Secure image combing cryptography

stegnography and watermarking based on
various parameters
Since the rise of usage of internet in the world security is becoming the major concern all
over. So making this thing clear in mind developers are continuously working to make
internet a safe environment for all the users. Many algorithm or techniques are proposed and
they worked but as the intruders are acting smartly to hack information developers are also
supposed to invent new techniques to stop hacker's intentions. As per the basic knowledge
more is the PSNR value and lesser is the MSE results are better so, here in this paper we are
proposing a new method by combing three major security techniques that is cryptography,
stegnography and watermarking that will not only hide the information but produce better
results for MSE. PSNR and Embedding capacity still after the noise attack. The purpose this
paper is to provide a new technique that will provide better security for hiding data in an
image and watermarked video.


Automatic detection and characterization of cracks in road surfaces, which is used to detect
and characterize the type of cracks and find the severity level of cracks, used to reduce errors
in manual calculation Road pavement images are converted into non overlapping image
blocks and then features of image blocks such as mean and standard deviation are obtained.
Then connected component algorithm is applied to detect the crack blocks. Using Otsu
thresholding, severity level of cracks is identified. To improve performance, connected
component algorithm is applied to features of images.

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