The Freedom

It’s time to put YOU in the future with these goals already realized.
Finish this statement:
Isn’t it great that ...

Business Example:
“Isn’t it great that our business is transforming tens of thousands of women’s lives with
Hashimoto’s/auto-immune disease WHILE paying us $200,000 a month.”

“Isn’t it great that (Insert Your Transformational Value) +
Your Market + Your Net Profit or Growth Goal.”

Apply this to your family, health, personal relationships, your wealth, your contribution, or anything
“Isn’t it great that we are happily raising confident kids who believe in
themselves, are kind to others, and make us proud.
“Isn’t it great that (Insert Your Primary Intention For Your Kids, Your Marriage,
Your Wealth, Your Health, Your Spirituality...ALREADY REALIZED).

Here is the formula:
Isn’t it great that…. (Present Moment)

Insert Your Goal, Transformational Value, or Intention
Add Specifics (Who, What, Where, Why)
“As-If” it’s Already Realized

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