ACCENT REDUCTION: A systematic approach to reducing or eliminating either a regional or foreign
accent. This involves changing sound pronunciation (vowels and consonants), parameters of
intonation and stress, and rhythm of speech.

Our accent reduction and Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation workshop will teach you to create
the sounds of Standard Portuguese and give you confidence in your communication skills with a
native Brazilian speaker of Portuguese who is also a journalist and actor. So, be prepared to learn
with fun!

A strong foreign accent can prevent you from achieving your professional or personal goals and
reaching your full potentials. People shouldn´t have to ask you to repeat what you said and in
today´s competitive corporate environments, clear pronunciation and correct grammar are a

If you are seriously interested in improving the sound and style of your speech, our foreign accent
reduction in Portuguese Language classes can help you.

There is nothing wrong with having a foreign accent. In fact people may find it charming and in
certain situations you can use that to your advantage. Still, it´s never charming when someone has
trouble understanding your point of view in a business conversation…. And it´s no fun if an
excessive accent is preventing you from achieving professional or personal goals.


● Thorough review of the sounds, stress and intonation of the Portuguese language as spoken in
● Extensive practice of intonation and language rhythm patterns.
● Introduction to independent pronunciation practice.
● Training in the use of isolated sounds and their combinations, practice on vocal exercises used
in theatre training.
● Pronunciation improvement class designed to reduce your foreign accent using techniques
that really work in making students speak clearly.
● Use of methodology that emphasizes the learning and acquisition of Brazilian Portuguese
pronunciation skills.

United Airlines. etc. selection of Brazilian music) TUITION FOR FULL WORKSHOP: $200 per student in group class (minimum of 4 is required to open a class) SCHEDULE: 16 classes of 90 minutes each. He is fluent in English and Spanish. APPLICATION FEE: $70 (includes practice materials. melloh@bol. Humberto Mello. USA. He has given Portuguese training for executives of some American and British stock exchange companies. ● Practice Activities: Interactive speaking tasks.. etc. Prof. . He has also lived in the United States for four years and had a chance to work in some American Companies while lived in New York City. Russia. Panama. Switzerland. American Express. ● Instructor will teach standard Portuguese. which emphasizes the target sound. notions of Russian and his mother tongue is Portuguese. FORMAT ● Vocabulary: A list of words or phrases containing the target sound. General Motors. He has given this and other programs in many countries such as Japan. Sumitomo Steering is a Brazilian journalist and actor with a master in Applied Linguistics (English as Second Language Teaching-ESL and Portuguese for Foreigners) and has been teaching Portuguese for foreigners since 1994 and ESL for the past twenty years. ● Common Expression: Each lesson concludes with a summary of common phrases and sentences that contain the sounds and rhythm. trick sounds of Standard Brazilian Portuguese. ● Basic differences between the spoken language in Brazil and Portugal. ● Spelling: section which lists the spelling pattern for different sounds. ● Dialog: A dialog or listening selection with a high concentration of the sounds or intonation. two or three classes a week. has a basic level of French. Bank of Tokyo. Cargill. pointing the different regional accents in Brazil. Portuguese grammar.