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Americano 4
Appletini 6
B-52 8
Bacardi cocktail 11
Bellini 13
Black Russian 15
Bloody Mary 17
Brandy Alexander 22
Bronx 25
Buck's Fizz 28
Caipirinha 29
Cosmopolitan 32
Cuba Libre 35
Daiquiri 39
Eggnog 41
French Connection 44
Gin Fizz 45
Golden dream 49
Grasshopper 50
Harvey Wallbanger 52
Horse's Neck 54
Irish coffee 56
Japanese slipper 59
Kamikaze 60
Kir 62
Long Island Iced Tea 64
Mai Tai 66
Manhattan 68
Margarita 72

Martini 76
Mimosa 79
Mojito 80
Negroni 83
Old Fashioned 85
Orgasm 89
Paradise 90
Piña colada 91
Planter's Punch 93
Porto flip 94
Rob Roy 95
Rose 97
Salty dog 98
Screwdriver 99
Sea Breeze 102
Sex on the Beach 105
Singapore Sling 107
Tequilla Sunrise 110
Tom Collins 112
Vodka martini 116
Whiskey sour 117
White Russian 119

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4% more). fluid ounce (1. List of cocktails Currently. 1 Overview IBA Official Cocktail An IBA Official Cocktail is one of many cocktails selected by the International Bartenders Association (IBA) for use in the annual World Cocktail Competition (WCC)[1] in bartending. 3 cl are approximately equivalent to 1 U. these mixed drinks are some of the most notable and frequently-made cocktails by professional bartenders around the world.S. As such. IBA Cocktails are specified in centilitres (cl) rather than the more commonly used millilitres (ml). the IBA Official Cocktails are divided into three categories: The Unforgettables • Alexander • Dry martini • Porto flip • Americano • Gin Fizz • Ramos Fizz [2] [3] • Rusty Nail • Angel Face • John Collins • Aviation • Manhattan • Sazerac • Bacardi [4] • Screwdriver • Mary Pickford [5] • Monkey Gland • Sidecar • Between the Sheets [6] • Negroni • Stinger • Casino • Clover Club • Old Fashioned • Whiskey sour • Daiquiri • Paradise • White Lady [7] • Planter's Punch [8] • Derby • Tuxedo Contemporary Classics • Bellini • Grasshopper • Mojito • Black Russian • French 75 • Moscow Mule • Bloody Mary • Harvey Wallbanger • Mint Julep • Caipirinha [9] • Piña Colada • Hemingway Special • Champagne Cocktail • Horse's Neck • Rose • Cosmopolitan • Irish Coffee • Sea-Breeze • Cuba Libre • Kir • Sex on the Beach • French Connection • Long Island Iced Tea • Singapore Sling • God Father • Mai Tai • Tequila Sunrise • God Mother • Margarita • White Russian • Golden Dream • Mimosa .

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com/index.IBA Official Cocktail 3 External links • The official list at the IBA site (http://www.php?option=com_content&view=article& id=88&Itemid=532) .iba-world.

It is popular belief that in the early 1900s. sweet vermouth. add a splash of soda water and garnish with half orange slice. suggesting that "in cafés you have to drink the least offensive of the musical comedy drinks that go with them. . As a compliment to the Americans. 4 Cocktails Americano Americano IBA Official Cocktail Type Mixed drink Primary alcohol by • Vermouth volume • Campari Served On the rocks. for in his opinion expensive soda water was the cheapest way to improve a poor drink. the bitter liqueur. It is the first drink ordered by James Bond in the first novel in Ian Fleming's series. the vermouth. Caffè Campari. The cocktail was first served in creator Gaspare Campari's bar. is from Milan and Cinzano. The Americano is an IBA Official Cocktail[1] composed of Campari. Casino Royale. poured over ice Standard garnish half an orange slice Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass IBA specified • 30ml Campari ingredients* • 30ml red vermouth • A splash of soda water Preparation Pour the Campari and vermouth over ice into glass. It was originally known as the "Milano-Torino" because of its ingredients: Campari. in the 1860s."[1] Bond always stipulates Perrier. In the short story "From a View to a Kill" Bond chooses an Americano as an appropriate drink for a mere café. is from Turin (Torino). A more unlikely explanation is that the name was derived from the word "amaro". and club soda. which means "bitter" in Italian. the Italians noticed a surge of Americans who enjoyed the cocktail. the cocktail later became known as the "Americano".

lemon peel is deleted from the recipe. Ian. 2004. "From a View to a Kill" in The Complete James Bond Short Stories. References [1] Fleming. Most establishments. . however. New York.Americano 5 Cocktail IBA In the latest version IBA. prepare the drink with a sparkling water devoid of salt and the zest of a lemon.

. Optionally. [1] * Appletini (aka Apple Martini) recipe at International Bartenders Association An apple martini (appletini for short) is a cocktail containing vodka and one or more of apple juice. Garnish and serve. vermouth may be included. the apple vodka is shaken or stirred with a sweet and sour mix and then strained into a cocktail glass. Cherry Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 40ml (3 parts) Vodka • 15ml (1 part) Apple schnapps / Calvados • 15ml (1 part) Cointreau Preparation Mix in a shaker. as in a regular martini. apple liqueur.Appletini 6 Appletini Appletini (aka Apple Martini) IBA Official Cocktail Top view of an Apple Martini Type Mixed drink Primary alcohol by volume • Vodka Served straight up Standard garnish Apple slice. apple cider. Typically. then pour into a chilled glass. or apple brandy.

In real life. • Sue Sylvester. Applejack (whose name refers to another alcoholic beverage as well) is shrunk from the effects of a "poison joke" plant. Zuckerberg made the appletini Facebook's official drink.[2] • In the 2010 film The Social Network. the Daughter of the Devil. in a pun on the word "tiny".applemartini. iba-world. mentions that appletini is her favorite flavor of protein gel in the episode "Funk". After seeing the film.co. • In an episode of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.Appletini 7 Variations In its purest form. He always enjoys the drink during his backstage promos and before matches.[citation needed] The appletini can also be made with "martini bianco" in a long drink glass and filled with apple juice. refers to her as "Appletini". Annie asks for an Appletini. • The appletini is the preferred drink of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling star "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Spike. com/ english/ cocktails/ applemartini. with a light rum in place of the vodka.uk/) .[3] • In the pilot episode for the Adult Swim show. Parker buys the table a few rounds of the drink. Satan apologizes for calling Lucy after having 4 Appletinis. • The appletini is the favorite alcoholic drink of John "J. • Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother drinks it in Season 5 Episode 21 "Twin Beds". • It is also the favorite drink of Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men. Lucy. • In the third episode of the fourth season (S04E03) of Community (TV series). php External links • Typical list of apple Martini recipes/ingredients (http://www. Zuckerberg never had an appletini until he attended the film's premiere. • In the 2007 Disney fairytale movie "Enchanted" Nathaniel disguised as a waiter offers Giselle an Appletini made with poisoned apples in yet another attempt to poison her by Queen Narissa's order. the sadistic gym teacher of the musical television series Glee. References [1] http:/ / www. in the initial meeting between Facebook co-founders Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin and Napster co-founder Sean Parker. it would contain: 10 ml (⅓ oz) sweet vermouth 10 ml (⅓ oz) dry vermouth 40 ml (1 ⅓ oz) top shelf vodka (or gin) 30 ml (⅔ oz) apple juice or apple cider A common variation of the appletini is the "Rumpletini".D." Dorian in the sitcom Scrubs in which it is often characterized as being somewhat effeminate. In popular culture • An appletini is used to poison Giselle in "Enchanted".

B-52 8 B-52 B-52 IBA Official Cocktail Type Layered shooter Primary alcohol by volume • Irish cream • Kahlúa Served Neat. . and a triple sec (Grand Marnier). undiluted and without ice Standard garnish Stirrer Standard drinkware Shot glass IBA specified ingredients* • 20ml (1 part) coffee liqueur (Kahlúa) • 20ml (1 part) Irish Cream (Baileys Irish Cream) • 20ml (1 part) Orange Cognac (Grand Marnier) Preparation Layer ingredients into a shot glass. Serve with a stirrer. [1] * B-52 recipe at International Bartenders Association The B-52 (also B52 or Bifi) cocktail is a layered shot composed of a coffee liqueur (Kahlúa). the ingredients separate into three distinctly visible layers (due to their relative densities). an Irish cream (Baileys Irish Cream). When prepared properly.

One of his first customers for a B-52 owned restaurants in various cities in Alberta and liked the drink so much that he put it on the menu." B-52s are usually served in a shot glass or sherry glass. an experienced bartender usually relies on the traditional. as opposed to blending or shaking. Just as carefully. . Unless the flame is extinguished before drinking. It is best to leave the flaming B-52 on the bartop and drink it through a straw. a fireproof straw—such as one made of metal—may be preferred. A barmaid at The Bailey pub on Holloway Road recounted a story from the night: "It was mayhem. is poured into the glass. a coffee liqueur. This bomber was used in the Vietnam War for the release of incendiary bombs. named after the band of the same name. Alberta in 1977. making the glass less likely to break. The B-52's widespread popularity has resulted in many variations. the drinks are referred to as the B-50 series of layered cocktails. Bailey's Irish Cream is poured very slowly over the back of a cold bar spoon. is commonly believed to originate at the Keg Steakhouse in Calgary. The drink became a North London favourite in late 2009 when Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner changed his shirt number from 26 to 52. although this is less traditional. I didn't even know how to make a B52. Next. This drink was. This method of the preparation is called "building". B-52s are "built. whose name comes from the US B-52 Stratofortress long-range bomber. Triple Sec at room temperature will not ignite easily. Grand Marnier is poured atop the Irish Cream using the bar spoon. which likely inspired today's flaming variant of the cocktail. One lanky bloke ordered shots for the whole bar after he [Bendtner] scored. thus. but the drink easier to spill. Such a preparation can be referred to as a "B-52 On a Mission". taking care to avoid disturbing the lower layer as the second liquor is poured on top. First. albums and songs. local Islington bars reported a huge surge in the popularity of the shooter. producing a blue flame. The drink is sometimes made with a shaker and served in a cocktail glass. the first shooter.[2] The B-52 is also rumoured to have been created by Adam Honigman. the top layer is ignited.[3] However.[4] Flaming B-52 For a Flaming B-52. One story behind the B-52 is that it was invented by Peter Fich. another hypothesis centers on B-52 combat losses ("Burns like a B-52 over Hanoi"). earning himself the nickname "B52" in the process. each earning a slightly different designation (see variations below for a small sampling). of course. a bartender at New York City's Maxwell Plum. He named all of his new drinks after favourite bands. Alberta.B-52 9 History The name refers to the band The B-52's. a head bartender at the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff. Filling the glass to the top reduces the amount of glass exposed to the flames. This is why this. After the tall Dane scored the winner in a league cup tie with Liverpool on 28 October 2009. hand-made preparation. such as Tia Maria or Kahlúa."[citation needed] Preparation There are special machines that can prepare a B-52 (or other multi-layered cocktails) in only a few seconds. Altogether. so it should be warmed up beforehand or topped with an additional layer of a dark overproof rum with 65-85% alcohol by volume. although a heatproof glass is required when a "flaming B-52" is served. Once lit the drink should be finished quickly to avoid overheating the glass and burning the straw.

• B-53. com/ watch?v=kcxBLUDgfdc) • Cross. a B-52 with peppermint schnapps rather than Irish cream References [1] http:/ / www. ISBN 0-572-02852-0.foulsham. a B-52 with Bombay gin • B-52 in the Desert. Robert (2003) [1996]. or a B-52 with a Mexican Tailgunner. youtube. a B-52 with absinthe rather than Triple Sec. Foulsham (http://www.com). a B-52 with Amaretto almond liqueur in place of Triple Sec • B-55.B-52 10 Variant drinks • B-51. com/ english/ cocktails/ b52. iba-world. a B-52 with tequila rather than Bailey's Irish cream • B-52 with a Full Payload. also known as B-52 Gunship • B-57. a B-52 with Sambuca rather than Irish cream • B-54. . a B-52 with Frangelico hazelnut liqueur rather than Triple Sec • B-52 with Bomb Bay Doors. The Classic 1000 Cocktail Recipes. a B-52 with a 4th layer of Frangelico and a 5th layer of Bacardi 151 rum lit on fire. php [3] Youtube video of B52 machine (http:/ / www.

History of the Bacardi Cocktail The Bacardi Cocktail was originally the same as the Daiquiri.Bacardi cocktail 11 Bacardi cocktail Bacardi cocktail IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Rum Served straight up Standard garnish lime Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 45ml (9 parts) Bacardi white rum • 20ml (4 parts) lemon or lime juice • 5ml (1 part) grenadine syrup Preparation Shake together in a mixer with ice. The Grenadine version of the Bacardi Cocktail originated in the US. Strain into glass and serve [1] * Bacardi cocktail recipe at International Bartenders Association The Bacardi cocktail is an IBA Official Cocktail made primarily with Bacardi Superior. Bacardi Cocktail . containing rum. lemon juice. It is served as a "pre-dinner" cocktail. and sugar. while the original non-red Bacardi company recipe originated from Cuba.

Agitese con hielo picado y sirvase en vasos de coctel. BACARDI Algunos De Sus Muchos Usos. com/ wiki/ Bacardi_Cocktail [3] http:/ / cocktailshows. Mix thoroughly. ("Bacardi some of its many uses") (1930–1937) Bacardi Coctel (Daiquiri Bacardi) • El jugo de medio limon. iba-world.Bacardi cocktail 12 First citations Modern Bacardi Cocktail Recipe • 1 oz Bacardi Rum (usually Bacardi Superior) • 1/4 oz Grenadine • 2 oz Sweet & Sour Mix Shake & strain into a cocktail glass.Bacardi Cocktail [2] • . php [2] http:/ / wiki. External links • Webtender Wiki Entry . of BACARDI White. Puede ser servido colado o sin colar. strain and serve. 1937 Bacardi Cocktail Correct recipe: • The juice of half a lemon. com/ english/ cocktails/ bacardi. "Recipes for Mixed Drinks" by Hugo Ensslin. "Bacardi some of its many uses".Bacardi Cocktail Video [3] References [1] http:/ / www. • Media cucharada de azucar blanca • Una copita de Bacardi Carta Blanca. 1917 Bacardi Cocktail • 1 drink Bacardi Rum • Juice of 1/2 lime • 2 dashes Gum Syrup Shake well in a mixing glass with cracked ice. and add a lime wedge garnish. com . webtender. • Half teaspoonful granulated sugar. then shake well in cracked ice. • 1½ oz. IMPORTANTE: No altere el orden de los ingredientes. May be served strained or unstrained. Important: Do not alter the order of the ingredients.

Bellini 13 Bellini Bellini IBA Official Cocktail Bellini Cipriani at the Macaroni Grill Type Wine cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Sparkling wine Served Straight up. Notes Traditionally a Bellini uses Prosecco for the wine and white peaches for the fruit.[1] . without ice Standard drinkware Champagne flute IBA specified ingredients* • 100ml (2 parts) dry sparkling wine • 50ml (1 part) fresh peach purée Preparation Pour peach puree into chilled flute. A Bellini cocktail is a mixture of Prosecco sparkling wine and peach purée. add gently sparkling wine. it is one of Italy's most popular long drinks. Stir gently. Originating in Venice.

com/ behindthebar_articles. Cheri. which reminded Cipriani of the color of the toga of a saint in a painting by 15th-century Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini. Undated.com) . com/ food/ recipes/ recipe/ 0. 2007. Undated. 2007.com. several variations exist. Sinclair Lewis and Orson Welles. Retrieved February 5. bbc. Undated. Marinating fresh peaches in wine is an Italian tradition. Undated. 2007. 2007. [7] Bellini Base (http:/ / www. Retrieved February 5. Preparation and serving The Bellini consists of puréed white peaches and Prosecco.[1][5] The drink started as a seasonal specialty at Harry's Bar (Venice). founder of Harry's Bar in Venice. [5] Sicard. For a non-alcoholic version. [6] Featured Recipe: Peach Bellini Cocktail or Mocktail (http:/ / www. fabulousfoods. [3] Jo' Pratt. eatcaliforniafruit. com/ en/ drinks/ articles/ Bellini. Scripps Networks. Michael. especially if peaches are out of season and the flavor would be very bland. cgi?cart_id=& product=077& floor=m) [8] Chiarello. GourmetSleuth. thatstheSPIRIT. bbc.co.[6] and yellow peaches or peach nectar can be substituted. from the "Lazy Breakfast in Bed" episode of Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello. asp). 2007. [4] Bellini Cocktail Recipe (http:/ / www.[8] References [1] Caley. to the limited availability of both white peaches and Prosecco.[1][5] Later. com/ store/ display.00. Bellini Cocktail (http:/ / www.1977. Retrieved February 5. After an entrepreneurial Frenchman set up a business to ship fresh white peach pureé to both locations. thatsthespirit. co. htm). Retrieved February 5. Other sparkling wines are commonly used in place of Prosecco. for example) are sometimes substituted for the peach puree. California produces a white peach that works well. Fabulous Foods. Undated.[4] Due. newyorkfirst. an Italian sparkling wine. shtml?article=MjIyMHN1cGVyMjIxN3NlY3JldDIyMjQ=) February 2007. PizzaToday.[2] Today the Bellini is an IBA Official Cocktail. foodnetwork. Inc. it also became popular at the bar's New York counterpart. Food – Recipes – Bellini cocktail (http:/ / www. Retrieved February 5. com/ bellinirecipe.com/film/how-to-make-a-bellini-cocktail-2)—A Video demonstration along with written instructions. Freshipes. 2007. it was a year-round favorite. 2007. Retrieved February 5.FOOD_9936_31038. Behind the Bar: Bella Bellini (http:/ / www. Featured Cocktail – Bellini (http:/ / www. pizzatoday. gourmetsleuth. uk/ food/ recipes/ database/ bellinicocktail_67941. html). Retrieved February 6. com/ features/ cocktails/ bellinis.[2] The original recipe was made with a bit of raspberry or cherry juice to give the drink a pink glow. for mixing a Champagne-based Bellini (Hosted at VideoJug. html). External links • "How to Make a Bellini Cocktail" (http://www. The Cipriani family produces Bellini Base[7] for the signature cocktail of the Harry's Bar restaurants. California Tree Fruit Agreement. Nora. Other fruits or even flavoured liqueurs (peach schnapps. shtml). [2] 3000 Drinks > Bellini Cocktail (http:/ / www. a favorite haunt of Ernest Hemingway. sparkling juice or seltzer is used in place of the wine. fruity flavor of the Bellini. he named the drink the Bellini. in part.videojug. Italy. though richly flavored French champagne does not pair well with the light.com. thus indicating its popularity and making it a well-known cocktail to many professional bartenders. com/ freshipes/ newsletters/ 03_2006_12. Because of its unique pink color.Bellini 14 History The Bellini was invented sometime between 1934 and 1948[1][2][3][4] by Giuseppe Cipriani.uk. htm).

who created it at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels in honor of Perle Mesta. and the blackness of the coffee liqueur. [1] * Black Russian recipe at International Bartenders Association The Black Russian is a cocktail of vodka and coffee liqueur. ambassador to Luxembourg. Stir gently. a Belgian barman. then U.Black Russian 15 Black Russian Black Russian IBA Official Cocktail A Black Russian cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Vodka Served On the rocks.S. Traditionally the drink is made by pouring the vodka over ice cubes or cracked ice in an old-fashioned glass. It contains either three parts vodka and two parts coffee liqueur. or five parts vodka to two parts coffee liqueur. .[2] This combination first appeared in 1949. a typical Russian spirit. and is ascribed to Gustave Tops. per IBA specified ingredients.[] The cocktail owes its name to the use of vodka. followed by the coffee liqueur. per the Kahlúa bottle's label. poured over ice Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass IBA specified ingredients* • 50ml (5 parts) Vodka • 20ml (2 parts) Coffee liqueur Preparation Pour the ingredients into the old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes.

but with the addition of Jägermeister. a sour twist on the Black Russian.[4] • When finished with a head of Guinness stout. php . can be made by adding a dash of lemon juice and a lemon twist garnish. which is prepared in the same manner as the Black Russian.Black Russian 16 Variations • A variation is the Dirty Black Russian. Tall Black Russian or Australian Black Russian (also known as a Colorado Bulldog). • Vader is the same as the traditional Black Russian. com/ english/ cocktails/ blackrus. but served in a taller glass and topped up with Cola. the result is called an Irish Russian or a Smooth Black Russian. References [1] http:/ / www.[6] • Peri's Black Russian is the same as the Dirty Black Russian.[3] • The Black Magic. iba-world. but with the addition of Vanilla Vodka instead of the plain Vodka used.[][5] • The Brown Russian is a highball version in which the rest of the glass is filled with Ginger Ale.

poured over ice Standard garnish Celery stalk or dill pickle spear Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified • 45ml (3 parts) Vodka ingredients* • 90ml (6 parts) Tomato juice • 15ml (1 part) Lemon juice Preparation Add dashes of Worcestershire Sauce. carrot. piri piri sauce. and pitted manzanilla olives. Type Mixed drink Primary alcohol by • Vodka volume Served On the rocks. and celery salt. celery. salt. It has been called "the world's most complex cocktail. Served with ice cubes and drinking straws in an Old Fashioned glass.Bloody Mary 17 Bloody Mary Bloody Mary IBA Official Cocktail A Bloody Mary garnished with lemon. black pepper. olive. [1] * Bloody Mary recipe at International Bartenders Association A Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka. and usually other spices or flavorings such as Worcestershire sauce. beef consommé or bouillon. Tabasco. Tabasco sauce. tomato juice. horseradish. cayenne pepper. salt and pepper into highball glass. Garnish with celery stalk and lemon wedge (optional). Stir gently. lemon juice. celery. then pour all ingredients into highball with ice cubes."[2] .

[4] In 1939. The first is that it was invented in the 1930s at New York’s 21 Club by a bartender named Henry Zbikiewicz. the Bloody Mary is a common "Hair of the dog" drink.S. strain. and electrolyte replacement can cure a hangover). Lucius Beebe printed in his gossip column This New York one of the earliest U. however. shake.[8] Preparation and serving In the United States. the alcohol only numbs the discomfort (only rest.Bloody Mary 18 History The Bloody Mary's origin is unclear. who was nicknamed as such in Foxe's Book of Martyrs for attempting to re-establish the Catholic Church in Britain — and fictional women from folklore. more elaborate versions of the drink have become trademarks of the bartenders who make them. two dashes of cayenne pepper. and a layer of Worcestershire sauce. saying: "I initiated the Bloody Mary of today. Some drink aficionados believe the inspiration for the name was Hollywood star Mary Pickford."[6] Origin of the name The name "Bloody Mary" is associated with a number of historical figures — particularly Queen Mary I of England. erroneously reputed to cure hangovers. We serve a hundred to a hundred and fifty Bloody Marys a day here in the King Cole Room and in the other restaurants and the banquet rooms. often over ice. who was charged with mixing Bloody Marys. put in two ounces of vodka and two ounces of thick tomato juice. Fernand Petiot claimed to have invented the drink in 1921 while working at the New York Bar in Paris.[13] While there is not much complexity in mixing vodka and tomato juice. but it was really nothing but vodka and tomato juice when I took it over. half vodka. "Jessel said he created it." he told us. I then add a dash of lemon juice and some cracked ice. A common garnish is a celery stalk when served in a tall glass.[3] Two other claims have some plausibility. along with the original recipe: "George Jessel’s newest pick-me-up which is receiving attention from the town’s paragraphers is called a Bloody Mary: half tomato juice. a frequent Paris hangout for Ernest Hemingway and other American expatriates. I cover the bottom of the shaker with four large dashes of salt. water."[5] Fernand Petiot seemed to corroborate Jessel's claim when the bartender spoke to The New Yorker magazine in July 1964.[7] Others trace the name to a waitress named Mary who worked at a Chicago bar called the Bucket of Blood. . who frequented the 21 Club.[][9][10][11][12] Its reputation as a restorative beverage contributes to the popularity of the Bloody Mary in the morning and early afternoon. which later became Harry's New York Bar. and pour. two dashes of black pepper. references to this drink. A second claim attributes its invention to the comedian George Jessel. especially with brunch.

replacing vodka in equal measure • Bloody Pirate. Cubanito : Dark rum replacing vodka. or Bloody Barbara : Without alcohol. • Bloody Boyarsky : Grenadine. • Bloody Mary Jane : Green Dragon replacing vodka • Bloody Maureen : Guinness replacing vodka. in a 50/50 mixture with Clamato in place of the tomato juice. beer replacing vodka. tabasco sauce. once vodka became readily available in those regions. or Saskatchewan Red Eye : Traditionally. "Bloody Barbara" refers to Barbara Castle. habenero sauce replacing tabasco. and/or lime. MO. • Bloody Jerry : Replace vodka with Madra Rua Irish Pub's Heady Veggie Vodka or any other veggie infused vodka and add 1 pull (approximately 1/2 ounce) of Guinness. • Bloody Murder : Gin replacing vodka. • Red Eye. Bloody Ninja : Sake replacing vodka. • Red Snapper.[15] . Louis.. Typically with an increased volume of tomato juice. "Virgin Mary" is commonly used in the USA. usually a light beer or lager. • Bloody Geisha. the vodka simply being omitted with no substitute.[14] • Bloody Bishop : Sherry in equal measure to vodka. now frequently. hot sauce. while vodka was scarce. gin instead of vodka was known as a Bloody Mary. vodka. A variation created by a long term customer of the Pub. bladi maro (siskhliani maro)) : Chacha replacing vodka.S. • Bloody Hillbilly: Moonshine replacing Vodka • Bloody Hogger: Bacon Vodka replacing vodka. • Danish Mary or Bloody Dane : Akvavit replacing the vodka. • Bloody Derby : Bourbon replacing vodka. • Michelada Clementina (or simply "Chelada") : Mexican beer replacing vodka. the British Minister of Transport who introduced tougher drink-driving laws. Usually made with Clamato (tomato juice with clam juice added). Red Fairy : Absinthe replacing the vodka. • Bloody Scotsman : Scotch replacing vodka. • Bloody Marghioala : Ţuică (Romania) replacing vodka. wasabi sauce replacing horseradish. • Bloody Maria : Tequila replacing vodka. • Bloody Molly : Irish whiskey replacing vodka. and "Bloody Shame" is commonly used in Australia. Cuba. • Bloody Cab: Cabernet Sauvignon replacing/in addition to the vodka. • Bloody Maro (Georgian: ბლადი მარო (სისხლიანი მარო). Bloody Margaret or Ruddy Mary : Gin replacing vodka • Virgin Mary. • Brown Mary or Whiskey Mary : Whiskey replacing the vodka. replacing vodka. • Red Hammer : Through the 1950s in the Northeastern U. black pepper. Served with bars of cucumber. Bloody Shame. Usually the proportion of beer equals the tomato juice. rice distilled. • Bloody Fairy. the traditional vodka-based Bloody Mary was known as a Red Hammer for a time. Originated in St. usually flavored with a couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce and Maggi and Tabasco sauce.Bloody Mary 19 Variations Variations in alcohol • Bloody Beer: Beer. black vinegar replacing Worcestershire sauce. • Bloody Sunshine : Pickle instead of celery. Bloody Virgin. The latter is commonly found on menus in Havana. Often served with Worcestershire sauce. Calgary Red Eye. • Bloody Skliva : Greek Tsipouro replacing vodka. served with a cherry tomato pierced with a plastic sword stirrer • Bloody Pari : Arak (Aragh-e Sagi) replacing vodka • Bloody Philip : Thailand Lao Khao (literally white liquor) 80 proof.

) . but including milk or cream and served like a margarita. worcestershire. Frozen Bloody Mary: A frozen Bloody Mary is topped with 151 rum and ignited. Vegetables used include onions. which Haynes was producing. All Others Pay Cash. usually equal parts • Bloody Greg: Traditional preparation. pepper. • Bloody Cary: Carrot juice replacing tomato juice. A Virgin Margaret is a summertime drink inspired by the Orange Julius. and vegetables. garnished with 'ants on a log' celery. Clam Digger. orange juice. Miscellaneous • Bloodless Mary: Without tomato juice • Screw Mary: Equal parts vodka. spiced to taste.[16] • Bloody Mariyaki: Made with teriyaki sauce instead of Worcestershire sauce. • Bull Shot: Beef bouillon or beef consommé in place of tomato juice. • Caesar. olives. Bloody Clam. grocery store-bought marinara for tomato juice. It may also contain salt. • Bloody Bull: Beef bouillon and tomato juice. Bloody Caesar. Bloody Maria: Another variation on the bloody mary contains vodka and/or tequila. lime juice. Served as a shot • Baja Style Bloody Mary. if not created. The drink originated at Brennan's restaurant in New Orleans and is served at Commander's Palace as well as other Brennan Family Restaurants. cilantro. and extra olives. • Flaming. and celery. thus creating a Bloody Mary with balls. or Crabby Mary: Substitute 2 dashes Old Bay Seasoning for celery salt • Slutty Mary: Garnish with a sausage or simply with extra vodka added. • Bloody LeRoy: Barbecue sauce replacing tomato juice.Bloody Mary 20 Variations in mixers • Bloody Blackie: Served in a bar called Brunny Green in Melbourne. • Bloody Mary-land. (Mentioned. A ceramic mug is used to avoid shattered glass. hot sauce. or a mixture. • Commander White: Pineapple juice replacing tomato juice. add extra horseradish. • Bloody Marynara: Same ingredients as a traditional Bloody Mary. Variation in drink format • Frozen Bloody Mary: Placed in a blender with ice. • Bloody Eight or Eight Ball: V8 replacing tomato juice. much more popular in Canada than the traditional Bloody Mary. only substituting generic. Also called "Bloody Fire and Ice". the staff claim it is made with dark matter taken from the universe via a liquor decanter. Invented by the Reverend Horton Heat and Gibby Haynes during the recording of The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat. by Jean Shepherd in In God We Trust. and tomato juice or V8. Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Red Wings or Clammy Mary: Clamato replacing tomato juice. garnish with rib bone. but it is commonly known to be made with coca-cola instead of tomato juice. • Bloody Charlie: Garnish with two olives. • Flaming Bloody Mary: A small amount of 151 rum is floated on top and a string hangs outside the glass and is ignited for a cold weather drink. • Bloody Margaret: Similar to a Frozen Bloody Mary. salt. lemon juice. with a celery stick and/or a shrimp. Clamato.

[4] Smith. com/ article/ entertainmentNews/ idINIndia-36812420081201) Reuters. • In the film Mona Lisa. • In the film Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (film). • In the film Johnny English. In the episode "I Never Met the Dead Man" TV anchor Tom Tucker burped up a Bloody Mary after having one too many. 1996. 1986. page 35. In one episode. iba-world. com/ english/ cocktails/ bloodymary. the bartender mixes up a Bloody Bull Shot (which he dubs "Wake-Up Juice") to revive an unconscious Emmett Brown in a hurry. a Sheep's Eye in Your Drink (http:/ / articles. latimes.com [10] But Does It Actually Cure Hangovers? (http:/ / www. • In the TV show Archer. html) Huffington Post. Andrew F. (2007). reuters. • In episode 6 of How to Make It in America. • In the film The Royal Tenenbaums. com/ features/ 9-myths-about-your-hangover) by Dana Dudepohl. Max (2011-04-02) What Do You Put in Your Bloody Mary? (http:/ / www. David suggests Bloody Marys to Rachel as a hangover cure. New York. huffingtonpost. Oxford University Press. the character Richie Tenenbaum is often seen with a Bloody Mary in his hand and even carries a personal pepper shaker to season his drink. [5] New York Herald Tribune. at WebMD. webmd. ISBN 0-285-63358-9. Daniel Craig orders Bloody Mary while meeting up with Mark Strong in a restaurant. he orders several in the film. Caroline Eliza "Caro" Bennett can be seen consuming Bloody Mary's in numerous scenes. com/ zane-lamprey/ why-i-love-the-bloody-mar_b_1118895. • On the television series The Jeffersons.com [11] Mud in Your Eye. Mother Jefferson often drank Bloody Marys. Artie shares a Bloody Mary with his friends of the Glee club to get sober (quote from Artie: "It'll help your hangover"). Rowan Atkinson orders a Bloody Mary "not too spicy" from a waiter at the unveiling of the crown jewels. com/ funny-5644-bloody-marys/ ) Cracked. • In the Family Guy episode "Wasted Talent" Peter Griffin drinks a Bloody Mary to ease the symptoms of a hangover. Marie Claire. • The band Arctic Monkeys reference "that Bloody Mary's lacking a Tabasco" in the song "Fluorescent Adolescent". sometimes to excess. Sterling makes a habit of drinking Bloody Marys. References Notes [1] http:/ / www. page 9 [8] Bloody Marys at 1933 prices just the tonic for NYC (http:/ / in. "Blame It on the Alcohol". 30 December 2001 [12] Hangovers: There Is A Cure (http:/ / www.Bloody Mary 21 In popular culture • In the TV show The Smoking Room. December 2. 2 December 2008 [9] "9 Myths About Your Hangover" (http:/ / women. • In the film Flashbacks of a Fool. Sally fashions a makeshift Bloody Mary using vodka and pasta sauce (the only mixer available) when she and her colleagues are snowed-in. George's drink of choice is the Bloody Mary. The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink.. she claims it's "for the vitamins". 55. com/ 2001/ dec/ 30/ news/ mn-19052) Los Angeles Times. html). p. • In the 14th episode of the second season of Glee. 29 November 2011 . php [2] Davidson. • In Back to the Future Part III. The Daily Telegraph [3] Andrew MacElhone and Duncan MacElhone: Harry's ABC of Mixing Cocktails. Souvenir Press. com/ spl3/ bloody-mary. Inc. lewrockwell. cracked. 1939. • In the webcomic Achewood. Ray often consumes a Bloody Mary before getting out of bed in the morning.

brandy-based cocktail consisting of cognac and crème de cacao that became popular during the early 20th century. the drama critic and Algonquin Round Table member Alexander Woollcott claimed that it was named after him. without ice Standard garnish Grated nutmeg Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 30ml (1 part) Cognac • 30ml (1 part) Crème de cacao (brown) • 30ml (1 part) Fresh cream Preparation Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Alexander II. in London.[3] .[2] However. Brandy Alexander is a sweet. in 1922. Other stories say it was named after the Russian tsar.Bloody Mary 22 External links • Media related to Bloody Mary at Wikimedia Commons Brandy Alexander Brandy Alexander IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Brandy Served Straight up. gin-based cocktail called simply an Alexander. There are many rumors about its origins. Sprinkle with fresh ground nutmeg. It was supposedly created at the time of the wedding of Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles.[1] It is a variation of an earlier.

to show her date that she is like the girls from Manhattan. The drink was included as the Cocktail Moment on the 29 March 2013 episode of The Rachel Maddow Show. . In season four episode twenty-three of Chuck. he orders her a Brandy Alexander. but ruins the effect by mistaking the stirrer for a straw. season 1. episode 11 ("Indian Summer"). In print The character Brandy Alexander in the novel Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk is named after the drink. In the TV series Mad Men. alcoholic Joe Clay (Jack Lemmon) takes Kirsten Arnesen (Lee Remick) out on a date.Wikipedia:Avoid weasel words while Karla is in charge of the bar.[4] Evelyn Waugh had Anthony Blanche order four Brandies Alexander in his novel Brideshead Revisited. after he attempts to order a Grasshopper and a Chocolate Martini and is scorned by his friend Howard Wolowitz for ordering those. Her date. In an episode of Cheers. is named after the drink. Leonard orders one at a restaurant to impress her. the character Peggy Olson orders a Brandy Alexander. [6] In television The character Raj Koothrappali (who needs to be intoxicated in order to talk to women) orders a Brandy Alexander at a bar in "The Hofstadter Isotope" episode of The Big Bang Theory. When she explains that she dislikes liquor but likes chocolate. who works as a truck driver. The Granada Television adaptation for television helped repopularize the drink in the 1980s. Lance White's hypnotist friend in "Nice Guys Finish Dead".[citation needed] Christian Kracht also uses the four Brandy Alexanders motif in his 1995 novel Faserland. starting her on her path to self destruction. In the James Gray movie Two Lovers.[7] In the pilot episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. orders a Rheingold Beer. In music The singer Feist named a song after the drink on her album The Reminder. an episode of The Rockford Files.Brandy Alexander 23 In popular culture In film In the movie Days of Wine and Roses. Mary Richards asks for a Brandy Alexander at her first job interview.[5] In the novel BARONNE STREET . The drink is mentioned in the song "Fraternity Blues" by American singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt. she is asked to make a Brandy Alexander. "Big Mike" orders a Brandy Alexander at Chuck and Sarah's rehearsal dinner. crimelord Evan Charbonnet drinks a Brandy Alexander while waiting for New Orleans fixer Burleigh Drummond to arrive. Michelle Rausch (Gwyneth Paltrow) tells Leonard Kraditor (Joaquin Phoenix) she drinks Brandy Alexanders with her wealthy boyfriend Ronald.

38 [2] Classic Cocktail Club. com/ title/ tt0071042/ [5] Faserland (1995) chapter 7 [6] http:/ / www. Italy. Milan. p.iba-world. imdb.com/index. com/ title/ tt0071042/ External links • IBA Official Cocktails (http://www.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=88& Itemid=532) . [4] http:/ / www. May/June 2010.Brandy Alexander 24 References [1] Imbibe Mazagine. com/ [7] http:/ / www. imdb. kentwestmoreland.

shake well.[] which substitutes pineapple for the Bronx's orange. The Bronx Cocktail is essentially a Perfect Martini with orange juice added. and is designated as an Official Cocktail by the International Bartender Association.Bronx 25 Bronx Bronx Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Gin Served Straight up. the Bronx is one of five cocktails named for one of New York City's five boroughs. it remains a popular choice in some markets. Today. It was ranked number three in "The World's 10 Most Famous Cocktails in 1934". Classified as a pre-dinner cocktail by the IBA.[1] making it a very popular rival to the Martini (#1) and the Manhattan (#2). Strain in chilled cocktail or martini glass. . but is perhaps most closely related to the Queens (cocktail). without ice Standard garnish orange twist Standard drinkware Cocktail glass Commonly used • 30ml (6 parts) Gin ingredients • 15ml (3 parts) Sweet Red Vermouth • 10ml (2 parts) Dry Vermouth • 15ml (3 parts) Orange juice Preparation Pour into cocktail shaker all ingredients with ice cubes. Like the Manhattan.

was "popular as one of the best mixers behind its bar counter for most of the latter's history. shaking the thing up. ” "By God!" he said. so that it made one-third of orange juice and two-thirds of Gin. or two dashes of Orange Bitters. A Duplex was composed of equal parts of French and Italian Vermouth.)[7] However. head waiter of the Empire Room--the main dining room in the original Waldorf. “ The Bronx Cocktail. Have you got plenty of oranges? If you haven't. but here's the original to guide you and to compare with the other recipes being used: Four parts of gin. "What'll I tell him is the name of this drink?" I thought of those animals. Sormani as the person responsible for the drink. more than one story is attributed to the creation of this cocktail. Then into the mixture I put a dash each of Italian and French Vermouth. Then he swallowed it whole. The name? No. it wasn't really named directly after the borough or the river so-called. of all places! There it might have remained in obscurity had it not been for one Joseph Sormani. 2322 Fish Avenue. who was said to have originated the Bronx cocktail. Joseph S. Customers used to tell me of the strange animals they saw after a lot of mixed drinks. Traverson said. Sormani." The demand for Bronx cocktails started that day. as he started to take the drink in to the customer." (He was.Bronx 26 History As with several mixed drinks invented prior to prohibition in the United States. historian of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Well. a prior reference to a "Bronx Cocktail" on a New York hotel menu[8] indicates that either the name was already in use or Solon was not the original inventor. I poured into a mixing glass the equivalent of two jiggers of Gordon Gin. but I poured it into a cocktail glass and handed it to Traverson and said: "You are a pretty good judge."[6] This is Crockett's account of Solon's own story of the Creation of the Bronx:[6] “ We had a cocktail in those days called the Duplex. who discovered it in the Quaker City in 1905. which had a pretty fair demand. Pretty soon we were using a whole case of oranges a day. strange to say. Bet you'll sell a lot of them. The original recipe has been greatly distorted in the course of years. a lot of beasts I had never known. Make me another and I will take it back to that customer in the dining room. [2] ” Sormani was credited with creating the drink in his New York Times obituary: “ Joseph S. a pre-Prohibition bartender at the Manhattan hotel. because I'm going to sell a lot of those cocktails during lunch. [3] ” Johnnie Solon According to Albert Stevens Crockett. "you've really got something new! That will make a big hit. you can tell him it is a 'Bronx'. you better stock up. I was making one for a customer when in came Traverson. died Wednesday night in his home. a Bronx restaurateur. was invented in Philadelphia. And then several cases. Then I filled the jigger with orange juice. His age was 83. I didn't taste it myself.[4][5] Solon.) "See what you think of that. and I saw. and a thought came to me. the inventor of the Bronx cocktail was Johnnie Solon (or Solan)." "Can't I?" I replied. One day.of course. "Why don't you get up a new cocktail? I have a customer who says you can't do it. shaken up with squeezed orange peel. Sormani Two sources credit Joseph S." Solon would have created the cocktail sometime between 1899 (when he joined the establishment) and 1906 (when the word first appeared in print. . I finished the Duplex I was making. the Bronx. Shake thoroughly in ice and serve. after a brief illness." Traverson tasted it. one part of orange juice and one part of Italian Vermouth. I had been at the Bronx Zoo a day or two before. retired Bronx restaurateur. So when Traverson said to me. and said: "Oh.

Boston Cocktails (http:/ / web. org/ web/ 20080523190535/ http:/ / www. recipes and toasts / by Magnus Bredenbek. cocktailtimes. 2007. com/ index. February 4. com/ 2006-03-27-bronx-cocktail. with amendments due to repeal of the XVIIIth. 17. barrypopik. about a barspoonful of orange juice and a squeeze of orange peel. org/ cgi-bin/ wa?A2=ind9908c& L=ads-l& P=2267) on January 17. com/ gp/ richpub/ syltguides/ fullview/ J2G2UEMLC2TU?tag2=zottmann1-20). Dodd. Burke's complete Cocktail & Drinking Recipes. San Francisco Chronicle. [4] Regan. linguistlist. Serve very cold. c1934. shtml) on January 18.. (1873-).[10] Though possibly inspired by the Duplex. . [8] New York Historical Society 1895-14D. barrypopik.. June 12. 2002. 2007. 1908. August 17. col. William "Cocktail"." Flavors The Bronx is flavorful and mildly sweet "fruity" drink. A Bronx cheer from the Big Apple (http:/ / sfgate. [2] Bredenbek. Harman Burney. p 13. com/ index. one-third French vermouth and one-third Italian vermouth. DTL). Albert Stevens. org/ cgi-bin/ wa?A2=ind0007d& L=ads-l& P=7053) on January 17. 2007. html).Bronx 27 Other early citations It appears in William "Cocktail" Boothby's 1908 book The World's Drinks And How To Mix Them[9] as "Bronx Cocktail. [5] Regan. flavored with two dashes of Orange bitters. org/ cgi-bin/ wa?A2=ind9908c& L=ads-l& P=2267) on January 17. New York : Carlyle House. Retrieved from The Big Apple (http:/ / www. com/ ) blog. com/ dictionary/ 1934. Magnus. Pittsburgh. amazon. Grand Union Hotel New York Wine List. LCCN 34004223. Mead and company. The World's Drinks and How to Mix Them. PA. The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book. March 27. 1947. 2007. archive. Mardee Haidin. What Shall We Drink? : Popular drinks. Retrieved January 18. Retrieved on January 17. Retrieved from The Big Apple (http:/ / www. [10] The Home Bartender. Gary. Photographed at San Francisco Public Library Historical Materials Collection (http:/ / www. p 41. Retrieved from Listserv (http:/ / listserv. php/ new_york_city/ entry/ bronx_cocktail/ ) and also Listserv (http:/ / listserv. Gary and Regan. without being uninteresting or sticky. 1934. LCCN 34015101. org/ cgi-bin/ wa?A2=ind0007d& L=ads-l& P=7053) on January 17. Retrieved from cocktailtimes. archive. org/ web/ 20080822015924/ http:/ / www. 2007. com/ cgi-bin/ article. [3] New York Times.com (http:/ / www. bostoncocktails. 2007. 2003. and sweet and dry vermouths are added almost as an afterthought. p 57. bostoncocktails. 2. linguistlist. php/ new_york_city/ entry/ bronx_cocktail/ ) on January 17. linguistlist. the two drinks are not really similar at all."[4] References [1] Burke.[4] Cocktail columnists Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan describe it as a drink where "[g]in is the base ingredient. orange juice is the mixer. barrypopik. One-third Plymouth gin. Retrieved January 18. [6] Crockett. giving the correct recipes for five hundred cocktails and mixed drinks. 2007. [7] Crockett. flickr. Enjoy a Bronx Cocktail (http:/ / www. Bronx Cocktail (http:/ / web. Retrieved from Listserv (http:/ / listserv. 2007. com/ photos/ dinah/ sets/ 72157603645295415/ ) on December 28. cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 2003/ 06/ 12/ WI256288. 2007. com/ index. 2006. php/ new_york_city/ entry/ bronx_cocktail/ ) and also Listserv (http:/ / listserv. pg. 2007. a la Billy Malloy. New York. So you'd like to. Retrieved from The Big Apple (http:/ / www. [9] Boothby. linguistlist. 1934.

G. which went on to win a Eurovision title. Rachel Gardiner. Buck's Fizz is popularly served at weddings as a less alcoholic alternative to Champagne. but in equal measures. Wodehouse as the barman of Buck's Club and the Drones Club). without ice Standard garnish orange twist Standard drinkware Champagne flute IBA specified ingredients* • 100ml (2 parts) orange juice • 50ml (1 part) champagne Preparation * Pour the orange juice into glass and top up champagne. It is also touted as a morning "antidote" for a hangover. [1] * Buck's Fizz recipe at International Bartenders Association The Buck's Fizz is an alcoholic drink made of two parts orange juice to one part champagne.[] Regarded by acclaimed wine critic. . Overview The drink is named after London's Buck's Club where it was invented as an excuse to begin drinking early. also contains sparkling wine and orange juice. the name was adopted by a successful British pop group. garnish and serve.[citation needed] In 1981. it was first served in 1921 by a barman named McGarry (who features in the works of P.Buck's Fizz 28 Buck's Fizz Buck's Fizz IBA Official Cocktail Type Wine cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Champagne Served Straight up. Some older recipes list grenadine as an additional ingredient. Stir gently. as a children's drink. invented four years later in Paris. The true recipe for Buck's Fizz (which involves more than just champagne and orange juice) is only known by the barmen of Buck's Club. but the International Bartenders Association recipe does not include it. The Mimosa cocktail.

but not green lemon) • 2 teaspoons crystal or refined sugar Preparation Place lime and sugar into old fashioned glass and muddle (mash the two ingredients together using a [2] muddler or a wooden spoon). . Notes A wide variety of fresh fruits can be used in place of lime.Buck's Fizz 29 References [1] http:/ / www. poured over ice Standard garnish [1] lime Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass IBA specified • 50 ml (1⅔ fl oz) cachaça ingredients* • ½ Lime cut into 4 wedges (or tahiti lime. com/ english/ cocktails/ buckfizz. vodka can be used. In the absence of cachaça. [3] making a caipiroska. iba-world. php Caipirinha Caipirinha IBA Official Cocktail National cocktail of Brazil Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Cachaça volume Served On the rocks. Fill the glass with crushed ice and add the Cachaça.

and many households throughout the country. grapes.[1] Cachaça is Brazil's most common distilled alcoholic beverage (also known as Pinga or Caninha). but when referring to this drink it is only feminine (usage of diminutives is common in Brazil). today. Very popular in Finland and Sweden.[6] and is imbibed in restaurants. As it was quite common to put a little alcohol in any home remedy in order to expedite the therapeutic effect. sugar and lime.[4][5] Popularity The caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. garlic and honey.[citation needed] • Caipiroska (made with vodka instead of cachaça).[] Name The word caipirinha is the diminutive version of the word caipira. kiwifruit caipirinha or strawberry caipirinha). a passionfruit caipirinha. Variations • The term caipirinha is sometimes used to describe any cachaça-and-fruit-juice drink (e.Caipirinha 30 Caipirinha (Portuguese pronunciation: [kajpiˈɾĩɲɐ]) is Brazil's national cocktail. the word caipirinha is mostly associated with the drink itself rather than the class of person. Once almost unknown outside Brazil. lime. • Caipifruta is a very popular caipirinha drink in Brazil. and caju (cashew fruit). "Until one day someone decided to remove the garlic and honey. cajá. most commonly made with strawberries or kiwifruit. pineapple. The most popular fresh fruits used to create caipifrutas are tangerine. The word may be used as either a masculine or a feminine noun. bars. the caipirinha as we know it today would have been created from a popular recipe made with lemon. In the Brazilian vocabulary. The best known is one that begins around 1918. to ward off the heat. being an almost exact equivalent of the American English hillbilly or the Lowland Scots teuchter. the alcohol results from the fermentation of sugarcane juice that is afterwards distilled. consisting of cachaça. is still used to scare small colds.and which. in the state of São Paulo. mango. According to information. rum was commonly used. crushed fresh fruits (either singly or in combination). passion fruit. .g. lemon. the drink has become more popular and more widely available in recent years. made with cachaça (pronounced: [kaˈʃasɐ]) (sugar cane hard liquor). History There are many stories about the caipirinha's origin. Specifically with cachaça. Both rum and cachaça are made from sugarcane-derived products. and crushed ice. Then added a few tablespoons sugar to reduce the acidity of lime. which refers to someone from the countryside. executive director of IBRAC (Brazilian Institute of Cachaça).[] The International Bartenders Association has designated it as one of their Official Cocktails. • Caipisake (made with sake instead of cachaça) is also becoming increasingly popular. "explains Carlos Lima. in large part due to the rising availability of first-rate brands of cachaça outside Brazil. The ice came next. indicated for patients of Spanish flu . kiwifruit.

[] References [1] http:/ / www6. so no sugar is used. globo.[] • Caipirão is another Portuguese variation made using Licor Beirão instead of cachaça. Black Caipiroshka or Caipiblack is made with black vodka instead of cachaça.[citation needed] • Sakeirinha or Caipisakê is a version made with sake. cachaça and crushed ice are of lime. External links • Caipirinha at Wikibooks . typically found in tourist areas. gov. htm [4] http:/ / revistacasaejardim. br/ legislacao/ ListaPublicacoes. drinquepedia. • Caipiríssima is a caipirinha made with rum instead of cachaça.[citation needed] • Morangoska is a Portuguese variation made using strawberries instead of lime. senado. typical ingredients for a Caipirinha • CaipirItaly is a variation from Italy.[citation needed] • Caipinheger is another variation made using Steinhäger. html [5] http:/ / www. com/ drinques/ historia?drinque=146 [6] .Caipirinha 31 Derivations There are many derivations of caipirinha in which other spirits substitute for cachaça. the word was coined for an advertisement for a popular rum brand in the late '70s. sugarcane. org/ caipirinha. action?id=237488 [2] http:/ / www. com/ Revista/ Common/ 0%2c%2cEMI278045-16940%2c00-A+ HISTORIA+ DA+ CAIPIRINHA. com/ recipe/ caipirinha [3] http:/ / www. maria-brazil. The most well known include: • The Caipivodka (also known as Caipiroska. in which vodka substitutes for cachaça. • The Caipiroska Negra. alcomixer. • Caipifruta is a variation made with cachaça and other fruits instead Limes. It's made using Campari instead of cachaça. Beirão liquor is very sweet. Caipiroshka or Caipirovka).

Cosmopolitan 32 Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan IBA Official Cocktail A cosmopolitan. Notes The drink should be a frothy bright pink colour [1] * Cosmopolitan recipe at International Bartenders Association . without ice Standard garnish Lemon slice. Garnish with lime wheel. lime wedge Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified • 40 ml Vodka Citron ingredients* • 15 ml Cointreau • 15 ml Fresh lime juice • 30 ml Cranberry juice Preparation Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Vodka volume Served Straight up. Shake well and double strain into large cocktail glass.

[] The cosmopolitan is a relative of cranberry coolers like the Cape Codder. The origin of the cosmopolitan is disputed. Cook's original recipes called for "Absolut Citron.Cosmopolitan 33 A cosmopolitan. lemon-flavored vodka. It was on this realization that gave me the idea to create a drink that everyone could palate and was visually stunning in that classic glass. is a cocktail made with vodka. a drop of Roses lime and just enough cranberry to make it oh so pretty in pink. or informally a cosmo. Florida bartender Cheryl Cook with the original creation.[3][4] but in an online interview.[][] The same year in Manhattan. He partially credits the upsurge in cocktails during the 1970s to the Cosmo being served at fern bars.[4] Cook related the story of how she created the drink in 1985 or 1986: What overwhelmed me was the number of people who ordered Martinis just to be seen with a Martini glass in their hand. This is what the Cosmo was based on.[3] Cheryl Cook A commonly cited story concerning the origins of the Cosmopolitan links South Beach.[3] A cosmopolitan John Caine John Caine is the owner of several popular bars in San Francisco and a cosmopolitan expert.[4] The 1970s Provincetown One version of the creation of this popular drink credits the accomplishment to the gay community in Provincetown. the internationally recognized version of the cocktail was created by Toby Cecchini. it was test marketed in Miami. and freshly squeezed lime juice or sweetened lime juice."[4] Although Absolut Citron was not introduced anywhere officially until 1988. triple sec.[2] Though often presented far differently. a splash of Triple Sec.[3] Generally. Massachusetts.[4] based on a poorly described version of Cheryl Cook's creation. people have recognized that John Caine brought the drink to San Francisco around 1987[] from Ohio. the cosmopolitan also bears a likeness in composition to the kamikaze cocktail. It is widely believed that the drink was created independently by different bartenders since the 1970s. cranberry juice. . History According to the International Bartenders Association the original recipe is based on vodka citron.[2][3] Some people think that Cook is a mythical character.

as Wicked is the story of Elphaba. France in 2010. then . a special type of cosmopolitan called an "Ozmopolitan" was made as a theme-fitting drink. also called a martini glass. a coin sized piece of orange should be "flamed" across the top of the drink.just barely pink—the color of pink lemonade. 2 parts cranberry juice. where Sarah Jessica Parker's character. Melissa Huffsmith of Manhattan. Variations • One variation is to squeeze a lime wedge into the chilled cocktail glass instead of including it with the ingredients to be shaken. 1 part triple sec. and Triple Sec instead of Cointreau. This coats the drink with a slick of citrus oil.[] Popularity The cosmopolitan gained popularity quickly. Cointreau or other high-quality triple sec provides a cleaner taste than cheaper triple sec. While working at The Odeon in 1987/1988. For this reason. The film adaptation made a reference to its popularity when Miranda asks why they stopped drinking them." It is not only in television that the Cosmo has influenced popular culture. her friend Patrick Mullen had tasted a version of the drink in Miami and she developed a slightly different version using Absolut Citron. • Another variation calls for stirring in a mixing glass. • A Francillian. and is generally substituted in the cosmopolitan. Cleveland. commonly ordered the drink when out with her girlfriends. Carrie Bradshaw. A lemon twist is sometimes used to garnish. Carrie replies "because everyone else started. and blue curaçao in place of the triple sec and a purple cosmopolitan just replacing the triple sec with blue curacao.. the cosmo was further popularized among young women by its frequent mention on the television program Sex and the City. the drink is mistakenly categorized as a type of martini. Cointreau and fresh-squeezed lime juice.. 1 part lime juice. Currently Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers#Chronological items. • A Cosmocello substitutes limoncello for the lime juice. The Cosmopolitan gained popularity in the 1990s. Huffsmith stated that the color should be ". • The original non-IBA versions used Rose's lime cordial instead of fresh lime juice. and Cincinnati. a green-skinned woman who eventually become the Wicked Witch of the West. and on to New York (Cook[4]).A common error is to garnish with a cherry and drowning in cranberry juice which is overall too sweet and unpleasant as a true Cosmo should have a tart taste and be slightly pink due to the shaking with the lime juice. Mix 3 parts citrus vodka. This cosmopolitan variation was first made for the West End production. The cranberry mainly adds colour and should not excessively dilute the drink. through New York." Huffsmith's version has become an internationally standardized method for preparing the drink. traveling from Provincetown. Traditionally. popularized in Fontainebleau. According to Brian Gougherty. Demeter Fragrance Library has created a cologne intended to smell like the cosmopolitan cocktail.Cosmopolitan 34 Pink Lemonade Pink Another important person involved in the creation of the Cosmopolitan was. Preparation and serving The Cosmopolitan is usually served in a large cocktail glass. and uses different proportions[] • A blue cosmopolitan may be made by using white cranberry juice instead of standard red juice.. it is popular to see a Cosmopolitan garnished with a lime wedge. instead of shaking.[] • A Peach Cosmopolitan substitutes peach schnapps for triple sec and peach juice for the cranberry • For the Broadway musical Wicked. substitutes sangria for cranberry juice. and on to San Francisco (Caine[]) or possibly from Miami to San Francisco.

Cosmopolitan 35 Broadway. External links • Absolut Cosmopolitan (http://absolutdrinks.[5][6] References [1] http:/ / www. see Rum & Coke. • Cosmopolitan Cocktail (http://www. [3] . com/ index. Online source viewable at The Big Apple (http:/ / www. com/ index.co. php/ new_york_city/ entry/ cosmopolitan_cocktail/ ) blog by Barry Popik. poured over ice . php/ new_york_city/ entry/ cosmopolitan_cocktail/ ) blog by Barry Popik. Type Mixed drink Primary alcohol by volume • Rum Served On the rocks.html)—A Cosmopolitan recipe made with normal vodka (non lemon) and Cointreau.uk/cocktails-cosmopolitan. see Cuba libre (disambiguation). For other uses.thecosmopolitanlasvegas. barrypopik. red velvet cake. Link also includes a modern twist on this cocktail—the Continental. php [2] . Cuba Libre IBA Official Cocktail A Cuba Libre served in a short tumbler.com/Drinks/absolut-cosmopolitan.aspx)—A higher proof version of the recipe. Cuba Libre This article is about the cocktail. For the Dub Pistols album. iba-world.com.com)—The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas • Cosmopolitan Cockail recipe (http://www.php?ID=91)—Drink Lab recipe • Cosmopolitan Recipe and a modern twist (http://www.drinklab.velocitybars.au/cocktail_recipe. barrypopik. "Rum and coke" redirects here. com/ english/ cocktails/ cosmopolitan. based on one of her favorite desserts. Online source viewable at The Big Apple (http:/ / www. • The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile created a Red Velvet Cosmo.

introduced to the island by American troops. H. Signal Corps. with its dark syrup. the UK. Jr. points out in his Gentlemen's Companion of 1934. referred to as "John Doe". a young messenger.[] Popularity This drink was once viewed as exotic. and Americans in large numbers arrived in Cuba. the Cuba Libre "caught on everywhere throughout the [American] South . The captain raised his glass and sang out the battle cry that had inspired Cuba's victorious soldiers in the War of Independence.L.. Garnish with lime wedge. The year? 1900. the drink united the crowd in a spirit of fun and good fellowship. as the Spanish-American war was fought in 1898. 1900 is generally said to be the year that cola first came to Cuba. the Cuba Libre was first mixed at a Cuban bar in August 1900 by a member of the U.[3] According to a 1965 deposition by Fausto Rodriguez. The Cuba Libre (/ˈkjuːbəHelp:IPA for English#Keyˈliːbreɪ/. Australia and New Zealand where the lime juice may or may not be included. Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkuβa ˈliβɾe]. the Rough Riders.. The only certainty is that this cocktail was first sipped in Cuba. Cuba's liberation was in 1898. made (at that time) from kola nuts and coca. and white rum. One afternoon. Fausto Rodriguez.S. Canada. Soon. In The American Language. Mencken writes of an early variation of the drink: "The troglodytes of western South Carolina coined 'jump stiddy' for a mixture of Coca-Cola and denatured alcohol (usually drawn from automobile radiators). Ireland. as Charles H. lime. Signal Corps were gathered in a bar in Old Havana. filtered through the North and West. there are some problems with Bacardi's account. a group of off-duty soldiers from the U. The captain drank the concoction with such pleasure that it sparked the interest of the soldiers around him.Cuba Libre 36 Standard garnish lime wedge Standard drinkware 12 oz. When they ordered another round. expatriates avoiding Prohibition—regularly mixed rum and cola as a highball and a toast to this Caribbean island. glass IBA specified ingredients* • 120 mL Cola • 50 mL White rum • 10 mL Fresh lime juice Preparation Build all ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. History Accounts of the invention of the Cuba Libre vary. Baker. It happened during the Spanish-American War at the turn of the century when Teddy Roosevelt.[2] but Coca-Cola was not available in Cuba until 1900.[1] According to Bacardi: The world's second most popular drink was born in a collision between the United States and Spain. Cuba around 1901/1902. 1921. "Free Cuba") is a highball made of cola. They had the bartender prepare a round of the captain's drink for them. The Bacardi rum and Coke was an instant hit. one soldier suggested that they toast ¡Por Cuba Libre! in celebration of the newly freed Cuba.S. connoisseurs reputedly preferred the taste of what had been aged in . One account claims that the drink (Spanish for Free Cuba) was invented in Havana. Patriots aiding Cuba during the Spanish-American War—and." aided by the ample supply of its ingredients. As it does to this day. later recalled that Captain Russell came in and ordered Bacardi (Gold) rum and Coca-Cola on ice with a wedge of lime.[] However. the Cuba Libre shares the mystery of its exact origin. This highball is often referred to as a Rum and Coke in the United States. later. and the Rough Riders left Cuba in September 1898. But “Cuba Libre!” was the battle cry of the Cuba Liberation Army during the war of independence that ended in 1898. Notes garnish with a pineapple wedge and 3 cherries.[] According to Havana Club: Along with the Mojito and the Daiquiri.

They are both popular refreshments. The Cuba Pintada ("stained Cuba") is one part rum with two parts club soda and just enough cola so that it tints the club soda. 1. The Cuba Campechana ("half-and-half Cuba") contains one part rum topped off with equal parts of club soda and cola. often referred to as a Midas. • In Costa Rica. the drink is most commonly served without the lime juice and ordered simply as a Bacardi and Coke [citation needed] . • In Australia. the more popularly known drink is simply Rum and Coke or "Rumbo".5%). 3 US fluid ounces (89 ml) of lemon mix. it uses a higher proof rum. • In Britain. 2006 commonly ordered at cocktail bars as a Cuba Libre. • In Brazil. Cuba Libre is also called "Ron-Cola" and "Cubata". such as Bacardi 151 (75. in an opinionated reference to Cuban politics.5 US fluid ounces (44 ml) of Venezuelan Gold Rum. made with "cachaça" and lemon without peeling. Another recent variation is the Venezuela Libre. "Rum and Coca-Cola". However. [citation needed] Often the drink is called Cuban for the original mix and White Cuban when coke is replaced with Sprite or 7up. Some people substitute Cream Soda and spiced rum to create a bright gold drink. there is another variation. the combination of light rum. When the lime juice is included and rubbed around the rim of the glass it can be known as a Lou Bega. or Matouk's). diet cola and garnished with lemon for a refreshing finish. Local variations The drink's name has evolved somewhat in both Cuba and the United States. Capt'n Sleepy's Quintessential Habanero.5 US fluid ounces (44 ml) of Venezuelan White Rum. Cola and rum were both cheap at the time and this also contributed to the widespread popularity of the concoction.[] Recipe variations Cubata is a Cuba Libre made from Havana Club Especial instead of Havana Club Blanco. which contains no lime. • In Chile and Spain. giving it a deeper."[] The drink gained further popularity in the United States after The Andrews Sisters recorded a song (in 1945) named after the drink's ingredients. brown sugar and cola is Pre-mixed Bundaberg Rum & Cola. . A variation of the Cuba Libre popular in the West Indies is a “Hot” Cuba Libre which includes a splash of Caribbean hot sauce (for example. Compared to a normal Cuba Libre. a low calorie variation called Tico Libre is made with gold or dark rum. and diet cola in place of normal cola. after the popular singer. more complex flavour. where some choose to refer to it as a Mentirita ("a little lie").Cuba Libre 37 Model-T Fords. Other recent variations are the Cuba Light made with rum and Diet Coke. Two Cuba Libres Another variation of the Cuba Libre is the Cuban Missile Crisis. especially among young people. commonly uses a local dark rum and can be purchased in cans as a ready-to-drink. and the Witch Doctor made with dark rum and Dr. Pepper. It has 1. 1 lemon wedge and a dash of angostura bitters. inspired by the increasing cooperation between the governments of Venezuela and Cuba.

topped off with a slice of lime. usually for rum. Any distilled spirit could be substituted for a rum in a pinch. there is another variant. it is called a Nica Libre. it is called a Poland Libre. Mixing cola with hard alcoholic beverages other than rum is quite popular in India. References Notes External links • Media related to Cuba libre at Wikimedia Commons . Kofola. that consists of "retsina" and cola. when it is mixed using Burn and rum. named "tumba libre". after a popular song that features the recipe. there has been a long history of trading dried salted codfish to the West Indies. etc. • In Venezuela the Cuba Libre Preparado ("Prepared Cuba Libre") includes a dash of gin and a dash of Angostura bitters. Bermúdez. Also. • In Greece Thessaloniki. • In Nicaragua. "Tumba" is the name of a neighborhood in Thessaloniki.which involves equal parts dark rum. is popularly mixed with coke . • In Puerto Rico. water and coke. a rum which is actually made in Jamaica. and garnished with a lime. a popular local soft drink. because Burn is a popular drink to mix in Poland and the drink turns red (the color of Poland). One variation to this drink is called the Tom Morry . which contains no lime. • In Mexico.e. the more popularly known drink is simply Rum and Coke.) and cola. a variation called "Spicy cherry" or "Spicy vanilla" is made of spiced rum. • In Peru. molasses and spices.Cuba Libre 38 • In Czech Republic and Slovakia. it is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks and it is usually referred to simply as a "Cuba". when it is mixed using Flor de Caña (the national brand of rum) and cola. This. • In the Netherlands the drink is usually served without lime and commonly referred to as Baco. but these variations generally do not have any specific names.[] • In Poland. • In India. • In Newfoundland.without lime. the rum is often substituted by Tuzemak. is frequently used instead of coke. from the two ingredients of Bacardi rum and cola. • In Russia Cuba Libre without the lime juice is called Rock-n-Roll Star. Newfoundland Screech. cherry coke or vanilla coke. commonly uses a local rum (such as Old Monk). a variation called Peru Libre is made with pisco rather than rum. • In the Dominican Republic it is a popular drink poured with a generous amount of locally produced Dominican Rum (i. Brugal.

Embury's classic The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. The Daiquirí is one of the six basic drinks listed in David A. he also suggests some variations. Daiquiri (/ˈdækəriː/. citrus (typically lime juice). In the book. without ice Standard garnish Half a lime slice Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 45ml (9 parts) White rum • 20ml (4 parts) lime juice • 5ml (1 part) Simple syrup Preparation Pour all ingredients into shaker with ice cubes. Shake well. Strain in chilled cocktail glass. .Daiquiri 39 Daiquiri Daiquirí IBA Official Cocktail Daiquirí garnished with lime Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Rum Served Straight up. Spanish: daiquirí [dajkiˈɾi]) is a family of cocktails whose main ingredients are rum. and sugar or other sweetener.

without sugar. and the Daiquirí saw a tremendous rise in popularity in the US. After a thorough shaking. Another way to create a frozen Daiquirí (mostly fruit-flavored variants) is by using frozen limeade.[4] • Strawberry Daiquirí – regular with strawberry added. Consumption of the drink remained localized until 1909.[] The Daiquirí was supposedly invented by an American mining engineer. These drinks can also be combined and poured from a blender eliminating the need for manual pulverization. D. etc. Frozen daiquiri A wide variety of alcoholic mixed drinks made with finely pulverized ice are often called frozen daiquirí. Later the Daiquirí evolved to be mixed in a shaker with the same ingredients but with shaved ice. rum was easily obtainable. served frozen. helped make Latin America seem fashionable.. . The Good Neighbor Policy (also known as 'The Pan-American program'). Cuba. it was poured into a chilled flute glass. vodka. Variations • Daiquirí Floridita – with maraschino liqueur. Johnson.Daiquiri 40 Origins The name Daiquirí is also the name of a beach near Santiago. Kennedy. By 1795 the Royal Navy daily grog ration contained rum. A teaspoon of sugar was poured over the ice and the juice of one or two limes was squeezed over the sugar.[citation needed] Wartime rationing made whiskey. and 2 ounces of sugar.[3] Wikipedia:Verifiability • Banana Daiquiri – regular Daiquirí with a half a banana. juice of two limes and half a grapefruit. Originally the drink was served in a tall glass packed with cracked ice. The glass was then frosted by stirring with a long-handled spoon.S. Navy medical officer. Johnson subsequently introduced it to the Army and Navy Club in Washington. also became fashionable. tried Cox's drink.[1] The drink became popular in the 1940s. and come in a wide variety of flavors made with various alcohol or liquors. when Admiral Lucius W. yet because of Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy (which opened up trade and travel relations with Latin America. and as soon as ice became available this was included instead of the water. who happened to be in Cuba at the time of the Spanish-American War. Such drinks are often commercially made in machines which produce a texture similar to a smoothie. rum-based drinks (once frowned upon as being the domain of sailors and down-and-outs).C. a U.[5] Variations on the frozen Daiquirí. sweetness and sourness all at once. Two or three ounces of white rum completed the mixture.[6] • The Old Rose Daiquirí. • The Daiquirí Mulata featuring rum and coffee liqueur. and an iron mine in that area.. created by Constantino Ribalaigua Vert at El Floridita. named Jennings Cox. The basic recipe for a Daiquirí is also similar to the grog British sailors drank aboard ship from the 1740s onwards. Cuba and the Caribbean). water. six drops of maraschino liqueur. which features strawberry syrup and rum along with two teaspoons of sugar and lime juice. hard to come by. and drinkers of the Daiquirí increased over the space of a few decades. ¾ ounce of lemon or lime juice.[citation needed] • Hemingway Daiquirí – or Papa Doble – two and a half jiggers of white rum. Consequently. The Daiquirí was one of the favorite drinks of writer Ernest Hemingway and president John F.[2] This was a common drink across the Caribbean. and it is a word of Taíno origin. providing the required texture.

a mixture composed of new milk.[1][2] Eggnog is a popular drink throughout the United States and Canada. then eggnog. It was also known as the egg milk punch.[3] One very early example: Isaac Weld. eggs. History The origins. etymology.miami.[] The "nog" part of its name A carton and a glass of eggnog from Montreal.edu/cubanHeritage/chc0484/) held by the Cuban Heritage Collection (http:// www. of egg-nog. Another story is that the term derived from egg and grog. and is usually associated with Christmas. and whipped eggs (which gives it a frothy texture).net/pages/daiquiri. Eggnog may be added as a flavoring to food or drinks such as coffee and tea. or egg nog. during the years 1795.edu/chc/) of the University of Miami Libraries Eggnog Eggnog. rum. Brandy. or a combination of liquors are often added. the British drink reverse) and the French term lait de poule was also called an Egg Flip (from the practice of "flipping" (rapidly (literally.Daiquiri 41 References Notes [3] http:/ / stockpress. "hen's milk") pouring) the mixture between two pitchers to mix it). com/ recipe-80-Strawberry-Daiquiri. iba-world.. vodka. Eggnog as a custard can also be used as an ice cream base. may stem from the word noggin.[] However.library. php [5] Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe (http:/ / mybestcocktails. html) [6] Daiquiri Collection from Havana Club Rum (http:/ / www. Eventually. England. a medieval European beverage made with hot milk. The finished serving is often garnished with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon or nutmeg... sugar." . that term was shortened to egg'n'grog. de/ 2011/ 02/ 19/ hemingway-trinkt-acht-daiquiris-in-el-floridita/ Hemingway's Daiquirí .article in German [4] http:/ / www.php) External links • Digital Images regarding Jennings Cox including an original Daiquirí recipe from the Carmen Puig Collection (http://merrick. and the ingredients used to make the original eggnog drink are debated. and 1797 (published in 1800) wrote: "The American travellers.library. rum. html#/ 1644) Bibliography • Daiquirí Story (http://www. a common Colonial term used for the drink made with rum. whisky. according to custom. bourbon. Eggnog may have originated in East Anglia. a Middle English term for a small. before they pursued their journey. took a hearty draught each. is a sweetened dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk and/or cream. or it may have simply developed from posset. com/ INT/ EN/ club. com/ english/ cocktails/ bfd. Junior. 1796. and sugar. Canada.miami.elfloridita. beat up together. in his book Travels Through the States of North America and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada. showing its French facade (English carved wooden mug used to serve alcohol. havana-club.

and eventually bourbon in particular.S. meringue. The incident resulted in the court-martialing of twenty cadets and one enlisted soldier.[] The inexpensive liquor. where it is served as breakfast. two ounces of brandy.[] Those who could get milk and eggs mixed it with brandy. law. Ready-made eggnog versions are seasonally available and may contain whiskey. and spices. spices (though not necessarily nutmeg). brandy. to no liquor at all. bourbon.[5] Under current U.[6][7] The ingredients in commercial eggnog vary significantly. raw eggs.[8][9] . Cream may be included to make a richer and thicker drink.[] When the supply of rum to the newly-founded United States was reduced as a consequence of the American Revolutionary War. Other toppings include whipped cream. glucose-fructose. Whiskey was smuggled into the barracks to make eggnog for a Christmas Day party. coupled with plentiful farm and dairy products. or cognac. monoglycerides. and colorings. though some modern eggnogs add gelatin.[] The drink is described in Cold Comfort Farm (chapter 21) as a Hell's Angel. Ingredients Traditional eggnog typically consists of milk. made with an egg. as a substitute. The drink crossed the Atlantic to the English colonies during the 18th century. to only a taste of liquor. natural and artificial flavorings. but generally raw eggs are not included. sugar.Eggnog 42 In Britain. the drink was popular mainly among the aristocracy. cinnamon. from rather strong. carrageenan. low-fat and no-sugar formulations are available[4] using skimmed or lowfat milk. Americans turned to domestic whiskey. a teaspoonful of cream. Madeira or sherry to make a drink similar to modern alcoholic egg nog. Eggnog can be homemade from recipes. Though eggnog is high in fat and cholesterol. helped the drink become very popular in America. with grated nutmeg sprinkled on top. rum. ice cream. sugar. guar gum. modified milk ingredients. Since brandy and wine were heavily taxed. usually nutmeg. water. Also available are "mixes" that contain all the ingredients except the liquor. and chocolate curls. With these the end-user can tailor the strength of the drink. rum from the Triangular Trade with the Caribbean was a cost-effective substitute. Vanilla is a common flavoring.[] The Eggnog Riot occurred at the United States Military Academy on 23–25 December 1826. and some chips of ice. commercial products sold as eggnog are permitted to contain milk.

gave a more modern non-dairy eggnog recipe using 3 eggs separated. 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.S. gave a recipe for "Egg Nog" made using coconut cream. 2 tablespoons of barley malt extract or Amasake syrup. a custard to avoid potential hazards from raw eggs. and carob flavors. Grain Country of Los Angeles. eggs. ISBN 0-452-25665-8. rice or coconut milk-based alternatives for vegans and those with dairy allergies. the U. Milk Punch (http:/ / books. org/ eggnog. eggnog can be made more safely by using pasteurized eggs. com/ books?id=IV3s-NUYnfEC& pg=PA82) [2] (http:/ / books. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill. Pioneer of the American Bar". 50. Eunice Farmilant. Irma S. 138-39) In December 1981. introduced Grain Nog. google. California. the earliest known non-dairy and vegan eggnog. 2007. ISBN 0399532870. eggnog has much in common with classic custard-pudding recipes that do not call for corn starch. Penguin. pp 48. The eggnog-custard connection Some recipes for homemade eggnog call for egg yolks to be cooked with milk into "Silk Nog. and many types of eggnog can also be cooked into egg-custard puddings. com/ books?id=pzMEAAAAYAAJ& pg=PA65) [4] http:/ / www. in her Guide for Nut Cookery. pickyourownchristmastree.Eggnog 43 Non-dairy eggnogs Some North American manufacturers offer soy. Based on amazake (a traditional Japanese fermented rice beverage) and containing no eggs. 82. p. the earliest known soy-based non-dairy and vegan eggnog based on soy milk and tofu (added for thickness). it was available in plain. "Imbibe!: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash. Safety concerns For concerns about the safety of selling products made from raw eggs and milk. php References • Rombauer." a commercial soy milk eggnog. google."[10][11][12][13] In the home and in restaurants. Also in December 1981. in The Natural Foods Sweet-Tooth Cookbook. The history of non-dairy eggnogs goes back to at least 1899 when Almeda Lambert. 4 cups of chilled soy milk. and nutmeg. strawberry. (p. Modern FDA regulations permit eggnog to contain less than 1% egg yolk solids and "milk or milk products. In 1973. a Salute in Stories and Drinks to "Professor" Jerry Thomas. and Marion Rombauer Becker (1931 [1964]) The Joy of Cooking. Redwood Valley Soyfoods Unlimited (California) introduced Soynog. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has changed or altered the definition of eggnog a number of times towards artificial replacements for the large number of eggs traditionally required. It was renamed Lite Nog in 1982 and Tofu Nog in 1985. and sugar. almond.[] Notes [1] David Wondrich. .

5cl (1 part) Disaronno liqueur Preparation Pour ingredients into a Snifter with ice cubes.5cl (1 part) Cognac • 3. com/ english/ cocktails/ fcon. php . iba-world. Stir gently. [1] * French Connection recipe at International Bartenders Association A French Connection is a cocktail made with equal parts Cognac and Amaretto liqueur. References [1] http:/ / www. Stir gently.[] Recipe Ingredients: • 35 ml Cognac • 35 ml Amaretto liqueur Mixing Instructions: Pour all ingredients directly into a snifter or Old Fashioned glass[] with ice cubes.French Connection 44 French Connection French Connection IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Cognac • Amaretto Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass IBA specified ingredients* • 3.

served in a tumbler with two ice cubes. History The first printed reference to a fizz (spelled "fiz") is in the 1887 edition of Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide. and precursor to. The defining features of the fizz are an acidic juice (such as lemon or lime juice) and carbonated water. A Gin Fizz contains gin. being that a Tom Collins historically used "Old Tom Gin" (a sweetened version of. Demand for fizzes went international as evidenced by the inclusion of the cocktail in the French cookbook L'Art Culinaire Francais published in 1950. and carbonated water.Gin Fizz 45 Gin Fizz Fizz Type Cocktail family Alcohol common in this class of cocktail • Gin • Whiskey • Rum A Fizz is a type of mixed drink—a variation on the older Sours family. lemon juice.[] Simple variations on the gin fizz are • Silver Fizz — addition of egg white .[1] Gin Fizz Gin Fizz IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Gin Served On the rocks. Known as a hometown specialty of New Orleans. whereas the kind of gin historically used in a Gin Fizz is unknown. The Fizz became widely popular in America between 1900 and the 1940s. London Dry Gin). sugar. which contains six fizz recipes. poured over ice Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified ingredients* • 45ml (3 parts) Gin • 30ml (2 parts) Fresh lemon juice • 10ml (1 part) Gomme syrup • 80ml (5 parts) Soda water A Gin Fizz is the best-known cocktail in the Fizz family. the difference. contrary to common belief.[2]The drink is similar to a Tom Collins. the Gin Fizz was so popular that bars would employ scrums of bartenders working in teams that would take turns shaking the fizzes.

sugar. New Orleans Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Gin Served Straight up.Gin Fizz 46 • Golden Fizz — addition of egg yolk • Royal Fizz — addition of whole egg • Diamond Fizz — sparkling wine instead of carbonated water. egg white. cream. lemon juice. lime juice. orange flower water. without ice Standard drinkware Collins glass Commonly used ingredients • 1 ½ oz gin • ½ oz fresh lemon juice • ½ oz fresh lime juice • 1 oz simple syrup • 2 oz heavy cream • 1 egg white • Few drops of orange flower water • Top off with soda A Ramos gin fizz (also known as a Ramos fizz or New Orleans fizz) contains gin. More commonly known as a French 75 • Green Fizz — addition of a dash of green crème de menthe Ramos Gin Fizz Ramos Gin Fizz Ramos Gin Fizz at the Sazerac Bar. and soda water. such as a Zombie glass (a non-tapered 12 to 14 ounce glass). Roosevelt Hotel. . It is served in a large glass.

sugar. Louisiana. • The drink is mentioned in the Jack White and Loretta Lynn song "Portland Oregon.Gin. and lemon-lime soda • Chicago Fizz — rum."[3] Even so. lemon juice. sugar. A more common variant of a Sloe Gin Fizz contains sloe gin. lemon juice. Ramos invented the Ramos gin fizz in 1888 at his bar. The Roosevelt Hotel group trademarked the drink name in 1935 and still makes it today. when you drink it by the pitcher and not by the glass. • Another song which includes a reference is Aerosmith's "Rag Doll". Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz. and egg white • Buck's FizzIBA  (and variant MimosaIBA ) — champagne. which includes the lyrics "Sloe gin fizzy / do it till you're dizzy / give it all you got until you're put out of your misery. orange juice. Warren (Rip) Murdock.[4] The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans also popularized the drink. lemon juice. hence the allure of the beverage. sugar. lemon juice. compared to a regular Gin Fizz. the sugar acts as an emulsifier. lime juice. while it and the alcohol 'cooks' the egg white. The Museum of the American Cocktail has newsreel footage of this event.and still struggling to keep up with the demand. Long brought a bartender named Sam Guarino from the Roosevelt Hotel to the New Yorker Hotel in New York City to show the staff there how to make the drink. It was originally called the New Orleans Fizz. making nothing but the Ramos Gin Fizz . many bartenders today use powdered egg white because of the possible health risks associated with consuming raw eggs.[5] Uncommon variations • Whiskey Fizz — American blended whiskey. Henry C. and is one of the city's most famous cocktails. During the carnival of 1915. and club soda (with no egg white). and carbonated water." . midori and ginger ale In popular culture • Ramos Fizz was mentioned in The John Cromwell film Dead Reckoning starring Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott. the bar was known to have over 20 bartenders working at once. superfine sugar." with the lines "Well. where he comes to meet bartender Louis Ord George Chandler who was a witness against Sergeant Johnny Drake (William Prince) his paratrooper buddy. As Cleveland bar chef Everest Curley points out "a big key to making egg cocktails is not to use ice at first. as did governor Huey Long's fondness for it. sometimes grenadine • Japanese Gin Fizz — a standard Gin Fizz with a shot of Lychee liquor added • Sour Melon Fizz . sugar." It is not common for the drink to be served by the pitcher. The drink's long mixing time (12 minutes) made it a very time consuming cocktail to produce. egg white. sloe gin fizz works mighty fast. 32 staff were on at once. Sloe Gin Fizz Sloe Gin Fizz Type Cocktail A Sloe Gin Fizz contains sloe gin (a blackthorn plum flavored spirit). port wine.Gin Fizz 47 The orange flower water and egg significantly affect the flavor and texture of a Ramos. so he could have it whenever he was there. Lizabeth Scott Coral (Dusty Chandler) orders a Ramos Gin Fizzy in the bar with Capt. if that ain't love then tell me what is" and "Well. and adds orange juice • Manhattan Cooler — Scotch. lemon juice. the Imperial Cabinet Saloon on Gravier Street. Before Prohibition. In July 1935. New Orleans. just to shake the drink. and lemon-lime soda • Meyer Lemon Fizz— uses the sweeter Meyer lemon instead of normal lemon.

Blanche offers to make him a Sloe Gin Fizz while he waits for Dorothy to finish getting ready." • In Paul Scott's Raj Quartet. Instead of the cocktail. • Paul Sanchez.youtube. 'I like living like this. Blanche is not accustomed to being manhandled. References Notes [1] How's Your Drink? by Eric Felten published by Surrey Books November 29. Elliott Clayton arrives to pick up Dorothy for their date.gin-fiz." "We sat there talkin' by the lobster tank/I ordered her a sloe gin fizz/And when them chicken-fried steaks arrived/She said. entitled "The Triangle.com/watch?v=Uj417erX2W8) by bartender Chris McMillan • Gin Fiz (http://www.Esquire . Delilah De Lyon "Went up to Stagger Lee at the bar. esquire.nytimes. iba-world. "This slow gin fizz is not living up to its name." • This drink is mentioned in an episode of the TV series Greek. • In the song "Stagger Lee" by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia. com/ index. unwittingly revealing her lowly background. com/ watch?v=Uj417erX2W8 [5] Sloe Gin Fizz Recipe . references this drink in his song "Drunk This Christmas" in the line "I hope Santa's bringing / an icy Sloe gin fizz. • This drink is mentioned in the TV series Psych in the episode "Lets Get Hairy. • The drink is sung of by Sammy Kershaw in his song "Queen of my Double Wide Trailer. says 'Buy me Gin Fizz love?'" • In the 1934 film The Captain Hates the Sea a former prostitute (Wynne Gibson) married to a millionaire orders a Sloe Gin Fizz at a society gathering.html) in the NY Times • New Orleans' best cocktails: The Ramos Gin Fizz (http://www. Later.How to Make the Perfect Sloe Gin Fizz (http:/ / www.'" • Jim Morrison played by Val Kilmer requests a Ramos Fizz from a bartender in the movie The Doors. • The Ramos Fizz is referenced in the season six (part two) premiere of The Sopranos entitled Soprano Home Movies. php?option=com_content& id=196& tmpl=component& task=preview& Itemid=532 [3] Creative Cleveland bartenders are the chefs of the cocktail scene (http:/ / www. several scenes include consumption of sloe gin fizzes. it went straight to my head pretty quickly!" • In an episode of The Golden Girls. ssf/ 2009/ 07/ creative_cleveland_bartenders.com/2008/06/15/magazine/15food-t-001. 2007 [2] http:/ / www. hold the gin. com/ drinks/ sloe-gin-fizz-drink-recipe) External links • Ramos Gin Fizz (http://www. com/ taste/ index. cleveland. youtube." Dr. a series of novels set in 1940s India. a New Orleans singer/songwriter. Casey Cartwright orders two sloe gin fizzes for herself and Catherine." "I'd like a Sloe gin fizz please. Catherine says. • The name also shows up in the song "BMW Man" on the Local H album 12 Angry Months. • Sloe Gin Fizz is the drink of choice for the bank robber characters in the cult classic comedy movie Safe Men.ru) . html) [4] http:/ / www. he prefers to hit on Blanche.Gin Fizz 48 • This beverage is mentioned in Book Two of Richard Wright's novel Native Son as the character Bigger Thomas orders two sloe gin fizzes: one for him and the other for Bessie. on ABC Family. extra fizz.

References [1] http:/ / www. iba-world. It is classed as an "after dinner" drink. Strain into glass and serve. com/ english/ cocktails/ golddream.Golden dream 49 Golden dream Golden Dream IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Anise-flavored liqueur • Orange-flavored liqueur Served shaken Standard garnish wedge of orange and a cocktail umbrella Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 20ml (2 parts) Galliano • 20ml (2 parts) Cointreau • 20ml (2 parts) Fresh orange juice • 10ml (1 part) Fresh cream Preparation Shake together in a mixer with cracked ice. try skipping the cream and blending the other ingredients with an equal amount of vanilla ice cream. php . For a delicious desert option. Notes Should be quite fluffy Classified as an after dinner drink [1] * Golden Dream recipe at International Bartenders Association The Golden Dream is an IBA official cocktail made with Galliano and Cointreau.

[2] and gained popularity during the 1950s and 1960s throughout the American South. . after-dinner drink. without ice Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 30 ml (1 part) Crème de menthe (green) • 30 ml (1 part) Crème de cacao (white) • 30 ml (1 part) Fresh cream [1] ( source ) Preparation Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. The drink reputedly originated at Tujague's. a landmark bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans. which is provided by the crème de menthe. mint-flavored. Louisiana. Shake briskly and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.Grasshopper 50 Grasshopper Grasshopper IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Crème de cacao volume • Crème de menthe Served Straight up. A grasshopper is a sweet. The name of the drink is derived from its green color.

iba-world. In the North Central US states. com/ index. Grasshoppers are blended drinks where ice cream is substituted for cream. and the waitress forgets to bring it. com/ recipe/ grasshopper [4] Food at Sunset. php?option=com_content& id=220& tmpl=component& task=preview& Itemid=532 [2] http:/ / www. A "Frozen" Grasshopper additionally contains Mint Ice Cream to further its dessert qualities. He proceeds to describe a drink that is not a grasshopper. milk. thebollard. A 'Green Genie' is a variation containing Creme de Menthe.J. In the "Mr Willis of Ohio" episode of The West Wing. In the movie Ronin. Cregg orders a Grasshopper in a bar." it contains Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. . Also known as a "Grasshopper milkshake. the character C.Grasshopper 51 Composition A typical grasshopper cocktail consists of equal parts green Crème de menthe. sunset.[4] Popular Culture The character Raj Koothrappali of the television series The Big Bang Theory often drinks Grasshoppers to help overcome his selective mutism at being unable to talk to women. This is blended and served in a tall glass decorated with a miniature or broken cream filled chocolate sandwich cookie. Robert De Niro's character indicates that he gave up under interrogation when they gave him a grasshopper. com/ sunset/ recipefinder.[3] Variations A "Vodka" or "Flying" Grasshopper substitutes vodka for fresh cream. white Crème de cacao and fresh cream. especially Wisconsin. while a "Brown Grasshopper" additionally contains coffee. Retrieved 2007-01-26.com " Grasshopper Milkshake (http:/ / food. Creme de Caramel and Jasmine infused vodka. alcomixer. which leads to banter about whether the waitress was ashamed to order it. References [1] http:/ / www. dyn?action=displayRecipe& recipe_id=659259)". and crème de menthe. com/ bollard/ ?p=2119 [3] http:/ / www. shaken with ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass.

Harvey Wallbanger 52 Harvey Wallbanger Harvey Wallbanger IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Vodka Served On the rocks. The Harvey Wallbanger is a cocktail made with vodka. . poured over ice Standard garnish orange slice and maraschino cherry Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified ingredients* • 45ml (3 parts) Vodka • 15ml (1 part) Galliano • 90ml (6 parts) fresh orange juice Preparation Stir the vodka and orange juice with ice in the glass. Garnish and serve. and orange juice. then float the Galliano on top. Galliano.

specifically. [citation needed] • In CB lingo.C. • In the 1999 film Mystery Men the character Casanova Frankenstein enjoys a Harvey Wallbanger as his nemesis. com/ od/ atozcocktailrecipes/ r/ hrvy_wlbngr_ckt. • Harvey Wallbanger was the puppet character who ran the "dead-letter" post office on the Canadian children's show. B. • Richard Pryor asks Gene Wilder about Harvey Wallbangers and then later they drink them in the movie See No Evil. htm) . George Bednar. J. led the Major Leagues in home runs and total bases. the team went 72–43 (. companion Donna Noble mistakenly thinks that the Doctor is miming for a cocktail shaker and thinks he means that he wants a Harvey Wallbanger References Notes [1] Lacy. [5] Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail Recipe (http:/ / cocktails. a Harvey Wallbanger is a drunk driver."[citation needed] • Harvey Wallbanger is sometimes used to refer to the Wall Follower maze solving algorithm. Captain Amazing. Hear No Evil." because of the team's power hitting (wall banging) under mid-season manager Harvey Kuenn. manager Buck Rodgers was fired. • In the Doctor Who episode The Unicorn and the Wasp. and produced the highest team OPS+ since the 1931 New York Yankees. were nicknamed "Harvey's Wallbangers.[1][2][3][4][5] • The SAS sometimes referred to C4 explosive charges as "Harvey Wall-bangers.Harvey Wallbanger 53 History The Harvey Wallbanger is reported to have been invented in 1952 by three-time world champion mixologist Donato 'Duke' Antone (Paolantonio). arrives to apprehend him.626). one who continually drifts across the road from one shoulder to the other and back. The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. Hartford CT [2] Willis. (1972) 'An Engaging Class Knows the Latest in Libation' The Hartford Times: Hartford CT [4] Linsley. winners of the American League pennant. about. • The Character Sven from "Class of 77" gets constantly drunk due to his love of Harvey Wallbangers. Legend has it that the drink was named after a Manhattan Beach surfer who was a regular patron of Duke's 'Blackwatch' Bar on Sunset Blvd. The Harvey Wallbanger was brought to international prominence by then Galliano salesman. C. (1973) Here's Practical Guide to Mixing Drinks: Hartford Times: Hartford Connecticut [3] Ryan. J (1967) 'Mixologist Face the World with Confidence' The Hartford Courant. After a mediocre 23–24 start to the season. in Hollywood during the early 1950s. (1972)'25 Years of New Bartenders' Hartford Times: Hartford CT. Under Kuenn.[citation needed] Other uses • The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers.

Dating back to the 1890s. Stir gently. add dashes of Angostura Bitter. with a long spiral of lemon peel (zest) draped over the edge of an old fashioned or highball glass.Horse's Neck 54 Horse's Neck Horse's Neck IBA Official Cocktail Type Mixed drink Primary alcohol by • Brandy volume Served On the rocks. A similar Canadian drink. but eventually it was phased out. or bourbon would be added for a 'Horse's Neck with a Kick' or ~ Stiff. If required. the Rye & Ginger. When made with Ale-8-One and Maker's Mark this drink is commonly referred to as a Kentucky Gentleman. . The non-alcoholic version was still served in upstate New York in the late fifties or early sixties. Garnish with lemon zest. ice and lemon peel. it was a non-alcoholic mixture of ginger ale. It is made with brandy (or sometimes bourbon) and ginger ale. poured over ice Standard garnish Long spiral of lemon zest Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass IBA specified • 40ml (1 part) Brandy ingredients* • 110ml (~3 parts) Ginger ale • Dash of Angostura bitter (optional) Preparation Pour brandy and ginger ale directly into old fashioned glass with ice cubes. brandy. [1] * Horse's Neck recipe at International Bartenders Association A Horse's Neck is an American cocktail recognised by the IBA. By the 1910s. is made with Canadian whisky and ginger ale.

Bibliography • Robert Cross. alongside similar jugs of mixed gin and tonic.Horse's Neck 55 In the 1935 Fred Astaire movie Top Hat. in which a naval officer is shown drinking a 'Horse's Neck' in 1949). com/ english/ cocktails/ horsen. in which Martha Stewart . (An early reference to this is made in the 1957 film Yangtse Incident. php . with the request "H-N or G&T. Sir?" Ian Fleming. At naval Cocktail Parties (CTPs). The non-alcoholic version of the drink is mentioned in the 1950 Humphrey Bogart film noir In A Lonely Place. Horse's Neck became popular in the wardrooms of the Royal Navy in the 1960s. describes the Horse's Neck as "the drunkard's drink". he was also quite partial to them himself. ISBN 0-572-02161-5 References [1] http:/ / www.playing the hat-check girl . it is sometimes served by the mess stewards ready-mixed in glass jugs. iba-world. displacing Pink Gin as the officers' signature drink.states that adding bitters to ginger ale is called a “Horse’s Neck”. in the 1966 book Octopussy. The Classic 1000 Cocktails (1996). Helen Broderick orders "un altro Horse’s Neck" in a stylized Venetian canal cocktail lounge.

Irish coffee 56 Irish coffee Irish Coffee IBA Official Cocktail A glass of Irish coffee Type Mixed drink Served Hot Standard drinkware Irish coffee mug IBA specified ingredients* • 40ml (2 parts) Irish whiskey • 80ml (4 parts) hot coffee • 30ml (1½ parts) fresh cream • 1tsp brown sugar Preparation Heat the coffee. [1] * Irish Coffee recipe at International Bartenders Association Irish coffee (Irish: caifé Gaelach) is a cocktail consisting of hot coffee. Irish whiskey. and topped with thick cream. stirred. The original recipe explicitly uses cream that has not been whipped. Pour into glass and top with cream. The coffee is drunk through the cream. and sugar (some recipes specify that brown sugar should be used[2]). although drinks made with whipped cream are often sold as "Irish coffee". . whiskey and sugar. do not boil. serve hot.

Co.[citation needed] Preparation Black coffee is poured into the mug. After the passengers asked if they were being served Brazilian coffee. Sheridan added whiskey to the coffee to warm the passengers.[10] also claims to have been the originator[citation needed] and has had a large sign in place reading "House of Irish Coffee" since the early 1950s.[6][7] The group also sought help from the city's then mayor.[12] Thick cream is carefully poured over the back of a spoon initially held just above the surface of the coffee and gradually raised a little. IE. 417: Irish Coffee. County Limerick but originally from Castlederg. In later years. when he worked with the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco to start serving it on November 10. Sheridan told them it was "Irish coffee". George Christopher. which was widely read throughout America.[14] or viewed for free in the offices of NSAI in Santry. brought Irish coffee to the United States after drinking it at Shannon Airport. Around the turn of the 20th century the coffee cocktail menu in the Viennese cafés also included Kaisermelange.[13] The layer of cream will float on the coffee without mixing. the original Irish coffee was invented and named by Joe Sheridan. sampling the drink one night until he nearly passed out.[5] and worked with the bar owners Jack Koeppler and George Freeberg to recreate the Irish method for floating the cream on top of the coffee. Variations Preparing an Irish coffee In 1988.</ref> Although whiskey. The use of espresso machines or fully automatic coffee brewers is now typical: the coffee is either a caffè americano (espresso diluted with hot water) or . and whiskey. The choice of coffee and the methods used for brewing it differ significantly. after the Buena Vista had served.[9] Tom Bergin's Tavern in Los Angeles. Foynes' port was the precursor to Shannon International Airport in the west of Ireland. 1952.Irish coffee 57 Origin Although different variations of coffee cocktails pre-date the now-classic Irish coffee by at least 100 years. The coffee was conceived after a group of American passengers disembarked from a Pan Am flying boat on a miserable winter evening in the 1940s. Whiskey and at least one level teaspoon of sugar is stirred in until fully dissolved. topped with whipped cream. more than 30 million of the drinks. Dublin. The sugar is essential for floating liquid cream on top. Delaplane and the owners grew tired of the drink. who owned a dairy and suggested that cream aged at least 48 hours would be more apt to float. Maria Theresia.[8] Delaplane popularized the drink by mentioning it frequently in his travel column. Donegal. by its count. both coffee cocktails served in glass. Ballybofey. cream.S.[citation needed] Other sources claim that Joe Jackson perfected the recipe at Jacksons Hotel.[3][4] Stanton Delaplane. The former was also known in northern Germany and Denmark around this time. a travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. A friend commented that the problem with Irish coffee is that it ruins three good drinks: coffee. the National Standards Authority of Ireland published Irish Standard I. variations in preparation exist. County Tyrone. Biedermeier-Kaffee and a handful of other variations on the theme. a head chef at Foynes. the Pharisäer and the Fiaker were served in Viennese coffee houses. The coffee is drunk through the layer of cream.[11] Earlier coffee and alcohol cocktails From the mid 19th Century. coffee and cream are the basic ingredients in all Irish coffee.

[15] special devices are sold for making it. [11] .com/irishcoffee. and cream floated on top—liqueur coffees—are given names derived from Irish coffee.Irish coffee 58 some kind of filter coffee. Another variant uses Fireball Cinnamon Whisky called "Fire Starter Coffee. The World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship[16] is a yearly event in which Irish coffee is one of two coffee cocktails prepared by finalists. com/ english/ cocktails/ Irishc. a separate coffee layer. The cream used by some bars to make what is sold as "Irish coffee" is sometimes sprayed from a can. [3] .thebuenavista. [16] . [14] The standard can be obtained from Standards IE<ref>. The preferred coffees used in national heats as well as in the international finals the last years have been mild coffea arabicas (Colombia or Latin America). and a layer of cream on top. References External links • The Irish Coffee Story (http://www."[17] Many drinks of hot coffee with a distilled spirit. often made using a coffee capsule. US: The Buena Vista Cafe. specifying brown sugar. CA. In Spain. Notes [1] http:/ / www. Irish Coffee (café irlandés) is sometimes served with a bottom layer of whiskey. San Francisco. php [2] .html). iba-world. . and so on. [15] . Highland coffee with Scotch whisky. and the preferred brew methods have gone towards filter methods. [4] . and that fresh cream should be floated on top. Jamaican coffee would be expected to be made with rum. 'pour over'. Some bartenders gently shake fresh cream to achieve a smooth layer atop the coffee[citation needed]. although the names are not standardised. 'syphon' or 'aeropress'.

[1] * Japanese Slipper recipe at International Bartenders Association A Japanese slipper is an IBA Official Cocktail made from Midori. Place crushed ice into cocktail shaker. It was created in 1984 by Jean-Paul Bourguignon at Mietta's Restaurant in Melbourne. Cointreau. iba-world. php [2] http:/ / www. com/ recipes/ japanese-slipper. [citation needed] Preparation Place a cherry into a cocktail glass. without ice Standard garnish Honeydew melon slice Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 30 ml (1 part) Midori • 30 ml (1 part) cointreau • 30 ml (1 part) lemon juice Preparation Shake together in a mixer with ice. then the Cointreau and lemon juice. Garnish with a slice of honeydew melon. Strain into glass. A variation can be made by replacing the Cointreau with vodka. add Midori.[2] References [1] http:/ / www.Japanese slipper 59 Japanese slipper Japanese Slipper IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Midori • Orange-flavored liqueur Served Straight up. and lemon juice. garnish and serve. html . Shake well and strain into the chilled cocktail glass and serve. com/ english/ cocktails/ japaneseslipper. midori-world.

. According to the International Bartenders Association. it is served straight up in a cocktail glass. garnish and serve. Strain into glass. [1] * Kamikaze recipe at International Bartenders Association The Kamikaze is made of equal parts vodka. without ice Standard garnish Lime slice Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 30ml (1 part) vodka • 30ml (1 part) triple sec • 30ml (1 part) lime juice Preparation Shake all ingredients together in a mixer with ice. triple sec and lime juice.Kamikaze 60 Kamikaze Kamikaze IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Vodka • Orange-flavored liqueur Served Straight up.[2] Garnish is typically a wedge or twist of lime.

iba-world. com/ drink/ Kamikaze) . Variations Dozens of variations exist in online databases today. php [3] Drinknation.com: Kamikaze cocktail recipe variations (http:/ / www. com/ english/ cocktails/ kamikaze.[3] References [1] http:/ / www. drinknation.Kamikaze 61 Naming "Kamikaze" (神風) is a Japanese word literally meaning "divine wind".

then top up with wine. mayor of Dijon in Burgundy. Nowadays. a lesser white wine of Burgundy. various white wines are used throughout France. who as a pioneer of the twinning movement in the aftermath of the Second World War popularized the drink by offering it at receptions to visiting delegations. such as Chablis. Originally called blanc-cassis. Many prefer a white Chardonnay-based Burgundy. In France it is usually drunk as an apéritif before a meal or snack.33 ounce) (1 part) crème de cassis Preparation *Add the crème de cassis to the bottom of the glass. according to the region and the whim of the barkeeper. [1] * Kir recipe at International Bartenders Association Kir is a popular French cocktail made with a measure of crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) topped up with white wine. he was also promoting two vital economic products of the region. the drink is now named after Félix Kir (1876–1968). Besides treating his international guests well. Originally the wine used was Bourgogne Aligoté.Kir 62 Kir Kir IBA Official Cocktail Type Wine cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Wine Standard drinkware Wine glass (white) IBA specified ingredients* • 90ml (3 ounces) (9 parts) white wine • 10ml (0. Notes A recipe can be found at the International Bartenders Association website. Kir initially allowed one of Dijon's producers of crème de cassis to use his .

which gives a slightly tart alternative. with a measure of calvados added.made with peach liqueur. When ordering a kir.g. waiters in France sometimes ask whether you want it made with crème de cassis (blackcurrant).made with raspberry liqueur instead of cassis. The Cook's Essential Kitchen Dictionary.made with red grapefruit liqueur and sparkling white wine. but French sources typically specify more. htm) . According to Rolland (2004).made with Normandy cider instead of wine. com/ english/ cocktails/ kir. de mûre (blackberry) or de pêche (peach). • Pink Russian . Faced with an excess of white wine. Replacing the crème de cassis with blackcurrant syrup is discouraged. php [2] Rolland. Kir renovated a drink that previously was made primarily with the red. Another explanation that has been offered is that Mayor Kir revived it during a year in which the ordinary white wine of the region was inferior and the creme de cassis helped to disguise the fact. peach liqueur. • Cidre Royal . fr/ fichiers/ f1928. and Champagne • Kir Normand .made with red wine instead of white • Kir Impérial . raspberry liqueur. Robert Rose Inc.made with cider instead of wine. • Kir Pêche . J.made with lager or light ale ("kir-beer"). iba-world. but subsequently extended the right to their competitors as well. • Hibiscus Royal . but has since become inextricably linked internationally with the name of Mayor Kir. a number of variations exist: • Kir Royal . Also found with sparkling wine and pear schnapps. L. and an edible hibiscus flower.made with sparkling wine • Communard/Cardinal .made with Breton cider instead of wine. the cocktail became a popular regional café drink. • Tarantino .made with sparkling wine. (2004). 19th century recipes for blanc-cassis recommended 1/3 crème de cassis. • Kir Pamplemousse . and modern sources typically about 1/5. The International Bartenders Association gives a recipe using 1/10 crème de cassis. free.Kir 63 name.made with milk instead of wine. Following the commercial development of crème de cassis in 1841.made with Champagne • Kir Pétillant . [3] e.[2] the reinvention of blanc-cassis (post 1945) was necessitated by the German Army's confiscation of all the local red Burgundy during the war.[3] Variations Besides the basic Kir. References [1] http:/ / www. • Kir Breton . Cuisine Collection (http:/ / ja6.

5 cl Vodka • 1. Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Gin • Tequila • Vodka • Rum • Triple sec Served On the rocks. [1] * Long Island Iced Tea recipe at International Bartenders Association .5 cl White rum • 1. poured over ice Standard garnish lemon slice Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified ingredients* • 1. stir.5 cl Gin • 2.Long Island Iced Tea 64 Long Island Iced Tea Long Island Iced Tea IBA Official Cocktail The Long Island iced tea was named for its resemblance to non-alcoholic Iced tea.5 cl Tequila • 1. garnish and serve.5 cl Lemon juice • 3 cl Gomme Syrup • 1 dash of cola Preparation Mix ingredients in glass over ice.5 cl Triple sec • 1.

and rum. S. Douglas Harrington. [7] LONG ISLAND ICED TEA: FROM NEW YORK. due to the unpopularity of sour mix.[2][3] Various local New York references echo Butt's claims. J. Robert Butt. replace the cola with actual iced tea. most variants do not include any tea. or add white crème de menthe. tequila. Aug 11. Accessed 6 August 2012 [5] Long Island Ice Tea: A little History and a Great Recipe (http:/ / www. 2006). Quirk Books. a slightly different drink is claimed to have been invented in the 1920s during Prohibition. accessed 6 August 2012 [6] Understanding Apples. Most variants use equal parts of the main liquors but include a smaller amount of triple sec (or other orange-flavored liqueur). this highball is often altered. A popular version mixes equal parts vodka.[4] Local rumors also ascribe the origin to either Butt or another bartender at the Oak Beach Inn. 2009. Old Man Bishop's son. with lemon or lime juice.[6][7] The drink was then perfected by Ransom Bishop. which gives the drink the same amber hue as iced tea . OR TENNESSEE? (http:/ / snotobaccoandliquor. despite the name of the drink. gin. ISBN 1598007467. Hamptons. Origin There is some dispute as to the origin of the Long Island Iced Tea. References [1] http:/ / www.com. com/ long-island-ice-tea-history-and-recipe. Rob Chirico. and triple sec with 1½ parts sour mix and a splash of cola.Long Island Iced Tea 65 A Long Island Iced Tea is a type of mixed drink made with. The drink has a much higher alcohol concentration (about 22 percent) than most highball drinks due to the relatively small amount of mixer. php [2] The official website of the original Long Island Iced Tea (http:/ / www. Tennessee. which further increases the alcohol to mixer ratio. html#. orange juice or with lime cordial. Moore. com/ ). However. tequila. 48. in 1972 while he worked at the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island. Long islands can be ordered "extra long". accessed 6 August 2012 [3] Field Guide to Cocktails: How to Identify and Prepare Virtually Every Mixed Drink at the Bar. July 1. Close variants often replace the sour mix with lemon juice. by an "Old Man Bishop" in a local community named Long Island in Kingsport. NY. html). pp 159 [4] The Drivers' Seat Long Island Iced Tea (http:/ / www. hamptons. among other ingredients. com/ blog/ ?p=59). ISBN 1594740631. Some restaurants substitute brandy for the tequila. UCB2yTHC4Vk). gin. numerous sources attribute the origin to one or both of two inventors in the 1970s or 1920s. com/ Food-And-Wine/ Mixology/ 9023/ The-Drivers-Seat-Long-Island-Iced-Tea. This drink included whiskey and maple syrup. Robert "Rosebud" Butt claims to have invented the drink as an entry in a contest to create a new mixed drink including Triple Sec.[5] Alternatively. Outside the United States. loving-long-island. and varied quantities of the five liquors. however. vodka. com/ english/ cocktails/ longislandtea. iba-world. Outskirts Press (October 13. 2005. rum. rather than the modern one with cola and four equal portions of the four liquors. Long Island Iced Tea served outside the US is often made of liquors and cola alone (without sour mix). liicetea. p. Accessed 6 August 2012 External links • Media related to Long Island Iced Tea at Wikimedia Commons . Chris Bendicksen.

Garnish and serve with straw. . Curaçao liqueur.Mai Tai 66 Mai Tai Mai Tai IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Rum volume Served On the rocks. Strain into glass and float the dark rum onto the top. The Mai Tai is an alcoholic cocktail based on rum. associated with Polynesian-style settings. poured over ice Standard garnish pineapple spear and lime peel Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified • 40ml (8 parts) white rum ingredients* • 20ml (4 parts) dark rum • 15ml (3 parts) orange curaçao • 15ml (3 parts) Orgeat syrup • 10ml (2 parts) fresh lime juice Preparation Shake all ingredients except the dark rum together in a mixer with ice. and lime juice.

sometimes hyphenated or capitalized.com/video/81) . served them. s. Bergeron) created it one afternoon for some friends who were visiting from Tahiti. figuratively "Out of this world! The Best!") — hence the name.[2][3] The Trader Vic story of its invention is that the Trader (Victor J. Trader Vic's rival. particularly tiki-themed restaurants or bars. com/ dictionary/ maitai) External links • Mai Tai links (http://www.Mai Tai 67 History It was purportedly invented at the Trader Vic's restaurant in Oakland. Today.dmoz. but the drink is spelled as two words.Video demonstration for making a proper Mai Tai . mai tai (http:/ / dictionary. tasted it and cried out: "Maita'i roa ae!" (Literally "very good!". in 1944.v. References [2] Oxford English Dictionary. The Mai Tai was also prominently featured in the Elvis Presley film Blue Hawaii.org/Society/Subcultures/Lounge_Culture/Tiki//) at the Open Directory Project • The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess (http://www.smallscreennetwork. Trader Vic's Restaurant chain began to open small establishments called Mai Tai Bars that primarily serve cocktails and pupus (appetizers). Don the Beachcomber. Don the Beachcomber's recipe is more complex than that of Vic's and tastes quite different. One of those friends. third edition. the Mai Tai is synonymous with Tiki culture both past and present. oed. California. Carrie Guild. com/ cgi/ entry/ 00299965) [3] maitai Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (http:/ / www.org/Recreation/Food/Drink/Cocktails//) at the Open Directory Project • Tiki culture (http://www. webster. Culture The Mai Tai became such a popular cocktail in the 1950s and '60s that many restaurants.[1] "Maita'i" is the Tahitian word for "good". can be found at Wikibooks Mai Tai. As of 2008.[4] Recipe There are many recipes for Mai Tais. claimed to have created it in 1933 at his then-new bar named for himself (later a famous restaurant) in Hollywood. including three different versions of Trader Vic's. Eleven of them.dmoz. as well as the recipe of Don the Beachcomber.

Canadian whisky (simply called Rye in Canada). without ice Standard garnish cherry Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 50ml rye or Canadian whisky • 20ml Sweet red vermouth • Dash Angostura bitters • Maraschino cherry (Garnish) Preparation Stirred over ice. but is perhaps most closely related to the Brooklyn cocktail. sweet vermouth. blended whiskey and Tennessee whiskey. Commonly used whiskeys include rye (the traditional choice). where it is garnished with a Maraschino cherry with a stem.[3] a mix utilizing dry vermouth and Maraschino liqueur in place of the Manhattan's sweet vermouth. Embury's classic The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. bitters. The cocktail is often stirred with ice and strained into a cocktail glass. It is one of six basic drinks listed in David A. and bitters. strained into a chilled glass. garnished.[1][2] A Manhattan is also frequently served on the rocks in an Old Fashioned glass (lowball glass). . bourbon. and served straight up. A Manhattan is a cocktail made with whiskey. made with Canadian whisky. and a cherry Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Whiskey Served Straight up. sweet vermouth.Manhattan 68 Manhattan Manhattan IBA Official Cocktail A classic 2:1 Manhattan. The whiskey-based Manhattan is one of five cocktails named for one of New York City's five boroughs. as well as Amer Picon in place of the Manhattan's traditional bitters.

Manhattan 69 Origin and history A popular history suggests that the drink originated at the Manhattan Club in New York City in the early 1870s. Elliott and P. 2/3 portion of whiskey and 1/3 portion of vermouth.[11] . and "get together" of locals.[10] The story goes. Lady Randolph was in France at the time and pregnant. In it. copyright 1930 (p. so the story is likely a fiction. 1 dash of absinthe.[4][5] However. later prompting several people to request the drink by referring to the name of the club where it originated—"the Manhattan cocktail". The success of the banquet made the drink fashionable.[5] By one account it was invented in the 1860s by a bartender named Black at a bar on Broadway near Houston Street." Traditions On the small North Frisian island of Föhr. that many of the people of Föhr emigrated to Manhattan during deep sea fishing trips.[9] However. served ice cold.[7][8] During Prohibition (1920–1933) Canadian whisky was primarily used because it was what was available. or with ice and a cherry garnish. Strong. Italian Vermouth and Angostura bitters". 39): "Two parts of whiskey.[6] The original "Manhattan cocktail" was a mix of "American Whiskey. and brought it back to Föhr with them. in an ice cold glass. Iain Marshall for a banquet hosted by Jennie Jerome (Lady Randolph Churchill. Traditions for both preparations go back to the late 1800s. the Manhattan cocktail is a standard drink at almost every cafe restaurant. there are prior references to various similar cocktail recipes called "Manhattan" and served in the Manhattan area. with a dash of bitters. where it was invented by Dr. he details a drink containing 2 dashes of gum. Winston's mother) in honor of presidential candidate Samuel J. published in 1891. one part of Italian Vermouth and a dash of bitters poured over ice and stirred vigorously. The same cocktail appears listed as a "Tennessee Cocktail" in Shake 'em Up! by V. There is a mistaken belief that Manhattans are always stirred and never shaken. 2 dashes of bitters. Tilden.[] An early record of the cocktail can be found in William Schmidt's "The Flowing Bowl". took a liking to the drink. The drink is usually mixed 1 part (the 'perfect' is said to be half white/half red) vermouth to 2 parts whiskey.

may be used. creating a froth on the surface of the drink. using Fernet-Branca yields what is called a Fanciulli cocktail. it is more often than not made with bourbon or Canadian whisky (both of which may contain no rye at all. as the ingredient that differentiated a cocktail from a sling. and cocktail can mean any drink that resembles a martini. Some add juice from the cherry jar or Maraschino liqueur to the cocktail for additional sweetness and color.Manhattan 70 Variations Traditional views insist that a Manhattan be made with rye whiskey. those definitions of cocktail and sling have become archaic.[14] • The Fourth Regiment is a classic (ca.[] A lemon peel may be used as garnish.). or use other exotic ingredients. The Manhattan is subject to considerable variation and innovation. nowadays.[13] Over time. Angostura are the classic bitters. and Peychaud's Bitters. specialize in local or rare whiskeys. However. and even the lack of any bitters. 1889) cocktail that uses a 1/1 ratio of whiskey and vermouth. but orange bitters. A Manhattan. The following are other variations on the classic Manhattan: • A Rob Roy is made with Scotch whisky.[] • A Metropolitan is similar to a brandy manhattan. bitters were considered an integral part of any cocktail. Peychaud's Bitters. as sling has fallen out of general use (other than in certain drink names).orange bitters.[] • A Brandy Manhattan is made with brandy rather than rye.[] • A Ruby Manhattan is made with port rather than vermouth. [16] .[] • A Perfect Manhattan is made with equal parts sweet and dry vermouth.[12] Some make their own bitters and syrups.[] Some shake the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker instead of stirring it. substitute comparable digestifs in place of vermouth.[15] • A Central Park is a Perfect Manhattan served with a mint leaf in the middle.[] • A Royal Manhattan is made with Crown Royal Canadian Whisky.[] • A Dry Manhattan is made with dry vermouth instead of sweet vermouth and served with a twist.[] • A Tijuana Manhattan is made with an Anejo Tequila. Originally.[] • A Southern Manhattan is made with Southern Comfort. and is often a way for the best bartenders to show off their creativity. or simply any mixed drink.[] • A Cuban Manhattan is a Perfect Manhattan with dark rum as its principal ingredient. celery bitters. and uses three dashes of three different bitters . but with a 3-to-1 ratio of brandy to vermouth.

com/ video/ 630/ cocktail_spirit_fourth_regiment/ ) [16] Kenney. de/ essen.. com/ 2005/ 10/ manhattan. com/ recipes/ 2011/ 02/ the-brooklyn-cocktail-rye-maraschino-vermouth. John invented 1992 Germany . com/ party/ christmas. com/ cs/ recipesandmenus/ a/ manhattan. in [6] Winston Churchill. html Recipe for a classic Manhattan Cocktail [3] The Brooklyn Cocktail | Serious Eats : Recipes (http:/ / www. shtml) from CocktailTimes..The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess (http:/ / www. about. seriouseats. aspx) from Föhr-Digital. html) [10] Essen und Trinken (http:/ / www. htm) from about. cocktailtimes. Peter (Feb 2011) Azul 17 Tequila Lounge [15] How to make the Fourth Regiment Cocktail . retrieved March 6 2013 (http:/ / www. html) [4] Holiday Cocktail Party (http:/ / www. foehr-digital. My Early Life [9] ref:blog The Bar Mixer Has Spoken.com [2] http:/ / mybestcocktails. com/ recipe-21-Manhattan.com [5] qtd.de [14] Donohue. smallscreennetwork.Manhattan 71 References [1] Recipe for a Manhattan Cocktail (http:/ / entertaining. barmixmaster.

[1] * Margarita recipe at International Bartenders Association The margarita is a Mexican cocktail consisting of tequila mixed with Cointreau or similar orange-flavoured liqueur and lime or lemon juice. or without ice (straight up). poured over ice Standard garnish salt rimmed glass. . It is the most common tequila-based cocktail in the United States. often served with salt on the glass rim. lime slice Standard drinkware Margarita glass IBA specified • 35ml (7 parts) tequila ingredients* • 20ml (4 parts) Cointreau [] • 15ml (3 parts) lime juice Preparation Rub the rim of the glass with the lime slice to make the salt stick to it. Shake the other ingredients with ice. then carefully pour into the glass (taking care not to dislodge any salt). blended with ice (frozen margarita).Margarita 72 Margarita Margarita IBA Official Cocktail Type Mixed drink Primary alcohol by • Tequila volume Served On the rocks.[2] The drink is served shaken with ice (on the rocks). Garnish and serve over ice.

The most common lime in the U. by bartender Don Carlos Orozco. thin-skinned limes and have more tart and an often bitter flavor compared to Persian limes. including melon-flavored or black raspberry-flavored. Don Carlos offered the drink to Margarita. and lime. at Hussong's Cantina[5] in Ensenada. However. In addition to orange-flavored liqueurs. 29% Cointreau.Margarita 73 Variations The IBA (IBA Official list of Cocktails) standard is 7:4:3.[4] The most accepted of all stories is that the Margarita was invented in October 1941.[][6] He concocted a mixture of equal parts tequila. Another common story related the Margarita being invented a few years earlier at the Rancho La Gloria Hotel. 21% fresh lime juice. that is. but it is not the drink the world enjoys today. Other fruits Alternate fruits and juice mixtures can also be used in a margarita.[] However. it typically refers to the lime or lemon juice margarita.[] One slow afternoon. margarita can be prepared in many different ways.[3] Margaritas made with lemon have a softer taste. peach. Fruits like mango. or raspberry are suitable for creating this drink. served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. with lime juice or lemon juice added to give it a characteristic margarita flavor (a wedge of lime is often added to the glass). or blue curaçao yielding the blue margarita. top-shelf margarita and virgin margarita. especially when Meyer lemons are used.S. who lived with her husband Roy Parodi near the city in Rancho Hamilton. orange liqueur. is the thick-skinned Persian lime. margaritas in Mexico are generally made with Mexican limes (Key limes). Other varieties of margarita include: fruit margarita. History Origin There is no solid proof who "invented" the Margarita. for a former Ziegfeld dancer named Marjorie King. These are small.[7] This story was related by Herrera and also by bartender Albert Hernandez. He may have named his drink after Margarita Henkel. the daughter of a German ambassador.[citation needed] Frozen margarita A variation of the margarita is as a blended ice drink. Don Carlos' recipe was made with Damiana Liqueur. Margaritas come in a variety of flavors and colors. Nowadays. Fresh lime juice Freshly squeezed lime juice is the key ingredient.[] Flavored liqueurs Other orange-flavored liqueurs that might be used include Grand Marnier. the amount of orange-flavored liqueur is often reduced or eliminated entirely. strawberry banana. and named it after her for being the first person to taste it. by Carlos "Danny" Herrera. Don Carlos was experimenting with mixing new drinks when a prestigious visitor arrived: Margarita Henkel. halfway between Tijuana and Rosarito. melon. secondary liqueurs may occasionally be added to a cocktail. who is acknowledged for popularizing a Margarita in San Diego . not Cointreau orange liqueur. 50% tequila. triple sec. Mexico. Many recipes call for a splash of orange juice. but when other juices are used. Mexico. the fruits are typically added as adjectives in the name. When the word "margarita" is used by itself. When sweeter fruit juices or freshly puréed fruits are added to the margarita.

[10] Margarita is Spanish for Daisy.[8] Hernandez claimed the owner of La Plaza. in 1948. There are also claims that the popular drink to have been first mixed in the El Paso-Juárez area at Tommy's Place Bar on July 4. 1997.Margarita 74 after 1947. He is listed in the Texas Almanac's Sesquicentennial Edition (1857–2007. 1945 by Francisco "Pancho" Morales. which is a nickname for Margaret. Margarita. at the La Plaza restaurant in La Jolla. Morris Locke. It is likely that Orozco. and it’s been a hit ever since. His story is best captured in an October 1973 Texas Monthly article "The Man Who Invented the Margarita" by Brad Cooper. which became popular during Prohibition as people drifted over the border for alcohol. Herrara. is that the Margarita is merely a popular American drink. and later in his obituary in the Washington Post on January 2. He supposedly named it after the Spanish version of her name. Morales originally left bartending in Mexico to become a US citizen. .[citation needed] A blended margarita A margarita served in an old fashioned glass. years before any of the other Margarita "creation myths". however. Another common origin tale begins the cocktail’s history at the legendary Balinese Room in Galveston. the Daisy. and Cruz merely perfected the "Tequila Daisy". knew Herrera and visited Mexico often. Texas where. under M) Obituaries of famous Texans. [9] Another explanation. There is an account from 1936 of Iowa newspaper editor James Graham finding such a cocktail in Tijuana. remade with tequila instead of brandy. head bartender Santos Cruz created the Margarita for singer Peggy (Margaret) Lee.

particularly with ice. com/ english/ cocktails/ margar. net/ nutribullet-reviews-does-it-really-work-as-seen-on-tv/ ) . stir. Juice of 1/2 lime or lemon Pour over crushed ice. htm).com (http:/ / www. is the paloma.tips and advice and food and drink preparation [5] cantinahussongs. In formal settings margaritas are often served in a standard cocktail glass. Rub the rim of a stem glass with rind of lemon or lime. (http:/ / rosenberg-library-museum. while in informal settings. iba-world. and sip. com) [9] Rosenberg Library Museum "Lost Treasure: The Balinese Room" Balinese Room. this is particularly associated with blended fruit margaritas. cantinahussongs. most notably the stereotypical margarita glass. php [2] The most popular tequila cocktail in Mexico.Margarita 75 Glass Margaritas may be served in a variety of glasses. margaritas may be served in an old-fashioned glass.org/Home/Cooking/Beverages/Cocktails/Margaritas/) at the Open Directory Project . by contrast. References [1] http:/ / www. org/ displays/ balinese/ balinese. a variant of the classic Champagne coupe. 76:[11] 1 ounce tequila Dash of Triple Sec An archetypal margarita glass. It was further popularized by the Jimmy Buffet song "Margaritaville". Popularity The margarita cocktail was the "Drink of the Month" in Esquire magazine. [3] Nutribullet reviews (http:/ / frommykitchen. December 1953.dmoz. spin in salt—pour. and the glass is also used for dishes such as guacamole or shrimp cocktails. External links • Margarita (http://www. pg.

) The martini is a cocktail made with gin and vermouth. (On the rocks: Pour all ingredients over ice cubes in old-fashioned glass. B. and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist. Stir well.[2] . Over the years. or garnish with olive. Strain in chilled martini cocktail glass. White called it "the elixir of quietude". garnish as above and serve. Mencken called the martini "the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet"[1] and E. the martini has become one of the best-known mixed alcoholic beverages. Squeeze oil from lemon peel onto the drink. L. H.Martini 76 Martini Martini The martini is one of the most widely known cocktails Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Gin volume Served straight (or on the rocks) Standard garnish Olive or lemon twist Standard drinkware Cocktail glass Commonly used • 55ml (11 parts) gin ingredients • 15ml (3 parts) dry vermouth Preparation Straight: Pour all ingredients into mixing glass with ice cubes.

Martini 77

The traditional method of preparation is to pour gin and dry vermouth
into a mixing glass with ice cubes, stir, strain into chilled cocktail
glass, and garnish with a green olive or a twist of lemon peel.
The ratio of gin to vermouth has been steadily increasing since the
cocktail was created. A ratio of 1:1 was common at the turn of the 20th
century, and 3:1 or 4:1 martinis were typical during the 1930s and
1940s. During the latter part of the 20th century, 6:1, 8:1, 12:1, or even
50:1 or 100:1 martinis became considered the norm.[3] And there have
always been those who advocated the elimination of vermouth
altogether: Noël Coward suggested that the ideal martini should be
made by "filling a glass with gin then waving it in the general direction
of Italy"[citation needed] (which along with France is a major producer of
vermouth). Luis Buñuel used the dry martini as part of his creative
process, regularly using it to sustain ‘a reverie in a bar’. [4] He offers his
own recipe, involving Angostura bitters, in his memoir. Winston
Churchill was said to whisper the word 'vermouth' to a freshly poured
glass of gin.[citation needed] A martini with olives as a garnish

There are a number of variations on the traditional martini. The
fictional spy James Bond sometimes asked for his vodka martinis to be "shaken, not stirred," following Harry
Craddock's Savoy Cocktail Book (1930), which prescribes shaking for all its martini recipes.[5] However, Somerset
Maugham is often quoted as saying that "a martini should always be stirred, not shaken, so that the molecules lie
sensuously on top of one another".[6] A martini may also be served on the rocks, that is, with the ingredients poured
over ice cubes and served in an Old-Fashioned glass.[7] A dirty martini contains a splash of olive brine or olive juice
and is typically garnished with an olive.[8] A "perfect" martini uses equal amounts of sweet and dry vermouth.

Origins and mixology
The exact origin of the martini is unclear. Numerous cocktails with names and ingredients similar to the modern-day
martini were first seen in bartending guides of the late 19th century.[9] For example, in the 1888 Bartender's Manual
there was a recipe for a drink that consisted of half a wine glass of Old Tom Gin and a half a wine glass of vermouth.
In 1863, an Italian vermouth maker started marketing their product under the brand name of Martini. This product is
still available today, although it is now better known as Martini & Rossi.[10]
Another popular theory suggests it evolved from a cocktail called the Martinez served at the Occidental Hotel in San
Francisco sometime in the early 1860s, which people frequented before taking an evening ferry to the nearby town of
Martinez. Alternatively, the people of Martinez say the drink was first created by a bartender in their town,[11] or
maybe the drink was named after the town. Another theory links the first dry martini to the name of a bartender who
concocted the drink at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York City in 1911 or 1912.[12] The self-styled Court of
Historical Review in San Francisco ruled that the martini was invented in San Francisco. A court in Martinez,
California, recently overturned this decision.[citation needed] (These "courts" have neither legal nor academic authority
and are primarily for entertainment.)
During Prohibition the relative ease of illegal gin manufacture led to the martini's rise as the predominant cocktail of
the mid 20th century in the United States. With the repeal of Prohibition, and the ready availability of quality gin, the
drink became progressively dryer. In the 1970s and 80s, the martini came to be seen as old-fashioned and was
replaced by more intricate cocktails and wine spritzers, but the mid-1990s saw a resurgence in the drink and an
explosion of new versions.

Martini 78

Some newer drinks include the word "martini" or the suffix "-tini" in the name (e.g., appletini, peach martini,
chocolate martini, espresso martini). These are named after the martini cocktail glass they use and generally contain
vodka like the kangaroo cocktail, but share little else with the drink.

In popular culture
Ian Fleming's fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond famously orders a Vodka martini, routinely asking
for it "shaken, not stirred". This martini variation occurs in films and video game adaptations, but rarely in the earlier
books. In the novel Casino Royale he orders a cocktail later named the Vesper which uses gin, vodka and Kina Lillet
rather than vermouth.

[6] See, e.g., Schott’s Food & Drink Miscellany” (2004)
[7] The old-fashioned glass "is increasingly used these days [mid-1970s] by people who prefer their martinis 'on the rocks' instead of 'up' - that is,
in the rather more fussy and more precise cocktail-glass type of preparation." Irma Rombauer & Marion Rombauer Becker, The Joy of
Cooking (1975 ed.), p. 49.

External links
• Media related to Martini (cocktail) at Wikimedia Commons
• Cocktails/Martini at Wikibooks
• Gadberry, Brad (2008-01-12). "The Martini FAQ" (http://www.rdwarf.com/mink/martinifaq.html). Retrieved
• History of the Martini: (http://talkinghistory.oah.org/shows/1997/newyear.ra) A talk with Max Rudin, 29
December 1997 (RealAudio format)

Mimosa 79


IBA Official Cocktail

Two Mimosas

Type Wine cocktail

Primary alcohol by volume • Champagne

Served stirred not shaken

Standard garnish grenadine, cherries, strawberries
[citation needed]

Standard drinkware

Champagne flute

IBA specified ingredients* One part champagne, one part orange juice

Preparation Ensure both ingredients are well chilled, then mix into the glass. Serve cold.

A Mimosa is a cocktail-like drink composed of one part champagne (or other sparkling wine) and one part
thoroughly chilled citrus fruit juice, usually orange juice unless otherwise specified (e.g., "grapefruit [juice]
mimosa"). It is traditionally served in a tall champagne flute with a morning brunch as hair of the dog or to guests at
It is probably named after the yellow flowers of Acacia dealbata.[2]
A Buck's Fizz is a similar cocktail, but with twice as much orange juice as champagne.

a mojito is a cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum. refreshing citrus. Traditionally. poured over ice Standard garnish sprig of mint (Yerba buena in the original recipe) Standard drinkware Collins glass IBA specified • 40 ml (4 parts) White rum ingredients* • 30 ml (3 parts) Fresh lime juice • 6 leaves of Mint • 2 teaspoons Sugar • Soda Water Preparation Mint sprigs muddled with sugar and lime juice. Served with a straw. Spanish: [moˈxito]) is a traditional Cuban highball.[][] The original Cuban recipe uses spearmint or yerba buena. Garnished with sprig of mint leaves. a mint variety very popular on the island.Mimosa 80 References Mojito Mojito IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Rum volume Served On the rocks. sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice). Mojito (/moʊˈhiːtoʊ/. and mint flavors is . and mint. lime juice. sparkling water. Rum added and topped with soda water.[citation needed] Its combination of sweetness.

key limes.Mojito 81 intended to complement the potent kick of the rum.[6] Variations • Many hotels in Havana also add Angostura bitters to cut the sweetness of the Mojito. in his handwriting. lychee or mandarin. a Cuban seasoning made from lime and used to flavour dishes. It was known that the local South American Indians had remedies for various tropical illnesses. 1650). after Francis Drake. so a small boarding party went ashore on Cuba and came back with ingredients for a medicine which was effective. The Mojito was a favorite drink of author Ernest Hemingway. [citation needed] • A "Greek Mojito" uses Metaxa Greek spirit or Mastika instead of rum • A "Mojito Royal" is a mojito with Champagne instead of club soda. • A "Morelli Mojito" refers to a mojito made with Red Bull instead of soda water and Raspberry vodka . strawberry. lime juice is added to sugar (or syrup) and mint leaves.[][] The cocktail has a relatively low alcohol content (about 10 percent alcohol by volume).[] Then rum is added and the mixture is briefly stirred to dissolve the sugar and to lift the mint leaves up from the bottom for better presentation. When preparing a mojito. are often substituted.[] Many bars today in Havana use lemon juice rather than fresh lime. although the exact origin of this classic cocktail is the subject of debate. lime and sugar were also helpful in hiding the harsh taste of this spirit. To simplify production. One story traces the Mojito to a similar 19th century drink known as "El Draque". Mint. brown sugar syrup. While this drink was not called a Mojito at this time. crushed mint and soda. There are several versions of the mojito. the term probably came from the mojo creole marinades adapted in Cuba using citrus vs traditional Isleno types.[1] Cuba is the birthplace of the Mojito.[] In 1586. [citation needed] • An "English Mojito" uses gin in place of rum and sprite as a substitute for sugar/soda. Mint leaves and lime wedges are used to garnish the glass. • A Mexican Mojito uses the Mexican native tequila instead of rum as a primary alcohol. The mixture is then gently mashed with a muddler. The mint leaves should only be bruised to release the essential oils and should not be shredded. My daiquiri in El Floridita.[5] Ernest Hemingway made the bar called La Bodeguita del Medio famous as he became one of its regulars and he wrote "My mojito in La Bodeguita. while icing sugar is often muddled with the mint leaves rather than cane sugar. it was still the original combination of these ingredients. and have made this clear highball a popular summer drink.[] Some historians contend that African slaves who worked in the Cuban sugar cane fields during the 19th century were instrumental in the cocktail's origin. one such theory holds that name relates to mojo. the drink is topped with whole ice cubes and sparkling soda water. • Fruit-flavoured vodkas or rums.[3] Tafia/Rum was used as soon as it became widely available to the British (ca. such as mango. The ingredients were aguardiente de caña (a crude form of rum. the sugar cane juice often used in Mojitos. and simple syrup instead of sugar for a sweetener. and many establishments simply use sugar syrup to control sweetness.[] was a popular drink amongst the slaves who helped coin the name of the sweet nectar. Finally.[2] Drinking lime juice in itself would have been a great help in staving off scurvy and dysentery. " This expression in English can still be read on the wall of the bar today. • A "Dirty Mojito" uses spiced rum.[][4] Another theory is that the name Mojito is simply a derivative of mojadito (Spanish for "a little wet") or simply the diminutive of mojado ("wet"). some restaurants will add mint leaves and peppermint extract to premade margaritas for Mexican Mojitos. lime. • The drink is also spelled Mohito and Moxito in certain cultural areas of Cuba.[] The mojito is one of the most famous rum-based highballs.[] There are several theories behind the origin of the name Mojito. Due to the vast influence of immigration from the Canary Islands.[] Guarapo. translates as fire water from sugar cane) added with local tropical ingredients. • A Mojito without alcohol is called a "Virgin Mojito" or "Nojito"[] • An "Apple Mojito" uses apple-flavoured liqueur as well as rum. sugarcane juice and mint. after his successful raid at Cartagena de Indias Drake's ships sailed towards Havana but there was an epidemic of dysentery and scurvy on board.

com/ browse/ mojo). htm) [4] Mojito is derived from the Spanish mojo sauce. citing Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English. LLC) .[] References [1] Cuban Mojito Recipe (http:/ / www.com (http:/ / dictionary. Fourth Edition. meaning "to make wet" (see definition 3 of "mojo" at Dictionary. 2006.9. which often contains lime juice (see "mojito" at Dictionary. Lexico Publishing Group.Mojito 82 • A "Mojitaly" is a mojito with fernet branca instead of rum and mapo instead of lime. 2003-2007. citing the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. reference. • A "lychee mojito" is a mojito made with lychee syrup or liqueur and is popular in Hong Kong • A "sojito" is a mojito made with Korean soju instead of white rum. havana-club. com/ browse/ mojito). html) or American Mojito Recipe (http:/ / www. while mojo is derived from the Spanish verb mojar. bacardimojito.7). Preview Edition (v 0. com/ en/ cocktails/ cuban-classic/ mojito. Houghton Mifflin).com (http:/ / dictionary. reference. com/ features/ mojito_recipe_01.

and one part bitters. Count Camillo Negroni invented it by asking the bartender. "The bitters are . It is considered an apéritif. ex Caffè Giacosa. One of the earliest reports of the drink came from Orson Welles in correspondence with the Coshocton Tribune while working in Rome on Cagliostro in 1947. Italy. History While the drink's origins are unknown. the most widely reported account is that it was invented in Florence.Negroni 83 Negroni Negroni (cocktail) IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Gin • Vermouth • Campari Served On the rocks. one part vermouth rosso (red. Fosco Scarselli. at Caffè Casoni. [1] * Negroni (cocktail) recipe at International Bartenders Association The Negroni cocktail is made of one part gin. the Negroni Family founded Negroni Distillerie in Treviso. Italy in 1919. poured over ice Standard garnish orange peel Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass IBA specified ingredients* • 30ml (1 part) gin • 30ml (1 part) sweet red vermouth • 30ml (1 part) campari Preparation Stir into glass over ice.[2][3][4][5] After the success of the cocktail. now called Caffè Cavalli. by adding gin rather than the normal soda water. semi-sweet). garnish and serve. sold as Antico Negroni 1919. the Americano. to strengthen his favorite cocktail. The bartender also added an orange garnish rather than the typical lemon garnish of the Americano to signify that it was a different drink. traditionally Campari. and produced a ready-made version of the drink. where he described a new drink called the Negroni.

g. They balance each other. mensjournal. La vera storia del cocktail Negroni (On the Trail of the Count. Stone (film and novella)[8] • Thank You for Smoking by Christopher Buckley (vodka Negronis)[9] • In the short story "Risico" by Ian Fleming. do this. The True Story of the Negroni Cocktail). php [4] Luca Picchi. Florenz. The "Boulevardier" uses bourbon instead of gin. Most bars today will serve the drink with double the quantity of gin. Pinkish Negroni: with pinkish wine (instead of gin). and a bit of sweetness. a bitters and a vermouth. the trend in recent years has been to use a larger proportion of gin. an artichoke based liqueur. prosecco) instead of gin.[7] Variations As with the Martini cocktail. Germany. substitutes Gran Classico Bitter for the Campari. James Bond orders a Negroni[10] • In the season six episode of The Sopranos. The "Gran Classico Negroni" more complex and herbal. iba-world.aibmproject."[6] According to the Corsican newspaper Nice Matin Corse of 1980. the gin is bad for you. 'Punt e Mes Negroni' instead replaces standard red vermouth with a specific. meaning there is less need to dilute the gin to make it more palatable. giving its distinctive orange color. php?option=com_content&view=article&id=58:negroni&catid=12:cocktails-iba&Itemid=101) . ISBN 88-88719-16-4 [7] "How to Booze: Exquisite Cocktails and Unsound Advice". involving a base spirit. The 'Negroni sbagliato' ("wrong Negroni" in Italian) uses sparkling wine (e. "The Blue Comet". com/ english/ cocktails/ negr. Mauro's Negroni Club in Munich. Bobby Baccalieri muses about sitting on a train. Page 13. 2010). Sulle tracce del conte. ISBN 978-0-06-196330-8 [13] Survival Skills: Anthony Bourdain | Men's Journal Magazine (http:/ / archive. distinctively more bitter-tasting brand called Punt e Mes.Negroni 84 excellent for your liver. The most basic variation is served "straight up" in a martini glass with a splash of carbonated water floating on top of the alcohol mixture and a twist of lemon zest replacing the orange peel.it/index. Bars such as Amor y Amargo in New York. Argentina among others. Edizioni Plan. Spain and Negroni in Buenos Aires. sipping a Negroni. instead of Campari.. 'Negroski' is a recipe with vodka again as substitute for gin. The 'Cin Cyn' uses Cynar. 'Cardinaloski' is a Negroski with some angostura drops. Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef (memoir)[12] • Anthony Bourdain The Layover[13] References [1] http:/ / www. lighter alcohol content. Jordan Kaye (Author). com/ survival-skills-anthony-bourdain) External links • (Italian) Origine e curiosità del cocktail IBA Negroni (http://www. A "Raultini" is a variation using Aperol instead of Campari. Publisher: Harper Paperbacks (May 18. • Homeworld by Harry Harrison [11] • Gabrielle Hamilton's Blood. Ohla in Barcelona. A recent trend is to treat the Negroni as a template. mainly because the quality of the spirit is a lot better than it used to be. ISBN 0-06-196330-5. Marshall Altier (Author). Negroni in popular culture • Tennessee Williams' The Roman Spring of Mrs. Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni is among those whom it is believed invented the drink.

The Old Fashioned is an IBA Official Cocktail[1] made by muddling sugar with bitters then adding alcohol. and a twist of citrus rind. and a cocktail cherry.Old Fashioned 85 Old Fashioned Old Fashioned IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Whiskey volume Served On the rocks. such as whiskey or brandy. The Old Fashioned is one of six basic drinks listed in David A. It is traditionally served in a short. . add a dash of plain water. Garnish with orange slice. 8–12 US fl oz (240–350 ml) tumbler-like glass.5 cl Bourbon or Rye whiskey • 2 dashes Angostura bitters • 1 sugar cube • Few dashes plain water Preparation Place sugar cube in old fashioned glass and saturate with bitters. Embury's The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. round. Muddle until dissolved. named after the drink. Fill the glass with ice cubes and add whiskey. which is called an Old Fashioned glass. poured over ice Standard garnish • Orange slice • cocktail cherry Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass IBA specified ingredients* • 4.

the original concoction. [] "Gin Cocktail Use small bar glass 3 or 4 dashes of gum syrup 2 do bitters Bogart's (sic) 1 wine glass of gin 1 or 2 dashes of Curaçao 1 small piece lemon peel fill one third full of fine ice shake well and strain in a glass" [7] "Old Fashioned Holland Gin Cocktail . 1806.. a piece lemon-peel." [6] By the 1860s. it was common enough for orange curaçao. New York. not mentioned in the early 19th century descriptions. the first use of the name "Old Fashioned" for a Bourbon whiskey cocktail was said to have been. nor the Chicago Daily Tribune descriptions of the "Old Fashioned" cocktails of the early 1880s.[3] By the 1860s. Recipes are given for Whiskey. In the May 13. a gentlemen's club founded in 1881 in Louisville. it is absent from Kappeler's Old Fashioned recipes. quoted in The Chicago Daily Tribune in 1882. according to a Chicago barman.[1][2] J. who brought it to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bar in New York City.E. The recipe he describes is a similar combination of spirits.Old Fashioned 86 History The first documented definition of the word "cocktail" was in response to a reader's letter asking to define the word in the May 6. bitters. 1880. The Whiskey Old Fashioned recipe specifies the following (with a jigger being 1. as first mentioned in The Chicago Daily Tribune on July 25. bitters. Pepper. a prominent bourbon distiller.[] Traditionally. or brandy. The most popular of the in-vogue "old-fashioned" cocktails were made with whiskey. bitters. issue. as illustrated by Jerry Thomas' 1862 book. and sugar. as he encountered it in New York City. Holland gin. The recipe was said to have been invented by a bartender at that club in honor of Colonel James E. and the absence of additional liqueurs. at the Pendennis Club. significant water. as well. as being rum. water and sugar of seventy-six years earlier. or other liqueurs.[] was being called "old-fashioned" [4] and came back into vogue itself.[5] Recipe George Kappeler provides some of the earliest published recipes for Old Fashioned cocktails in his 1895 book. leaving spoon in glass. These Old Fashioned cocktail recipes are literally for cocktails done the old-fashioned way. one jigger whiskey. though he includes a nutmeg garnish as well. it was also referred to at the time as a bittered sling. Kentucky. basic cocktail recipes included Curaçao. gin. water. the use of sugar and water in lieu of simple or gomme syrup. Brandy. absinthe and other liqueurs to be added that. Alexander describes the cocktail similarly in 1833. The differences of the Old Fashioned cocktail recipes from the cocktail recipes of the late 19th Century are mainly preparation method.5 US fluid ounces (44 ml)): "Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail Dissolve a small lump of sugar with a little water in a whiskey-glass. albeit in different proportions. issue of The Balance and Columbia Repository in Hudson. anachronistically. a small piece ice. add two dashes Angostura bitters. Mix with small bar-spoon and serve. and sugar. with rye being more popular than Bourbon. the paper's editor wrote that it was a potent concoction of spirits. 1806. and Old Tom gin.

Orange bitters. May 17. 1 dash. Mix with small bar spoon. Newsday archive (http:/ / pqasb.[] although these modifications came around 1930.com (http:/ / arthistoryinfo. Whiskey. highbeam. the lead character on the Mad Men television series. The use of the drink in the show coincides with a renewed interest in this and other classic cocktails in the 2000s. 12& desc=A+ LA+ CARTER. Relevant paragraph quoted at ArtHistoryInfo.[] While some recipes began making sparse use of the orange zest for flavor. The drink was popular in the 1960s but had since fallen out of favor. Piece of cut loaf sugar.+ 2006& author=Sylvia+ Carter& pub=Newsday& edition=Combined+ editions& startpage=B. Seltzer. and serve garnished with the lemon peel.[] Common garnishes for an Old Fashioned include an orange slice or a maraschino cherry. a small piece of lemon peel.[13][14] Eventually the use of other spirits became common. Stir gently and serve with spoon. com/ wiki/ Old_Fashioned_Recipes) . typepad.Old Fashioned 87 Crush a small lump of sugar in a whiskey glass containing a little water. some time after the original recipe was invented.[11] Orange bitters were a popular ingredient in the late 19th century. brandy is substituted for whiskey (sometimes called a Brandy Old Fashioned).[9] specifying 12 parts American whiskey. Sugar. [15] References [1] "Raising a glass to the cocktail". com/ newsday/ access/ 1037712771. Newsday article by Sylvia Carter. a twist of lemon peel over the top. com/ art_history_info/ 2006/ 05/ index. Dissolve in two spoonfuls of water 100% liquor as desired 1 piece ice in glass. the practice of muddling orange and other fruit gained prevalence as late as the 1990s.[] In popular culture The Old Fashioned is the cocktail of choice of Don Draper. 1880 [10] "Old Fashioned Recipes". 1 part simple syrup. Bourbon or rye whiskey. webtender. Lemon peel. one jigger Holland gin. pqarchiver. one square piece." [8] A book by David Embury published in 1948 provides a slight variation. html).[] But in some regions. but omit the cherry which was introduced after 1930[10] as well as the soda water which the occasional recipe calls for. add a lump of ice. 1 dash. 1-3 dashes Angostura bitters. 1 jigger. html?dids=1037712771:1037712771& FMT=ABS& FMTS=ABS:FT& date=May+ 17. 1 dash. 2006. Two additional recipes from the 1900s vary in the precise ingredients. 1 piece. (http:/ / wiki. Serve. two dashes of Angostura bitters. 1 dash Curaçao. the Curaçao reappears to have been added to increase the orange flavor. Stir well and twist a piece of lemon peel on top and serve.[12] and for the second recipe.2 August 2006. 1 lump. either Irish. and crush sugar with muddler.[10] 1 dash Angostura bitters. html) [4] "THE DEMOCRACY IN TROUBLE" The Chicago Daily Tribune February 15. The WikiTender. which can spoil a drinker's final sip.[10] Modifications The original Old Fashioned recipe would have showcased the whiskey available in America in the 19th century.[] Bartenders often use a dissolved sugar-water premix called simple syrup.[] Use old-fashioned cocktail glass. com/ doc/ 1G1-145876201. such as a gin recipe becoming popularized in the late 1940s. which is faster to use than granulated sugar and eliminates the risk of leaving undissolved sugar in the drink. Highbeam archive (http:/ / www. especially Wisconsin. Ice.+ Raising+ a+ glass+ to+ the+ cocktail). Angostura bitters.[] Another common modification is to add soda water.

(http:/ / www. The Daily Page. com/ article/ Wine-and-Drink/ After-184-Years-Angostura-Visits-the-Orange-Grove) [13] Checchini. com/ wiki/ Old_Fashioned_Recipes) [12] "After 184 Years. "Take a Sip of History" (http://www. php?intEatsNewsID=390).html?_r=1&scp=10&sq=robert simonson cocktails&st=cse). Madison.com/going-out/eats/news/managedit. nytimes. saveur. New York Times Style Magazine. the Old-Fashioned Is Back (http:/ / www.blogs.com/articles/life/drink/2011/ 11/the_old_fashioned_a_complete_history_and_guide_to_this_classic_c. archive.nytimes. com/ 2009/ 09/ 22/ case-study-the-old-fashioned-wisconsin-style/ )". Dec 8. • Clarke. nytimes. Wisconsin.thedailypage. Troy (3 November 2011). Jerry. Slate. thedailypage." using the Old Fashioned as a focal point. 2 August 2006. - discusses internet forum debates among "home cocktail enthusiasts. [15] Old-Fashioned or Newfangled. • http://www.slate. Wisconsin Style (http:/ / tmagazine.html). "Are You Friends. Toby.org/web/20050610075029/http://www.nytimes. 2012.com/drinks/old-fashioned-drink-recipe . blogs. New York Times.about the resurgence of the Old Fashioned.com/going-out/eats/news/managedit. Retrieved 8 November 2011.Old Fashioned 88 [11] "Old Fashioned Recipes". After an Old Fashioned?" (http://proof. • Simonson. • Patterson.php?intEatsNewsID=390) on 10 June 2005.esquire.com/2009/06/03/dining/ 03drink. 2009. Retrieved 8 November 2011. html). Angostura Visits the Orange Grove". Paul (11 January 2009). The WikiTender. Retrieved 8 November 2011. Retrieved 8 November 2011. September 22. Robert (2 June 2009). "The brandy old-fashioned: Solving the mystery behind Wisconsin's real state drink" (http://web. by Robert Simonson. The New York Times. 2008. Saveur. com/ 2012/ 03/ 21/ dining/ the-old-fashioned-don-drapers-cocktail-of-choice. (http:/ / wiki. External links • Minnich. March 20. webtender. The New York Times. .com/ 2009/01/11/for-a-good-old-fashioned-inquire-within/). "The Old-Fashioned" (http://www. Archived from the original (http://www. " Case Study: The Old-Fashioned.

contribution.". One of those forms is remembered by "being made on your B. White Creme de Cacao. There are many other versions of this popular mixed drink. The Orgasm is a cocktail that can be either served on the rocks or layered and drunk as a shooter.A. This variation of the recipe is more commonly known as a "Screaming Orgasm". Another variation contains Vodka. Garnish with cherry. Cocktail recipes change over time with the addition and/or subtraction of their ingredients. Amaretto. Triple Sec. . contribution to this drink while the other ingredients have a 1/2 oz. cream (half and half) and Kahlúa.C. and Light Cream. with each ingredient having a one part measure. the cocktail is no longer part of the "official IBA cocktails" of the International Bartenders Association (IBA).K.Orgasm 89 Orgasm Orgasm Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Grand Marnier • Irish cream • Orange-flavored liqueur Served On the rocks. Amaretto. poured over ice Standard garnish cherry Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass Commonly used ingredients • 30ml Cointreau • 30ml Baileys Irish Cream • 20ml Grand Marnier Preparation Build all ingredients over ice in an old fashioned glass or shot glass. Since 2011. The light cream has a 1 oz. or made with Baileys.

apricot brandy (apricot liqueur). The earliest known in-print recipe for the Paradise Cocktail was written by Harry Craddock. Strain into cocktail glass and serve chilled. This cocktail is prepared using gin.Paradise 90 Paradise Paradise IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Gin • Brandy Served Straight up. and orange juice in a 2:1:1 ratio.[2] . with a splash of lemon juice. [1] * Paradise recipe at International Bartenders Association The Paradise is an IBA official cocktail. without ice Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 35ml (7 parts) gin • 20ml (4 parts) apricot brandy • 15ml (3 parts) orange juice Preparation Shake together over ice. an apéritif. and is classified as a "pre-dinner" drink.

iba-world. strained) is a sweet.Paradise 91 References [1] http:/ / www. rum-based cocktail made with rum. cream of coconut. usually served either blended or shaken with ice. php Piña colada Piña Colada IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Rum Served Blended with ice (frozen style) Standard garnish pineapple slice and maraschino cherry Standard drinkware Poco Grande glass IBA specified ingredients* • 30 ml (one part) white rum • 30 ml (one part) cream of coconut • 90 ml (3 parts) pineapple juice Preparation Mix with crushed ice until smooth.[2] . The piña colada has been the official beverage of Puerto Rico since 1978. and pineapple juice. a maraschino cherry or both. It may be garnished with a pineapple wedge. [1] * Piña Colada recipe at International Bartenders Association The piña colada (/pinja kolada/ Spanish: piña. Pour into chilled glass. com/ english/ cocktails/ para. pineapple + colada. garnish and serve.

A key ingredient for a 'Puerto Rican' style Piña Colada is 'cream of coconut'. Pour into chilled glass. National Piña Colada Day is celebrated each 10th July. 104 Fortaleza Street. a reference to the freshly pressed and strained pineapple juice used in the drink's preparation.the restaurant stands by his claim to this day. garnish with pineapple wedge and/or a maraschino cherry. php . not be confused with coconut cream ('Cuban' style Piña Colada contains no coconut cream).Piña colada 92 Origin The name 'Piña Colada' literally means 'strained pineapple'. The Caribe Hilton Hotel sits on a 17-acre peninsula outside San Juan and was the first luxury hotel to open in the region. is the following: Pour 3 ounces of coconut cream. so gentle warming may be required prior to use. says that it was he who invented the drink. 2 each of pineapple juice and coconut cream. Once opened the can's contents should be stored in a refrigerator: this may thicken the product. using the then newly available Coco López cream of coconut. Popularity This cocktail has been famous in Puerto Rico since 1978. sugar. becoming a popular destination for the rich and famous who helped spread word of the drink. iba-world.hence the Puerto Rican connection and the 1952 date for the creation of the modern day Piña Colada at the Caribe Hilton Hotel. citric acid and salt and is sold in 15oz/425ml cans which make 14 to 25 drinks depending on taste. Three Puerto Rican bartenders contest the ownership of their country's national drink. Ricardo Garcia. • Dark rum may be used. 1 part rum. com/ english/ cocktails/ pina. Some say the drink did not acquire its name until the 1960s. • Amaretto colada — amaretto substituted for rum[3] • Lava Flow — strawberry daiquiri and piña colada blended together[4] • Staten Island Ferry — coconut rum and pineapple juice over ice • Virgin piña colada or piñita colada — without the rum References [1] http:/ / www. Old San Juan . Variations • Different proportions may be used. and it became more widely known after Rupert Holmes released his song "Escape". Díaz De Villegas to be the original recipe created by Monchito. Preparation There are many recipes of how to make a piña colada but the one that his friends tell in the book of José L. And Ramón Portas Mingot says he created it in 1963 at the Barrachina Restaurant. commonly known as "The Piña Colada Song". and blend or shake very well until smooth. Ramón 'Monchito' Marrero Pérez claims to have first made it at the Caribe Hilton Hotel's Beachcomber Bar in San Juan on 15th August 1952. thickeners. For example. 6 ounces of pineapple juice and 1½ ounces of white rum into a blender or shaker with crushed ice. Cream of coconut is made by mixing coconut juice. emulsifier. The original brand of cream of coconut is Coco López' which was developed in 1948 in Puerto Rico by Don Ramon López-Irizarry . who also worked at the Caribe. cellulose.

lemon juice. "on top". / Of rum then three wine glasses add.5cl Fresh pineapple juice • 2cl Fresh lemon juice • 1cl Grenadine syrup • 1cl Sugar syrup • 3 or 4 dashes Angostura bitters Preparation Pour all ingredients. The cocktail has been said to have originated at the Planters Hotel in Charleston. except the bitters.5cl Fresh orange juice • 3. Add Angostura bitters.Planter's Punch 93 Planter's Punch Planter's Punch IBA Official Cocktail Planter's Punch Type Mixed drink Primary alcohol by • Rum volume Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified • 4. into shaker filled with ice. Planter's Punch is an IBA Official Cocktail[1] made of dark rum. Shake well."[1] References . and nice. filled with ice. Grenadine syrup and a dash of Angostura bitters.5cl Dark rum ingredients* • 3. of sugar the same glass fill twice / Then rub them together until / The mixture looks smooth. Pour into large glass. Garnish with cocktail cherry and pineapple. SC. / And four of cold water please take. so they say in Jamaica. but the recipe originates in Jamaica. A Drink then you'll have that's not bad — / At least. The September 1878 issue of the London magazine Fun listed the recipe as follows: "A wine-glass with lemon juice fill. soft.

Strain into glass. without ice Standard garnish Grated nutmeg Standard drinkware Cocktail glass IBA specified ingredients* • 15ml (3 parts) brandy • 40ml (8 parts) port • 10ml (2 parts) egg yolk Preparation Shake ingredients together in a mixer with ice. garnish and serve [1] * Porto Flip recipe at International Bartenders Association A Porto flip is a type of alcoholic beverage. It is typically made with brandy.[2] . and one egg yolk. ruby port.Porto flip 94 Porto flip Porto Flip IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Brandy • Port Served Straight up.

Porto flip 95

[1] http:/ / www. iba-world. com/ english/ cocktails/ porto. php
[2] http:/ / www. alcomixer. com/ recipe/ porto-flip

Rob Roy
Rob Roy

IBA Official Cocktail

Rob Roy Waldorf

Rob Roy ingredients

Type Cocktail

Primary alcohol by • Scotch whisky

Served Choice of "straight up" or "On the rocks"

Standard garnish Maraschino cherry or lemon twist

Standard drinkware

Cocktail glass

IBA specified • 45ml Scotch whisky
ingredients* • 25ml Sweet vermouth
• Dash Angostura bitters

Preparation Stirred over ice, strained into a chilled glass, garnished, and served straight up, or mixed in rocks glass,
filled with ice.

The Rob Roy is a cocktail created in 1894 by a bartender at the Waldorf Astoria New York. The drink was named in
honor of the premiere of Rob Roy, an operetta by composer Reginald De Koven and lyricist Harry B. Smith loosely

Rob Roy 96

based upon Scottish folk hero Robert Roy MacGregor.[1][2] The Rob Roy is similar to a Manhattan but is made
exclusively with Scotch whisky, while the Manhattan is traditionally made with rye and today commonly made with
bourbon or Canadian whisky.[3][4][5]
Like the Manhattan, the Rob Roy can be made sweet, dry, or perfect. The standard Rob Roy is the sweet version,
made with sweet vermouth, so there is no need to specify a sweet Rob Roy when ordering. A dry Rob Roy is made
by replacing the sweet vermouth with dry vermouth. A perfect Rob Roy is made with equal parts sweet and dry
The Rob Roy is usually served in a cocktail glass and garnished with a lemon twist (for the perfect and dry versions),
or maraschino cherry (for the sweet version).[6][4][5]

[3] Rob Roy Recipe. (http:/ / www. real-restaurant-recipes. com/ rob-roy-recipe. html) Real Restaurant Recipes (2006). Accessed 19 May 2011.
[4] Graham, Colleen. Rob Roy. (http:/ / cocktails. about. com/ od/ atozcocktailrecipes/ r/ rbry_artf. htm/ ) About.com Cocktails. The New York
Times (2011). Accessed 19 May 2011.
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the-cocktail-spirit-with-robert-hess-how-to-make-the-rob-roy-cocktail). VideoJug Corporation Limited (2006-2011). Accessed 19 May 2011.

Rose 97


IBA Official Cocktail

Type Wine cocktail

Primary alcohol by volume • Vermouth

Served Straight up; without ice

Standard garnish Maraschino cherry

Standard drinkware

Cocktail glass

IBA specified ingredients* • 45ml (9 parts) dry vermouth
• 15ml (3 parts) Kirsch
• 10ml (2 parts) cherry brandy

Preparation Shake together in a cocktail shaker, then strain into chilled glass. Garnish and serve.
* Rose recipe at International Bartenders Association

Rose is a cocktail made of vermouth and cherry eau de vie.

[1] http:/ / www. iba-world. com/ english/ cocktails/ rose. php

Salty dog 98 Salty dog Salty dog IBA Official Cocktail Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Vodka Served Straight up. The salt is the only difference between a Salty Dog and a Greyhound. Gin may be used as a substitute for vodka. without ice Standard garnish Salted glass Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified ingredients* • 40ml gin • 100ml grapefruit juice Preparation Shake vodka and grapefruit juice in cocktail shaker. . served in a highball glass with a salted rim. Strain into a salt-rimmed highball glass. [1] * Salty dog recipe at International Bartenders Association A Salty Dog is a cocktail of vodka and grapefruit juice.

iba-world.Salty dog 99 References Notes [1] http:/ / www. . php Screwdriver Screwdriver IBA Official Cocktail Screwdriver at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Vodka Served On the rocks. Outside the US. com/ english/ cocktails/ saltydog. it is often referred to as "vodka and orange" (although "vodka and orange" can also refer to vodka and orange soft drink). [1] * Screwdriver recipe at International Bartenders Association A screwdriver is a popular highball drink made with fresh orange juice and vodka. poured over ice Standard garnish orange slice Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified ingredients* • 50 ml (1 part) vodka • 100 ml (2 parts) orange juice Preparation Mix in a highball glass with ice. Garnish and serve.

one part of any kind of orange soda.[5] A screwdriver with one part of Bourbon and two parts of orange juice is a "American Screw". and one part of orange juice. A screwdriver with one part of Cognac and two parts of orange juice is a "French Screw". A screwdriver with two parts of Sloe Gin.[3] A screwdriver with equal parts vodka and Mountain Dew is a "Dew Driver". A screwdriver with one part of Brandy and two parts orange juice is a "Rusty Screw". A screwdriver with one part of Gin and two parts of orange juice is a "Left Handed Screwdriver". 1949 issue of Time: In the dimly lighted bar of the sleek Park Hotel. The International Bartender Association has designated this cocktail as an IBA Official Cocktail. one part of Southern Comfort and filled with orange juice is a "Slow Comfortable Screw". Many of the variations have different names in different parts of the world. A screwdriver with one part of Galliano and two parts of orange juice is a "Italian Screw". drinking the latest Yankee concoction of vodka and orange juice. A screwdriver with one part of Cointreau and two parts orange juice is a "Double Screw". A screwdriver with one part of Tequila and two parts of orange juice is a "Mexican Screw". called a 'screwdriver'. A screwdriver with one part of Schnapps and two parts of orange juice is a "German Screw". A screwdriver with one part of Absinthe and two parts orange juice is a "Screwed Shirley Harrison". A screwdriver with one part of Sloe Gin and two parts of orange juice is a "Sloe Screw". one part of Southern Comfort and one part Galliano and filled with orange juice is a "Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall". A screwdriver with one part of Southern Comfort and two parts of orange juice is a "Comfortable Screw".[4] A screwdriver with three parts vodka. A screwdriver with one part of Chambord and two parts of orange juice is a "Royal Screw".[2] Variations A screwdriver with equal parts vanilla vodka and Blue Curaçao topped with lemon-lime soda is a "Sonic Screwdriver". A screwdriver with one part of Sloe Gin.Screwdriver 100 While the basic drink is simply the two ingredients. The most common one is made with one part vodka. there are many variations. A screwdriver with one part of Rum and two parts of orange juice is a "Cuban Screw" or "Scurvy Medic". . History The earliest written reference to the screwdriver is from the October 24. six parts orange juice and one part Galliano is a "Harvey Wallbanger". Turkish intelligence agents mingle with American engineers and Balkan refugees.

drinknation. X-Rated Drinks: More Than 250 of the Hottest Drinks Ever Made (http:/ / books. [5] Ray Foley.Screwdriver 101 References [1] http:/ / www. External links • Drinknation.com: Screwdriver variations (http://www. p. com/ english/ cocktails/ screwd. Bartender Magazine. 153. google. ie/ books?id=ONL8O-cgBhwC& pg=PA155#v=onepage& q& f=false).com/drinks/Screw) . iba-world. Bartender Magazine. ie/ books?id=ONL8O-cgBhwC& pg=PA153#v=onepage& q& f=false). php [4] Ray Foley. 155. google. p. X-Rated Drinks: More Than 250 of the Hottest Drinks Ever Made (http:/ / books.

or a Hawaiian Sea Breeze.Sea Breeze 102 Sea Breeze Sea breeze IBA Official Cocktail Sea Breeze Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Vodka Served On the rocks.[] It is considered an IBA Official Cocktail.[] The cocktail is usually consumed during summer months.[] .[][] It is also closely related to the Cape Codder (which lacks the grapefruit juice) and the Salty Dog (which lacks the cranberry juice and is made with a salted rim).[][] A Bay Breeze. poured over ice Standard garnish lime slice Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified ingredients* • 40 ml Vodka • 120 ml Cranberry juice • 30 ml Grapefruit juice Preparation Build all ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. The drink may be shaken in order to create a foamy surface. is similar to a Sea Breeze except for the substitution of pineapple juice for grapefruit juice.[] The drink follows the classic cocktail principle of balancing strong (alcohol) with weak (fruit juice) and sweet and sour. Garnish with lime wedge. [1] * Sea breeze recipe at International Bartenders Association A Sea Breeze is a cocktail containing vodka with cranberry juice and grapefruit juice.

and blue Curaçao. Dennis Finch always ordered this drink. but the recipe was different from the one used today. • In the fourth series of Arrested Development George-Michael orders a Sea Breeze at a bar. Adam drinks a Sea Breeze at a bar and later a virgin Sea Breeze at the diner. collapsing the cranberry industry. • In the 1992 film Scent of a Woman Al Pacino's character Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade corrects his nephew while he is quarreling with him by saying 'Vincent drank Sea Breezes' (instead of Bloody Marys). grenadine. the U. apricot brandy. did not become very popular until the 1970s. the Bay Breeze. In the 1930s. Boilermaker" for his three sons.[] Cranberry juice was used as a mixer with alcohol. In fact. In one episode. • In the 2007 film The Walker. the Lorne collectible figure is accessorized with a miniature glass of sea breeze. the Salty Dog." . • In Nick Swardson's 2009 stand-up special Seriously.S. where both were sitting together at a terminal restaurant and Jackson was trying to "guess" which drink Lisa would order. Boilermaker.[] Later. Who Farted?. along with the Cape Codder and Bay Breeze.C. the breeze drinks were sporadically in the top ten most popular mixed drinks.[3] • In Just Shoot Me!. a Sea Breeze had gin.[] According to some. which Lisa then replied to Rippner by ordering a Bay Breeze from the bartender. • In the 1995 film French Kiss Meg Ryan's character Kate orders a Sea Breeze on the beach in Cannes while confronting her ex-fiancé and the new fiancée for whom he had left her. specifically asking for a "strong one. as gin and grenadine were used in the original Sea Breeze. referring to earlier in the movie before they boarded the plane. the Sea Breeze. society and politics. Galliano. Jackson Rippner is choking Lisa Reisert against a wall and yells. and I never once saw you order anything but a fucking Sea Breeze!".[2] This was near the end of the Prohibition era.[] In popular culture • In the television series Angel. a Sea Breeze recipe would contain vodka. the episode "Jeff's New Friend". Because I've been following you for eight weeks now. later called the Cape Codder. • In the 2005 film Red Eye. "I think you're not such an honest person.[] This was because in 1959. was born. He guessed the "Grapefruit Sea Breeze". D. and its descendants such as the Greyhound. the character Lorne is strongly partial to Sea Breeze cocktails and insisted they be made correctly. Department of Health stated that cranberry crops were tainted with toxic herbicides. • In Rules of Engagement.[] Starting in the 1960s. Woody Harrelson's character Carter Page III drinks Sea Breeze cocktails during his weekly Wednesday afternoon Canasta games with four women who are deeply connected with Washington. to which Finch interjects by ordering himself a "Sea Breeze". "Pass the Salt." his father orders "Boilermaker. dry vermouth.Sea Breeze 103 History The cocktail was born in the late 1920s. and the Sea Breeze were later created. first with gin and later with vodka.[] The Harpoon.[] The cranberry grower's cooperative in the 1930s evolved into Ocean Spray which marketed cranberry juice in the 1950s. and lemon juice. Nick jokes about dying due to alcohol poisoning from excessive Sea Breezes.

php External links • Cocktail Recipe Specifications (http://www.uk/cocktails/view_cocktail.Sea Breeze 104 References Notes [1] http:/ / www.in-the-spirit. com/ english/ cocktails/ seabreeze.co.php?id=231) .scribd. iba-world.com/doc/19921/ Cocktail-Recipe-Specifications?query2=Canchanchara+Cuban+cocktails) • Seabreeze Profile (http://www.

poured over ice Standard garnish orange slice Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified ingredients* • 2 parts (40ml) Vodka • 1 parts (20ml) Peach schnapps • 2 parts (40ml) Orange juice • 2 parts (40ml) Cranberry juice Preparation Build all ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice.Sex on the Beach 105 Sex on the Beach Sex on the Beach IBA Official Cocktail Sex on the Beach Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume • Vodka Served On the rocks. [1] * Sex on the Beach recipe at International Bartenders Association Sex on the Beach is a cocktail that has many variations. . Garnish with orange slice.

[citation needed] References Notes [1] http:/ / www.Sex on the Beach 106 General types There are two general types of the cocktail: • The first type is made from vodka. • Amaretto is sometimes added for extra flavor. and cranberry juice. php External links • Media related to Sex on the beach (cocktail) at Wikimedia Commons • Drinks Gone Wild (http://www. "Dry Humping on the Beach" or "Virgins on the Beach".php?option=com_content&id=235& tmpl=component&task=preview&Itemid=532) . Some derivative variations have their own names: • "Sex on Fire" is Sex on the Beach with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in place of the vodka. Midori Melon Liqueur. peach schnapps. com/ english/ cocktails/ sexonthebeach.com/index.sfgate. • Grenadine is sometimes used in place of cranberry juice. Chambord. especially in locales where cranberry juice is hard to come by.iba-world. Chambord.php) • IBA official cocktail recipe (http://www. This type is listed in the Mr. half peach schnapps and a bit of grenadine. pineapple juice. calling for vodka. • Coconut rum is often substituted for the vodka. iba-world. Sometimes they are mixed in smaller amounts and served as a shooter. and cranberry juice. Midori.com/wine/article/ Drinks-gone-wild-Spring-break-cocktails-offer-2606389. orange juice. Variations Several variations are sometimes referred to by the same name: • Hard Rock Cafe's recipe is based on the second form. • The second type is made from vodka.[citation needed] • The alcohol-free variation is sometimes referred to as "Safe Sex on the Beach".[citation needed] • A "Woo Woo" is Sex on the Beach without orange juice. pineapple juice and sugar syrup. • Other variations use both orange juice and pineapple juice. • Sex on the Beach is often made as a shooter by using half vodka. Boston Official Bartender's Guide.[2] The ingredients are shaken together with ice in a shaker and are served in a highball glass. shaken and strained over ice into a collins glass. lemon juice. This is an International Bartenders Association Official Cocktail.

sweetened and flavoured. pineapple Standard drinkware Hurricane glass IBA specified • 40ml (8 parts) Gin ingredients* • 20ml (4 parts) Heering Cherry Liqueur (cherry brandy) • 5ml (1 part) Cointreau • 5ml (1 part) DOM Bénédictine • 10ml (2 parts) Grenadine • 80ml (16 parts) Pineapple juice • 30ml (6 parts) Fresh lemon juice • 1 dash Angostura bitters Preparation Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. [1] * Singapore Sling recipe at International Bartenders Association The Singapore Sling is a South-East Asian cocktail. This long drink was developed sometime before 1915[2] by Ngiam Tong Boon. a Hainanese bartender working at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel Singapore.[3] . Strain into hurricane glass. without ice Standard garnish Maraschino cherry. Shake well.Singapore Sling 107 Singapore Sling Singapore Sling IBA Official Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Gin volume • Brandy Served Straight up. It was initially called the gin sling. Garnish with pineapple and maraschino cherry.[4] .a sling was originally an American drink composed of spirit and water.

Today. The Times 19 July 1976 [7] OED. Most recipes substitute bottled pineapple juice for fresh juice. it is still possible to request a shaken version from bartenders. [8] OED Singapore sling n. 257 ( online copy (http://books. ISBN 978-1-59474-063-3. ISBN 978-0-9760937-0-1 • Andrew F. They are then blended instead of shaken to create a foamy top as well as to save time because of the large number of orders. ¼ Dry Gin.Singapore Sling 108 D. Quirk Books 2005. p. Ingredients ¼ lemon juice. Cherry Heering. Peterborough: Sling shot AVA GARDNER'S knickers are still missing." Ted "Dr. Add 1 lump of ice". A. n. Smith: The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink. the Singapore Sling was often little more than gin. Recipes published in articles about Raffles Hotel before the 1970s are significantly different from current recipes.[6] Gin slings The gin sling. and Singapore Slings drunk elsewhere in Singapore differ from the recipe used at Raffles Hotel.google. and grenadine. Embury stated in the Fine Art of Mixing Drinks: "Of all the recipes published for [this drink] I have never seen any two that were alike. 13 April 1991 [4] OED sling. n. com/ english/ cocktails/ ssling. p.).[8] References [1] http:/ / www. However. 2007. primarily from Sarawak pineapples which enhance the flavour and create a foamy top. ½ Cherry Brandy: "Shake well and strain into medium size glass.[7] The Singapore sling has been documented as early as 1930 as a recipe in the Savoy Cocktail Book. the cocktail has begun to resemble its original version. By the 1980s. pineapple and lime juice [5] An alternative "original recipe" used gin. php [3] The Daily Telegraph.com/books?id=AoWlCmNDA3QC& pg=PA567) at Google Books) • Rob Chirico: Field Guide to Cocktails: How to Identify and Prepare Virtually Every Mixed Drink at the Bar. The hotel's recipe was recreated based on the memories of former bartenders and written notes that they discovered regarding the original recipe. Further reading • "The Genealogy and Mythology of the Singapore Sling.com/ books?id=rAXilKkMM7YC&pg=PA257) at Google Books) . Bénédictine. The current Raffles Hotel recipe is a heavily modified version of the original. in Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail. most likely changed sometime in the 1970s by Ngiam Tong Boon's nephew. One of the scribbled recipes is still on display at the Raffles Hotel Museum. 567 ( online copy (http://books. described an American drink of gin flavoured. many of the Singapore Slings served at Raffles Hotel have been pre-mixed and are made using an automatic dispenser that combines alcohol and pineapple juice to pre-set volumes. Cocktail" Haigh. Oxford University Press 2007. iba-world. bottled sweet and sour. and fill with soda water. ISBN 978-0-19-530796-2. soda water has to be added for foam. iv/4 (Singapore Suppl. and fresh pineapple juice. sweetened and served cold. With the move towards fresh juices and the re-emergence of quality products like Cherry Heering. gin-sling.google." The Times described the "original recipe" as mixing two measures of gin with one of cherry brandy and one of orange. attested from 1790.5 [5] p.

.Singapore Sling 109 External links • SingaporeSling recipe (http://www. Washington Post.html).com/Cocktails/) • Jason Wilson (February 2011). washingtonpost.aspx?itemid=151) at DrinkBoy (http:// www.drinkboy. "For a better Singapore Sling.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/01/31/AR2011013105787.drinkboy. the answer is clear (not red)" (http://www.com/Cocktails/Recipe.

Originally served at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. the original (tequila. poured over ice Standard garnish orange slice and cherry Standard drinkware Highball glass IBA specified • 45ml (3 parts) Tequila ingredients* • 90ml (6 parts) Orange juice • 15ml (1 part) Grenadine syrup Preparation Pour the tequila and orange juice into glass over ice.Tequilla Sunrise 110 Tequilla Sunrise Tequila Sunrise IBA Official Cocktail Shows a Tequila Sunrise demonstrating its resemblance to a sunrise. orange juice.[2] . crème de cassis. Add the grenadine. California in the early 1970s. The more popular version was invented by Bobby Lazoff and Billy Rice at the Trident restaurant in Sausalito. and grenadine syrup). The Tequila Sunrise is a cocktail made in two different ways. Garnish and serve. where it was created by Gene Sulit in the 1930s or 1940s. Shown in a stemware rather than the usual highball glass Type Layered shooter Primary alcohol by • Tequila volume Served On the rocks. creating gradations in color that mimic a sunrise. Do not stir. which will sink to the bottom.[1] the cocktail is named for the way it looks after it has been poured into a glass. The denser ingredients (cassis or grenadine) settle. lime juice and soda water) and the more popular concoction (tequila.

Use spoon to pour syrup onto the spoon and glass wall to guide it down with minimal mixing. Variations • Aperol Sunrise – substitute Aperol orange liqueur for grenadine or crème de cassis • Tequila Sunset – substitute blackberry brandy. cocktailatlas. Suggested mixing: Tequila. The catch is getting syrup down without mixing it. The International Bartender Association has designated this cocktail as an IBA Official Cocktail. or dark rum.Tequilla Sunrise 111 Preparation and serving The Tequila Sunrise is considered a long drink and is usually served in a highball glass. com/ L2Signature/ Arizona_Biltmore/ Wright_Bar. for grenadine • Caribbean Sunrise – use rum instead of tequila • Vodka (or Russian) Sunrise – use vodka instead of tequila • Southern Sunrise – use Southern Comfort instead of tequila • Astronaut Sunrise – use Tang instead of orange juice • Amaretto Sunrise – use Disaronno amaretto instead of tequila • Florida Sunrise – use equal measures of pineapple and orange juice • Red Sea Sunrise – non-alcoholic version that uses lemonade or Sprite instead of tequila • Enamorada Sunrise – substitute Campari for grenadine syrup • Colorado Sunrise – use Captain Morgan and Sunny Delight instead of tequila and orange juice Notes [1] http:/ / www. htm . Ice then juice and lastly syrup.

garnish and serve. top up with soda water. lemon juice. The Tom Collins is a Collins cocktail made from gin. First memorialized in writing in 1876 by "the father of American mixology" Jerry Thomas. . this "gin and sparkling lemonade" drink typically is served in a Collins glass over ice.Tom Collins 112 Tom Collins Tom Collins IBA Official Cocktail Type Mixed drink Primary alcohol by • Gin volume Served On the rocks. sugar and carbonated water. lemon juice and sugar syrup in a tall glass with ice. poured over ice Standard garnish Lemon slice and maraschino cherry Standard drinkware Collins glass IBA specified ingredients* • 45ml (3 parts) Old Tom Gin • 30ml (2 parts) freshly squeezed lemon juice • 15ml (1 part) sugar syrup • 60ml (4 parts) carbonated water to taste Preparation Mix the gin.

[][] Since New York based Thomas would have known about the wide spread hoax and the contents of the 1876 published book were developed during or right after The Great Tom Collins hoax of 1874.[] The type of gin used by Thomas was not specified in his 1876 book. was replaced in the recipe by sugar and the use of Old Tom gin. Pennsylvania.[][] Classified under the heading "Collins" with similarly named whisky and brandy drinks.[] In 1891.[] The 1874 hoax quickly gained such notoriety that several 1874 music hall songs memorialized the event (copies of which now are in the U.) Take 5 or 6 dashes of gum syrup. but likely was Holland gin rather than English London Dry Gin since Jerry Thomas' Gin Fizz (1862) called for Holland gin and Hollands Gin (Jenever) was imported into the United States at that time at a ratio of approximately 6 liters to every liter of English London Dry Gin. the speaker would encourage the listener to act foolishly by reacting to patent nonsense that the hoaxer deliberately presents as reality.[] Identified as 'a favorite drink in demand everywhere' in the 1878 edition of The Modern Bartender's Guide by O. The Flowing Bowl: When and what to Drink. H.[] The conversation about the nonexistent Tom Collins was a proven hoax of exposure.[][2] The first recipe The recipe for the Tom Collins first appeared in the 1876 edition of Jerry Thomas' "The Bartender's Guide".S. Shake up well and strain into a large bar-glass. the emulsifying sweetener. "The father of American mixology. the Tom Collins was being served in the bar rooms of New York City and elsewhere. 2 or 3 lumps of ice. both Tom Collins gin and whiskey and Tom Collins brandy were considered fancy drinks. people in New York.[] In particular.[] Similar to The New York Zoo hoax of 1874.Tom Collins 113 History In 1874. as it became known. a lightly sweetened Gin popular in 18th-century England. author William . several newspapers propagated the very successful practical joke by printing stories containing false sightings of Tom Collins.[3] Jerry Thomas' Tom Collins Gin instructed: Jerry Thomas' Tom Collins Gin (1876) (Use large bar-glass. the hoax event is the most plausible source of the name for the Tom Collins cocktail. In the 1891 book. the speaker desired the listener to become agitated at the idea of someone talking about them to others such that the listener would rush off to find the purportedly nearby Tom Collins. 1 large wine-glass of gin. "in a [local] bar." Jerry Thomas Juice of a small lemon. and elsewhere in the United States would start a conversation with "Have you seen Tom Collins?"[][1] After the listener predictably reacts by explaining that they did not know a Tom Collins. the speaker would assert that Tom Collins was talking about the listener to others and that Tom Collins was "just around the corner".[] This was distinguished from the Gin Fizz cocktail in that the 3 dashes of lemon juice in the Gin Fizz was "fizzed" with carbonated water to essentially form a 'Gin and Sodawater' whereas the considerably more "juice of a small lemon" in the Tom Collins essentially formed a 'Gin and Sparkling Lemonade' when sweetened with the gum syrup.[] In The Great Tom Collins hoax of 1874.[] Popularity By 1878. Byron. Library of Congress)." or somewhere else near. gum syrup. Fill up the glass with plain soda water and drink while it is lively.

American writer Charles Montgomery Skinner noted in 1898 that British weekly magazine Punch August 1891 article the Tom Collins made its way to the "American Bars" in England. interest in the Tom Collins diminished and its origins became lost. for a mixture of whiskey and soda. L. 2 lumps of ice. remains to be established.. in naming their drinks. mix this well. Tom-Collins .[] In an attempt to clarify the issue. the best they could achieve was whiskey-and-soda.[] In the article.[4] One turn of the 20th century recipe subsequently replaced the lemon juice with lime juice. the British weekly magazine Punch immediately disparaged Mackenzie's efforts. Louis. The English. the title of which he indicated to be "John Collins. Mackenzie quoted an old song. a bottle of plain soda. disparaging British physician Sir Morell Mackenzie France.[6] the Tom Collins cocktail.water. despite the fact that a number have gone over into English. dry gin 2 oz. introduced to the same drink.[5] Confusion regarding origin In August 1891."[7] An alternate history places the origin in St.Tom Collins 114 Schmidt listed the Tom Collins as including: Tom Collins Gin (1891) The juice of half a lemon in a large glass. the historians of alcoholism.. The Americans. British physician Sir Morell Mackenzie wrote an article in the 19th century influential magazines Fortnightly Review to establish England as the originating country for the Tom Collins cocktail and a person named John Collins as its creator. the American journalist and student of American English H. where the American invention stimulated efforts to assert England as the originating country of curiosity in Europe and served as a reflection of American art. a bar-spoonful of sugar. and Germany. Early on during the 1920s Prohibition in the United States."[] However..[8] Modern mix The 1986 The Book of Cocktails provides a modern take on Thomas' 1876 recipe for this long drink: John (or Tom) Collins (1986) ice cubes 2 oz.. But the essentially American character of [this and other drinks] is obvious. at once gave it the far more original name of high-ball. have neglected them. Mix well and serve. As time passed. commonly display a far more limited imagination. Seeking a name. lemon juice 1 teaspoon sugar (gomme) syrup soda water . noting in August 1891 that the title of the song actually was "Jim Collins" and that Mackenzie otherwise inaccurately quoted and characterized the song. Mencken noted: "The origin of the . a drink of Tom gin. for example. like the philologists.

sugar. Enjoyed mainly among Finns • Grand Orange Collins — with Grand Marnier. orange juice. lemon juice. soda water with an orange wedge. loc. Serve with lemon slice. named for the Irish leader Michael Collins • Ron Collins — with rum (popular with tourists in Cuba). • Ben Collins .Tom Collins 115 slice of lemon 1 colored cherry Place ample ice in large glass. gov/ cgi-bin/ query/ S?ammem/ mussm:@OR(@field(TITLE+ @od1(Tom+ Collins+ + ))+ @field(ALTTITLE+ @od1(Tom+ Collins+ + )))). cherry and a straw. References Notes [2] For the 1874 sheet music about the Tom Collins hoax. • John Collins — with bourbon or rye whisky • Kevin Collins — with Irish whiskey and grenadine syrup instead of sugar syrup • Michael Collins — with Irish whiskey. Top up with soda water and stir well. with the exception of the base liquor (gin in a Tom Collins). • Brandy Collins — with brandy (cognac. ginger beer and lime juice instead of lemon. • Jallu Collins — with Jaloviina. topped up with soda water and a cherry. Mexican lime. Simple Syrup and club soda • Russell Collins — with Jägermeister • Harry Collins — with Whisky.[9] Other "collins" drinks There are several other cocktails made in the same fashion and with the same ingredients as the Tom Collins. • Denzel Collins — with the regular soda water being replaced with Pepsi • Barnabas Collins — substitutes Sloe Gin for half of the Gin in a Tom Collins. Created by Benjamin Minnovoa of Limantour cocktail bar in Mexico City. see Library of Congress (http:/ / lcweb2. lemon juice and syrup. Named after the Dark Shadows character. armagnac or similar) • Juan or José Collins — with tequila • Jack Collins — with applejack • Jake Collins — with gin and 2oz pineapple juice. . based on the Spanish word ron for "rum" • Sandy Collins or Jock Collins — with Scotch whisky • Vodka Collins. Named in Chile for musician Phil Collins.Mezcal. Add gin. Ivan Collins or Comrade Collins — with vodka • Phil Collins — with Pisco.

Vodka martini 116

Vodka martini
A vodka martini, also known as a vodkatini or
kangaroo cocktail,[1] is a cocktail made with vodka
and vermouth, a variation of a martini.
A vodka martini is made by combining vodka, dry
vermouth, and ice in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass.
The ingredients are chilled, either by stirring or
shaking, then strained and served "straight up" (without
ice) in a chilled cocktail glass. The drink may be
garnished with an olive, a "twist" (a strip of lemon peel
squeezed or twisted), capers, or cocktail onions (with
the onion garnish specifically yielding a vodka

James Bond famously drinks a "Vodka Martini, shaken
not stirred."[]
The vodka martini has become a common and popular
cocktail, but some purists maintain that, while it is a
perfectly fine drink, it isn't a martini, which they insist
must be made with gin.[2][][3][4][5][6]

References Vodka martini

[2] Wonderich, David, "Vodka Martini - The Wonderich Take",
Esquire (http:/ / www. esquire. com/ drinks/ vodka-martini-drink-recipe#wondrich)

Whiskey sour 117

Whiskey sour
Whiskey sour

IBA Official Cocktail

Whiskey sour with ice cubes and lemon slice

Type Cocktail

Primary alcohol by volume • Whiskey

Served shaken

Standard garnish sugared glass, lemon rind

Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass or cobbler

IBA specified ingredients* • 45ml (3 parts) Bourbon whiskey
• 30ml (2 parts) fresh lemon juice
• 15ml (1 part) Gomme syrup
• dash egg white (optional)

Preparation Shake with ice. Strain into ice-filled old-fashioned glass to serve "on the rocks."

Notes Garnish with maraschino cherry and orange slice.
[1] [2] [3]
Whiskey Sour recipe at DrinkBoy IBA

The whiskey sour is a mixed drink containing whiskey (often Bourbon), lemon juice, sugar, and optionally, a dash
of egg white to make it a Boston Sour. It is shaken and served either straight or over ice.
The traditional garnish is half an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.
A notable variant of the whiskey sour is the Ward 8, which often is based either in Bourbon or rye whiskey, with
both lemon and orange juices, and grenadine syrup as the sweetener. The egg white sometimes employed in other
whiskey sours is generally not included in this variation.

Whiskey sour 118

The oldest historical mention of a whisky sour prepared in the world comes from a newspaper published in
Wisconsin in 1870.[4][5]
In 1962, the Universidad del Cuyo published a story which cited a Peruvian newspaper called El Comercio de
Iquique as indicating that Elliott Stubb created the "whisky sour" in 1872.[6][7] El Comercio de Iquique was
published by Modesto Molina between 1874 and 1879.

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ntnfan/ Picture3. png)
[6] Historias de la Pampa Salitrera. Comité del Salitre (Chile). Page 49. (http:/ / books. google. com. pe/ books?q="que vimos en viejos archivos
del Club Chino"& sourceid=navclient-ff& rls=GGGL,GGGL:2006-32,GGGL:es& um=1& ie=UTF-8& sa=N& hl=es& tab=wp) ¿Sabía usted
que el exquisito whisky sour, hoy trago de acaudalados, es de origen iquiqueño?. Cuentan las tradiciones y en algunos párrafos del periódico
"El Comercio de Iquique" que vimos en viejos archivos del Club Chino de este puerto que un buen mayordomo del velero "Sunshine"
determinó anclar en este puerto...
[7] Anales del Instituto de Lingüística. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Vol. VIII. Mendoza, Argentina. Página 385. 1962. (http:/ / books. google.
es/ books?hl=es& q=En adelante dijo Elliot — éste será mi trago de batalla, — mi trago favorito — , y se llamará Whisky Sour (sour, el
ácido del limón)& sourceid=navclient-ff& rlz=1B5GGGL_esPE318& um=1& ie=UTF-8& sa=N& tab=wp) Cierto dia Elliot Stubb estaba
haciendo algunos experimentos en la en la "coctelera" con whisky y limón de pica y su sabor alcanzó delicias superiores a todos los otros
menjurjes que acostumbraba a dar a sus clientes. "Voy a ponerle un poco de dulce", se dijo. Echó azúcar a una porción de jugo de limón de
Pica, un poco de hielo, whisky en proporción y batió algunos segundos Y probo el mas exquisito drink que habia preparado. En adelante dijo
Elliot — éste será mi trago de batalla, — mi trago favorito — , y se llamará Whisky Sour (sour, el ácido del limón). Luego dominó las
fronteras y hacía su aparición en Inglaterra, donde ya estaba cimentada la fama del limón de Pica, el que hasta ahora se continúa
exportando a la capital del Reino Unido y otros puntos de las Islas Británicas.

. coffee liqueur (e. poured over ice Standard drinkware Old Fashioned glass IBA specified ingredients* • 50 ml (5 parts) Vodka • 20 ml (2 parts) Coffee liqueur • 30 ml (3 parts) fresh cream Preparation Pour coffee liqueur and vodka into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. . Kahlúa or Tia Maria).g. [1] * White Russian recipe at International Bartenders Association A White Russian is a sweet cocktail classically made with vodka.White Russian 119 White Russian White Russian IBA Official Cocktail An unstirred White Russian cocktail with fresh milk Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by • Vodka volume • Coffee liqueur Served On the rocks. and cream served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Float fresh cream on top and stir slowly.

a Blind Russian (made with Baileys Irish Cream instead of cream – the “Blind” comes from the drink being made with all-alcoholic ingredients). cream". It is also a choice of Maurice Moss in the British sitcom The IT Crowd.html/). This Time at a Bowling Alley" (http://www. • The Dudely Lama (June 14. an Anna Kournikova (made with skim milk. such as a White Canadian (made with goat's milk). 2011. 2009). one part Kahlúa and four parts full cream milk shaken with ice and served in a tumbler glass on the rocks. The New York Times. "White Russians Arise. a contemporary brand of coffee liqueur. 2012. and a Dirty Russian (made with chocolate milk instead of cream). or mixed brands of coffee liqueur. i. 1 oz. It was placed in the newspaper as an insert: "White Russian. a White Mexican (made with horchata). the protagonist of the cult classic The Big Lebowski. mostly because it has become something of a genericized trademark for coffee liqueur. In Ireland. It is unclear which drink preceded the other. each Southern. php [2] 10 Famous Cocktails and Where They Were Born (http:/ / www. com/ articles/ 08-10/ 10-famous-cocktails-and-where-they-were-born.White Russian 120 Name origin The traditional cocktail known as a Black Russian. nytimes. Notes [1] http:/ / www. html) Further reading • Steven Kurutz (December 2. both localized and widely known. Most common varieties have adjusted amounts of vodka or coffee liqueur. a White Cuban (made with rum instead of vodka). com/ english/ cocktails/ wr.[citation needed] Variations Many variants of the cocktail exist.[3] with "Southern" referring to Coffee Southern. which first appeared in 1949.[][2] The Oxford English Dictionary refers to the first mention of the word "White Russian" in the sense of a cocktail as appearing in California's Oakland Tribune on November 21. Kahlúa is the brand of coffee liqueur most commonly associated with White Russians. a “skinny. "The White Russian Revolution" (http://dudespaper. Retrieved July 16. 2008). but both are so named due to vodka being the primary ingredient. low-fat White Russian”). various modes of preparation exist. . iba-world. Shaking the cream in order to thicken it prior to pouring it over the drink is also common. The Dudespaper. Retrieved July 15. Neither drink is Russian in origin.html). vodka. a popular variety of the drink consists of one part vodka. bootsnall.[5][6] In popular culture The White Russian is the signature drink of the Dude.e.com/2008/12/03/dining/03lebo.com/ the-white-russian-revolution. varying according to the recipes and styles of particular bars or mixologists.[4] Preparation As with all cocktails. becomes a White Russian with the addition of cream. 1965. a White Belgian (made with chocolate liqueur instead of coffee liqueur).

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Heirpixel.Article Sources and Contributors 121 Article Sources and Contributors IBA Official Cocktail  Source: https://en. Happy-melon. Darktepes. Kjd. Jeff Muscato. Chris the speller. Ary29. Beyond My Ken. Foxj. AMK1211.org/w/index. BlueSquadronRaven. Debresser. Tide rolls. Maxis ftw. Goode006. X777. Weodonnell. JaumeR. WhosAsking. GoingBatty. Dolphincradle. Liface. DANE YOUSSEF. The Temp. JoeSmack. RealGrouchy. Hoobuba. LittleT889. Happy-melon. ‫ﺭﻭﺯﺑﻪ‬. Thinking bartender George. Charlene. Pikolas. Fethers. Philvarner. Jusdafax. Smalljim. Editor90210.org/w/index. Oknazevad. JimVC3. Aaronbrick. Flewis. Rulerk. Manop. MarnetteD. Aesir. Accounting4Taste. Angela. Kostaki mou. WhosAsking. Ilja Lorek. Sjl0523. Glendoremus. Roscelese. PigottDM. Huh. SOCIALDYNAMO. GameKeeper. Thinking bartender George. Vrenator. AliaGemma. Holothurion. Check-Six. FreplySpang. Fleminra. Northamerica1000. Mervyn. AlexFoster.org/w/index. Phoenixrod. Neutrality. Stegrindrod. Alison. გიგა. Sigmajove. 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php?title=File:Blackrussian.svg  License: logo  Contributors: User:Bastique.svg  Source: https://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  Source: https://en.php?title=File:Irish_coffee_glass.wikipedia File:Dry Martini-2.org/w/index.0  Contributors: Plume.php?title=File:Long_Island_Ice_Tea.wikipedia. 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USA file:Cocktail Glass (Martini).jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  Source: https://en.0  Contributors: Stuart Webster File:caipirinha2.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2._Dunwoody_GA.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0  Contributors: Rick A.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Original uploader was Benobeno at en. Canada File:Soymilk Nog.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User JayKeaton on English Wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Irish_Coffee_Glass_(Footed).wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Cocktail_Glass_(Martini). 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Nicklenick File:Grasshopper cocktail.jpg  Source: https://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Zutaten_caipirinha.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  Source: https://en.php?title=File:Bronx_(cocktail).jpg  Source: https://en.php?title=File:Manhattan_cocktail.svg  License: logo  Contributors: Anomie File:Brandy_alexander.jpg: Original uploader was Hayford Peirce at en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.org/w/index.svg  Source: https://en.php?title=File:Bloody_Mary.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.org/w/index.php?title=File:Caipirinha2.php?title=File:Appletini.wikipedia.jpg  Source: https://en.0  Contributors: Aaron Gustafson from Hamden. Licenses and Contributors 126 Image Sources.0  Contributors: Geoff Peters from Vancouver.php?title=File:Cuba_Libre.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Beyond My Ken.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.php?title=File:Bright-Field_Lighting.org/w/index.wikipedia.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Will Murray (Willscrlt) File:Cocktail Milagrito.php?title=File:Pool-side_Mimosas_at_The_Standard_Hotel.wikipedia.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  Source: https://en.wikipedia.0  Contributors: Konstantin Ryabitsev from Montréal.php?title=File:Making_of_Irish_coffee_on_Coffee_Right_in_Brno.php?title=File:Cosmo_drink.1._Macaroni_Grill.wikipedia.org/w/index.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Will Murray (Willscrlt) File:Long Island Ice Tea.php?title=File:My_first_Cosmo.org/w/index.svg  Source: https://en.php?title=File:Kir_cocktail. File:cosmo_drink.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike  Contributors: Babbage File:MargaritaReal.php?title=File:Collins_Glass.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Grasshopper_cocktail.org/w/index.svg  Source: https://en.org/w/index.jpg  Source: https://en.svg  Source: https://en.php?title=File:Horse's_Neck_cocktail.php?title=File:Commons-logo.jpg  Source: https://en.0.0  Contributors: Bev Sykes (basykes) Image:Cosmopolitan.jpg  Source: https://en. Darsie. Czech Republic.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.wikipedia.0.jpg  Source: https://en.org/w/index.0  Contributors: Jason Lam File:Bronx (cocktail).wikipedia.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Jon Sullivan File:Margarita.wikipedia.php?title=File:Shot_Glass_(Standard).php?title=File:Margarita_glass_300x441.org/w/index.5. BC.php?title=File:Old_Fashioned_Glass.org/w/index.php?title=File:Cocktail_Milagrito.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  Source: https://en.jpg  Source: https://en.0  Contributors: Akke Monasso file:Margarita Glass (Welled).php?title=File:MargaritaReal.php?title=File:Harvey_Wallbanger.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.php?title=File:Wikibooks-logo-en-noslogan. http://en.wikipedia derivative work: Sigmundausfaller (talk) File:Bright-Field Lighting.svg  Source: https://en.jpg  Source: https://en.0 Unported  Contributors: Keno März File:Negroni served in Vancouver BC.gif  License: Public domain  Contributors: Magog the Ogre.svg  Source: https://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. (rick) Image:Blended Margarita.jpg  Source: https://en.jpg  Source: https://en.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  Source: https://en.0  Contributors: User:Faolin42 file:Flute Glass.wikipedia File:Manhattan cocktail.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.org/w/index.php?title=File:Eggnog. Licenses and Contributors file:Old Fashioned Glass.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  Source: https://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Will Murray (Willscrlt) File:Appletini.

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