 3 Lt..3lW Compact U.Shape
Efficiency: 72.6% lNmAr FoorcaNDLEs
Spacing Ratio: 2

Lefglhw se: 1.2 4 1
% Efteclive Ceiling Cavily R6l eclanc€
Crosswse: 1.5
VCP (for 100 lc) 13
60'x 60'x Bl' Room 15 a
Lengthwise: 79 21 n k 2 .64 .63 .61
3 .55 .57 .57 .5!
cpigwEg- q2 30
.52 .48 .51 .52 .49
Maximum Average -2',' 5 .46 .42 .45

Brighlness @65'
z 6 .41 .36 .44 .42 3A
T .36 .32 .35 .38 .34
Lengthwise: '1078 lL 8 .31 .27 .31 .34 .30
crosswise: 578 fL 9 .28 .24 .27 .31 .26

Paralyte HP 3 Lt..40W Biaxial
Elficiency: 72.67o ITL R6pod No. 337511
Spacing Ratio:
Lenglhwse: 1.3 % Eltecl ve Cei ng Cavity Rel 6clance
Crosswise: 1.9
VCP (lor 100 fc)
60'x 60'x BX' Room q
k .67 .64
Lengthwiser 74 .& 5a .54 .60 .56 .56 .53 51
Crosswise: 74 .57 .51 .47 .54 .50 .51 48 .45
.51 .45 .41 .44 .44 .46 .42 .39
Maximum Average ? .45 .39 .35 .43 .38 .41 .37 .34
Brighlness @65" .40 .34 .30 .36 .32 .29
Lefgthwise: 1340 tL .36 .30 .26 .33 .29 .25
32 26 22 30 25 22
Crosswise: 990 fL
70 63 46 32

ParaLvle 2424 2 Lt.rmWU
Eltici;ncyt 72.2o/o
Spacinq Ralio: 1
Lenglhwiser 1.2 s
Crosswise: 1,4 \
VCP (for 100 fc)
60'x 60'x 8l'
Lengthw se: 79

k .59
.61 .59 .57
.55 .52 .50
.50 .46 .43
.44 .40 .37
NaximUrn lveraSe 35 ? .42 .37 .33 .40 .36 .32
Brighlness @65 " 39 .38 .32 .29 .36 .31 .28
Lengthwse: 1020 lL .u .28 .25 32 2a 2.1
30 25 21
Crosswise: 1376 lL

r- r <r uro lr r= rri11
Product Selector

2x4 2t2 2x2 2x2 2x2 2x4 2424 2x2 2x2
18 Cel q Ccl q CFI q Cel I Cel 12 Cel g Cel I Cel g Cel

Lamps 3.40W 3.31W 3.40W 3.31W 3.40W 2.40W 2.40WtU 2 -4OWU 2-40Wtl

Ballast Type FSB Ontrnn girr rt 0ctron Blaxia ESB ESB ESB ESB

Lamp Life (hrs.) 20,000 20,000 ,*oo 2 0,000 20,000 20,000 18,000 1B,000 1B,000
cl Fixture Deplh 5'i " 5'h" 5h" 5fr' 514' 5lo' 5k" sk' 6lr"

(J Louver Depth 3'. 31/," 3k', , 3fs' 3',
o- Air Supply Yes No ," Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
(l' Tolal Lumens 9,4 50 8,400 9,450 8,40 0 9,45 0 6,300 6,100 6,100 6,100

(J 6 uru ur1
lnput Walts 131 102 119 6 9 9.6 119.6
l 81.8 8 3.4

o Lumensrulatts 7 2.1 81 I 79.0 8 4.3 7 9.0 73 6 72.3 7 4.6 731
ct Fixture
CL Efliciency
703 72.6 12.6 63.1 65.2 75.5 72.2 61.2 59.7

SMB- 1.6 1.5 t. g 1.4 1.6 1.8 1.4 1.2 1.4

22 23 22 22 22 23 22 32

39 37 40 3B 41 30 34 27 32

Mainl. FC.
90 86 96 14 B7 6S 63 51 51

coS vcP 95 91 93 83 91 93
Watts/So. Ft. 2.05 1.60 1.87 1.56 1.n 1.34 1.32 128 130
73 7A 77 61 71 54 51 42 41
c' ,92 Maint. FC.
CD> vcP 95 81 81 91 e- 94 l
83 91 93
Wattsiso. Fl. 1.64 1.28 150 125 150 1A1 1.05 1.02 1.04

.{e Average
62 59 67 51 59 46 43 35 35
Maint. FC.
6> vcP 9r o/ EJ 9' 93 el 83 91 94
Walts/Sq. Ft. 1.36 '.07 1.25 1.04 1.25 .892 .878 .852 .869

Maint. FC
42 41 46 41 30 29 24 24

Ne vcP oJ t3/ B3 g2 93 94 83 92 e{
Watts/So. Ft.
'Spactng ta Maunlng Height Balia.
910 11, 831

N0fE: Calculaltans arc based an Raan Cavily Ralio (BCB)=1.0 or less.
.6S 2 .831 .56 8 .579
Faatcandle and VCP calculaled using Lumen l',4tcra Farmal

Ordering Guide
Laylni Lay.ln/
RxtuE Trim Shod Rail Flt.ln Frame Fit.h
Conceahd Z Slotted Gdd concoaled Gdd Erposed Gdd Concealed Z

0eepcel HP. Deepcel 0eeNel

3.31W 82433WHt 82153WHt 82463tVHt 82473WHt

3 40W Biaxial 82433WU-- 82453WU 82463WU'. 82473WU.. 82183WU.'
2.40WtU 8243rUUtt 82151UU 82461UUtt 82471UUtt 82481UU

2-40WU 8313rUUtt 83151UUfi 83461UUtt 83471UUtt 83481UUfi

PanLyle HP.

3 31W 80173WHt 80473WHt 801?3Wt|t
3 40W B axial 80{73WU" 80473trru" 80,173WU*'

PanLyle 2424

2.40WU 80171UUtt 80471UUtt 80471UUtt
2.40WU 80472UUtt 80472UUtf 80472UUtt


3 31W Compact lJ-Shape CONSULT FACTOBY


2.40WlU 84132UU 84452UUtt 84462UUtt 84472UUtt 84482UUtt
2.40WlU 86432UUtt 86452UUtt 86462UUtt 86472UUtt 86482UUfi

tytecel HP Lytecel

3.31W Compact

3 40W Biaxial
67463WU" 67473WU..

2 4OWU 67431UUtt 67451UUtt 67461UUtt 67471UUtt 67481UUtt

N0lEi Energy Saving Type Balasts ate standard in all fixtures ab1ve.

"Alsa available with 2-31W canpact U shape 0r 2.40W biaxial lanps, with 16 cell law tridescence aluninun louver. Far ordering infarnati1n, c1nsult yaut
L igh ta I i e r rep re se n ! at ive.

lspecify WJ fat 277V ]CIR]N Ballast.
"Specify WV f1r 277V BIAXIAL Balast.
Itspecify UV far 2//V Eneqy Saving Ballast.
Also available arc 2x2 Pisnalux and Pisnalux/Ah lens lirturcs which accept (3) conpact U-shape, (3) biaxial ot (2) standad 40W/U lanps.
Deepcel and Lytecel lauverc nay be tnlerchanged an site.
l- t<i urot-l t: tr-'13