Brazil in Brief, a program designed by Professor Humberto Mello, is addressed to International
students interested in learning more deeply about Brazil, the largest country in Latin America
and one of the most important economies in that region. This program will provide students
with a general overview of the country, including its geography, culture, history, political
institutions and economy.

Cross-culture comparisons with other countries will be included in this program aiming at
providing elements for general discussions among students.

This course is taught in English but it can be given in Portuguese for intermediate students of
this language.


PEOPLE Demographic information: distribution of population and labor force; religions,
language, health and welfare, education system.

THE LAND Landscape, climate, administrative divisions and major centers of population.

NATURAL RESOURCES The huge wealth of flora, fauna and mineral resources.

THE AMAZON The unique environment of the Amazon region and the history of its discovery.

ECONOMY Economic history, including recent developments, and a look at Brazilian
agriculture, modern economy.

INDUSTRY Brazil's diverse industries, including manufacturing and the service sector, along
with the country's modern information and communications systems.

TRANSPORTATION Land, river, sea and air transport in this vast country.

and the achievements of Brazilian sportsmen and women in International competitions.including the great national passion. USA. SPORTS The most popular sports . etc. cinema and television. two or three classes a week. fine arts. the armed forces. INSTITUTIONS The political system. He has given Portuguese training for executives of some American and British stock exchange companies. Russia. literature. ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR PROF. American Express. melloh@bol. through the colonial period. CULTURE Music and carnival. APPLICATION FEE: $70 (includes practice materials. He has given this and other courses in many countries such as Japan. architecture. TUITION FOR FULL WORKSHOP : $200 per student in group class (minimum of 4 is required to open a class). J. football . . Portuguese grammar.. electoral system and political parties. He is fluent in English and Spanish. United Airlines. Sumitomo Steering Co. Switzerland. the empire and the republic. selection of Brazilian music). has a basic level of French. General Motors. notions of Russian and his mother tongue is Portuguese. including the constitution. Bank of Tokyo. to the modern democratic state of today. He has also lived in the United States for four years and had a chance to work in some American Companies while he lived in New York City. is a journalist and has a master in Applied Linguistics (English as Second Language Teaching-ESL and Portuguese for Foreigners) and has been teaching Portuguese for foreigners for twenty years and ESL for the past fourteen years. SCHEDULE: 16 classes of 90 minutes each. Panama. food and drink. independence from Portugal. etc.BRAZIL IN BRIEF HISTORY From the early discoveries by Portuguese settlers. HUMBERTO MELLO.

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