Name: Miranda Urdinola

Country: Republic of Iran

Commission: The World Conciliation Brisbane 2036

Topic: Iran’s position on World War III

A big conflict is affecting people all around the world especially the Middle East. Border controls,

territory ownership and different ideas were rising many problems between countries, especially

in the Middle East and other parts of Asia. Also, many countries are suffering a falling economy.

Although peace efforts have been made, economic and military strength of SCO were able to

divide the world again in a "first" and "second" world war’s, with a “third” one approaching. It

began on September 1, 2029, when a SCO member invades South Korea with the goal of

unifying the two Koreas again. The United States declares war on North Korea and all NATO

countries support the US. Because of this SCO and NATO treaties are activated against each

other, meanwhile Iran and the rest of the world get in full war mode.

Iran got dragged into this conflict due to the alliances between countries, it all began when

Turkey invades Syria supported by Iraq. Iran invades Iraq as a revenge to help Syria. Israel

declares war on Iran to prevent an attack on their borders, meanwhile this happens Palestine is

separating. Iran keeps advancing faster into Saudi Arabia but was stopped by Saudi Arabian

and Israeli troops encountering a heavy fighting against Iraq at its borders. Saudi Arabia

regained control of it’s borders and planned the invasion of Iran with the help of Iraq, they

invade Iran and spread around their territory at an incredible rate. Saudi Arabia and Iraq had

almost conquered Iran but Iran refuses to give up, activating their nuclear weapons and

launching them across the Middle East ending millions of lives and destroying many cities,

turning the Middle East into a giant fallout zone. Meanwhile Iran is trying to fight Iraq and Saudi

Arabia, the rest of the world is in conflict too. The turning point comes in December 1st of 2035,
as Chinese troops invade Russia taking over siberian mineral and oil-rich fields. They send

various messages to NATO saying that after Russia is divided up, they are willing to discuss


The UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION disappeared after World War 3 stopping any kind of

negotiation among nations. At this point, most of the world superpowers and other countries

involved in the conflict want discuss ways to stop the war. The first approach to sit and solve the

conflict was taken in Brisbane, Australia on January, 8 of 2036. The World Conciliation

Brisbane 2036 has to decide what the world has to do next, one of the cards on the table is

creating another world organization that provides peace. Iran wants to ratify its borders, blocking

any country from invading him and in exchange of this they will adhere to the nuclear

agreement. Tehran has always said its nuclear program was for peaceful purposes but the war

gave a 180 degree turn to it’s intentions and is willing to shut it down. According to Mohamed

ElBaradei “Iran's goal is not to become another North Korea, a nuclear weapons possessor but

a pariah in the international community, but rather Brazil or Japan, a technological powerhouse

with the capacity to develop nuclear weapons if the political winds were to shift, while remaining

a non- nuclear weapons state.” Iran also proposes to not be the only country that shuts down

their nuclear weapons program but invites all the other countries around the world to sign a non-

proliferation treaty closing their nuclear programs and beginning a peaceful new era.