Student Waiver

This waiver form must be completed by all awardees pursuing postgraduate studies in Australia.

I, JOHN PAUL UMINGA , together with my supervisor, Mr. JOEY CONCPECION ,

agree with the priority courses & universities listed below. The priority courses are expected to meet
the needs of our organisation/sector through the implementation of my Re-Entry Action Plan.

Name of Organisation : Office of the Presidential Consultant on Entrepreneurship

Nominated Field of Study : Entrepreneurship and Innovation/ Development Studies

First Choice of Program :
Master of Commerce (Specialization in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Cricos Code : 077328F

First Choice of University : University of Sydney

Second Choice of Program : Master of Arts in Development Studies

Cricos Code : 031145D

Second Choice of University : University of Melbourne

JOHN PAUL UMINGA 2 September 2016
Awardee’s Signature over printed name Date

JOEY CONCEPCION 2 September 2016
Supervisor’s signature over printed name Date

MS. MERLY CRUZ 2 September 2016
Partner Organisation’s Representative Date
(Head of Agency or HR Head)

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