DA – Atty. Panlilio
DSWD – Social Welfare Attaches Office
DOLE/ OWWA/ National Integration Center for OWFs
GoNegosyo/ OPCE – Jap Uminga

Agency Programs for OFWs to be entrepreneurial
TESDA ASSIST WELL (DOLE) to ASSIST WELL + (with DTI, DSWD, Coca Cola and others)
Tier 1 – Sari-Sari stores
Skills training – training needs assessment was conducted to know what trainings do
OFWs need
OWWA ASSIST WELL – Welfare Employment Livelihood and Legal (WELL)

Reintegration Program – Starter Kit:

A. EDLP (Enterprise Development and Loan Program) with Landbank and EDP
Minimum: P100,000.00 (Landbank)/ 300,000.00-P2M (individual)/ P5M (group)
B. Balik Pinas, Balik Hanapbuhay (skills training, non-cash)

Partners with DTI (for the training components)
Program is for OFWs (present and former) and their families (OFW and Family Circle).

Phase 1: Business orientation
Phase 2: Immersion
Phase 3: Loan

Relief Assistance Program (Emergency)
2014: Libya P10,000
2016: Saudi P26,000 (higher because they have been employed for a while,
nagkakalkal, others are really TNT) (P6,000 for the family)
*Since 2011 (maraming nag-aavail, but low return)

Facilitation of loan – can be coursed through Negosyo Centers (Usec. Maglaya)
Startup and expansion are covered.
Monitoring: lending centers of Landbank and OWWA

OFW Family Circle -
National Balik Pinay, Balik Hanapbuhay – start 2010/ 2014 – plantilla
Reintegration Distressed/displaced OFWs – provides startup kits (P10,000.00), EDP, skills training
Center for OFWs (handled by TESDA/DTI); implemented in the regional offices of DOLE – there are
integration officers

Lopez Group. not only financing but includes training Agri Competitiveness Enhancement Funds (ACEF) – scholarship program for agriculture programs. columns. no minimum and maximum. has conduit banks. MENTOR ME: Online portal Entrepreneurship 3. Discussion with different agencies/ Identify gaps. SSF) – Ayala. head office GoNegosyo/ MSMED Council Office of the 1. 6% per annum (for farmers from the 10 poorest province – Program for Unified Lending for Agriculture). open for fisherfolks and farmers not only OFWs). Livelihood Development Assistance Program – basically the same. OFW Summit Presidential 2. government funds. and areas for integration 4. distressed OFWs DSWD Food. Kapatid Program (Inclusive Business. target is undocumented. mentor me. Consultant on Magsaysay Transportation. GoNegsoyo . they can also loan up to P5. P3M active membership (those who renew members.000 by September 9) 11. List down all programs – massive communication campaign OFW Database in Bureau of Immigration – has the complete database the Philippines POEA – database of OFWs (documented).00 minimum (c/o the region) Social Welfare attaches – at least one per country DA Assistance through ATI (Agriculture Training Institute) Credit facility – mandate (Agri Credit & Policy Council). 128 last week (expecting 1. come up with a standard FAQ (for all agencies) Share all the initiatives of different agencies – by tomorrow afternoon (send to BMSMED) Meet: one week from now/ 14 September 2016 10AM .000. presence is beyond the region.Entrepreneurship promotion – TV. has the list of repatriated OFWs NCRO .000 stranded (a lot have already come home since June) Assistance in Crisis (AICS) – P5. developed an online tracking for those who requested for WELL assistance (11. radio.000. Riyadh.+ non-members MOVING How do we reach out to those who are here already? FORWARD ASSIST WELL Centers (in DOLE or OWWA offices in the region) ASSIST WELL (Livelihood: Pass to the Negosyo Center/ 269 as of the moment. Gokongwei. others are voluntary).000 in the database) OWWA – members only (first-timers are mandatory. 2-year contract). province) Challenge – Communication (tap Philippine Information Agency) Explore a one-stop shop for OFWs. Alcobar/_) – humanitarian mission Social Welfare Assessment of OFWs Attaches Office Initial 167 OFWs were interviewed and assessed – will be referred to the region for (SWATO) home visitation (some are already home) 119 arrived yesterday.000. hygiene kits (Jeddah.