The Inquisition Times

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Cracking the numbers
The ship is an
Destroyer. It measures
approximately 1.3
kilometres long, 0,4
kilometres abeam at
fins. It’s mass is
around 6,1 megatons
with a crew reaching
the ten thousands.
People of all New Inquisitorial Ship
backgrounds Breaking News: in a sudden move to
reestablish order in the sector, the Inquisition
An anonymous source
has confirmed that has formed the Askellian Conclave, composed
Inquisitor Adrastia by 9 holy members. Led by the Ordo Malleus
(part of the Conclave) Lord Inquisitor Aaron Tullus and his adjutant
has relinquished her Inquisitor Bael Valifax they called for interim
Askellian Warband to peace between factions and ordos. The Chains
Bael Valifax, including of Judgement will be the vanguard against
the Holy Blacksmith
Ulthane and the Bald Chaos, Xenos, Cultists and others alike who
Monk, Boris. Other don’t embrace His great Mercy and Light. The
sources also confirmed Destroyer-class ship is equipped with an
to be aboard Alarik the
Heretek, Polidon the
Nine Eyed Mutant and
Moody, though the last
has not been fully

An anonymous source has confirmed: Inquisitor Adrastia has dispatched an exploration force to the Thule Sub- Sector. Check out the infographic at HereticsPwn. Navigator Spire and a WarRoom. Heretics and Cultists. To enhance Adrastia has called for their capabilities. sword and halo. The Conclave has Majesty and for our issued Excommunication Decrees against the following Matron Saint Valeria. Munitorium. . the Conclave has called for Companions additional measures to to be called upon by the Warband or allocated to vital reenact the faith for His parts of the Chains of Judgement. Breaking News Savage murder of an Adeptas Sororitas squad in the Main Hive Desoleum. Astropathic Choir-Chambers. Command Bridge. individuals: Abraham. but Governor Inquisitor also prepare their ship for incoming attacks. Thaur. the Acolytes face new dangers. Brig. Pyath. We are still investigating. Nemeroth and Dark Eldar. exploration campaign in the sector looking for the Saint remains: corpse. Not only After the incidents in they have to deal with the Shadow Council. Librarium Vault. Planetary dangerous and forgotten xenos. Medicae Deck. According to Arbiters reports it might have been Khorne cultists. The myth still lives Dark forebodings From now on. Many missionaries across the outer-rim planets have made sightings of an inhumane woman bearing His Grace voice and wisdom. Iruset (not recorded by Imperial Adrastia has launched an authorities yet). Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay.