Research Paper of E-commerce

Topic: How Important are the customer reviews?

Customer reviews or customer feedback is something that is taken from our
customers about our product or services. Customer give reviews about our
product when they buy product from our website. As we know , now a days online
marketing is so popular due to their unlimited facilities that’s why Customers
prefer online shopping.
Customers check reviews of any online site, before going to shop there. After
checking reviews about online site, they satisfy. If the reviews of any online site is
positive , then it’s very profitable to that site.
Product review is may be positive or negative. If our reviews are negative then it
helps to change our product according to customer reviews. Popular method for
getting reviews is star rating. People generated their reviews on e-commerce sites
and then their reviews are published on website.
Now a days customer reviews are become an essential part of each e-commerce
website. We can say that customers are depend upon reviews.
Product reviews are the best way to maintain its reputations. Also it’s a good way
to advertise their product in the market with the feedback of their customers. In
this way customers take more Interest in our website. Good reviews on website
can attract the customers.

Literature Review: Here are the results of the articles that I’ve studied related to my topic. The more the reviewers reveal about . Positive reviews help to establish a good image in market. Review length has a positive effect on helpfulness and that this effect is stronger for search goods than for experience goods. have gained huge name in the market with in short period of time due to their positive reviews or feedback from the users. On the other hand. Big companies like Samsung . Effect on Sales: The most popular question examined is whether and to what extent the presence of online customer reviews has an effect on the sales of the reviewed products. people who think a product is of very low or extraordinary quality are more likely to write a review than those with an average meaning – which they refer to as “underreporting bias”. (2008a) argue that eWOM is not only a determinant but also a result of retail sales and thus has to be accounted for as an endogenous factor. Thus. Review Helpfulness : The last topic we used to categorize our literature set is review helpfulness. Bias and Fraud: Systematic differences in rating or purchase behavior may introduce a bias which is one of the major concerns named by authors with regard to the limitations of their studies. ignoring the bilateral relationship between review volume and revenue is likely to cause a bias and lead to an overestimation of the effect of review valence on sales. They suggest that average review valence has an indirect impact on sales because it is positively correlated to review volume. Duan et al. They explain this observation with the notion of two distinct self- selection biases: On the one hand. extremely positive reviews outnumber extremely negative reviews because people with lower product evaluation prior to purchase will neither buy the product nor engage in writing a negative review – the “purchase bias”.

In our context. The problem of mining association rules is to generate all association rules in D that have support and confidence greater than the user. Frequent Features Generation : This step is to find features that people are most interested in. we use association rule mining (Agrawal and Srikant 1994) to find all frequent itemsets.specified minimum support and minimum confidence. an itemset is a set of words or a phrase that occurs together. . this effect is enhanced if the review is accompanied by a moderate review instead of an extreme one. For instance. we first give some example sentences from some reviews to describe what kinds of opinions that we will handle. The Proposed Techniques: Part-of-Speech Tagging (POS): Before discussing the application of part-of-speech tagging from natural language processing. <W C=‘NN’> indicates a noun and <NG> indicates a noun group/noun phrase. absolutely </W></VG> <W C='IN'> in </W> <NG> <W C='NN'> awe </W> </NG> <W C='IN'> of </W> <NG> <W C='DT'> this </W> <W C='NN'> camera </W></NG><W C='. We can summarize that the effects of both review length as well as review extremity and message sidedness on review helpfulness have not been agreed upon so far. The rule has support s in D if s% of transactions in D contain X ∪ Y. In order to do this. Y ⊂ I. Each sentence is saved in the review database along with the POS tag information of each word in the sentence. and X ∩ Y = ∅. and D be a set of transactions (the dataset).their personality the more helpful are their reviews to other customers who implement this information in their purchase decisions. Association rule mining is stated as follows: Let I = {i1. An association rule is an implication of the form X→Y.'> . …. Each transaction consists of a subset of items in I. where X ⊂ I. </W></S> The NLProcessor system generates XML output. in} be a set of items. Two-sided reviews appear to be more helpful in general. The rule X→ Y holds in D with confidence c if c% of transactions in D that support X also support Y.

build an research mechanism that increase the efficiency of reviews to help customers in decision making process & According to their best suggestions. we update our product. then remember one thing that we ask question in a very smooth manner & Obviously because we don’t reply to every review so give some time to reviews to show your careness to customers. Mining Opinion Features in Customer Reviews by Minqing Hu and Bing Liu Department of Computer Science University of Illinois at Chicago. twitter. We make changes according to their necessity. Observing that people often express their opinions of a product feature using opinion words that are located around the feature in the sentence.An Interdisciplinary Literature Review And Research Agenda Manuel Trenz University of Augsburg. Linkedin etc. we can extract opinion words from the review database using all the remaining frequent features (after pruning). Feature pruning aims to remove these incorrect features. And when we are asking for reviews to customers. Future work: According to my opinion. . There are also some uninteresting and redundant ones.Feature Pruning: Not all frequent features generated by association mining are useful or are genuine features. Instagram. References: Analyzing Online Customer Reviews . Opinion Words Extraction: Opinion words are words that people use to express a positive or negative opinion.. Also we need to allow to compare the reviews of the customers & the best reviews is published on our social media pages like Facebook.


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