How to insert SIM Card Cellphone

Cellphone is a modern communication device which connects one to the others by
voice, written message and data. However this device can not work until the SIM card is
inserted. When inserting the SIM Card to cellphone, make sure that the cellphone has been
switched off and follow the direction bellow:
First of all, press the locking catch and slide the cover then lift it off the phone. After
that, push two catches in the opposite directions and remove the battery. Next, slide the SIM
card carefully into the slot and make sure that the golden connect arson are facing to the
connector of the phone. Then, put the battery and align it until snaps into its place. Finally,
insert the two catches of the back cover corresponding slot in the phone and slide the cover
forward button of the phone until locks into place. Don’t forget to switch on the cellphone.
Wait until it is ready to use.
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The Flood
By Afifah Tri Hyuanawati

One Christmas in 2007, I was joining a final test try out at school. It was held from 8
a.m. to 2 p.m. One of my schoolmates, Rini, asked me for accompanying her to the bus stop.
When we arrived there, suddenly the heavy rain fell down from the sky. Rini suggested me to
go home soon while she was entering the bus.
It was still raining when I was home. The rain did not stop and became bigger when
the night had come. People were standing in front of their house, hoping that the flood would
not come. In the middle of the night, I got news that South Purwodadi had been drowned.
The next day, Purwodadi had become a flood area. All activities were paralyzed. No
one went for work or school because the land had been covered by flood. However, I thank
God for not allowing the flood entered my house. Even my house had been changed into an
emergency kitchen. It was so crowded there. I and my father took a walk around the center
market and Central Purwodadi. All that we could see was water and water. At night, the flood
looked like a beautiful ocean with the moonlight on it. I felt as if I was one of the passengers
of Titanic who was sailing on the sea.

englishindo. Source : http://www. That was the greatest flood that I had ever experienced in my hometown. I and my family cleaned our front yard together. the flood was starting to decrease in the next morning. .

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