California Polytechnic Universily, Pomona, Ksllogg campus, l\4arco Installation.

Marco's Bracket and Csiling lixlures combine clean designs and sturdy constructi0n wlth the
simplicity and cost-etliciency oJ surface mounting. Fixtures from the Brack€t and Ceiling
Series are ideal in areas where aecessing room is not available and installation ease is
desirable. See your Marco representative lor inlormation on Marco's comploto line 0l
specification and light c0m.nercial/res:dential lighting in incandescent, lluorescent and high
intensity discharge applicalions.

BRACKETS c302003 .......5
81 1001 1 ...... .1 3 c302004........5 MAXI.CYLINDERS
B110012. ... .. .13 c312010. ..6
81 1 101 2 . ..... .1 3 c3330r8...... .6
8112011.......13 c334019. .... .6
3112012.......13 c336022. ...7
8113011... ..12 c336023... ...7
3201004..... .10 c338024. ... 7 MAXI.SOUARES
8201006.. ....10 c412010.... 6
8202004.......10 c433018 .......6
8202006.......10 c434019.... ..6
8220021 .... ..8 c435020... ....7
8301001 ......11 c435021 ...... 7 EXTRUDED CYLINDERS
8301002... ...11 c436A22. ......7
8301003.......11 c436023 .. ....7
8301004.......11 c438A24........7
8302001 .......11 c50'1001 .. ..5
8302002.......11 c501002... ....5
8302003.......11 c501003... ....5 SPHERES DRUMS
8302004.....11 c501004. .. .5
8310011...... 12 ... ..s c502001
8312011.......13 .5 c502002....
8421025.. .....8 cs02003. . . .5
8421026....... c502004 ....5 B
8421027.. .....9 c512010. . . ....6 POLYCARBONATE/ACRYLIC DRU MS
8422028 ...... I c533018. ......6
8422032.. ....I c638024. . . .7
8501001 .......11 L/ I
8501002......11 c723652 . .. 2
8501003.......11 c723653......2
8s01004......11 c724654 ...3 LENSED CEILING SURFACE
8502001 . .. 11 c724655. .. .3
8502002.......11 c725651 ...... .2
8502003. .....11 c725652.... .. .2
8502004.......11 c725653. ....2
c726654.... ...3
c726655... ....3
CEILING c738424. ... .7
c20r004.... c823661 .2
c201006....... c823662.. .....2
c202004 ... .. c823663... ....2
c202006....... c824664........3 CYLINDER BRACKETS
c301001 ....... c824665...... .3
c301002....... c82566r.. .....2
c301003....... c825662.......2
c301004.. .... c825663.. ..2
c302001 .... .. c826664........3
c302002...... c826665 ... 3


Marco l\,laxi-cylinders are crafted t0 pr0vide an aesthetic source 0f ceiling mounted lighting. Round aluminum h0usings are otlered in a vast array ot
attractive linishes and aro adaptable t0 either surlace 0r pendant mounting. Both the 10" and 13" housings are 0l .060" aluminum, heliarc welded fot
c0ntinuity 0t strsngth and t0 insure a sm00th s€amless appearance. The specular Alzak reflector provides a br0ad wide angle of light distribulion while the
aluminum groove matte black ballle shields th€ brightness fr0m view al l0w angles. The baltle, available open or witi a flat fresnel 0r c0ncave H0lophane
lens, is deep recessed for a clean, finished appearance. The sudace fixture off€rs l\4arco's specially designed aluminJm mounting pan which prOvides a
secure mounting surface t0 any ceiling, including uneven surfaces, allowing housing t0 hang squarely and securely. The pendant m0unt is lurnished !vith
24" stem and 3b" atigner canopy (15o o{t v€(ical). l\40unting 0r ceillng sl0pss requires /82 acc€ssory described bel0w. Medium base socket. U. L. listed
Jor damp locali0ns. IBEW union made. Finish mtsi be specified.

( Crl. sDac
r{0. Drscaplron & hmP

10" n0uxB sutrAct 10 15 C723651 Compele unil, open batlle 15A/20tWtA23

10" [0uil0 suBfacr 10 t5 C723652 Comp ele unit, ial lresne r50/200w/A23

Il)" NOUND SURFACE 1O 15 C723653 Com! ete unil, concave lens 150/200w/A23

13'' ROUTD SURFACE 13 191/, C823661 Compele unit open batlle 20nl300w/Ps30

13" NOUilD SURFACE ]] C823662 Comp €le unit, ial tresnel 200/300w/Ps30

13" noull0 suRFACE l3 191/, C823663 Comp€l€ unit concave lefs 200/300w/Ps30

10" n0ulD PEN0al{T 10 15 C725651 complele Lin I, open baille 150/200w/A23

10" n0uNo tEl{oANT 10 15 C?25652 Complele unil, llal lresnel 150/200w/A23

Finish nust be specilied:
whll€ lainl

black pa nt
10" RoultD PEiloANl

13" n0u10 Ptt{0aNT r3



Comoiete uri1. concav€ lens

Complele !nll, open ballle

Complele unil, llal lresne

L lighl bronze
ll 13" noulto PEr0AxT r3 Compele unil, concave lens c37 200/300w/Ps30
0 dark bronu e F ot opti onal acces soties, spec i fy :
ior clear anodlzed under baked /32 ba la igner 50" [250 olJ verlha]l
enamel linish consull iaclorY t34 addilional stem lefglh lindlcale in i.chesl
/42 round wedge canopy for slope ceil ng, slope musl be specilied [0o_30o max.]


Marco Maxi-squares, like l\4axj-cylinders, are cralted t0 provide an aesthetic s0urce 0f ceiling mounled ligtrting. Square aluminum housings are olfered in a
vast aray of attraclive linishes and a:e adaptable t0 eithe. surtace or pendant mounting. 80th ihe 10" and 13" housings are ol .060" aluminum, heliarc
welded for continuity 0l strength and t0 insure a smooth seamless appearance. The specular Alzak rellector provides a broad wide angle 0f light distributi0n
while the aluminum groove matte black baffle shields the brlgitness lrom view al low angles. The ballle, available opea 0r with a llat kesnel lens, is deep
recessed lor a clean, finished appearance. The surtace lixlure otfers Marc0's specially designed die cast aluminum mounling pan which provides a secure
rnounting surlace 10 any ceiling, including uneven surlaces, allowing housing to hang sqrarely and securely. The pendant mount is lurnished with 24"
stem and 30o aligne: canopy {15' otl verlical). Mounting on ceiling slopes requires /81 accessory described below. Medilm base s0cket. U.L. listed for
damp locati0ns. IBEW union made. Firish mJsi be specilied.

Cit. tolc rrtlro,
D!3cripllon piS. E hnil
't0" souAiE suRFAcE 10 15 Cl?4654 Compele unit, open bafte 150/204W/423
10" s0uAnE sunrAcE 10 C72{655 Complele unil. llal kesne 150/200w/A23
13'' SOUARE SURFACE 13 C824664 Complele uii1, open ballie 200/300w/PS30
13" SoUAfit SUSfACE 13 191, C824665 Con'rplele !nil, ilal lresnel 200/300w/Ps30
10" s0uAn: ?Et{o4ilT 10 15 24 C725651 Complete un l. open ballle I50/200w/a23
10" s0uARE PEI{DA{T 10 15 C726655 Compele uni1, lal lr€siel 150/200w/A23
13" souaRE P€I0ANT 13 19t/, 24 C826664 Complele un I. open ballle 150/200w/Ps30

13" S0UA8[ PEil0A l 13 191/2 24 Corrlplele unil, Ilal lresnel C41 200/300w/PS30

Finish must be specilied: F ot option al acces sotie s, s pec ify:
white painl /32 balialiCner 50' i25" oll vertrcall
s salin alum num /34 addilionalslem lenglh Ilndicale n inchesl
K black pa nl t81 square wedge canopy lor slope ceiling, slope must be spec lied l0o,30o max.l
L l9hl brofze
ti m€dium bronze
Jor clear anod red under baked
€narael 1!nisir, consull laclory


Marco ilini-cylinders are constructed 0l heavy extruded
aluminum and are ava;lable in six standard tinishes. ldeal for
exleri0r as well as interior applicati0ns in surface 0r pendant
mounting, Mini-cylinders c!1. 3prc
prg. welrsr
are available With an lllll llo. o.sctiplion &

aluminum groove rnatte l{l}ll-CYLlll0ER SUff FAC€ il0Ut{T C201004 Black balllo c17 50W/R20/75W/R30/€R30
black baflle o. an open C201006 open, black inlorior C17

black interior. Pendant Finish must be specilied:
mount units are lurnished
with 24" stem and 20' salin alufilnum
aligner canopy (10' off black paint
lighl bronze
vertical). lVounting on fiedium bronze
ceiling slopes requires,/82 dark brcnze
accessory described lor clear amdized undor baked enamel linish, consult laclory
below. Medium base
socket. U. L. iisted lor
damp locations. IBEW i{ilt-cYLrx!En c20200r Elack batlle C19 50Vi/R20/75W/R30/ER30
c202006 inlerior
open, black c19
union made. Finish musl
be specitied.
'r--+- 120" aligner, 10" ou vedicall

,t 1\t
Finish musl be specified:
while Oainl
satin alumin!m

black painl
lighl bronze
medium brcnza
LL-: dark b(onze
1or clear anodized under baked enamel finish, consull iaclory

Fot optional accesso es, specify:
ballaliqner 30' [159 oll vertica]l
add lionalslem lenglh {indicate in inchesl
mund wedge canopy lor slopeceiling, slopo musl be spe€,lied [0o-30o lnax.]

Marc0 6" and S" cylinders are conslructed ol heavy extruded aluminum and ar€ available in six standard iinishes. ldeal ior
exleri0r as well as interior applications in suface or pendanl mounting, these cylind€rs ar€ available with ar aluminum gloove
matte black bafile 0r specular Alzak cones in clear, black or gold. Pendanl mount unils are furnished with 24" stem and 20"
aligner can0py (10" off vertical). l\40unling 0n ceiling
base s0cket. U.l.
s opes requires /82 access0ry described be10w. Medium
listed for damp locations. IBEW union made. Finish must be speciiied

Cal sP.c trtl.q.
UIIII to 0oscr Dr'01 p;so 6 hmir
6" CYLlr0En SUnFICE 0UltT C301001 Clear cone cl 75WlR30 150W/R40
C301002 Back cofe c1 r00w/Ar9,120w/!R40
C301003 Gald cone cl
C301004 Black balll€ c5

Finish must be speeilied:

s salir aluminum
l( black painl
I ighl bronze
f medium bronze
D dark brcnze
ior !lear anodized under baked enamel jinish, consull laclory

F or op I ional accessoties, s pec ily :
single relleclor lor A'amps

5'' CYLI}IIER PIHDAiIT C302001 clear con€ c3 75W/R30 150W/q40
C302002 Elack cone c3 100w/Al9 t20w/ER40
C30?003 Gold cone c3

r-F C302C04 Elack ballle
120'aligner, 10' ofi venlcall

tr*r s
Finish must be specilied:

salin alumlnun
K black painl

light bronze
medium bronze
dark bronze
tu clear anod zed under baked enamel Jinish consult laclory
F ot opli onal accessoties, specify :
/13 sing e relleclor lor A-lamps
t31 ballaligner 30'[15" oi ve ica ]
131 addilionalsl6m lenqlh lind cale ii inchesl
rourd wedge canopy lor slope ceilinq, slop€ musl be sp€cilied [06-30' max.]

8" CYLNDTR SUtFACI itoUlT C501001 Clear cofe c9 1 50/300w/F40.1 00w/A19.
C501002 Black cone c9 ]5OW/PAR38/PAB38CB
C501003 Gold cone c9 250W/0 PAR38.
C501004 Slack ballle c13 150/300w/R40.ER40

Finish nust be specilied:
? wh t€ painl
s satrn aluminum
x b ack painl
t- lighl bronz€
I medium bronze
0 darl bronz€
lor clea. anod aed under baked e.amel lin sh, cbnsull iaclory

F or oplional accessoties, spec ily:
t13 single r€lleclor lor A-lamps

8" CYt-iiloEn PEilotxT C502001 Clear cone c11 150/300W/R40.
C502002 Black cone c11 150W/PAR38/PAR38CB.
C5026{3 Gold cone c11 250W/0 PAR38.
C502001 Black ballle c15 1 50/300W/ F40. [R40
[20'a]igner, 10' oJl ve icall

Finish must be specilied:
P while palnl
S salin a uminum
K back palnl
I lighl bronze
il medilm brcnze
0 daak baonze
lor clear anodized under bak€d enamel linish, consull laclory

F or oplional accessoti's, s pecify:
113 slngle rel eclor lor Alamps
lx1 ballali0ner 30" [15' olt ve.lica I
t3a add lional slem leigth Iindicate in inahes]
t82 rouild wldqe canopylor slopo ccillng, sope musl be specllied l0' 30'max.l
1a '#p 0PAt $PHtRt$ Ailt lnuils
I cet.

I lO" OPAL GTASS SPNEflE c312010 Compleie p€ndanl rnount
i 12" GTASS S?HEnE C{I2010 Comp€le pendanl mounl 200W medi!m base
: 14'' OPAL GLASS SPHESE C512010 Complels pendanl mounl C43 200W medium bas€
i Finish must be specilied:
while pa nl
salin alumrn!m

F ot opti onal acce s sories, spec ify :
t31 bal allgfer 30' [15'oll vertical]
/31 additional slem englh [indicale in i.ches]
t82 round wedge canopi loi slope ce ling, s ope mlsl b€ speciiied I0" 30" max.l
/89 3-wire 36 ' pendant cord

T ,41

Marco opal Sphere is a decorative lxture providing maximum diftusion 0l light. A
hand bl0wf 0pal glass sphere is held tightly in position againsl a cap and stem with center
l0ck'up canopy wl'rich is available in two finislres. Unit ls furnished with a 6" stem and 20'
aligner canopy (10' oll vertical). Ceillng sl0pes tequtrc /82 accessory detailed above.
l\4edi!m base socket. lJ.L. listed for damp localions. IBEW union made. Finish must be specilied.

*#:;:!= r,
5+r#:_,, y2 --fi i
_ :-r:: '!r'1'' H


Marco R0!td and Square 0pal Drums m0unl wilh a die cast aluminum ceiling pan availab e in satin aluminum linish 0r while palnt. 0pal glass ditluser pr0-
vides maximum lighl diilusl0n and is held by a dr0p hinge f0r ease 0l relamping. A center l0ck'up screw assures quick l0w'c0st installati0n. [.iedium base
s0cket{s). U.L. listed tor darnp l0cations. IBEW union made. Finish rnusl be specilied.

tNtl & lamp

SOUARE DIU[I opal glass 9" c51 2.60W

SOUARE l)RUIi! 11% C134019 0pal Sdss llil c5l
80ur0 oRUti! 41/? 8'/r' 10 C333018 opa glass-10 ' c51

n0uil0 DnuM 107, 12 C433018 opal glass - 12" c51

n0UI0 DBUi! 5 1214 14 C533018 opalglass - 14 c51

6 Finish must be spe6ilied: ? wh le paint
s salrn aluminum
P0 rYcAns 0 ilATt/
d I

Cal. sllc xatllqr
o.scflolron oaoo I lrmD

PO!YCAEEOIiATE DRIJiI C338024 Compiete r-75W

I P0LYCAnB0 Afg DRUU 6'i," 12% 13% C{38024 Comp€l€

POLYCABEOIIATE DNU 6% 15 1531 C638024 Conrpleie c45 3 75W

ACffYI-lC DnU T 17 18,/, C738024 Complele c45

Finish nust be specitied: P yiifff[i,.,n.
Marco P0lycarb0nate and Acrylic Drums are ava lable in f0ur sizesf0r0ne, two lhree 0r l0!r lamps. deal l0rinsulatedceilingappicat0ns,lhesurfacepan
is heavy gauge a un'r num with a venturi thermal iunne i0rc00l ng the lunct 0r b0x (patenl pendng) The bug screened pan als0 has Iberglass insu ati0n
and is avaiable linished r salin a umlnum or while pain1. The po ycarbonate 0r acry ic drum 1wis1 l0cks in the ceiling pan and al 0ws maximum dlflusi0n 0l
lght. [/edium base socket(s). U L ]isled l0r insu ated cei ings and damp l0cati0fs BEW un 0n made. Fin sh must be specilied





Marco Lensed Surtace unils are ideal l0r installati0ns where recessing deplh is n0t avallable. N0 exp0sed hardware mars the simp icity 0l the clean desig n,
available in live atkaclive finishes. R0und and square unlls are available wilh either a standard dilluser 0r fresnel lens Relamping ease s assured by kic'
ti0nl0ck (round) 0r wedgelock (square) c0nceal€d hinging. Ceiling pan 1s dle cast aluminum, iinishes in matte black. l\,4edlum base socket(s). U. L. listed
10r damp locali0ns. IBEW uni0a made. Finish musl be specified.

Cal .aflro!
{o DsscriDrion oioa & k'niD

SOUARE OIFFUSEE C335022 Surlace molnl 8'l'
FRESilET SOUANE 4ri 8!i,6 C335023 Sudace mount. 8%

SQUARE OIFFUSEN Cfi6n22 Slriace mounl. 12%' 2-100w

FNISilEL SOUART Art 12r,,, C4360?3 Sudace mounl. 12% ' 2 r00w

BOUIIO l)IFFUSER C435020 SurJace nrount. complele c47

FntSN€t n0ui{0 41/2 1231,t c435021 surlace mounl complete

Finish mus! be specified: t lghl bronze
P while painl it medium bronze
S salln allmifum 0 dark bronze
H0TEt/ ttl llTtt/ H0$PIIAI-
r x GflilrEsc EilI/ rtu 0 RtsGttT

Marco HOlel/lllotel/H0spital Brackets are c0ntemp0rary in 10ok and funclional in
design. Sturdy extruded aluminum conslrucli0n pr0vides indlr€ct uplighling and direct d0wflighting
thr0ugh asymelric lenses Ior controlied il!minali0n. Available ln ncandescent oT 0ne 0r lw0 lamp llu0rescenl wilh a variety 0l
standird and 0pti0nal access0ries (detaiied b€l0w), these brackels are finished in walfut vinyl, linen vinyl 0r while pain1.
Flu0rescent unils have 0ne 0t tw0 E.T. L. HPF Ballasls as needed i0r single 0r d0uble circuit wiring 1n 120V 0r 277V unless other
wlse specified (s0me 0pti0nal access0Ties available in 120V 0nly and are so noted). Both incandescenl and llu0rescent have
swing away fronl parel with l0ck type hinglng l0r ease 0l relamping. U. L. lisled. IBEW union made. Vollage and linish must be
lzl. 3D6C walLqo
No. 0.scnplron pilSo I hdp
tl0TEL/ttl0TEL/H0SPITAL 2 amp incandescenl 531 2'15W

Finish musl be specified:
I\-r v
linen vinyl

It4 t0t
For optional accessoties, specily:
25W nighl lite, med base sockel, 120V only
/20 gro!nded convenience o!!1e1, 120V only
/23 two poslion pu l-cialn swilch 120V only
/90 3'way control swilch, 120V only

[oTtL/ 0TE!/ll0sPlTlL I larnp f uoresc€nl 839 140lrY/ll2ll balasl

Finish must be specilied:

linen vinyl

l \'r s Fot optonal accessories, specily:

grounded ccnvenl€rce o!1let, 120V only
lwo posilion pu I'chain swilch 120V only
I 7lV n ghl lighl/candelabra base, 120V only
3'way coflrol swilch, 120V only
premium ballasl/coolor temperal!re
radio inlederence supplessor
Il21 inline lusing
tF23 power miser ballasl

HOTEL/ OTEL/HOSPITAL 2 lamp lluorescenl 841

Finish must be specified:
I while pa nl
inef vinyl

1\= r-
|.1l t
=: i = ,r i Fot optional accessories, specily:

1 lEli tiHd =, t l /29
grounded c0nvenlence o!llet, 120V only
two posilion pull-chain swilch 120V only
7W nigll lighl/candelabra base, 120V only

L'__sor,., ISt
3 way conlrcl swilch, 120V only
premium ballasl/cooler lemperalure
:-- - 53
tf20 radio inlgderence suppaessor
tF21 inline tusin0
8 tF23 pcwer miser ballasl
Crl. Stac xtfltoa
olscrlplmr !aE. I!
H0rEL/l!0TEt-/F0sPtTtt 2 lamp lllor€scenl/ 2 circuils 843 2-4DW /112/ 2 lallasl
4 posilion swilch slandard
Available 1m volt only
Ir \,_t'/-
{.-ft t
Finish must be spdciliecl:
whilo painl

I # 1'4+r w

:... l 120
Fot oplional accesso es, specify:
grounded conveniencs oullel, 120V ofly
/65 7W night lighl/candolabra bese, l20Vonly
ilF.------l-r .l
3-way conkol swltch, 120V only
It19 prer]riumballasl/coolorlornperalure

il !tr=T-------- l----1
lF20 6d;o inloddrence supprossor
|lu;u -' L I lF21 in-lino llsing
EJ:-:-.!r /F23 pow€r mlser ba lasl

[-T.i ']

fi0sPllAL t-ltitT 2 amp I uorescenl/ 2 crrcuils 845 2-40V1/112/2 balasl
4 posllion swilch slandard
convenience out el slandard
Available 120 voll only

l\-l w
finish musl be specilisd:
wh le palnt
llnen vrnyl

i lI-+X /53
F ot opt ional acce s sati es,
examinalion lqhl
s pec i t'y :
120V on y
154 V alrn
165 TWnighlllghl/candelabrabase.l20Vonly
/34 3-way conlro switch, 120V only
lF19 pr€rniLrmbaiasl/coolerlemperal!re
lF20 radio nlerlerence supprcssor
lF21 n.line ils ng
/t23 power m ser ba lasl


i Marco H0spital Bracket is a hlgh y elticient and attractive tluorescent
perfect tor bed lighting in medical facilitles. The unil fealures lhree lamps in two compad
ments (tw0 lamps l0r uplighling, 0ne lor down ighl!ng), two circuits, a nighllight, c0nvefience 0!1let and a f0ur p0sili0n swilch as
standard f0r 120V. Fixture houslng is exlruded aluminum wllh d e casi a um num ends flnished in a ch0ice of walnul vinyl, inen
vinyl 0r while pa nl. T0p ard bOtlom dillusers are asymmelrlc t0r contr0lled illun'rinat on. A complete list 0l 0pli0nal accessories
(detailed bel0w) suillhe H0spltal Bracket 10 any medical facility instaliali0n. U.L. isted. IBEW!n0nmade 120V0nly. Finish
must be specilied.

HOSPITAL LIGIiI 3 lamp jllorescenl 847 3-40W/Tl2l2 ballasl
2 up/] down 2 c rcu ls
n ghl lighl. convenienc€
oulel, 4 posilion swilch are
i!rnished as slandard
Available 120 vah only

Finish nust be speciliecl:
P whrl€ painl
hnen viny

F ot opti onal acces sotle s, s pec ily:
,| /33
€xam nalioi lghl 120Vonly

l /90
3.way controlswlch, t20V oi y
premi!m baliasl/co0 er l€mperalure
/F20 radlo irlerJerenc€ s!ppressor
/F21 ifl ne iusin9
/Ezt pow€r m ser ba last




iql I[,!i-i-f -].{ Iv li. r 6'' AND E" CYLINDERS

Marc0 [4in] cylinder brackets are constructed 0f heavy guage extruded aluminum and are available in six standatd finishes. M nl-
cy inders are available wllh an aluminum gr00ve matte black ballle 0r an 0pen black interior [4ed um base socket(s). D0wn]ights
U.L listed l0r wet localions. Up/d0wnlights U.L llsled lor damp locali0ns. IBEW union made. Finish m!sl be specilied.
Dascriplion & hmlD

f [{t-cYUl{0E8 D0ull{LIGHT 820100a Black balile 817 50w/R20
8201006 Open. b ack inlerior 817 75W/R30.ER30

Finish must be specified:
while paifl
salin al!mifum
b ack painl
lighl bronz€

dark brorze
lor c ear anodized urder baked enamel Jlnish consull iaclory

lllll-cYLtil0En uP/0oY{NUGHT 8202004 Black batile Brs 2-50W/R20.
9202006 op€i, black iilerior Bls 75W/R30/ER30

Finish musl be specified:

s salin al!min!m
x black paifl
L lighl bronze
it medium bronze
lor clea. anodized under baked enamel linisi, consu I laclory
Marc0 6'' and 8" cylinder brackets are c0nstrucied of h€avy extruded aluminurn and are available in six slandard linlshes. ldeal
lor exteri0r as well as interi0r applicat 0ns, these cylinders are available with an aluminum gr00ve matte black ballle or specular
Alzak cones in clear, black 0r gold. i,4edium base socket(s). Downlights U.L. lisled for w€t locations. Up/downlight U.L. listed
l0r damp ocatl0ns. F0r U.L. wel locations, up/d0wnlighl ls available wllh top lens, 126 ot /63 access0ries described bel0w.
IBEW uniOn made. Finish must be specilied.

Cal soac xrll2o€
{/NII ho Dltcnrlron oio! t lrnio
6" CYLINOEN OOWTLIGHT 8301001 C €ai cone 81 75W/R30150/300W/n40
8301002 B ack cone 8r r00w/A19 120w/E840
8301003 Gold cone B1
8301004 Black bali e 83

Finish must be specified.
white painl

black painl
lght bronz€

dark bronze
lor c ear arodized under baked ename i I sh consu I iaclory

Fot oplianal accessories, specify:
/1X srng € rell€.10r lor A.lam!s

6'' CYLIIIOEB UP/DOWI{LIGHT 8302001 Clear cone B5 2-75WlR30.1 50/300W/R40
8302002 Black core B5 r00w/A19120w/Eq40
8302003 6old cone B5
8302004 B ack bali e 87

Finish must be specified:
while painl
s salin aluminum
K black palnl
L ighl brofze
0 dark bronze
l0r clear anod zed !nder baked enam€ ln sh. cons! I laclory

Fat opl i onal acce s soti e s, s peci ly :
/11 palr releclor ior A amps
/26 6 roLndellop lens ior U L w€t localons

8" CYL|ri0En 00w{LtGHT 8501001 C ear cone 89 150/300W/840.r50W/PAB38
8501002 Black cone 89 100W/Ar9 250W/0 PAR38
350'1003 God cone BS
l50r0u Black ballle Btl

Finish nust be specilied:
? whlepanl
S salin a uminu.n
X blacl palnt
L I gh1 bronze
Itl medlurn bmnz€
0 dark bronze
for c ea. anodizsd under baked enam€ { n sh, consu I laclory

F ot opl iona I accessoi es, speci ly :
/13 sing e relleclor lor Alamps

8" CYLINDEn UPI00WILtGltT 8502001 cleat coir€ 813 2.r 50/300w/840. 1 50w/PAR38
8502002 Elack cone 813 100w/At 9250w/0 PAF38
8502001 God cone 813
150?00i1 Elack ballle 815
, ir

B -r.l
Finish nust be specified:
\rh le painl
sal n aluminum
black painl
llghl bronze
msdium bronze
L. I i
dark bronze
ior c ear anodized under baked enainel linish, cots!11 laclory

r' 101" -l For oplional accesso es, specify:
palr relleclor lor A-larnps
S roundel lcp lens ior U.L wel localions

Marc0 Casl Aluminum Brackels are idea f0r ir'rteri0r 0r €xterior general purpose llghling. Glass 0pal
spheres 0l cylnder dillusers provide excelenl ight distributi0n and the sturdy m0unling bracket
is available in six attraclive linishes. All have medium base sockels and are IBEW ufion made. Ftnishes
"lu\1 bp Specif ed.

Marc00pa CylirdersareU.L. lisled l0r damp l0cati0ns. Sim lar unils 0l impact resistanl p0lycarbonale are
availab e ir lVdrc0 5 durdble DuTarhon serie'

0aicriplion paqt I hrip
cAsT oPAt- cYlmoEls 1t1301'l Dual wall bracket S25 2-t00w

Finish must be specilied:
P while paint
s salin al!minum
x black painl
L li0hl bronze
it medium brofze
0 dark bronze

F ot oplional accessories, spe,>ily :
t18 Pair wir€ guads

cAsT 0rar cYLn0tR 81100't 1 cei ing or \,!a I molnl ng 825

Finish nust be specified:
wh le paint
s sal n a uminum
X black palnl
L llghl brofre
0 dark bronze

F ot opti onal accessorie s, s pec ify:
t18 wire 0uard. siigle

cAsT 0tAL cYltiloE8 831001'l ceiling or wal mounting 829

Finish nusl be specilied:
p wf ils palnt
s sal n a uminum
t( black palnl
L llghl bronze
It medium bronze
Fot oplional accessa es, specily:
/19 wire glard

Marc0 Opal Cylinder Wall Brackels are U.L. isled l0r wet locaiions and are available in two sizes. A
grounded c0nvenience 0utlel and a pin switch are availab e 0n the Bl12011 descrlbed be 0w. Similar units
0l impact reslslant p0lycarb0nale are available in l\rarco's durable Durath0n series.
Cal. .:
9ass & lrmit

cAsT 0Plt cYU oEn 8112011 wal brackel 825

Finish musl be specilied:
F while painl
S salif alrminrm
X black painl
L light bronze
ll medium brorze
0 dark bronze

F ot optional accessories, s pecily:
/09 wire guard, sing e
120 grounded conveniefce or.rllel l20V on y
121 pin swilch

CAST O?AL CYLIIIO$ 8312011 wa I brackel

Finish nust be specilied:
P while palnt
S salin a uminum
X blacl palnl

L lighi broize
ll medium bronze
D dark bronze

F ot oplional acces soties, specily :
wire Quard

MarcO0pa SpheresprovidemaximumIghldislributi0n.Thesurlacecan0pyunlsareU.L. lisledl0rdamp
0ca1i0ns, while the wall bracket is U.L. lsled for wet ocations and offers an 0p1i0nal gr0unded c0n
venience oirtl€t and a pln switch as described below.

CAST OPAT SPHERE 8111012 cei iig or wa I lapered canopy

Finish must be specilied:
P while pa nl
S salin a uminurn
X black pa nl
L lighl bro.rze
ll medilm bronze
0 dark bronze

CAST OPAT SPIENE 81t2012 wall bracket 833

Finish musl be specilied:
P while painl
S salif aluminlm
x black painl
L li0hl bronz€
medium bronze
D dark bronre

F ot opti onal accessoties, s pec ily :
t20 grounded convenience oullel, l20V on y

CAST O?AL SPHEsE 8110012 cel ing or wall slandard canopy 833

Finish musl be specilied:
while paifl
s salif aluminum
X black paifl
L ighl bronze
ttl med um bronze
I \


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Subsidiary ol Kidde'
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