Paralyte S/P




Surface Downlight

t{ I


Pendant U plight/Downlight
or Downlight Only

Specif ication Features
O High Efiiciency @ Transverse Mounted Ballast
Uplight/down ight provides 80% or more efficiency; Does not obstruct optlcs or requlre counterweighl.
downlight 60%. Parabolic-shaped slde reflector, 4" Accessible frorr wrhin'ixlLre Premium, energy-
deep. Specu ar or semispecular anodized aluminum saving type bal ast standard; T-B opt ona .
ref ector sheet. Contoured for minimum 30' crosswise
shielding to lamp, lamp image and white enamel O versatitily
upper reflector. W despread batw ng dlstribution White enamel upper reflector, when lnstaled,
permits wide spacing of fixtures without "hot spotsl' creates downlight. Ref ector can be easily
removed from installed fixture to create an
@ g ective clare Contrcl upllght/downlight.
Parabolic louver blades, 2" deep, specular or semi-
specular anodized aluminum; contoured for 25' @ Sefi.Aligning Swivel Stem
lengthwise shielding to lamp, lamp image and white Permits adjustability up to 38'from vertical. No
inlerior surfaces: 10 cells. exposed fasteners in canopy.

O Fast tnsta alion @ Quick-Release Louvet Latching sysrem
Quick-mount bracket permits surface or stem Sprinq-sleel retaining clips on louver assembly
mounting at any point. Snaps easily onto housing ensure positlve fit in housing, permit assembly to
between side rails. be lowered easiiy with only fingertip pressure.

O c sp Deraiting (D Easy Retamping
Removable, die-cast aluminum end cap. No exposed Louver assembly is safely suspended on bead
fasteners. chains durlng relamping.
@ Cbanly Joined Continuous Runs @ Easy Wiring
Die-cast a uminum joiner spline; no visible fasteners. Conlinuously enclosed wireway removes easily.
Ensures clean, almost invisible hairline joint.
t- t(t t.r r<) t- | t= Itj'13
Only lve steps are needed to nstal continuous runs lnnovalive bracket design increases ayout fexibi lty when
Joiner spline creates a rigid hairl ne jont between nstaling SUrface or stem mounted ParaLyte. Bracket
connect ng modues, assuring a clean, crlsp ook. snaps on between side rails of fxtLlre housng, can be
pos tioned at ary po nt a onq chassls lenqlh.
Remove cap at end of lndividual Module.

-I It

Slide Joiner Spline onto lndividual Module.

Brghty poished 18" stem is sella gning and adjustabe
up to 38 " from vert ca . Stem can be shortened on the
lob or lenqthened with T8" stem extenson kt
Slide Joiner Module onto Joiner Spline
and connect Joiner to lndividual Module.

Attach cap removed lrom lndividual
Module to end of last Joiner Module in run.
: ii
Reta n ng cl ps on each end of ParaLyte louver assemb y
ensure a secure fit n housng, alow easy removal of
assembiy w th on y f ngertip pressure. Assembly can be
lowered from either end of hous nq and rema n safe V
rJsoe'ded on beao cha n" duriro aarrprg.
__---_= p,

Wire the tixturc.

Orderin Guide

Product 140W 240W
4' lndividual Module 18141 18142 18121 10',t22
8' lndividual Module 18043* 18044t 18143. 18144t 18123' 181241
8' Joiner /odulet * 18053' 180541 18't53. 18154t 18133' 181341
' I lamp per 4'section. t 2 amps per 4' sectlon ** 4'Joner l\,4odule ava lable lpon requesl. Consul your Lightolier representative

An lndividual Module Includes: Iwo end caps; comp ete
louver assemb y, two quick-mount brackets for each 4' or 8' Surlace
modue. Each Downlight modue includes one outet box cover
and upper ref ector. Fl- -l [-6'-l
A Joiner Module lncludes: One joiner sp ine; complete louver
assernbly; two qu ck-mount brackets for each 8' module. Each
e-l l- a-l Ln n*l l- -e -*l In
Down ight modu e includes one outlet box cover and upper Pendant
Surface Mounting: Al necessary hardware is incuded
either quick-mount or direclto-ce ling insta lation.
Jor T, trll
ll 4'
Pendant Mounting: Swive Stem Kit provides adjuslabi ity up to
38' and includesr one 18" stem, 4%" dia. canapy and hanger
-ll a ft o o'] ! B'r
plale. Order two stem kits for each 4' module when mounted Conlinuous Runs
individualy OR in cont nuous runs. Order two slem kits for each
B' rnodu e when mounted individualy or one stem kit when 8'
modules are ln continuous runs. Sterns may be shortened on the
lob or lengthened by using an 18" Stem Extension Kit.
Continuous Runs: Use one 4'or B' lndivdua Ny'odule and as n-ll* e 'l i-a A=Cou d be va.ed lorh 2" to 12"
B=49'%,L(2 x A) ror 4iunl
A=991"L(2 xA). ror 8' lfn
rnany B'Joiner lvlodu es as required. To instal, remove one end
cap frorn the lndivjdual [,4odule, connect a Joiner Modu e using a Accessories
loiner spine. Use Joiner units to continue the run. Attach the end
cap removed from the lndivldual Modu e to the ast Joiner Module FT 180rA E T 18148
38' swrvel ll S-"r Exter. o^
to complete the run. See page 4. Downlighl
srem kir I K r. Po sr-"0 Fellector to
. Polr\he.i ll . Ch'o-e F ']rsl' convert an
Options P Chrome F nish ll P Up ight/
Down ight to
Down ight on y

Ballasls: Premlum, energy-saving type ls standard. Optona ll I lll
ba lasts include I-8 RS for 4' Octron or Octolume amps.
Radio lnterlerence Suppressor: Corlel DLbi ier ltst 77V
rnax.) or equal.
Fusing: Bussman Slow Act ng HLR/GMF (120V277. Specify GIVF.
18001 Specu ar Louver
Lamps: Can be supplied and nstaled by Lighto ier. Specify CW 18101 Sem Specular Louver
for Cool White, WW for Warm White. 18030 Joiner Spl ne
Paint Finishes: Consult factory for custom colors. 18002 End Cap

r-r(tr-rT()r-l l= l? 75
Lighting Data
Surface Downlight Pendant Uplight/ Downlight
Semi-Specular Semi.Specular
2 Lr..40W 2 Lt.-40W
lllumination lrom
Single Luminaire
ll Lurntna re Locatron
2 3

Large Room 5
- Small Room I I
- 1o

Lum na re 6' Above
A 16
25 20
35 24
Room Ref eclances: 39 2a
B0% Ceiling
50% Walls, 20% Floor 44 29 14 510
3200 Lumens Per Lamp 4833i88

Coelticients ol Utilization E.R.L. Report No- 7216

20% Elleclive Floor Cav ly
Ref eciance

s 67 .80 .74
.63 .60 64 .59 58 ,59 .57 .56 71 .67 .63 .57 52 .51 .39 .37
.56 .52 57 .54 .51 .54 .51 .49 .64 .58 53 .54 .47 .44 .35 .33 .32
.49 .45 .52 .48 .44 .49 .46 .43 .56 .50 45 .45 41 37 .32 .29 .28
? .43 .39 .46 42 .38 .44 .40 .38 .49 .43 .38 .44 .35 .32 .28 .26 .24
.38 .34 .42 37 .33 40 .36 .33 .38 .33 35 .31 27 .25 23 .20
33 .30 .37 32 .29 .36 .32 .29 .39 .33 .24 32 .27 .23 .22 .2Q .18

o .29 .25 .33 29 .25 32 .28 .25 .24 .24 2A .23 .20 .24 .17 .15
o 30 25 21 28 .24 .21 25 2A 17 l8 .15 .13

llluminalion from
Array ol Luminaires
RCB= 1
\ \
(Rm. Width= 10 x Mtg.
Ht. above work plane)

(Bm. Width =2 x N4tg.
Ht. above work plane)

RCR =10
(Rm. Width=Mtg.
Ht. above work plane)
Floom Retlectances:
80% Ceiling,50% Wdls, For]LllowLrn19;M!lipLychadVaGsby0.5' soacino Farro: P'6n6r=i.z tu'p6ndrcurar=2.0
20"h Floot

lllumination lrom
Row of Luminaires

Footcand es shown are
in center of ruf ol 5
luminaires. At end of run -_-tf-
lootcandles are approx-
irnalely 50% ess.
Roorn Rellectancesl
B0% Ceiing, 50% Wa s, Sr
2Aa/a F aot. Llr ? tu q6 ! 4 rr 1 li ?.s' 55 s4

3200 Lumens Per Lamp g s
b ,.5

6/ t-t(tFtT()t-t I- t!'
O ,r" matched to ParaLyte S/P /ecessed ParaLyie
B4B is a compact 8"x48" inear parabolic fixture
that combines qualty lighting wth dstinctive
appearance. Designed expressly for economlca
instalaton n exposed TBar cei ngs, ParaLyle 848
provides high elf ciency and effective glare contro.
An optlca system with contoured ouvers and deep
sde ref ectors delvers wdespread balwng light
dstrbution for effect ve task and retal ghtng. For
complete detals, see Lghto er brochures 27078
and 27215.

t f
;d S!'.t,&ryui

ln a n)rses statian, PataLyte B18s clean liteat t'orn signals
oe o ,4^6 '".d .a .O

ldeal fat affices, the ecananical and carnpact PataLyte 818 is
unabltusive, yel very effect^/e in cantralllng glare.