Part 3 Modifying and Manipulating

Drawings 4. Question

To break a polyline into lines and arcs
1. 1. Question which command can be used
State true or false:
It is not possible to make a linear array o TRIM
with copy command
o True
o False
4. 5. Question

2. 2. Question What is the result of using POLYLINE
sub command of FILLET command
To reduce the size of an object to half of
its initial value using SCALE command
the scale factor would be o Fillet will be applied to only
o Fillet will be applied to all
o 2 objects except polylines
o 0.25 o Fillet will be applied to all
o 0.5 vertices of polyline
o 4
5. 6. Question
3. 3. Question

To rotate a horizontal line to position as
shown by green line in image above
what will be the angle?

In the image above what is the offset
distance between both the closed o 30 degrees
geometries? o -30 degrees

o 1 6. 7. Question
o 2 State true or false:
o 0.5
o 4
An object is selected only if the crossing In the rectangular array shown above in
window or polygon completely encloses question 9 what is the gap between
it columns?

o True o 1
o False o 1.5
o 3
7. 8. Question o 4.5
The command for trim command is

o T Part 4 Drawing Tools
o TR
10. 1. Question
o TI
o X To make a rectangle with length 6
units (along X axis) and width 4
units (along Y axis) with rectangle
8. 9. Question
command not starting at origin of
absolute co-ordinate system, what
will be the value entered on
command line?

o 6,4
o 4,6
o @6,4
o @4,6

11. 2. Question

In order to fill closed area with a
single color which hatch pattern will
you use?

o ANSI 31
In the rectangular array shown above
what is the gap between rows? o ANGLE
o 1 o Filled area cant be made
o 1.5 with hatch command
o 3
12. 3. Question
o 4.5
Which object snap is newly added
9. 10. Question in AutoCAD 2016 version

o Geometric centre
o Node o Ortho mode
o Insertion o Polar tracking
o Apparent intersection o Dynamic input
o Object snap tracking
13. 4. Question

To make a line with length 8 units 16. 7. Question
and to an angle of 60 degrees with Which function key enables object
respect to positive direction of X snap in AutoCAD?
axis what will you use on command
line assuming you use line
command and the first point of line o F2
is not at absolute origin.
o F3
o F4
o 60<8
o F5
o 8<60
o @60<8 17. 8. Question
o @8<60
which factor in hatch command you
will change if lines of hatch are too
14. 5. Question closely spaced or far too apart?

o Pattern
o Angle
o Scale
o layer

Turning ON which option from 18.9. Question
status toggle will make options
visible on tool-tip of cursor as
shown in image above?

o Ortho mode
o Polar tracking
o Object snap
o Dynamic input

15. 6. Question

To toggle between empty fields of
dynamic input which key can be
In the image shown above what is used?
the name of status toggle icon
encircled in red?
o ENTER What is the type of dimensioning
used in the drawing shown in image
o CTRL above?
o Linear
19. 10. Question
o Aligned
State True or False: o Jogged
o Ordinate
You can change polar tracking
angle to any angle of your choice
3. 3. Question


Part 5 Dimensioning and Text

1. 1. Question

What is the name of dimension type
used in drawing shown above.

o Continue
In the image shown above
extension line of linear dimension is o Baseline
indicated by which color?
4. 4. Question
o Red
o Green

2. 2. Question

In order to align
Multileader of drawing A to the
configuration of drawing B which
command can be used?
o Override o TEDIT
o Align o EDITEXT
o Mleader
o Collect 9. 9. Question

Symbol tool can be found on which
5. 5. Question panel of MLINE text editor

Which one is not a command for
single line text o Tools
o Insert
o TEXT o Options
o DTEXT o Formatting
10. 10. Question

What is the command for starting
multileader command
6. 6. Question

What is the command for starting o ML
table in AutoCAD
o T
o TA
Part 6 Managing Drawing
with Layer, Block and
7. 7. Question X-Ref
What is the command for starting
text style dialogue box? 1. 1. Question

Which among the following is not
o T true for an X-REF
o ST o Attaching X-Ref will not
o S increase file size of main
8. 8. Question o X-Ref drawings are not
actually inserted in the
Which command among the drawing
following cannot be used for editing o If you delete an X-Ref
MTEXT the original reference will
also be deleted
o MTEDIT o You can modify X-Ref
from drawing in which it is
2. 2. Question 6. 6. Question

State True or False: State True or False:

If you select retain or delete from An image can be attached as an
objects panel of create block XRef in the drawing
window then block will not be
o True
o False
o True
o False
7. 7. Question

3. 3. Question To change a block into normal
drawing object which command can
Which layer is automatically created be used.
when a dimension is added to the
o Layer 0
o Layer 1
o Defpoints
o Dim 8. 8. Question

4. 4. Question State True or False:

Which of the following layer can be You can’t insert an XRef which has
deleted from layer property same name as a block in the
manager palette drawing

o Layer 0 o True
o Defpoints o False
o Layer containing objects
o Frozen layer not 9. 9. Question
containing objects

5. 5. Question

What is the highest value of layer
transparency In the image above light bulb icon
indicates which option of layer
o 60
o 70 o Layer ON/OFF
o 80 o Layer Freeze/Thaw
o 90
10. 10. Question
Make a circle with radius 5 units in o CTRL + P
AutoCAD, then make a layer and
name it Drg and give this layer Red
color. Now place circle on Drg layer 4. 4. Question
then select circle and change its
To plot all layouts at once which
color to green from properties
command you can use
palette. What is the final color of
circle now?
o Green o EXPORT
o Default color of AutoCAD
drawing objects 5. 5. Question

Part 7 Preparing Layout and

1. 1. Question

To plot only a particular portion of a
drawing which option can be
selected in plot area panel of PLOT
Which orientation is landscape
among A and B as shown in image
o Display above
o Extents
o Limits o A
o Window o B

2. 2. Question

How can you change size of
drawing in your final PLOT?

o BY changing paper size
o By changing plot area
o By changing plot scale

3. 3. Question

Which among them is not an option
for starting print command

o PR