To get girls, you just have to think like them….a very simple formula. The fact is this, girls want to be

controlled, they want to handover power to you and takeover them and not the other way round.

“…. Guys think with Logic while Girls with Emotions…..”

To get a girl to fall inlove with you, you must know how to touch their emotional button

One must understand what girls want, Women are motivated by looks and height but does not really
matter anyway, being healthy sand in shape, hygiene and grooming, fashion sense and being
comfortable, smiling and having a sense of humor, don’t be needy and don’t be affected.


-Girls are seen as fish brains because they are too governed by emotions and emotions controls them.

-Never try to convince a woman- We guys think logically, girls think with their emotions therefore never
argue with them or convince them to like you, what a woman thinks she likes is not really what she likes,
she might say she wants a caring man and when you shower her with love and care she will dump you.

-Focus on manipulating her emotions-girls think with their emotions and not logically so trying to
convince a woman is useless because she doesn’t get the logic so she rather base her actions on
emotions so what this means is that when she feels right about you, she would do anything for you.
However, girls knows how vulnerable they can be when they are in their emotional state so what they
do is to become unresponsive to guys who is either below them or don’t match their taste, so to get into
a woman’s head you must learn to influence her on an emotional level and make her drop the silly
fantasy she wants in a man. It is important to give a woman some kind of emotions, like making her feel
jealousy or frustrated worse than not making you feel anything at all. However, the trick lies in giving
her a wide range of emotions instead of making her feel good i.e instead of being fun and loving to her,
make her feel curiosity, anger, fear of losing you, happiness, sadness, curiosity, sense of connection,
fear of losing you, fear of mystery and so on.. the more confusing you appear the more intense her
feelings would be and the more she is stimulated with different emotions all from you, the more
possible to bend her to your will.

-Never kiss and tell- girls have been labelled as cheap that’s why they find it difficult to get into a man’s
bed easily because of this.

-Anti-lose Knot- girls have this great fear of seeing themselves as lose so therefore it affects her
behaviour so if a girl likes you and she feels and she is giving in easily, it would make her pull back.

-Limited Liability- when you trying to get a woman to get physical with you or fall inlove with you, she
will never make her own moves, she will believe that she wasn’t the one who chose her actions, she
wants to push the liability to you. So for example if you want her to come over to your house for you to
fuck, you must not directly give her that reason, you should give a comfortable reason why she should
come over, she wants to believe she is not the one that made the decision, she wants to believe it’s fate,
that’s what is meant to be and not planned, so once a girl gtets the hint that you are planning making
her fall inlove with you or fuck her, she shuts her system to you.

-Lead the way everytime- with girls, you have to be leading the way, you have to take the whole
interaction where you want it to go because she will n ever lead the way, she wants limited
liability….remember? so you need to be the one that makes things happen so for example when
meeting a woman for the first time, you are expected to bring up interesting topics to discuss about but
if you don’t raise interesting topics she would bring up boring ones or be silent and that would be
awkward and as soon as she sees that other guys are interested in you, she would not waste time with

-Her litmus test- A woman wants to feel secure and protected that’s why they go for men that have
money but she would not ask you directly if you would make her feel safe and secure, she would just
test you and based on how you pass the test will determine the future of both of you together.

-Never appease her- Never go out of your way to appease or impress ladies when they want to test you
as explained in previous point. See girls as little babies, they want to know where the boundary starts,
they would keep pushing at you till they find some form of resistance and that’s where they feel safe
and secured with you, if you let her walk over you them she will begin to lose the attraction she has for
you, just because she says she wants you to act the way she wants doesn’t mean she would like you for

-Make her invest-if the girl you are going for does not put interest in you then she will move on to the
next flashy thing that shows up. The trick is to make her invest her time, money and attention in you.

P-Physical investment- A girl you kiss will become a bit more invested in you than when you hug her
then when you have sex with her, the level of investment increases too, you have to work to increase
her level of investment all the time. Girls greatest investment is sex.

E-Emotional investment- a girl that has really cried for you or laughed had for you has done great
investment than the one who doesn’t.

T-Time- the more time a girl spends on you, the more investment she will be.

M-Money-when a girl puts money into your life it increases her level of investment, this doesn’t mean
you should go and be asking her for money it will lose her respect for you, still at some point make her
spend for you.

The Stages- all this three stages has one end result which is to trigger a sexual attraction in a girl.

The sighting stage- this stage focuses on making the girl attracted to you. Never forget that the number
one rule is never try to make a girl have sex with you or kiss you instead the focus is making her want to
do those things so bad by herself.

What does this mean?
A girl kissing you because you spent on her or you are funny and so on is not what the rule does, what it
does is to make a girl want to kiss you because she feels like kissing you and don’t know why.

What triggers a girl sexual buttons to guys, its IMPRESSIONS, what does this mean? Men are attracted
on how a woman looks but a woman is attracted by what she feels we are. For example, a guy or drives
a big car wold look more attractive than a guy who drives a golf vehicle and so on but do we need to act
very fake…the answer is No. The main trick is to give her the impression of being valuable and also
demonstrating that other girls are interested in you. This does not mean you should go out bragging
about the number of girls you have dated or slept with, it has to be subtler than that.

The bonding stage- most mistakes guys make when they practise the sighting stage and when the girl
starts showing sexual interest in them, they become physical with them without escalating the a stage
called the blanket stage.

What is a blanket stage?

This is the stage works after making a girl attracted to you, this stage is to make the girl get comfortable
around you if you skip this stage you might destroy everything.

Note- interest building stage>blanket stage>getting physical stage

First, you build a girl interest in you, you make her feel comfortable before escalating the two other
stages, the physical stage is the last part of the stage(i.e kissing, sex etc.) this should come last when you
want to get a girl make sure she doesn’t have any idea that u are after that.

When you want to get a girl to fall in love with you, you should not jump into blanket stage (become
friends with the girl first you should spend time in the interest building stage if not you will be friend
zoned, if you can handle the interest building stage very well, she will be the one to take you to the
blanket stage wanting to know you better.


• Trying to go into the physical stage first- when a girl finds out that you are interested in her
sexually, they raise their anti-loose defence very high and when that happens you can never get
int the blanket or interest stage, it doesn’t even matter if she likes u or crush on you.

• Going straight into the blanket stage first- when you make a girl feel too comfortable for you,
you have made the girl so attracted to you that she will then friendzone you. So going into this
stage without her making her feel attracted or interested in you will make her see you as a nice
guy but not someone she ever wants to date. Also trying to build comfort with a girl you just
met without creating attraction will not work, never also walk up to a girl to introduce yourself
when she is not interested so if you try to make a girl comfortable without her interest in you
will bore her and she will friend zone you.
• Building interest and not entering the blanket stage- building only attraction is not enough
because if its only about building attraction without enter the blanket stage then you have failed
the game. You should make her invest and you know the blanket is part of making her

• Remaining in the interest building stage and blanket stage- you have to advance to the stage of
getting physical with her, remember when I talked about the need to get a girl invested in you?
That’s why you have to advance to the physical stage, if stay in the first two for long, she would
advance to the guy who can play his game right.

3 ways of seducing a girl

• Make a girl believe that you are not interested in her looks but more interested in her as a

• You must understand the importance of building comfort before getting physical with her.

• You must stop yourself or the girl you are engaged in from getting far too soon

Lets explain them…

Her looks don’t matter- On no condition should you tell a girl that she looks pretty even if she is dead
gorgeous, and she should not suspect that and when you fail to abide by this law she would take you as
other guys and for you to stand out you have to be different. However, when a woman starts getting the
impression that you are not interested in her looks, she tries to make you notice it and when she starts
doing this automatically it means she is interested in you and when you start seeing this signs it’s time to
move from the interest building stage to the blanket stage. But still never return a woman’s interest
when she starts showing interest to you, you have to make her work for it, if you are too easy she would
lose her attraction for you. Green light represents the signs that she is interested in you and some goes
as follows

• She laughs at your joke even if it doesn’t seem funny.

• She holds your hand and shows up around you often.

• She calls you frequently or the first to send you chat messages

When she starts to show green light when you have created interest in her then you have to make her
feel she is gradually getting you attracted to her because of some qualities she is developing. NOTE- the
keyword is GRADUALLY so don’t rush into it.

Build comfort before going physical- to really get this and how long you have to wait before going
physical you have to understand it takes a period of three days to build the comfort with a girl and as
you get better it will take shorter period of time. But however when you go out and practise it you will
know for sure when it’s time to take the whole game to the next level but when you don’t go through
the blanket stage first before the e physical stage you will turn off her attraction for you.

Stop yourself from going too far soon- Now here is an important part in the blanket stage, as you are in
the comfort building stage, its fine to kiss a girl but here is the rule always be the one to STOP and be the
one to always before it escalates pull back. For the reason of kissing her, you avoid getting into the
friendzone and by pulling back it makes her become more comfortable with you because pulling back is
different from what most guys do. Sex raises a woman ALK and it might spoil things in the long run, give
her bits by bits and when you finally strike, she would be fine with it.

Just for a quick recap

The stages involved is the sighting stage, bond bang stage and break up or explosion stage.

The sighting stage involves when you first meet a girl and you want to make her fall in love with you and
getting her ready to bring into the interest building stage.

Within the bond stage are three stages which includes the interest stage, blanket stage and getting
physical stage.

Just study all the stages and hoe they move then it could come naturally….

From the moment you approach a girl if you ever had the reason of falling in love or wanting her for sex,
it takes her about 10minutes to know how far to go with you.

There are some processes that involves creating reaction with girls…

#1 - #3 involves the SIGHTING STAGE

#4 involves the BLANKET STAGE

#5 involves the PHYSICAL STAGE

Let’s explain the stage

the SIGHTING STAGE#1 to #3—

1.Open 2. value bomb 3. reward her.

Open- there is a rule that governs this move, if you see a girl you like for the first time you have three
seconds to walk up to her and talk to her (this is called the 3 seconds rule).

On the other hand, if she is a girl you have known or interacted before, she is not to know for sure that
you like her rather you are to take her through the stages without formally asking her to be your
girlfriend. What this means is that you shouldn’t show toomuch interest by too friendly or telling her
friends that you like her or by indirectly telling her that you like her, never allow her to be sure you like

Don’t look at that three seconds and freak out, there are two reasons for this rule. doesn’t give you to talk yourself in approaching the girl. The law states that a guy will succeed in
convincing himself not to approach a girl 3 seconds after he reconsiders it.

The law leverage on this is to make your move before the resistance creeps in, this conveys a sense of
confidence to a girl you want to approach.

Explaining the open move, this full write up works more on beautiful girls than average girls, this is
because pretty girls gets worshipped by guys and due to this, and so attraction is triggered when a guy
above their leagues comes along, this is why beautiful girls date well to do guys and it’s not because of
money but because this kind of guys are way more above their league and it’s what they want. So the
concept of this full book gives the impression to a woman to look at guys who is out of her league.

To do this your opening has to be right, the first time you walk to a girl and start talking to her as you
have to take her to the HOOK POINT. The hookpoint is the point you reach when talking to a girl and
hook her to a point where it feels she had an awesome time with you.

Here are some tips under the open move

1.when you first approach a girl, don’t try to look like one tough guy, alpha male, cool or swagger guy,
it’s going to bore her. To be relaxed is far better than trying to look confident, this doesn’t mean u
should appear scared, just look relaxed.

2.when you first approach a girl you have to look really happy, this stuff is contagious, this doesn’t mean
you should appear too eager and as a matter of fact appearing too eager to meet a girl will make her see
you as someone who is below her.

The trick lies in projecting enthusiasm because you are feeling good with yourself and not because she is
standing before you.

It will be rare to see a pretty girl alone, she will be surrounded by friends all time and she use that
friends attracted to her to hold other people back. It is called BARRING or THE BAR.

Now when puts out a bar attitude, she becomes nasty, rude, harsh on any guy wanting to approach
even though he is nice because she has gotten toomuch attention from guys around her. Here is the
problem, trying to be persistent it will never work because she has put up the bar so trying to push your
way talking to her wouldn’t work.

So the strategy of a nice open move is to try to trick her into lowering her bar the first time you work.

How do you do this?

By making her feel at first you are not hitting on her, that you are not interested at all, this is the reason
pretty girls will be nice to you when u ask for a pen in the bank but walk up to that same girl trying to hit
on her then you will see a different person. One thing about open strategy, you will be relief of stress
and anxiety because you are not hitting on her directly so the trick is to penetrate her defence first then
seduce her later because by allowing you to penetrate her defences she has opened herself up for
attack you will be unleashing on her emotions. There are three weapons to consider when making use of
the open move;
The open move weapon can be used together or single but very effective when used together and it
contains the following stopwatch strategy, leverage weapon, jonze humor shock (JHS).

Leverage weapon-

Like I said earlier, a girl is more attracted to someone they believe is attracted to other people, a
leverage use is to approach a girl whom after she has seen you hanging out with a girl prettier than her
or in some way better than her, this girl can be a friend or a pretty girl that you have asked to be your
leverage. The best option is to have a pretty girl as a leverage at handy always. The reason of getting a
pretty girl as a leverage is to get the defences of other girls lower that are not up to the pretty girl so she
will be easy to approach.

When you walk up to her focus more on raising her interest by been mysterious around her and keep
her wondering what you really want from her, however don’t progress from this stage, she should be
kept aside for the main time.

Then when you become good in creating interest, use the pretty girl as leverage to get other pretty girls
and practice creating interest then move on the blanket stage with the next stage.

Another form of leverage while approaching woman in order to open her up to your seduction tactics is
your indirect approach. This means walking up to her with seemingly innocebt intentions. The best type
of this approach is the opinion approach. How this works is to walk up to a girl and ask her opinion
about something. Note that you don’t just walk up to a girl and ask her opinion about something—that
something must be interesting, you have to give her your reason of asking her opinion on that, and lastly
you have to close indirectly.


You: Hey, I need your opinion about something, it wouldn’t take long. Its only something only a girl
would have an answer to and you seem like the smart type so I think I will just ask you the
question,pause:very shortly she might probably say something usually affirmative for you to go on …

You: a friend just broke p with his girlfriend. The girl cheated on him with someone we all thought was
just a friend and my friend has started having bad thought about girls, I need to give him advise and I
want to give him advise from a lady’s perspective. *pause* *she might give another affirmative or say
something else*

You: we all they were just friends and we never thought girls could pick interest on guys they
friendzoned, thing is the guy she cheated with is a rich dude and my guy thinks it’s because of money
and I think it wasn’t because of the money, maybe he was doing something wrong, what do you think?

Then questions comes from there and here then you could include small jonse humour shock (jhs)
during conversation… jhs will be explained later.

From what was written above you would observe two things which are :

1. Indirect compliment- never give a girl you just met a direct compliment, and the compliment you
should throw at her should not focus on physical attributes…this make it more effective.
Note that you should not compliment a girl always unless she deserves it or work for it in your eye and
when you compliment it has to be specific. Instead of saying you look good, say I like your blouse…you

But still don’t over do it…………..

2. this is the reason for asking her the questions, you should always have a reason