Global warming is caused by the increasing temperature of the Earth’s

surface and its effects to the environment due to the rising volume of

greenhouse gases. GHG act as the thick layer that traps more heat and it

retains the outgoing energy that is resulting to an exceeding temperature of

the Earth and becomes warmer which causes the polar region ice caps and

glaciers to continuously melt and leads to the rising sea level which is a threat

to the people, animals who live nearby the coastal areas.

The primary GHG in earth’s atmosphere are carbon dioxide, methane,

and nitrous oxide. Mostly, these greenhouse gases came from smoke from the

vehicles and numerous factories. Due to the continuously increasing

industrialization which leads to burning fossil fuels, air pollution, and

deforestation, another effect of global warming is the changing of rainfall

pattern in different areas which sometimes causes extreme drought and the

worsening heat may lead to forest fire. Global warming also causes the wide

spread of disease especially in the tropical/warmer regions.

Natural events and human activities are considered as the most

significant contributor to global warming. Many of these following gases have

some benefits because without them, the average temperature becomes

activities. People are more intended to travel in order to try exciting adventures. plants and even for humans. conserving the natural beauty of an environment. It is the most influential factor that drives the decision making of tourists to visit the destination. In the other hand. provides employment opportunities.cooler. sources of foreign exchange earnings. introduces them to many interesting and exciting recreational activities for people who seek to travel for their leisure or business purposes. This industry also contributes in expanding our economic development recognized by the government as one of the important contributors through commercialization. Global warming has grave negative impact of various aspects of humanity among which is the tourism industry. Tourism Industry provides services that satisfy the needs and wants of tourists.Tourism industry depends largely on natural resources. tourist spots and beautiful destinations to experience something new. promotes cultural exchange and traditional . . opening it up for business and. if the global warming continues the Earth may become less livable for animals. environment is one the most essential parts of the tourism industry. As a matter of fact.

The country is within the western Pacific Ocean. Philippines are more likely to experience global warming effects because of its geographical location. The Philippines is one of the Southeast Asian countries that had been blessed with unique variety of natural destinations and attractions. with eight or nine making total landfall. Normally. publicity of a nation that will encourage and drives tourist to visit. and to ponder the changes that is carried by global warming to the Philippines' economy. encircled by warm body of waters that may turn to even warmer as average sea-surface temperatures continue to increase.beliefs. The . This research aims to analyze and raise concern about the global warming threats to the Philippines' growing tourism industry. about 16-20 tropical storms penetrate the country’s waters annually. natural resources. and raises awareness to marine and wildlife. And also promotes the cultural tourism through safer and cleaner environment that benefits not only the tourist but also the whole community. and government policies. to define several measures and interventions utilized by the government as solution to this problem. Tourism Industry in Philippines is one of the great examples of a country that offers natural attractions despite the problems involving global warming.

It is a huge threat and hinders the Earth from becoming better for the future generation so this is not to be avoided and taken for granted. .researchers hope to educate and raise awareness on the government’s efforts in implementing environmental related programs that will focus on combatting the deteriorating impacts of global warming and also intend to give ideas of what the community may and other sectors contribute to lessen or fight the said issue.

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