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2014 Editorial Weeble
Author: Fernando G. Rodríguez
Illustrations: Fernando G. Rodríguez
Translation: Amanda D’Singh
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-
Madrid, Spain, July 2014 NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0

“Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so
we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the
centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we
are gone, and wonder who we were, how bravely we
fought, how fiercely we loved?”

Taken from the film ‘Troy’


This story took place over 3000 years ago, at a time when gods were
confused with heroes and heroes with men. In an era where reality was
mixed with myth.

Envy, vengeance, love and war come together in this story.

A fascinating story. Are you ready to
discover it?


Our story begins more than 3000 years ago in Troy. Delphi Corinth Athens Meanwhile. Crete 4 . Lemnos Troy The location and wealth of Troy are envied by all of the Greek Lesbos kings. They Sparta have fought between themselves Aegean Sea for many years in order to gain control of the Peloponnese. Greece is divided into numerous cities with their Mycenae own kings and princes. a wealthy city located in what is now Turkey.

the god of the sun. warn the king: . the King of Troy has just had another son. 5 . Kill him!-. Priam does not believe the priests’ warnings.This child will be the downfall of Troy. Paris. He cannot kill his own son and secretly orders that he be left beside a bush on Mount Ida. Nine days later.Priam. watches in amazement as a bear suckles the child. The priests of the god Apollo. Agelaus. He takes him home as if he were his own son and secretly brings him up. the herdsman.

As a result. In the end. appreciate the fairness with which he resolves various matters. Zeus. Paris chooses Aphrodite. All three are equally beautiful. The people who know him. and by way of reward she promises him that the most beautiful woman on Earth will fall in love with him. After a few years. orders him to intervene in a dispute between the goddesses Hera. Paris turns into a handsome young man. Hera and Athena leave. 6 .Paris is raised as part of Agelaus’ family. both vowing revenge against Paris for his choice. the king of the gods. and choose the most beautiful of them. Athena and Aphrodite.

invites Paris to remain at the palace as his son. This really infuriates them and they start to chase after him. Agelaus forces his way through the crowd and shouts to Priam: . Paris participates in various tests of skill. it’s your long-lost son! Don’t hurt him!- Priam. 7 . including King Priam’s sons. despite renewed warnings from Apollo’s priests. He wins all of them. When they have caught him. beating several noblemen.During some local celebrations in Troy. surprised but delighted after so many years.Your Majesty.

a city in Greece. Patroclus. Her suitors include almost all of the Greek princes and kings: Diomedes. Odysseus. Helen chooses Menelaus. 8 . Menelaus… Odysseus asks them to swear an oath to defend the chosen one against anyone who bears a grudge. the King of Sparta and brother of Agamemnon.Meanwhile. the most beautiful woman of the Peloponnese is ready to marry. the King of Mycenae and the most powerful Greek king. They all do as they are asked. Helen. Palamedes. In the end. in Sparta. Ajax. so as to prevent quarrels between them after Helen makes her choice.

Menelaus comes to Troy on a commercial visit and meets the young Paris.Several months later. Paris accepts. The promise that the goddess Aphrodite had made to Paris was becoming a reality. 9 . In Sparta he meets Helen. who falls hopelessly in love with him. They plan to run off and. they flee to Troy. They get on well with each other and Menelaus invites him to go to Sparta with him. taking advantage of the fact that Menelaus has an urgent trip to Crete. taking important Spartan treasures with them.

By way of revenge against Paris. Paris subsequently conquers the city of Sidon and with it numerous treasures that he takes with him. 10 . They eventually arrive off the coast of Cyprus. the goddess Hera sends a big storm which does not sink the lovers’ ship but does alter its course.

One by one they all end up agreeing.When Menelaus finds out about Helen’s elopement. According to the prophecy. 11 . but they have no option but to honour their oath. even the hero Achilles. Now is the time to keep your promise.My dear kings and princes. in Sparta you swore to defend me against those who tried to steal Helen from me. he calls a meeting of the Greek kings and princes who swore to defend him and asks them to honour their oath: . without him Troy could not be taken.- Troy was a virtually unassailable city due to its high and well-defended walls.

They are both well received in the city because Helen’s beauty is such that all of the Trojans immediately fall in love with her. Paris’ brother also does the same. 12 . King Priam receives them in the palace and grants them the protection of Troy. Paris gives Apollo’s priests many of the treasures that he acquired in Sparta and Sidon. Hector. Paris and Helen arrive in Troy. As a sign of respect. thereby gaining their acceptance.Meanwhile.

In the meantime. and the ships went far beyond the horizon. It covered the sea from East to West. 13 . made up of over 1000 ships. in Greece. the Greek fleet. comes together under the control of King Agamemnon to embark on the journey to Troy. It was the first time in History that such a fleet had been seen.

14 . the Trojans were waiting for them and the first battle took place. the Greeks reached the beach close to Troy. When they disembarked.After a long and very difficult voyage.

The Greeks managed to disembark and set up camp on the beach. they realise that they cannot take the city and opt to besiege it until its inhabitants run out of food. Following a few failed attempts. they could make out the high walls of the wealthy city of Troy. 15 . In the distance. The Greeks had wanted to invade this city for many years and now they had their opportunity. next to their ships.

Whilst the siege continues. Some thirty cities fall to him. she is the daughter of one of Apollo’s priests. along with Briseida. In one of them he takes Cressida prisoner. who is King Minos’ widow. 16 . Agamemnon chooses Cressida as his slave and Achilles chooses Briseida. Achilles and his Myrmidons take the nearby cities that are allies of Troy.

visits Agamemnon and asks him to return his daughter in exchange for numerous treasures. Agamemnon refuses. An annoyed Chryseis persuades the god Apollo to shoot arrows infected by the plague at the camp. with regular battles. Chryseis. Cressida’s father.Cressida is my slave and I will not exchange her for all the gold that you can bring me .Agamemnon declared. One day. .The years of the Trojan war and siege passed in this way. 17 .

.says Achilles threateningly. Agamemnon agrees in order to save the camp from the plague and to appease the anger of his best warrior. Achilles forces Agamemnon to hand over Cressida. you are making the Greeks suffer for your own benefit.Bad King. Troy is at stake. Hand over Cressida and free us from Apollo’s spell . 18 . In the end.Seeing how the plague takes hold of the Greek camp and having found out the reason behind the curse.

Achilles refuses to fight for the Greeks. From then onwards.You bad king. You are just a soldier in my army. .I will hand over Cressida.However. you just think about yourself. The gods will curse you as I am doing now .Soldiers. - . go to Achilles’ tent and bring me his slave.declared the king.replied Achilles furiously. that girl Briseida . but not because you have asked me to. Agamemnon does not want to completely give in to Achilles and sets out his conditions: . In return I will keep your slave. 19 .

When they find out about the argument between Agamemnon and Achilles. in view of the danger posed by the Trojans and the continued absence of Achilles. the Trojans take advantage of the situation to attack the Greek camp and are just about to set fire to the ships. Agamemnon. 20 . Achilles does not accept them and continues to refuse to participate in the war. Achilles and his Myrmidons just watch and do not take part in the battle. tries to convince him to return to battle by offering him treasures and titles. After a couple of defeats for the Greeks.

Achilles replied. At some point. pursues Hector until they reach Troy itself.Patroclus.You can take them into battle. Do not go after the Trojans . ignoring Achilles’ advice. After holding off the Trojan attack. . Patroclus. but only to stop Hector from advancing. one of Achilles’ companions. since Patroclus was wearing his armour. Hector challenges him and kills him thinking that he is Achilles. 21 . asks him if he can take charge of the Myrmidons temporarily in order to hold off Hector who was close to the ships again.

young Patroclus has changed the course of this war. he decides to seek revenge and leads the Greeks into battle once more. Agamemnon sees Achilles putting his helmet on in order to fight the Trojans again and smiling he turns to his deputies and says: . - 22 .Without realising. When Achilles finds out about the death of his companion Patroclus.

Priam. Such is his anger about Patroclus’ death that he ties Hector’s corpse to his chariot and. he drags it to the Greek camp. 23 . unable to do anything. watches in horror as his son’s body is taken away. by way of revenge. There he duels with Hector and kills him.Achilles manages to hold off the Trojan army right up to the walls of Troy.

It’s not about reproach . It was a fair fight.” 24 . If only our king was like you.Achilles replies. Achilles is surprised at his appearance.Great King of Troy . The Myrmidons will escort you through the camp. Do not be afraid. one night King Priam discreetly enters Achilles’ tent.Great warrior. .Having observed several days of funeral rites following the death of Patroclus. -I admire your courage in coming to my tent. allow me to bury my son Hector as the prince and warrior that he is. .the Trojan king says. Take your son’s body.

I will allow you to marry my daughter.By way of gratitude. 25 . Polyxena . They arrange a secret ceremony to celebrate the marriage. Achilles had already met Polyxena at Apollo’s temple and he had fallen in love with her. .says Priam.

At some time during the celebration. guided by the hand of the goddess Aphrodite. the ceremony does not go to plan. Paris discovers Achilles’ secret through Polyxena and decides to ambush him. mortally wounds Achilles in the heel. submerged him in the River Styx in order to make him invincible. 26 .However. hiding behind a column in the temple. Achilles had told Polyxena his secret: when he was born. the goddess Thetis. Paris. shoots an arrow which. which became his only vulnerable part. but she held him by the heel. his mother. When they first met.

The Greeks are left without their hero and leader. the smoke from the funeral pyre spreads throughout the camp like a ghost and goes inside all of the Greek tents. The Greek camp becomes deeply dejected when it learns of the unfortunate death of its hero. 27 . During the cremation ceremony.

Now the person responsible for causing the war is dead and Helen is a widow. Following the death of his two sons. challenges Paris and mortally wounds him with three shots.However. Priam forces Helen to marry another of his sons. Priam cannot tolerate the idea of handing her back to Menelaus. the great Greek archer who had Heracles’ bow and arrows. Deiphobus. However. 28 . in the next battle. Helen no longer has anything which ties her to Troy and she gradually distances herself from it. Philoctetes.

the Greeks break camp and hide the fleet out of sight of the Trojans.he suggests to Agamemnon. 29 . By way of preparation. Agamemnon thinks that it is a good idea. the ingenious Odysseus devises a strategy to enter the city. The fact is that there were no other ideas. .We will build an enormous wooden horse inside which we will hide our best warriors . making them think that they have gone.After nine years at war and exhausted by the siege of Troy. and they set about drawing up a plan.

. We will take it to the city .Look. Priam arrives at the beach and studies the wooden horse. burn it .One morning the Trojan sentinels cannot see either the camp or the Greeks. All that remains on the beach is an enormous wooden horse.Priam. .say the priests. It looks like they have finally returned to Greece. the Greeks have gone! . . 30 .the priests tell the king.No. they have left a horse as an offering to the god Poseidon so as to have a safe journey.says King Priam.

This horse is full of soldiers. it will be the destruction of Troy. 31 . who had the gift of prophecy.- But no one paid her any attention.said King Priam once more.We will take it to the city .Likewise. his daughter Cassandra. The Greeks’ plan was working. warns her father: . And that is what happens. .

That was the moment that the Greeks were waiting for. celebrating victory over the Greeks. Afterwards. and Odysseus. they came out of the horse. led by Menelaus.That night. and they head for the city gates. In silence. everyone goes to bed. 32 . the son of Achilles. the city of Troy is holding a big party. Neoptolemus.

The Greeks open the city gates to the rest of the army which had come ashore once again. The Greek army surprises the Trojans who cannot do anything to defend their city. 33 .

Neoptolemus kills King Priam.The Greeks plunder and set fire to Troy for three days and three nights. Polyxena is sacrificed on Achilles’ tomb. Agamemnon takes his daughter Cassandra prisoner. although she warns him of the tragic fate that awaits him if he returns to Mycenae. 34 .

Only the names and heroic deeds of the protagonists will be remembered by history. Odysseus took ten years to return. leaving a trail of death and desolation behind them. As such. during those years they had provoked the anger of so many gods that they had an awful journey… Menelaus and Helen took a further nine years to reach Sparta. 35 . On their arrival in Mycenae. the destiny of the victorious and the defeated was joined forever. Cassandra and Agamemnon were murdered by the king’s previous wife. However. the Greeks set out on their journey home.After almost ten years of war.

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