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HPE Common Slot Power

HPE ProLiant Gen9 Common Slot Power Supplies are
supported across a wide range of HPE ProLiant and
Integrity servers and HPE storage solutions, reducing the
cost of maintaining spares.

Reduce power costs with up Key features and benefits
to 94 percent efficiency1 Key features and benefits for Common Slot
HPE Common Slot (CS) Power Supplies share Power Supplies include:
a common electrical and physical design • New! 1500 W Common Slot form factor
that allows for hot-swap, tool-less installation enabling high output –48 V support with
into HPE server and storage solutions. HPE’s 94 percent efficiency for Moonshot and
CS Power Supplies offer high-efficiency ProLiant DL500 series servers
power options available in multiple input and
output options, allowing users to “right-size” • 80 PLUS-certified power efficiency of up
a power supply for specific server/storage to 94 percent2 or 96 percent for standard
configurations and environments. This AC power supplies to reduce power waste
flexibility helps to minimize power waste, lower and costs
overall energy costs, and avoid “trapped” • New input power options of 380 Vdc
power capacity in the data center. and 277 Vac to let you choose the best
distribution system for your data center
They are ideal for ProLiant customers operating
mid-to-large data centers who want to reduce • Support for HPE Power Discovery Services
operating expenses, and intelligently manage to optimize data center power efficiency
power, downtime, and resources. and usage

1, 2
 PE Common Slot Power
Supply technology brief.

750 W. • Multiple output options—available in 460 W. The 80 PLUS program was created in 2004 When combined with new low-voltage. of dollars annually. and 1500 W—to let you “right-size” your power requirements for Reduce your power costs each server configuration and reclaim power capacity • Redundancy power management options. New Common Slot The 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supplies can provide a savings of up difference to 60 W per server by minimizing power waste and reducing power requirements. efficiency in redundant power configurations An increase in power efficiency can save your enterprise thousands.Data sheet Page 2 • Improved specifications for power factor vastly exceeding ENERGY STAR requirements. configurations. certification enables customers worldwide to they can be right-sized for individual server use the most efficient power supplies available. Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers better reliability.0 requires a “trapped” power capacity by reducing minimum of 80 PLUS Silver certification (89 overprovisioning of server power. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The are available in multiple output options. ENERGY STAR® v1. 1200 W. and ITHD at lower load levels. 3  PE Common Slot Power H Supply technology brief. or possibly millions. to 94 percent efficiency (at 50 percent load). . providing And now. through a joint effort between Ecova and the high-performance HPE SmartMemory. and power supplies rated for Titanium level minimizing the risks of unplanned downtime certification with efficiency of up to 96 percent. It you can reduce overall data center power provides incentives for consumers (commercial requirements by up to 10 percent3 (compared and residential) and manufacturers to buy to HPE ProLiant G6 power estimates). you to improve overall compute density by HPE Platinum Plus Power Supplies provide up reallocating saved power within the data center. and sell high-efficiency power solutions to lower power costs and waste while reducing Because HPE Common Slot Power Supplies plug loads on overburdened power grids. lowering power costs. That helps you recover In addition. including high-efficiency and load-balancing Power expenses can account for more than modes to let you optimize server-power 50 percent of the data center OPEX budget. allowing percent power efficiency at 50 percent load).

. HPE Intelligent Series rack-level enclosure. combines HPE Platinum and Platinum Plus HPE Common Slot Power Supplies are Power Supplies with the HPE iPDU and available in 48 Vdc. reduce power-related costs by providing new and location data for servers in the new high-efficiency input voltage alternatives. 380 Vdc.4 4  PE Common Slot Power H Supply technology brief. and intelligently place that require a 48 Vdc power source. and 277 Vac HPE Insight Control Power Management power input options. and for workloads for optimum performance. creating an energy-aware network between IT systems and facilities management. power.Data sheet Page 3 Enable HPE Power Common Slot DC and Discovery Services AC power options HPE Power Discovery Services—which In addition to traditional AC power supplies. These power supplies software—enables the collection and display help increase data center efficiency and of critical temperature. They are ideal for telecommunications This data lets you automatically track server customers and large scale out data centers assets and locations. Power those seeking the high efficiency of 380 Vdc Discovery Services is enabled through the or 277 Vdc power distribution. HPE Power Discovery Services prevent 100 percent of typical manual configuration errors. Supplies. and shrink deployment times from hours to minutes while helping users to reclaim up to 10 percent more usable power per circuit. These power embedded power line communication port supply options include many of the features located within the blue power connectors and benefits offered with HPE Platinum Plus for both Platinum and Platinum Plus Power Common Slot Power Supplies. provide a 25 percent reduction in the causes of data center outages. These ports facilitate communication between the server and HPE iPDU. workload.

Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Hewlett Packard Enterprise shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained HPE Power Discovery Services website Titanium Power Supply Kits—Up to 96% efficiency with support for HPE Power Discovery Services hp. All other third-party trademark(s) is/are the property of their respective owner(s). government. hp. 380  Vdc. October 2016. or 277 Vac input voltages. 2015–2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP. hp.pdf 656363-B21 HPE 750W Common Slot Platinum Plus Power Supply Kit 656364-B21 HPE 1200W Common Slot Platinum Plus Power Supply Kit 684532-B21 HPE 1500W Common Slot Platinum Plus Power Supply Kit Gold Power Supply Kits—Up to 92% efficiency 503296-B21 HPE 460W Common Slot Gold Power Supply Kit 512327-B21 HPE 750W Common Slot Gold Power Supply Kit –48 Vdc Power Supply Kits—Up to 94% efficiency New 746708-B21 HPE 1500W Common Slot 48VDC Hot Plug Power Supply Kit 437573-B21 HPE 1200W Common Slot –48VDC Hot Plug Power Supply Kit 636673-B21 HPE 750W Common Slot –48VDC Hot Plug Power Supply Kit 380 Vdc Power Supply Kits—Up to 94% efficiency 684539-B21 HPE 1200W Common Slot 380VDC Hot Plug Power Supply Kit 277 Vac Power Supply Kits—Up to 94% efficiency 717359-B21 HPE 1200W Common Slot 277VAC Hot Plug Power Supply Kit  he 80 PLUS certification program T Learn more at 5 does not address power supplies operating at 48 Rev. The only warranties for Hewlett Packard Enterprise products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and Sign up for updates © Copyright 2012–2013. 4AA4-0121ENW. 3 .com 656362-B21 HPE 460W Common Slot Platinum Plus Power Supply Kit HPE Common Slot Power Supply technology brief 80 PLUS certification program Platinum Plus5 Power Supply Kits—Up to 94% efficiency 80plus. ENERGY STAR is a registered mark owned by the U.Data sheet Resources Technical specifications HPE Common Slot Power Supply options for HPE ProLiant Gen8 servers are available in HPE Qualified Options webpage Platinum Plus and Gold efficiencies and with a range of power input and output HPE Power Advisor Tool 697581-B21 HPE 750W Common Slot Titanium Hot Plug Power Supply Kit hp. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.